First Encounter (Part 2) by M+Bongo

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Fiction | BDSM

Now it is time for me to have some fun… at your expense. I assume that the next part is going to make you uncomfortable, self-conscious. But I really don’t care. I’m going to enjoy it.. the discomfort, that is. Well, the rest too. And after all, my enjoyment and my pleasure are paramount here. Ah, the rush of bending you to my will. How I will enjoy it.

I back away from you. Your eyes open, questioningly. But, wisely, you say nothing. I turn my back to you and walk over to the other side of the bed and sit facing away from you. I’ll give you the illusion of some measure of privacy for the next act.

“Strip,” I command. You hear a some raspiness in my voice. “Leave your bra and panties on, but remove the rest. Resume standing like you were. Close your eyes when you are done and then let me know that all has been completed.”

“Okay,” you mumble.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“I said, ‘Okay’,” you reply a bit more forcefully.

“That’s all?, I reply with a distinct edge in my voice. “That’s all you have to say. I expect a bit more than one word answers.” Time to start a bit of conditioning. Besides, it is rather required. “I also believe I’m entitled to a modicum of respect. I think at the very minimum you should start addressing me as ‘Sir’. You want this to go well, don’t you? Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.” You sound a bit fearful. You’ve never been “dressed down” this way from me before. You realize that there is a very different tone in my voice that you are completely unfamiliar with.

“You’re cute, but not very bright, right now. Care to try again?”, again with the edginess to the tone.

You immediately correct yourself, “Yes, Sir. I understand.”

“Good. It pleases me that you can learn.”

I hear you removing your clothes. Slowly. Unsure.

“And don’t just dump your clothes on the floor. Respect, darling… for me, yourself, and the environment within you find yourself. But mostly me. Fold them up and put them somewhere out of the way.”

Another minute or so passes and I hear the movement stop. This is like an unveiling for me. I plan to savor it. So long I have waited.

“I’ve finished, Sir.”, so meekly and softly you reply.

“Once again, I think we need to work on your enunciation. One more time, please, with feeling.”

“I’ve finished, Sir.”, louder, but with an obvious mist of uncertainty.

“Hands intertwined behind your head. Elbows as far back as you can go. And eyes closed.”

I wait another minute wondering if you are going to reply that you’ve complied. I doubt it and I’m not wrong. You are so out of your element that the niceties are lost. That is certainly understandable, and I’m going to be very forgiving tonite. But I will remember and plan to correct such foibles in the future.

I wait a little longer. It is very difficult. I’m teasing myself. Denying myself what I so need. But it is better this way. I can’t expect to be a disciplinarian if I cannot control my own urges. That is pretty much the definition of a Dom. At least at the beginning. After a while, I can begin to let myself go, but not now. Beginnings are such delicate things. And I have longer term plans.

I stand up. I continue to face away from you. As much as I want to turn around and enjoy the view, I hold back. I assume your eyes open at the noise. I’ll give you the option of correcting yourself, than having to do it myself. Especially since I’ve taken punishment off the table this one time. Punishments, while necessary, if not handled correctly can truly ruin a new sub. Pain is something that can add so much to enjoyment that starting too quickly and too harshly can absolutely lose the potential sub.

After about another minute of standing there, I turn around. And there you are. Concentrating on keeping your posture good and your elbows back. Good for you to have something to concentrate on other than your near nudity. I can tell that you are uncomfortable with it. And I enjoy that.

As silently as I can, I walk behind you. I’m sure you can hear me, but I’m trying anyway. I keep my eyes on yours to see if they crack, at all. They don’t. A good sign. You do trust me, at least a bit. I don’t focus at all on your front. Not yet. That will come. I keep my eyes on yours. Until I get past them. Your head doesn’t move. Again, a good sign.

I keep walking past for a couple of feet, stop, and then turn around. And I drink in the sight. The hair cascading somewhat over your hands. Your shoulders and back. You ass and legs. I can’t help but twitch a bit in my pants at finally being given this: a view of your mostly naked body. Okay, it is more than a twitch. I reach down and give myself a little squeeze, as if to say “You’ll get your chance… just relax.”

I walk up behind you, again still trying to be as quiet as possible. I bend down, my face near your ass. God how I want to just grab and bite. But not yet. Very tough to contain myself, but I am managing.

I move a hand to each ankle, hear the Achilles', and start to run my fingernails up your leg. Slowly, oh so slowly. I need to see each and every involuntary reaction. A little movement when I reach the back of your knees. Expected. I keep moving up until I read the top of your legs. I skip over your ass and start again at your hips. I move my hands up along your sides. Around the base of your ribcage is a little twitching. You are being a good girl, though. Not moving much. I keep sliding my hands up your sides. Another twitch about shoulder blade height. Nice. Higher to your arms. I lightly rake around the outside of your arms to your elbows. Then I work my way back down, a little closer to your spine. But I leave enough room to continue moving further in for a couple more passes. No marking going on. About halfway through the third pass, you start to shiver. That is the reaction I was looking for. Your body is starting to betray you. I know that I’m starting to get into you. Each time you move, voluntarily or not, I file it away for future exploration.

I work my way back up along either side of your spine. It’s tormenting you. I know you want so much more right now. But I want you to ride the edge for a while. Up to your neck. I gently grab your wrists, unclasp your hands, and move your hand to your side. I then reach around and place my fingernails on each side of your throat. Slowing and softly, again, I move them around to the back of your neck, and then out along your shoulders. Then back up again. And one more time back down. With my right hand, I slide my hand into your hair and grab. Not tightly. But enough that you know that I control your head now. I move my mouth to your left ear and whisper, “Enjoying yourself, pet?” I lick a little there too. Needed another taste.

“Oh my god. Yes! … Sir!”

Honorific is a little delayed, but I guess that is to be expected.

“Stay here, like this. Don’t move. Eyes closed. Try to calm down a bit and relax. You seem a bit wound up.”

“Yes, Sir”

Before I release you, I make sure to slide my clothing covered cock against your ass. A very fleeting movement. I’m not sure you noticed, but I know I did. A bit surprised that a gasp doesn’t escape your lips. But, I figure that you are rather lost in your own body at this point. I’m not worried. I’m sure that I’ll get several gasps before the night is over.

I need a break. I need to calm down a bit, too. It is very difficult to continue denying what I covet. But it is more important to control you, than myself. I head off to the bathroom to relieve myself. Then make sure to wash my hands. Cold water. Everything is calculated to increase the sensory experience. I grab a sip of water as I prepare for the next step. This will be a surprise. This will be fun. Well, for me. You might be a little pissed during or after the fact, but overall, I intent to make it well worth it.

I walk over to my toy bag and start rummaging. After a bit, I find what I’m looking for. I walk back over to you. Still behind you.

“No sudden movements, please. Stay as still as you possibly can.”

You do. With my scissors I quickly cut the arm straps to your bra. You start to move you head when you feel the bra start to slacken.

“Stop. Do not move.”


“Enough! I didn’t ask for a comment. However, I guess I should offer you an out. Do you wish to continue? We can stop at any time. I will not retaliate or punish you in anyway, publicly or privately, if you do not wish to continue. I will understand. This decision is entirely up to you.” This is delivered without anger or sarcasm. I keep my voice flat and level.

I back away. I do not want to do anything to influence this decision beyond what I have already done. At the very least, I owe you a bra. That is the least of my worries. I steel myself for the less pleasurable decision. I don’t expect it, but I have to give you a chance to walk. This will be the most difficult time tonite. Yes, a crucial moment . And hopefully, one that I’ve definitely manipulated to my advantage. But, this is a big step for you. I understand that. I need to give you some time and some space to think. Assuming you aren’t already consumed. But a sub’s life is rarely fair.

You start to croak.

“Hold on a sec. I want you to really think about this. Take some time. Do you best to clear your head. After all that we’ve talked about, after all that we’ve discussed, this is a serious point for you. I’ve just destroyed something of yours. Because I wanted to.

”Or, more importantly, I think I have. Not sure if bras can be repaired. Never needed to care about that. But, still. In my mind I’ve deliberately cut up your bra. I didn’t ask. I never implied that I would or could do it. I just walked up to you and cut it. I didn’t care about the bra. I didn’t care that it was yours. I didn’t care that it was attached to you. Or that you might have some special attachment to it. I wanted it off in a particular way and I did it.

“Please, think about this. While you can stop at any time, I wish to remind you that you signed up for this. You wanted to be my sub. This is what being a sub is. Being subject to the whims of the Dom. And I mean whims. I’m not sure whether you fully understand that. But it was all in the contract that I urged you to carefully consider. So, I can only take you at your word that you did.

“Now granted, this particular scenario wasn’t explicitly covered. However it was implicitly covered by several points. So, please think about this. This was a minor thing overall. What happens on the bigger things.

“You’ve given me the list of wants, likes and desires. Servicing other people in front of me was on that list. Given a rather high rating, too. What happens if I order you to blow some guy or girl you just met? Which desire wins out; the obedience you pledged to me, or your own insecurities and uncertainties.

“I’m not going to fight with you on every point. Or even any point. Especially on the ones that you might find objectionable. I expect and demand obedience. I do not brook disobedience. I will not hesitate to punish when I feel it is deserved

“But for now, I want you to really understand what is expected. Take some time and really think about this. I had hoped that you had already done so, but I want you to think on it some more and be really sure.”

You take some time. This is heartening. You actually listened. An immediate answer would be suspect. I do really want you to think. I would much rather you walk away now than be a non-compliant and disobedient pet. Much rather.

Hopefully you realize and understand that I’m not going to put you into a risky situation. And that I do have your best interests at heart. I’m not going to lead you into hell and then abandon you. That isn’t my job. I like to think of myself as a guide to lead you on a journey to help you find something new.

And I also hope that you understand I wouldn’t order you to blow somebody without discussing beforehand. But I’m not going to bring that up. I’d rather you consider the worst-case scenario and then commit, as opposed to giving me a half-hearted submission.

Rating: 30%, Read 5402 times, Posted Jul 24, 2015

Fiction | BDSM


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