My Brother and Me_(4) by fbailey

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Incest, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity

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My Brother And Me

Up until I was ten and my brother was twelve we slept in the same bedroom but in different beds. At that time Mom made Dad put a wall between us. He put up just a cheap two by two frame with cheap paneling over both sides. I could hear everything right through it, even when he burped or farted.

When I was eleven and started growing my tits I was very excited about them and played with them constantly. I noticed my brother was attracted to them too. Every once in a while he would get into a wrestling match with me and feel of them. I didn’t mind and rather enjoyed it, but he only did it occasionally.

When I was about eleven and a half I started my periods. They were irregular so Mom took me to her gynecologist for birth control pills to help with my periods. He was old, fat, and balding but I kind of liked it when he felt me up. I had to take all of my clothes off and put on a stupid paper shirt that he looked under anyway. It didn’t make any sense. Mom stayed in the room because he couldn’t be alone with a naked girl. He played with my tits to check for lumps and I liked the feel of someone else’s hands on them. My nipples got hard and it gave me goose bumps. Then he had me get on a table and put my feet in some stirrups. He got right in there close to my pussy and poked around in there. He had a little light and a magnifying glass too. He poked a plastic thing inside me and squeezed it to open me up. It hurt but at the same time I liked it. He apologized for breaking my hymen but Mom told him that it was okay. Easy for her to say maybe I didn’t want it broken. Then he stuck a long Q-tip inside me and rubbed it over my cervix. Just before he finished he rubbed my clitoris with his finger and asked me if it hurt. No, it didn’t hurt it felt pretty damn good in fact. He laughed and told me that it was my pleasure button. Mom laughed and agreed with him.

That night in my bedroom I checked out my clit. It sure did give me pleasure. I moaned a few times playing with myself and listening to my brother jerking off on his side of the wall. I had to laugh thinking that we were doing the same things to ourselves. Only I was wishing that it were him doing it to me and me doing it to him.

By the time I turned twelve I was growing hair on my pussy and under my arms. Mom taught me how to shave my legs and underarms. She taught me how to douche too to keep myself clean down there. She was starting to treat me like a woman. Mom started letting me go with her to pick out my clothes. She would go into the changing rooms with me when I tried on bras and panties or skirts and blouses. I started doing the same with her. I got to see her big breasts and her hairy pussy. Then one day while Mom tried on a tiny bikini I noticed that all of the hair on her pussy was gone. I asked her about it and that seemed to embarrass her. Later that night she came into my bedroom and told me all about how Dad liked her clean-shaven in the summer time and that he was the one that had shaved her pussy the other night. She also assured me that I wouldn’t need to trim my pussy for a few years.

Of course my brother heard every word of Mom’s conversation and came over after she left. He started asking me questions about if I had seen Mom’s tits and how big they were, what color were here nipples, and if her nipples got hard like mine did. He also wanted to know what her pussy looked like with hair and without. He was just a very curious teenage boy.

So I told him if he showed me his that I would show him mine. Of course as I said that I pointed to his crotch and to mine. I couldn’t believe how quickly he got out of his pajamas. His boner was cute, his pecker was about four inches long, and it was magnificent. I later found out that he was circumcised and that was why it looked so good. Anyway after he had undressed, it was my turn. I was just as excited as he was to get my clothes off but I took my time just to irritate him, besides in all the movies that I had see the girl always undressed slowly.

He loved my tits, which had grown pretty well by then and he was certainly curious about my pussy. Since I had more ‘good parts’ than he had I wanted to be in charge. By then he would have agreed to anything. Men!

I let him look at my tits and feel of them then I told him to suck on them. That he liked and so did I. It gave me a tingle between my legs. Then I examined his cock. I held it, I fondled his balls, and I stroked it a few times. He didn’t want me to stop. Then he wanted me to suck on it. My girlfriends and I had talked about sex a lot so I figured that I knew what I was doing. I got on my knees and I let him stick it in my face and then I sucked it into my mouth. It was okay until I gagged and spit it back out. He really wanted me to suck on it, he was begging me, and then he said that he would do anything if I just sucked on it some more. Okay! So I sucked it into my mouth but that time I kept my hand wrapped around it so that just the head and a little of the shaft could enter my mouth. It wasn’t very long before he started to cum in my mouth. I looked around for a place to spit it but couldn’t see anyplace, so I decided to swallow it. My brother was pretty surprised when I swallowed it. He said that none of the girls that his friends had been with would swallow their cum.

Okay it was then my turn so I told him to eat my pussy. He totally freaked out saying that it was disgusting. I told him that it wasn’t exactly a pleasure having him cum in my mouth. So reluctantly he got between my legs. I got on my bed and spread wide for him. He crawled over and put his face between my legs and started licking. Thanks to Mom’s advice it wasn’t so bad and he even seemed to enjoy it, I know that I did. I got him to lick me enough so that I got to cum too.

He said that he wouldn’t mind eating my pussy as long as I would suck his cock. Deal! For a couple of months we satisfied one another orally at bedtime.

Then one day I had turned thirteen, my brother had turned fifteen, and the oral sex just wasn’t doing it for us anymore. We both wanted to fuck. I had been on birth control pills for a couple of years so it would be safe enough.

That first time it happened right after school before Dad got home and while Mom was still out grocery shopping. We both rushed up to my bedroom like we always did but this time it wasn’t for oral sex alone. I got naked and then I got on my back. My brother got on top of me in a sixty-nine where I got him super hard and he got me super wet. Suddenly he spun around and stabbed it into me all the way in one motion. It didn’t hurt at all and it felt kind of nice having something in there besides my fingers…and a carrot or two.

I hadn’t seen him that excited in quite a while. I just held onto his back as he pounded my pussy mercilessly. Then I gave myself to him completely and moved my arms up over my head and hung onto the bed frame as if I was tied up and he was having his way with me. I closed my eyes and imagined him as a stranger raping me like I did almost every night in my dreams. I liked being taken and used by boys. I certainly liked it when my brother took me and used me like he was doing at the moment. He thrashed around in me, he thrusted very hard, and I could feel his pubic bone smashing into my pubic bone. We were made for each other. I opened my legs up further and lifted them up wrapping them around his waist. I pulled him tightly into me so that he couldn’t escape, as if he wanted too. Suddenly he shouted out that he was cumming, I shouted out that I was cumming, and then I had the best orgasm of my life and praised God at the top of my lungs. When it was over we were both exhausted and breathing heavily.

When I opened my eyes our mother was standing in the doorway. I just smiled at her and held my brother closer to me. Mom smiled back and quietly walked away.

After dinner Mom asked me to take a walk with her. We used to walk when I was younger but not in a couple of years. However, I knew that Mom just wanted to get me alone so that she could talk to me about what she had seen earlier. When she didn’t scream at us in my room I felt good, I felt even better when she didn’t tell Dad about us, and now I felt pretty good about our walk.

After a short distance Mom said, “Was that your first time?”

I replied, “Yes, for real sex but we have been doing oral sex for quite some time now.”

Mom asked, “Do you do it with anyone else?”

I replied, “No!”

Then Mom said, “I think I’ll have your father remove that silly wall and make it one bedroom again. Would you like that?”

I replied, “Yes we would like that. Can we get a big bed like you and Dad have too?”

Mom replied, “I don’t see why not.”

We walked to the park and sat down then Mom said, “Why don’t you invite a girlfriend over to sleep with you and your brother occasionally. Then maybe he will invite one of his friends over too. I think that you two would enjoy a threesome.”

I replied, “I think another girl would be okay but I don’t think that he is ready to share me with one of his friends yet."

Mom smiled and said, “You might be right. Are you okay with sharing him with your friends?”

I replied, “Mom I would love to share him with my girlfriends. It would be the perfect opportunity to see if I a bisexual too.”

Mom smiled again and asked, “I thought that you had tried that already.”

I replied, “No. I wanted to but I chickened out at the last minute and couldn’t go through with it.”

Mom laughed and said, “I chickened out my first time with a girl too but it is very good in a different way. Want to try it with me first to see if it is something that you really want to try?”

I answered, “Okay” then I asked, “Can we try our first threesome with you too? You know that he really wants to see you naked and I know that he wold love to fuck you.”

Mom got up and we headed toward home as she replied, “I think that would be okay. How about after school tomorrow?”

I held her hand, gave it a little squeeze, and said, “Okay. But can I have you first?”

Mom squeezed my hand and replied, “Maybe I can talk your father into taking your brother someplace for an hour or two.”

I said, “I’ll send him to Dad with a request to take him to the movies.”

Mom smiled, squeezed my hand again, and started walking faster.

The End

My Brother And Me


Rating: 82%, Read 64934 times, Posted Apr 13, 2009

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Incest, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity


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