Vanessa's New Life Part 09 by vanessa.evans

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This is part 9 of my Journal. I started writing it when I made a bold decision to change my life. I left my dull existence in North Wales and went to work as a Housekeeper for a man in the East Midlands of England. It is a decision that I will never regret. I have never been so happy and never had so much pleasure.


Saturday December 19

The next thing I knew was that the sun was shining and there were people talking on next door’s balcony. When I looked out there was a young couple staring into our room and at the 4 naked bodies strewn all over the beds. I got up and opened the glass doors to the balcony, walked out and said, “good morning.” The woman looked a bit shocked but the bulge in the man’s shorts told me that he was enjoying what he saw. The noise of the door opening had woken the others up and they slowly walked out to join me.

Jon brought a bottle of water with him and passed it around. After a minute or so Chloe realised that she was naked on the balcony with strangers watching her. She went inside to get dressed. Jon realised what time it was and told Emma and Chloe that we had a plane to catch and that they would have to leave. Theirs was an afternoon flight whilst we had to leave in an hour. We said our goodbyes and we headed for the shower. I was quite surprised that I didn’t have a hangover, Jon said that he didn’t have one either but I bet that Emma and Chloe did.

When we came out of the shower the couple next door were still on their balcony and still watching us. We packed our things then got dressed. Jon had me wear just a skirt and top but before I could put them on I had to put my Ben Wa balls inside me and I had to do it in full view of our neighbours who were still watching me (us). I could see that I was going to have an interesting journey home.

When we had checked our luggage in we went through customs to the departure lounge. The security people were getting everyone to walk through some sort of x-ray arch. It bleeped when I went through and this man told me to go through again. It bleeped again. It was obvious that I wasn’t carrying anything so he ran this x-ray stick thing up and down close to my body. As it got near my stomach it bleeped over and over. I realised that it must have found Ben and wondered what he would do. I had pictures running through me head of being taken into a room and told to strip off. Then having to have an internal examination. I wondered if I would enjoy it but I didn’t get the chance. The man just shook his ‘stick’ then put it in front of my stomach again. When it bleeped again he shook his head and waved me on. In a way I was a little disappointed. It could have been interested.

Jon wanted to walk about the departure lounge which meant that Ben was working hard. After about 10 minutes I grabbed his arm and stood there and shook as an orgasm took control of me. I think that Jon had forgotten about Ben because he looked a bit surprised at first, then his face changed to a smile. When I’d calmed down we went and got a coffee and waited for the plane.

Amazingly enough the plane took off on time, but it wasn’t long before I realised that the 4-hour journey was going to take its toll on me. The constant background vibrations of the plane were keeping Ben working ever so slowly. The tingling in my pussy wouldn’t stop. I tried to think about other things but the tingling would not go away. I could feel my juices slowly seeping out of me and I decided that I had better lift the back of my skirt over my bum. I didn’t want to have a big wet patch on my skirt for everyone to see as we walked through East Midlands Airport.

I wriggled about to hitch my skirt up and held one of the magazines on my lap so that no one could see too much. When the flight attendant came to give us our meal I accidentally knocked the magazine off my lap as I release the little table from the seat in front. The flight attendant looked a little startled when she realised that she could see all my thighs right up to my stomach; but she just carried on as if nothing had happened. We finished the meal and I made sure that the magazine stayed in place when the food trays were collected.

After that Jon went to sleep but the tingling in my pussy was building up. I could feel an orgasm slowly building from deep inside me. About 3 hours into the journey I just couldn’t fight it anymore and it hit me. I grabbed Jon’s arm and trembled something wicked. I was squeezing Jon’s arm so much that he woke up to see me trying desperately to keep my mouth shut. I wanted to scream. My body felt like it was about to explode. In the end I think that did let out a bit of a moan but I think that I held it quite well really. One of the flight attendants walked by as I was coming down from my high. She stopped and asked me if I was all right. I daren’t open my mouth and Jon managed to persuade her that I was OK.

The rest of the flight wasn’t too bad. Another orgasm was slowly building up inside me but we landed before it hit me. When I got up off my seat I managed to get my skirt back down before anyone (even Jon) noticed. I looked at the seat and wondered how long it had to dry before the next person sat in it. It looked as if someone had spilt a whole bottle of water on it. If only they knew.

The walk through passport control to the luggage collection area finished me off and I had to go to the toilet. As soon as I got in there my skirt was up and my fingers were working on my clit. It took only seconds for me to cum again.

When I went out Jon had our cases and was waiting for me. When we went outside the cold really hit me. My nipples went like bullets in as much time as it takes a bullet to leave a gun. I was glad that we didn’t have long to wait for a taxi to take us home.

The house was cold when we got there and Jon let me keep my skirt and top on until things warmed-up but I had to keep Ben in for the rest of the day. I had 3 more orgasms as I did the housework. That night I begged Jon to fuck me before going to sleep. He did and at last I felt that I had got what I needed.

Sunday December 20

We both woke up late and had a lazy day. After reading the papers Jon spent most of the day sorting out the mail and other such things. Nothing exciting happened.

Week commencing December 21

Monday was quiet and I spent a few hours keying details of the last week’s exploits into this journal. I went to Tesco but never saw anyone I knew. That evening Jon promised to buy me some warmer clothes for going out in the winter.

Tuesday - I finished getting this journal up to date just before Jon came home (early) and he told me to get cleaned-up and ready to go out. I put on the dress that he bought me for my birthday, the short silky one that hangs out from my chest letting anyone who looks see all my breasts. Jon took me to a big hotel in Derby where we met the people that he works with and their wives and partners. There were about 30 of us in all but most of them were a lot older than me. There were only 4 of them that looked under 30, a man and his wife and a couple of girls in their late teens or early twenties. Jon said that they were the office juniors. One or two of the men asked Jon to introduce them to his ‘charming young wife’ and when he introduced me as his housekeeper they looked a little surprised.

We sat at a table with the younger ones. I had Jon on one side of me and the youngish man on the other. The 2 girls were sitting opposite us. The man kept sitting up straight and bending over to talk to me. It was obvious that he was looking at my breasts but I didn’t care. When Jon noticed what he was doing he just smiled. We had a great meal but the conversation was mainly about computers and their work.

After the meal a DJ appeared at the other side of a little dance floor and a few people started dancing. The 2 girls got up to dance and Jon told me to go with them. I had a great evening with most of the men wanting to dance with me. I was dancing with one of the older men when a slow number came on and he put his arms round me and almost hugged me as we slowly danced. My bum felt like my dress had been pulled up over it but this man hugging me stopped me from checking. He finally let me go and I went to the toilet for a pee.

One of the office juniors was in there and she told me that everyone had seen my bum. Jokingly I said that it was a good job that he hadn’t grabbed me from behind as everyone would have been able to see my pussy. She seemed a little startled and said, “Oh, I know that just about everyone’s seen both your tits and your bum now but I thought that you must be wearing a G-string or ‘T’ back knickers.” “I stopped wearing knickers years ago, the only thing I’m wearing is this dress” I replied. “Well” she said, “you’ve just cost me a tenner, some of the men at the bar were saying that you didn’t have any knickers on and I bet them £10 that you’d be wearing a G-string.” “Sorry” I said, “but I won’t tell them if you don’t.”

I never did find out if she paid-up because I didn’t see much of her again. Jon came to dance with me when I went back out and I know that he was holding the back of my dress up some of the time. When I mentioned it to him he just said that he was proud of my body. I had to drive home as Jon had had way too much to drink and as soon as we got home and upstairs he fell asleep.

Wednesday - Went to Tesco again and bought the turkey and the rest of the things for Christmas. There were too many people in there to have any fun. I bought loads of decorations and put them up before Jon got home. He liked them but I got punished for getting them without first checking with him. He had me bend over the back of the sofa, naked with my legs wide apart while he spanked me 100 times. After I had got to “84 Thank you Master” the doorbell rang and I had to stay there while he answered it.

It was the paperboy who had come to collect his money. Jon invited him in out of the cold while he went and got the money. As Jon was coming back down the stair I heard him say “Ignore her, she’s been a bad girl and is being punished.” It was only then that I realised that Jon had left the lounge door open and the boy must have been looking at my red backside and wet pussy. Nothing else was said and Jon came back gave me the rest of the 100. I hope his hand didn’t hurt as bad as my backside did, but as usual the pain was mixed with the pleasure. I hoped that Jon would fuck me afterwards but he didn’t and I had to finish the job with my hand when I went to bed.

Thursday - Christmas Eve - I spent the day getting ready for the next day. Jon came home just after lunch and just before teatime Vicky rang and asked if she could spend Christmas with us, she had been going to spend it with her family but they’d managed to get a late holiday in the sun so she was on her own. Jon told her that he was happy for her to join us, providing that she didn’t bring any clothes with her, only a coat, shoes and a toothbrush. It took less than a second for her to agree and within 5 minutes we were driving over to Nottingham to collect her.

When we got to Vicky’s flat we discovered that Liz and Kelly had already left to go to one of Liz’s friends for the weekend. Vicky was already waiting for us wearing just her coat and shoes.

On the way home we stopped at the pub at the end of the road for a drink. The place was crowded and quite warm and I wanted to cool down but there was no way that I was going to take my coat off, not unless Jon told me to. Instead I loosened the belt to let the air circulate which was fine as we were all stood at one end of the bar. Vicky tried to tell us what she had been up to in the couple of months since we last saw her but the noise was too great and in the end she gave up. She did manage to give us a quick flash of her smooth bald pubes just to prove that they were still like that. In the end we gave-up and headed for home.

As Vicky was walking from the car she suddenly stopped and leaned against the house wall. When I asked her what was wrong she told me that she was wearing her Ben Wa balls and that they had just got the better of her. Jon heard this and told her that she was told to bring just a coat, shoes and a toothbrush. Vicky said that she was sorry, but said that she didn’t think that things inside her would count. Jon wasn’t impressed and told her that she would be punished for it.

Inside we took of our coats and shoes and I got us some more drinks. Jon took his clothes off as well. After we told Vicky all about our holiday she told us what she had been up to. She hadn’t worn knickers since she had last seen us and had only worn a bra when it ‘wouldn’t have been appropriate in a Building Society’ to have had her tits bouncing about. She told us that she had taken Liz and Kelly to the nightclub where they had the foam and the swimming pool and that she had managed to get Liz and Kelly to go into the pool. They had kept their knickers on but Vicky (being naked) had attracted a bit more attention and one man had tried to fuck her from behind. She had turned to look at him and didn’t fancy him so she’d pushed him away.

As Vicky was telling us all this I noticed that she was squirming in her seat and that Jon’s dick was getting hard. Jon noticed Vicky looking at his dick and said, “You haven’t had a man for ages have you, and you’d better sleep with me tonight.” As we headed upstairs Jon told me to play with myself, but not to make myself cum. He said that he’d explain all in the morning.

Friday - Christmas Day - I got up first and looked into Jon’s room. Vicky was sat astride him and having a good ride. I was a little disappointed as I wanted to do that to him as a little Christmas present. When they eventually came downstairs breakfast was just about ready and we all sat there, naked, eating and talking about lots of different things. Vicky asked if we still had the ‘wonderful fucking machine’ and when Jon said that we had she asked if she could use it. Jon just said, “Later.”

After breakfast Vicky and I started getting things ready for dinner while Jon disappeared. An hour later he returned and called us into the lounge. He told us that he had planned to give me one of the deepest most intense orgasm that I would ever have as a Christmas present. It was to be slowly built-up throughout the day as a mixture of pain, pleasure and frustration. He told me to resist having an orgasm all day and to tell him if I got anywhere near having one. Vicky hadn’t been part of his original plan but since she was here then he would make it a ‘double act’.

To start off with Vicky and me had to spank each other 50 times as hard as we could. This was to be administered while we were over Jon’s knee. I think that he wanted us to feel his hard dick pressing into our stomach as it was happening. I was the first over Jon’s knee and Vicky really did try hard. By the time I had said, “30 - thank you” my juices were starting to flow and Vicky eased off a bit in the forties. On the last couple her fingers were starting to linger on my pussy before she pulled her hand away. My backside wasn’t too painful at the end and I hadn’t needed to cry.

Next it was Vicky’s turn and she gave a little moan of pleasure as she pressed her stomach onto Jon’s hard dick. Without being told she opened her legs so that my hand would be able to get at her pussy easily. I think that she was hoping that I would concentrate on fingering her pussy rather than on the spanking. Vicky didn’t count the strokes so I did. I wasn’t going to give her an easy time and by the time I got to 25 my hand was really hurting. I stared to slow down but tried to direct my hand so that my fingers went round her cheek and onto her pussy. By the time I had delivered 40 spanks I had developed the art of moving my hand after it had landed so that a finger went into her pussy before my hand came away. I knew that Vicky had noticed it but I didn’t know if Jon had. He didn’t say anything. When Vicky stood up there were tears in her eyes, but at the same time she gave me a ‘knowing’ smile.

Jon still had his hard-on and he said that one of us would have to do something about it. He kept looking at us both but in the end he let me give him a blowjob to relive his pressures. I was down on my knees in front of him and he was really trying to get his dick as far down my throat as he could. At one point I was having a bit of difficulty breathing, but that soon changed when he shot his load straight down my throat. I didn’t even get the chance to taste it.

It was then back to the Christmas dinner but Jon brought us both a glass of wine. When everything was cooking nicely Jon decided that it was time for the next round. He had us both put our Ben Wa ball in their proper place and told us to run up and down the stairs 10 times. Boy did that get me excited. I was glad that it wasn’t 20 I was nearly ready to cum after the 10.

Just as we were about to sit down to dinner Jon told me to replace Ben with the remote controlled vibe. All through the meal he played with the control and got me so close to cumming that I only just managed to tell him to stop. I had that familiar feeling deep inside me that was threatening to explode out. Eating just seemed to push the feeling deeper inside me but my pussy was leaving a pool of my juices on the chair. Every time I shuffled about there was a squelching sound. When we stopped eating Jon told me to stand-up with my legs apart and he used his fingers to find and remove the vibe. Fortunately it didn’t take him long otherwise I would have cum.

Vicky volunteered to do the washing-up while Jon took me upstairs and into the punishment room. He strapped me onto the top part of the ‘T’ with my feet to the legs. I couldn’t move and my spread pussy was there waiting for some action. The action that it got was Jon with first the tawse, then the cane. I can’t remember how many strokes I counted but my backside thought that it was on fire. Jon’s an expert with the cane and the end of it must have reached my pussy about a dozen times. I was crying and almost screaming. My pussy was on fire and my juices just seemed to make it burn all the more. I was so close to cumming it was unbelievable. Just as I thought that I couldn’t hold it any more Vicky came into the room and Jon stopped. Vicky said that I didn’t look too good and asked if I was OK. I tried to say “yes” but the word wouldn’t come out. In the end I just nodded.

Jon decided that he needed to let me calm down for a while and while he left me where I was he told Vicky that it was time for her to get re-acquainted with the fucking machine. While she went and got a chair he sorted out the ropes and when she came back he tied her wrists and told her to get on. Vicky climbed on and slowly impaled herself on the big dildo. Her pussy was just inches from my face and I could see every detail as she went down. She gave a big sigh as she reached the bottom. Jon adjusted the ropes and then switched on the motor.

To start off with he set the motor to run very slowly and it seemed to take ages for her to rise up so that the dildo was just out of her before she started to go down again. Jon left us alone for about 5 minutes before coming back and increasing the motors speed.

Vicky was starting to get quite worked-up and her juices were down to her knees. Unless Jon switched off the motor I could see that Vicky was going to cum long before me. The sweet fragrance of her pussy was stopping me from relaxing. Jon left Vicky and turned his attentions to me again. He gave me 10 more strokes with the cane and I was crying again after the second stroke. By the 10th I was so close to cumming that I had to beg him to stop. Just as he did stop Vicky gave out a loud scream and shuddered as she reached the bottom of the dildo.

The motor just kept going and up she went again.

Jon ignore her and un-strapped me. I collapsed to the floor and felt the pain as my backside hit the floor. Jon lifted me across the floor so that I was spread-eagle under the ropes that were dangling from the ceiling. He then strapped these to my wrists and ankles and hauled me up to about his waist height. Thankfully he had already attached the supporting straps for my waist and neck. There I was hanging about 3 feet in the air with my arms and legs as wide as they possibly could be. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Vicky still going up and down on the dildo. She had tears in her eyes but a smile on her face.

Jon got the remote controlled vibe and pushed it into me. I say pushed but I’m sure that my pussy nearly sucked it out of his hand. He switched it onto low speed and left the room. When he came back five minutes later Vicky was just having her second orgasm and I was about to have my first. Jon saw the expression on my face and switched the vibe off. So close, yet so far away.

It was then that I saw a strange looking object in Jon’s hand. It was a bit like a big pair of pliers with a spiked wheel on the end. I’d never seen one of those before (I later found out that it was a Leather workers hole punch). At the time I’d no idea what it was for and was a bit surprised when Jon started playing with it and my pussy lips. All of a sudden there was a bolt of pain coming from my labia. That pain made me cum. I felt like I was exploding as my body danced about at the end of those ropes. I was just starting to calm down when it happened again, both the pain and the orgasm. Two within a couple of minutes. Jon later told me that my pussy actually squirted out some of my juices both times that I came.

Jon continued doing something to my pussy, but I didn’t know what and when he finished he switched the vibe back on and left us again. What seemed like hours later he came back. Vicky had cum another twice and her head was hanging down. I had only cum another once but I was shattered. Jon switched everything off and lifted Vicky off the dildo. He carried her out and laid her on his bed. He then came back for me and after lowering me to the floor he carried me to his bed and laid me beside Vicky. Within seconds I was asleep.

Two hours later I woke up as Vicky was climbing off the bed. We quickly decided that we needed a shower. As I pulled my legs off the bed I saw something on my pussy. When I looked closer there were 2 gold rings about half an inch across, one hanging from each of my pussy lips. Jon had used the ‘pliers’ to pierce each of my labia and they now had ‘sleepers’ in them. There was dried blood all round my pussy. Walking was quite painful although the warm shower did help. Neither of us said anything as we showered and we both went back to bed as soon as we had dried ourselves.

It was late at night when I woke up and woke Vicky. We were both still tired, but hungry. We both complained about sore pussies as we went down stairs. My backside hurt like hell as well. Jon was watching TV when we found him and he immediately got up and told us to sit (or lay) down while he got us some food and drink. We both agreed that we had never had so much pleasure at one session before. We both thanked Jon for our Christmas presents.

Saturday December 26

It was late when Vicky and me woke up (we had both slept in Jon’s bed while he slept in mine). It didn’t hurt so much when I moved and we both explored my Christmas present it hurt like hell when I moved them. We all had a lazy day eating, drinking, talking and watching the TV too much. It hurt too much whenever I tried to move my new rings. Nothing else really happened apart from Jon sleeping with (and presumably fucking) Vicky.

Sunday December 27

Jon was up bright and early and told us to get up as well. Surprisingly enough my pussy ring holes had healed quite a bit over night and it didn’t hurt much at all when I moved my rings around, but it still hurt a bit when I gently pulled on them.

Straight after breakfast he took us to the Hotel Leisure Centre. We hit the gym first. Jon told me to wear only my white leotard, the one with the T-back. That meant that my bum cheeks were totally exposed. Vicky wore my white Lycra bikini bottoms and a T-shirt. I got one of the male members of staff staring at me as we walked through the reception area into the gym and I wondered if one of my rings had ‘escaped’ out of the side of the crotch.

It was still quite early and there was no one else in there. Jon told us what exercise machines to use and before long the leotard had lost its self inside my pussy lips. The same had happened with my bikini bottoms on Vicky. So much so that Jon told Vicky to take them off. There was no one else in there so it was only us that she was flashing her pussy to. She looked good on the machine that you have to push your legs as wide apart as you can and she said that she really enjoyed the cycling machine. Jon kept us there for about an hour before deciding to go.

A man came in just before Jon told us we were leaving and I was a little surprised that he didn’t want to keep us there longer so that we could get the poor man’s heart beating even faster. Vicky wasn’t too happy about walking back through the hotel’s reception with her bum cheeks and pussy just visible at the bottom of the T-shirt but Jon said if anyone was going to be noticed then it would be me with my pussy lips and rings showing. As it turned out no one seemed to notice us. I’m coming to the conclusion that most people are just so wrapped up in their own little worlds that they don’t notice what’s going on around them.

We got changed, well Vicky put my white Lycra bikini on and we went for a swim. Jon had put on a pair of his fine mesh undies on and I could clearly see his dick through the mesh. There was only an old man and a young couple in the pool and the young man had a good look at Vicky and me as we got in the water. We swam up and down and generally messed about for about half an hour before Jon told us that we were going into the Jacuzzi. As we got out of the water I could clearly see Vicky’s nipples and one pussy lip through the now nearly transparent thin white Lycra. I say one pussy lip as the other one had come out of the side of the crotch of the bikini bottoms. When I looked down at my front I could see my 2 hard nipples were visible through the thin leotard, and both my pussy lips and rings were out. The material had disappeared right into my pussy. Jon was just as bad, he had a hard-on and his undies were hiding nothing.

The young couple were in the Jacuzzi and as we walked to it they stared then smiled as we climbed in. The woman eyes opened wide when she saw Jon’s dick. We got chatting and it turns out that they were staying in the hotel for Christmas. They were obviously so much in love and kept kissing each other. I couldn’t see what they were doing under the bubbles but the expressions on their faces told me that something was going on. Jon had pulled me onto his lap and I sat facing Vicky as he pulled the crotch on my leotard to one side and then lifted me onto his dick. It hurt a bit as his dick pushed against my rings as he entered me.

The main bubbles stopped for a couple of minutes and through the small bubbles I could see that the man was finger-fucking the woman while he kissed her. I think that Vicky was feeling a bit left out of things because after a few minutes I saw her hand go under the water and to her pussy. We stayed there for ages with no one else coming into the pool or the Jacuzzi. Eventually (and after Jon had shot his load into me) we got out and went up to the sauna. There was no one in there either so Jon told us to strip off. We were all laid there when the couple came in about 5 minutes later. When they saw us all naked they too stripped of. The woman asked the man if he had seen any signs saying that it was ‘clothes optional’ and said, “No, but there again there weren’t any saying it wasn’t.”

The man had a dick that wasn’t as big as Jon’s and he had a big bush of black hair all round it. The woman had big floppy breasts with small dark nipples that looked very hard. Her pussy was surrounded with masses of black hair but when she lifted her feet up onto the bench I could see a nice little clit peeping out of her pink lips. Vicky and I were lying on the bench when they came in and the woman sat at my feet. I had to sit up with my feet still on the bench facing her for there to be enough room for them. The man sat on the other side of her facing her with his feet up on the bench and as he looked at her he could see past her and me.

As my legs weren’t together he could see my pussy quite clearly. When I realised this I decided to have a bit of fun and opened my legs a bit more. I also kept slowly licking my lips. The man and the woman were talking about their weekend in the Hotel, but I could see that the man was looking at me a lot. Mixed in with the sweat that was running down my body was Jon’s jism that was still seeping out of me.

It was having the desired effect on the man and I could see hid dick starting to rise. It was full hard-on when the woman noticed and told him that they were going for a shower. Jon hadn’t been taking any notice of all this but Vicky had and when they went out she said, “I saw you, enjoy doing that to men do you?” “Yes I do, it’s great the power that a woman has over a man.” I said. “Not ALL men” Jon said. Vicky said, “Vanessa doesn’t have that effect on you because you see her naked every day, but you must admit that if an attractive naked woman started doing things like Vanessa did in front of you then you’d get a hard-on as well.” “I certainly would,” Jon said, “and that’s why I like my women to tease other men. I bet that a lot of women like watching men play with themselves as well.” Both Vicky and me said, “I do” at exactly the same time.

That made us all laugh a bit then Vicky said, “That couple are having a long shower - together.” Jon said, “I bet he’s fucking her in there.” Vicky looked out and said, “You’re probably right, I can see one of her feet sticking out of the curtain - at about his waist height.” “Good for them” Jon said. A few minutes later they came back in and sat in the reverse positions. This time it was the woman who was looking straight at my pussy. I wanted to see what reaction I would get from her so I started letting my hand wander all over my body. Needless to say that they lingered on my breasts and nipples and explored my pussy. I was gently pulling my lips apart with the rings. I could see her opening her knees slowly as she watched me. When they got wide enough I could see her swollen pink lips in the middle of all that black hair with a little dark pink clit in the middle.

Encouraged by her actions I started playing with my own clit. I quickly let my eyes wander around the sauna and saw that Jon’s dick was getting hard again and that Vicky was playing with her pussy as well. As I looked back at the woman I saw her hands go round her thighs and part her pussy even more. Her man was looking down at her pussy and his dick was starting to rise. Shortly after that Vicky let out a moan. She had cum. Jon said, “Vicky, your turn, come and sit on this” pointing to his dick that was pointing to the ceiling.

Taking that as a cue the woman got off the bench and then backed onto her man’s now erect dick. There was now 2 couples fucking in there and me just frigging myself. I felt a bit left out of it but I knew that it wouldn’t be long before Jon was fucking me. The man came first and he pulled the woman back onto him. Shortly after that Jon did the same with Vicky. There was a long silence as everyone let their sexual frenzy calm down. After a couple of minutes the man lifted the woman off his now floppy dick. They got up to leave and Jon said, “Come on, it’s getting too hot for me,” and we followed them out into the open area.

Just as the man and woman started to put on their hotel towelling bathrobes a young female staff member walked in. She stopped dead in her tracks when she realised that she was looking at 5 naked people. After taking in everything she was looking at she started to say, “You’re not supposed to ..” But then changed her mind and continued “Oh what the hell!” and she walked on through to the pool area. The man and woman left and Vicky and me went into the ladies changing room. We had a shower, dried ourselves and put our coats on and went to meet Jon in the reception area. As we were waiting the staff girl was whispering to some of her colleagues and pointing to us. I said to Vicky “They’re talking about us.” “So what?” Vicky said just as Jon walked up to us.

Back home I got the dinner ready and then we watched TV for a few hours before Vicky said that she had to go back home. Apparently she had promised one of her flat mates that she would go somewhere with her on the Monday. Jon drove Vicky back to Nottingham and didn’t get back until late.

Week commencing December 28

Monday - Jon took me to Birmingham shopping. I had to wear just shoes and my coat and it was quite cold walking around outside. Jon bought me 3 sweaters that all went down to just cover my bum. One was very tight, but the other 2 were a lot looser and thicker. One was a ‘V’ neck and when I bent over in front of a mirror I could see my tits and all down the front of my body. As you probably guessed, Jon had me try each one on (and a lot more that we didn’t buy) and then come out of the changing rooms to show him what they looked like. He even had me bending over in them which gave one or two people a good look at my bare ass.

There was only one other ‘interesting’ incident. When I was in the changing rooms in one shop I had just taken my coat off and was standing there naked taking the sweater off its hanger when the curtain opened and a young woman shop assistant said, “Oops sorry, I didn’t think that there was anyone in here.” Her eyes were looking me up and down as she continued, “Is everything alright in here?” When I said, “Yes, thank you,” she said, “Yes, I can see it is, if you need any help please let me know.” She stood there for what seemed like a full minute staring at my pussy before backing out and closing the curtain.

Jon also bought me 3 pairs of black Lycra tights to wear with the sweaters. These took some finding as Jon wanted them to be all the same thickness right up to the waist and thin enough so that they were see-through if you did any more than glance at me. When we got home and I tried them on I felt strange at first, I hadn’t worn trousers, leggings or tights (only stockings) for almost a year. They took a bit of getting used to; Jon told me that they were only to be worn when I was going to be outside in the cold for a long time. The rest of the time it was to be just a dress or sweater, and / or my coat.

Tuesday - Jon took me to the Sales and he bought me a couple of skirts and tops and himself a new suit. Nothing exciting happened in the changing rooms.

Wednesday, Thursday - Jon had to go into work so I didn’t see much of him until Thursday teatime. When I was in the shower on the Wednesday morning I noticed that the holes in labia had now healed completely and the only pain is when the rings are pulled. I asked Jon if he had thought about piercing me elsewhere, like my clit or nipples. He said that he had thought about it quite a lot, but with both my nipples and my clit being so big and hard he didn’t want to interfere with the beauty of them in any way at all. I was pleased that Jon was happy with my nipples and clit, but at the same time I was a little bit disappointed that I wasn’t going to get them pierced. With rings in them I would have been able to pull them easier and perhaps make them even bigger.

That evening Jon took me to a New Year Eve’s party at the house of one of his friends. I had to wear my short silky dress, the one that hangs out from my chest letting anyone who looks down the front or sides see all my tits. With it Jon had me wear my dog collar. I hadn’t worn it for a while and it felt a bit strange. I got a couple of comments about it but I just ignored them. Jon spent a lot of the time talking to other people and I had a lot of the men talking and dancing with me. As the booze flowed some of the men got a bit more adventurous and kept finding excuses to put their hands on me.

At first I pushed their hands off but as I pushed one hand off I saw Jon looking at me and shaking his head. He wanted me to let them grope me, so I did. It didn’t take them long to realise what they could get away with. Most of them were a quick chat and grope then back to their wives or girlfriends, but a couple of the un-attached men kept coming back to me. For some strange reason one of them kept dropping things on the floor and asking me to pick them up for him. I wasn’t sure if he was trying to look down my front or give his mate behind me a good look at my ass. Whatever, I was starting to enjoy it. One of them tried to talk me into going upstairs with him but I knew that Jon would not be happy with that so I told him that ‘having a grope downstairs was one thing, but going upstairs for a fuck was out of the question’. He seemed a little surprised by my words but within seconds his hand moved from my bum outside my dress to my pussy under my dress. His eyes lit up for a second when he realised that I didn’t have any knickers on and he smiled when he found my wet pussy.

As the night wore on and people got a little ‘happier’, someone suggested some party games. The men seemed to take that as drinking games. One or two of the women joined in, but eventually one of the women suggested a game of Twister. When she said that it had nothing to do with drinking I said that I would join in. Little did I realise what was involved and it wasn’t long before bodies were twisted into all sorts of weird positions. You can just imagine what I was showing wearing only that dress. At times there were faces right in front of my chest and even between my legs (both men and women). One time when we all collapsed a hand was playing with my clit and a finger went in my hole for a few seconds. The thing was, I couldn’t see who they were attached to.

This game went on for ages and I seemed to be the only one that played in each session. I enjoyed it, it was a good laugh and I got a thrill out of knowing that so many people were looking at my naked bits. No one said anything, maybe that was because just about everyone there had had enough to drink to make them relax.

Friday - I woke up at lunchtime in Jon’s bed. I don’t remember the last part of the party, or coming home. The dampness of my pussy told me that Jon had fucked me, but I can’t remember any of it. Jon was still asleep when I got up and we spent the rest of the day getting over our hangovers.

Saturday January 2 and Sunday January 3

Another quiet day, nothing of any interest happened all weekend.

Week commencing January 4

A very quiet week, the weather was typical British weather - cold, wet and windy. I went shopping, but had to wear a jumper as well as my coat. I didn’t see anyone that I knew and wasn’t really bothered. I couldn’t seem to find the enthusiasm.

Saturday January 9

The central heating wasn’t working when we got up and I had to wear some clothes to keep warm. It was the first time that I had worn clothes in the house (apart from when getting ready to go out, or just having come home) for months and it felt a bit strange at first. Jon tried to get someone to come and look at it, but no one would come until the Monday morning. Jon took me to a pub for a meal that night, and it was good to get warm, but nothing exciting happened.

Sunday January 10

Another cold day - quite boring really.

Week commencing January 11

Monday - A heating engineer arrived mid-morning and didn’t take long to fix the heating. I had been wearing just one on my big woolly jumpers and when I had taken him upstairs to show him where the hot water tank was he followed me up the stairs. Just as we got near the top he said ‘It doesn’t feel that cold to me, in fact I’m quite warm at the moment.’ I presumed that he was looking at my bare ass sticking out of the bottom of the sweater. In a way I was looking for other ways of flashing him my body, but no opportunities came up and it wasn’t long before he was gone.

Tuesday - Jon came home in a foul mood and found a nothing excuse to tan my backside. By the time he had finished I was in tears and close to cumming, but he just left it at that. I had to finish the job myself when I went to bed.

Thursday - Aerobics started again and I had been looking forward to seeing Jenny again. I was disappointed when it was another woman who was taking the class. She was a lot older and seemed a bit aloof. When I asked her where Jenny was she just said that she had taken over the class and Jenny wouldn’t be back. Her facial expression told me that she didn’t approve of what I was wearing - only my white ‘T’ back leotard. A couple of times I spotted one of the men staring at me but things just weren’t the same. I decided not to go back the next week.

Friday April 23 - no, there’s nothing missing

Jon surprised me when I got up. He told me that since I had now worked for him for a full year we were going to celebrate by having a long weekend in London. I packed our bags and we caught a mid-morning train to London. It was quite quiet on the train and Jon took me to a carriage that was empty. Jon told me that we were going to have a great time and that there would be lots for me to write about in this journal. It was then that I thought that I had better admit that I hadn’t been keeping the journal up to date. Jon was not happy and I had to stand up, take my dress off and bend over the table while he gave me 100 strokes with his hand. He said that that was just for starters, and that there would be more later.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) no one came into the carriage before Jon told me to put my dress back on. But I was thinking about what they would think if someone had of come in and seen me naked, bent over a table in a moving train, getting my ass whipped. As I was thinking about it I could feel my juices starting to wet my pussy.

When we got to London we had to go to the centre on the underground. Some of the escalators in the underground are quite steep and long and with Jon being in front of me I’m sure that a few people were getting a good look at my bare arse. On one of them I looked round a couple of times and the first time I saw a young(ish) man a couple of steps behind me. When I looked round again he was a couple more steps behind me and staring right at my ass. I smiled to myself and opened my legs so that he could see more of my pussy and just for good measure I bent forward slightly. I was enjoying riding on the London underground.

In the hotel we were given a nice big room. Jon immediately opened the net curtains and I could see across the street into a busy office. Before I could do anything else Jon told me to take my dress of, stand in front of the window and let him know when someone started staring at me. It wasn’t long before first one man then a whole group of men and women were looking across the street at me. When I told Jon he told me to turn round and bend over the chair that he placed behind me. I then had to open my legs wide while he gave me 10 strokes with the tawse. I hadn’t packed it so Jon must have put it in the bags afterwards. After 5 Jon told me to stand up and look at my audience across the street. A couple of them started clapping their hands as they saw me looking at them. After the second 5 I had to stand facing them with my feet about 2 feet apart for a full 5 minutes before Jon told me to get cleaned up and put a dress on. As I moved away from the window I gave my audience a little wave.

Jon took me out for some food and then onto the underground where we rode right round the circle line getting on and off and going up the escalators then back down again. Jon told me to pretend that I wasn’t with him and to see how many people I could flash. Each time I got onto the trains I sat opposite a ‘candidate’ and left my knees open. Under Jon’s instructions I last crossed my legs when I started working for him but on the trains I wanted to make it easy for my ‘victim’ to get a good look at my pussy. With a dress that only just covers my ass when I’m stood up, sitting down with my knees a good few inches apart makes it easy for someone sitting opposite to get a real good look at my pussy and sometimes even the rings in my pussy lips.

Sitting down was a bit painful at first but my backside soon got used to the pain. I lost count of the number of people who looked at my pussy. I remember that it was mainly the men and young women who stared at it. The older women and some of the older men seemed to be a bit embarrassed about it.

As time went on more and more people used the trains. As the schools were throwing out I got lots of interest from teenage boys and I’m sure that a couple of them followed me up and down the escalators and trains for a while. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter and the tingling was getting stronger and stronger.

Round about 4 pm it got to the stage where there was only standing room and Jon told me to stand near the doors. I was beginning to think that the afternoon’s fun was over because I hadn’t been able to flash anyone for about 10 minutes when we got onto another train that was very crowded. I was squashed in the middle of a group of men in suits when I felt a hand on the top of my thigh. There was no way that I could have moved if even if I’d wanted to.

After a couple of seconds the hand moved round to my bum and then slowly between my cheeks to my pussy. I bet the man thought he was in heaven when he realised that I didn’t have any knickers on. I bet he had a right hard-on as he slipped a finger into my pussy. He had just started moving his finger in and out as the train stopped in a station. I looked at Jon to see if we were getting out and a quick shake of his head told me to stay put. The man’s hand disappeared as people started moving and I looked round to see if I could work out which of the men had been fingering me. I didn’t know whether to look for a guilty face or bulging trousers.

Before I could work out who it was, the compartment got even more crowded and the train moved off. Within seconds the hand was back. This time it didn’t waste any time and went straight into my pussy - from the front. The force and speed made me gasp a little before I opened my legs a bit to make it better for both of us. As the train got to the next station I was just starting to cum and had gone over the edge as people started to get out. I looked over to Jon who told me that we were getting off. As we were doing so I looked round and saw a man with a big smile on his face and a shiny finger in front of his nose.

This time Jon took me out of the station. We were in a place called Kentish Town and Jon took me along the road to a place called Rios. As we were getting close Jon told me to ignore him once we got inside and to take my lead by looking at him. When I asked him what the place was he just said, “Wait and see.” After paying the money and being given a towel each we went through a door into a grotty looking changing room where there were 2 fat middle-aged men there getting dressed and talking. As I walked in they stopped talking and looked at each other then back to me. Jon started getting undressed, putting his clothes into a locker so I did the same. You should have seen the 2 men’s faces as I just whipped my dress over my head leaving them staring at my naked body. I just stood there facing them as I folded my dress and put it in Jon’s locker. Jon locked the locker and walked out so I smiled at the men and followed Jon.

From the changing room we went into a big room that had lots of sun-loungers, a TV and a bar at one end. There were a few men lying on the beds watching TV or reading. They all had only towels on. In the bar were more men (again with only towels round their waists), one middle-aged woman with a towel round her (top as well) and 2 women behind the bar. They were in their twenties and one was wearing just a sarong round her waist and the other a towel round her waist. Both had huge breasts. We went through that room to a room that had a seating area, 2 bigish Jacuzzis and a sauna. I decided to get into one of them and Jon went into the sauna.

While I was relaxing in the warm bubbly water I noticed that the place must have had about 30 men and no more than 4 or 5 women in there. The most that any of the women were showing (except me) was their breasts and they were all a lot bigger than mine. Just about all of the men kept their towels wrapped round themselves apart from when they got into some water. Some of the men that did walk around in the nude had dicks so small that it was hard to see them through their pubic hair. And the size of some of the beer-guts!!!!

The warm water was very soothing on my backside that still hurt a bit. I wondered if I still had any red marks on it and if I did, what anyone who noticed them would think.

After a few minutes I decided to get out and go for a walk round to see what else there was there. There was a small swimming pool, a very large Jacuzzi, a small workout room, another sauna, a steam room, showers and you could get outside to where there were a few sun-loungers. As I was walking round most of the men had a good stare at me. I decided that I would go and sit at one of the tables and read one of the newspapers that were lying around.

I positioned myself so that my back was to a wall and I was facing the main seating area. With my knees open about a foot I lounged back in the chair and started reading. I held the paper so that my face was partially covered so that people would think that I couldn’t see them if they looked at me. It wasn’t long before a man came and sat in a position that would give him a good view. I kept glancing up and shuffling in the chair knowing that I was sliding further down the chair and my legs were getting wider apart. One time when I looked up I saw Jon walking past with a big grin on his face. He was obviously pleased with my ‘performance’. After a while I got up and walked past the man. He stared straight at me and made no attempt to hide the ‘tent’ that he was making under his towel.

From there I went into one of the saunas. It was empty when I went in so I lay down with my feet facing the door and my legs apart. It wasn’t long before a different man came in. He’d left his towel outside and was as naked as me. No, that’s not true; I had my 2 little gold rings in my pussy lips. He sat at the end of the bench looking towards me. I pretended to be dozing with my eyes shut and ignored him. After a few minutes I scratched the inside of my thigh as if I had an itch there. When I stopped scratching I left my hand there and ‘toyed’ with one of my rings pretending that I didn’t realise what I was doing. What I was doing was pulling my pussy lips open a bit more and flicking my clit a bit. Each time I touched my clit I pulled my stomach in a bit as if it was having some effect on me. That bit wasn’t pretending, it was getting me excited. When I squinted out of my closed eyes I saw the man staring directly at my pussy. He was playing with his erect dick.

I just love it when a man gets a hard-on watching me; it gets me more excited and makes me want to do more. It gives me a feeling of power over those men. I closed my eyes tighter and smiled to myself. If I wasn’t careful I was going to cum just lying there thinking about the effect I was having on him. A couple of minutes later I felt something touch one of my feet and heard a little grunt. I ignored it until a minute later when another man came in. I looked up and saw the first man with his hands on his lap. He was obviously trying to cover his hard-on. I looked down at my feet and saw some white creamy liquid on one foot. The bugger had shot his load towards me.

The second man sat on the opposite bench meaning that he was looking at my side. He was in his thirties, slim, with a big bush of black pubic hair and a reasonable sized dick (soft) resting on his leg. A couple of minutes later the door opened again and 3 more men came in and the first man went out. He still had a semi hard-on that was bouncing about as he left. There wasn’t that much room in there by then so I sat up and swung my legs onto the floor. I was now directly opposite the second man that had come in. The 3 newcomers had towels round their waists and were talking to each other about some business deal or other. I was feeling quite randy and brave and decided to see what effect I could have on the second man. I shuffled back on the bench and brought my feet up onto the bench so that my knees were under my chin. I then put my arms round my open knees and held one wrist with the other hand. My slightly open bald pussy was staring straight back at the second man. My head was bent forward and I was looking at the floor, but if I moved my eyes up I could see right up to his face.

The sight of my pussy with my big hard clit and little gold rings was beginning to have an effect on him and I could see his dick start to harden and rise up. I guess that he didn’t want the 3 men to see his dick so he put his feet on the bench in the same way that I was sitting. This meant that his dick was pointing to the ceiling between his thighs; the 3 men would not be able to see unless they walked between us.

We were sat there for what seemed like ages, each of us staring at the others genitals. His dick was quite big and circumcised like Jon’s. He was using the muscles in his dick to jerk it a bit. I was getting VERY randy and he must have been able to see the juices seeping out of my hole. If that had been Jon I would have been begging him to fuck me. The sort of trance between us was broken as the 3 men got up and left. I’m sure the man was going to say something but just as his mouth started to open the door opened and Jon walked in. He was still naked (as I would expect) and he sat along the bench from the other man. We had ignored each other but after a minute or so Jon said to me, “You look like you’re ready for a bit of fun, can I fuck you?” The other man’s eyes opened wide, I don’t think he believed what he heard. His eyes went wider when I replied, “Yes please, I didn’t think that anyone was going to ask me.” I bet the other man was really kicking himself.

Jon stood up and walked in-between me and the man. He stood facing me and I grabbed his dick. Within seconds it was hard enough to enter me and I put it at the entrance. Fortunately the bench was at a height where Jon could easily fuck me and he went in and out for about a minute before we both came. In a way I was surprised that I didn’t cum before Jon, I was very close to it before he came in. Jon pulled out and sat down beside me, his wet dick starting to go down. When it was soft he stood up, said, “thanks love” and walked out. The other man’s face was a picture. I don’t know if he believed what he had just seen. Before he had time to compose himself I got up and went out and had a shower.

Jon was still in the shower when I got there. He smiled at me then said, “Enjoy that did you? Meet me in the workout room in 10 minutes.” As I walked out of the shower I saw Jon sat reading a newspaper with his still semi erect dick lying on his legs. I went for a swim before going to the workout room when Jon walked through the pool area to get there. To start off with we were the only us 2 in there. There are only a handful of machines in there but enough to get a reasonable workout. Jon told me to try every one of them.

By the time that I got to the jogging machine another couple of men had appeared and I could see them watching me as I bounced up and down as I was jogging. Anyone would have thought that they had never seen a naked girl running on a treadmill before. My little tits were bouncing up and down as best they could. It was more than enough to make my nipples very hard. From the back of the room Jon motioned me to keep going and I was really sweating before his hands told me to stop. All the time the 2 men had hardly had any exercise at all - apart from their eyes and brains.

From there I went and had another shower and then went to the bar. Jon was on a stool at the other end of the bar but he told the girl behind the bar to get me a drink. I took the drink and walked up to him and thanked him loudly in such a way as to imply that we were strangers. We chatted quietly for about 10 minutes. I told him all about the man in the sauna shooting his load at me. Jon asked me to point him out but he wasn’t around. Jon thought it was funny.

From there we went to the sun loungers to watch a bit of TV. Jon told me to lay on one near the walkway with my feet on the floor at either side. Jon then sat at the bottom of the sun lounger with his back to the walkway. This meant that anyone walking passed would have a great view of my bald pussy and rings without Jon being able to see whoever was looking. It also meant that Jon could slip the fingers of his right hand into me when no one was looking. As I lay there looking at the TV and the people at the bar, Jon brought me to 2 orgasms. It didn’t take much because I was still worked-up from before. All the time I had to keep a smile on my face and look as if I was talking to Jon. Each time someone walked by I had to tell Jon and he stopped frigging me. It was surprising how many men walked up and down through that room, and even I could smell the aroma of an excited pussy.

While we were in there 3 foreign, older teenage girls wearing bikinis came in. I say foreign because they were talking in a language that I didn’t understand. They seemed a little surprised when they saw me and Jon. I got the impression that they didn’t know that there would be naked people in there. After a few minutes Jon told me to go and find them and see if I could let them have a good look at my pussy.

I found them in one of the steam rooms and I sat opposite them with my legs apart. Although it was a steam room visibility was quite good and it wasn’t long before one of them started looking at me and then obviously telling her friends to look. They were obviously talking about me and they kept looking at me. I wondered if any of their pussies were getting damp (from the inside out).

When they left they went to the shower then into the big Jacuzzi. There must have been room for 50 people in there, but it wasn’t as hot as the 2 smaller ones. I went and found Jon and told him where they were. Jon told me to go there too and that he would follow me in a bit. I was enjoying the bubbles and trying to float on my back in there when Jon came in. He sat close to me then indicated that he wanted me to go to him. He told me to put a knee on the underwater bench either side of him so that I was facing him. I knew exactly what he was going to do and when his dick got hard enough he pulled me down onto him. He told me to lay back and continue my floating lessons, and he held one of his hands under my back so that my breasts were just out of the water. The 3 girls were all watching us, so was an old man that was in the other end of the Jacuzzi. Jon was bouncing me up and down and kept massaging one breast and nipple with his spare hand.

It wasn’t long before I felt Jon shoot his load into me and he lifted me off him. I hadn’t cum, but there again I’d had my share of orgasms that day. Jon moved away from me and ignored me. I’m not sure if the girls realised that Jon was with me or that they thought that he had just picked me up for a quick fuck. Whatever. When Jon got out I left it for about 5 minutes before going looking for him. I found him in the seating area and he told me that we were leaving. There was another man in the changing room and he watched my every move as I towelled myself dry then put just a dress on. Out on the street it was dark and we went back to the underground and caught a tube back to the hotel. The underground was relatively quiet and I didn’t get the opportunity to flash anyone.

Back in the hotel room Jon was a bit disappointed to see that the offices over the street were empty. We showered and changed and Jon took me out for a drink and a meal. He told me to wear the remote vibe, my black pencil dress and nothing else apart from shoes. We walked to a quiet little restaurant that had a little bar for people waiting for tables. Jon started with the remote vibe almost as soon as we got inside the place (London is so much warmer than the midlands).

Just as I was about to tell the waiter what I wanted to drink Jon switched it on. Although I should have guessed, it caught me by surprise and I gasped just as I was about open my mouth. The waiter gave me a funny look as he stood there waiting for me. All during the meal Jon played his usual tricks with the on / off switch and his timing and brought me so close to an orgasm whenever a waiter was stood in front of me. As usual when I sat down with the remote vibe in (and most other times as well) I make sure that my dress is not between my butt and the seat. I like to leave my pussy juices on the seat, not on my dress. That means that if I don’t strategically place a napkin my bald pubic area is visible to anyone who can look at my lap.

Before we ordered our desserts Jon told me to place my napkin on the table and leave it there until my dessert was arrived. The waiters face was wonderful when he realises that he was looking at. He hung around for as long as he could and just to let him know that he was looking I smiled at him and opened my legs a bit. The poor man was going bright red and there was a definite bulge in the front of his trousers. All this time I was finding it hard to concentrate as Jon was getting me so close to cumming. Unfortunately Jon obviously didn’t want me to cum and he knows me well enough to know when to switch the vibe off. It was only going up in the lift back to our room that he finally took me over the edge. The old couple in the lift must have thought that I was ill or something as I held my stomach and gasped when I came. When we got out of the lift Jon told me to take my dress off and I walked naked back to our room. No one saw us.

Saturday April 24

When I woke-up the sun was shining in through the window. Jon was awake and when he realised that I was awake he told me to go and open the window and let some fresh air in. The window hadn’t been opened very often and it took me ages to get it to open just a little bit. As I was struggling I noticed that there some people in the offices opposite and what’s more, they’d noticed me. Two or three men and women were watching a naked me. I told Jon and he just said ‘take your time and get it wide open.’ I’m still not sure if he meant the window or me. Anyway after about 5 minutes I gave up, waved at them and went for a shower.

When I came out of the bathroom I got a bit of a surprise, Jon had called room service and a young girl was just unloading a trolley. She stopped and stared at my naked body as I just stood in front of her. It was only when Jon said, “haven’t you seen a naked woman before” that she said, “Sorry sir” and continued. As she was leaving she looked back at me a couple of times. We slowly ate breakfast with Jon deciding what we were going to do that day. Jon wanted some more hot tea, I said that I would make some using the kettle in the room but Jon told me to ring room service. When it came Jon told me to open the door. It was a young man who took his time looking at me. As he was going out of the door I heard a girl’s voice say “was she still in the nuddie then?” I didn’t close the door for a couple of seconds and I heard her say “what did you think of the rings then?”

Jon took me shopping down Oxford Street in the morning and he bought me a couple of dresses. One was a tight light blue, soft knitted one that really hugged my shape. The shape of my nipples was really visible. The other one was in 2 parts joined at the top. The outer part is made of a dark see-through net material while the inner slip is flesh coloured. Jon told me that I have to put a lot of large neat holes in that part and shorten it so that it only just covers my bum and pussy when I stand still.

All the shops and the street were absolutely crowded; I’ve never seen so many people out shopping before. After a couple of hours or so we went to a Burger King before Jon took me to a quieter part of town, to some smaller shops. To get there we had to use the underground. That was crowded as well and there were hundreds of youths going to a football match. We had to stand on the train and were surrounded by all these noisy youths singing and shouting. I was sandwiched between 2 of them and it was only a couple of seconds after the doors closed that I felt 2 hands groping me. One youth was probing at my pussy and the other was running his hand up and down my bum. I was expecting that hand to go down towards my pussy and I was wondering what would happen when the 2 hands met. It never happened as the youths all got off at the next station leaving me with a wet pussy.

I don’t know where it was that Jon took me, but there were some unusual shops there. One sold leather and rubber clothes and had some items like wrist and ankle restraints. There was even a long leather whip fastened to the wall. The staff was a man and a woman, both wearing leathers, the woman wore a leather dog collar round her neck that looked exactly like mine. Jon asked if they had any more bondage equipment that we could look at but the woman said that she was sorry, but all their other items were only sold by mail order. She gave Jon a catalogue.

The next shop we went in was a dress shop. They had lots of clothes with not much to them. As soon as I realised that I knew that Jon would want me to try a lot of them on. We were lucky as well; the changing rooms were 3 cubicles in a row in a separate room at the back of the shop. There was a largish area in front of the cubicles with a long mirror and a couple of chairs for the men to use while they waited for their wives or girlfriends to get changed. Jon selected a couple of dresses, I chose a skirt and top and we went into the changing area. As we were walking towards them Jon told me to only half close the curtain and to make sure that I gave the man that was sat on one of the chairs a good show.

I did as I was told and Jon sat next to the man. I hung up the clothes that I was going to try on and then with my back to the half open curtain I bent down, grabbed the hem of my dress and slowly lifted it right over my head. I was looking in the mirror in front of me and I could see the man and Jon’s faces as my totally naked back came into view. The surprise on the man’s face was great as he realised that I wasn’t wearing anything under my dress. It was then that I realised that if I could see him in the mirror in front of me then he could probably see my front in the mirror.

I turned to the hangers and hung-up my dress before starting to unfasten a dress that Jon had selected. It was going to be a tight fit getting into it so I had to undo the zip all the way down. As I stepped into it I turned to face Jon and the man. Jon smiled so I smiled back which caused the man to smile at me. The dress was tight and short, it had holes all over it, and some were big enough for a hand to squeeze in. On bigish one was just below my left breast and the bottom of my breast was clearly visible. Another bigish one was on my stomach showing that I wasn’t wearing any knickers.

Jon told me to come out of the cubicle and let him get a closer look at me. He’d got up and was talking to me in front of the mirror when the man’s partner came out of her cubicle. She was wearing a dress that was nearly as short as the one I had on and it looked nice, but it wasn’t as revealing as mine. The man got up to talk to her and I saw that he had a big bulge in the front of his trousers. I think that the woman must have seen it too because she giggled a bit and said, “What have you been thinking about?” He didn’t answer the question but commented on how nice she looked.

Jon squeezed his hand into the hole on my stomach and said (loudly), “these holes are big enough to get my hand in, look.” Not only did I look at what he was doing (holding my pubic bone with one finger in-between the lips of my pussy) in the mirror, but the man and woman looked as well. I jokingly said, “get off” and pulled back a bit. This caused the dress to ride up a bit and I could see Jon’s hand covering my pussy in the mirror. As he pulled his hand out my whole pussy was clearly visible in the mirror. I tried to see if the couple were still looking but Jon was in the way.

Jon told me to go and try the other dress on so I went back into my cubicle and took the dress off. From where I was I couldn’t see the couple but it wasn’t long before the man worked his way back so that he could see me. He was talking to his woman while looking over to me. I was stood there naked watching him and Jon as I fiddled with the zip on the first dress, then the one I was going to put on. The zip was only in the top of the skirt part, there was only a very low cut front to the top part and the skirt was flared out. The whole thing was made out of very light material and not a lot of it either. Just as I was zipping up the skirt I heard the woman say “what are you looking at?” and her face came into view. I walked out to Jon and he said, “Nice, very nice.” I had to agree when I looked into the big mirror, it did look nice and it was made of a materiel that felt good as well.

As I was looking in the mirror Jon said, “Bend over a bit.” As I did the front of the dress fell forward and I could see my breasts in the mirror. I turned round and did the same again. This time I looked down first to see my breasts again, and then I looked beside and behind me into the mirror. I could see all my backside and pussy in between. The woman had gone back into her cubicle but the man was staring at me. I smiled back at him and said, “Nice isn’t it!” “It certainly is” he replied.

I stood up again and Jon gently grabbed the 2 front parts of the top and pulled them away from me. The whole top was so lose fitting that the gap seemed big enough for someone to drive a bus through. Jon said that he really liked that one and told me to go and try the skirt and top on. Within seconds I was in the cubicle and had unzipped and dropped the dress. I was putting it back on the hanger (facing Jon and the man) when first his woman came out, saw me and said, “now I understand”; then as they both walked away 2 girls in their late teens walked in. One of them saw me - naked and full frontal, then look at Jon and then said, “I hope we’re not interrupting anything.” Jon said, “No, carry on ladies.”

The skirt that I had brought in was very low fitting; it only just covered my hips and relied on them to keep it up. When I zipped it up round my waist I just let it go and it settled nicely round my hips. When I pulled it up to my waist again all my backside and pussy were on view until I let go of it again. I thought that that was quite good and went to show Jon. I was still pulling it up and letting go when one of the girls came out of her cubicle. There I was, topless and flashing my bum and puss to Jon. The girl stopped and looked at me for a second then went to look at herself in the big mirror. Just as Jon told me to go and put the top on the other girl came out. She looked at me as well before turning to her mate.

The dresses that the girls had on were quite nice but one of them was way too small and her knickers were really showing through. As I was putting the little top on I heard one girl say “you won’t be able to wear any knickers with that.” The reply was “nothing new there then!” When I got back out the girl with the showing knickers was really showing them, they were in her hand. “That looks better” the second girl said. There was no way that there was time for her to go into her cubicle and take them off so she must have taken them off out in the open in front of Jon. I guess that she must have thought that if I was naked out there, then her slipping her knickers of was nothing to worry about. Quite right too.

Jon wasn’t happy with the skirt and top and told me to put the backless dress on again. He also told me to get it and change out there. Just as I was stepping into it another man and woman came into the area. I watched the man’s face and trousers as they stood and watched us for a few seconds before the woman said, “I think we’ll come back later.” As she virtually pulled the man out of there I could see that the sight of my naked body was having the expected effect on him. I was starting to get a bit excited as well and I could feel that familiar dampness in my pussy. I put the dress back on and whilst I was doing a couple of twirls for Jon I noticed that the girl who hadn’t taken her knickers off had changed into another dress. It was a lot shorter and as she stood in front of the mirror I could see that she had now taken her knickers off as I could see some of her black pussy hairs as she leaned slightly forward. Jon had seen as well.

Jon told me to get back into my clothes (I was only wearing one of my big woolly jumpers) and he bought me the backless dress. Time was getting on and we went back to the Hotel where Jon gave me another instalment of punishment for not keeping this journal up to date. My backside hurt quite a bit after the 20 strokes of the tawse. I managed to avoid crying but some liquid did come out of my body - my pussy. I couldn’t stop thinking about being groped on the underground that morning.

That evening Jon took me to the theatre. Jon really enjoyed it but I wasn’t that impressed. I wore my new backless dress and I’m sure that a lot of people got a good look at my ‘interesting’ bits as I squeezed along the aisles to get to my seat. During the interval we went to the bar for a drink, there were quite a number of other women all dressed up bit I think that my dress was the most revealing.

We had to go to the theatre on the underground and after the show and a nice meal we headed back to the hotel the same way we went. It was late and the trains weren’t very busy which gave Jon an idea. We were on the central line and Jon stopped me when I stood up to get off at our station. He waited until our carriage was empty then got me to kneel either side of him, facing him. As I was getting on him he got his dick out and lowered me onto it. We went through 2 stations like that before a young woman got into our carriage. Jon was holding me steady and to all intent and purpose we were just kissing. The woman sat at the other end of the carriage but I could see her looking at us and it wasn’t long before I was going up and down on Jon again. We both came just as the train arrived at the next station and at that time I wouldn’t have cared if half of London had got on the train.

No one got on and Jon lifted me off as we moved out of the station. Jon wasn’t finished with me and I had to bend over and lick his dick clean before he told me to sit down. When I did I realised that the woman was still looking and must have been able to see all my backside and pussy as I licked Jon. As I sat opposite Jon while the train was going round the circle and back to our station I could feel all my (and Jon’s) juices leaking out of me and onto the seat. It was then that I noticed a sign saying that the trains were monitored by closed circuit television. I smiled as I wondered if anyone had been watching us on a TV somewhere.

Sunday April 25

I woke up early and found that Jon was already up. It was 7 o’clock when Jon told me to put on the hotel robe and follow him down to the hotel leisure centre which consisted of a little swimming pool, a Jacuzzi and a couple of workout machines in a separate room. I was wondering what we were going to do about swimming costumes but when we got there, there was no one else there I asked Jon about it and he said that the place was unmanned but monitored by a couple of CCTV cameras. He said that as long as we were quick we would probably get away with a naked swim. Jon took me into the gents changing rooms where we left our robes and quickly went out and jumped into the pool. After about 10 minutes of going up and down Jon got out and told me that we were getting into the Jacuzzi. It was lovely and warm and I nearly dozed off.

A while later a group of older, Japanese teenagers came in and went into the changing rooms. I was wondering what Jon would do, but he said nothing. When the Japs came out most of them went into the pool but one girl came into the Jacuzzi. Shortly afterwards Jon pulled me onto his lap and started kissing me. The only problem was that I was higher up and my tits were out of the bubbles. Jon gave my right nipple a quick tweak which made them stand to attention. I glanced over to the girl and saw that she was watching us. As I looked back a Jon I saw that he had seen her as well. I think the exhibitionist bit in Jon came out because I could feel his dick getting hard. He lifted me onto his dick and started playing with one of my tits while he continued to kiss me. Jon was lifting me up and down a bit and the girl must have known what we were doing.

After a while Jon came and we just sat there as I felt his dick start to go soft. Before it slipped out on its own Jon said, “come on, let’s go” and lifted me up. When we were stood up I saw that Jon’s dick was still a bit hard. He was right in front of the Jap girl with his dick about a foot from her face. She was staring right at it. As we walked to the changing rooms I noticed that all the other Japs had stopped swimming and were looking at us. We grabbed a couple of towels from the pile at the entrance to the changing rooms and went into the gents. As we were drying ourselves a middle-aged man came in and looked a bit shocked when he saw a naked woman in there. It didn’t stop him looking at me though. We put our robes on but didn’t tie the belts and walked out with them hanging open. Two of the Jap boys were at the end of the pool as we passed and they stared at us as we walked out.

We didn’t see anyone as we walked to the lift but when the doors shut us in it Jon told me to give him my robe and I had to walk back to our room naked. Two people saw me, one was an old man who was busy reading a newspaper as he walked and although he looked up to say “good morning” he went straight back to his paper as if it was normal for him to meet naked women in hotel corridors. The other person we saw was a young waiter delivering some breakfast to someone. He was wide awake and stopped and really stared at me as we walked by. I smiled at him and said, “good morning” to him, but he didn’t say anything.

Jon decided that we would go to the restaurant for breakfast and I wore the new tight, light blue dress. It really hugs my body and as I walk along I can feel the air coming through the thin, knitted material onto my skin. Breakfast was uneventful and Jon took me back to our room then to an arcade that he had seen where there were a couple of shops that he wanted to go in.

Just before we left our room Jon told me to bend over and I was a little surprised to feel the remote vibe being pushed into my pussy. It didn’t hurt; my pussy seems to be permanently damp and ready for action these days. Jon waited until we were on the underground before he gave me a couple of bursts on the vibe. With all the people wandering around I had forgotten about the vibe until it made me jump in my seat.

There were quite a few shops in the arcade and when I was getting a bit bored in the second shop that Jon took me into, he told me to go for a wander on my own and to meet him at the entrance in half an hour. I went into a couple of shops and then wandered around the rest of the place. As I passed a toyshop the vibe made me jump. It was on full throttle. I looked round for Jon but couldn’t see him. The vibe was really doing what it was designed for, but very quickly. I managed to walk to the side of the walkway and lean on the wall but I was coming to an orgasm quickly. I was shaking as I came first once, twice, three times, then a fourth time, all closely together. How I managed to stay on my feet I don’t know. I could see people staring at me as the whole of my body trembled and one oldish woman asked me if I was all right. I just managed to say that I was and thanked her for her concern. I was desperately looking round for Jon and I think I had cum for the fifth time when I saw Jon walking towards me.

“Please turn it off Master” I pleaded with him but he just looked blankly at me as if he hadn’t a clue what I was talking about. “The vibe Master” I said. He got the remote control out of his pocket and pressed the buttons but it didn’t make any difference.

Looking back we must have looked a right sight with me shaking and fighting to stay on my feet and Jon stood a couple of feet in front of me pointing something at my pussy and saying “it isn’t working.” Eventually Jon realised what was happening and picked me up and carried me out onto the street.

As I was slowly coming back to normal Jon told me that he thought the problem was the toyshop. He’s seen a kid playing with a remote controlled car and it must have been on the same frequency. When I say back to normal it wasn’t normal, I was covered in sweat, knackered and my pussy juices were right down to my knees. Jon had to help me walk back to the underground and then the hotel. I had a shower and lay on the bed for half an hour before I felt able to get ready to come home.

The train journey home was uneventful apart from a lad of about 13 taking an interest in my legs. As I never cross my legs these days (Jon won’t let me), the lad might even have been able to see my pussy the way he kept getting down onto the train floor with his little brother’s toy cars.

Shortly after we got home, Jon gave me the main part of my punishment for not keeping this journal up to date. As usual, as soon as I had got into the house I had stripped off, and no sooner than I had taken my dress off than Jon told me to go to the toilet then go and lay face down on the punishment bed.

I had been there for about 10 minutes wondering what Jon was going to do to me when he came in and told me to move the pillows to under my stomach. He then restrained my wrists and ankles to the corner posts and then put a blindfold on me. Somehow I just knew that he was going to cane me and I could feel that nervousness of knowing that I was going to get some pain and pleasure. My pussy was getting damp in anticipation. I didn’t have to wait long before I heard that ‘whoosh’ then felt the pain. Automatically I said, “One - thank you Master.” By the time I had said, “Five - thank you Master,” the tears were starting to swell in my eyes. Jon was really going to hurt me. As the tenth stroke landed I let out a little scream. They were really hurting.

There was a pause after the tenth stroke and I heard Jon moving. The next think I knew Jon’s hands were at my pussy. My lips were already swollen and slightly open as the pain was causing me pleasure but Jon opened them more and it wasn’t long before I realised that he was tying my lips open as wide as they would go using string through my little rings and then round my thighs. Suddenly I realised that my open pussy was Jon’s next target. Number eleven landed right down the crack in my ass and pussy. I screamed out loud before saying, “Eleven - thank you Master.” By fifteen my whole pussy was throbbing with pain and pleasure. It was number 19 that took me over the edge and I was sweating something rotten as I uncontrollably shook violently. I never did manage to say, “Nineteen - thank you Master.” I was starting to get control of myself again when number 20 landed. Thankfully that was the last one but I didn’t feel that much. My whole backside and pussy were numb. Before Jon left me he got the big double-ended dildo and pushed it into me as far as it would go. Within minutes I was asleep.

Week commencing April 26

I woke up with a start and a feeling of emptiness to discover that Jon was just pulling the dildo out of me. As he released me he asked me if I was okay then told me to take it slowly when I decided to get up. He went off to work as the pain started as I moved my legs. When I made it to the bathroom I saw that my backside had lots of deep red wheals all over it. I jumped when I touched my open pussy and had to untie my pussy lips very slowly. I don’t know why but I just had to play with my swollen, tender clit and bring myself off again. I took it very easy that day and the next few. In fact it was the Friday before I felt well enough to go to the supermarket.

Saturday May 1

A quiet weekend really. Jon spotted an advert in the paper for a ‘Bar person’, and when we went into town we went to the pub and Jon got us a drink while I asked for the manager. The job was for Friday and Saturday evening. He asked me if I normally dressed like I was (short dress) for work. When I said I did he said, “Good, I like to cater for the younger drinkers on a weekend evening and young attractive women wearing not a lot tends to keep the place crowded.” He asked me if I could start the next Friday and I said that I could and hoped that Jon would agree. He did.

Stayed at home for the rest of the day and went to bed early.

Sunday May 2

Jon got up very early to watch some motor racing and then spent the rest of the morning reading the papers. The only exciting part of the day was when he came up behind me as I washed the dishes and fucked me.

Week commencing May 3

It was a Bank Holiday on the Monday but we didn’t go anywhere, or do anything exciting. On the Tuesday I got a card from the doctors asking me to go for a smear test on the Friday. When I got there the receptionist said that the nurse wasn’t available and that the doctor would be taking it.

When my turn came I went in and saw that it was the short balding doctor that has a bit of an attitude problem. There were 2 other people in with him, one man and one woman, both about my age. The doctor explained that they were students getting work experience and asked if I minded if they took the sample. When I said, “okay” he continued to tell me that as it was a long time since I had had a thorough examination then he would give me one before they took the sample.

He asked me to take my skirt and pants off and lay on the bed. He obviously hadn’t been paying me much attention as I was wearing a dress and only a dress, and the 2 students watched as I grabbed the hem of my short dress and pulled it over my head leaving me completely naked. The doctor looked a little surprised when he turned round and saw me naked. In case he was going to say something I said, “I don’t wear underwear.” “Healthy attitude” he said, “climb on the examination table please.”

As I swung my legs up and layback all 3 of them moved over to me and the 2 students stood at my feet while the doctor stood beside me. “A rectal examination first I think” the doctor said, “Turn over and get on your hands and knees please.” As I was doing so I looked back between my open legs and saw the male student licking his lips. I looked at the doctor who put some latex gloves on then scooped up some cream, presumably to lubricate my ass hole. When he turned to look at me he saw the red lines that were still on my backside and said, “Do these hurt?” and he ran a finger along one of them. As I said, “No” I wondered what I would say if he asked me how I got them, but he didn’t ask. Instead I felt the cold cream and his finger start prodding my ass hole. It all happened so quickly that I gasped and threw my head back. His poking and prodding only lasted seconds but the surprise attack had started my pussy tingling and my pussy involuntarily lubricating.

He pulled his hand out and said, “turn over please, and lift your legs into the stirrups, it’s time for the vaginal examination.” As I did so I saw that the eyes of the 2 students were firmly fixed on my pussy. The male student had a bulge in his trousers. That turned me on a bit more and when the doctor went to get some more lubrication cream for his new pair of gloves the female student said, “I don’t think that you’ll need that doctor.” The doctor turned and looked at my pussy and said, “I think you’re right.” The doctor had a little poke and pull at the rings in my lips and asked me if I had any problems with them. When I said, “No” he just started to push a finger into my hole. He really did poke around in there for what seemed like ages and quite hard too. At the same time he held his left hand on my stomach just above my pubic bone. All this was getting too much for me and I was glad when he pulled his finger out as I could feel an orgasm coming on.

Unfortunately it didn’t stop there and he started prodding and pulling my clit. As he was doing so he said to the students, “Take a good look at this, it’s a perfect example of a large engorged clitoris. The majority of women are not fortunate enough to have one. It can heighten sexual pleasure tremendously.”

I surprised myself a bit as the doctor’s remarks were embarrassing me a bit. Before I started working for Jon I would have died of shame and probably got up and run out, but a year with Jon had made me proud of my body and my sexual feelings. I guess that it was the formal doctor’s examination that had made me embarrassed.

“Right then,” the doctor said, “that’s the examination over with, it wasn’t so bad was it Miss Evans?” Before I could say anything he continued “Now it’s time to get the smear test sample. . . You take it Miss Johnson.” Miss Johnson moved forward and picked-up this stainless steel object. It looked like a short tube with some scissors handles.

Before I knew what was happening the object was being pushed inside me. The cold metal combined with the excitement of the doctor’s hands and this young woman’s other hand on my stomach was just too much for me. I started to cum right there with the 3 of them looking at me. I was shaking and biting my lip to stop myself from moaning out load. The doctor was very calm but the young man was getting embarrassed by the bulge in his trousers. He was moving his stomach in and out as if trying to hide it.

Right in the middle of me cumming the young woman jumped back and looked shocked. After about a minute she said to the doctor, “What was that?” “What was what?” The doctor replied. “Some fluid just flew out of her vagina.” After a couple of seconds the doctor said, “It’s perfectly normal, though not very common for a woman to have an orgasm when she is being examined by a doctor. It is also perfectly normal, again though not very common for a very sexually active woman with a sensitive vagina to ejaculate in a similar way to a man, although the quantity of liquid is not as great as that of a man. Wait a minute for the patient to compose herself then continue.”

I was embarrassed and as the orgasm subsided I stayed flushed with the embarrassment. The young student quickly opened my vagina with the ‘implement’ and took the sample. Before I knew it the doctor was telling me that I could climb down and get dressed. The male student continued to stare at me as I got down and dressed and I saw the female prod the male student and say “Peter!” to bring him out of his dream.

When I was dressed the doctor thanked me again for letting the students take part and then told me not to worry about what happened. He said that it was ‘quite normal’. On the way home my embarrassment turned to excitement and I had to make myself cum again just as soon as I got in.

That evening was my first day in my new part-time job and I asked Jon what I should wear. He told me to wear my leather skirt and a tight T-shirt that did quite come down to my waist. Jon drove me to the pub and when the manager saw me he said, “Very nice, that should pull the punters in.” It was then that I realised that he was looking at my breasts. I had just come in from the cold and my nipples there looking like thumb ends pushing the thin T-shirt material out. As the other staff arrived I saw that most of them were girls dressed in very little as well. There were a couple of men, both hunks with tight T-shirts showing-off their muscles. It didn’t take me long to get into things and the time just flew by.

The bar was in a long straight line and a couple of times I heard some cheering and looked round. One of the times I saw the skirt of one of the girls was up round her waist letting everyone see her thong knickers. She was pulling it back down and looking a bit embarrassed. I didn’t take any notice until it happened again a bit later with a different girl. I asked the boss, who was next to me what was going on, and he just said, “Oh, it’s nothing, just a problem with a faulty valve on a compressed air tank.” I was a bit puzzled as I thought that pubs used some sort of gas to get the bubbles in the soft drinks, not air. I thought no more about it and it was soon time to go home. Jon had come in just before closing time and he took me home. I was knackered and Jon told me to go straight to bed.

Saturday May 8

Not much happened during the day and I went to work that evening wearing a tight skirt and tank top. It was a very busy night and I had to cope with a number of half-drunk youths trying to chat me up. One time when I went to collect some glasses one of them slid his hand right up the inside of my leg to my pussy. Although I wanted to let him play with my pussy I pulled away from him when he started telling his mates that I didn’t have any knickers on.

Just before closing time I found out more about the ‘faulty valve on the compressed air tank’. It wasn’t faulty; it was designed that way by the manager. Every time he wanted to liven things up a bit he would wait for one of the girls wearing a suitable skirt to be standing in the right place and then open the valve giving anyone who was looking a glimpse of her knickers. When I explained it to Jon later he said it was the ‘Marilyn Monroe effect’ - whatever that meant. Anyway, I’d noticed that one of the girls spent most of the time at that end of the bar and that she was ‘caught’ the most and she was never in a rush to pull her skirt down. I guess that she was a bit of an exhibitionist too. I wondered how long it would be before I got ‘caught’ and let everyone know that I didn’t wear knickers.

Sunday May 9

It was a boring day, nothing exciting happened.

. continued in Part 10.doc .

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