A Couple’s Dark Secret-Kayleigh by Sweet-candy

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Kayleigh…..oh Kayleigh…what a beautiful name, what a beautiful girl. Like an angel with her white blonde hair down her lovely little back.

Her startling blue eyes always framed by thick black eyeliner and dark eye shadow. Her pristine skin making the black make-up even more prominent on her petite face. In fact, everything about this girl was petite. She was only 5’2 and at 1* I doubted she would get much bigger than her slight frame. She was skinny, almost on the anorexic side. Her breasts almost non-existent through the black cotton shirts that where her uniform. Again, I doubted she would grow any bigger in bra size either, but we will never find out. Not if my husband and I have our way.

Kayleigh is our neighbor’s daughter.

The neighbor is a single mother who is always gone at work. It’s not that Kayleigh’s mother has to work; it’s that she chooses to work. Kayleigh gets off the bus in the afternoon and is home by herself almost every day till at least ten pm at night. Many times she has been invited to our house for dinner, etc. She knows us well or so she thinks. My husband and I are extreme twisted freaks. Both of us raised by sexually twisted father’s, we were a perfect match. We both love pain, giving and receiving.

Lately we have been giving more than we have been receiving. Our life consists of acting like normal people while at night we fulfill our twisted fantasies. Arranging for girls and boys of all ages to be brought to our home, to be our fuck toys for the night, weekend, and week or however long we decide to keep the toy around. And I had decided that Kayleigh was going to be our next play thing. Oh how beautiful she was…..I couldn’t wait till I had her crying, with that pretty black make-up smearing down her face as she asked why.

On Sunday evening I called our contact to arrange Kayleigh’s disappearance. We agreed that he would bring her to the house, drugged immediately after snatching her. He asked for a week to case the place and to plan the snatch. I agreed and hung up.

Turning to my husband I smiled and told him that our next guest would be arriving a week from Monday. I had a lot to do…I had many “pleasures” planned for this wannabe emo girl.

I converted the soundproof room downstairs into a torture room that we used often. Changing out the various tables, toys, etc. would change the “scene” of the room. With Kayleigh I thought it would be fighting as a pseudo-dungeon. Since she liked her dark make-up and dark clothes so much. I bought a bunch of two by fours and had Jimmy construct a giant crate, one sturdy enough to lay the 5’2 framed girl onto…only supporting her back. Her head and legs would hang off the edges of the “table”.

I then had Jimmy construct iron wrist clamps to the table for her arms and then iron leg clamps on raised thin iron pipes nailed to the “table”. The effect would be one little girl strapped to the table with her legs pinned spread and up, with her ass and pussy readily accessible at the edge of the table and her head hanging off the other end. I then hung black sheets along the walls that had been painted with black light paint of different Celtic symbols, giving the effect of Satanism when the black light was turned on. I bought two black “Vampire” robes with hoods on them at the Halloween store at the mall. I then contacted my street dealer and ordered a number of different drugs, both street and pharmaceutical. I went through my toy collection and selected a bunch of different toys, clamps, whips, etc that I wanted to use on the girl and set them up downstairs. I then had Jimmy bolt an adjustable leg bar separator to the floor in the corner, right above the giant hook he had bolted in the year before.

Monday could not arrive quickly enough for me.

When it did I couldn’t wait till early afternoon when Kayleigh would arrive. Around four in the afternoon I heard the chime, signaling authorized entrance to our back property gate. Hurrying downstairs, I open the back basement door just in time to see a white painter’s van pull up to the door. Getting out my contact grinned and said, “Piece of cake….little bitch didn’t even put up a fight.” He opened the side doors and revealed an unconscious Kayleigh with a black hood over her head and her arms handcuffed behind her back.

You only have about forty five minutes or so before the drug wears off and she starts to come to,” my contact grunted as he lifted her dead weight out of the van, “oh and Gino gave me the package you requested last week. My contact followed me through the door and down the hallway to the back door of the torture chamber. Opening up the door I draw back the black sheet and instruct him to lay Kayleigh on the crate.

Thanking him, I give him Gino’s money and his take and accept my package and see him out. Once I am sure he has left the property, I reset all the codes, notify Jimmy and set about getting started. I go back to the room and begin to remove Kayleigh’s black clothes. I remove everything including all her jewelry. Unwrapping the brown package I run through the drugs making sure it’s all there.

Grinning to myself, I prepare a needle filled with a sedative, enough to keep her asleep till tonight. I plunge the needle into the unconscious girl and empty the contents into her arm. I then pin the arm down and cuff her arm to the table; I repeat the procedure of cuffing her other arm. I then cuff her legs up to the leg irons. I sigh; Kayleigh is so pretty with her little legs forced apart like that. I go back upstairs to prepare dinner and to wait for Jimmy to come home. When he does, we eat and have a couple drinks, along with a small pile of speed. As I feel the height of the rush starting I look at Jimmy and grin. He grins back and we both get up and proceed downstairs to the chamber.

Kayleigh is still unconscious, but that will be remedied shortly. I prepare three more needles as my husband walks around the girl, mumbling appreciation for her slight, very young girlish body. The first needle is a drug to induce paranoia. The second was to induce hallucinations. The third was adrenaline, to wake her up. Shedding all of our clothes, Jimmy and I put the black robes on and turn on the black light, extinguishing the regular lights. I pull a devils mask over my face as Jimmy pulls a demons mask over his face.

In less than a minute I had injected all three medications into the sleeping girl. Slowly she starts stirring, moving what little she can, it isn’t long before she realizes that she is posted to a table of some sort and naked. “Wwwwhat….” she mumbles dazedly. Jimmy and I standing off in a darkened corner, watching her, waiting for the medicines to take full effect. “Someone….please….where am I?” Kayleigh stuttered out. I giggle, high pitched and creepy sounding, “Hell-Hello?” Kayleigh trembles out, the fear evident in her voice. Jimmy giggles evilly, “Welcome to hell slut.”

“What’s going on? Please someone help me!” Kayleigh screams out as she whips her head from side to side, her eyes wide open with fear and the paranoia that is starting to creep in.

I stepped into the light and Kayleigh saw the movement, whipped her head around and started screaming, struggling against her bonds. I laughed at her reaction, “Welcome whore.

Please, Please….” Was all Kayleigh could manage through her apparent panic attack. The hallucination drug must be taking effect because Kayleigh went even whiter than her pale skin could possibly go at the sight of me. Jimmy laughed and stepped into the light, “Shut up slut, it’s been sooo long since we have had a human girl. We are going to have so much fun with you.” He reaches into the robe and pulls out his hardening prick.

His glorious, meaty, HUGE cock. Kayleigh could only gasp in fear as Jimmy slowly started stroking his prick. I could only imagine what this poor girl was seeing with the hallucinations, but I knew it was only inciting her fear and I loved it! “I want to see it cry,” Jimmy growled as he stroked his cock. Giggling I comply. I scamper over to the table of my toys and select a cane. Striding back to the table I bring the cane down with a whistle and land it square across both of her small breasts. Leaving a nice bright red welt, Kayleigh screams as I don’t hesitate to swing my arm back up and then down, almost overlapping the first blow. The second swing brings the water works.

PLEASE STOP!” Kayleigh screams, “IT HURTS…PLEASE…..” She sobs as she screams.

“Line the whore,” Jimmy snaps out. I comply. Whipping the girl from breast to pelvic, I leave welt after welt of bright red skin. Making Kayleigh scream loudly and cry hysterically. Her back arched with every whip.

Reaching up I wipe a tear away from the corner of the girl’s eye, smearing her black makeup. I groan in lust. I whip her breast and she screams. I wipe her other eye, smearing that eye makeup. Hitting her again I said, “This is what you get for following the dark arts. You get used like the human fuck toy you are. I throw the cane onto the table and grab the dentist clamp.

Coming up to Kayleigh’s head I grab a fistful of her beautiful white blond hair and yank her head down and back, hard enough that the edge of the table cuts painfully into the back of her neck. With an audible grunt her mouth opens, I shove the clamp in and release her hair. Widening the clamp I force Kayleigh’s mouth open. Leaving her to sob quietly around the clamp I put on my strap on. “Virgin taking time,” Jimmy growled as he stepped up between Kayleigh’s legs.

Mmmphhfff,” was all Kayleigh could manage around the clamp.

I walk up to Kayleigh’s head and grab a fistful of her hair again and yank her head back and down again. Taking my other hand I grab the strap on and line the bulbous head of the prick up to Kayleigh’s mouth. I look up and see Jimmy spreading Kayleigh’s hairless virgin cunt lips with one hand while he lined the head of his massive prick up to her fuck hole. Grinning I said, “Ready?

Nodding his head, Jimmy lunged his hips forward and impaled the virgin girl’s cunt onto his prick. Kayleigh arched her back in pain and as her scream rose from her throat I shoved the strap on into her mouth hard.

Hitting her throat, Kayleigh gagged as her scream tried to rip out of her mouth. Jimmy gave her no chance to adjust but lunged all his weight into his next thrust, burying as much of his cock as he could into the girl before he hit her cervix. Ripping her cherry to shreds with the first lunge, he only impaled the pain further with the second thrust. A shiver ran up my spine as I couldn’t wait to see if he ripped her like he had all the other girls he fucked. Jimmy started to piston, hard and short in the girl’s cunt. Pulling out of her only an inch or two he would ram with all his weight behind him back up into her, jabbing her cervix with each vicious thrust. All Kayleigh could do was grunt in pain as I start matching Jimmy’s strokes with my strap on in her mouth.

Hitting the back of her throat hard with each thrust, I wanted to punch into the bitch’s windpipe. Tears streamed out of Kayleigh’s eyes as she was impaled viciously from both ends. The back end of the strap on rubbing my engorged clit, making my cunt drip. Each thrust into the girl’s mouth is a bolt of pleasure to my cunt. I hear Jimmy grunt real hard and feel the girl move a few inches as he thrusts with all his might into her. I hear her scream what she can around the plastic prick and I watch her arch her back so far I fear she was going to break it.

When she slammed back down to the table that is when I noticed her stomach moving. I knew before I saw the movement what Jimmy had done, he had done it to me and to other’s numerous of times. He had pierced Kayleigh’s cervix with his cock and was literally fucking her womb. He had now buried his entire prick into the little girl. He just groaned and continued his short hard jabs of thrusting. So far up into the girl that I knew he was thrusting into the far end wall of her womb, making her cramp in pain even more. The whole sight of him cervix fucking this girl was enough to make me cum.

As the first wave of the orgasm hit me, I grunted and shoved hard into Kayleigh’s mouth, tearing the back of her throat and finally burying all nine inches of the plastic cock into her throat. As I bucked my orgasm out against the little whore’s chin, my husband continued his assault on her cunt. As I began to unwind from my orgasm my husband had his. Grunting loudly he thrust as hard as he could and humped his buried prick in her womb as he released his cum directly into her womb. He grunted and humped the little bitch for a good two minutes before he pulled out of her. I pull the dildo out of the girl’s mouth and walk around to look between her legs. Sure enough, as I pull her cunt lips apart, I can see the tear in her cunt hole from my husband’s cock.

Laughing, I turn to Jimmy, “You tore the bitch…should I see if I can tear her some more?

Oh yes, I think you should,” Jimmy nodded his agreement. Jimmy walked to Kayleigh’s head and stuck his flaccid cock into her mouth. Slowly stroking his soft prick in and out of her mouth he watches what I do next. I start finger fucking Kayleigh’s newly broken in cunt. Feeling blood and my husband’s cum lube my invasion I finger fuck her hard. I add a second finger, not too big of a deal since she was still stretched from my husband’s cock.

I also begin to pick up the speed of my thrusts, the friction quickly rubbing the blood and semen dry from her fuck hole. I then start cramming a fourth finger into Kayleigh’s cunt. Stretching, thrusting, and being as cruel as I can with my fingers. Kayleigh is moaning in pain around the mouth clamp and my husband’s semi-hard prick. “Oh yea, stretch that bitch’s cunt wide open,” My husband grunted as he leaned forward and pinched both of Kayleigh’s nipple hard enough to illicit a scream from her. Laughing he slaps each breast till they are bright red. While he is doing this I had managed to fit a fourth finger into the little girl’s tight cunt. It was taking all I had to thrust my fingers in and out of her tight little cunny. I bent my head and spit on the fingers thrusting into the girl, giving them a little more lube to quicken my pace.

While I was down there I sucked her clit into my mouth, sucking on it, rolling my tongue across the sensitive spot. I could feel the girl’s body responding against her will, her little clit starting to engorge itself. Suddenly I clamp my jaw down, biting as hard as I could down onto her clit. At the same time, my husband had happened to pinch both of her nipples at the same time. These painful actions made Kayleigh arch her back in pain, impaling my four fingers further into her body, till I felt her cervix hit my finger. I could hear my husband laughing.

I stand up straight and pull my hand out of her cunt.

Pulling her cunt lips apart I spit a couple times at her cunt hole and make a fist. Holding her cunt open with one hand I begin to press my fist against Kayleigh’s 1* year old fuck hole. Pushing with all my weight behind my fist I grind my fist against her fuck hole, trying to gain access. I can hear Kaleigh panting at the pressure against her fuck hole as I grind my fist into it. It took a good four or five minutes of me grinding and pushing and thrusting/punching against her cunt before it gives.

I could feel it give and rip around my fist as I sank half of it in. It was quick and unexpected that I almost lost my balance. Giggling, I straighten myself up and push hard, sinking a little more of my fist into the girl. I hear my husband groan in pleasure as Kayleigh tenses from the pain and intrusion of my fist. She is so tense that she is quivering. Still giggling, I start to thrust up and as hard as I can. It takes some time but I manage to sink my fist to the wrist into Kayleigh. She is gasping from the pain and trying not to move. Each movement scrapes my knuckles against her overstretched cunt, causing bolts of pain through her fuck hole.

My husband is steadily sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, sighing every now and then with pleasure as he watches me tear open Kayleigh’s cunt. Occasionally he would pinch or bite both of her nipples, causing her to jump, helping to impale my fist further into her. It takes a lot of work but I manage to sink my fist completely into the girl’s tight cunt, splitting her completely open. I can feel her cervix against the flat of my fist. I have to stop and rest for a few minutes, the work of getting my fist into her taking its toll on me. I stand there, rubbing my clit as my hand is stuffed into Kayleigh, watching my husband mouth fuck her.

After a few minutes I am rested enough to continue. I suddenly jerk my hand in Kayleigh’s cunt hard. She jerks her body, causing even more pain to rip through her cunt. I laugh and start to jack my hand hard in and out of her cunt as much as I can. I want to punch this bitch’s cunt, not fuck it. As I thrust what little ways I can, I twist and grind my fist, making it even more painful for the little slut. ”Tear the bitch up,” My husband grunted as he grabbed Kayleigh’s head and started to really fuck her mouth.

His semi-hard prick starting to grow again at the sight of the brutal fist fucking I was giving her. Kayleigh started screaming as I just started to jab my fist hard against her cervix, abandoning thrusting, I decided to beat her from the inside. As hard as I could, throwing all my weight into it, I jab my fist hard in Kayleigh’s cunt, hitting her cervix over and over and over. Jimmy grunted as he tried to push his now hard prick into Kayleigh’s throat. Kayleigh had started to cry again and was struggling, only making it more painful for her. Jimmy got up on the table and sat on her chest.

Grabbing her hair, he held her head level with her body. Leaning over her he lined his prick up to her mouth and crashed into her mouth. Lifting his knees with the thrust so all his body weight bared down on his prick, he growled. I saw his prick disappear into Kayleigh’s mouth. I looked at her throat and felt my cunt convulse in pleasure…..her neck was twice its size!!!! Kayleigh arched her back at the sudden cut off to her air and I took that opportunity to really give it to her cunt.

Viciously punching her cervix, I can move my fist deeper with each blow.

As Kayleigh starts to panic from the lack of air my husband pulls his prick out of her throat. She gasps for air, one, two, three, and four and then my husband slams his cock back into her throat. His balls completely against the 1* year olds chin. He grinds his hips into her face as I grind my fist into her cervix. “Oh fuck, I want this bitches ass,” My husband grunts as he pulls out of the girl’s throat for the third time, her spit dripping off his prick. I rip my fist out of her cunt and step back.

I go to the table and pick up the cane and come back to the crate and my husband. He is between Kayleigh’s legs, rubbing his cock head against her shit hole and he is taunting her. “I’m going to tear your asshole up good girl. I’m going to rip you up. I’m going to force my prick so deep into your ass that I’m going to tear your intestine’s out.” As Jimmy is saying this he is giggling like a five year old boy giggles over candy. I remove the mouth clamp and Kayleigh begins to beg immediately. “Please, please don’t hurt me anymore. I will serve you for as long as you wish, please.” She simpers and begs. I smack her hard, cutting off any more words she has to say with a shut the fuck up cunt. As Jimmy lines his cock up and readies to slam his prick up her ass I watch him.

As he thrusts forward and pierces her ass I draw back and sink my fist deep into her stomach. I punch her so hard I swear I could feel her spine beneath my fist. Her breath, which would have been a scream, whooshes out of her in a big wheeze. As she lays there heaving, gasping trying to breath from the breath being knocked out of her, my husband continues to sodomize her asshole. Pushing four inches of his massive prick into her he spits on his prick and lunges, sinking another two inches into the virgin ass. “Fuck, I felt her ass rip when I entered her, oh my, she is soo fucking tight!” My husband managed to say through his lust. As Kayleigh started to breath normally again I punched her hard again in the stomach. Knocking the breath out of her again. Causing her to jerk and twist like a fish out of water, panicking from the lack of air. As she twists on the crate from that and my husband fucking her ass I pull my mask and hood off.

Revealing myself, seeing that Kayleigh knows who I am when she widens her eyes in recognition.

Giggling I said, “Good honey, rip the fucking whore up.” Jimmy laughed and pulled his hood off and mask off. When Kayleigh caught her breath again she managed a weak why. Replying, I said, “Because you’re a pretty little fuck and we always get what we want. Now shut up and take your fucking. Turning to the table, I could hear Jimmy pistoning in and out of Kayleigh’s ass while she sobbed quietly in pain. I think she was going into shock….we will snap her out of it. I grab toy, a double headed dildo. Going to the crate, I climb onto Kayleigh’s chest and straddle her.

I thrust one end of the dildo into her mouth and hold her head up by her hair with the other hand. I position my cunt over the other head sticking out of Kayleigh’s mouth and slide down on it. Only stopping when my cunt lips touch Kayleigh’s lips. As soon as they do I start to fuck the dildo as hard as I can. Sliding the dildo in and out of my cunt also slides it in and out of Kayleigh’s mouth. I hold her head still with both of my hands as I fuck myself and her

The harder I fuck myself, the harder Kayleigh’s mouth gets fucked. I fuck her hard, wanting to cum hard and fast I jerk up and down. I can hear and feel Jimmy thrusting hard into the girl’s ass.

All of a sudden Kayleigh lets out a big whoosh and I sink completely onto her face. Surprised I look back and see Jimmy grinning. I hear Kayleigh trying to draw breath but can’t from the dildo head pressed into her throat. She is flopping on the crate, impaling herself over and over on my husband’s cock.

It occurs to me that Jimmy had punched her like I had, causing her breath to be knocked out again. That turned me on so much that I just sat there grinding my cunt onto Kayleigh’s face and the dildo. Cumming hard on the dildo, my pussy juices splash all over her face. Fascinated I watch as sum of it splashes up into her nose. I groan, “Honey, don’t cum up her ass. I want to see something. Jimmy groans, “ungh….Ok.” Then pulls out of Kayleigh’s ass. I get up off of Kayleigh and motion for Jimmy to climb on as I pull the dildo out of her mouth and she gasps for breaths.

Jimmy sits there, rubbing his cock, watching the little girl gasp for breath like it was her last. Smiling gently he rubs his hand over her hair a couple of times like a father stroking his daughter’s hair. “What do you want me to do baby?” He asked. “I want you to cum up her nose,” I said as I came over with a piece of duct tape and slapped it onto Kayleigh’s mouth. Gagging her.

“Mmmmm, that’s a new one honey,” Jimmy said, grinning. But I could tell the thought turned him on. He had started to stroke his prick faster. I loved watching you rape the little girl’s ass. “Would you like to see me really tear her up now baby?” I asked as Jimmy jerked over the bound and gagged girl. “Oh yes.” He replied as he jerked, grabbed her hair, jerking her face towards his prick. He lined up the cum hole of his prick to her right nostril and pressed down as he shot his first rope directly into her nasal passage.

Kayleigh bucked up as the cum splashed down her nose and into her throat, causing her to gag. Jimmy stayed with his prick pressed against her nose till he had emptied all he had into her nasal passages. Kayleigh gagging with each stream that was released. “Oh fuck Jimmy, that’s so fucking hot,” I moaned as he jerked over the gagging girl. Jimmy released her head, banging it against the edge of the crate, dazing Kayleigh. Jimmy climbed down and she lay there jerking slightly and gagging still over the cum oozing down her throat. “Tear her up all you want baby, I’ve done all I’ve wanted to this little cunt.” Jimmy said, pulling up a fold up chair and collapsing into it, opening a bottle of beer getting ready to enjoy the show I was going to put on. Grinning I walk over to Jimmy and give him a long and deep kiss. I then take the robe off, being completely naked for my torture session was what Jimmy liked. Leaning down I kiss him again, grab a full, unopened beer and turn to the crate and Kayleigh. I walk over to the table, spitting on the bottle of beer as I go, getting it all wet.

I step between Kayleigh’s legs and spread her cunt lips. I take the bottle, with the cap still on and start to work it into her cunt. Cap side first. Twisting and thrusting as hard as I can, scraping her cunt walls as I proceed, I push the bottle in. When I get to the wide part of the bottle I use both hands and all my weight behind the thrusts. Her cunt gives easily, taking the bottle till the cap hits her cervix. Eliciting a scream behind the duct tape I grin and thrust hard again

The bottle pierces her cervix and the neck sinks into her womb.

Screaming behind the duct tape Kayleigh is sobbing uncontrollably as I cruelly thrust the full bottle of beer in and out of her womb and cunt. The cap scraping and tearing her up as I go, the blood lubing the bottle making it easier for me to thrust it in and out of her cunt. Then I give one hard thrust, burying the bottle completely into her cunt and from the feel of it, ripped right through her womb. Her scream certainly signaled extreme pain. It sounded like she wasn’t even gagged as she let that whopper lose. Not to mention the bitch pissed herself.

I could hear Jimmy laughing as he saw she pissed herself. I took two fingers and pressed against the barely visible bottom of the bottle and pushed as hard as I could. Her scream, which had not stopped, raised a couple more octaves. The bottle disappeared completely into her body and I saw a small swell in the lower part of her stomach. My cunt twitched at that site. Rayleigh was in so much pain, her body so tense that I could see every muscle in her calf outlined. I grinned a bit hard into her right half muscle, grinding down I could feel the skin give and I tasted the coppery of blood. I withdrew my teeth and repeated the bite to her left leg.

By then Kayleigh’s scream had stopped, but her tear’s hadn’t.

I turned and walked up to her gagged face and leaned down and licked her tear as they fell. I then walked to the table and got a police man’s bat. U know…..the ole fashion night sticks. I walked back up to Kayleigh and stopped by her head. Looking down at her, I put a face of pity on and stroked her hair with my left hand. Cooing to her like a mother would a hurt child I raised my right hand with the night stick and brought it hard down across her ribs.

I heard a satisfying crack and knew I broke at least one of her ribs. Kayleigh gasped and tried to scream but it was cut off from the bolt of pain her deep draw of breath caused. I hit her again across the ribs, cracking a couple more. As she lay there gasping short breaths I raised the night stick again and saw her visibly wince. I grinned and brought the night stick down again, only this time directly over her womb and were the bottle lay. I hit her so hard I felt the bottle shatter through the night stick. I saw alcohol run onto the floor from gushing out of her cunt.

“Oh fuck!” Jimmy shouted, “That was so fucking hot, did you just do what I think you just did?

I laughed, “Yes babe, I did”.

“Read about it on the web one night. Wanted to surprise you.” “Fuck hon, I fucking love you!” Jimmy moaned. I looked over and saw that his prick was completely hard.Did I do that?” I asked, pointing to his hard on. “Yes, it sprang up the minute the nightstick made contact.” Jimmy replied.

“Just wait honey, there is more.” I countered. While we had this little conversation, Kayleigh had not moved a muscle. Even her breathing had gotten very controlled. She knew as well what had happened and was trying not to move a muscle.

She knew if she did she would imbed the glass even further into her cunt. I suddenly lunge at Kayleigh and grab her nose between my thumb and forefinger, pinching it close. I cut off all her air, as she was gagged with duct tape. She stayed still for as long as she could, but as her face started to turn red, she started to fight me, trying to dislodge my hand, but I held on. Watching her twist and buck, knowing she was imbedding the glass further into her cunt. As her eyes started to roll upwards, I let go and she started to heave immediately through her nose and her color immediately starting to improve.

I let her grab her breath and repeated what I just did, grabbing her nose, choking off all her air. I did this four different times, till I started to see a steady drip of blood from between her legs. I knew she was cutting herself up pretty good and still had a few things I wanted to inflict on her before she went. Grabbing my strap on and a dildo I station myself between her legs. I don’t give Kayleigh time to guess at what I am doing before I shove the strap on up her ass. Kayleigh screams.

The strap on stretching her sore ass, grinding the glass further into her cunt and body and her broken ribs screaming in protest from the massive amounts of air Kayleigh is consuming to scream. I fuck Kayleigh mercilessly, blood helping to lube the way to faster thrusts. I take the dildo and shove it up her cunt. Pushing the glass deep into her body and cunt. I thrust the dildo in and out in time with my thrusts up her ass. I can feel pieces of glass break from the dildo and I can feel other pieces pressing against my strap on as I fucked her ass,

Shoving hard I bury the dildo as far as I can and let go. Still thrusting into her ass with the strap on, I reach up and pinch her nose again, cutting off her air. “Here,” I hear. I look over and see Jimmy stroking his cock holding out a piece of duct tape. I let go of Kayleigh’s nose and she immediately starts to gasp in breath as I grab for the tape. I slap the tape over Kayleigh’s nose and pinch it to ensure I have sealed off all of her passages. She goes hog wild, shaking her head, I think she started saying no and bucking about. I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her ass for ass I had, jarring the dildo planted in her glass filled cunt.

Each thrust causing the strap on to rub my clit and send bolts of pleasure through me. I fucked her harder as I saw her face start to turn red. The bucking and fight was there, but getting weaker. Her eyes started to bug out as her face went to red to blue. Still harder I fucked her ass as she gave one big huge buck and one big Ooompf and was still. I felt a warm trickle of wetness and looked down to see her leaking the last of her urine onto us both.

That sent me over the edge. I came hard. I screamed as I came, I grabbed the now dead girl’s nipples and pulled and pinched as I came, bucking against her body. “Oh fuck that was wonderful you fucking sick bitch,” Jimmy whispered in my ear from behind me as I lay over the dead girl. I could feel the hot, hard head of his prick rubbing against my dry asshole. “Yes, you are a sick fuck. How do you think sick bitches like yourself should be treated? Huh?” Jimmy whispered.

Not giving me a chance to respond, he thrust hard and buried the full length of his hard prick into my ass. It had been quite a while since he had fucked me up the ass and I had tightened up.

I felt my ass rip and I grunted in pain as I was pushed against the dead girl from his thrust.

“Fuck the dead little cunt’s ass as I fuck yours.” Jimmy whispered as he grabbed a handful of my hair for leverage and started to fuck my ass as hard as he could. Drawing all the way out of my ass and slamming back in, over and over and over. By now he had no pre-cum, so my ass stayed dry and he ripped it up good. It felt like he was pulling my insides out with his prick. He grabbed my hips and forced them back and forth as he thrust, “fuck the dead cunt, that’s it. Rape her dead ass.” He grunted into my ear. Slamming hard one last time into my ass, he withdrew. Walking around to Kayleigh’s head, he pulls the duct tape off her mouth.

“Continue to fuck the dead bitch’s ass, since you made it impossible for me to with the glass.” And then Jimmy started to skull fuck the girl’s mouth. He would completely bury his prick in her mouth and throat. Making her throat bulge out to twice its size. O my, it was so fucking hot! I started to fuck the girl’s ass harder; it was turning me on seeing Jimmy throat rape the dead Kayleigh.

Jimmy could tell that I wanted to cum again, so he picked up the speed of his fucking, so he could cum with me. He kept urging me to fuck her harder, to fuck the dead girl, calling me a sick bitch. Urging me on to cum while he came down her throat. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long before I felt my cunt twitch again and I groaned loudly. Jimmy O babied me and sunk balls deep into her throat and grinded away.

I could see his cock pulse against her skin and I convulsed over and over at the sight of my husband stretching out the dead girl’s throat Cumming directly into her stomach. We lay over the dead girl, our fuck tools still in her for a quite a while, catching our breaths and what not. Slowly we got up, looked down and then up at each other and grinned. “Babe, as always, you have outdone yourself. Wow, is all I can say.” Jimmy said, grinning and coming around to kiss me.

Yea, I know,” I grinned, “But Kayleigh, OH Kayleigh, she was beautiful….with her angel like hair. It had to be special for a special girl. “Yes, it was babe.” Jimmy nodded in agreement

“Let’s go to bed honey.”

Yes…Kayleigh, beautiful, beautiful, Kayleigh. Mmmmmmm your lovely smeared black makeup, your crying eyes, your lovely screaming lips…….Yes Kayleigh it was special.

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