We gang raped my Mom by PO469

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We gang raped my Mom - mmm/F

My mother is a Bitch. She drove my father away about three years ago and she treats me like shit. My father met her when he was stationed in Indonesia. He was a 25 year old lieutenant in the Army and she was the 17 year old daughter of one of the locals that worked as a clerk in his office. He had been invited to come to his clerk's house for dinner one night and while there met the entire family including MayLing. He took a liking to her right from first sight. She was so cute and so shy. Dad asked if she could show him around town and her father said yes. Over the next six months they spent a lot of time together and when he was transferred back to the states he asked her father if he could marry her and take her back with him. The family talked about it and said yes. They were married in Indonesia and then came back. Her family did not know that she was pregnant when they got married. That was me.

My name is John. I am 18 now and look like my father. Looking at me, no one would think that my mother was Asian. I am 5'6" tall and weigh 135 pounds. I am fairly athletic and am on my school track team. When Dad and Mom split up, he moved to another town about a hour away and I only get to spend one weekend a month with him. I always look forward to it. He is living with a really nice 20 year old woman now. It feels like she should be my sister rather than my stepmother. She is really cute and nice and I like her a lot. Each month when I go to be with him, he sends a check back with me for my mother, which is enough so we can live without her having to work. He also gives my a pretty good allowance. Mom doesn't give me anything.

Mom has a strict set of rules and she yells worse than my coach when they are not followed exactly. After school I can go to practice or to a friends house or have friends over but at 6 o'clock I have to be home and friends have to go. No TV after 9 o'clock and in bed by 10. Fuck, in the summer it is hardly even dark by then. I only have a little TV in my room and no DVD player or computer. I have to use the computer in the family room to do my homework. I am not allowed to date or to invite girls over to the house. My mother cooks, cleans, shops and makes my life hell. Sometimes she goes to her card clubs or to visit friends. I wish I could live with my dad rather that my bitch of a mother.

I have two close friends that I hang with, Rick and Dave. Rick is also 18 and Dave is 19. We are in the same class. After school, if there is no team practice, I usually go to one of their homes where there are fewer rules and no MayLing. We play ball or video games or watch porn. When we watch porn we usually end up jerking off and talking about the girls at school that we would like to fuck. None of us are virgins but none of us are really experienced studs either. Rick has a 20 year old sister that we all drool over but she won't even talk to us. I did see her one time go down the hall with just a towel around her after she took a shower. My cock got rock hard in about two seconds.

One day Dave had snuck a porn DVD from his parent’s collection for us to watch. One of the women in it was Asian and it made me think of my mom. I said something like that I wish she was like the woman on the tape rather than the piece of shit bitch that she is. I said that I wished that I could really punish her somehow, some day. Someone said that they also wished she was like the one on the DVD. I said, "I wonder if we could make her be like that." Over the next month we made plans.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Rick and Dave came over to my house and we went to the family room in the basement to put our plan into action. I called up and asked my mother to make us some popcorn. She agreed and when it was done she told me to come get it. "Mom, we are playing a game. Would you please bring it down to us?" She said that she would and we put our plan into action. I turned the lights down to dim and put the DVD on the big screen TV to the scene that had made us think of this plan. As MayLing walked down the stairs into the family room she saw a young Asian woman naked, on her knees, sucking a man's cock on the TV. It took a few seconds for her to realize what she was seeing. She froze and Rick and I stepped between her and the TV. We stood there, naked and stroking our cocks. Mom dropped the popcorn and turned back to the stairs. Dave stepped into the doorway, blocking it. He was also naked. Rick and I are built a lot alike but Dave is a more imposing figure being about six foot one and weighing almost 200 pounds. MayLing rushed up to him and shouted for him to get out of her way, that she was getting out of here. Dave reached down and picked her up and said, "No you're not." My mother is only about 5'1" and weighs about 95 pounds. Dave did not have any trouble carrying her back to where we were standing around her. Dave turned her around to face Rick and me. He had his arms around her, holding her by the tits while she wiggled and kicked. Rick and I stepped back a little bit so Mom was being held looking straight at the TV just as the man blasted a big load of cum onto the Asian woman's face and into her mouth. She eagerly sucked and licked the man clean. MayLing shouted, "You fucking perverts let me go right this fucking second." I replied, "Dear Mommy, this is the play room and we want you to stay and play."

Part of the furniture in the room was a futon bed. Dave tossed her onto it and we held her down. She could see the three of us standing above her naked, with rock hard cocks, while we forcefully undressed her. She fought and cussed but we stripped her. Her blouse got ripped as we did. We held her there. I went over and turned the lights back up to full brightness. We were all impressed at how nice her little Asian body was. She had probably 32B tits but big dark brown nipples. She had about a 20 inch waist and 32 inch hips. Her pussy mound stood out and was covered by a small amount of dark brown hair. I was the first to drop down beside her and start sucking on one her tits. I thought about how for months, this was how I was fed. I wish I could remember it. My mother twisted and tried to get away as I sucked and squeezed her tit and felt her nipple get bigger and hard. Rick and Dave noticed that her other nipple also got bigger and hard. Rick dropped down and started to suck the other one. Dave reached down with one hand and forced it between her legs onto her pussy mound and worked a finger between her cunt lips. MayLing stopped thrashing around. I got up and moved so my erection was at her face. "Suck my cock bitch." She kept her mouth shut tight. I put my fingers on either side of her jaw and squeezed. As her mouth opened I shoved my cock into my mother's mouth. She bit me hard. I slapped her just as hard. MayLing stopped fighting. I fucked my cock into her mouth making her gag but I did not stop. After only a minute she had a mouth full of her son's cum. When I pulled out she spat my load of cum out of her mouth. I scooped it up and forcefully rubbed it all over her face. MayLing was just laying there now. She had given in to what was happening to her and knew that she could not stop it.

Dave commented that her snatch and gotten nice and wet and he moved between her legs and with one strong push buried his cock fully into my mother's cunt. She moaned as he did it but did not fight it. Dave started pumping his cock into her as he held her legs apart. We smiled at each other as we watched his dick sliding in and out of her. We all have about the same six inch sized cocks so we had decided that it did not matter who fucked her first. I had just wanted to be the first to fuck the bitch's mouth. I went over to the corner where we had set up the camera and took it and got closer shots of Dave fucking her and her sucking Rick. You could see that she was now sucking on the cock in her mouth and not just getting face fucked. I was careful not to get Rick and Dave's faces in the shot. We would edit them out of the longer shots later when you could see them. As I got a close-up of her pussy being fucked, you could see that she had started humping up to match the strokes of Dave's shaft stroking into her. Rick pulled out of her mouth and I got a good shot of him covering her face with his cum. She saw the camera in my hand. He shot four big strings of cum onto her face and in her eyes. We were not expecting it but she then reached up and scooped up the cum and put it into her mouth and sucked her fingers. Then Dave drove his cock deep into my mother's pussy and froze. You could hear them both moan as he filled her snatch with his hot seed. He pulled out and went to her face where she sucked his deflating shaft clean. While he was getting cleaned I was now hard again and climbing between her legs. She looked at me and said, "Fuck me hard John. Make me come hard like your father. Fill my cunt with your cum."

After we had all come in both her cunt and in her mouth and made her come over and over, I had one more treat for the camera. I had brought a big cucumber from the kitchen. It must have been 12 inches long and almost three inches across. I was going to fuck her with it but when I brought it to her pussy she took it from my hand and shoved it deep into herself. She fucked herself with it in long, hard, fast, deep strokes and gave herself two more strong orgasms while we watched and recorded, before collapsing on the bed, into a mass of cum covered, worn out slut. We got dressed, but she lay there sleeping with her legs spread wide apart dripping cum, and with three inches of a twelve inch cucumber sticking out of her twat. We knew that I would be treated better from now on and that we had a fuck slut any time we wanted one. We were already thinking about the next time.

The next morning I woke with a hard-on and my mother outside my room telling me to come for breakfast. I called to her and told her to get in here and suck my cock. She opened the door and without saying a word, came over to my bed and gave me a fantastic blowjob while I played with her tits. I filled her mouth with my cum and she never spilled a drop. I looked at her and said, "This will be a great way to start every morning MayLing."


Rating: 88%, Read 360188 times, Posted Sep 06, 2015

Fiction | Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Incest, Male, Non-consensual sex, Old Female, Oral Sex, Rape, Toys


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