Doing Something Bad by Howlingbreeze

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Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Old Male, Oral Sex, Young

I met Natalie over the summer at my niece Jessica’s soccer game; she was playing forward while Jess was on defense. Our meeting was cordial consisting of Jess introducing us and us chatting for a few minutes about how they played that day, I put her out of my mind the moment they left.

I started seeing more and more of Natalie as the summer went on, not just at the soccer games but also in my neighborhood. I can only assume that her and Jess had become really good friends because she was always over at her house. I guess the part I forgot to mention was that Jess lived down the block from me so I saw her on an almost daily basis.

It was about two weeks ago that I started to realize that Natalie might have a school yard crush on me; I wonder if they even call it that anymore? That’s beside the point I began seeing her more and more, sometimes with Jessica sometimes without. She would also wave and say hi if I was doing something outside, a couple of times she even stopped and we chatted for a few minutes over the fence.

Last week I got a phone call from Sandra my brother’s wife asking if I could watch Jessica at my place since they both had to go out of town early the next day. I told her that it wasn’t a problem and I would be more than happy to help. Nervously she let me in on the other part of it, Jess was supposed to be having a friend sleep over and asked if that would be ok as well. I assured her again that it was not a problem, and jokingly told her that I would make sure I had my ear plugs ready.

About two hours later I heard the doorbell ring and went to open it, I found Jessica standing there holding a pillow and sleeping bag and right behind her was Natalie.

“Thanks Uncle Dave” she said as she tried to give me a hug but the bulky items in her hands prevented it. That’s when Natalie Chimed in “Thanks for letting us crash here tonight” she said

“well come on in Mi Casa, Su Casa” I said exhausting my Spanish.

My place wasn’t that big but I carved out a spot in the living room so that they could unroll their sleeping bags. We all hung out for a little while and ate a pizza that I had ordered. I gave me best fake yawn and told them that I was heading to bed which got a chuckle from both of them.

“we know you’re not going to bed this early” Jessica said

“night girls” I said as I walked toward my bedroom, yes it was true I was not going to bed just yet i just wanted to give them some privacy to be teenage girls, who wants their uncle crashing their slumber party. I settled behind my computer and booted it up and logged into one of my MMO’s. it must have been a few hours later when I got up to go get a drink, I left my door open and silently made my way down the hall to the kitchen attempting to either A not interrupt them or B not wake them up if they were sleeping. At the end of the hall I could see the little night light burning in the living room so I figured they were asleep. Just as I was about to turn into the kitchen I heard Jessica exclaim softly “no way” I stopped and listened for a minute waiting to hear what they were talking about. I know eavesdropping is not good, but I always wondered what girls their age talked about when they thought no one was there, call it an experiment in social development. After a few minutes I was about ready to leave when I heard something that piqued my interest.

“OK …older guy now…and he can’t be a celebrity” Jessica said

I wonder if those guys who study animals felt the same way I did as I waited for them to say something. Finally after a few second Natalie spoke “…uuuhhhmmmm …your uncle Dave” she said quietly “What????” Jessica said her voice rising a little higher in shock. “He’s kinda cute and the way he works with his hands is just ……so…so… I don’t know what but …ooohhh” she said somewhat dreamily. Getting a drink was definitely out of the question after hearing her say that and then running the risk of busted it did not seem like a good idea. I waited for another minute and the conversation turned to music or something. I crept back down the hallway into my room, and as I closed the door gently I let out a sigh of relief. I waited about a half hour before I got up again to go get a drink, this time I made a little noise first warning them that I was coming. I poked my head into the living room before I went into the kitchen, the girls were snuggled up in their sleeping bags facing each other “hey girls, how’s everything going?” I asked

“Pretty good Uncle Dave” Jessica said while Natalie nodded her head in agreement. I got my drink of water and was about to head back to my room when I stopped and poked my head back in the living room. “I got some cookie dough ice cream in the freezer, you girls want some?”

Their response was immediate as they both said yes in unison and practically jumped out of their sleeping bags. four little feet padded into the kitchen as I pulled the container out of the freezer, when I turned around I got the shock of my life Jessica was standing there in a baggy tee shirt and some pajama pants, while Natalie had on a tight tee shirt with some kind of weird design on it and a black pair of those tiny cheer shorts. I put container on the table and went to get bowls and spoons. Tearing into it they filled their bowls almost to the top so much that I was afraid they were both going to have stomachaches tonight. I got the rest of the stuff out, some of that whipped cream in a can, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, pretty much the essentials to make a sundae.

“You gonna have some too?” Jessica asked me with a whipped cream mustache

“Yeah don’t make us eat this alone” Natalie kinda mumbled as she moved the cold ice cream around her mouth.

“Alright, you talked me into it” I said as I made myself a bowl, albeit a smaller one than them

We sat there for a few minutes eating when Jessica picked up the whipped cream and squirted a dollop in her mouth this caused Natalie to motion that she wanted it as well and squirted a mouthful out of the can suddenly it was passed to me, what the hell I thought as I squirted it into my mouth, looking down I saw the girls mouths hanging open as I almost emptied the can. Afterwards we cleaned up and the girls headed back to the living room while I went down the hall, I was just about to my room when I heard Natalie say “you got the coolest uncle ever” followed by a giggle.

Looking at the clock I noticed that it was already 1 am so I stripped off my shirt and lounge pants and slide between the covers, I guess the girls had decided to do the same thing because the house was quiet. I fell asleep quickly and slept the entire night, in the morning I swung my feet over the side of the bed and kinda stumbled to the bathroom in an am haze. after reliving my bladder I headed to the kitchen to turn on the coffeepot. I got the shock of my life a few minutes after I started the coffee, I had totally forgotten that the girls had stayed over last night otherwise I would have put something on when I got up. Because Natalie appeared in the doorway her hair all messed up and her clothes a little bit a skewed “morning” she said, either she had not noticed I was standing in the kitchen in only my boxers or not, but I did and sort of dashed back to my room to put something more appropriate on.

When I came back into the kitchen I stopped dead in my tracks Natalie was bent over in front of the refrigerator looking inside. Never in my entire life had I ever looked at a girl this young thinking the things that were going through my head right now. I watched as she shifted from foot to foot which caused the material of her shorts to dig into her butt a little. Just seeing her like that started to get my cock hard, without taking her head out of the fridge she asked “you got anything to eat?”

She had to know I was staring at her but she didn’t say anything. “yeah I think there is some cereal or something in the cabinet by the stove” I said

“OK cool” she said closing the fridge door and reaching into the cabinet and getting the box out. “bowls?” she asked while I filled my coffee cup. I pointed to the cabinet while I stirred my coffee

Siting back down at the table she started eating, leaning against the counter I asked if Jessica was up yet to which got a funny response from Natalie “she was dead to the world” she said Eventually Jessica did get up and had some of the cereal as well.

“so girls what’s your plans for the day?” I asked sipping my coffee

“probably going to the mall or the pool” Jessica said between mouthfuls

Around noon the girl rolled up their sleeping bags and headed over to Jessica’s house to drop it off before going out.

The next day around 1 there was a knock at my door, opening it I found Natalie standing there. She told me she thought she might have left some stuff here other night and asked if she could look for it. I told her it wasn’t a problem and invited her in, as she squeezed past me I took notice of her outfit a light blue shirt that exposed more than a few inches of her stomach paired with a very small pair of jean shorts .when she walked ahead of me into the living room I could have sworn that I saw butt cheek peeking out from the bottom of them. She looked around the couch for a few minutes before dropping down to the floor on her hands and a knees looking under the couch, if that wasn’t bad enough she started kinda moving her hips back and forth as she swept her hand under the couch.

“maybe over here” she said getting up from the floor and walking over to the other side of the room where she proceed to do the same thing. Seeing all this was a little too much for me so I sat down on the couch. Dusting her knees off she announced that she didn’t think it was here. I was about to get up from the couch when she plopped down next to me. “so what you up to today” she asked “not much” I responded “just doing some stuff around the house” gradually we started talking about what the girls did after they left yesterday, I guess I said something funny because she slapped her hand onto my thigh as she laughed but after settling down she left it there. This was definitely not the position I wanted to be in with a teenage girl who was barely dressed. Quickly she changed the subject but left her hand on my thigh while she asked me if I had a girlfriend or anything, I told her that I had broken up with her a few months ago. I guess that was the answer she was hoping for because she started to move her hand slowly up and down my thigh I didn’t notice that she had leaned in a little closer but as her hand grazed over the front of my pants I came to my sense

“Natalie? What are you doing?” I said

Her response was to lean forward and push her lips against mine, when I felt them touch mine I tried to back up away but I was stuck in the corner of the couch. Waves of fear flooded over me as I felt her tongue try to push its way past my lips, I was able to get my hand onto the arm of the couch and propelled myself forward. Turning around I watched as she crossed her legs slowly and smiled at me, I was at a total loss for words, I probably should have been asking her why she did that, or did she really leave anything here I just couldn’t form a complete thought.

Patting the seat next her she said “I won’t bite” I don’t know why I didn’t order her out of the house instead of sitting down next to her again after what she had just did. She uncrossed her legs and turned toward me. And started off telling me that she sort of liked me and thought I was cute devolving into some kind of teenage rant about how she can’t stand the boys her own age and thinks that older guys are better. I had to agree with her guys her age were kinda jerks just really discovering girls but not knowing how to treat them right.

Then she hit me with the bombshell “do you think I’m cute?” she asked

This was a conundrum Natalie was cute alright but how do I tell her that without making myself seem like a pervert or giving her the wrong impression.

“yeah you’re cute” I said hoping that would satisfy her

“what part do you like about me the most?” she asked as I saw her move a little bit closer to me.

Shit, I thought to myself now how do I get out of this one, there is no way that I can tell her that I like her ass, or even the way her pert little breasts looked. I had to give her something that she would believe but wouldn’t make me seem like a creep after thinking for a minute I said “your mouth”

“my mouth?” she asked “why”

When she asked me why it dawned on me that was not the best thing to say, my original answer was not dirty at all so I told her that I liked the way her mouth looked when she smiled. This made her smile again which lifted my spirits a little.

“you’re really cool” she said “Jessica is so lucky to have and uncle like you, I feel like I could tell you anything”

This was real dangerous territory but I asked anyway “like what?”

“well there was this boy Tommy that I knew” she began “and one day we were hanging out in his backyard when he took my hand and led me behind the shed in the back. He asked me if I had ever seen a boy’s penis, when I nodded my head no, he asked me if I wanted to see one. I knew I really shouldn’t have but I wondered what a real one looked like, since I had only seen drawings in our health books. He pulled down his shorts a little bit and pulled it out, it looked soft and a little squishy as he held it in his hand, then he asked me if I wanted to try touching it. Like before I knew I shouldn’t but I was really curious to see what it felt like so I wrapped my hand around it and it was a little squishy and kinda warm, then it started feeling not so squishy as it began to get a bigger in my hand that’s when he asked me if I wanted to start rubbing it up and down. Without thinking I started doing it and it felt a little weird to be doing it and he had this strange look on his face. I don’t know where it came from but he asked me if I wanted to kiss it as I felt his hand push down on my shoulder. I bent down and put my lips on it and gave it a kiss which made him make some strange sounds which kind of scared me because his mom was in the house. When he asked me to kiss it again I did and held my lips there for a little bit longer I felt him push his penis into my mouth and then felt something salty spray into my mouth when that happened he let out some strange moan afterwards he pulled up his pants and walked back from around the shed.

Holy shit!! She just told me the story of the first time she had given a blowjob, and I don’t think she even realized what she had done. I was definitely in trouble right now because her story had given me a raging hard on that was now making a tent in my pants. I had no response and even if I did what the hell could I have said.

“Is your penis stiff like Tommy’s?” she asked seeing the bulge in my pants

There was no use denying it so I said yes it was. She sat there for a minute chewing her lower lip before she spoke again

“can I see it?” she asked

“no you cannot” I said

Like a typical kid she asked, why not, to which I responded that it was not right for someone older to be showing a girl his private parts.

“I won’t tell anyone …I promise” she said looking at me with those big brown puppy dog eyes of hers.

Some part of me wanted to show her while the other part, the responsible part was screaming in my head that it was wrong and I was going to end up in jail getting raped by a 300 pound black guy named Clarence for the next 20 years.

Her eyes were glued to my zipper as I pulled it slowly down giving her every chance to tell me to stop and that she had made a huge mistake, instead all I could hear was her breathing starting to get a little bit heavier. Spreading my fly I reached inside my shorts and gripped the hard shaft of my cock and pulled it out. As my cock appeared I think I literally took her breath away because all I heard was dead silence, finally she spoke and it was only one word “wow” she said

“Could I? .. I mean, would you?…can… I? ..” she stuttered as she wrung her hands in front of herself

“You can touch it if you want to” I said knowing that is what she was trying to ask.

“Oh wow, it’s so big” she said “way bigger than Tommy’s was”

“That’s because Tommy was a boy and I am a man” I said now it was my turn to be shocked as her hand slide around my cock it made the whole thing look ten times bigger. I let out a low moan as she started moving her hand slowly up and down my cock

“Even your moan sounds nicer” she said

She let her other hand join the one that was already on my cock “are all men this big?” she asked as she started measuring my length by placing one hand on top of the next.

“Some, not all” I said with a smile on my face I’m not porn star huge but a little more than the average guy. I watched her chew her bottom lip again and knew she was about to ask me something.

“do you …..uuhh…..could I…..” she stammered on before blurting out “Kiss it?”

Holy shit did she just say what I thought she said, the thought of it made my cock jump in her hands. Reaching over I stroked the side of her cheek with my hand as she looked into my eyes.

“go ahead” I said waiting in anticipation of her lips touching my cock

Leaning over she pressed her lips to the tip of my cock and held them there, it felt so sooo good. After a few seconds she sat back up and looked at me.

“you’re not going to try and push your penis in my mouth like Tommy did?” she asked

“you can call it a cock …or dick if you want to, and no I’m not going to push my dick into your mouth, real men don’t do that to women”

“what do you mean real men don’t do that?”

“when a woman puts a man’s dick in her mouth she is doing it because she wants to, not because someone stuck it in there without her telling him that it’s ok.” I said trying to explain the rules of blowjob etiquette to her. “do you want me to show you the way it’s supposed to be?”

She didn’t think very hard before nodding her head yes.

“well why don’t you do what you did before but let your tongue come out a little bit” I said softly

Leaning over she moved her lips closer to my cock as she kissed the head of it I felt her tongue slide over it for the first time

“like that?” she asked smiling at me

“just like that” I said “try it again but this time try licking it like you would a lollypop” when she went down she did exactly that, and I was unable to suppress a moan as I felt her tongue gliding over my cock. “you’re doing really good” I said running my hands through her brown hair, time seemed to slow down as she started licking the shaft of my cock running her tongue all the way from the base to the tip.

“it’s kinda like an icicle” she said “except warm”

“would you like to try putting it in your mouth like an icicle?” I asked

I could see her biting her lower lip again as she thought for a moment before nodding her head yes. I was giddy with excitement as I felt her hot breath on the head of my cock “oooohhh fuck Natalie” I moaned as her lips slid over the head of my cock “that feels soo good” maybe that was what she wanted to hear because I felt more of my cock sliding through her lips. Maybe it was because I knew that this was her first time giving a real blowjob that made me feel like I wasn’t going to last very long. She stopped about halfway down when I heard and felt her gag a little bit but she didn’t pull her mouth off my cock. She started slowing sliding her lips up and down my cock which was heavenly, the sight of her swallow my cock was exhilarating I had to resist the temptation to put my hands on the back of her head and bury my entire cock down her throat.

“Am I doing it good?” she asked letting my cock from her mouth

“Baby, you are doing it perfectly”

“My vagina feels kinda funny” she said

“That’s because you’re getting turned on doing this, and you can call it a pussy”

“My pussy feels all wet” she said using her new vocabulary

“Kneel on the couch so I can see how wet your pussy gets when you put my dick back in your mouth”

Kneeling on the couch she moved her mouth back down onto my cock while my hand slid between her legs, her shorts were even shorter than I had originally thought and I could see her moist panties clinging to her pussy. Moving the crotch of her jeans to the slide I let my finger slide against her panty covered pussy. This new sensation made Natalie jump a little which caused more of my cock to slide into her mouth. Moving the tiny scrap of material out of the way I let my finger slide over her smooth wet pussy which produced a satisfactory moan from her.

I started off rubbing lightly and soon began applying more and more pressure which made her moan even louder around my cock. I could feel another inch of my cock slide into her mouth as I found her clit and rubbed it gently; the faster I rubbed her little nub the more aggressively she bobbed her head over my cock.

“oh fuck Natalie I’m gonna cum” I groaned

Looking up at me with her big brown eyes I could tell she had no idea what I was talking about “I’m going to shoot the white stuff out” I said. closing her eyes she continued bobbing over my cock, then an idea struck me, I had no idea how close she was to orgasm but wouldn’t it be perfect if we both came at the same time. I slide my hand back between her legs and began furiously rubbing her clit, amazingly it worked I could feel her body tightening just as I reached the point of no return.

Holding her head with my other hand I felt the cum explode from the head of my cock so much I thought I would drown the poor girl. As soon the first jet of my cum entering her mouth I halfway expected her to move her mouth back off of it instead she kept her mouth in place and started swallowing all my cum, maybe that first time with Tommy made her realize she liked the taste of cum.

As the last spurt of my cum entered her mouth she launched into her own orgasm compliments of my skilled fingers. As she came down my softening cock was still between her lips as she tried to get every last drop of cum off it. When she finally lifted her mouth off of my cock I took her head in my hands and kissed her deep and passionately.

“oh fuck baby, I really want to see what your pussy tastes like” I moaned kissing her again. I helped her up and let my hands slide onto her slender hips, undoing the button and zipper I was just about to slide her shorts down when a knock at the door made us both jump out of our skin.

“Hey Uncle Dave…you home?” I heard Jess call out through the door

Holy fuck …I thought how am was I going to explain Natalie being here, then I remembered that there was an alley way right outside my backdoor that came out about a half a block away. Quickly I whispered it to Natalie and got her out the door before calling out to Jessica that I would be there in a second.

Opening the door my niece was standing there smiling back at me.

“hey Uncle Dave, you seen Natalie today? She said she thought she might have left something over here the other night.”

“yeah she stopped by earlier but I don’t know where she went after she left”

Timed almost perfectly Natalie walked past my house and hollered out “hey Dave” as she strode on.

“Well looks like I found her, Thanks Uncle Dave” she said as she kissed me on the cheek before jogging after her friend. I let out a huge sigh of relief as the door closed.

Part 2 Cumming shortly

Rating: 93%, Read 211208 times, Posted Oct 31, 2014

Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Old Male, Oral Sex, Young


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