Going over the edge, my first time by slow+teaser

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True Story | Consensual Sex, Romance, Wife, Written by women

That was my fourth year into my marriage. Sex have always been just there to me and had never been an event to be celebrated.

My phone beeped and looking at the screen I saw a text message reading "baby let's have dinner out by 7pm, will pick you up after work", that was my husband texting, couldn't believe he just called me baby. Think the last time he used that word was when we were still dating. "Is it that there is a favour he needs from me or is what?" I kept asking myself. The thought of the scheduled dinner kept disturbing me as I worked hard to fight the urge of calling him back and asking him what is this dinner all about. “Ding dong” went the door bell, bringing me out from my dream world back to reality. I jumped off the chair to go get the door, peeping through the door hole I caught a glimpse of jerry, a young handsome man, about 5.8ft tall and quite toned, he owns the boutique down the road where myself and my husband usually buy clothes. I opened the door and was greeted by a set of white teeth shining out of a well framed smile. I did a quick scan on him noticing he had a nylon bag in his right hand. Also couldn't help but noticed how strong his arm seemed, evidence of good work outs I guessed. “Good evening Mrs. abu, your husband bought this while leaving for work this morning and arranged with me to deliver them to you later in the day" he said. Snapping back into reality, I asked "what is in the bag?" “It is a gown, a fine gown and I know for sure it’s going to fit well on your fine body" he answered as he turned to leave. "Thanks for your help” was all I managed to say as I shot the door behind him. "Did this dude just call my body cute" couldn't believe I am still that appealing haven had 2 kids and considering the nature of my job. Opening the wrapped bag, I saw a red gown and a pair of shoe to go with it and just as jerry mentioned they were cute. Filled with surprise I brought out the gown held it close to my bosom as I lied on my bed, never knew my husband still had a sense of romance remaining in him. Still holding on the gown I felt real good, felt appreciated.

Guess it was the sedative effect of the joy that made me sleep off.

Later that evening as my hubby held my hand and taking me into the dinner hall, I was busy looking at my belly which seemed a bit stuffed up in my new dress. He pulled out a sit for me from the table and allowed me sit before going over to his sit. I was served fried rice and a glass of wine, was munching my meat when my hubby leaned towards me and whispered into my ear, "honey you are looking so sweet". Guess I blushed on hearing that. Before I knew it a soft kiss landed on my left chick. All this going on, while the only thing on my mind was; how to tell my hubby that he is really making me feel important.

Was on my 2nd glass of wine when I noticed he was using his finger to stroke the back of my hand. His eyes fixed on mine he trailed his finger up the length of my hand till he got to my elbow at my elbow he continued circling and circling around the back of the elbow, ran his finger down my hand till he got to my palm where I noticed he used his finger to draw a heart. After this he held my hands and said to me "honey you are really looking good tonight".

I noticed that my nipples were beginning to press on the fabrics of my bra. In an attempt to hide the effect he is already having on me and to also hide my face which by then was beginning to blush, I bent my head and said thanks honey. "Let's go home, so I can hold you in my hand and gently make love to you all night long" he whispered into my ears. Without waiting for my reply he took my hand and helped me off the chair. I couldn't help but to notice the intense desire that was beginning to build between my legs.

While already in the car in the parking lot he moved his hands to my laps and slid it below my gown, leaned towards me and placed his lips on my lips, found my lower lip in-between he’s, as we got entangled in a kiss. He shifted to my upper lips, followed by the sliding of his tongue into my mouth which I willingly accepted. In what seemed like decades but I guess was less than 30 seconds we were entangled in that manner. I shifted my mouth and broke the kiss, occurred to me that we are in a public place and wouldn't take much to be spotted. He gave me another quick kiss on my lips and leaned back into his chair. With his hand still under my gown he ignited the car and off the parking lot we were. Our journey home seemed like a trip to me. As all I wanted was to get home right now and give my entire being into the hands of my hubby for his consumption. While his hand was sliding up and down my thighs I was busy replaying the activities of that evening in my head. Everything seemed so special, they where all simple gestures that had a way of bringing out the woman in me. The last time I had a cup of wine with my husband was four years ago at our after wedding party, can remember that faithful night, I was in high spirit was looking forward to what life would be after tying the knots more especially my sex life. Being quite a novice when it comes to sex have been expecting a sexual experience that was going to sweep me off my feet, having heard so many things about sex; how you are going to see stars when you are having sex and the rest. I looked forward to my having my virginity taken in a grand style that night. If I must confess anxiety took a greater part of me, being my first time with my husband. That night like most nights of my four years old marriage; it ended quite awful.

I had this special feeling, a feeling that I had never had, I was feeling all slutty, wanted to have him more than any other thing, wanted to make love to him in totality, give him myself like never before. The pressure that was building up in-between my legs as my husband hand rubbed along my leg and brushed the fabric of my white cotton panties which I knew was then beginning to get wet was much that it has to bring me out of my taught to reality. I held his hand in resistant as the feeling was beginning to overwhelm me. I could feel my own wetness and a continually growing urge to be filled in between my legs.

The sight of the house gate in front of me was like a sign of relieve I just have to get myself inside the house. The moment my hubby parked in front of the house I got off the car without saying a word to him I started going inside the house. Hoping he would be right behind me, was wrong though as he was busy greeting the security man that helped him with the gate. I felt like going out there and telling him to come inside the house throw me on the floor and pound the hell out of me.

Undoing my necklace in front of the dressing mirror I noticed a hand across my waist line and a soft kiss on my neck, a thrill like an electric shock moved from my neck down to my female private organ. The kiss lingered as it kept moving from my neck towards my shoulders back to my neck. I felt weakness on both legs and it suddenly started giving way under the weight of my body. I managed to lean back on him, rested my back on his broad chest as I felt him use his tongue to nib my ear. This gave me a shock like feeling. He turned me over to get me to face him and this time my lips were greeted by his in a hot romantic kiss. My mouth in his and his hands running through my hair down to my back we made our way towards the bed where he gradually laid me down. Kiss after kiss he kept planting all around my body, from my fore head to my cheeks to my collar bone to my neck. I couldn't help holding him close to me running my hands all over his body. Gently he turned me over getting me to face the bed and my back facing towards him as he undid the zip of my gown. I felt his finger drawing straight lines at my back as he used his free hand to undo the hook of my bra. I turned around not being able to bear his teases anymore, moreover my nipples and genitals where begging for his attention. He pulled my bra off me, moved my gown off my hands and down towards my umbilicus and bare were my two cup sized breasts. A lick at the base of my breast was followed by a moan from me; he kept licking my breast from the base to the areola avoiding the nipples as his free hands kept running thru my abdomen and sides. My nipples started felling strained and uncared for a feel of want fell on it that I had to take his right hand and place it on my left breast. The squeeze he gave my nipples were something else and another moan escaped me but was short lived as a greater rush of pleasure followed as his tongue enveloped my right nipple. My breadth rate increased, and so did my heart rate and moan rate. Just like a baby suckling the mother my hubby tongue and lips kept working on my breast taking turns to work on each one after the other. He moved the gown down my waist and off through my legs leaving me with just my panties which was already visibly getting wet. He started running his fingers in-between my thighs over my panties applying little pressure on my genital anytime his index finger passes there. I raised my hip up and pulled off my panties to allow him full access to my genitals. He pulled me towards the edge of the bed and gave me a kiss on my genitals. The desire in-between my legs was now building up that all I wanted was him in-between my legs. The kiss was followed by a fast lick on my clitoris, this sent shivers along my spine. I pulled my hubby a bit towards me and placed my lips right on his. I stretched my hand reaching for his penis which was by now fully erect in his trousers, I fumbled with his zips which I managed to open up, undid his belt and his whole trouser went off him, I pulled his briefs a bit low and he gave me a hand in taking it a bit low and free went his penis standing and raging in front of him. All I needed now was he's right inside mine. I held his penis and guided it right into my fully wet self. He followed my lead and slowly the head of his penis made way into me gradually he kept going till the whole length made it into me. I felt filled up, something was different about today I think it’s the angle, with each stroke from my husband I felt a sudden glow within me. It kept increasing with each stroke. Everywhere seemed still as if time wasn't moving anymore, I wanted him to continue hitting it at that same point at that same speed, had to curl him in with my legs to maintain that angle. My heart rate heightened I started gasping for air, moans after moans continued escaping my mouth, my hand was clutching on the sheet I started having this intense feeling of pleasure that I have never experienced in my four years of active sex life. I don't have words to explain what it felt like; it swept over me and lingered for a few seconds I felt so good I must confess. A smile formed on my face as the feeling started resolving, looking at my husband I didn't need anyone to tell me what I just experienced. It was my first and a memory I don't think I can forget in a hurry

Rating: 69%, Read 12480 times, Posted Aug 01, 2014

True Story | Consensual Sex, Romance, Wife, Written by women


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