The House Slave Training & Auction Chapter 19 and 20 by an2772

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Fantasm | Anal, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, Girl, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Pregnant, Prostitution, Sado-Masochism, School, Slavery, Submission, Teen Female, Young

Chapter 19

The Auction and The Master’s and Mistresses

Mistress Liz- The room is full of men and a few women. We have twenty going up for sale 5 guys one virgins and 15 girls 4 virgins. The virgins are in a separate auction. As I take the mic I welcome everyone and I ask that they look over the list that they were given as I tell them that these girls have been trained and are no longer virgins. I call the first girl out as she goes to her knees the bidding opens at 50 grand, and it goes up she goes for 150. The next girl comes out and its Penny she looks nervous and her bid quickly goes up to 400 thousand as she is blonde. The rest of the auction goes as like the same with the highest one going for 750 thousand. I tell them thank you for coming you may collect your property once your payment is in and for those of you who want a virgin or a boy to stick around.

Mistress Ann- I look over at the three boys and they each look nervous I tell them to relax it will be over soon. I open the auction with Milton who I tell to turn around and bend over he sells for 100 thousand and when Jesse comes out I tell the crowd that he enjoys the kiss of the whip and he goes for 700 thousand the next boy goes for 500 thousand. I bring out Jack out who looks younger than 16 and I say he is a virgin the opening bid is 1 mil and it goes up he sells for 2.5 mil and he is crying I tell him to wipe his face. I tell the crowd thanks for coming and if they want a virgin female it will be coming up soon.

Rob- I welcome the crowd for coming and I begin with Judy I tell them that I personally trained her and that she can suck chrome off a bumper she sells for 5 million to a couple that I know will take care of her. The other girls go quickly as well, although not as high as Judy but well over the 2 mil starting fee. At the end of the auction I tell the people that didn’t purchase or didn’t see anything that they want to come over to The House and maybe they will find something there and I tell them thanks for coming and where they can pick up their property. I go back to the office where D is looking over the accounts he tells me that all payments where in and he hands me an envelope my payment 2 mil with a printout to my offshore account he also has one for T and Liz and Ann. He tells me that we did good he also tells me that Mister C contacted him and he has about 20 or thirty and he wants to know if we can train that many and he ask me what I thought and I tell him yes although it would have to do more than two at a time he tells me that we won’t start until after we get back from our honeymoon. The four of us are going to a secluded island that he bought a few years ago. I tell him that I got Daisy a collar and she has agreed to get her clit pierced he looks at me and says I can’t wait to see that and then he wonders if Sonya would get her done also. He tells me that we must go see the doctor as both girls are there. We get to the doc’s office and Sonya is coming out holding some papers that she gives to D he looks at them and then his head snaps up and he says it happened on the first time and she says yes and I know I kiss him and then her. I ask where is Daisy and she tells us that she is still in with the doc and that I should go in as D tells me they will wait for us. I knock on the door and I hear a come in so I step into the room and the doctor tells me that everything is good and that she shouldn’t have any problems getting pregnant and that he says that once she is pregnant that she shouldn’t have sex with animals. I look at her I forgot that she was doing that on the farm. I ask the doctor if he can do a piercing for me and he says yes but she won’t be able to have sex for a week and that maybe we should wait until we return and I look at her I know she doesn’t want to go without sex so I tell him to do one nipple as she removes her top. The doc tells us that he will be right back. I tell Daisy that I know she does want to get her clit pierced now so we will wait I also tell her that D will be taking her collar off and I will be putting mine on her. I look at her and she has lust in her eyes so I tell her go ahead and say what she wants to say. Daisy- I tell Master that I am so horny that I feel like I am going to explode. I look at her as I say you came four times this morning and she tells me that the doctor had his hand in her and she got horny and I laugh.

The doc comes back in a tells her to lay back I stand at her side and put my hand up her skirt and rub her pussy she moans I tell her that she must be still. I look at the doc has he smiles he knows what is going on. He tells me that some people cum just from the piercing and I have a feeling that Daisy is one of them and I stick my finger in her has he pulls the trigger on the gun she cums loudly and soaks my finger the doc laughs and I take my finger out and stick it in her mouth. After she gets dressed we go out into the lobby where Ann, Eric and Nat are waiting with D and Sonya they look at me and I tell Ann that Daisy is my slave as well and she hugs me and I shake hands with Eric. I look at Nat and she looks sick.

Ann- After we say our goodbyes to Rob, D and their slaves we all go into the Doctors office where I tell him that Nat has been sick for a week he looks at her and ask if she wants us to leave she says no? I grab her hand as the doctor gives her a cup and tells her to pee into it as she is leaving I tell her everything is going to be ok. I look back at the doctor and he says that was fast and looks at Eric and I ask him what and he says that she maybe pregnant and I say if that it then it was fast it’s only been about 4 weeks since she lost her virginity although I know Eric has been fucking her daily and the doc says it only takes once. Turns out he was right she is about 4 weeks along and the doctor gave a list of things for her to try to help with morning sickness as the doctor congratulates us as we get ready to leave he ask if he could talk to me and I tell him yes, he says alone and I say yes. As Eric takes Nat’s hand and walk into the lobby I turn to him and a he asks, me if I am ready to get pregnant and I tell him he knows I don’t want to carry a baby he tells me that he knows several girls that will carry it for me and I tell him that I will talk it over with Eric first and maybe one baby at a time will be enough right now. When I get to the lobby Eric is talking to Nat telling her how happy he is but she still looks nervous when she looks up at me I smile and tell her that I am happy also and she starts to cry. I lift her chin and ask why she is crying and she tells me that she doesn’t know how to take care of a baby and I tell her we will hire people to help us and besides its three of us. As we are leaving I tell them what the doctor wanted and I also tell them that it’s up to Eric if he wants someone to carry a child for us or Nat to do it and he says that he wants to wait until we have this one and then Nat can carry our baby if she still wants to. He tells me that the lawyer called and everything is in motion to change Nat’s last name and she was added to the will I look at him and I think that maybe he is in love with her already and I feel the same way.

Chapter 20 Andre and his first Time at The House

This place is nice as I look around my new apartment it’s a two-bedroom condo. I see that all my new clothes have been brought over here. There is a knock on the door and I go to answer it and I am surprised to see Liz- I tell him that I was coming to give him a ride to The House he has his first client an in hour. I look around the place and I think this is the one that Rob had I also tell him that I am one floor below him. This boy will be moving up quickly he has already put in some work for us and he is even more sadist in his killings than D is he fucked both parties as the died, and my dick was hard the whole time I don’t know what it is about him that makes me want to bend over and let him fuck my brains out.

Andre- I tell her that I need to go put on my leathers and she ask if she can watch and I wink at her. I don’t know what it is about her that gets my dick hard, but I know I will be fucking her soon. When we get to her car it’s a Benz red and I like it I tell her that I need to get a car soon and she tells me that I can use the car service it’s on speed dial 2 on my house phone I must remember that. Liz- I know he doesn’t remember but he has two chips in him and cameras in his house we can’t be stupid and although we have dirt on him it was on camera and nobody’s on it but him and the people that he killed we call it an insurance policy.

Andre- When we pull up to the gate I can see it is a big beautiful house and as she parks in a lot I see horse’s and a few other animal’s I ask if this is a farm and she laughs and tells me no, that the animals are for other clients who like to be fucked by them or fuck them. I ask if she has ever fucked a horse and she says yes although she has not been fucked by one I tell her I bet that was something to see and she tells me that it felt like fucking any other woman. I ask her about the client and she tells me that it’s a couple she also tells me that I get to keep all tips and I look at her she ask if I need something to set up and I tell her no, that my dick is hard already and she squeeze’s my dick. We get out and walk to a door where she knocks and a big guy opens it I shake his hand I met Henry the other day when D gave me a tour of the facility I didn’t know that he works here. I know that Rob runs this place but he will be out for a few weeks. I meet with his number two Cindi I thought she was white until I meet her she is pretty with a big ass and tits to match. Cindi- It’s nice to finally meet you Andre I heard good thing about you. Your room is this way as I lead him to his room and dungeon I tell him that we have food and drinks if he wants some and he tells me that he would like a coke so I stop one of the girls and tell her to bring Master-Andre a coke and she says yes Mama. Andre- That sub is pretty all the girls here are good looking I look to see where Liz went and Cindi tells me that she went into the office that she will be seeing a client or two also. As she opens the door she hands me a set of keys to the door and another to the dungeon and she shows me how to get into it from my room. There is a big bed in the middle of the room and a chest which I am sure as sex toys in it. She asks if I need anything else and I tell her that I want to take a shower before the clients get here and she tells me that they are already here she tells me to push 0 on the phone when I am ready. I go into the bathroom and turn on the shower I get my soap and other things out of my bag and take off my clothes.

After my shower, I put on my leather pants and boots and I pick up the phone and tell whoever answered to send in the clients and she says yes Sir, there is a knock and I say come in and a man and a woman come in I look at them and think let the games begin. I thank the sub that brought them and I tell them to take a seat the man goes to his knees so now I know who the sub is. Turns out Scott like to be dominated and Jennifer likes to watch while fucking herself with a toy but first she wants to be fucked hard. So, I tell them both to take their clothes off I look at them both she is beautiful but I can see why she wants to be fucked he is small. I tell her to sit on the bed and I tell this bitch to crawl over here and suck my dick and his little dick gets hard as a rock. He reaches up to undo my pants and I catch him by the hair and ask him it I tell you that you could touch me and he says no Master I undo my pants and take my dick out and he attacks it licking and sucking my cock like he can’t get enough I tell him that he can’t cum until I tell him to. I look over to see Jennifer has her hand between her legs and I ask her if I told her to touch yourself and she says no but she does what she wants to do she is not a sub. I tell her to bend over the bed as I push him away I reach into the basket of condoms and get one out I tell him to watch me fuck his wife with my big dick that he wishes he had in his ass and I see lust in his eyes. I look at her pussy she is wet I tell him to put the condom on me and get one for himself. When the condom is in place I put the head of my dick to her pussy and I easy into her and she moans and I pull back and slam into her and she screams her pussy is tight. I begin thrusting into her hard and fast as I feel her walls contract around me she is cumming and hard I grab her by the hair and tell her to look at her husband’s small dick as she moans I reach under her and rub her clit it as hard as my dick as I continue to thrust into her when she cums again I pull out and take the condom off and I tell him to get over here and I put my dick in his mouth and I fuck his face and cum in his mouth and he takes it all. After tucking my dick back into my pants, I tell her to go clean up. I tell him to go stand by the door when she comes out she looks refreshed I open the door to the dungeon and I ask if he has a safe word he says doesn’t need one and I tell him to pick a word anyway when Jennifer tells me that she will tell me when to stop because he will never say it she tells me what to use on him and I ask him if he wants to cum and he says only if I want him to. I chain him to the cross and I get a whip a can and a flogger out of the cabinet I look over to see that Jennifer is sitting to the chair with her legs open and a vibrator in her hand. I begin with the flogger warming him up and I move one to the whip I take a test swing and then I begin the first strike is too his ass and I move up and down his back and legs he is moaning and groaning and I hear her cumming and I tell him that I know he wants to cum and he is shaking his head so I tell him that if he can take a few strokes of the cane I will let him cum and he begs me to cane him. So, I pick up the cane and I strike right across his ass nice and hard as he continues to moan as I light his ass up I give him ten strokes and when I get to the last one I tell him to cum and he does hard so hard he is shaking as he has filled the condom up. Before they leave Jennifer gives me an envelope with a 5000 as a tip and I thank her and she tells me that she wants to book an appointment for next week so I tell her to tell the front desk to put them on my schedule.

When I get out of the shower there is a knock at my door and I say come in Liz walks in and ask how did it go and I look at her and tell her that I am sure she saw it on the monitor and she says yes, she did but she wants to know how I felt and I tell her that I loved it and I told them to open my schedule I also tell her about the tip and the fact that they rebooked. She tells me that she is proud of me and when Rob comes in he is all smiles and he shakes my hand he also tells me that he has someone that he wants me to see and that she will be here in 30 minutes. I tell him ok and he tells me to go and get some food he also tells me that I might want to get an energy drink and I playfully tell him I am not old like he is and he laughs as we walk down to the kitchen a few girls are checking me out and he says look out they all want to fuck me as I look at them and smile I tell him that I want to fuck them too he tells me business comes first and I tell him I know I get paid to fuck.

After I eat I am sitting talking to some of the girls and a guy name Johnny who is a sub and a girl comes and tells me I have a client and she says good luck I go to my room and one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen is sitting in a chair. I introduce myself to her and she tells me to call her Princess so I ask what’s her pleasure and she tells me what do I do so I tell her that I want to make her cum and she tells me that it take a lot to make her cum because she is a hardcore masochist. I look at her and my dick gets so hard as she tells me that she can only cum while being hurt and I know this was set up to see how I would do. I tell her to go into the dungeon and strip and leave on her shoes and to put her hair in a ponytail. When I go into the dungeon she is kneeling by the cross. I walk over to her and pull her head back hard and ask her what’s her safe word she says "kitten". I look at her and she has a few burns on her breast I ask her how she got those, and she tells me she did them while trying to cum I know that I am going to enjoy her. I tell her to stand as I get things ready I see that the room was cleaned while I was eating. I get a cane a paddle and a flogger and whip the long one I also get a remote-control vibrator. I chain her to the cross and I feel her and she is wet but not soaking I take the flogger and I run up and down her back her legs and her thighs I feel her again and she is dry ok so I begin by giving her a slap on her ass hard with my open hand and I pull her head back and ask her how hard do you want it and she says hard. I pull my hand back and slap her tit so hard that I leave my hand print and she moans so I ask her you like that bitch and she says yes master may I have another so I do the other one and she moans again. I begin with the paddle and I lay into her as she moans and cries after ten strokes I feel her pussy and she is dripping wet so I get the vibrator and put it into her pussy and I turn it on low. I get the whip and take a test swing and then I strike hitting her ass, hard as I look at the welt on her ass my dick is rock hard I turn the vib up and I begin to work her over hitting the back of her legs and thighs and her back up and down never striking the same place twice she is moaning and when my arm gets tired I get the cane and lay right into her as she begins to beg to cum so I turn the vib up and tell her to go for it as I continue to strike her I move around to her front and strike her breast not as hard as her ass and she convulses she cums so hard I think she passes out I get her down and she comes to I carry her over to the bed as I tell her I am not done with her I lay her down and cuff her to the bed I get a condom and a dildo out of the basket as I begin to bite and pull on her breast I reach for the nipple clamps the small ones that bite into the nipple. I flip her over and rub her ass when I open her cheeks I see she has burn marks between them I lube up my finger and stick first one and them two in her ass. I loosen her up as I raise her up I stick the dildo in her pussy and she tells me that she is not sure if she can cum like this so I slap her ass hard and she moans. I thrust into her ass, she is tight as I begin to fuck her slow with long deep strokes. I stop and pull out I flip her over I take the dildo out and I put it in her ass and I put my dick in her pussy and I begin fucking her while pulling on the chain for the clamps and her pussy is getting wetter. I tell her to cum as I bite her breast and pull her clamp off her tit she cums hard and she soaks the bed her pussy is contracting so hard that I have to stop I tell her that I am not done with her as I continue to thrust in to her pussy I begin to fuck her hard and fast I start slapping her breast and her nipple as she is moaning and groaning I reach down and start rubbing her clit and when I notice that it’s not doing anything for her I begin to pinch it and she groans so I do it again on the down stroke and I feel that she is about to cum again so I reach up and take the other clamp off and thrust hard into her as she cums hard and my balls draw up and I cum with her that was the best fuck I have ever had. She is breathing hard and looking sleepy I pull out and take the condom off and throw it in the trash when I turn around she is looking at me so I ask her did I pass and she smiles and say that it was the best fuck she has had in a while she ask if she could take a quick shower and I tell her come on I’ll take one with her. After our shower, I rub some cream on her and she tells me that it is not needed she wants to feel them she ask if we can do again next week and I tell her anything that she wants she gives me an envelope with 10 grand in it I look at her and ask if she is sure and she tells me yes I hug her and I tell her that I don’t know what to say so I tell her thanks Princess and she says The Princess and I look at her and say oh you are a Princess and she says yes. After the Princess leaves, I lay down I am so tired I see why Rob had me drink an energy drink she was a lot of work. I awake to a knock on the door Rob steps in and I look up he tells me that the Princess was very pleased with me a booked with me again once a week for the next month. I ask him how long as she been coming her and he says for a while although she is not always pleased unless its him or D it is also why she drop 20 grand and gives large tips if she is happy. I ask what’s her story he sits in the chair and tells me that she was kidnapped as a teen and was raped and beaten and the only way she can cum is that way they made her like what they did to her and she was upset when she was rescued her parents the forced her to marry a man who is 20 years older than her she took the training course and we tried to train him, but he had a stoke a few years ago. She also bought a slave and forced her to carry two or three kids for her and faked her pregnancies to please her parents she stopped when they died in a car wreck two years ago. He also tells me that everyone has something but she can’t let what she does here get out her kink could ruin her and her husband she has an older brother who is King now. I tell him that I enjoyed what I did to her although my arm is killing me he tells me to put some ice on it when I get home. He tells me that Liz is with a client and that if I want to leave he will give me a ride I tell him yes, I also tell him that I need to go to a bank and he looks at me. I made 15 grand in tips he also tells me that I will be getting a raise if they don’t The Princess will try to steal me and I laugh he is not kidding. I also tell him that I want to buy a car he tells me that Jeremy will help me with that. I ask him why was the Princess was here he said that she was here to see him, but he had to tell her that he was off the market I only run the place now. He tells me that I have a safe in my closet and that I can put the money in there or I can let the accountant put it into my account I tell him I want to keep it until I buy a car although I don’t know how it will get to the island and he tells me that they have their ways. I say goodbye to Cindi and she gives me a copy of my schedule and I am booked all this week so I tell her that I will see her tomorrow. I walk outside and we get into a town car with one of the drivers as he takes us back to my new place. When I get out I ask the driver if he can pick me up in the morning because I need to go shopping and Rob tells me that I can order things and they will deliver whatever I want. Rob tells me that he will come up with me because he wants to show me the safe. He also tells me that I can redo anything that I want to and after we get off the elevator I open the door and he says that this unit use to be his and he shows me the safe and the combination and tells me when the maid will come and I look at him I didn’t think that I would get a maid and a cook if I want one he gives me a one arm hug and tells me that he would see me in two weeks. When Rob leaves I take my close off and lay down I reach for the remote and turn on the TV and I think I have found my calling.

Rob-After dropping Andre off I get in the car and I ask Dom what he thought of the boy and he says that he reminded him of me. I tell him to take me home. When I get their I learn that the girls are out shopping for our trip and I find D in his office he is looking at the tape of Andre. I walk in and he smiles up at me and he says the boy reminds me of someone and I say that I heard that before. I tell him that The Princess gave him a 10-grand tip and he says that he earned it because he put in some work with her, yes, she wore him out he was sleep before I left. He is a great find we need to find one or two more like him. I also tell him that she rebooked with him and that we may need to watch her or she will steal him.

Rating: 75%, Read 13517 times, Posted Apr 25, 2018

Fantasm | Anal, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, Girl, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Pregnant, Prostitution, Sado-Masochism, School, Slavery, Submission, Teen Female, Young


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