Teacher’s Vacation Disaster (Pt.One) by likebadfun

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Fiction | Asian, Female, Group Sex, Humiliation, Interracial, Male, Mature, Rape, School

Mrs. Jenny Li watched the last of her high-school class rush out the door to start summer vacation. Twelve years teaching and it was always the same; the kids couldn’t wait to get out of school.

She, too, couldn’t wait this year; her friend, Carol Edwards, had given Jenny the keys to her cottage because she and her husband, Mark, were going to Europe for a few weeks. Jenny planned to stay there for two weeks while her husband was away on a business trip in Hong Kong. Carol had firmly warned her not to have anything to do with the locals. She said they were degenerates. Well, Jenny intended to spend the whole two weeks alone at the cottage; there was no reason to go into that little town anyway.

By morning she was off to enjoy her two weeks of peace and quiet, away from the stress and tension of teaching.

Jenny Li, age 36, second-generation Chinese-American drove her red Honda up the mountain road enjoying the bright, hot sunshine. She reached the remote cottage just after 1pm. It was the only cottage on the beautiful but small, lake. She would have complete peace.

Jenny parked her car at the back of the cottage, stepped out, unlocked the cottage door and entered. The cottage had a single bedroom, a small kitchen (oddly, the fridge was crammed with beer!) and a bathroom with a hot tub. The living area had a sofa and an armchair in front of the fireplace. Several plants hung from thick hooks in the ceiling. The hooks were so big they could probably hold a person!

The weather being so hot, Jenny tied her hair in two traditional braided pigtails to let her neck cool off. Then she changed into her new white bikini which tied with simple strings at the sides of the bottoms and at the back of the top.

She paused to admire her slender, trim 4’6” body in the bedroom mirror. Her 32C bust just barely filled out the bikini top but still looked good on her short body. Jenny’s round bum filled out the bottom nicely; indeed, the thin material displayed her butt cheeks very well. Over top she wore a cute red & white checkered sundress with straps over the shoulders. The pattern almost looked like an old-fashioned table cloth.

Setting a lounge chair under a large shady elm she put her sunglasses on, tilted her wide-brimmed straw hat over her eyes and took a nap.

About the same time Jenny Li arrived at the cottage, Jack and his 4 buddies drove up the road “on maneuvers” for the week. He had borrowed Mark Edward’s cottage because Mark and his wife Carol were going to Europe for a few weeks.

Two days ago Jack had driven to the cottage and stocked the fridge with several cases of beer.

It was a perfect place to practice their militia training; the remote location meant no pesky federal agents poking about. Jack’s white supremacist group had been meeting for several years. Always they practiced and planned how they would protect the country from the constant flood of foreign immigrants. Sometimes they went looking for someone to harass. They got a big charge out of frightening foreigners which was why the law kept checking on them.

They parked in a clearing two miles from the cottage (their “headquarters”) and hiked in with their guns and heavy backpacks for realism. Joking about finding “spies” in the wilderness, they approached the cottage as if it harbored foreign agents. They studied it through high-powered field glasses.

Jack spotted the red Honda parked behind the cottage. A foreign car! Somebody was in their headquarters!

They crept noiselessly up to the porch door, eased it open and quietly entered watching for the intruder. No one inside!

Joe and Luke came across a suitcase in the bedroom. It was full of women’s clothes!

Mike discovered a black purse on the kitchen counter. He emptied it on the table to find out who was here. Slipping the $300 cash in his pocket he called the other guys over to show them the drivers’ license.

Mike remarked, “It says her name is Jenny Li and, look, the photo is some Chinese chick.”

“What the hell’s a Chinese bitch doing in Mark and Carol’s cabin?” Jack in a menacing tone.

“How come she ain’t got no money in her purse?” asked Joe.

“Probably just uses plastic,” answered Mike quickly pushing the money further down his pocket.

“Ain’t no way I’m goin’ to allow no Chinese spy in our headquarters! Where the hell you suppose she’s hiding?” Luke was getting angry.

“Let’s fan out and check the perimeter,” Jack suggested while reaching for a can of Coors from the fridge.

Chugging a can of beer each, they headed out to scout around for the spy, one hand holding a weapon, the other clutching a second can of beer.

Luke spotted the intruder first. The spy had the audacity to relax under the old elm with a straw hat over her eyes! He signaled to the others and they fanned out, quietly approaching the spy from all sides. Quiet, that is, until Mike belched.

Jenny jumped at the sound, her hat falling to the ground. A man with a gun was in front of her! Another to the side. Oh my God!! She was surrounded by armed, vicious looking men!!

“Who are you?!” she gasped.

“Don’t move you Chink spy. Or, or I’ll shoot you where you stand.” Luke threatened.

“Wh…what are you talking about? And…and I’m not standing.” Jenny hesitatingly replied, looking fearfully around her.

“No back talk! Get up! NOW!” Luke bellowed.

Jenny Li started shaking as she quickly stood.

The five men eyed her up and down and she was certain they were undressing her in their minds.. A couple of them were guzzling beer and the guns made her very nervous.

“Now march to the cottage. Move!” Jack got in his two cents worth.

Surrounded, Jenny reluctantly obeyed and started walking toward the cottage until she felt a hand pat her ass. Swinging around she landed a sharp kick in the culprit's crotch.

“Man down!” called Jack and they all looked at Luke writhing on the ground.

Luke spluttered, “Bitch kicked me in the family jewels. Shit it hurts!”

“Don’t call me a bitch you mother fucking asshole. You grab my ass, I kick your balls up through your teeth. What are you? A bunch of perverts? Fucking mother fuckers! Probably fucking father rapers too! Mmmph” Jenny blasted them until a rough hand clamped over her mouth. Then, her teeth bit into the hand and she continued, “You shits get the hell out of here before I call the cops. Bunch of drunken sons of bitches!” And darkness closed in.

“John, did you kill her?” Jack asked in surprise.

“Goddamn Chink bitch bit my hand. I just whacked her on the head. She’ll be ok in a minute. Got a mouth like a drill sergeant. Ow…sharp teeth too.”

“Luke, you gonna be ok? I mean we got this Chink bitch here and I ain’t fucked a younger chick in years. Do you think you can manage? Jack asked anxiously while eyeing Jenny’s bare legs sticking out of her now hiked up sun-dress.

“Hope there’s no permanent damage. Your wife, Barbara, wouldn’t like it if you couldn’t do it hard. She really likes it rough doesn’t she?” John commented.

“Huh? How would you know what Barbara likes?!” Luke’s surprise showed on his face.

“Well I know she has a small frog tattoo on the inside of her right ass cheek.” John defiantly remarked.

“Left cheek!” the others all chorused.

“Let’s drag this slanty-eyed slut in so we can interrogate her. We’ll have to do a thorough body search too.” Jack’s eyes had never strayed from Jenny’s legs. “Tape that mouth first.”

Jenny opened her eyes as they picked her up but was unable to continue her rant because of the tape. One hand held each arm while another hand held the fleshy part of each thigh. Filthy hands on her!

In the cottage, Jack noticed the plant hooks and had the idea to tie her hands to the hooks.

Poor, short, petite Jenny Li dangled from her hands in front of these five creeps who kept out of the way of her kicking legs while sipping more beer.

After a few minutes Joe and Luke grabbed her and held her still while Jack cut the straps of her sundress causing it to slide down and off. Then they tied her ankles to the legs of the heavy sofa. Now, spread-eagled, clad only in her white bikini, she couldn’t kick them. The body search could start.

Mike was first. He untied her bikini at the waist, let it fall and stuck his index finger up her ass as far as it would go and wiggled it making her squirm wildly in shock.

“Look at her squirm! This is fun.” Mike giggled.

Luke looked at the dark thatch between her thighs and inserted two fingers deep in her pussy. She writhed as he twisted his fingers but she could not escape his onslaught.

“She ain’t wet yet. Somebody get me some goo to put in her so she ain’t so dry.” Luke shoved his fingers further up her cunt.

John reached up and pulled off her bikini bra. Poor Jenny was now completely naked, hanging from ropes, spread-eagled in front of five evil men intent on raping her. Her eyes welled up with tears but she could not scream because of the tape. She hated the two men violating her body with their ugly fingers.

The five men leered at Jenny’s short naked body. They laughed at how she twisted and turned as Luke and Mike desecrated her asshole and cunt with their rough fingers.

John now grabbed her small tits and pulled to see how far they would stretch. Not far. Her body stiffened in pain as he pulled.

“How come Chinks got such damn small titties? What can we do with these little things?” John was disappointed in the small tits but kept pulling them out of sheer malevolence. He pinched the nipples just to make her body writhe again.

John and Joe dropped their pants now and Jack sidled up behind Jenny, pushing Mike aside. His hard thick cock pointed at Jenny’s ass and he proceeded to rub it all over her ass cheeks while commenting, “Not like Barbara. No tattoos.”

“How the hell do you guys know about Barbara’s tattoo. You been spying on us?” Luke yelled feeling rather pissed off.

“Never mind how we know. Let’s just say Barbara likes variety.” Joe put in.

John started pressing his hot cock into Jenny’s asshole. The juice leaking out of his cock served to lubricate the hole although it was still a little difficult to force his way in due to the size difference. Finally, his cock lunged all the way in and he pressed hard against her naked ass while clutching her soft belly for support. Her body thrashed about in an effort to dislodge his cock.

Jenny sobbed into the tape, tears streaming down her face. She swore to herself that these mother-fuckers would pay for this outrage.

Joe now pushed Luke away so he could get at Jenny’s pussy. He liked her small size because that meant it would be tight. He wanted to have to push hard to get inside. His cock was long, very straight and also leaking at the tip. Grabbing her around the waist he guided his hot cock to her pussy hole and rubbed it around until the tip found the entrance. Then he pushed it slowly, slowly in enjoying the tightness of her small cunt. He was now pressed up tight against her naked, defenseless body, his cock far inside her, feeling her trembling and shaking.

Both John and Joe thrust back and forth ravaging Jenny’s poor body. John’s cannon fired first. Volley after volley of his vile cum filled her ass. A moment or two later, Joe’s hot semen shot out in search of Jenny’s egg.

Spent, the two stepped back, sat on the sofa and opened another beer; John’s fourth, Joe’s third.

Luke had to pass on fucking Jenny. His family jewels still had not recovered from her kick. He stumbled outside with a case of beer under his arm.

Jenny, glared at the men, memorizing their faces. She would get revenge on these degenerates if it took her the rest of her life.

Mike and Jack had also stripped by now. Mike, sniffing his fingers from his previous efforts now lurched forward, his hot purple rod pointing straight at his target; the now gooey pussy covered with a coarse black thatch of tidy short hairs. Jenny’s legs, being tied far apart, made her pussy an easy target although Mike’s increasingly drunken state made him a little uncertain as to the exact point of entry. Still, he managed. His engorged purple rod found the hole, pushed past the protective pussy hairs and rammed hard into Jenny’s tender cunt.

She groaned through her taped mouth as yet another vile cock invaded her petite, aching body.

Jack rubbed his equally engorged cock up and down Jenny’s inner thighs from behind.

She thought these unimaginative, drunken louts knew only two methods; full frontal and rear door.

Mike’s rod rhythmically rocked back and forth in her tight cunt; Mike made animal grunts with each thrust.

Jack’s rough hands grasped Jenny’s small boobs and squeezed as he aimed his cock into her asshole.

Again it was to be one cock in front, one in back. Jenny let her body go limp and waited for the ordeal to end.

Mike rammed forward, Jack pushed back. Back and forth the two drunks thrust until eventually the two depraved louts shot there vile loads into poor Jenny.

They stumbled back to the sofa reaching for beers on the way.

The four drunks just watched Jenny’s body hanging there dripping their cum as they became drunker and drunker. After a couple of hours, Joe, Mike and Jack passed out.

John looked at Jenny through his bleary eyes and mumbled, “Get me more beer, bitch.” When she didn’t move, he looked puzzled, and realized she was still tied up. He untied her arms and legs with fumbling fingers, shoved her toward the kitchen, and repeated, “Beer!”

Jenny’s heart jumped as she realized she might have a chance now. Hearing John’s sudden vomiting behind her, she bolted out the cottage door, grabbed a bath towel draped over the kitchen counter and scooped up her sandals.

She made a beeline for her car intending to speed away from this nightmare. No good, Luke was passed out, naked, in the front seat with beer cans strewn all about. Hesitating, she weighed her options. If she dashed down the road, it would be easy for them to catch her again. Instead she turned into the woods intending to run parallel to the road.

Unknowingly she veered slowly away from the road and deeper into the woods. Jenny ran until dusk clutching the bath towel around her naked body.

In the distance she saw a light emanating from a campsite. She approached cautiously but with great relief.

Two women, a middle-aged one and a young one, sat on a log in front of the fire, holding hands.

Jenny heard the young one say, “Barbara, my love, it’s so good to be alone with you. I’m glad your husband, Luke and his friends aren’t around.”

Rating: 75%, Read 46306 times, Posted Sep 21, 2008

Fiction | Asian, Female, Group Sex, Humiliation, Interracial, Male, Mature, Rape, School


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