Screwing the Pooch (re-post) by eatenbydogs69

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True Story | Bestiality


We all know how horny teenage boys are and I had plenty of opportunities to date and fuck boys if I’d wanted to. But my older sister had gotten pregnant when she was a teen and there was no way I wanted to follow in her footsteps. Even condoms can fail, so there was no way I was dumb enough to let a boy fuck me and take even the slim chance of getting pregnant. I became an expert at sucking cock and giving hand jobs. Plus I learned I really enjoyed getting my ass fucked, so the boys rarely complained when I wouldn’t let them fuck my pussy.

If you’ve read my other stories, you know I’d gotten licked to orgasm on a regular basis by the family dachshund and had graduated to getting eaten out by my brother-in-law’s German Shepherd/St. Bernard mix Barney. I knew Barney wanted to fuck me because he’d tried to mount me more than once during a hot session of him licking my pussy. Even though he belonged to my brother-in-law, I think Barney spent more time over at my house than at his own. My parents both worked, so our house was empty when I came home from high school each day. I had 2-3 hours to myself every day before anyone else came home and, being the horny girl that I was, I spent a lot of that time masturbating. Using my fingers to get myself off was nice, but got boring after a while. And I fucked myself with many different implements that were handy. Back when I was a teen there was no internet (yeah, I’m that old...ha!) and there wasn’t any way for a girl my age to buy vibrators or dildos. So I used things like cucumbers, bananas, hair brush handles, big wooden spoon handles, anything just to get off.

But I wanted more than just vegetables or inanimate objects in my pussy. I wanted a real cock, something hot, hard and throbbing filling me up. I was quite familiar with Barney’s dog cock, so he was the natural choice since I knew there was no chance of getting pregnant if he fucked me. My only concern was the knot at the base of his dick. I’d jacked him or sucked him off many times (it was only fair since he made me cum) and that knot was pretty big. His main shaft was a bit over six inches long and not too fat, but not too skinny either. When I sucked him off he filled my mouth to capacity, but I didn’t have to stretch my jaws too wide and he didn’t choke me when he humped my face. The knot at the base added maybe another inch or so in length, but swelled up to the size a little larger than a tangerine. I wasn’t worried about it when I was blowing him because my mouth opened wide enough to accommodate it without it getting stuck, but I wasn’t so sure my pussy could take it.

One afternoon I’d picked up Barney from my sister’s house after school and brought him home with me as usual. We’d gotten out of school early for some reason or another and I had the house to myself for at least five hours and I’d decided to use the time to let Barney fuck me for the first time. I’d been thinking about it all day and the dog must have known how horny I was because his nose went up my skirt as soon as we got in the door. I tossed my purse and schoolbooks on the dining room table as I passed and hurried into the living room with Barney at my heels.

“Give me a chance to get my clothes off!” I laughed while Barney continued to try to get at my pussy when I flopped down on the couch.

I quickly shimmied out of my panties, flipped my skirt up and spread my legs as Barney crowded in close and stuck his nose in my crotch. I moaned and shivered when his tongue darted out and licked me from asshole to clit with one long swipe. God but it felt amazing to once again have that hot wet doggy tongue lapping away at my pussy, making me wetter and hotter the longer he licked. His nose constantly bumped against my clit as he dug his tongue into my hole to get at the juices that were flowing.

“That’s it, eat me, Barney. Fuck that pussy with your tongue,” I moaned, petting his broad head as he licked and licked.

I thrashed under his tongue for several minutes before whipping my blouse up over my head and wiggling out of my bra so I was left slumped on the couch naked except for my skirt hiked up around my waist. I spread my legs as wide as I could and pinched my nipples til they were rock hard while Barney tried his best to bury his nose in my pussy hole.

But this time the poor dog seemed to be even more horny than usual. After several hot minutes of licking, he suddenly stopped and lurched up over me with his front paws on either side of my hips on the sofa. He crowded in closer and I could feel his cock sliding over my thigh as he tried to wrap his paws around my waist. His hips were hunching desperately, his tongue hung out of his mouth drooling on my tits while he tried to find a hole to bury his cock in.

I was ready to be fucked this time. I wanted that dog dick in my, but Barney wasn’t having much luck finding his target. He was humping wildly and, while the pointed end of his cock was managing to poke between my legs, his aim was off and he kept missing. I scooted my hips closer to the edge of the couch cushion trying to squirm into position, but Barney was so excited he couldn’t control himself. I reached down between his bulky body and mine and managed to grasp his hot cock in my hand to guide him between my legs. His dick was incredibly hot and wet and he humped my fist as little spurts of pre-cum coated my hand.

I’d had things inside my pussy before, but nothing prepared me for the feeling when I finally managed to line that dog cock up with my hole and Barney shoved the whole thing inside in one thrust. I screamed as he crammed his dick into me all the way to the knot and my tight cunt was plowed wide open with a live cock for the first time. Dogs aren’t known for their subtlety when they fuck and I was given no time to adjust. Barney just battered me with is cock, pistoning in and out of me over and over.

I guess I’m lucky dogs produce so much pre-cum because is lubed my pussy up pretty quick and it didn’t take long before Barney’s cock was sliding in and out of my freely. I was soon clutching at his fur, forcing his hips to slam into me and babbling incoherently for him to fuck me harder. I could feel the knot at the base hit the outside of my hole with every thrust, but my cunt was so tight it wouldn’t go in at first. But with one particularly vicious thrust, I screamed again as the knot popped in. Once the knot was in, Barney stopped his frantic humping and laid on top of me while his cock throbbed inside me shooting out small spurts of cum. Even though getting the knot in had hurt, the pain went away quickly and I lay beneath the dog, trying to catch my breath. Barney gave little hunches every time a spurt came out of his cock and I squirmed beneath him, rubbing my clit on his fur. He panted above me and then began licking my tits, his hot doggy tongue rasping over my nipples and making me squirm harder.

The more I wiggled the closer I got to orgasm. The combination of Barney’s coarse fur rubbing on my clit, his cock throbbing in my cunt and his tongue licking my nipples was so intense I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. All of sudden Barney began to whine, his hips thrust hard one more time and I felt a huge flood of hot dog cum squirt deep into my teenage pussy. I came so hard I’m surprised my cunt muscles didn’t snap the poor animal’s cock off! My orgasm seemed to go on forever, my pussy clenching and unclenching around Barney’s dick as he shot what felt like a gallon of cum deep inside me.

Eventually the knot deflated enough for Barney to pull out and his cock flopped out of me with a loud slurping noise. Dog cum and pussy juice seeped out of my stretched out hole and made a wet spot on the carpet in front of the couch. I just laid there for a long time, exhausted and satisfied. That may have been the first time I was fucked by a dog, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last!


As I'm sure you can imagine, after that first experience of getting fucked by my brother-in-law's dog, I felt like I couldn't get enough of it. I was over at their house every afternoon to pick him up, supposedly to take him to the park. But it was always right back to my house and into the bedroom. I've heard people say that dog sex is animal cruelty, but I know for a fact Barney loved every minute of it. I never had to force him to do anything. He was always perfectly happy to lick my pussy and fuck me every time I took my clothes off for him.

I spent at least two years getting fucked silly by that dog and my parents never found out. That's not to say we didn't get close to being caught now and then. I vividly remember the first time we almost got caught. My parents were out somewhere, though I can't quite remember where they'd gone. I was sure they'd be gone for hours, so I'd brought Barney home because I was horny. We raced into my room and I shut and locked the door. I ripped my clothes off as fast as I could, laid down on the bed with my legs spread wide and dangling over the edge. Barney didn't need any urging. He was right there with his nose buried between my legs before I'd even gotten all the way down on my back. I reached down and spread my pussy lips wide open with my fingers so he could have better access. His tongue lapped up and down as he slobbered all over my pussy. He had a way of snuffling and snorting as he licked that vibrated over my clit and made me so hot and wet I thought I'd explode. The wetter I got the farther his tongue would dig into my hole trying to get all the juices out.

I came once while he was eating me out, but I wanted more. So I flipped over on my stomach and patted the bedspread as a signal for Barney to mount. He ignored the signal for a minute or two and ran his tongue up and down my slit to lap up more of my juice. He even wormed his tongue into my ass too, which made me even wilder with lust!

Even though I loved the licking, I really needed his hot dog cock in my pussy. I patted the bed again and this time he jumped up placing his front paws on either side of me on the bedspread. He scooted his haunches in and started humping. I could feel his cock slithering back and forth between my cunt lips, but the tip wasn't making a connection so I had to reach back and guide it. He fucked my hand for a couple strokes before his cock was positioned correctly. Once the tip was at the mouth of my pussy his next thrust shoved his dick all the way in til the knot banged at my entrance!

If you've never been fucked by a big horny dog you really don't know what you're missing! Barney just kept slamming it to me over and over and it felt so fucking good having his knot banging at the entrance to my pussy trying to force its way in. If anyone had been there to see it they would have been awed at the sight of this big St. Bernard mix fucking hard and fast into my tight teenage pussy!

The longer and harder he fucked, the more my pussy stretched to accommodate his hot cock. One particularly hard thrust and the knot at the base finally popped in. Barney tried to keep fucking, but the knot was in there good and tight and didn't want to come back out again. The feeling was incredible! His fat dog cock was buried as deep in my pussy as it could get and it stayed there throbbing and shooting little hot spurts of dog juice into my over-stuffed cunt.

I laid there on my stomach on the bed enjoying the feeling and THAT'S when I became aware that there were other noises in the house. First I heard a door close and then voices. I recognized my parents voices and it's a miracle I didn't have a heart attack right then and there! Barney was making little whining noises as his cock throbbed in my pussy, but the knot wasn't going down and he couldn't pull out. I heard footsteps coming down the hall and I held my breath as they paused at my door. Barney whined again when a knock came at the door.

"Everything okay in there, Mindy?" my dad's voice asked.

I couldn't very well tell him the truth that his little girl was pinned to her bed by a dog whose cock was stuck in her pussy! I think I whimpered a little because Barney was humping again trying to either get in deeper or pull out, but I managed to sound fairly normal when I answered.

"Things are fine, dad. Just hanging with Barney." I said.

He mumbled something about having fun and he'd see me later and then I heard him go to his own bedroom next door. To be honest, it excited me even more knowing my dad was in the next room. It must have been the danger factor that made it more exciting. And then Barney's cock was suddenly swelling even bigger in my already hugely stretched pussy and he yipped with each jerk of his body as his balls exploded and he emptied a huge load of his scalding hot dog cum into me. I buried my face in the mattress and tried not to scream as my pussy spasmed wildly around Barney's cock like it was trying to milk all the cum out of him. I came so hard and so long I though it would never stop!! When Barney's balls were finally empty, the knot in his cock deflated and pulled his dick out of my pussy with a slurping pop. Dog cum mixed with my own juice dripped down my thighs as Barney got down off me and started licking the mixture off of me.

He did a pretty good job of cleaning me up, but I still needed to take a shower. I waited til his cock had completely deflated and gone back into its sheath before peeking out of my bedroom door to make sure the coast was clear. I rushed into the bathroom and showered away all evidence of my fun. As far as I know, my dad never suspected what was going on when he knocked on my door!

Rating: 96%, Read 1117841 times, Posted Sep 08, 2013

True Story | Bestiality


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