My New Brother Zane 2 by thephantomstallion

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True Story | Boy, Gay, Incest, Masturbation, Teen, Teen Male, Young

The think I liked most about us was how close we were. From the very first day together, there was openness between me and my little brother Zane that I never thought I could have, let alone with family. That and we were best friends. Not just the “let’s just do stuff kind” or the “let’s sit and talk for hours” kind. We were the real kind. The kind that did all that, would take a bullet for you no questions asked, read each other’s minds, and more. THAT kind of best friends.

We had no secrets. Not between us at least. Sure, there were lots of secrets we shared with one another that no one else knew about. I knew more about his past and him than our parents. Shoot, we were so close crying in front of the other was ok. I remember him breaking down several times, mostly over stress of adjusting and all the baggage of foster lifestyle, and yeah, honestly, I cried in front of him sometimes too. I guess I’m just saying this to prove my point. We really loved each other, more than anything in the world.

Although the original plan, for several reasons, was for Zane to have his own room, our former guest room before the adoption, we ended up converting my room into our room. I mean hey, we were pretty dang tight, and let’s admit…the kid loved it. Bunk bed, lava lamp, chill beachy surfer vibe…it was a sick room. And hey, he got to be close to his awesome older brother right? Haha.

Most nights we stayed up talking. There was something…I dunno I guess intimate about sitting or laying back on the bottom bunk together (it was pretty spaced out. I’m a tall guy remember so yeah, you could legit sit on it and not whack your head), in the dark, and just talk. My room was pretty separated from the rest of the house, so this helped with the openness we had. No worries about mom or dad or the girls hearing our bro talk.

I guess that’s where the first story started, and now where the second does. Just to catch you up, Zane and I did have a few “trial sleepovers” before the adoption finalized. Honestly, not much happened. We ended up spending the nights talking about our pasts, getting to know each other. Basically, catching up on the 15 or so years we missed together. Actually, the majority was spent on a vacation we went on with the foster parents. We shared a room with most of the guys so…nothing exciting. And the time at home we were so focused on paper work and figuring out his move in that we basically forgot about the first night together. Well…kinda.

“TYYYYYYYY!!!!!!” Zane shouted as I burst through the door, nearly knocking over Mrs. Capelli, my mom’s highscool friend and Zane’s foster mom, over. Bolting off the couch, through the living room, and into the foyer, this blonde haired mop of a kid leaped onto me, wrapping himself around me like a koala and a tree. Bear hug doesn’t even begin…

It was official. The entire process was FINALLY over and we we’re actually brothers. Zane moved in for good today, his last night in foster care now over.

“Broskiiii!!” I laughed, wrapping my arms around him and grinning ear to ear as the rest of the family walked a little more calmly in.

“Awww look at my two precious sons!!” Mom commented, her and Mrs. Capelli chatting about how much we looked alike and how precious it was that we were best friends already. Dad herded the girls in, doing his best to distract them from staring at the cute 7 year old in the corner they were talking about. Even at 5 they were a handful.

The drive home was quick. We talked nonstop about how we were gonna set things up and move him in. Dad barely got a word in on how to unload the van, but that’s ok. He didn’t need to. The moment we parked, Zane and I bailed and had the truck opened up, moving out box after box. Not that he had much, but the Capelli’s were good to him, and being friends, sent a little extra stuff to help out. The coolest was the couch. We ended up taking out a wall in my room to double the size, so along with this couch, we had a weight set and some other stuff. But that was already there. Truck’s worth of clothes out, we were left alone at home while the rest of the family went to something for the girls. Freedom at last!

“Hey Tyler wanna go work out together BRO??” Zane asked, a huge grin on his face as he put extra emphasis on “BRO.”

I nodded and we pounded up the stairs. I mentioned changing into some athletic shorts, and he agreed. Since we hadn’t unpacked yet, and someone hadn’t thought of labeling boxed, he just borrowed mine.

I dropped my pants and grabbed a pair of black shorts, while he hesitated, looking at me, then biting his lip. Halfway through pulling them up, I noticed the awkwardness and looked up. “What’s up dude?” I asked, a puzzled look on my face, as I slid the shorts slowly the rest of the way up.

He squirmed a little, fumbling with the shorts in his hand, and stammered.

“Dude, I’ve seen you naked what’s up man?” I asked, still lost, as I sat on the bench and started curling.

“I uh…kinda poped a boner. Sorta. I mean…” he started, before I interrupted.

I shook my head, laughing a little. “You’re telling me my bulging muscles and a short strip show gave you a boner that quick?” He squirmed a little more, then tried stuffing his hands in his pockets to flare them out, but they got tangled in the knot he made with the athletic shorts, and made a comical show. I just shook my head and rolled my eyes. “Bro, work out something else besides your dick for once!” I said, standing up and handing him a dumbbell.

He dropped the shorts and, staying in cargo ones, started copying my bicep exercise. “You know, you’re good at making me feel comfortable Ty. Thanks.” He said, then intently focused on his muscles flexing, face twisted into an adorable concentration stare as he muscled up the weight.

It was just the distraction he needed. Well until we decided to shower. We agreed to just shower together. We stripped, though it took some reminding him that it was ok to be naked around his brother. Stepping into the shower, his dick “accidentally” bumped into my hand. “Oops” he giggled, starting to get hard instantly. “Hey since we’re both naked and I’m kinda horny…” he started before I cut him off. I heard someone coming up the stairs and quickly dried off while he finished up.

The family was home and we went to dinner to celebrate. After Zane got out, I apologized for bailing, and told him we could make it up tonight.

After dinner, we all went to bed. It was near midnight after a long night of celebrating with relatives. Lights out, I sat by my little brother after shutting and locking our door, putting my arm around him and teasing his long shaggy blonde locks. “What’s on your mind dude?” I asked, noticing he had gotten really quiet. “Tired?”

He shook his head, though it was barely noticeable. “Nah,” he said quietly, “Just…I guess I’ve got a lot on my mind.” It was quiet for a moment. “I guess it all just hit me on the ride home ya know? Like, I actually have a family you know? I mean…” He trailed off, and in the dim light coming in from the cracked blinds, I noticed a small tear roll down his cheek. I reached over and wiped it off, whispering “I love you” and kissing his forehead. “I know,” he said, wrapping around me and burying his head in my chest.

We sat there, me holding him, for a good ten minutes in silence. Then he spoke again. “Can I ask a question?” he said, looking up at me and pulling back.

“Of course man.” I said, rubbing his back.

He thought a moment. “I feel like…I mean I dunno…you ever…like…think about stuff?”

I nodded, lost but trying to follow. “What kind of stuff?” I asked. “I mean I do think dude, I’m not dead!” I laughed, elbowing him gently.

He smiled, “No like…I mean I know I talk about it a lot and I don’t wanna sound bad but like I am always REALLY horny, ya know? Like I feel like anything gets me hard and I don’t know why or what to do. I…”

Cutting him off, I place my hand on his arm. He stops. “Dude, for starters, we can talk about anything, you know that, so stop panicking. You’re 15 man, it happens, and I’m the same way.” This surprised him, though he let me continue. “I mean dude, you cant beat off all the time, but if you have to, go ahead. We do share a room. Just don’t let mom or something walk in on ya and youre good!” I said laughing.

“Really?” he asked. “So…it’s ok?”

“Just try not to be a perv man.” I playfully tackle him and pin him down on the bed. He starts giggling as I tickle him. “And don’t be a porn addict either! I mean it. I can let it slide some but seriously, you better be a good kid!” I say, tickling him harder as he laughs louder and squirms.

“Ok OK! Fair enough dude. Let off!” He attempts to say in between giggles. Summoning all his strength left after a workout, he pushed me over to the side, and I let him pin me down. He grins widely, his white teeth sparkling in the dim light. “I win!” he taunts.

My legs move fast and I flip him on his side, rolling around on the full sized mattress. Once more, I gain the upper position and lock his arms down. He squirms, frustrated at the slight power advantage I have.

In one fast, unintentional buck, he knocks me off balance. The side of the mattress dips a bit, and we tumble off onto the floor. *Thud* Its not a far drop, but enough to induce…ok fine, we screamed. Ok not screamed, more like an “AHHHH! From not expecting it to a full blown, tear filled laugh.

We both lay on our backs, laughing hysterically. I move a fist over in his view, and we have a solid bro fist bump. “Epic fail man” I laugh. He agrees.

Once we settle down, still laying on the floor, he looks over. “So serious question…” he says. I tell him to shoot. “So I really don’t look at porn. I mean one of the guys in my old home showed me, which is why I moved, but…do you?”

I roll over to my side, looking at him. “Not really actually. I mean a few friends have showed me stuff, but it wasn’t anything great. I mean…I guess I’ve got a good enough imagination I’d rather create my own in a sense.” I laugh. “But no man that’s probably a good thing.

He rolls over on his side, looking back at me. “So you’re a virgin right?”

I knod.

“Me too.” He says, then rolls back on his back. We stay quiet for a moment. “Ever wonder If you’re good?”

“Didn’t we talk about this last time?” I ask. He shrugs.

“I just over heard some people saying you could practice.”

“Yeah it’s called jacking off dude.” I say, then playfully punch his arm. “I taught you how to do that right last time.”

He sits up. “That’s what else I was thinking about.” That’s no surprise. “So, would you maybe wanna…I mean we don’t have to…”

I shrug and move onto the bed. I figure its more comfortable. He follows, pulling off his shorts to reveal super man boxers just like mine. Adorable, he copied me.

I tease him a little about how fast he moves, then undress, tossing my clothes aside. I jiggle my dick a little, working up an erection. He does the same.

Glancing over, I notice his balls have gotten a little bigger, and point it out. He plays with them a little. Our dicks both get hard as we stroke ourselves. I spit onto my hand and rub it around, trying to get a little lube so it feels better. He copies.

“Can you teach me something else?” he asks, tugging quickly on his throbbing manhood.

Thinking for a moment and not coming up with anything, I ask if there’s anything he wants to know.

“You tried like…humping anything? And there is something but it can wait.”

I sit up and grab his pillow from the top bunk. “Here. This is your new girlfriend. Show me whatcha got buddy.” I say and hit his stomach with it.

He flinches a little and laughs. “Get your girl too then bro!”

I shake my head. “You’re not seriously about to do that on your pillow are you?” I swirl a bit of precum around the head of my dick, then keep jacking.

“Come on man,” he says. “You gotta tell me if I do it right.”

I shake my head. “Fine. Here roll over on your stomach.” He does. “Alright lift up.” He arches his back, and I slide a fist under him. “Try that.” I instruct. He looks over at me curiously, then lowers his dick into the hole in my hands. “Ok start pumping.”

He tries thrusting some, but its incredibly awkward. He stops. “You try.” He says, cupping his hands around my dick. I roll over.

“Start slow, like this.” I say, slowly sliding all the way down, balls touching his hand. “Then slide out.” I slide out, tip just barely in. “Then, repeat, going a little faster. Just keep it lubed up man.” I say as I start pumping in and out. He moves hands occasionally to keep them wet. After a few minutes, I stop, and he tries again.

“Woah this feels good!” He says as he thrusts his hips into the tight fist I made. I help him out a little with rhythm, moving my hands a little with each thrust. Its sort of awkward having someone fuck your hand, but it does feel interesting. After a few moments, he stops and decides that was a good enough start.

We decide to jack off each other since it feels better. I massage his balls a little inbetween strokes, and before long he is breathing heavily. “Tyler…” he pants.

“Yeah man?” I ask, slowing down. He takes his hand off.

“This may be really awkward. Don’t be mad ok?”

I sit up, propped against a pillow. He does to. “Ok?” I say.

“I haven’t kissed anyone.” He says, lowering his head. “And I really want to.” He says, though I barely hear it.

I nod slowly.

“Could…Maybe…” he trails off.

I wrap an arm around him, and his dick twitches. Its about to explode its that hard.

“I only kissed once man. I’m not a pro.” I admit.

“That’s ok.” He says, resting his head on my shoulder. “I mean maybe it’d be weird anyhow. Just forget it. Sorry, like I said, I know we’re bothers but you’re just really…I mean…”

I kiss this forehead. “I love you man.”

He squirms, trying to make his raging boner less obvious. “I just really look up to you. And you are really hot. I’m sorry…”

I laugh. “You’re pretty cute too.”

He picks his head up. Staring at me for a minute, then leans in. His lips barely touch mine before he pulls back. He burries his head in my chest, the long mop of blonde teased out everywhere. I run my fingers through it and notice his heart rate is insanely fast, and his breathing is off.

His head slides a little lower. The tip of my dick throbs, bouncing off his face. He jumps. “Sorry.” He says, then rolls on his side. I cuddle into him, pressed against his back.

He rolls back over on his back. “You mad?”

“Nah man. Its ok, I told you.” I say, and he relaxes. His hand moves around and grabs onto my dick, making it instantly hard again.

We stroke hard and fast, cuddled so that our bodies are close and touching. “You close?” I ask.

He bucks his hips a little. “Kinda.”

Im the same. “Together?” I ask.

He reaches over and pulls me ontop of him. I roll over, face near his, chests pressed into each other, and crotches grinding.

“Can…can I have one more kiss? I…I really liked it. And I really…” He stops. I notice he’s starting to tear up. Not knowing where this is going, I pull him into a hug. “You’re the first person I know I loved in a long time Ty.” He whispers into my ear.

I pick my head up and kiss him again. On the lips. Longer. He breaks into a smile. “Brothers should do this more often.” He says, then, placing our dicks together, jerks us both off with one hand, me still on top.

Soon I’m close. I go to roll off so I don’t cum on him, but he has me pinned with his arm around me and his legs. “Im gonna cum man. Stop. Stop haha I am gonna blow all over you!” I warn.

He keeps jerking, faster. I feel him humping into my crotch. “Me too.” He says, biting his lip in concentration.

Moments later we both spray a jet of hot white goo onto his stomach. He lets out a long soft moan, as do I, as we climax. Our semen pools together near his bellybutton, and as he breaths heavier, some bonds to my skin as well.

Covered in eachothers cum, I collapse ontop of him, breathing heavily. “Wow.” Is all I can say.

Once recovered, I prop myself up on my arms. He slides a hand between us and starts swirling the cum around his firm boy belly. He looks at me, then the pool, then back. Then lifts his hand.

One finger covered in our jizz, he looks at me curiously, then at the finger. “What’s yours taste like?”

Knocking his hand away, I laugh and tell him he is NOT about to taste mine. He asks why not. I throw out several reasons, but none seem good enough. He licks the tip, a tiny drop. “Its different…” he says.

“Sick dude!” I say, though, in a weird way, its kind of hot.

“Try some.” He says, then wipes the finger on my lips before I can move away. He’s right, it is different…

“I cant believe you made me do that…”

He smiles. “You know you were curious too.”

I shake my head and stand up. “Shower?”

He carefully stands up, trying not to dump the puddle of our mess everwhere. Some runs down his leg, and he stops is while heading to the shower. We step into the warm water and rinse off.

“That was fun.” He says while washing my back. We switch and I get his.

“If we do that every night youre not gonna have any cum man after a week.” I laugh, then wash my front.

Once we’re washed off, we stay in the water a little longer. He suggested a sword fight, since we were both still a little hard.

We sling our dicks around, hitting eachothers occasionally, We laugh, and playfully duke it out. He starts hip thrusting, poking my leg. “What? Now I’m your bitch?” I ask, then laugh, pinning him under the shower stream as he giggles.

“You muh hoe!” he laughs, then smacks my ass. I grab his.

“Hey, off limits” I say,”besides, you like this better.” And poke him with my now only semi hard dick.

“Shut up.” He says, splashing water on me.

Shower over, we decide to sleep together. He picks top bunk, so we cuddle up in the tight twin mattress, two tall teenage brothers. I kiss him goodnight, and fall asleep, him wrapped up in my arms.

Thanks for reading!! I hope you enjoyed it. As always, feel free to rate and comment, I just ask that if you do so, let me know what you did or did not like. It helps me make it better in the future. This is mostly true, but if there’s something you want to see in the future, let me know, I can try to add it in if it works! After all, I write these for you haha. Please keep all comments story related, I greatly appreciate that. Hope to write again soon! Thanks for reading! ---TPS

Rating: 93%, Read 36408 times, Posted Jul 25, 2013

True Story | Boy, Gay, Incest, Masturbation, Teen, Teen Male, Young


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