Cocktail Party Groping by horny+fox

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She holds his stem, and her heart throbs hard. He sucks her tongue softly, feeling ecstatic dizziness...

Bree is invited to a cocktail party by some friends of friends of mine. The party is at the Dallas Country Club. There were between forty and fifty guests, which barely made a dent in all the space they had available in the ball room. She is wearing a mid-length fairly low cut black cocktail dress. As usual, that is all she is wearing. The dress had darts in the front so there is some support for her breasts. It is obvious to everybody that she wasn't wearing a bra. On a few occasions she bent over to pick up a canapé from the low glass cocktail tables that are scattered around the room. As she would start to straighten up, she feels men's eyes boring holes down the front of her dress. It made her feel very good. She has always liked to have men look at her, and especially to look at her as a sexual vixen. As soon as she realized that there were several men at the party who liked to look at her with lust in their hearts and on their faces, she started bending over more often. She didn't eat much at all. I would just bend over and pretend to examine what was available, then take my time about standing up straight again.

I'm circulating chatting with different small groups, I watched Bree teasing several groups of men. I walked over to her and introduced myself to her, I decided to reward my generosity by seducing Bree. Bree had heard the stories about my insatiable appeitie to fuck women, especially those with small tits, petite body and young. A criteria that unfortunately Bree filled more than adequately with her firm 34 B's. She had heard that my cock was a monster 9" long and very thick like a soda can. I also showed a remarkable creative side when it came to my choice of location to do the dirty deed. Not for me a quick fumble on the bed ... oh no ... I'm much more discerning than that. She flirted outrageously with almost all the men, she had not flirted with me yet. She has the opinion men are so easy to flirt with. All a woman really has to do is put her hand on a man's arm while she is talking to him, or to make almost any sort of physical contact. So when she is flirting, she tries to talk with her hands a lot, and make sure that her hands are on the man whenever possible. She does a good job of flirting, because she always seems to be surrounded by men. Two or three times, when she turned to the left or right to face one of the group, she is talking with, she bumped against my big bulge. After a couple of hours, she saw me sitting in a chair across the room. I beckoned to her so she came over to my chair. I asked her if she was enjoying herself and she told me that she certainly was. We start to talk some more. We were all talking and flirting when she feels my hand on her leg, under her skirt. She is a little embarrassed in case anyone saw what I was doing. But since her skirt was not very short, she thought that probably no one would notice. She edged closer to my chair.

This encouraged me, so I start slowly to move my hand further up her leg. This is very exciting to her, to be talking to three or four men while I'm starting to play with her. It seems like an eternity, though, before my hand got close to her pussy. By that time, she is very wet. And as she said, she isn't wearing any panties. My fingers found her wetness and then start to really play with her. I slide, didn't even have to push, one finger inside her. Her pussy practically swallowed my finger. Then I put another finger inside her, and her legs start to feel weak. She is trying to concentrate on what the men around her were saying, but it is very, very difficult to do. I didn't help at all, I start moving my fingers faster and faster inside her, to make her have an orgasm in front of all these people. Fortunately for her, I slow down, but then I took both fingers out of her pussy. She starts to panic because she didn't want me to stop. She asked me if we could leave. I looked at her and asked if something was wrong. She said " No, but I want to rape you and I can't do it here." I had my limo come to pick us up, so we quickly climbed into the car. We went to my penthouse, she asked me about my criteria for picking up women. I didn't answer her. She pressed me and reminded me of all the personal stuff she had divulged. I finally said that, getting women was not a problem for me.

" Oooohh, check out Mr. Ego" She said. " See, I knew I should have kept my mouth shut" I said sort of shaking my head. " No no. It's ok. I asked you to tell me. So, Mr. Ladies' man. What is it that makes you so irresistible to women?" " Bree, we should stop now. I'm a little uncomfortable talking about this with such a nice girl like you."

" I'm not that nice." I lied about that. I actually was nice. " You really want to know?" " Yes! Tell me!"

" Well, I am sort of a freak when it comes to my endowment." Why this caught her off guard, she doesn't know. She had heard her girlfriends talking about guys and their cocks before. She had a few friends who loved well hung men, so she knew I wasn't lying about that. Another thing that caught her off-guard is how her body is reacting to this conversation. Her hairless pussy is easily excitable as she found out on my groping her. Now she is sitting there, on her way to being drunk, talking to this older guy about his freakish penis. She is definitely getting moist. She decided to be a little playful and keep the topic going. " So, who cares? It's just a penis." " Really? How many penises have you seen, Bree?" Uh, oh. she had only seen one. Should she be honest? She decided to be combative.

" I'm not telling you that! Besides, size doesn't matter." " I wish. If it didn't, I wouldn't have so many women stalking me." " Maybe they just want to try it. How do you know they would all love it?" " Bree, I'm talking about the women I sleep with. One time with me and they are hooked. I have to be very careful about who I sleep with. I've had to get several restraining orders because of women who would not stop stalking me."

" So you are that good in bed?" " Look, I don't know if it's my cock or what. Maybe it's something else. All I really know is that once I sleep with a woman things follow." " Bree, you are hot for 34. Your body was made for fucking. She took a deep breath and feels her shaved pussy gushing. She resolved herself to go for it. She tried to turn on the sex appeal. My hand came around her back leading her further into the room and she spotted a set of carpeted steps leading to a couch area that is concealed subtly by draped curtains. I led her over to the back of the room, taking her glass and placing it on a nearby table. Her head is still swimming and now that she is in a darkened area , she is able to relax. Her fingers ran through her wild hair and her hips swayed slowly. She let her head fall to one side as she moved, bending her knees and twirling herself a few times, her dress floating around her legs. Her eyes open gently and she found me, leaning up against the wall, watching her every move with heated eyes. She feels nervous under my gaze, but didn't cease her movements, and instead turned her back on me, continuing to sway. A moment later, she feels warm hands entwining her waist and she turned her head to see I had moved behind her and is following her movements, my hips close to hers. Her stomach swirled at my close proximity. My body is firm and I had a distinct smell of dark wood and warm spices. She leans back into me and inhaled, her body heavy and her head dizzy, allowing me to take the lead and rock her flirtatiously, side to side. " You move like a goddess," my deep voice filled her ear and my words caused a raw heat to stir within her. Perhaps it is the drunken state she is in, or maybe she'd just accepted that I effortlessly turned her on, but when I spun her around and pinned her against the wall, kissing her hard; she found herself melting into me.

My tongue teased the edges of her lips, drawing tiny sighs from her. Her legs are weak, but I kept her firmly pressed into the wall as I devoured her mouth. She feels the throbbing of my monster erection pressing against her leg through my pants and she feels herself dampening at the thought of my length inside her. She subconsciously moved against me, suddenly one of her legs is collected and hitched up against my hip. I parted my lips from hers, allowing me a chance to take in her flustered, aroused state and she feels naked under my gaze. I start grinding roughly into her with a eager growl, my free hand coming to slide up her bare leg and under her dress. Bree suddenly crashed back to reality and her hands came hard against my chest, pushing me away. " What are you doing?" she asked breathlessly. I released her leg and she wobbled awkwardly, trying to remain upright. She brushed the hair from her face and looked around the room. I lean into her with a charming smile. " Relax," I breathed, brushing a dark strand behind her ear. My fingers trailed her upper arms until they reached her hands, gripping onto them and bringing them up above her head. I planted a series of warm kisses along her collarbone and she closed her eyes, sighing at the sensations my lips gave her. She is squirming and shook to escape; the attempt is useless. My grip grew tighter on her. She feels my bulge rubbing against her as I held her fast.

" Stop moving, you fucking bitch," I ordered. My command caused her to stop kicking and shaking me off. But she still shivered in my arms at the thought of what I was going to do to her. I pull her head up and whisper angrily, " Now that you've stopped giving me shit, I want you to listen to me like a good girl: You're going to do exactly what I tell you to. You don't do it fast enough, you try to run, or don't do it how I like, I'm going to give you some incentive to do it properly again. If you fuck up a second time you will pay dearly for it. You understand?" She nodded hesitantly. I push her up against the wall and said between clenched teeth, " You didn't respond fast enough! Another try. And you better get it right, you little cunt!" She nodded her head quickly, not wanting to anger me further. A huff of satisfaction blew against her neck. " Good girl. Now I'm going to remove my hand from your mouth. You will not scream and you will not try to run. Try either, you get punished." Without another word she nodded. It is difficult to breath from the panic in her. " Good," is all I said in a smug tone. I slowly lift my fingers away, one by one. Once they are gone I slide my hand down and gripped her breast hard. " Now take your clothes off." Bree slowly removed her clothes, she stood there nude.

" Oh god please don't hurt me!" she pleaded earnestly. " Just leave me alone! Please just don't hurt me!" She slumped in my arms and is near tears. As she slumped my hand shot from her breast to her throat, gripping it tightly and making it difficult to plead for me to not hurt her. " I won't hurt you if you play nicely...," I breathed in her ear. " And I'm going to take what I want anyways..." As I said this I rubbed my bulge against her ass. She shivered as I did. I enjoyed her reaction because I did it harder. She tried to maintain her composure from the lack of air. Her body is also betraying her as I'm grinding up against her. The way I handled her body, gripping her breast and grinding my massive hard-on against her ass, made her shaved pussy hot and wet. She closed her eyes, choosing not to fight back. Instead she pressed her forehead against the wall. At this point I have loosened my grip on her throat, now more focused on rubbing against her. She tries to focus on something else other than her pussy swelling and getting wet. A swift sting came across her ass, snapping her back to reality. I chuckled then said, " Good to have your attention back, you little bitch. Don't make it a habit while we play." I rub my bulge against her ass as I gripped her elbows. When I stopped I said, " Now I'm going to let you go. Remember what I said about running?" She nodded quickly. " Good. Now keep still." I slowly loosen my grip as if anticipating her running. But she didn't; she stood there frozen in shock and fear. I breathed a huff of satisfaction on the back of her neck. She clenched up her legs and hoped silently that I wouldn't notice. Unfortunately the air carried the scent of her sex wherever it went.

I came close to her neck and sniffed. A growl of angry arousal resonated from me. " I don't think I'm the only one who's enjoying this." I groped her breasts, running my fingers over her nipples and roughly pulling on them. " Are you getting hot from me violating you? She shook her head violently. " N-n-no...," she stammered as she tried to maintain her composure. My roughness is making her way hotter than she should be. My hands massaged her breasts for moments that seem like minutes. Then they slowly made their way down her stomach. " Perhaps we should check, just to make sure...," I said. My hands traveled from her neck and slowly down her body again. I'm gentle with her breasts this time, tracing the areolas and nipples with my fingertips. As I neared her pussy she starts to quiver. It is becoming too much for her body to handle as I slide my hand over her mound. She nearly moans when my fingers glided over her wetness. I let out a chuckle. " Oh you are deliciously wet..." I start rubbing her clit slowly. She bites down on her lip to keep herself from moaning and closed her eyes to focus on not moving. But there is no way she can ignore what I'm doing to her; there is certainly no way that she can deny that I'm doing such a fucking good job of making her wet.

Then I stop and pull my hand away. She opens her eyes to look at what I'm doing. She looks into my face, I have my fingers to my mouth licking at the juices on them. I moan. " Damn you taste so sweet. Almost like strawberries and wine..." Then I stick my fingers near her mouth, to which she turns her head. I grip her hair and yank. " Open your mouth again and know what your sweet cunt tastes like!" I shove my fingers into her mouth and start finger fucking her mouth. She can taste the sweetness of her juices and my fingers as I ran them over her tongue. She whimpers as she tries pushing me further back from her to no avail. The more she pushes away the more violently I thrust my fingers in and out of her mouth. " Suck on those fingers, you little horny bitch." All through this I'm thrusting my hips into her ass. I pull my fingers out and grip her waist, she is vulnerable to my whims. I grab her arm and led her towards the side of the bed. I press my hands against her hips and ordered her to lean back on her elbows and spread her legs. She complied. I'm able to see her breasts bounce with every breath and her sex swollen and wet. Instead of taking her then and there I just stood there and stared at her while stroking myself through my pants. I growled with every downward stroke. When she attempted to look away or close her eyes I yelled at her to keep her eyes fixed on me. Again she did what she is told. Watching me stroke myself is making her hotter and worried about what the damage I'm about to do to her.

I stop stroking myself. " On your knees. Now!" I ordered. The moment she dropped to her knees I gripped her hair and yanked it back. " Undo my pants and suck me." Her hands reach up and undid my belt. " Put my belt on the bed." She did it then finished unleashing the beast in my pants. And her eyes widened at the size of it. There is no way I can fit that in my mouth..., she told herself. " Suck it like a good whore," I said as I tugged her hair. " I-i-it's too big. I can't fit it in my mou..." Before she can finish I put my other hand on the top of her head and start to mercilessly fuck her mouth. She put her hands up against my hips to make me stop but her struggling fueled me as I fucked her mouth faster. Tears start welling up in her eyes as drool and pre-cum ran down her chin and onto her tits. It is hard to breathe when I made her take my thick cock to the base; she damn near choked on it. And when I pull out after deep throat fucking her a couple of times spit came out with it. A few minutes of this she is covered in my pre-cum and her spit. I put my cock back in her mouth and held her head in place. " Damn you are a messy little girl." I pull my cock out and slap her hard with my cock. Her face stung like hell. She could've sworn that she could taste blood in her mouth; it was hard to tell because my pre-cum is salty-sweet. I pull her up and bent her over the bed. I grab her wrists when she tried to crawl away and held them fast behind her. She turns her head to see what I was doing: I grabbed the belt and started to bind her wrists together. " Now let's see you fight back," I said mockingly. She twisted her wrists around to free herself.

I look over her shaking body, taking in very slowly the incredible ripe youthfulness of her naked body -- the tantalizing magnetism this young delicacy posses. Her twin, firm buttocks are clenched tightly, like a velvet fist, concealing the forbidden orifice of her puckered anus, as her tightly clamped thighs hid the juicy softness of her

tender young wet slit. " Up on your knees!" I barked. " I want to see that brown little eye looking at me!" Bree

obeyed, cringing at my horrible, evil words, but resigned to her plight. Oh, God... why did I ever come here. I gripped her firm young buttocks with both hands, and spread the deep crevice of her ass with my thumbs, opening up to my unobstructed view the taut, muscular ring of her tiny cringing anus and the warm, moist pink softness of her vaginal cleft, her fleshy, puckered lips spread slightly in a tempting display of feminine appeal. Bree's whole body tenses like a coiled spring, in horrified anticipation of the bruising pain she expected to slam into her at any moment. But she isn't prepared for what happened next--pain, she would have been ready for, but not this...I skillfully spread the soft, pink flanges of her young pussy, opening wide the warm moist lips. When the narrow slit is spread wide for my enjoyment, exposing the puckered edges of her cunt, I lower my head to the fragrant lips, catching the young woman completely by surprise.

Her body cracked like a whip as my tongue made its first, contact with the sensitive, nerve- filled flesh of her vulnerable vaginal lips. " N-no... please," she gasps, her lips trembling as my tongue probes her forbidden pussy deftly, bringing shivers of wicked delight that courses unwanted over her naked flesh in involuntary spasms, completely beyond her control. She blushed bright red with embarrassment, humiliated that I can bring such a lewd response from her body, and that she is powerless to stop it. I open her young, moist vaginal furrow wide with my thumbs, and burrowed my tongue and lips in the warm slit, poking into her deepest hidden crevices, each worming probe bringing a new quiver of helplessness to her. Her breasts are smashed against the bed, beneath her kneeling body, and her small firm buttocks is shoved upward invitingly, unprotected and vulnerable to my lustful plundering. " Oh, please... this is so awful... please stop...please," Bree begs, her face awash with stinging tears, " I don't want to... please!" I knew I was a master with my tongue -- enough women have told me so, and I knew this young naive unmarried little bitch is no different from the others. My eyes squinted with wanton anticipation as I thought of my aching cock fucking into this ripe young woman's pussy, filling her sex-starved, empty belly with my hot, scalding sperm...reaming her tight little hole like she'd never had it before...Furrowing my nose into the moist juiciness of her pussy-hole, I fastened my teeth ever so gently on her tiny sensitive clitoris. I knew I'd found it when her naked buttocks suddenly quivered violently, sending a ripple of lewd, sinful pleasure shivering along her spine.

Bree feels her small pink nipples suddenly grow hard, poking painfully into the mattress of the bed edge beneath her breasts. Oh, my God, what's happening to me...I'm no better than this filthy beast! I can't help myself! I can't stop this awful burning that's raging inside me! I teasingly roll the tiny bud of her throbbing clitoris between my partially clenched teeth, feeling the little nub harden and swell as I tauntingly nibbled at it, licking it roughly with my tongue as Bree squirms to escape the agonizing assault on her naked pussy. She tries vainly to clench her firm buttock's cheeks together, hoping she can shut off my salacious attack, but I held her fleshy half-moons tight in my grip, and my fingers bit into her flesh painfully when she tries to pull away, leaving bright red welts between my fingers that criss-crossed her ivory buttocks. Renee's eyes are tightly shut, still the tears stream like rain down her cheeks. Bree begins to be shattering aware of a new sensation of lewd burning desire ravaging her - - a raging-hot fire that seems to roar from her ravished pussy into her belly -- a fire fanned with seven long months without a man -- a fire she'd tried so hard, so very, very hard to suppress. Oh, no, please God! Don't let this awful thing happen to me! I chuckle to myself as her naked hips begin to slowly and involuntarily grind in a quiet, steady rhythm, making tiny concentric circles as I nibbled voraciously on her throbbing clitoris. " Oooooooohh... please... pleeessseee!" she moans, her mouth half-open, her eyes still tightly shut. The tears have ceased to stream down her reddened cheeks, and her head is tossed back, her auburn hair trailing over her bare shoulders and onto her back.

" Please stop! I can't stand it! I can't stand it!" I'll bet this is the first time she's ever been eaten, I laughed. Well, I'll have to do a real good job! Pleased with myself, I stepped up the pace of my hungry ravishment of her treasured crevice, my tongue alternating between the pulsing nub of her clitoris and the sensitive, fleshy flanges of her burning young pussy. I had a tight grip on her, holding her firmly in place, and I feel her naked body shivering spasmodically as her hips ground faster and faster back against my swirling tongue. Bree's quivering, naked ass ground harder and faster as she shoved her hips back to meet my tongue's delicious probing; though she fought it with every particle of resistance her reeling brain can muster, she knew she is rapidly losing control. " Oh, damn... it feels so good! Oh, I can't take any more! Please!" she choked, rivulets of perspiration running down her spine and draining down the widespread furrow of her buttocks. I knew I had her right where I wanted her; she is mine to do with as I pleased -- nothing can stop me now. With one last electrifying nibble, I released my tormenting grip on her lust-swollen clitoris, and raised my head to look over my helpless captive one more time. Her body continues to shiver, her hips grinding in their same, steady rhythm, and a low mournful gasp slipping from her throat. " Ooohhh, please... don't stop," she moans unconsciously. " Don't stop now! I was almost there!" My face smeared with a leering grin, I brought my ominous shaft up into position, poised at the fleshy entrance to her hot, moist passage, the blood-filled knob brushing the pink softness of her hair-lined vaginal flanges just slightly. Bree's whirling mind suddenly snapped back to a fleeting jolt of frightening reality, and she realized only too well how close she is to consciously giving herself to me again. " No! Not that... I won't let you! I won't!" she screams.

Heedless of her tortured pleas, I buried my thick hardened cock to its hairy base in the warm wetness of her pussy-tunnel, ramming it to the hilt with one snap of my hips. The soft pink walls rippled aside in waves of delicious ecstasy as my thick shaft filled her young passage completely, spreading her fleshy vaginal lips wide as I rammed my raging cock deep into her belly. " Ooowwww!!" she moans, her tender passage on fire as my huge long club pierced her painfully, impaling her agonizingly on my heavy shaft. " Oh, please... Please!" Her cries are like fuel for the fire that I feel in my loins, as I slammed my bulky cock into her narrow, constrictive passage again and again. Christ, what a tight little pussy! I'd swear she is cherry if she hadn't been married! Oh, baby, you're too much... Too much!

With both hands, I reach around her soft thighs and grab her bare legs, lifting her slightly for an even better angle. I hear her gasp for breath as my hard cock drove deeper into the innocent depths of her young, quivering belly; I can tell I'm in virgin territory, and it made me feel good to know her ex-husband was less endowed, unable to find just the right spot way down in the bottom of her tight young pussy to drive her out of her mind. She is undeniably mine now, and I aimed to give her a fucking she'd never forget! " Come on, baby, back up on it! Suck it up in there real nice!" I shouted. My words made the forbidden, lascivious excitement seem even more intense, and she found herself grinding back harder and harder onto my thick impaling shaft, rocking her naked hips from side to side as my cock burrowed deeper and deeper in her defenseless womb. Every inward thrust brought new ripples of wicked desire coursing through her ravaged body. Her breasts are crushed nearly flat beneath her, but her smooth rounded buttocks still waved high in the air, grinding upward to meet my plundering lunges with slow, delicious movements of her own.

My swollen, throbbing cock feels like a baseball bat shoved up inside her stretched, tender passage, but there is no longer any searing pain -- just overwhelming waves of undiluted animal passion that swept over her in a warm surging tide. I reach under her flat, sweat-soaked pelvis, and lift her higher, slamming my hard aching cock deeper and deeper in the forbidden sanctuary of her tight, lust-moistened channel. My fleshy spear slips in and out of her clasping sheath easily, well lubricated with her juices that seep from her puckered pussy-lips and trickle down her smooth, supple thighs. I rocked my hips back, pulling my hard shaft from her clutching tunnel until only the bulbous tip remains between her taut, stretched pussy-lips. Like a hungry, greedy mouth, her moist fleshy lips held the swelled knob of his cock tightly inside the warm shelter of her moist, vaginal passage, reluctantly allowing the glistening shaft of my long, thick penis to slide from their voracious grip. There can be no doubt about it now -- she is mine, and only seconds away from complete and lascivious abandonment. " Oh god, don't stop! Don't stop! That's it, harder! Harder! HARDER!! PLEASE HARDER!" I knew the end is close, and with every ounce of strength left in my body, I slam violently into her young, eager pussy, gritting my teeth and tightly clenching the muscles of my buttocks in a desperate effort to hold back the seething flood filling my balls so painfully I thought they'd explode.

Just one more deep, grinding more! " Oh, damn... I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Don't stop! Don't stop! Aaaaaagggghhhhh! Oooohhh..." she chanted unconsciously below me. I slam my hairy, sweat-drenched pelvis against her wildly grinding buttocks, burying my throbbing cock up to the hilt in the wet, juicy furrow of her greedily clasping cunt, and with a loud, gasping cry of relief, feeling my hot, surging sperm course along the length of my painfully swollen cock and exploding in a torrent of hot, sticky liquid far up into her belly, filling her young, hungry hole for the first time in seven long, agonizing months. Bree feels her muscles loosen from her toes up to her head, as the surging throes of her climax ran their devastating course, her ravished passage hungrily gulping up every precious drop of my load as it pumps into her in spurt after spurt of hot, searing ecstasy. I release my grip on her thighs, dropping her back onto the sofa, and she fell forward, collapsing in a heaving, gasping heap across the cushions. My rapidly deflating prick slips from her taut, juice-soaked sheath with a lewd sucking sound as she fell forward, leaving behind a trail of sticky white semen that dangled for a moment from the end of my rubbery knob, hanging lifelessly between my bulky, hair-covered thighs, then dripped onto the sofa in a tiny wet puddle. I reached for my shorts, and wipe my limp prick clean with them, blotting up the lurid mixture of my own sperm and Bree's juices from my dangling, leathery balls and tossing the soiled undergarment aside. Bree pulls herself up from the bed, moving slowly and gingerly to ease the throbbing pain between her legs. Oh, God, what have I done! What has happened to me!

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