To Kill a MockingBird: Coming of Age by enduringleedles

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Fantasm | Fan fiction, First Time, Incest, Virginity

Unsupervised, Scout, young and cute, and Jem, manly and responsible, would loiter around by the creek, past the dump where the Ewells lived. Both Scout and Jem were coming to maturity due to the Tom Robinson case. Maturity was gliding into their lives quickly like a flash of lighting. The circumstances of their life had changed almost instantaneously because of the recent threats to Atticus and Tom Robinson.

To escape from the harsh circumstances of their life Jem and Scout would go swimming in the creek, shallow and surprisingly clear. They would both went to the creek daily and swam without clothes for they owned no wear that they considered "swim appropriate".

Scout stood staring in the chest high water. The hight of the water barely concealed Jean Louise Finch's nipples (not like the water made her nipples hard to see). Looking up every so often she could find Jem staring intensely at her perky nipples. This event became a daily thing and Scout approved of this as, it made her feel mature and oddly grown up.

"Jem," Scout said, "we haven't had a good speaking in a long time. I have lots of things on my head." "Like what? I thought we already said what could be said the first five times we gone here," Said Jem curiously. Scout replied "I have been feeling different of the lately. Like my body is changing in all these wierd ways. Like my chest is getting bigger and I... I think I'm getting interested in boys." Scout looked up at Jem's grinning face.

"Oh Scout, that's all done natural and right in life! In case you ain't noticed, I'm getting taller and getting hair in different places. I know it's weird but it's a part of nature." Jem scanned Scout up and down, taking his time to observe every developing curve. "You been gockin' at me lately," Scout giggled. "It makes me feel pretty! Thank you lots Jem!" Scouts face lit up in a smile that could even cheer up Tom Robinson.

After observing Scouts B cup breasts Jem said, "Well... you getting to be a pretty lady Scout. You gonna get looks from mens on the streets all the time now!" Scout cupped at the water and let it slowly leak from he hand while she joyfully listened to Jem's wise chatter.

"Hey Jem..." Scout said, "do you know what-" She paused, "what sex is?" Jem's expression did not change and he seemed like he had expected this question to arise. "It's a natural thing you should never be ashamed of." Jem replied. "Well duh!" Scout retorted. " I was wonderin how it's done! I was wonderin how my... my vagina went with your-" "my cock?" Jem interrupted. "Yeah... Your cock."

Scout had started noticing Jem's penis when they were young. She wondered what it was and what it was for. Scout gulped from the nervous tension, "yeah, can you show how I do it? Y'know, so I'm ready later." Scout had looked down to see Jem's penis start growing. It had started at only a few inches hanging down by his balls but now a grew to be 6 inches and erect.

Jem motioned Scout forward with his big hands. Wading slowly through the water, Scout made her way to Jem, nervous and heart pumping. Without saying anything Jem spun Scout around to see her cute round ass. He put a hand to it causing Scout to gasp from surprise and pleasure. "Are you sure?" Jem asked. "Positive," replied Scout in a sensual tone.

Jem started to squeeze the right ass cheek of Scout which was as pale as the porcelain of a doll and Scout for sure looked as fragile as one.

Rubbing up and down The crack of Scout's ass Jem would occasionally put a finger lightly in, not enough to penetrate her hole. Scout softly moaned in a soft, light voice that could be compared to the sound of a dove, softly and lightly cooing.

"Jem," Scout whispered, "My heart is racing." "Mine too," replied Jem who was having fun fondling the cute, pale butt of Scout. Jem swiftly turned Scout around and while making a large ripple in the water, he brought Scout to an even shallower spot. Scout's nipples were as hard as stones and stuck out around half an inch from her areolas. Jem leaned over and sucked her nipples and bit softly. Her heart beat was audible and could be felt from nipples. Jem's tongue circled Scout's areolas slowly and Jean Louise's moaning started to rise in volume.

Scout put her hand deep into the water and wrapped it around Jem's throbbing cock. Lifting Scout slightly Jem grabbed her by the ass and slowly put her down on his rock hard cock. "Oh!" Scout moaned as her hymen broke on her brothers cock, thick and hard. "Lord Jem! This is so hot. Put it all the way in!" Jem obeyed Scout's plead by shoving his cock deep into Scout's pussy. Starting off slowly, Jem started thrusting in and out of Scout's pussy, making her and the water move in unison.

"Ahh! Ah! Faster Jem! It- Oh- feels so good!" Intent on pleasuring Scout, Jem moved in and out of Scout faster than a rabbit running away from a hunter with a gun.

Scouts small boobs bounced up and down on her chest with the thrusts. Scout's face was contorted into an expression of absurd pleasure.

Scout's pussy walls were stretching with each inch inserted into her tight pussy. In the intensity they had somehow made their way to the river bank where the fucked passionately on a nest of clothes. "Oh Jem! Something is happening! I feel tingly! Ahh ahh don't stop! Faster!"

"Scout I'm... I'm cumming! Ahh!" In response to Scouts rippling orgasm, Jem came inside Scout's pussy furiously. For several seconds Jem shot his load into Scout's young vagina. Her hole filled with Jem's seed and gushed out with each movement of his penis. "Jem! Aahh! Oh my god! Oh!" Scout shook and trembled with an orgasm.

Scout screamed with pleasure as Jem took his soft dick out of her love hole and stuck his face down between Scout's thighs and licked, getting cum on his face. In the midst of Jem eating out Scout, she had shot a jet of liquid from her pussy. Scout screamed and squirted furiously onto Jem's now cum soaked face.

"Oh Scout you're squirting!" Jem said with a mouth full of pussy juice. The sound of the liquid shooting from pussy onto Jem's face mad a pitter patter sound. Jem had savory every last drop.

HAfter cleaning up after their event, they had decided that they best go home. "Jem?" Scout asked. "What?" "Can we do that again sometime?" Jem replied without hesitation "Yes! Of course, as long as Atticus don't hear word!"

Rating: 72%, Read 18249 times, Posted Nov 25, 2014

Fantasm | Fan fiction, First Time, Incest, Virginity


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