The Pill Ch. 3 by DesTodes777

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Fantastic | Body modification, Death, Monster


The glare of bright lights woke Heather. Strapped down to a board, she cried out in fear. The last thing she remembered was being at a bar and picking up a man when her mind went blank. Maybe there was something in her drink, she had a headache to prove that, but as the bright lights rushed by her vision, Heather became fearful.

About a week ago, a man named X had approached her. He gave her a story about being a scientist and was looking for people to help him with an experiment. His pitch for her joining the trial had been perfect.

Heather had been in her early forties before taking the shimmering blue pill. Always a looker, now the wrinkles of a non-stop party lifestyle had taken a toll on her body. Drinking, smoking and taking drugs had been fun, but as forty hit her, she quickly began to look in her fifties. Dismayed and utterly destroyed mentally, the party girl had died leaving Heather a husk of her former self and alone. There was no one to call to help her. A runaway, Heather had mostly just bounced around between houses. A nasty divorce had secured her future, but how much did she own at the end of the day? To her, the answer was nothing, and now she was older, looking even older that she was and alone.

X's pitch had enticed her the moment he had finished the speech. Promises of restored youth, and another opportunity to find love and all she had to do was take a pill. Take a pill and think of her favorite animal. It had been a no-brainer that she had snatched the tablet away from X and taken it before he had even left the room. The scientist leaned back in his chair and smiled; he only asked her one question. What animal did she choose? It was a frog.

Ever since Heather had been a little girl, before an accident had killed her parents and forced her into the foster care system. She had run away from that life fairly quickly and by all standards, she should never have amounted to having any money at all. It was a godsend that her ex-husband like a woman incapable of almost anything but cleaning, but her party lifestyle had driven into abuse, which never helped. The divorce would have left her destitute, but though her partying ways, Heather had managed to get an affair going between a friend and him. The courts had given her had and then some of the vast fortunes of her husband. Maybe that was the motive why X had come to her with the pill. She suspected it all the way until the next morning.

Heather had been a looker. At sixteen, she had blossomed into a bombshell black haired beauty. Summers had been spent as often as she could, sunbathing and so her black hair had quickly been complimented on her golden skin. Many had commented that she looked like she was a native Hawaiian, but Heather laughed off the compliments. She had to. No matter what home she inevitably went to next, it was always a terrible place. The first time she had been raped was twelve, and she knew much of her partying was a way to hide the abuse. The only other thing she had to help was a stuffed animal frog. It was as black with sparkling colors that swirled across its skin. When she thought of the frog when taking the pill, it had been that image in her mind.

When she woke in the morning, it didn't take long for Heather to realize something had happened to her body. When she woke, she could feel how smooth the skin on her legs were. It took an hour for her to explore the nubile body that she had. Everything was tight and sensitive. Excited, Heather rushed out of bed to find herself looking in a mirror at her Twenty-year-old self. The wrinkles, the age, the everything was gone, washed away by the miracle pill. How then was she supposed to know the dangers of such a thing?

X had said something about giving him a call when she awoke the next morning. He wanted to check on her, but like she always did, she shirked the request. Nubile and feeling utterly in need of attention, Heather blew off the call to go party. It had started her on a path that had put her strapped to a hospital bed and looking up at bright lights.

She could barely see an arm on each side of her head. The wheels to the bed were causing the annoying rolling sound as it rolled somewhere unknown. Feeling lightheaded, she passed out once more.

When Heather woke again, she found herself in the dark. Not a pitch black night, there was some light, but it took time for her eyes to adjust.

"Doctor, she is awake," a voice said. It sounded like a young man, which right now was music to her ears. Recalling that X had told her about an unhealthy sex drive the pill would give, Heather had laughed it off. She was always horny and so what would a little blue pill do to help with that. Turns out, a lot. So much that Heather had found herself in need of a man continually. As a captured woman to whatever place she was, that should have concerned her, even left her more frightened, but now, at this moment, all she wanted was sex.

"Heather Gregorn, glad to see you are awake," another voice said. Heather looked around trying to figure out where the voices were at. Two males were up there a one young and one older one. The latter had a stern voice, like the man in charge.

"Where am I? Who are you?"

"Oh, you aren't frightened anymore it seems. Let me tell you; I am with the government," the stern voice said and then continued. "You were picked up at a bar after a biological attack occurred. You have been placed in quarantine as well as the rest of the survivors. My assistant here will be running tests to see if the agent used has infected you. Once you are deemed safe and the all clear is given, we will release you."

Heather knew the words were a lie. That wouldn't explain everything, especially why she was in a dark room. She had seen enough t.v. to know that being in quarantine meant lots of doctors and less movement. Whatever was going on, she seemed consigned to suffer it.

The two voice began a conversation, but she lost interest. Too horny now to think straight, she fidgeted. How long, she didn't know. It was as the two men were purposefully making her wait. There was nothing to do but try and get more rest, and so she closed her eyes and waited for sleep to overtake her.

Heather awoke laying down on a hard surface. No longer was she strapped to a hospital bed, but was in a bare room. In front of her, the door was made of thick bars, and she could see past them that there was a set up for a medical procedure. There was a bed and a few instruments. Whatever she had been told, this place was more sinister than she had been led to believe. Looking around some more, she found a clipboard and a pen on the stone floor. There were questions on the check board, and so she took a look at them.

The paper asked about medical, personal and family information. The last sheet requested an explanation how she became infected with the virus. She left the question blank because she felt that the medical doctor from earlier had explained how she ended up there. Putting the clipboard down and the pen, Heather inspected poem more. The cell was small, with a single light at the top, but it didn't burn brightly. The last thing to examine was herself. The robe, a medical one that was thin and light blue, quickly fell to the floor and left her naked. The temperature was comfy, and Heather preferred to be in the nude. Plus, there was a tool now that she could use to address another issue.

Some part of Heather knew that she should be worried about the situation. Instead, all that she could think about was sex. The naughty little clam between her legs was always buzzing for attention. Briefly remembering that she hadn't been able to pleasure herself in a while. Sitting in a corner, Heather got a comfy as possible.

Legs spread the nymphomaniac rubbed the base of the pen on the outside of her labia. They were swollen, so much so that Heather had often wondered if it was normal for the mons to be so big, but she sighed as the pleasure washed over her. The pen was a Bic, and it didn't take long for the plastic to become coated in her sex. That was one thing that changed with her taking the pill that X had offered. It was never hard for her to be ready for sex, but since the pill, what had once been enough now was copious. She hadn't even used the pen between her pussy lips yet and already the floor was accumulating a puddle of sticky juices.

Teasing helped draw out something else too. Besides having great looks, Heather also sported an assortment of tools within herself now that she could use to get a man into bed with her. Animals had pheromones, and the pill had bestowed those to her. Power, it was the talk that only lived in the world of comics and movies, but Heather had them. That and a freakishly long tongue now, but she tried to forget about it as often as possible. It ruined her image. She began circling the pen over her slit, sending chills up her back.

"Oh it has been too long," she said.

Then she pushed the pen between the folds of her cunt and gasped in pleasure. The lights outside her cell flipped on, and she growled in frustration. Hurrying, she got the robe back on and set the pen on the clipboard. The sounds of steps clicked on the floor, and Heather was sitting in the middle of her cell when the stereotypical looking doctor walked up.

"Fondelberg?" she asked.

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing, you looked like someone I know," she said. It was a lie. The man was too young to be any doctor she would have ever seen. Most

of the obg/yn's she had ever seen were pervy old men. This man had sandy blond hair, and he was lanky tall. Glasses, the nerdy type kids would have gotten picked on at school framed his face and shielded the blue eyes through their big lenses.

"Eh-em, Can I get the clipboard?"

She grabbed it and handed it up to him, purposefully keeping the pen in her other hand. He turned to leave, and she called attention to it. The doctor made her reach through the bars before he snatched the pen away.

"You're welcome," she said, but he ignored her. Just disappeared into the mass of medical equipment in the room.

"So what's the news?"

Her voice echoed in the cavernous medical facility, though she was beginning to think the place was in an abandoned warehouse. Now that the lights were on, she could barely make out steel beams above here, which meant that this was out of place for a medical facility. Quarantine had apparently been a lie.


Her voice echoed again through the place. This time, there was a reaction from the doctor. He came stomping over the cell looking angry. The pen was in his right hand, which was in a fist. She smiled at him.

"What do you want?"

"Well, aren't you gonna tell me what's up. I have rights you know."

"Look, lady, I'm just doing my job. Give me a few and I'll let you out. I have to run some test on you."

"What sort of tests?"

He didn't answer and instead went back over to the lab equipment. Did she hear banging around as the doctor or was a better deion scientist? Heather didn't know, but her pussy quivered, reminding her that it needed to be filled soon. Though, that opportunity would probably be soon. The man had no idea what he had walked into, and she hoped, would be sliding his cock into.

Minutes passed, and he came back to the cell with an old looking set of keys. Fumbling and cursing it took him a few tries before the right key slipped into the lock. Heather envisioned something else, but she stood back from the cell door so that it could swing inward.

"Follow me," he said.

Obeying, he led her to the medical area and motioned her to sit on the edge of an actual medical bed.

"So your name is Heather?"

"Yes, what's yours?"

"You can call me Dave."

"Short for David?"

"I need to take some blood."

Heather held out her arm, and he got a syringe ready. There was something off about the man. He was creepy, and she hated that he didn't talk. It wasn't like she needed him to. What she needed was the pheromones that were dried on the pen to hit him so they could fuck. Why wasn't he already pushing her onto her back and sinking his dick into her? Instead, he was pushing a needle into her arm and taking blood. What a waste of time for the both of them when they could be fucking like animals.

"So are you not gonna converse? It kinda sucks being locked up under a pretense that it's for my good."

He didn't answer yet again. Heather did her best not to let it get to her. Sex was possible, and her pussy wasn't making it easier on her. It was still running like a river, and she could feel a puddle of want growing underneath her ass as she sat there. Sucked that the doctor was just focused on her blood. Vials were filled and set aside. Like clockwork and Heather sat obediently letting it happen. When he was finished, he walked away briefly and Heather didn't let the opportunity slip by.

Fingers darted from wet pussy to various things around her. The chair he would surely sit on, another pen and a few various flat surfaces. Anything that looked like the doctor would touch. She was growing tired of waiting and needed to be fucked soon, or her body was going to take over.


He hadn't returned yet, and so she leaned back and laid down, making sure that the robe rode up just enough for some skin to show. Anything to help she surmised. His coldness was something out of the ordinary for her. Any man of his caliber would be more than lucky just to have a chance to see her naked. If only he knew that it wasn't just bare skin she wanted to show him. He walked back up to the medical bay and quickly avoided staring at her.

"You're uh, um you're showing," he said.

Heather stammered out her embarrassed reply and feigned covering up. In doing so, she made sure to give him a good look at her good. She noticed that his gaze was fixated on her groin, and she laughed to herself. The seed had been planted, more so now that just her pheromones. The show was enough to get the blood pumping.

"I apologize," he said.


She smiled with a wink. He quickly turned away.

"I need to ask you some difficult questions."


Still looking away he asked his first.

"Have you noticed anything different with your body? Any weird symptoms?"

"I feel fine doctor."

"Okay good. Any recent changes?"

"Well, yes. I took part in an experiment about a week ago. Do you know X?"

"I don't know what X is. Is it the name of the experiment?"

"I think so," she said.

"Tell me more about it."

"They just made me take a pill."

"More than one?"

"Pill? No."

He was writing on a notepad. She could barely see, but he was hunched over.

"What was the purpose of the pill?"

"Something about eternal youth. They made me pick an animal."

His writing had stopped. Somehow, Heather knew it was because her pheromones were beginning to work on him. Smiling, she began to finger herself. A bold move, but she was sure now that he would be replacing the probing digits with just one that he had.

"What animal did you pick?"

His shoulders shook with the question.

"When I was younger, I had a stuffed animal that was a comfort to all the abuse I had been put through with the foster system. It was the only thing I owned besides a few pairs of clothes. It was a black frog with bright spots. That's what I picked."

"A frog?"


The doctor finally turned to look at her and a painful expression passed over his face.

"See doctor; frogs are amazing creatures,"

He was watching her play with herself, not even listening, but she moaned in pleasure as she continued.

"They start off as eggs and eventually turn into the bright colored beauties that they are. Their diets also allow for the production of chemicals that make mating much more fun for the females."

Heather use her pointer and ring finger to pry apart her swollen labia. She was sure that the doctor could see the stickiness of her juices between them, but she was hoping that he was looking at the exotic pink folds of her pussy. Her middle finger began to rub slowly in a circle of her clit, and she started moaning as much as possible.


"See doctor; it just feels so nice to do this since the pill. But you know what feels better, a cock."

He blushed, and it made Heather gush in an orgasm.

"Oh doctor, I must have you."

The words were working. The site was working. All that was need was for her to make a move on him. It's how it worked most of the time. Some men did attack her in privacy, but too often, Heather had to make the moves. It suited her, but she had been hoping for different results. The doctor didn't know it, but he would not survive the sex.

"Come on doctor, don't you want me?"

His lips quivered, the struggle written on his face, but she would persist. Though she wondered of the only reason he fought against her was out of a sense of professionalism and duty.

"Look, doctor, I want you to molest me. See?"

She stopped fingering herself to remove the hospital gown completely. He gasped, and she laughed. Swinging herself in the bed, she practically bounced over to the man. Reaching up to his face, she pulled him down for a kiss.

At first, he didn't return it. The refusal made her lick his lips and try probing into his mouth. It took more prodding, but eventually their tongues were entwined in passion. He was shaking, and Heather pulled him over to the bed.

"I'm gett'n on the bed, you get those pants off."

On the bed she watched him strip his pants off. She didn't care what he looked like with the clothes off, he was skinny and lanky still, even more so without his pants. His rod stood full and erect, and it too matched his body type. Long and not thick, but it would be enough for her. Enough to get off and escape. Heather knew what happened with sex and as guilty as she felt, it just felt too good for her to give up.

"What are you waiting for? Hurry."

He stepped up to the hospital bed. Their sex-matched perfectly, and he sank into her without any issues.

"God, you're so slick and tight."

She knew it to be a true statement; not something said in the moment to keep the honey pot producing. Everyman she that she had been with since she had taken the pill exclaimed such things. It was a pity that the tight and slick pussy they were so quickly enthralled with would kill them.

"Argh yes, you feel so good, don't stop. Grab my breasts, fuck me."

His hands were awkward on her chest, but just having each globe of flesh squeezed was enough for pleasure. It seemed to take him entirely to long to sink his meat into her. The head of his cock pushed all the way up to her womb. The feeling was good and by the third or fourth full stroke in and out of her, and she shook with an explosive orgasm. When her orgasm finished, she began to talk to him.

"I never got your name. It's a shame; I love to know the names of men who fuck well."

He grunted and exploded into her. Such a great finish but Heather was nowhere close to being done with him. The irony of the situation wasn't lost on her. Sex could be avoided, at least the traditional kind. If only she could make it past having sex with her buzzing cunny. Oral or even anal sex would allow her sexual partners to live. At least, in theory, she had never tried either. Having a cock in her pussy was the first and last thing that happened with the coupling with any man. It was hard wired natural for both of them, and her mind just seemed to lose all focus when she saw a cock and the prospect of not having said dick in her cunny was thrown out the window.

"Do you know the issue with toxic frogs?"

He was still going, paying no heed to her. Smiling, she realized it was always like this and before she began another explanation; she allowed him to plow her into another orgasm. This orgasm made her squeal and locked her legs like a vice around his waste.

"Hold, on; we need to change positions."

He pulled out, his hand went straight to his cock, trying to keep himself going. Heather laughed this time before getting off the bed and bending over it, Spreading her cheeks, she told him to come get it. Like a bull seeing red, he surged back into her cunt with a satisfying slap of flesh, and they were going back at it.

"I-uh-nee-need-to tell-you more."

He grunted in reply. Heather looked down

"You see-my body has become very toxic. That toxicity is released when I do. Not like a frog, I'm afraid, but the sex will continue until you just give out."

She grunted in reply, but it didn't stop his pace. Not that it mattered much to Heather. As long as she could cum a few more times, what happened to the doctor was irrelevant. As he approached another finish, Heather briefly wondered how long she could keep going before she got pregnant. That thought was cut short when he violently lurched into her. The orgasm was quick, and it left him gasping for breath. He fell onto the floor, and Heather stood over him.

"Well, you're gonna die either way, and I'm still horny."

His eyes were closed, and Heather wondered if his mind even registered that she had gotten on top of him and reinserted his long schlong. She rode him and was able to cum twice more before his heart gave out. Heather assumed it was the heart that gave out with the men. As long as there were men and sex was possible, Heather cared less about her partners. Especially the ones holding her captive and she was sure she was being held captive now.

Looking around, she put back on the gown and prepared to look for a way out. She used his pants top clean up herself. There happened to be a lot of leaking fluids that were adding to the already sticky situation on her legs. Laughing again, she looked for a way out.

The place she was in was an abandoned warehouse. A confirmed fact after she found a door that led into the night time air. Strolling quickly, Heather was able to leave the area without issue. Whoever had been trying to keep her captive hadn't thought through their security very well. It took only moments to realize where she was. The main highway that ran next to her house was here, and that meant that she was close to being home. She was glad that her captors hadn't moved her to another city or worse, state. Luckily, it wasn't and after jumping the railing to the highway, she began to put out her thumb.

Seeing a woman in a hospital gown on the road was probably an absurd sight, but Heather was hoping that she would still be able to hitch a ride. Traffic was little though and a few minutes passed before even saw headlights heading her way. The car passed her a kept going and she sighed in frustration. It was getting cold, and her nipples were rubbing against the fabric of the gown as she paced back and forth to keep her blood flowing. It was turning her on, and thoughts of being picked up by a male driver quickly turned to rewarding him with a good fuck. A car slowed down, and the passenger window was down. It was disappointing that the driver was an old lady.

"Do you need a ride?"


"Well, hop on in dreary, I'm heading into town."

Heather obeyed, being careful not to slam the car door shut. At least she had a ride and the clock on the dash told her it wasn't even too late to hit a bar and find someone to fulfill her sexual needs.

"Where you headed?"

"I live close to Exit 32, so if you can drop me off there, I'd be grateful."

"That's no problem."

There was a little conversation after that. Just left to thoughts, Heather wondered about what she normally did, having sex. No matter how embarrassed she would be, the seat would be soaked by the time they reached her drop off point. When they pulled up, Heather's legs wobbled being that she seemed to have worked herself up more so than when she was held captive. Walking in the night, Heather was almost worried about running into someone, but then, that too turned to thoughts of a sexual nature. Specifically, maybe a group of young men who would stumble upon her and have their way. Sadly, it didn't happen, and she managed to make it to her home unmolested. Another great thing is that she had a spare key in a rock and within seconds, she was home. Home and in a shower, which meant that she had to masturbate too. Finished, she looked in her clothes for a good night dress and prepared to leave. Everything was normal, and when she headed down stairs, a voice stopped her dead in her tracks.

"Heather, I am glad you have made it home."

It wasn't X, but the voice belonged to the other man who had been her captor. She walked towards the voice and found an older gentleman sitting in her living room.

"Please, do come in. We have much to discuss."

"Can it wait?"

He laughed. It wasn't a pleasant one.

"I'm afraid not. You are too dangerous to be left alone."

"Look here you creep, if you're working with X tell him he did this and to leave me alone."

He laughed again.

"I do not work with X at all. You should have called him as soon as the issue arose. He would have helped you. Men with grand views like that can't leave a damsel in distress."

"So who are you?"

"As funny as it sounds, I just go by M."

"Like Dr. X?"

"Yes, but just M no doctor."

"Are you not?"

"A doctor? I am. I just don't like the term. I am especially isolated and like to be in the shadows. Shadows in which you have wandered into."

She looked at him and studied his face. M was a man who looked to be around the same age as X. In his mid-thirties. He had bushy red eyebrows that matched an even thicker beard. It seriously looked that the slowly overweight man just allowed the facial hair to grow wild. His hair was long enough to sit on his shoulders. All in all, at least he had good looking arms that detracted from his glasses. Did all scientists just wear those? He was dressed nice at least too and gave her the impression that was cultured.

"So what does that mean?"

"It means that you are no longer fit to be in society. For god's sake Heather, when you have sex, you kill your partner. Not on purpose, I know, but still, eventually the authorities will figure it out."

He was right. The way she was, it was only a matter of time for that to happen. She hadn't thought about it at all. Being locked up or worse a science experiment.

"I then will offer you an alternative, though it's not really."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that I will not allow the authorities to have you. You will take the option I offer you, or you will not leave this house alive."

The threat was clear. Surprising, but clear in its intention.

"So...what is it?"

"I maintain a lab on an island out in the Indian Ocean. It's very secluded. That will be your new home. I will on a few things. One, either a cure for your condition or at least a way to neutralize your toxins. I imagine your goal for taking whatever X gave you was mostly to find love."

She nodded, confirming the statement.

"Second, I will probably fail at the first task. That leaves then creating a male that will be immune to you. The latter is likely, but also dangerous."

"Okay, that doesn't sound too bad."

"It isn't free. You will work on the island. I will find you suitable work. The third will be a series of experiments that will not count as work. You will not be able to say no to the tests at all. Your life here is over, so much so that as soon as you decide between this and death, you have to pack to leave."

"This is a tough decision."

"Not really. Do you want to live or not?"

"I do."

"Then you will pack. As soon as possible, you will also provide me a list of your assets."

"What do you need those for?"

"At this point, you no longer get to ask questions. As soon as you noticed your issue, you should have contacted X. I'm the one who cleans up his messes. Damn man can't do anything right."

"This is my home."

"You're not listening. Not anymore. My complex is. Pack and do as your told. I can revoke my offer if you wish."


"Good. I'll be waiting. I would take anything that you find of value. When we leave, you won't be returning ever, and I'll be selling everything in here."

"Why did you help me escape?"

"Ah, that is an excellent question, one you will never get the answer to. Though, I am upset over my assistant. He was a good worker."

"Good fuck too."

M gave her a look that told her he wasn't one for back talk. She should have sensed that already. The man had a strong voice and had throughout the conversation, had glared at her for asking questions.

Heather started crying. X had ruined her life, and the pill had. She just wanted to have fun, find love, and for once, have a great relationship. That was all gone now it seemed. So she went up to her bedroom and packed some clothes. Anything that would be useful in her giant luggage bag went into it. She even included a dress suit, lingerie some pairs of sexy panties and all of her jewelry. There weren't any picture to take, but she did grab her tablet and a fantasy novel. Lastly, she grabbed the stuffed animal frog. The one and only true friend she had ever had.

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Fantastic | Body modification, Death, Monster


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