Sexy Space Opera by AwareImAWolf

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Science-Fiction | Alien, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Erotica, First Time, Group Sex, Incest

"1,700 years ago, the ancient Solmarians lived on their home world as the rulers of a growing Empire in the galaxy. Back then there were just as many men as there were women! Yet our ancestors, though very wise and philisophical, were often arrogant and self-serving. As the Solmarian Empire gained resource amd power it gained enemies. Enslaving races to better thier own planet, enemies were quickly made. A once proud and scientifically open people found themselves under the Solmarian rule; The Alympions. As political envy and hatred grew the two warring planets fought and fought. In a simple bombing attempt, using a fission reactor, an Alympion bomber accidentally hit the Solmarian's weapons depot. Now the details I'll spare, but across the entire planet, the explosion spread a bath of non-harmful radiation. So sure and ignorant. Decades later fewer and fewer men were being born, and the cancer rate nearly doubled. The non-harmful radiation would've destroyed the entire popualtion. Even with people genetically modified to handle the radiation the damage was done. Men were a rare birth now. And despite the Solmarian average life span of 5,000 years population levels dropped quickly. It took years soon a solution was devised; genetically create babies. Many disagreed and fought it But... luckily for you, your mothers and I were courageous enough to leave the Empire behind and escape the maddness. My powers give me genetic diversity enough to give life to a whole city of people, niw we wait for you to get a brother to carry on life on our corner of the galaxy."

"I love THIS part daddy!

"Say it with like you did!" I make my lovey dovey face, I'd do anything for my daughters' happiness. "Me and your mothers came to Solisa to start a new life and looove each other veeery much... The. End!"

"Haaa huhah!" The girls laugh in simple joy, I laugh with them and look to Sonam and Lias watching, smiling, from the other room. I see simple joy there too.

"Emili, Flora, you two can keep playing I'll be right back."


"Fine." I walk over and sit on the couch, my arm around Lias. The girls are so big and smart, just like their mothers. They smile and nod but only to hide something. They become very serious suddenly. "Jor," says Emili with reluctance, "While you were talking with the girls, well our deep space sensors picked up a ship, a small shuttle vessel entering tge system. Its headed directly for us and will reach Solisa in five hours."

I say, "But there's more isn't there?"

"The ship's pilot tried to offer its cargo to us. The pilot and the crew seem to all be robots, their caego they offered was a slave Jor. We've already bought the girl from them, we're to meet them on the Southern beaches. What do you think?"

"You definitely made a good decision." I'll talk to them...


"Jooor! Come on we gotta leave! The girls will be fine."

I yell back from the house steps, "Its not the girls but what they'll do to the house, I'm worried about!" Thats Sonam half in the car loosing her patience. She and I are leaving for a day trip to a favorite spot of mine; a waterfall, 3 times the size of any jungle tree! We need this peace and alone time very badly. With Emili due next month, quiet wont come easily. Plus, Sonam needs some space to, scream. We jump in the hover car and take off. I drive while I hold her hand.

"Im glad for this So. I really need this."

"You need this?! You havent even so much as teased me in months." She changes her tone and dies the whole puppy eyes routine, "Besides... Ive missed you an' me."

"We're here!," I shout in awe. The beautiful veiw of the falls even distractes Sonam's attention. As she stares at the gushing falls hit the rocks below and spray into the pool infront of us, I step out the car, strip off my clothes, naked. I naturally have a built and athletic body so nothing to worry about. I olace my clithes in the back and sneak to her side. Trying ti find me, I open the door and scoop her out like the damsel in distress. She kets and a scream and immediately starts to laugh like a maniac. I take her down the the sun warmed rocks by the water. She stops laughing and wraps her arms around my head, leaning in a nudging me. I find a nice flat space. She jumos down ti her feet. Her hands around my neck and my hands on her waist. She whispers; "I need you right now, Im already starting to get wet."

"Take off your clothes." She strips what little clothing she had on. Sonam's natural brown meets with my golden tan skin, her breasts ignite my imagination. But our love ignites an even deeper lusting passion. Now naked under the sun, below a waterfall. Using me as a hoist she jumps, wrapping her strong but skinny legs around my body. We kiss hard and passionately. Now holding Sonam by the thighs I lift her and position my cock. And I let her down, she gives a sigh off and melts my heart, I need to fuck her. Her vagina tightens around me, Sonam's juices glide across my dick. I lift her up and let her back down over and over. Each time harder she moans into my ear whimpering, "faster". As I pump into her wet and tight sex, I move her hips in a circular motion so my dick gets all if her. "Aaaah!" Her sighs echo off the water. I stop and let her rest on my dick. "Jor whats wrong keep going."

"Trust me." I let her down. "Get on all fours." She doesn't say a word doesn't to protest doesn't to and obediently gets on her hands and knees, legs spread waiting. Instead of giving her what she wants, get on my knees and run my fingers along her slit. She shutters and whines. I get into position but my dick is below her touching her wetness and stomach. I feel her soft skin on her hips and let them glide along her body as she shivers in anticipation. I cup my hands around her breasts. She's had enough. I tske hold of her hips, back mine up and slowly plunge into her dripping, tight vagina. She turns her head around, "Fuuuck me." I pump slowly and speed up each time. Seconds turn to minutes, and after each thrust her moans and the feel of her working body give me more energy. needing something to hold she reaches back with a hand and grasps mine, digging her nails in. What seemed like thirty minutes passed. Im laying down with the warm rock to my back. So is now cowgirl riding me, hard. She bounces and we both moan. She grinds. her warmth accepting me, her vagina contracts around me. We hold hands as she bounces more, I pump up as she comes down. I'm moaning and breathing heavily and her moans turn to screams. Tension and pleasure fill the air around us. I pump faster and she bounces harder, but I feel her start to shake and its too much. I tell I'm cumming and she screams, and she does too. We stop moving, So settles on my ejecting cock. She leans down with me still in her and lays on me, I hug her as I finish shooting into her. She makes a subtle grinding motion wuth the little energy left, eventually she just lies still.

20 meters away in the back of the hover car, peering out the window, are two curious eyes. The child between Sonam and Jor; Flora. Like her mother she had fairly dark skin complemented by black hair. But thsts where the similarities stopped. At seventeen and Flora had her mothers C size breasts. Flora also inherited some of Jor's super human abilities, with super vision and flight. Thus gave her godly golden yellow eyes. Standing at 5'9 she was something to behold. Jor and Sonam were inbetween talking and kissing, unaware of their daughter's curious nature. An idea dawned upon Flora; She flew in from the side so the lovers wouldn't see her. Wrapped up in kissing and moaning, their ever brave daughter, hovering above them, said, "Mother, I've been very... hormonal lately, Do you have any recommendations to release my desires?"

"Ah hello", said Jor, "We were expecting you to come." Jaws open the teenage stood shocked adorned in the traditional Solisian wear, the full body covering, (except for the left arm and breast), toga. "No way, I flew here minutes ago!"

"Yes, but we also know of your... bold and curious nature Flora." Sonam finished the thought, "And, of your hidden and luxurious desires. Come, daughter." Flora lands and steps to her nude parents, cum still dripping from her mother. Jor reaches out and undoes the girl dark red robes, revealing a variety of dazzling alien jewelry on her body, even one or two small tattoos in alien calligraphy. Sonam gives a devious smile. Holding the young adult's lower back, Jor pulls his daughter in and kisses her, with their lusting bodies pulled close. With the father and daughter exploring their physique. Sonam holds both their backs and realizes she doesn't have to wait her turn. She leans in, holding her lover and her own growing daughter, she nestles Jor kissing his cheek making her way to his distracted mouth. Flora's cheek brushes her's and Sonam finally kisses her daughter. So as to share the love she half kisses Flora and half kisses Jor's. Trading tongues and lips, a mess of faces turns into a beautiful pyramid of lust and affection.

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Rating: 71%, Read 13199 times, Posted Jun 19, 2017

Science-Fiction | Alien, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Erotica, First Time, Group Sex, Incest


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