New Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 4 - Dark Discoveries by lad91

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Chapter 4

‘Were you successful in your mission my Lord?’ asked Draco concernedly.

‘Of sorts Draco,’ replied Voldemort calmly, sat as usual in his high throne like chair in the impressive living room of Malfoy Manor, ‘Gregorovitch did once possess the Elder Wand, but it was stolen from him many years ago. From what I extracted from his tortured mind before I killed him; it was stolen by a young, blonde haired wizard.’

‘Not a lot to go on my Lord,’ commented Ron, who was sat near the fire next to Voldemort.

‘No dear Ronald, it is not, however, Lord Voldemort has his hunches......I have another task for the two of you if you are up for it,’ said Voldemort.

‘Anything my Lord,’ replied Ron and Draco instantly, both of them instinctively edging closer towards Voldemort.

‘It is not as exciting as some of your previous tasks, but it is still important nonetheless......I need you both to go to Godric’s Hollow and stay low there for a while.’

‘Why my Lord?’ asked Ron eagerly.

‘I have reason to believe Potter will go back to his birth-place. Both of his parents are buried there and his old family home still remains.....I am sure that Potter being so sentimental will want to go and visit these places. You know what to do if you find him,’ finished Voldemort darkly. Both Draco and Ron nodded curtly at Voldemort as he stood up from his chair and went to stand by the window.

‘He is out there somewhere boys,’ said Voldemort as he looked out the window and saw the first flecks of snow begin to descend, ‘him and his mudblood companion.....find them boys, find them and bring them to me.’ Ron and Draco gave Voldemort a hurried bow before swiftly exiting the room. Voldemort watched through the window as two dark silhouettes hastily walked down the path to the gates before disappearing into the darkness. Voldemort sighed before he stretched his long, skeletal fingers towards his wand. Much murder was still to be done that night.


‘Are you sure you’re ok Hermione,’ asked Harry.

‘Yes I’m fine Harry, now please stop buzzing me!’ Hermione snapped back, as she stared back at him from over the top of the book she was reading. Harry noticed the locket around her neck and knew that Hermione didn’t mean her rudeness. Ever since he and Hermione had successfully stolen the locket from the Ministry, they had been on the run from the Death Eaters. For over a month now, they had been travelling from place to place in their magically enlarged tent, never staying in one place for more than a day. Both of them however, had begun to lose morale at their plight. They had gone with little food, no outside contact and no news for a month and combined with the dark power of the locket, they were both becoming more terse and distant with each other.

‘I’m sorry Hermione,’ said Harry gently, ‘I’ll go keep first watch.’ Hermione dropped her book and her expression softened as Harry got up to leave the tent.

‘O I’m sorry Harry,’ as she rushed over to him and hugged him for the first time in weeks, ‘it’s just this awful locket,’ she said as her fingers went to the chain around her neck, ‘It feels terrible Harry, it’s like I can feel......him, in it.’

‘I know, I know Hermione,’ said Harry as he rubbed her back, ‘but we can’t risk losing it, look, I’ll wear it for a while,’ Harry said as he took the locket from Hermione’s neck and placed it around his own. Harry immediately felt the cold, heavy metal press against his chest as dark thoughts began to swirl in his mind.

‘Hermione,’ said Harry lightly as he gave her back a final rub, ‘have the last of the food and then go and get some sleep, I’ll keep watch all night.’ Hermione gave him a watery smile and an affectionate pat on the head before Harry turned and went out into the cold, Wintery night.

Hours later, Harry, sat shivering under the numerous blankets he had wrapped around himself, began to feel waves of sleep overpower him. Harry’s head lolled and suddenly jerked forward, waking him up again momentarily from his slumber. Harry shook his head roughly, causing flecks of snow to dislodge from his hair and fall to the ground.

‘Lumos,’ Harry murmured as a narrow beam of light erupted from his wand. Harry looked out into the dark, foggy night from the entrance to the tent. Tonight, he and Hermione had chosen to stay at the bank of a small lake in a quiet forest, dense with large oak trees. A rustling in the bushes caused Harry’s sleepiness to evaporate instantly as he pointed his lit wand at the source of the noise. A small squirrel stared back at him, an acorn grasped tightly in its little paws before it darted off into the night. Harry sighed and chuckled lightly as he extinguished his wand and dropped it to his side. Harry knew Hermione had put up the magical barriers to protect them but as of yet, they had not been tested. Harry looked back longingly at the warm flames that Hermione magically produced and kept in a jar in the living room, and thought he could warm himself up before turning in for the night.

Suddenly, a woman’s voice broke the silence, causing Harry to tumble off his seat as he went to grab his wand.

‘Dean, please can we stop, I’m tired and it’s cold,’ said the voice desperately.

‘In a second,’ replied a hoarser, more tensed sounding voice, ‘we need to put as much distance between us and the snatchers as we can.’

‘Dean Thomas? Angelina Johnson?’ thought Harry as he heard the two bodies bumble through the bushes. Harry quickly began to remove some of the charms that protected him and Hermione as Dean and Angelina approached.

‘Dean! Angelina! Over here!’ cried Harry as the two stopped in their tracks at the sound of their names.

‘Harry?’ replied Angelina’s breathless voice, ‘O Harry!’ cried Angelina as her and Dean ran towards Harry and embraced him in the tightest hug he had ever received. Harry didn’t care though, this was the first friendly contact he had received in a month and he embraced the two of them like they were the most beautiful people he had ever met.

‘They went over here!’ a gruff, distant voice called as the three of them broke their hug.

‘Harry, the snatchers,’ whispered Dean urgently. Quick as a flash, Harry grabbed his wand and started to fire off protective spells all around them. Harry had to stifle a yelp as suddenly, Greyback emerged from the darkness. Greyback ambled slowly towards them, sniffing the air as his eyes moved around like a hawk in their sockets. He stopped about a foot from Harry, who didn’t dare move and prayed the protective spells worked. Another Death Eater appeared as Harry and Greyback stood face to face, eyeball to eyeball.

‘I swear they went this way....,’ said Greyback disbelievingly.

‘Come on,’ replied the other Death Eater impatiently, ‘the little brats must have disapparated.’ Greyback wiped his mouth on the sleeve of his filthy robe as reluctantly, he and the other Death Eater turned on the spot and disappeared. After a few moments, Harry turned to Dean and Angelina and let out a huge sigh of relief.

‘Come on,’ said Harry as he felt his heart return to its normal slow beating pace, ‘let’s get into the tent and you can tell us everything that’s happened.’

Minutes later, Harry, Hermione, Dean and Angelina were all huddled around the fire as they sat on the soft carpet in the living room.

‘So,’ said Harry once they had all warmed up, ‘what’s been happening? Why were those Death Eaters chasing you?’

‘Where do we begin Harry?’ replied Dean with a dry laugh to Angelina, ‘bad business Harry. You Know Who has taken over the Ministry and they’ve began to round up all muggle born’s and traitors. They chased me because I didn’t go back to Hogwarts like you and Hermione and everybody knows that Angelina’s parents are muggles,’ said Dean sadly as Angelina nodded in agreement.

‘But surely somebody is fighting back,’ asked Hermione a little desperately, ‘the Order? Ministry members?’

‘We are fighting back Hermione,’ replied Angelina quietly, ‘but it’s difficult. Everybody’s scared Hermione, for themselves and their families. Resistance is there, but it’s small and scattered. Since Dumbledore died we’ve lost our leader. Most people look to you now Harry for hope and leadership,’ said Angelina with a nod to Harry.

‘Me and Hermione are trying Angelina,’ said Harry a little annoyed, ‘Dumbledore left us a mission that will lead to Vold....,’

‘Don’t say his name!’ cried Dean suddenly, ‘it’s jinxed, if you say his name, Death Eaters will be here in seconds.’

‘Thanks for letting us know,’ said Harry appreciatively, ‘so what about this Hooded Man? We’ve heard a bit abou......’ Harry stopped speaking after seeing the dark look that filled Dean and Angelina’s faces.

‘He’s almost as feared as You Know Who himself Harry, the things he’s done...,’ Dean stopped speaking as he gave a little shiver which had nothing to do with the cold.

‘We know he’s definitely a man,’ Angelina continued for Dean, ‘and we think he’s young too. He’s powerful Harry, very powerful, not just magically but physically. There are rumours that he killed a family of muggles with his fists alone. He’s been linked with over half of the disappearances and deaths that have happened. We know he killed Mad-eye, Emmeline Vance....even Scrimgeour.’ Harry felt himself swallow nervously as he went to reply.

‘So nobody knows who he is then?’ asked Harry.

‘Nope,’ said Dean who had found his voice again, ‘no one’s seen his face, the last time I saw him was when I managed to escape from the capital when he destroyed the London Eye with one spell. Muggles blamed it on weak supports...,’ finished Dean mockingly.

‘All we know is Harry,’ Angelina butted in, ‘is that he hangs round with Draco Malfoy.... a lot. You never see one without the other.’ Hermione and Harry shared a concerned glance before looking back to Dean and Angelina.

‘Thanks for all the info guys,’ said Harry who managed to muster a warm smile for them, ‘I think you guys should go to bed, I’ll go and keep watch till morning.’

‘No Harry,’ said Angelina as she stood to her feet, ‘you saved mine and Dean’s life, I’ll help keep watch with you then Hermione and Dean can take over.’ Harry gave her a warm smile as he stood up and departed the tent together, leaving Hermione and Dean alone.

‘Come on,’ said Hermione eventually to Dean, ‘you can sleep on the floor in my room.’


‘Arghh,’ grimaced Dean in pain, as Hermione dabbed at the cuts on his face with a cotton ball drenched in essence of dittany.

‘Sorry Dean,’ said Hermione. ‘....there, good as new,’ finished Hermione as Dean stroked his now smooth uncut face.

‘Thanks Hermione,’ said Dean appreciatively, as Hermione returned from putting the essence and dittany away and joined him in sitting cross-legged on her bed.

‘It must have been terrible for you being on the run from them Death Eaters,’ said Hermione softly, as she looked into Dean’s big, brown eyes.

‘It has been Hermione,’ replied Dean, ‘they....they got my Dad first, Avada Kedavra you know, didn’t stand a chance.........and my Mum’s been put into Azkaban, I haven’t heard from her in months.’ Dean paused as he looked away from Hermione to hide the fact his eyes were welling up with tears.

‘I’m sorry Dean,’ said Hermione apologetically as she reached out her hand to his. Dean seemed to calm slightly at her touch.

‘It’s just been so hard Hermione,’ said Dean through deep breaths as he tried to calm himself, ‘When I first set off, there was a small group of us, Ted Tonks, a few goblins and Lee Jordan. Then one night the Snatchers came, killed Mr Tonks and the goblins and they captured Lee. I only just managed to get away. If I hadn’t had found Angelina a few days ago I think I woulda went mad. I’ve just missed people....., a friendly face in all this madness.’ Hermione’s eyes began to glaze over with tears as she looked at Dean with deep sympathy.

‘I know how you feel Dean,’ said Hermione softly as she began to stroke Dean’s dark, short, densely curled hair, ‘Luckily I’ve had Harry here always with me, if we had Ron t.....’ Hermione stopped as the mention of Ron caused her even more sadness. For a while, the two of them sat in silence as they stroked each other’s hands.

‘I’ve too missed a friendly face Dean,’ Hermione said eventually, ‘a loving hug.....a kiss.....the feel of another’s body against mine.’ Dean looked up at Hermione as she edged closer towards him. She placed her hand delicately on his knee and began to stroke it, her hand getting closer to Dean’s groin each time she did so. Dean’s eyes closed as he let out a low moan when Hermione’s hand came to rest on his sizeable package.

‘Please Dean...,’ said Hermione softly, ‘make love to me.’ Dean opened his eyes and looked deeply into Hermione’s glistening eyes. Slowly, their faces came closer together. Hermione parted her lips slightly as she looked down at Dean’s large lips. An electric feeling buzzed through Hermione when there wet lips came together in a brief kiss. Hermione gave a little smile as they broke apart, breaking the tension instantly.

‘Kiss me again Dean.’ This time, the two of them came together in a lustful passion. Dean placed his hands in Hermione’s long brown hair as he felt Hermione’s tongue enter his mouth and begin to wrestle his own.

‘Ooooh yes,’ moaned Hermione as Dean allowed his kisses to descend to her neck. Hermione quickly turned around, so that her back was to Dean. The two of them were now sat upright on their knees on the bed as Dean ravenously kissed and licked Hermione’s slender neck. Dean groaned as he felt Hermione fall onto all fours and started to bump and grind her curvaceous ass against his hardening 7 and a half inch dick. Dean quickly removed his top, exposing his strong body. Dean had well defined pecs and forearms as his body began to become slimmer as it reached his tummy and groin. In a frenzied passion, Dean ripped off Hermione’s flimsy top as he reached round and felt her spongy D sized tits.

‘ have nice boobs Hermione,’ Dean panted as his hands roamed all over Hermione’s large breasts. Hermione responded by thrusting her ass harder into Dean’s groin, feeling each time, Dean’s hardening cock squash against it. Not being able to take any more, Dean quickly removed his pyjama shorts, allowing his large, black dick to flop out onto Hermione’s white ass. Hermione gave a gasp of pleasure as she felt Dean’s warm, member rest on her small, curvy ass. Dean spat onto his hand and began to rub his cock to lubricate it as he eased aside Hermione’s pyjama shorts, revealing her tight pink pussy to him. With both hands resting on Hermione’s ass, Dean shot his hips forwards so that his cock erupted into Hermione’s pussy.

‘Ahhhhhhh!’ they both moaned in delight as Dean continued to push his hips forward into Hermione. Dean then began to buck his hips in and out of Hermione as he gave her juicy ass a few hard spanks. Hermione began to grind her ass in a circular motion, so that more of Dean’s cock entered into her. With a gasp, Hermione felt Dean’s weight collapse onto her back as he wrapped one hand around her middle and placed his other on her large tit. Dean quickly began to let his hips shake violently so that he was balls deep in Hermione’s pussy. Hermione felt Dean’s hand on her tit squeeze extra hard as his thrusting suddenly stopped as she heard him groan deeply into her ear.

‘Ahhhhh.......shit......ahhhhh!’ moaned Dean loudly as he fired off a healthy load of his sticky cum into Hermione’s pussy. Hermione felt more and more of Dean’s cum squirt into her, his cock, now and then shaking and vibrating inside her.

‘Fuck, I’m sorry Hermione...I’m sorry,’ panted Dean, his large dick already beginning to soften in Hermione’s tight pussy, ‘it’s just been so long since I’ve had sex with anyone.’

‘It’s ok Dean,’ said Hermione gently.

‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry,’ repeated Dean as he removed his cock sloppily from out of Hermione’s pussy.

‘Dean,’ said Hermione softly as she turned to face him and put a finger to his lips, ‘I understand its ok.’ Dean’s embarrassment soon evaporated as he felt Hermione’s hand squeeze gently on his thick cock, so that a few drops of his pearly white cum oozed out on to her hand. Hermione licked it off with an exaggerated, long lick as the two of them fell back onto the bed. Hermione rested her head on Dean’s strong chest as she softly kissed his pecs and nipples. Just as the two of them were about to fall asleep, a loud knock on Hermione’s door startled them.

‘Hermione...Dean, come on, it’s your turn to keep watch,’ called Harry’s voice as Dean fell out of the bed in the haste to find his clothes.

‘Ok Harry,’ replied Hermione in panic, ‘we’ll be out in a second.’ Hermione felt relief as she heard footsteps patter away from her room and go towards Harry’s.

‘Come on Dean,’ said Hermione with a playful spank of Dean’s ass, who was lying face down by the side of her bed, ‘let’s go.’


‘After you,’ said Harry as he and Angelina entered into Harry’s small, barely furnished bedroom. Harry absent-mindedly kicked off his shoes and took off his jumper and trousers as he grabbed a pillow off his double-bed.

‘You have the bed, I’ll sleep on the floor,’ mumbled Harry as he threw the pillow onto the floor and adjusted his skin-tight boxers, which hung low around his hips. Angelina momentarily froze as she looked upon the Chosen One. Harry’s body was beautifully slim and wiry. A faint outline of a six pack was etched onto his stomach, whose smoothness was broken by a cute little belly button. His nipples were round and a light brown colour and his arms were nicely toned. Angelina’s eyes drifted down to Harry’s groin area. His tight boxers hung teasingly low on his hips and she could clearly see the V shaped outline that led to his cock, which was hidden by the thin, cotton material. Angelina’s eyes widened slightly as Harry turned around to adjust his make-shift bed. His bum was surprisingly curvy for a boy and appeared very peachy and squeezable to Angelina. Angelina shook her head slightly as Harry went to lie down on the floor.

‘Don’t be silly, Harry,’ said Angelina with a little smile as she too started to de-clothe, ‘there’s plenty of room on the bed for both of us.’ Harry watched as Angelina, dressed in nothing but a white bra and a pair of white knickers climbed into bed and patted the other side of it to him.

‘Ok then,’ said Harry indifferently as he grabbed his pillow off the floor and went to lie next to Angelina. A few moments passed in silence as they both got comfortable, Harry lying on his back and Angelina curled on her side facing Harry.

‘O it is cold Harry,’ said Angelina eventually as snow began to fall thickly outside of the little window in Harry’s room, ‘do you mind if I snuggle in closer to you to keep warm?’

‘Go for it,’ grunted Harry as his eyes began to flicker due to his tiredness. With a slight compression of the bed, Harry felt Angelina move closer towards him so that he could feel her hot breath on his neck. Slowly, Harry felt Angelina’s cold, long, athletic legs snake around his own warm legs. As Angelina gave a dramatic yawn, Harry felt her arm flop on to his body. Harry could feel her hand resting on the upper right side of his body, just below his nipple. Waves of sleep finally overpowered Harry and with the feeling of Angelina’s thumb gently circling around his side, he fell into a deep sleep.


Hours later, a tingling sensation awoke Harry from his slumber. Harry shivered from the cold due to the fact that the duvet had been pulled off him. With a quick rub of his eyes, Harry looked down towards the bottom of the bed.

‘Angelina, what the fuck?!’ cried Harry as he suddenly moved and sat up against the bed-rest. Even in the pitch darkness, Harry could see Angelina was totally naked. Harry’s boxers were around his ankles and Angelina was stroking and fondling his soft cock. At Harry’s cry, Angelina shot off the bed with a yelp and stood at the foot of the bed.

‘I’m so sorry Harry,’ she said quickly, ‘I just couldn’t help myself.’

‘Why were you touching me there?’ asked Harry sharply. He stared back at Angelina, his right hand struggling to cover his soft cock and balls while his left hand swept his mop styled dark hair from his forehead.

‘I’m so sorry Harry,’ repeated Angelina, ‘but....,’ Angelina fell to an awkward silence.

‘Well?’ challenged Harry, as he tried to look anywhere but at Angelina’s fine C sized tits and her bushy, dark haired pussy.

‘Isn’t it obvious Harry,’ replied Angelina as she threw her chest out and placed her hands on her curvy hips, ‘you’re the Chosen One. Harry, you’re one of the most famous wizards ever, if not the most. You’re a legend Harry, the things you’ve done. It was you who first defeated You Know Who, you gained the Philosopher’s Stone, you found the Chamber of Secrets, you won the Tri-Wizard tournament, you proved that You Know Who had returned once more. Can’t you see how in awe everyone is of you, never mind the fact you’re bloody gorgeous!’ Harry’s expression softened and as she talked, his hand covering his cock began to slowly drop.

‘Me and Dean would probably have died tonight if it weren’t for you Harry,’ continued Angelina as she took a step closer to the bed, ‘can’t you see the type of world we’re living in? Any of us could die any minute; why not have a bit of fun while we can?’ finished Angelina with an air of desperation. Harry stared into Angelina’s brown eyes as he contemplated what she said. Suddenly, Harry grabbed a pillow and placed it behind his back so he could sit more comfortably against the bed-rest. He reached over to the bedside table and picked up his wand. With a flick of his wand, the chair in the corner of the room zoomed forward and knocked Angelina’s legs from underneath her; causing her to fall into it.

‘Play with yourself,’ said Harry simply as he tossed his wand aside and started to slowly pump his soft dick with his hand. Angelina smiled lustfully as she spread her long, dark legs wide so that Harry could clearly see her pussy. Angelina’s pussy had large lips and a lovely pinky centre, which contrasted beautifully against her dark, smooth skin. Though usually trimmed, being on the run for months meant that her pussy was covered in a thick matting of dark hair. Harry watched on as Angelina took two fingers to her pussy and spread her lips. Harry breathed in sharply and began rubbing his semi-hard dick quicker when he saw her gorgeous pink entrance. Angelina took one of her fingers to her mouth and sucked on it erotically, enjoying the sight of seeing Harry jack his cock quicker as she lubricated her finger. Slowly, Angelina took her wet finger to her entrance and slipped it in knuckle deep.

‘Ooooh,’ moaned Angelina playfully as she began to finger herself in front of Harry. Angelina could hear Harry’s breathing become louder and more erratic as he too masturbated his now hard 7 inch cock. Angelina felt a moment of empowerment over Harry as her dirty playing was helping Harry pleasure himself. As she continued to finger herself, she took her hand to the underside of her right tit and pushed it upwards, so that she could lick her erect nipple.

‘Ahhh yeah,’ Angelina heard Harry grunt as she let her pink tongue dab and lubricate her pointy nipple. Harry began to slow down his jacking off and began to shake his cock now and then as he watched Angelina play with herself. By now, Angelina’s ass was grinding all over the chair as she turned herself on more and more. Harry watched her hips begin to rotate, loving the sight of her flesh ripple around her hips.

Angelina by now had got three of her long fingers into her pussy as she took her spare hand to her clit, which she rubbed furiously.

‘Oooooh......ooooh my....Ahhhhh!’ cried out Angelina suddenly as she felt a glorious orgasm overcome her. Harry looked on in erotic amazement as suddenly, a gush of clear liquid came flying out of Angelina’s pussy in a long arc; some of which landed on his legs and tummy. Another 3 shots of this liquid powered out of Angelina as her fingering became slower and less deep. Harry reached down to his belly button where some of the liquid had formed and collected it on his fingers. Angelina looked on in delight as Harry brought her orgasmic juices to his luscious, soft lips.

‘Tastes so sweet,’ said Harry after he had sucked his fingers dry. Angelina’s eyes were drawn to a drop of her sweet liquid that clung teasingly to Harry’s small, soft lips before he licked it away slowly with his tongue. Harry then went to the juices on his legs and drank them too, much to the delight of Angelina who had resumed the sucking of her tits.

‘Come and suck my cock Angelina,’ said Harry commandingly once he had licked all the juices off him. Angelina smiled erotically as she sprang onto the bed and crawled towards Harry on all four’s like a tiger. As if not believing her own luck at getting to suck the Chosen One’s cock, Angelina hesitated when she came face to face with Harry’s cock. Suddenly, Harry grabbed her hand and wrapped it around the base of his cock, which elicited a moan of longing from Angelina.

‘It’s so big,’ she said in awe as she took in every inch of Harry’s cock. Harry’s cock stood perfectly straight in the air in its 7 inch glory. The skin was smooth and unblemished and thick veins lay sporadically around it. Angelina pulled downwards on Harry’s cock, allowing the foreskin to draw away from his head, like an erotic dancer teasingly revealing their treasures. Suddenly, Harry’s head broke away from its protective foreskin as Angelina gasped in awe at the sight of Harry’s head. Harry’s head was a beautiful red colour and helmet shaped, but it was its size that made Angelina hornier. Harry’s head was very large and smooth looking. The deep red colour of it contrasted beautifully with his paler shaft Angelina thought as she began to rub her hand up and down over Harry’s cock. Each time Angelina reached the tip of Harry’s bulbous, red head, she would twist her hand then draw it downwards along his shaft quickly, which made Harry cry out in ecstasy.

‘God that feels good,’ moaned Harry as he felt his cock tingle in pleasure. Driven on by Harry’s pants, Angelina suddenly dove her head on to Harry’s cock, and began to ravenously suck on his head. Angelina felt Harry’s young, strong body tense at this sudden feeling as she let her, wet, pink tongue circle all around the rim of Harry’s head. Harry placed his hands in her dark, curly hair as she continued to suck his head and roughly jack off his thick shaft. For a few minutes, Angelina didn’t surface for air once, not wanting to waste a second not sucking Harry’s cock as she began to let more and more of his cock into her mouth.

‘Yeahhh, that’s nice Angelina,’ Harry groaned as suddenly, he felt her nose rest on his groin. Harry enjoyed hearing Angelina gargle and splutter all over his cock, as she struggled to keep his 7 inches in her mouth. Finally, Angelina broke away from Harry’s cock as she rubbed the large amounts of warm spit that lay glistening on his cock into his shaft and balls.

‘I’ve picked up a few techniques in my time,’ she said with a wink to Harry as she twisted her wet hand all over Harry’s shaft. Harry watched on in a curious delight as Angelina suddenly opened her mouth wide. She placed about 5 inches of Harry cock deep into her mouth; her upper lip wrapped around the top of his cock while her bottom lip hung away from his cock. Angelina then began to let her upper lip and teeth lightly rub along the shaft of Harry’s cock while Harry suddenly noticed her tongue poke out on the underside of his shaft. As her teeth and upper lip continued to glide along his dick, her tongue licked and massaged the underside of Harry’s shaft and balls.

‘Oh God,’ cried out Harry as his body rippled with pleasure from the different feelings that Angelina’s mouth was giving his young cock. Angelina continued sucking Harry’s cock in this fashion for a few minutes as her hands began to stroke and pull at Harry’s tight ball sack. Angelina loved the feel of Harry’s wrinkly ball-sack on her fingertips as she lightly squeezed on Harry’s left, then right ball; which made Harry moan once more in delight. Soon enough, Harry felt the familiar beautiful sensation of an impending orgasm approach as Angelina began to suck harder on his dick.

‘Ahhhh.....I’m gonna cum Angelina,’ Harry cried out. Suddenly, Angelina removed Harry’s cock from her mouth and directed his head at her wide, open mouth. Angelina’s hand was like a blur along Harry’s cock as he felt his body tense and his breaths escape his body more sharply. Harry placed his hand on top of Angelina’s hand on his cock and began to help her rub it, while his other hand went to Angelina’s perky breast and clench down tightly on it. Harry let out an extra loud groan as he felt his dick go into a glorious spasm.

‘Ahhhh! O God.......ahhhhhh.........ooohhhhh!’ Harry grunted loudly as his thick, creamy load burst out of his cock, onto Angelina’s chin and expecting tongue. Another 4 loads of his youthful cum erupted from his tip as Harry felt his strong orgasm subside. Harry smiled at Angelina, whose dark face was pasted with his thick, white cum. Angelina smiled back as she wiped her face with her hand and began to lap Harry’s cum off it with her eager tongue.

‘Mmmmmmmmm,’ Angelina groaned playfully, ‘tastes amazing,’ she purred as she swallowed all of Harry’s seed gratefully.

‘God that was amazing,’ said Harry breathlessly as they both collapsed onto the bed side-by side. Harry’s softening cock twinged with pleasure now and then as a small amount of his cum began to dribble out of his tip.

‘Thank-you Harry,’ said Angelina, ‘I feel so lucky.’ Harry smiled as he gave the top of her head a kiss, as they both fell into a deep sleep.


Harry and Hermione awoke on a particularly frosty morning and began to pack the tent as a puffy eyed Angelina and Dean sat on a felled tree watched on.

‘Well, we must be off, can’t stay in one place too long,’ said Harry to Angelina and Dean once he finished packing the tent.

‘You take care of yourself Harry,’ replied Angelina as she stood and gave him a long hug, ‘we’ll spread the word that you’re still fighting on.’

‘Thank-you,’ said Harry with a warm smile as they broke apart, ‘you take care of yourself now Dean,’ said Harry as he gave Dean a handshake.

‘Thanks too,’ replied Dean a little down-heartedly. Harry placed his hand on Dean’s shoulder and led him away from Hermione and Angelina who were saying their goodbyes to each other.

‘What’s the matter Dean?’ asked Harry once they had put a distance between themselves and the girls.

‘There’s hope is there Harry? He’ll find us eventually, and when he does....’ Dean stopped as a lump formed in his throat. Harry stood directly in front of Dean and placed his hands firmly on his shoulders.

‘Look me in the eye,’ said Harry with determination as Dean slowly obliged, ‘Believe me when I say, I will defeat him Dean....I will. I know things look bad now, but one day, I will face him ...... and I will kill him Dean.’ Dean looked into Harry’s resolute eyes and felt his hopes soar slightly.

‘Thank-you Harry,’ said Dean quietly. Harry gave Dean’s shoulders a brief squeeze as they made their way back to the girls.

‘Dean, Angelina,’ said Harry once they were all together, ‘you should try hiding out in the caves surrounding Hogsmeade, I know personally that you will find safety there.’

‘Thank-you Harry,’ said Dean and Angelina appreciatively as they gave Harry and Hermione final hugs. Hermione stood closer to Harry and took his hand in her own as Dean and Angelina walked away from them, ready to disapparate.

‘Good-luck Harry! We’re all behind you,’ called Angelina as she gave them a final wave. Then, with a faint pop, the two of them were gone. Harry and Hermione stood in silence for a moment, hand-in-hand, in the early morning chill.

‘What do we do now Harry,’ asked Hermione eventually.

‘Hermione, I’ve been meaning to ask you for ages.....can we go to..,’

‘Godric’s Hollow,’ finished Hermione for Harry as she gave him a kind smile.

‘Yeah...,’ replied Harry as he returned her smile.

‘I’ve known you would want to go there for ages Harry. I think it is a good idea, we might find something there that will help us.’

‘Thanks Hermione,’ said Harry warmly as he and Hermione shared a friendly hug. As they broke away, Harry noticed the locket hanging around her neck. Hermione however, seemed happy and upbeat as she went to collect her bag. Maybe Dean’s and Angelina’s appearance had been of some use then thought Harry with a smile as he and Hermione grabbed their rucksacks.

‘Ready?’ asked Harry as he held out his hand to Hermione which she accepted, ‘let’s go.’

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Fantasy | BDSM, Black, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Extreme, Fan fiction, Female, Hardcore, Interracial, Masturbation, Solo, Spanking, Submission, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Voyeurism, Young


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