The Worst NIght Of My Life by GhertBird

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Fiction | Ass to mouth, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blowjob, Boy, Cruelty, Domination, Gay, Humiliation, Male, Non-consensual sex, Sado-Masochism, Submission, Torture, Virginity

I awake with a start. Someone is on top of me, a knee pressed painfully into the small of my back. Rough hands pull my face from the pillow, pressing something over my eyes. I feel straps tighten around my head, I am blinded.

Panic sets in, my arms flail for some kind of weapon or protection. Before I think to scream an object is roughly shoved into my mouth. I try to push it out but it too is secured around my head, it tastes of hard rubber. My cries are now muffled, as I live alone, any hope of someone hearing and helping is gone.

Reaching back I try to push my assailant off of me. Strong hands grab my arms, pulling my wrists painfully up to my shoulder blades. I scream into the gag as my joints are stretched to their limit. Thrashing about in desperation, I kick my legs in a pathetic attempt to knock him off.

The intruder is too strong as I feel his grip on my wrists shifting into one hand. The other grips my hair, pressing my face hard into the pillow. Suddenly it is a struggle just to draw air as the gag fills my mouth, nose pressed tight against the bed. I squirm under the body on top of me, fighting for a chance at a breath.

As my desperation builds I feel something press against my ear. Warm breath tickles my cheek, he must have leaned over me, pressing his mouth close to my face.

"Shut the fuck up and stop struggling bitch"

His voice is harsh, the sound biting into my panic. I feel my arms pulled higher, pain shooting through my muscles as they strain against his grip. The fight is draining from me as my lungs gasp for air. Fighting my every instinct I go limp, submitting to my captor.

Seconds tick by with no release from my assailant. Alarm rises in me as the need to breath becomes desperate. I repress the urge to buck and fight, it wouldn't do me much good. I have to hope the man is not here just to kill me.

Suddenly the grip on my hair is released. I pull my head up, flaring my nostrils to suck in air. My relief is short-lived. He lifts my right arm, closing cold metal around the wrist, it clicks into place. Both arms are pulled to the headboard, metal loops closing over my left wrist to secure me in place.

Arms stretched up, I pull at my bonds. The metal is flush against my skin, there is little room to even twist my wrists within the bands. The weight on top of me lifts as my assailant climbs off the bed.

I feel hands on my right leg, securing another cuff around my ankle. I think to kick out at him, for whatever good that will do, but before I have the chance I am yanked down the bed, pulling my arms straight. My ankle is secured to the bottom right bedpost. I don't even think to fight as the process is repeated for the left leg. What good would it do?

I am now bound spread eagle, face down, on my own bed. Heavy footsteps work their way around the room. I can hear drawers and cupboards being opened. Relief washes over me as I realize he is just a burglar, hoping to find something valuable. I lay on the bed, waiting for the ordeal to be over.

Soon enough I hear the man approach the bed once more. It sags as he climbs on, straddling my lower back between his thighs. A hand smooths up my back, resting at my neck. I am confused by this change in approach, what is the man planning to do?

I hear him exhale heavily as his fingers slowly curl around the collar of my pyjama top. With one swift motion, he rips the shirt from my back. My head is yanked, the front collar digging into my neck. My shirt, now in shreds hangs from my arms by the sleeves.

Dread fills me as I realize what the man is planning to do with me. I start to cry and beg from behind my gag, hoping to gain some sympathy. It doesn't work as he shifts down the bed, gripping my pants in his strong hands. He rips them off with ease, leaving the rags to sit around my ankles.

The night air is cold against my bare skin. As I sleep without underwear I am now completely exposed. I feel hands on my ass cheeks, spreading them open. My face burns with humiliation as rough fingers rub against my anus. My balls are gripped, twisting and pulling upwards. I cry in pain, bringing my ass up to relieve the strain.

My molestation stops as quickly as it began. The bed creaks as the man dismounts it once more. I relax down, hoping the nightmare is over. I am wrong. I hear the sound of a belt getting unbuckled, pants-dropping to the floor.


A sharp agonizing pain flares through me as my buttock is struck by the belt. I scream into the gag as the shock of it overcomes me.


The blows are raining down hard and fast, my ass is on fire as my cheeks are continually struck. Each blow sends jagged bolts of pain through me. Metal bites into my wrists and ankles as I flail about on the bed, hopelessly attempting to avoid the punishment.


It goes on for what feels like hours. Moving on from my ass the belt finds my back, arms, and legs. No exposed flesh is safe from the hail of blows that the man inflicts on me. I scream and cry until my voice is hoars. Tears stream from my face as I choke out guttural sobs of anguish.

Warm blood runs down my arm as the metal cuffs chafe at my wrist. It feels like there is no end for my torture. I am begging for mercy from behind the gag, pleading for my assailant to stop. I would do anything to stop him, just wanting the unbearable pain to stop.

Suddenly, as I tense for another strike, he stops. My body twitches and shudders, sweat streaming from every pore. I ache all over, my whole body throbs from the torment. I hear him pull the rest of his clothes off, throwing them to the floor.

He mounts the bed, pressing himself between my legs. I moan as he roughly grabs my hips, pulling my ass up. Hands harshly explore my abused behind. I gasp as a finger is forcibly pressed into my asshole without warning. A second quickly works its way in with it.

I feel utterly violated as the man starts to finger me, the sensation is alien and uncomfortable. It doesn't last for long though. I soon feel the fingers withdraw from my orifice. Both my ass cheeks are gripped and spread as a new object his pressed against my hole. I realize it is the man's penis. I start to beg for him to stop.

"Shut the hell up. And arch your fucking back like the slut you are. You wouldn't want another fucking beating would you?"

As much as I dread what is to come, another beating was unimaginable to me. Whimpering, I arch my ass into the air, submitting to my captor. Still spreading my cheeks, he pulls me onto his rigid member. I whine as his cockhead spreads my anus, stretching it around his large manhood.

He is too big. I feel as if I am being split open as his bulbous head works its way into me. I try to pull away from him, fighting against his grip on my buttocks.

He holds firm, keeping me in place as his tip edges past my sphincter. My legs kick pathetically in their restraints, trying to get some leverage to push away from him. He holds me still, cockhead buried in my ass, waiting a moment.

"I gave you a chance to work with me you pathetic cocksleeve. Now I am going to tear your cunt right open."

He thrusts forward, impaling me on the entirety of his member. I shriek in agony as my anal virginity is violently taken. Wasting no time he starts to ram into me, wrenching my ass towards him with each thrust. He uses me like a cheap fleshlight, fucking me with no care for my comfort or wellbeing.

Every time he slams in is torture. My body jolts and jerks with his movements, blood drips from both wrists as the cuffs cut into them. I try my best to open up to him, to alleviate the pain. It is of no use as I feel as if I am being torn open.

Suddenly he drops my hips. I collapse flat on the bed as his body is pressed against mine. He is lying over me as he continues to jackhammer into my abused asshole. His breath is hot against my ear as his arm wraps around my neck, pulling me into a chokehold.

"Raise your ass shit stain. Push your greedy little boy pussy against my cock."

Knowing I won't be allowed to breathe until I do as commanded, I decide to just comply. Fighting the pain and humiliation I press my ass against his crotch as he plunges into me. His grip on my neck loosens, allowing me to take jagged breaths through my nose.

The fucking is hard and brutal, my abused anus throbs and aches as he drives mercilessly into it. It feels like an eternity of agonized torture. I try to think of other things, to distract myself from the pain, but it is of no use.

Eventually, his breathing gets fast and shallow, he must be close to finishing. My gag is loosened and removed. I am too weak to cry out, not that it would do much good anyway. I feel fingers in my nose, hooking my nostrils and pulling upwards.

"Oink for me piggy. Beg for daddies cum like the cock pig you are."

Broken and humiliated I grunt and snort, my captor delights at my degradation. He groans in pleasure as he starts to grind his hips tight against my ass. His fingers in my nose pull my face high as he sucks and bites at my neck.

"Here it comes, beg for it slut"

I squeal and oink for him, just wanting the nightmare to be over. With one last shove, he propels himself deep inside my opening. He lets off a deep moan as his cock pulses within me, filling my hole with his seed. He spasms and bucks as the orgasm rips through him.

I lay under him, my bruised body aching from the ordeal. He rests for a moment, his softening cock still nestled in my ass. Soon, he sits up, releasing my head from his grasp. Pulling his cock out of my hole he gives my butt a hard slap. I yelp in pain and surprise as he strikes my still tender skin.

"Jesus Christ boy. You are one tight fuck."

There is no fight left in me as my arms are detached from the headboard. My wrists are quickly cuffed behind my back. The same is done for my ankles, securing them to each other.

I am lifted off the bed and placed kneeling on the floor. I want to collapse to the ground but he holds me up by my hair. I feel him standing over me. His cock only inches from my face, I can smell the musk of our sex. I know what is to come and fear it.

"Sit up straight bitch. I want to see what you can do with that dick holster of yours"

He slaps my face hard. I gasp, trying to pull back from him. Holding me still by my hair he doles out three more slaps before pressing my face into his crotch. His dick is wet and sloppy. The smell is sickening and it is all I can do not to wretch.

I feel him press his cockhead against my lips. Reluctantly I open them as he slides in. Another slap prompts me to start sucking on his softened member. It tastes disgusting as I clean the juices from him.

Tightening his grip on my hair he pulls my face into his crotch. His manhood fills my mouth, I fight the urge to gag. My nose is pressed deep into his thick pubes, his stench fills my senses as he grinds into me.

I continue to suck him for several minutes, his balls resting on my chin. The man groans above me, fingers entwined in my hair, rocking backwards and forwards in a steady motion.

His penis begins to stir within my mouth. Understanding what is about to happen I try to pull back but his grip is too strong. As his rod thickens and lengthens down my throat I have to fight my gag reflex.

He holds me there as his meat fills my throat, cutting off my air. My throat convulses around the thick shaft lodged in it as I wait to be let up. I struggle not to gag and wretch, doing my best to swallow him down. Squirming against his grip I know that if I bite the consequences will be disastrous for me.

Finally, he allows me to pull back. I gasp in ragged breaths as I cough up bile. My rest is short-lived as he guides me back onto his throbbing member. I try to suck him down as he impales me on his cock.

He starts fucking my face. Starting slow as he pulls my face into his crotch, holding it for a second then letting me off. I grow used to the rhythm of it, breathing when I can as he pulls out.

He picks up speed, pistoning in and out of my mouth. I can't keep up and choke, coughing around his cock. My teeth graze his member as I struggle to hold back vomit.

He suddenly pulls out. A hand wraps around my neck, lifting me off the ground. I struggle as I am carried to the bed, gasping for air. Throwing me onto the mattress I hear him move across the room and rummage in a bag.

He returns and presses something into my mouth. It tastes metallic and sits behind my teeth. My jaw is forced open as he locks it behind my head. I realize I have been fitted with a ring gag.

"If you won't play nice then neither will I bitch"

My head is dragged to the edge of the bed. I try to roll away but he grips my throat with his hands, holding me still. I feel his cock push against the entrance to my mouth before plunging in. I gag around the cock lodged in my throat, his balls pressed against my nose.


Pain explodes from my chest as he brings the belt down hard on me. I scream around his manhood, tears welling in my eyes. He starts to fuck me hard, pumping in and out of my throat with a speed and power that is impossible to keep up with.

Spittle flies out of my gagged maw as he pounds into me, coating my face in a thick sheen of saliva. I gag and choke, coughing around his cock. His balls slap against my face as he thrusts his length down my throat. I can't breathe. I am allowed the occasional wheezing breath before he continues his brutal throat fucking.


My body is a patchwork of pain as the blows rain down. Nowhere is safe, he catches my chest, abs, and thighs. The occasional blow to my cock or balls elicit fresh shrieks from me, the pain unimaginable. This goes on for an eternity as I am continually fucked and beaten.

I am barely conscious as his breathing grows heavier. The belt is dropped as he opts to grip my neck between both hands, choking me as his cock fills my throat. He plunges in one last time and deposits his seed directly into my stomach, holding inside as my convulsing throat milks it to the last drop.

I am only semi-lucid, half aware of what is happening. I feel him pull out, wiping his cock against my hair. My gag is removed, my mouth hangs open as I breathe in shallow ragged pants. The ball gag from earlier is pressed into my mouth, I barely notice or care anymore.

"Well fuck me boy. You are one messy slut. I think I will keep you awhile"

His words barely register as my ankles are folded up and cuffed to my hands. A hood is pulled over my head and tightened around my neck. I am lifted and placed in some kind of bag. It is zippered shut.

I am carried through my home and out of the front door. I hear the sound of a car unlocking and trunk opening. I am lifted once more and placed in the car. The rumble of the engine indicates we are about to set off.

My foggy state wears off as I realize what is happening to me. Panic and dread set in as the car pulls out of my driveway. I scream and cry in a useless attempt at attracting help as I am driven to a new life.

Rating: 70%, Read 17497 times, Posted Feb 25, 2020

Fiction | Ass to mouth, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blowjob, Boy, Cruelty, Domination, Gay, Humiliation, Male, Non-consensual sex, Sado-Masochism, Submission, Torture, Virginity


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