Turn Of 180 Degrees by Londebaaz

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Turn Of 180 Degrees


Professor Dean of Physics had something special in his personality. Harry could not figure out, what exactly but for him, only the voice of the Professor would send convalescent waves of arousal throughout his body. He always thought that it was getting impossible for him to continue a preceptorship with this professor. Maybe, changing the subject of his studies was a better answer. It was almost a non-possibility to stay healthy and have an erection all the times, when he was in the University. Harry was a very bright student and through all his studies, he was sure to complete his Ph.D. but now nobody doubted it more than Harry himself. He was very good in Psychology as well and completing his Ph.D. in Psychology would be no less of an achievement but it was the wastage of his 3 years, he had put in already that bothered Harry and made him so much doubtful and double minded.

He was already 26 and it bothered him, always feeling Prof. Dean around him, his hand on the young man’s shoulder heightening his arousal. Sometimes he also realized that he was being silly but he could not shake the ideas coming in his mind and think of something else, when he sat in the lecture or in the laboratory with the Professor. He was not sure if the Professor was gay or shall he be able to fuck the Professor in his ass.

“Harry, is everything ok with you”? Professor’s husky voice brought Harry back to the world. He could feel the hair stand on the back of his neck with a rush of blood in his groin making his cock jump in his lap. “Yeses... Yes sir, I am fine”. He stuttered, “I am fine sir”.

“I would like to see you in my private office tomorrow, first thing in the morning, I usually come in at around 8 AM”.

“Bub… but whyiee… Yeah sir, that’s fine. I shall bring in my last month’s reports and pertinent papers”. Harry again stammered a little bit. He looked very intently on the professor’s ass, as it jiggled while prof. walked out of the high priority laboratories area. Harry did not know, why his meeting with the professor was necessary? Next morning, being slightly careless, he just put on his everyday jeans and a button down shirt that looked as shabby but clean. With a quick look in the mirror, he picked up his coffee mug and got out the door and off to the university. He realized, he was more nervous now than he was on yesterday. Once again thinking about Professor Dean had given him a huge hard on and he looked at the watch. He had no time to go to the washroom and lock himself in for masturbation session. He did not want to be late, although he was sure that the Professor was going to release him of his responsibilities. He did not know what was so wrong about him and how shall his life be after the shock. He knocked on the Professor’s door and opened the door slowly.

“We have an appointment, sir, for 8:00 AM sir”. Harry announced, “I have brought my papers as well”.

“OK, yes, have a seat”, he had a smile on his face.

The office seat was a bit cold, Harry sat in a bit nervous. Put his books on the desk, then took them off and held them close to his chest while looking at the Professor. He still had a little smile on his face.

“Is everything OK with you Harry”? Professor asked. His voice was a bit more husky and stirring Harry’s arousal. Harry was blushing, “Yes sir”! Slightly nervous. “I still do not know why you needed to see me here and not in the laboratory”?

“Oh, I wanted to talk with you. You always seem distracted like something was bothering you. I know you need the lab work but it is also very obvious, you are not giving everything you can”. Harry’s brain, his body was kind of divided. He wanted to say something to save his position as the laboratory assistant and part of his body was only listening to the tanner of his voice and his lips moving. Prof’s fingers were playing some drum like beats on the desk. It was absolutely absurd but Harry could feel his pre cum crawl out of his cock hole and make him wet. Very much involuntarily, his hand was roaming over his very stiff and hard cock length in the jeans to make himself more aware of the hard, twitching muscle.

Somehow, Professor Dean had picked up the movement of Harry’s hand and he was trying to watch very keenly, trying to avoid the same effect on him. Professor’s awareness was intensifying Harry’s arousal and his crotch was getting wetter with each second. He could not stay any longer in the room with the professor. “Yes sir, I realize that at times I had been distracted and I shall make more of an effort but now I must leave”. He clutched his books to his chest and attempted to get up for an escape from the room. Prof Dean chuckled a bit, “Are you OK Harry, I had to ask you this more often, lately, no you are not leaving”. The last words were barely heard by Harry but still it sent shivers up his spine. “I had asked you to be here for a reason”. These words were said much louder. Prof’s fingers mildly combed through his salt and pepper hair. He had a very lusty look in his eyes. He got up from his seat, reached and placed his hand on Harry’s shoulder. An uncertainty was written on his face. He was fighting, not to look like a loser. His hand put a squeezing pressure on Harry’s shoulder and caused Harry’s stomach to flip. He could disobey the Professor and leave only against his will.

Seeing Harry stay still and not move to leave, Professor smiled and his hand reached for Harry’s books. In this attempt his hand brushed the young man’s chin and his hairy chest inside the shirt. Harry moaned as his body tingled and he felt a stream of sweat crawl behind his ear. He put the books on his chair and pulled Harry out to himself. The sizzling heat was so obviously coming from the Professor’s body. His hands were searing, sending sensations to Harry’s toes. Professor’s lips were touching Harry’s, making him melt altogether. Then the lips parted, the tongues mingled. Prof’s hand moving and reaching down to the young man’s ass globes but concentrating to stay on his neck and hair. Harry’s head had tilted like a very respectable one for an open and more of Professor’s access to Harry’s mouth. Without a doubt, Harry could feel Professor Dean’s hard and long cock throbbing between both the bodies. His hands had unbuttoned Harry’s shirt and now Prof’s lips and wet tongue were moving on the younger adult’s neck. Harry sighed deeper as his hips rubbed involuntarily against the Professor’s hips while professor pushed the shirt off Harry’s shoulders and placed his both hands on the hairy chest and the naked manly nipples. Slowly Professor lowered his head hungrily kissing those hardening nipples one by one.

Now Harry unfastened Prof’s jeans and pushed the down to his feet along with the underwear. Professor moaned as his naked hard cock was wrapped by Harry in his soft hand, gently stroking it while it pulsed. His hand quickly moved from the thick base of the cock to the tip, gliding over the head and back down, spreading the seeping lube to make the cock slick and wet. While the Professor undid Harry’s jeans, his lip biting of Harry’s nipples became overzealous and the jeans fell to the floor. Prof Dean slipped his hands around to cup Harry’s ass globes, his fingers swiftly slipping between his asshole making Harry’s cock throb and jump. Professor groaned burying his face between Harry’s thighs exploring his young cock while his fingers moved deeper inside Harry’s asshole.

Overwhelmed with the sensations throughout his body, Harry was busy playing with the matured cock. His hips were grinding against Prof’s lips and then Prof let his cock go out of his mouth and looked into Harry’s eyes, licking his own fingers clean. Harry’s eyes closed as the man came down to kiss his lips, sharing his taste. Gently Harry was pushed into the soft chair causing excessive arousing as it touched the naked bottom of the young man and quickly the Professor also sank to his knees. Harry tried to close his thighs, taking his cock away from the Professor but he stopped Harry, telling him in a very husky voice that he needed to have him.

Harry only smiled and groaned as his lips slid over the young, furious cock. Completely shaved cock, balls and the pubic area was made slick by the professor with a very fervor licking and sucking effort. The heat was intensifying in Harry’s body as Professor’s hands came back to his ass touching with the totally wet fingers. Sharply, he lifted Harry’s hips and lowered his head into his ass. Harry was squeezing his thighs around Professor’s head while his knees were staying over the Professor’s shoulders. Their moans, Harry’s whimpers and the wet sounds from the Professor’s mouth on the young flesh was spreading the smell of sex in the room. Soon one of hands slid back while his fingers circled Harry’s anal entrance making him clench his ring in eagerness. Harry’s body was caught in deep sensation and he thrusted against his fingers, matching the rhythm.

Just when Harry thought that the pleasure could not exceed much more, Professor quickly rose up and pushed his hard cock shaft into Harry’s anal tunnel in one thrust. Harry could hardly control his scream while his hips stroked back on the length. Professor kept his assault going with his cock being thrusted in and out of the ass in a set pace and the rhythm. The initial pain in Harry’s rectal cavity quickly turned to an unbearable joy concentrating in his balls and his hard cock and he began gratifying himself while Professor intensified his ass fucking. With the double whammy, Harry’s orgasm boiled in his balls and he erupted with the fury of a volcano. His ass stretched, flexed, gripped and convulsed around Professor’s trapped inside cock. Harry thought his climax would never end when Professor started to squirt his juice inside Harry’s ass canal. Both screaming silently, ground their hips against the other. Harry’s ass sucked and milked out all the available breeding juice from Professor’s balls. The swelling of Professor’s cock was not dwindling and he was constantly thrusting inside the ass trying to further damage the already destroyed ass ring. His body seemed to have shifted on autopilot as they both panted and sweated like pigs.

Finally, Harry stretched out from under the Professor and his cock plopped out of the bashed asshole with a soothing sound. Eventually Professor pulled harry with him as they lay totally spent and fully satisfied and lifeless.

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Rating: 64%, Read 1808 times, Posted Jan 20, 2021

Fiction |


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