Foster Family Chapter 9 by PreggoBoy

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Fantasy | Blowjob, Boy, Gay, Teen Male, Young

Hey guys, sorry about how long it's been. Hope you enjoy ^_^

Same notes apply. This is a work of FICTION any semblance to real events is entirely coincidence. If you're under 18 (or 21 depending on where you are) or if it is illegal for you to be reading this for any reason, or if sex between boys/men offends you in anyway, please don't read. otherwise Enjoy!


Chapter 9


That one word hung in the boys’ heads the rest of the night. Neither boy got any sleep that night, with them either sitting in the bathroom waiting for the bout of morning sickness to pass, lying in bed with the thoughts of how their lives would turn out now they had children on the way. Sean eventually gave up trying to sleep at around 7 am, hours before he usually woke up, and started the day as normal. He got up and walked to the bathroom to have a shower, something he really needed after spending half the night with morning sickness. He turned the water on and stepped into the steaming shower, it felt so good on his exhausted muscles to feel the next to boiling water. Sean glanced down at his tight figure, his six pack just beginning to form, a moment of sadness washed over him, he was going to lose that in a few short months with the baby on the way. He traced his muscles with his fingers taking them in while washing himself.

He got out of the shower feeling somewhat depressed, but at the same time there was a warmth spreading from within him. He was going to be a father…or mother, is that how it worked with a male pregnancy? He looked at his abs under a new light now, and couldn’t help but smile. Sean was pregnant, he made a silent promise to the baby that he would do absolutely anything for it. Content within himself, Sean towelled off and began the day.

He went to the kitchen with the intention to make some breakfast, as he turned the corner into the dining room/kitchen he saw the table was already set up with bacon and eggs and toast for three.

“Morning Sean” A cute voice rang out from the kitchen. Sean turned his head and saw Jake emerging from the kitchen. “I heard you were in the shower so I thought I’d get breakfast started. Um…aren’t you forgetting something?”

Sean was confused for a moment until he saw Jake’s bulging eyes moving up and down his body. He then realised “Oh shit” he cried. He’d forgotten to put clothes on out of habit. He turned to go back upstairs.

“Wait.” Jake squeaked “you don’t have to go. I don’t mind.” He smiled.

Sean stared at Jake a moment before taking a seat at the table. “Whoa there really is a lot here”

“Yeah I’ve been cooking at home for a while now. Dad’s always too busy to do anything, and when I cook, I don’t do anything by halves.” Jake grinned before digging in.

Sean followed suit, soon the two of them were leaning back in their respective chairs nursing very full stomachs. “See” Jake huffed “nothing by halves.” He turned his head to Sean, drinking in the sight of the naked teen next to him. “One question” he asked. “How come you’re naked? I suppose this isn’t the first time you’ve been naked around the house before?”

Sean laughed “No this isn’t the first time I’ve been naked around the house.”

“But aren’t you afraid of being seen?”

“That’s not really a problem in our house” Sean said without thinking.

“How come?”

“I…I don’t think I should tell you.” Sean replied realising his mistake.

“Come on, why not?”

“It could get me in a lot of trouble.”

“How could it be that, it’s not like you’re having sex with Kyle is it?” Jake blurted out. Sean went bright red. Jake’s mouth formed a great big “O” shape. “That. Is. So. Hot. What’s it like? I don’t have a brother so I couldn’t find out.”

“Wait a moment, you like guys?” Sean asked.

“Well yeah. I never ever saw the appeal of women, even when I was younger.”

“But you’re twelve, how can you be sure?” Sean was bewildered.

“What does my being twelve have to do with me knowing I like boys?” Jake challenged “I get hard in the locker rooms at school, I’m crushing really hard on my best friend, and on the two of you, I've checked out many gay porn sites and have always been turned on. So, yeah, I think I know.”

“Shit man, sorry, I didn’t know till earlier this year I thought it was the same for everyone. Wait you’re crushing on me?”

“Yup. Can you blame me, the two of you look amazing. In fact, I’d say you two are positively glowing.”

Sean felt that warmth again. Not only did Jake’s compliments hit home but they reminded him of the tiny life growing within him which gave him a warm fuzzy feeling, which then spread downward.

Jake took Sean’s silence as an opportunity. He gently put his hand on Sean’s bare thigh increasing the feelings in Sean’s groin. His dick rapidly grew to full length and was poking up toward the ceiling in no time.

Sean made eye contact with Jake, both boys were breathing heavily as Sean closed the gap between their faces. His eyes closed as his lips met Jake’s and pretty soon the two were making out quite passionately. Sean stopped for a moment, to pick Jake up and place him on the table before resuming. He then started unbuttoning Jake’s shirt, taking it off of him without breaking the kiss. He then placed his hands on Jake’s sides, gently stroking up and down either side, making Jake grin with the light tickling. Sean then started to pull down Jake’s shorts leaving him in his boxers. Only then did Sean break the kiss long enough to look at the boy he was kissing.

“You are gorgeous” He said simply, looking at Jake’s small frame, the boy was thin, no sign of puberty yet, except a small few wisps of hair peeking out just above his boxers. He ran his hand down Jake’s chest resting it on his stomach for a moment, it was soft with the smallest amount of belly fat. Not noticeable unless you were actually feeling him up like Sean was. He then gently kissed Jake’s stomach gently down the middle until he reached his boxer shorts. He tugged on a few of the hairs peeking out with his lips before hooking his fingers under the waistband, pulling the boxers clean off.

Jake’s cock looked amazing to Sean, four inches long. He inspected it for a few moments before moving back up to Jake’s face and kissing him softly.

Jake pulled off, holding Sean’s face, “can I have a taste?” he asked flashing Sean the cutest evil grin he’d ever seen.

“I could not ever say no to your cute face” Sean replied ducking in for a quick kiss before straightening himself up as Jake hopped off the table and knelt on the floor so he could have access to Sean’s cock.

Jake kissed up Sean’s thigh until his nose was buried in Sean’s ball sack. He took a deep breath before burying his nose deeper into his balls and began to suck on it gently. He then ran his finger along Sean’s perineum from his ball sack to his asshole. He ran his finger along the perineum again this time gently using his fingernail instead of his finger. This caused Sean to jump a little and then moan from the pleasure. Jake then, still rubbing Sean’s perineum, made eye contact with the seemingly giant Sean, flashing his evil grin as he engulfed Sean’s head sending shivers along Sean’s spine forcing his eyes to roll back into his skull from the pleasure he was receiving.

“Sean?” Jake said snapping Sean out of his reverie. “Would you please, please fuck me?” he said in his cutest voice, flashing his grin again. Sean bent over to kiss his new lover, and hook his hands behind his knees as he picked Jake up and put him back on the table. He laid Jake back and lifted his legs, exposing his pink hairless hole, when he realised there was a dilemma.

“I don’t have lube on me, it’s upstairs in your room. It’ll hurt real bad if I don’t use any.”

“Use dish soap” Jake breathed.

Sean excused himself and ran to the kitchen quickly grabbing the dish soap from the kitchen and returned to the small boy lying naked on the dining room table. “This’ll be cold.” He warned before squeezing a liberal amount of detergent onto Jakes rosebud causing the boy to shiver slightly. Sean then lined his throbbing cock head with Jake’s ass, and with a gentle push began to enter the tight hole.

“Ooh! Ooh! Stop a minute!” Jake cried, Sean was too large for his virgin ass, he had to relax himself around the throbbing member invading his insides.

A little bit later, with the ok from Jake, Sean continued his entry slowly pushing deeper and deeper into Jake’s ass until Sean was buried to the hilt. He remained stationary for a minute allowing Jake to relax and prepare himself for Sean to begin the fucking. He took it slowly, pulling out until only his head was in, then pushed in until he was balls deep. He picked up speed timing his thrusts with the low groans that Jake was making.

While his ass continued being assaulted, Jake eventually sat up so he could make out with Sean while being fucked. This turned both boys on even more, with Sean’s body now rubbing against Jake’s cock and Jake’s tongue down Sean’s throat. Sean increased the power of his thrusts putting more and more pressure onto the young boy’s prostate causing his orgasm to approach rapidly.

He was eventually pushed past breaking point, and warned Sean “I’m…I’m…I’m cumming” he managed to whisper between kisses. He put his hands behind Sean’s head mashing their lips together as he felt his cock spasm and his hot cum shoot out.

Jake’s ass tightened around Sean’s cock as he came, making the virgin ass even tighter, pushing Sean into his orgasm. He moaned loudly as he came deep into Jake’s ass. The two boys making out like crazy as their orgasms washed over the two of them until Jake pulled away and lay back down his chest heaving.

“Sean that was fantastic, better than I ever expected my first time to be.” Jake said

“That was my first time as a top too. You are one hot fuck Jake.”

Jake blushed and smiled, he then reached over and grabbed a slice of bacon and took a bite.

“How are you possibly hungry? I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever eat again after that feast.” Sean asked bewildered. Jake just shrugged and continued to eat his bacon.

Sean pulled out of Jake causing some cum to drip out of his ass. “I reckon we should go clean up. We’re covered in cum.”

The two boys then went upstairs to have a shower. While cleaning the cum from his stomach, Sean remembered the child growing within him. He was filled with a sense of elation, then his blood ran cold. He had just fucked Jake. With no protection. What if he had just gotten Jake pregnant? He was thinking about Jake and wondering if he had gotten him pregnant. “Looks like you’re ready for another round” Jake laughed snapping Sean back to reality. Sean had gotten hard thinking about Jake being pregnant, he didn’t realise how much this would turn him on. Before his lust took over again, he turned the water off.

“We should probably talk.” He said sullenly.

“Ok?” Jake responded.

Sean sat on the edge of the bathtub and told Jake about what had happened between himself and Kyle when they moved here, how Alec had been fucking both of them for about a month, and about their discovery the previous night.

“You mean you and Kyle are pregnant?” Jake asked, receiving a nod from Sean in response. “And you think that I might become pregnant because of what we just did?” Sean nodded again. Jake broke into a huge smile “Awesome, I’ve always wondered what it would be like.”

Sean was bewildered by this. This cute little boy, being so cool with something as huge as possibly being pregnant himself. Sean’s dick hardened once again causing Jake to giggle as he walked over to Sean and kissed him again. Jake went down to his knees and took Sean’s rock hard member into his mouth, and slowly started moving up and down the shaft, pulling off and moving his tongue around under Sean’s foreskin driving the boy wild. Jake then lightly began to scratch Sean’s tight ballsack.

Sean’s eyes nearly popped from the multitude of amazing feelings Jake was giving him. It wasn’t long before he was in the throes of his second orgasm of the morning. He didn’t have any time to warn Jake of his orgasm before he started flooding the small boy’s mouth. Soon after Sean finished cumming, Jake pulled off.

“Hehe, you’re tasty, I might want to have some more of that eventually.” He giggled. Sean noticed a small amount of cum that had escaped Jake’s mouth, he leaned forward, licked the dollop off of Jake’s lip before feeding it to him with a kiss.

“Kyle should be waking up soon” Sean said. “I think we should get him to take care of that.” He continued indicating toward Jake’s hardon. Jake giggled and led Sean out of the room by the hand toward the twins' bedroom.

Rating: 91%, Read 20595 times, Posted Jul 01, 2015

Fantasy | Blowjob, Boy, Gay, Teen Male, Young


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