Awoken... Naked by Sexy+Teddy

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Chapter 1

Eli awoke from a banging sound from outside she was in her older brother Derrick's room. Derrick was two years older than her. Her mom had left for work earlier in the morning and wouldn't be back until 11:00 in the night. Eli then realized her arms and legs were tied to the post of the bed, and she was completely naked. Her legs were stretched apart and sore. Her fully shaven 'virgin'(as she thought) pussy was completely exposed. Eli's pussy was leaking cum and it felt stretched and sore especially since there was a huge vibrator shoved in her pussy. There was cum covering Eli's face and the sheets. Suddenly the door opened.

Chapter 2

Derrick opened the bedrooms door. ''Good morning Eli how was your night''. Derrick said with a toothy grin. ''What's going on Derrick'' Eli replied. ''Im just getting back at my little sister'' Derrick laughed. ''For what'' Eli said. ''Everything'', ''Telling mom about Jen and i having sex, spanking you, basically everything that you have gotten me in trouble for'' Derrick said. ''So your gonna tie me up and leave me naked?'' Eli said. ''I'm so scared'' Eli laughed. ''Nope'' Derrick replied, ''Im gonna have sex with you''.

Chapter 3

''What?'', Eli said , ''But i'm a virgin.'' ''That's what you think'' Derrick laughed. Eli shoved her finger down her pussy and noticed that there was no wall and there was blood on the sheets. ''I'm gonna kill you'' Eli screamed with rage. Derrick walked over and sat on the bed beside Eli he gently started sucking her nipples and fingering her pussy. Eli felt embarrassed, the last time Derrick saw her naked she was 5 and he was 7. Eli didn't want Derrick to know she was pleasured from what he was doing. Eli was twisting around and screaming. But know matter how much she did it, it wouldn't be of any help.

Chapter 4

Derrick went deep in with his finger this time. Eli wimpered softly. ''Suck my cock'' Derrick demanded. ''No'' Eli said. Derrick squeezed her breast tightly and pinched at her nipples. ''Okay, fine'' Eli grumbled. Eli grabbed his cock it was so large, Eli's 2 hands couldn't even grasp it. Eli licked the head of his large cock and made a sour looking face. It was Eli's first time giving a boy a bj it was a little hard at first but after a while she got the hang of it. ''ahh yes, [email protected] yes!'' Derrick screamed.

Chapter 5

Derrick let a super large load of cum on Eli's face and in mouth. Eli gagged and almost threw up. ''Swallow it, or else i will pinch and squeeze your tits'' Derrick demanded. Eli did what she was told. The cum tasted salty and bitter. They continued on with that for a while and then stopped. Derrick went into the kitchen for a drink. Eli felt embarrassed of her brother seeing her naked, so she tried to close her legs as tightly as she could. By the time she knew it Derrick was back and ready for more. ''Open up your legs'' Derrick said. Eli opened her legs as wide as she could. Derrick sat right in front of Eli's little bare pussy. He started gently licking her pussy. Eli's cunt tingled to the sensation. Eli pulled Derrick's head in closer. She finally reached her climax and cummed. Derrick licked her sweet pussy juices. ''Ready for your [email protected]''

Chapter 6

Eli was about to argue with him but hesitated because he would torture her even more. Derrick shifted the sheets and began to insert his cock into Eli's pussy.Eli was worried Derrick wasn't even wearing a condom. Eli wiggled around, it hurt her so much. She kept begging Derrick to stop but he didn't listen to her. Derrick started off slow and then started going at high speed. Eli screamed. Finally, Derrick let out a huge load deep into her womb. Derrick passed out onto Eli. Eli felt so sore.

Chapter 7

Derrick layed down and made a few phone calls to most of his guy friends. ''Hey dude meet me at my house'' he said on all the calls. Oh no, Eli thought was his friends gonna see her naked, were they gonna have sex with her to? One, after one more boys gathered in the kitchen. ''I got a suprise for you guys follow me upstairs'' Derrick said. Eli heard footsteps coming towards the door. Suddenly, the door busted open there was about 8 boys standing at the doorway. They were amazed by looking at Eli's sexy body laying there naked. Each of the boys got a erection and started jacking off at Eli's body. Each of Derrick's friends took a turn either licking her pussy, getting a bj, or just plain [email protected] her. Eli was so sore from all the [email protected] She layed in bed wimpering as the boys all got a drink downstairs. After 10 minutes all the boys left.

Chapter 8

Derrick said he was going to the pharmacy. He untied Eli and said to stay in the room or else he will spank Eli. After he left I took a long shower. No matter how much Eli scrubbed i still felt dirty. Derrick arrived home and caught me taking a shower. He spanked me hard a pinched my nipples. After, he gave her a pregnancy test. sat and waited for the results.

To Be Continued...

Rating: 36%, Read 11568 times, Posted Dec 16, 2012

Fiction |


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