Adam and Me by EmoLyric

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Fiction | Boy, Gay, Romance

This is the story of how I have sex with my crush. My name is Bailey (I am male!). I 5'5 with a decent build. I have the same looks as my mother, with ear length black hair and blue eyes. And I'm bisexual and in high school.

Adam is a 5'9 male with a nice , sexy body. His hair is sandy blonde, and has beautiful green eyes. He's the jock of the school, and is obviously straight. But that will all change.

It was mid December, a week before school let out. I was behind Adam, using my eyes to fantasize what his body would look like. His beautiful eyes looking around, his hair all messy, and oh! His smooth voice that would turn me on! I was too busy day dreaming about Adam to hear the teacher and what she said. "Sorry what was that?" I asked. The class laughed, and the teacher asked again. "Can you please read your poem?" She asked. I gulped and got nervous. I looked around and saw Adam looking at me, and smiling at me. I looked at him and slowly stood up. "The trees sing as I walk, With every step and sound, Each time we talk, My heart continues to pound. The earth shakes beneath my feet, As your eyes look at me, And your smile is sweet, As your eyes look at me and see, How much I wish you were mine..." I read and looked down. The whole room is silent, and then someone starts clapping. I look up and see Adam, clapping. "That was beautiful..." He said softly with a smile. I felt my cheeks heat up and smile back.

After the bell rings for dismissal, I grab my coat and start to walk home. "Bailey! Bailey wait up!" I hear Adam say. I turn and see him out of breath and grabs my hand. "I know you wrote that poem that means something about me. I know you like me. I see you looking at me with your beautiful eyes. I see you doodling my name in your sketchbook. And I.... I like you! A lot!" He said to me, with a sincere smile. I blink and feel happy tears stinging at my eyes. He leans closer and pushes his sweet plump lips on mine. I then kiss back, tangling my fingers in his soft locks. He continues to kiss me for another minute, then pulls away, him breathing heavily. " That was...amazing!" He exclaimed. I giggle and nod. He places a soft kiss on my lips again , and pulls me to his car. "Where are we going?" I ask. He looks at me and smiles at me sinfully. " My place to have some "fun"..." I blush and feel my body tingle. We get in his car and start driving to his house, with my hand in his. We reach his two story house, and he pulls me inside, attacking me with kisses. He then starts sucking my neck, earning a moan from me. He runs his hand up my chest, softly pinching my nipple. "Ahhh!"I moan loudly. He then pulls back and takes off his shirt, doing the same with mine. I look at his body, feeling my cock flinch. He then kisses me again, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I jump into his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist. He then starts walking upstairs, moaning as I grind against him. We then enter his room, falling on the bed.

He starts taking off our pants, and lays kisses on my stomach, going towards my cock. I let out a long moan when he kisses the tip. He then pushes a finger in me, making me cry out. "You like that, don't you?" He asks teasingly. I only moan in return when he puts two fingers in. Feeling that I'm ready, he pulls his fingers out and puts his head in my hole. "I'll go slow." He said soothingly. I nod and bite my arm, moaning. He starts pushing in all the way, building the pleasure in me. " F-faster!" I moan out. He starts speeding up, hitting my prostate each time. "Damn Bailey! You got a tight ass." He grunts out, speeding up like a mad man. I scream in pleasure when his cock digs deeper inside me. "I-I'm cumming!" I moaned out, feeling my cock twitch. "Cum with me babe!" Adam says as I tighten around him. Adam and I let out loud moans, me cumming on him and him filling me up. He pulls out and rolls to the side, pulling me into his chest. We both catch our breaths and sit in silence, replaying the love we just made. I look up into Adam's eyes and see him smiling at me. "That was amazing. You have a beautiful body Bailey. Don't expect me to keep my hands off you," he said in a loving tone, winking at me. I blush and kiss his nose. "I love you Adam Gracie. Don't expect me to stop looking at you from now on," I say and see him smile. "I love you too Bailey!" He says softly. We kiss each other and fall asleep.

Monday morning I woke up to get ready for school, still remembering what happened on Friday. I smiled and got dressed, grabbing a cookie and walking to the bus. When I got on, the other kids gave me dirty looks. I looked at them weirdly and brush it off. We get to the school, and ALL the kids are giving me dirty looks. I see Adam and he pulls me aside. "What happened?" I asked. He pulls his phone out and reveals people having sex. It was us.

Dun dun dun! Read the next part to see what happens! Please comment below and tell me any tips I need to better right my stories! Bye bye little stars!

Rating: 68%, Read 10842 times, Posted Apr 18, 2017

Fiction | Boy, Gay, Romance


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