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Hi xnxx readers, my name is Sathya and today I am going to narrate a true story about my first swap which happened two days ago. This is my first swap story. I am a continuous reader of xnxx, I have read many stories but most of them are false but I still love to read it as it fantasies me in this story.

I am going to tell you about how I encountered that’s the really interesting part for any story it and how I enjoyed it before going to my story, I want to share an information with you guys. Nearly 2 months ago I found a site and this site is all about having better sex and penis enlargement. I purchased the e books from this site for less than 1k and within my first week my sex session is skyrocketed.

I could have multiple orgasm and hours of foreplay and the best thing is my penis size gone from 6.4” to 8” without any instrument and still growing. But unfortunately I cannot share the download with you guys. Sorry. If you are interested then visit the site after this story. Telling about myself, my name is Sathya 27 from Andhra. I am 6.2” tall, pale brown and weigh 90 kgs. I am a mechanical engineer and working in a reputable company.

I was born in a very religious, respected and rich family when I grew up my parents were very strict in any adult oriented matters. They always send a person with me whenever I am going to a cinema and they didn’t allow any girls to talk with me as everyone there knows me well I couldn’t have any adult fun. My only entertainment was watching adult films in my laptop and chatting sexy on face book as days passes by I completed my ME at 23 and they begin to see a girl for my marriage.

I did not have a chance to tell my opinion about my future wife so I leave everything to happen by fate. One day my mom came to me and gave me a cover to select the girl I wish to marry and then she leave. I expected nearly 5 to 10 photos in the cover but it has only 2 photos in it. I looked at the photos, both girls are really beautiful but one girl seems more homely than other so I selected her.

Her name is Preethi and she was 20 year old and she too belongs to a family exactly like mine. Within two months we are married to each other and start to live the life. Now she is 24 and we have a 3 year old son and she is working in a bpo based company only for her own interest. Telling about my wife she is 5.6” tall, chubby, fair and with the assets of 34, 28, 36.

After marriage we enjoyed the sex a lot, we had three honeymoons and we fucked each other in a Goa beach publically every man looks her with a lust whenever she came out with me and but she did not response to them every day I fuck her like I had my dream actress for fuck and there is no tomorrow. Day by day our love increases and there is not even a single fight between us.

After marriage I deleted my facebook account but we used to see the porn movies together when I fuck her I insist to play a porn movie but she always wants romantic background music like the one in shopping malls, on the background while fucking. We have tried all the sex positions and have sex at each and every place in our house. During this I completed my PhD and request a promotion in my office and they agreed and they said for my new job I must undergo 6 months of training in Pune.

Everyone in my house told me to quit the job and take care of the business but I refused as I love my job very much. I and my wife decided to stay with me in Pune for 6 months. She requested a transfer in her company but they refused so she resigned the job. My parents understood my intentions and allow her to come with me and they said they take care of my son too at Pune.

The company offered us quartzes to stay but the men around there was so lusty and started to tease my wife so we temporally moved to a single bedroom house for rent which is 6 kms away from my office after my duty time we used to roam around the city and watching movies and going restaurants, that’s our only entertainment after one month, the incident starts to happen when I came back from office.

I saw she was downloading some porn movies from a site I subscribed. She welcomed me and she went to bring me a coffee and I checked the movies, 9 were downloaded and one is downloading among the nine 6 movies were threesome sex movie, it knocked my head but I did not ask anything to her at that time. During that night at our fucking session I fuck her hard and she too enjoyed a lot as my dick had grown bigger but I could not completely concentrate on her.

My head was filled with many doubts like is she really loves threesome? And so on when she was at her 90% of her ecstasy I stopped fucking her. She opened her eyes after nearly 6 seconds and asked me why I stopped. I said can I ask you something? And she said honey you can ask me anything. I said do you like threesome sex in reality? She was shocked and said honey what happened to you, how you could think me like that?

I said I saw you have downloaded more threesome movies that are why I thought so. She pulled me away and angrily shouted at me so what you thing I am, a cock hunger slut? You too have downloaded a lot of incest movies does that mean you want to fuck your shit. Honey you really disappointed me and tears were flowing from her eyes and she ran in to the bathroom and closed the doors.

I was speechless and frustrated about what I have done. I never saw such an expression in her eyes, man she was not lying when she got out from the bathroom I tried to convince her but her face was blemish and she didn’t talk to me that night and two days after that. Those two days were the worst in my life but third day somehow I convinced her and we start to live normally.

Another month passed but my thought has evolved. I want to see my wife fucked by another men and this time I am planning it in my way. I want to take her from a pot to pond, then to lake and then to ocean. So I created a sexy facebook profile and I added some male friends. I start to chat with them on the daily basis. We share different sex thoughts and slowly I start to keep my wife with me when I am chatting.

First she did not like that but I become normal to her later. One day I asked her permission to upload her sexy photo with her face covered on my profile, she refused first but 20 minutes later she agreed. I made her to wear a shirt with no bra inside to show her erect nipples and told her not to put any buttons to show her complete cleavage. Man she was really, really hot in that.

I took a snap and pixilated her face and uploaded it on my profile as she is my wife after seven minutes there were 11 shares, 33 comments and 23 likes. The comments were so sexy and the guys who commented were talking dirty to each other about how to fuck her and many others say I will masturbate with this picture tonight. I showed it to her and ask her to read all the comments loudly so that I can hear that.

She started by reading it with a smile but slowly I found her voice patterns turned to slow and long. Her face expression was really awesome. After reading this she said she liked that. That encourages me a little and the next day I uploaded her bare breasts picture and the response was like I wanted and she became more interested in it within two weeks I had 1300 friends but unfortunately facebook disabled my account.

We were very much disappointed but I found another remedy. We started to have live cam sex chat with people on, I told her to show her boobs to other persons live but she disagreed but she did not want to not watching others. I placed her near to me but away from cam and I showed my cock to the married couples and girls and lots of girls masturbated online by seeing my cock.

That night we had another hard fuck session but next day she willingly wanted to show her naked body to others, she covered her face with a towel and showed her sexy things on the cam. Five boys masturbated and cum before her live. This made her hornier; she closed the lap and wants me to fuck her. I satisfied her wish on that day too. During when we lie naked on bed I asked once again about threesome, she refused and I said “let’s try this only one time.

If you are interested after that we can continue if not I swear I will never ask you about this again. She maintained a long silence and she said ok dear and I agree but I fear this will create any quarrel among us sooner or later, so let’s do this in another way. I asked in what way? She said if I want to be fucked by other men, then why shouldn’t you fuck other women? Yes honey I also want to see you fucking other women, so find a couple who likes swap and we can have swap with them and that makes sense to me; if we both lay with others it will not create any problem among us regarding this as we are in the same boat. I kissed her and I agreed. From next day onwards I searched the web to find any peoples looking for swap nearby on classifieds I found three couples nearby to me, but only one couple was looks good to me. I contacted them and we share our photos and finally everything was set. We decided to meet them on a restaurant with recent medical certificates about ourselves as we both not interested in using condoms when we meet they say their real names and this is their first swap too.

Their name fake name is Raja and Ria and they have a kid. Raja is 5.10” tall, fair and fit. Ria is nearly 5.7” with the boob size of 34 and she has the milky skin complexion. She gave many naughty smiles to me but raja was busy on looking my wife without blinking his eyes finally we share our certificates and fixed a date to have fun on their house as our house has only one bedroom.

The day before our swap raja called me and asked for if any preparation has to be done before our arrival. I asked Preethi about that, she said nothing special is needed but I wished a little thing. I told Raja to tell Ria to wear green sari on that day because in green she will look like an angel and more gorgeous according to my taste. He said no problem. That day we did not fuck each other that night as we need to be hornier on bed tomorrow.

And that day comes and we went to their house, they welcomed us Ria was wearing a leaf green sari and as I thought she was like a angel while Preethi was wearing a transparent black sari. Their son was sent to the school. We had chat for five minutes with a tea but raja couldn’t wait more. He asked shall we? And I looked Preethi and asked you ready honey?

She put her head down due to shy and raja take her hand and she got up. Raja told something to Ria in her ears and she looked me with lust and raja took Preethi to his room while Ria told me to follow her to her bedroom. We both went in and when Ria locked the door I hug her from behind and started to kiss her neck while is one hand is smooching over her belly.

She bent forward to press his ass against my erected dick and that made me more erected and I started to kiss her vigorously, she could not stand on her own les, and her legs were slouching. I took her to the bed and made her laid and started to remove the jacket and made her topless. I played with her boobs for nearly 15 minutes and suddenly I found that her hand is searching for my cock.

I asked her whether she likes my cock; she said it’s her years of dream to be fucked by a black cock. I removed my pants and gave her my 8” cock to taste. She became mad when she saw it and started to suck her like a mad dog. She twisted it, stroked it, bite it, taking it in to her throat. I assumed raja’s cock must be little bit smaller than me.

She sucked it for nearly 10 minutes and I cum in her mouth, she swallowed it and looking for more but I gone in to her sari and removed her panty and started to lick the pussy like a dog, she moaned heavily and cum within 3 minutes but I drank each drop of it and started again, after some time she cum again and she got tired, but I am not.

I wrapped the sari and bundled it in to her back. Her nude figure with green sari looks sexy than sexier. I slowly inserted my cock into her pussy and screamed loudly, I started to increase my pace of my stroke, she moaned like a bitch and within 20 minutes I came to cum but I cum on her mouth. On that day I fucked her six times. Next story will be narrated by my wife about her swap experience and how we had foursome after that.

Rating: 54%, Read 60347 times, Posted Feb 21, 2013

True Story | Blowjob, Boy, Female, First Time, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome, Young


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