In All Its Glory (part 2) by Gunter96

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I woke up the next morning and everything that happened the night before hit me hard. I had never felt so guilty in my life. I immediately called up my best friend Jack and we arranged to meet up at his house. His parents were out of town so he called up a couple of friends and i invited my girlfriend to come over two. Two hours later everyone was at his house having the time of their lives. There was food, alcohol, and more girls with daddy problems then i could count.

Half way through the party my girlfriend Jess walked up to me and asked me to go into the other room with her. Me and Jess had not gone further than making out and the occasional boob groping so I didn't expect much to happen. But I was not prepared for what happened once I walked through that door.

As soon as I was in the door I was tackled onto the bed in a wave of kissing. When I had finally regained my sense of direction I noticed Jess was sitting on my crotch as she kissed my neck.

“Jess what are you doing?” I asked her in confusion. She only put a finger to my mouth and started making her way down to my crotch. She started by unzipping my pants and kissing my dick through my underwear. My dick was still soft and I could tell she was getting impatient because she tore off my underwear and stuck the whole thing in her mouth.

“What the hell is wrong with you!” she asked very angrily.

“I don’t know, This isn't like me.”

I knew what the problem was but there was no way I could tell her. I knew right there that I must be gay, the other night must have meant more to me then I realized. But the more I thought about the other night the harder I got.

“Now was that so ‘hard’?” Jess said smiling as she went back down on me. Butt as she started sucking I started to go soft again.

“What am I not good enough for you!” she yelled. I had no idea what to do so I Pulled my pants up and Ran out of there. I felt terrible, I didn't want to be gay. I loved Jess, or at least I thought I did. I felt worse than I had ever felt in my life, so I went to the only place than I knew would comfort me, The forest. Whenever I felt down I would always go into the forest, It felt like the quietness of the trees where the only thing that actually understood him. I walked until he found the clearing and I sat down on the fallen tree and I just cried. I didn't know what else to do in a situation like this so I just cried. I cried until I heard footsteps coming my way. I got up and hid behind some trees because I didn't want anyone I know to see me crying there.

Out of one of the paths came two men. They were both silent and one had a scared look upon his face. The other turned around and assured the man it would be alright. I was shocked when I saw confident man kiss the scared one on the lips. Suddenly all the fear left the mans face and he walked over to the fallen tree. He leaned over it and dropped his pants. The other man walked up to him and slowly started to ease his dick into the guys ass. It was then that I realized that the men had come from the truck stop. I watched them for a couple more minutes And then made my way up the path they had just come from.

The truck stop was a little more busy than usual when I got there due to the clearing of the snow from the blizzard we had a couple days ago. I walked into the bathroom to find a couple of the stalls where occupied. I walked to the last one again and sat down. I wanted to have my dick sucked but wasn't sure how to signal it. The man yesterday wiggled his fingers signalling for mine so maybe if I tried keeping them still maybe that would let them know I wanted mine sucked. So I stuck my finger through hoping he would give me some signal to stick my dick through but was not prepared to see a huge dick pop through the hole.

I was not expecting this, I had not thought about what I was going to do If someone wanted me to suck them. The man started wiggling his dick around and I could tell he was ready for some action so I closed my eyes and reached forward. When my hands made contact with the mans penis I was surprised by the feeling. It was the softest hard thing I have ever felt, It kinda contradicts itself. I started to rub it a little bit around the head making its owner moan behind the other stall.

As I was rubbing him I noticed some clear liquid coming out of the mans tip. All of a sudden I was curious about how It tasted so I stuck my tongue out and licked it off. I actually liked the taste and I could tell by his moans that the man in the next stall liked my tongue on his member. I engulfed his head with my mouth and continued to attack his hole with my tough. when I cleared up the rest of his fluids I started to explore the large object in my mouth with my tough.

I licked all around it feeling every inch. suddenly I felt his dick start to expand in my mouth and was surprised by the feeling of cum rushing into my mouth. There was so much of It i couldn't keep it all in. I had cum flowing down my cheeks and my throat. after what seemed like forever he finally stopped and I was able to catch my breath again. It wasn't until then that I had time to taste the cum. It was a sweet taste and actually tasted really good.

“Damn you sure do know how to suck.” the man said and then dropped a ten dollar bill in through the hole before he left. “He is all warmed up.” I heard the guy say before leaving. a new guy came in and immediately stuck his penis through. It wasn't as big as the other guys but It was completely hairless and I liked that. after ten min of constant sucking he finally blew his load into my mouth. His cum had more of a bitter taste to it and I didn't like it as much but that didn't stop me from swallowing it all. The man left and didn’t give me any money but I didn't care I was satisfied enough.

It went on like this for two hours someone would come in and I would blow them. sometimes they would blow me in return but that rarely happened. I got off 5 times while I was in there and I was getting close to six. soon the crowd died down and I didn’t get as much people coming. I waited there for five minutes and decided it was time to leave. I had just stood up when I heard someone else come in. ‘ok, one more then i'm done’ I thought to myself. The man got into the stall next to mine and I stuck my fingers through. I was welcomed by the sight of a nice sized shaven cock right in my face. It wasn't to big maybe 6 inches but it looked nice to me.

I started by swirling my tongue around his head. I had learned from the several hours I had been there what people like and dont like. I licked up and down his shaft for a little bit and then pulled his balls through the hole and started sucking on them for a little bit.

I was working on him for a little bit until I he pulled his penis out of the hole. I sat there disappointed until I heard him ask me to ass up to the hole. Something about his voice sounded familiar but I pushed it to the side because I was too worried about what was coming next. I had heard girls talking about how bad anal hurts at my school but my excitement got the better of me.

I lined my hole up with the hole one the wall and braced myself for the pain, but was I felt was something wonderful. I felt a wet and tickling sensation on my hole that I could only assume was his tongue. I felt it circling my hole round and round again until I finally felt the little pinch of it going it. I was in sexual heaven and I didn't even realize him remove his tough and replace It with the tip of his dick. He pushed the head in and I jumped away from the wall from in pain.

“I see we have a virgin hole over there,” the man said, “do you have somewhere we can go to do this right?”

I was about to say know when I thought of the men doing it in the clearing. I told the man to follow me and we both stepped out of our stalls. As I stepped out of my stall I was shocked to find Jack, my best friend for longer than I could remember, Standing right In front of me.

Rating: 94%, Read 42475 times, Posted Jan 21, 2014

Fantasm | Anal, Bi-sexual, Boy, Gay, Teen Male, Young


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