Not so little brother: Chapter 2 by Freudian+Slip

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Fiction | Anal, Blowjob, Boy, First Time, Gay, Incest, Teen Male

If you haven't read the first story I suggest you do so to get the background information. That being said, this is a work of fiction.

I woke up the next morning confused. Did that really happen? Could that have happened? Neh. That’s just ridiculous… I opened my eyes. Standing in the doorway of the bathroom was Steven. His hair was messy and he was naked from head to toe. Between his legs was the beautiful cock that I had sucked last night. It looked just as big as when he had first stripped down for his shower the previous night. FUCK!

Steven was brushing teeth while he watched me slowly enter the waking world. He paused brushing his teeth and sneered at me.

“Wakey, wakey slut. I hope you slept well; we’ve got a long, long day ahead of us.” As Steven said the word “long” he grabbed his cock and slowly pumped his fist along the length of his shaft. His beautiful foreskin retracted on the downward stroke.

“Shut up!” I half shouted, pissed, “I don’t know what you did to me last night but nothing’s fucking happening again.”

Steven briefly looked surprised by outburst but only for a second. Then the smirk returned to his face.

“I didn’t have to do anything to you,” He said sarcastically, “You took one look at my big cock and fell to your knees for the honor of sucking it and drinking my cum.”

He paused for a second, staring at my blank expression.

“Oh yeah, you drank my cum like the little whore you are and you loved every drop. That wasn’t a wet dream. Now get up and get dressed. Mom wants us to be downstairs in 20 minutes for breakfast.”

Steven put his toothbrush back in his mouth and turned around, walking back into the bathroom. I sat up in bed realizing that he was right. I had willingly sucked my little brother’s cock and I loved it. Am I gay? Steven spit the toothpaste out, rinsed his toothbrush, and walked out into the room.

“Did you hear what I said? Get the fuck up!”

Steven proceeded to start getting dressed. I got up and walked to the bathroom to take a piss. When I pulled my dick out of my pants I realized just pathetic my cock was compared to my little brother’s. Soft my dick was 3” hard at biggest. That couldn’t even begin to compare to the 6 inches that was swinging between my brother’s legs. I sighed and started to piss. Outside, in the room, I could hear Steven laughing.

“Do you need tweezers to hold that thing?”

“Fucking douche,” I said under my breath.

I flushed the toilet and brushed my teeth before heading out into the room. Steven sat on the bed tying his shoes. I walked to my suitcase and took out clothes for the day. I took off my boxers and quickly changed into the clean ones.

“Awwww…not gonna let your little dick hang out?” he snorted, “Not like it actually hangs anyway.”

“Fuck you.”

“Oh, I think you’ll find that it will be the other way around. Not like you could actually do anything with your pathetic excuse for a penis.”

What? I put on the rest of my clothes in a flurry and sat down to tie my shoes. When I was ready Steven and I walked downstairs to breakfast, my head a little lower than normal. Our parents were none the wiser to the events which had unfolded the night before.

We spent the day at Islands of Adventure. We rode all the rides and everyone else; mom, dad, and Steven; all had a great time. I had a hard time dealing with everything. How had the events last night so completely changed the dynamics between me and my brother? Did he really mean what he had hinted at? Did he really think he was going to fuck me? There’s no way in Hell that was going to happen.

My parents didn’t like roller coasters. While Steven and I rode The Hulk my parents waited by the entrance for us. We sat next to each other and waited for the ride to begin. I was anxious already and the coming ride didn’t help. As the ride slowly crept up the tunnel I could see my brother rubbing the bulge running down his right leg… My cock stirred a little in my pants. Fuck. Even as fucked up as this whole situation was it was still turning me on.

After a long day at the park we headed out for a nice family dinner. My dad said that it was a vacation so not to worry about the price. I took him at his word and ordered a nice NY strip, determined not to let the whole situation. I was going to enjoy my fucking steak. After some small talk our food finally arrived and the waiter put my steak in front of me.

“That’s a big piece of meat,” Steven said nonchalantly

“That is pretty big Charlie,” my mom chimed in, “Better cut it into small pieces.”

“I know how to eat,” I quipped, “Sorry.”

Damnit…I couldn’t let this bother me.

Mom looked at me quickly, smiled, and started eating her food. We sat in silence for the rest of the meal and ate. I felt bad. As shitty as I felt sitting there in silence it was better than the alternative. The longer we sat there the longer it would be until Steven and I were once again alone in our room.

We returned to the hotel room and we separated ways. Our parents went to their room and Steven and I went to ours. As we walked back to our room I avoided looking at Steven though I could tell he was looking at me. I could only guess what was going through his mind. We reached the room and Steven opened the door and let me in ahead of him.

“You can shower first bitch,” Steven said as he flopped down onto the bed and kicked off his shoes. He picked up the remote and switched on the TV.

I kinda half-nodded and started to strip down. It wasn’t worth the effort to even hide my dick anymore. Steven knew what my dick looked like and knew that I was now ashamed of my size. What else could he do? My spirit was already broken. I took off my boxers, threw them in my pile of dirty laundry, and headed for the bathroom. Steven barely gave me a second glance as I walked past him and into the bathroom.

“Have fun”

“Hahaha. Fuck you!”

Why am I letting him get to me? I shut the door and turned the shower on. As the water warmed up I looked at myself in the mirror. I wasn’t a bad looking guy. Yeah, I had a small dick, I’ll admit that, but most people didn’t see that. My face was nice. Hell, I was kinda cute. Now, I really couldn’t grow facial hair, but most guys in my grade couldn’t either. As tendrils of steam started to obscure the mirror I figured it was time to get in.

I took my time in the shower. Just like dinner, I wanted to postpone the eventuality of me and Steven alone… with his cock. And still, it was kinda hot. In my mind’s eye I could see Steven’s cock as it appeared the night before as I was on my knees. I could see the thick, veiny shaft, the large head, and a thick glob of precum oozing out of his piss slit. I licked my lips. My cock started to get hard. I remembered that as hard as I had been the night before, as much precum as I had produced, I hadn’t cum. I felt a slight ache in my balls and yet, I didn’t want to cum. I didn’t want the image of my brother’s cock to be what I jacked off to. Ignoring my erection I washed myself, turned off the shower, and got out.

By the time I was done drying myself off my erection had at least partially subsided and had returned to a much more normal size of around 4 inches. I considered brushing my teeth but realized I might as well wait. I was resigned to the fact that by the time I was actually going to be heading to bed I would want to get some flavor out of my mouth and didn’t see a point in brushing my teeth already.

I opened the door and stopped dead in my tracks. On the TV a guy was fucking a girl from behind up against the wall. With each thrust you could hear them moan and grunt as his balls audibly slapped against her.

On the bed lay Steven, naked. His cock was hard and at its full 9 inches of glory, the foreskin resting just behind the rim of his large head. It arced up from out of his pubes and rested against his stomach, the head past his belly button. Precum pooled on his stomach. Once again, against my will, my cock started to get hard.

Steven turned his head to look at me.

“Get over here.”

I hesitated for a second before realizing that it was pointless to resist or argue.

“Does this turn you on?” Steven asked, pointing at the TV. “Do you like girls being fucked? Or would you rather that you were the one being fucked?”

I looked at the TV and back at Steven, unsure of what to say. In his eyes was the same hunger I saw last night. Once again, he was on the hunt and I was his prey. He reached down and lifted up his large balls, heavy with his young sperm.

“It’s been a long day. Why don’t you get down there and clean my balls?”

Steven starred into my eyes, daring me to say no. He scooted towards the edge of the bed and put his feet on the floor. I walked over and knelt between his legs. In front of me was the large cock which was both the subject of my fears and my fantasies. He gently held it by the head and lifted it up, out of the way.

“Get to it. Lick my balls clean.”

Here goes nothing… I leaned forward and took in his musky odor. It really had been a long day. Florida in the summer is hot as fuck if you didn’t know and, even if you’re used to the heat, you sweat a lot. Steven was not a light sweater. The aroma coming from his balls was pungent but not unpleasant. If you’ve ever touched your balls and later sniffed your fingers after a long day you know the smell. I had smelled that scent a thousand time in the gym locker room and never gave it a second thought until now. In an odd way it turned me on.

Steven’s cock wasn’t the only thing that was big. His balls were equally impressive. Hell, they made my balls look like tic tacs in comparison. They looked delicious too. I leaned forward and touched the tip of my tongue to his right testicle and Steven gasped. They tasted as good as they smelled and looked. I licked again, running my tongue from the bottom of his balls up to the base of his cock and he moaned.

Steven leaned back, letting his cock hit his stomach again. Using his hands he spread his sac wide for me and I started licking. I started down at his taint and slowly worked my way up paying careful attention to each delicious inch. It was clear that Steven shaved his balls regularly but they were a little prickly from the lack of a razor since we’d been away from home.

“That’s a good little bitch. Now suck on my nuts.”

Steven let go of his sack and let it flop down. I moved my mouth towards his left nut and sucked it in, running my tongue against the membrane of his sack as I rolled it around in my mouth. Jesus, these were some big balls. He moaned as I sucked on each of his large balls in turn.

“Ok, that’s enough,” Steven said as he pushed my head away from his sac.

I looked up at him puzzled. What next? What does he want?

“Get up on the bed and lay on your stomach.”

What? Is this really going where I think its going?

“Did I speak in Spanish? Get the fuck up on the bed.”

I groaned and got up. Steven scooted over and I got on the bed and lay down on my stomach. I turned my head sideways so I could breathe and closed my eyes. I braced myself for what was coming but was pleasantly surprised. I felt Steven’s hands separate my ass cheeks and felt his wet breath on my hole. Before I could react I felt his hot, wet tongue against my asshole and I shuddered in pleasure.

“Oh God,” I moaned.

I couldn’t believe it. Steven was rimming me. I’d heard that people did this but it was so hard to actually believe. That’s fucking nasty.


Steven’s tongue felt so good. My ass muscles seemed to relax on their own as Steven continued his wet assault of my ass. Without warning I felt his tongue enter my ass a little, penetrating me. Half-involuntarily I contracted my ass muscles, keeping out his intruding tongue.

“Relax!” he demanded. It will be better for you in the long run.

Easier said than done.


Steve continued to eat out my ass, working on my hole as my muscles slowly relaxed once more. Again his tongue penetrated my ass. This time I didn’t try and keep him out. His tongue slid deeper into me and then back out. My toes curled as I writhed in pleasure. I had never experienced anything remotely like this before. I’d always thought of rimming as some nasty thing that disgusting little gay guys with diseases did in the back of porno theaters. Jesus was I wrong…

Ever since I had walked out of the bathroom I had been rock hard. The smell of Steven’s balls and the feel of them in my mouth had kept me hard and now him licking my ass was heaven. Under me, between the blanket and my stomach my cock was rock hard. I could feel the wetness of my precum as it leaked out of me. I don’t think I’d ever produced so much in my life.

After several minutes of heaven Steven finally ceased his attack. I opened my eyes and almost asked why he’d stopped when I felt his finger enter me. Like when his tongue first entered me I felt my sphincter clench his finger.

“What did I say?”

“I’m trying but you surprised me.”

I started to breathe and slowly my ass started to relax around his finger. When I had relaxed enough he started slowly finger fucking my ass, pushing it in and out over and over again. Before I knew it another finger had joined the first, and then a third. My brother was systematically stretching out my asshole, getting me ready to take his giant cock inside me. After he had finger fucked me for a while he stopped and I once again felt his soft tongue on my hole. He relubed up my asshole, getting it ready for the next step.

Steven stopped rimming me and I felt the bed start to shake. I opened my eyes to find his cock in front of my face.

“Suck it and make it sloppy. You’re gonna want it to be really wet.”

I looked up at his eyes and saw the hunger and the need there still. But there was something more in his eyes. Steven was honestly concerned about hurting me. I guess he is still my brother.

I welcomed the large cock into my mouth, feeling the veins against my lips as he stretched my mouth to my maximum once again. God I missed that feeling. What the fuck is happening to me? I really am becoming a slut for my brother’s cock.

“Mmmm. Just as good as last night.” Steven moaned as he slowly thrusted his cock in and out of my mouth.

I made sure to make this blowjob as wet as I could get it. While I clearly had no experience in the matter of getting fucked it seemed as though Steven knew what he was doing. Besides, I knew the principles of friction and understood the basic fact that we were going to need a lot of lube to get his big piece of meat in me.

“That should do it,” Steven said as he withdrew his cock.

Steven rubbed his hand up and down his thick dick, smearing my spit up and down the hard shaft. God, I wanted that thing back in my mouth… And yet, I knew what was coming and I wanted that too. Underneath me my cock twitched and more precum seeped out to join the growing wetness beneath me.

Once again I felt a finger slide into my ass.

“This is going to be rough. Don’t forget to breath and relax.”

Steven withdrew his finger from my ass and replaced it seconds later with his large cockhead. I gasped as I realized just how big it was compared to my asshole. Three fingers? Fuck, he should have worked his way up to his hand if he was going to use this monster on my ass.


“Yes,” I managed to squeak out.

He started to push. It didn’t hurt that much as my sphincter started to give way. Maybe Steven does know what he’s doing. Suddenly I felt the ridge of Stephen’s cock pass into me and with it, the entirety of his cockhead. Holy fuck! Now that hurt. I gasped loudly and Steven stopped moving. Beneath me my cock started to shrink from the pain.

“You ok?” I could hear concern in his voice.

“I will be.”

Steven didn’t move for a minute to let me recover before starting to gently push his cock into me some more. It hurt a little but I gritted my teeth and took it like a man. Steven got in a rocking motion. He would pull out a little and then push in a little farther each time. With each inward thrust I could feel his cock stretching my ass a little bit more. It felt like this process was going on forever.

“Jesus Christ! How long is this thing?”

Steven let out a little chuckle. “Its most of the way in. Only another 2 inches or so to go. Your ass is so fucking tight.”

“Jesus Christ!”

He got back into the rhythm of entering me and not much longer we both sighed as I felt his pubes against my ass and his balls against mine.

“Oh God!”

“M’hmm” I managed to moan.

I couldn’t believe how full I felt. To this day I don’t really know how to describe the feeling of having an ass full of cock and my first time was just beyond exceptional. I felt like his cock was all the way to my stomach. I just wanted to sit there and feel that forever.

Without warning, Steven proceeded to pull his cock from the depths of my ass.


“Don’t worry. It will be back,” Steven said after he groaned.

He continued pulling his cock out until just the head of his magnificent tool was inside of me. In one motion he slid his entire cock back into me. The wind was knocked out of me. Before I could even begin to catch my breath he repeated the action but faster, and faster. He was sawing the full length of his dick in and out of my ass and I was loving every inch of it.

While initially the pain of his thick cock penetrating me had been overwhelming the pleasure had begin to override the pain. By the time he’d thrust into me for the second time I was in heaven. Once again my dick was at its full size and hard as steel. I couldn’t even believe how good it felt to have my little brother inside of me. With each thrust of his cock my brother pushed me a little forward on the bed rubbing my cock against the rough fabric of the.

“Jesus! I can’t believe how good it feels. Its gonna make me cum!”

“Not yet! Roll over onto your back!”

Steven pulled out of me leaving me feeling empty, unfulfilled. I quickly flipped over, wanting to get his cock back into me as soon as possible. Steven got off the bed and pulled me closer to the edge, getting between my legs. He lined his cock up with my hole and roughly shoved it in, his balls smacking against my ass.

“Oh God!” I moaned as I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him into me harder with each thrust.

In this position I could see my brother as he fucked me. The look of pleasure that crossed his face with each face with each thrust was so hot; the look of concentration on his brow as he fucked me; the sweat on his forehead.

“Fuck me!”

I couldn’t help it anymore; I needed him to just pound me. And that he did. Once again my little brother started sawing his cock in and out of me like no tomorrow, hitting my prostate with each thrust. I was still hard as rock and leaking precum onto my stomach. I couldn’t believe Steven was able to last as long as he was. I didn’t know much about sex but I knew young guys weren’t supposed to be able to fuck for this long. Sweat from Steven was dripping onto me each time he slammed into me turning me on even more.

Steven’s thrusting into me was getting even more powerful and faster as he continued to fuck me and the look of concentration on his face got increasingly more obvious. On his forehead a vein started to bulge from the obvious effort he was putting into lasting longer. Inside my balls I could feel my own orgasm approaching without me even needing to touch my cock. Steven’s breathing was getting shallower in between grunts and so was mine.

“I’m getting close Charlie.”

“Me too. Cum inside me. I want your cum deep inside me.”

I couldn’t wait to feel Steven’s cock explode inside me, coating my insides with his young sperm. The very thought of having his cum inside me was enough to send me over the edge.

“Fuck! I’m cumming!”

I grabbed my cock and started jerking it hard as Charlie continued fucking me, watching me, his cock pounding into my prostate. My body went rigid as I went into orgasm and the first jet of my cum went flying out of my cock and landed on my chest. With each pulse of my orgasm a jet of sperm flew out and coated my chest and stomach. It was the most powerful orgasm of my life. 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 jets of hot cum exited my cock as Steven fucked my hole.

A look of pure pleasure came over Steven’s face as moaned, “Here it comes. I’m gonna fill you with my cum.”

With that Steven thrust into me hard several more times before moaning and thrusting into me all the way and holding his big cock as deep inside me as he could get.

“Oh God yes!”

“Cum in me! Give me all of it, every drop!”

I could feel Steven’s cock pulse as he gave me his cum. My own brother was breeding me, giving me everything that made him who he is. He was coating my insides with his cum. It felt like he was cumming into me forever, shooting gallons of cum into me.

The look on his face as he came was so hot and it only got better as he rode his orgasm to its completion. When he was done he collapsed on top of me, squishing my cock and cum between us. His cock was still inside me, holding in the huge load that he had just pumped into me.

Steven looked into my eyes.

“Holy shit!” was all I could manage.

“You’re telling me.”

He leaned in and kissed me. I was caught completely off-guard. Did he just do that? My brother just kissed me? What the hell? I pulled him back down and kissed him back. We locked eyes.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” was my honest reply.

I didn’t know where this was going and I didn’t care. Steven brought his head down again and pressed his lips against mine. His tongue entered my mouth, caressing my own. Steven’s deflating cock took that inopportune moment to slip out of my ass, releasing Steven’s cum onto the bedspread. And that was that.

“I guess we better get cleaned up,” Steven said with a big grin on his face.

“Sounds like a plan to me”

We got up, me clenching my ass in an effort to reduce spillage, and walked towards the shower.

“That’s one well fucked ass if I do say so myself.”

“You should know,” I replied as I turned on the shower, “Where does this leave us?”

“I don’t know.”

Around us steam started to swirl as the water warmed up. Steven stepped in and I followed.

End of Chapter 2.

Rating: 95%, Read 443642 times, Posted Mar 05, 2010

Fiction | Anal, Blowjob, Boy, First Time, Gay, Incest, Teen Male


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