a new life for Ruth part three by Amber.+green

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Ruth sat in the back seat of the car behind the young driver, she new she had more than an hours journey before her. She had almost run to the car so high was her sexual excitement plus the fact how would she explain to the neighbours the long raincoat on a hot August day. Underneath that long coat she wore the outfit delivered by Jacob Rees to her office the previous day, a tiny black pleated skirt, a sheer white blouse, blue and white school tie, white school socks and hold-up fishnet stockings. She had almost cum just putting it on she looked a filthy big titted school girl slut, and when she’d tried it with the six inch heels her thoughts went to what was to come later that day.

It was now over three months since she had been called into her bosses office and blackmailed into a very humiliating experience, initially she had regretted her indiscretions…. Regret very soon turned to pleasure…... Ruth became a perfect slut, she had accepted her submissive role wholeheartedly, a sex slave to her master, his wife, their friends and anyone he gave her too. Right now they were heading for her master’s home…... Robert Cameron James was a very rich powerful older man who used his power and sexual prowess to gain control over younger women. He had no regards for any of the women the only thing he truly loved were his animals and then mostly his dogs, he used women for his depravity, shaming and humiliating them treating them like pieces of meat. He was proud he could get these women to fulfil even his most depraved demands. Ruth had become one of his many conquests….and could yet be the best, and like all who went before her including his wife she was big busted wide arsed without being fat, but mostly very desirable and easy to manipulate.

Ruth was being taken for her fourth visit to the James estate, and after just a few minutes driving her head fell back eyes closed has her mind went back to over the previous three months. Firstly she had become a women of different needs, and these needs had partially been filled by her Thursday evening sex workouts plus her husbands renewed interest in a new kind of sex with his highly sexed wife. The main change came when she had her Thursday visits with what were very special out of office work benefits.

The first visit had been spent with just her master, using her arse and cunt constantly... dildo’s fruit and veg then fisting both her cunt and arse. Then feeding her his dirty cock, in his words getting her used to tasting her own shitter, cajoling her to admit how she loved filth and would do anything he required from her and the new slut Ruth new she would and enjoy it too, the day had finished with her behind her master licking his anus rimming as deep as her tongue would go, sucking on his massive balls while wanking his ten inch fat monster of a cock, before milking his cock of it’s milky spunk draining every last drop down her throat and into her belly loving it savouring her masters acrid taste. He sent her home with his cum all over her face and in her hair all she wore was a short coat and high heel shoes.

The second visit master had her strip naked in the entrance hall, then he placed a dog chain round her neck “today is for pain real pain we are going to see how the slut Ruth works for her masters love” he had her crawl to a door and knock then he had just left her there. Two men waited for her dressed in tight leather trousers black boots, their torso’s were naked but for black symbolic tattoo’s neither man spoke just pulled her to the centre of the room. Then it started the two men trained her all day, first tying her tits tightly with plastic rope, has they twisted it tighter admiring the change in colour first red then through to purple, squeals and moans escaped Ruth’s lips… then they were pegging her entire body with hard wooden clothes pegs, paying particular attention to her tits and cunt. Then hanging her from a beam they proceeded to use long vicious whips to remove the pegs she remembered the excruciating pain as the pulled at her flesh the whip end smacking into her tender flesh Ruth’s relief when the last peg flew off. And then her complete dread when they started doing it again because it pleased them to see her endure the same pain. Her arse and cunt were stretched by various implements some so large she felt has if they would split her in two, all the time she was blindfolded so mostly she could only guess what was happening to her she did hear some of there talk, stuff the cucumber up her shitter all the way, yes now one up her cunt and another god this bitch is slack and she loves it never normally get this much up any of em lets get the fucking marrow up her married cunt. One thing Ruth did know despite the pain and humiliation she was constantly on the very edge of a sexual high stimulated beyond belief, how could she enjoy this the pain the degradation….she heard herself more than once begging to cum….needing release...but each time they would stop their manipulations keeping her on her sexual high. They finished by using her to fulfil their own needs, using her mouth arsehole and cunt dragging her between themselves slapping any part of her body they wished moving from one hole to another than back again, Ruth lost count of the times they filled and smothered her with their hot cum, but thankfully for Ruth allowing her to orgasm as often as she wished. She awoke cold and naked a few hours later, she remembered the two men’s final act, washing her down with a freezing cold water hose, laughing at her abject situation.

Her last visit had been total degradation, once more met by the master stripped and dressed in a miniscule sheer luminous pink bikini, it was barely covering her massive DD tits and swollen cunt lips not that it mattered the costume was so sheer it was almost invisible and added to this the six inch matching pink heels and dog chain round her neck made her once more a picture of the obedient whore. She allowed herself to be led and then left at the side of the swimming pool head bowed. She was moving nervously from one foot to the other, then she was soon joined by three women firstly Mignon her masters wife, and then two older women both big titted and spreading to fat. Immediately they were all round her touching licking biting calling her the filthiest names, worthless whore, cum bucket, there fuck toy. She was forced to her hands and knee’s and A large butt plug was unceremoniously stuffed up and then left up her arse, while the women concentrated on her tits and cunt, stretching her nipples pulling them away from her body so hard she almost fell flat on her face, they started stuffing her sopping cunthole with a large selection of toys, bottles fruit and vegetables. She was made to eat pussy for the first time in turn they sat over her mouth, she licked all three to orgasms smelling and tasting their different aromas, the oldest women stinking so bad she felt disgusted and sick but her lust took over and when the old cow offered her dirty arsehole she gave her the best possible rimming . The final humiliation was reached when Mignon held her down on her knee’s and placing and locking her legs over Ruth’s shoulders she proceeded to piss into her mouth forcing her lips to remain open the stinking pee poured in her mouth flooding out over onto her tits. The other women laughed throwing abuse at their latest pee slut, drink it bitch taste that hot piss slag. Then they both joined in adding their own piss, Ruth along with her tiny filthy pink costume was covered in the acrid smelling and salty tasting amber liquid and much to her own disgust Ruth began to enjoy it chasing the pee with her lips, even becoming hot and excited by her own degradation, so much so when Mignon ordered her she stretched her cunt lips and began to pee on her abusers streams jetting from her exposed pee hole. She stood above the three women soaking them in white hot piss spraying all over them, and the fact that she new it was all on video she found herself peeing and cumming at the same time.

Her mind drifted to the now brought back from her thought’s has the car pulled up…. her master had told her about today this was a special party, one that would last far into the night one where she would come to fruition as her masters true whore. She donned the elegant face covering mask master had provided, the driver placed her chain collar firmly around her neck and pulling hard half dragging Ruth through the house. They reached what the man called the long room, and that is what it was long and busy.

Ruth tried to take in the sight before her, several women masked and dressed like she herself almost naked and on full display, she recognised Mignon even behind her mask she was the older of the women her tits beginning to sag but still good for her age. The remaining women all looked so young, all had the same thing in common long legs and massive tits this was something she now recognised in all her masters women. The other thing she took in that there were more than fifty men stood round the room, all close to or completely naked and all looking hot with excitement. Taking the lead she saw her master approach her…...ladies and gentlemen he announced our guest of honour has arrived…..he smiled down at Ruth while signalling four tall black men to follow them.

He took Ruth’s chain in hand and led her to a mirror covered wall at one side of the room, one of the mirrored doors was opened revealing an array of sex related toys, one of the black men took a blindfold and placed it over her eyes under her decorative mask. She stood alone knowing she was being watched by such a large audience, she felt at that moment totally insecure and yes, humiliated once again, Ruth through all this could feel her wetness and the same excitement in the pit of her stomach. She sensed the four men surrounding her, then touching her flicking her hair stroking her arms and thighs she felt herself being turned although not aware she now had her back to her audience, she was bent her legs slightly apart she felt hands on her arse spreading her cheeks, this forced her legs further apart. Fingers stroked her clit exposing it to viewing, then the first smack then a second her cheeks turning pink Ruth began to moan her audience began to clap.

She was turned yet again her sheer blouse ripped from her body, fingers took her nipples wringing them tugging so hard she thought she’d die, then her tits were being spanked Ruth didn’t know were the next blow would come from, the clapping got louder has her humiliation continued…….the blindfold was removed so she could observe what she must withstand. Master stood there with two plastic tubes and one nipple at a time they were squeezed into the tubes elongating her nipples grotesquely, both tubes were pinned into place causing what Ruth thought very slight and enjoyable pain. The black men once more took charge with hands and whips they were turning her whole body red…..master watched his wicked eyes watching his piece of slut meat being prepared...he moved forward again this time two clamps in hand with weights attached. One at a time she felt her cunt lips pulled down and the clamps attached, she looked up to see men openly pulling at their cocks others clapping camera’s flashed, all eyes watching her, nipples and cunt stretch in such a perverse manner.

Once more she was spun round her back towards the thronging crowd…..on your fucking knee’s slut...Ruth felt the tugging and stretching on her cunt lips as she struggled to her knee’s she was fully exposed to the clapping throng. Then her arsehole was being stretched one greasy finger two greasy finger’s then three forced up her shitter...she farted loudly time and again as they were twisted in her bumhole her face glowed red with shame...then master smacked her arse cheeks good and hard has he showed her a black monster anal dildo that evil smile across his face, she had taken butt plugs before but this was immense...surely it would never fit she wanted to fight the men, but new she dare not. Oh but it did fit those filthy black men greased it heavily, then the first inch entered easily then they strained to force the 5” rubber bullet all the way until it was firmly embedded in her arse the cheek gripping tightly onto the rubber monster Ruth felt the pain, cruel pain to go with her humiliation. She was being butt fucked by a giant dildo in front of a crowd and all the time blinded by the camera’s flashing.

Crawl around you filthy slut let’s see your shame, she crawled to the edge of her audience showing her filthy cunt wide and sloppy, offering her arse filled with plastic and spanked red raw, men wanked mobile’s were flashing, the pictures could be going anywhere, god the shame and Ruth was loving it her body filled with lust. She was brought to her feet again and found that she was stood below hanging ropes, her nipple tubes removed she could see her nipples more than twice there normal length, tears flowed from her eyes has clamps replaced the tubes tightened so tight then another to her exposed bullet like clit. There was no let up leather cuffs were attached to her wrist and ankle, a harness went round her body under her tits then attached to the ropes hanging above her head she was lifted by pulley until her feet just touched the floor, at the same time her legs were spread fully wide and hooked to rings on the floor. The clamps hung obscenely from her fat tits and her cunt was spread gaping wide, men and women had drawn closer watching her shame she felt Ruth smelt her cunt juices running from her cunt...how could this make her so wet and lust filled.

Once more the master came close….whip the slut...tits, arse, tummy inside of her thighs and finish with her cunt smack that hole until she begs you to stop then she’ll know her true worth as a man’s slut and whore. Each man took his turn for twenty minutes they whipped her entire body, finishing with her cunt, she was covered in red and purple welts she had sobbed at first but when they whipped her cunt she had screamed in pain, pain she felt deep in her cunt, she began begging for release, the whipping dislodge the clit clamp firing it into the audience and that in their opinion was also her fault deserving more pain...so she got 20 more lashes.

Ruth staggered has the four niggers lifted her down from her bonds the pain was still with her excruciating pain….. all four men were looking over at the master for instructions …. yes it’s time fuck the filthy slut use her like a whore, first though take that fucking butt plug out of her arsehole, give it over to me and watch. Come her slut crawl to me …..good know get in your begging pose, Ruth was on her knees in front of the master hands up like a begging dog, clean it bitch clean the shit of my toy you filthy whore. Ruth licked at the dildo eagerly smelling and tasting herself, wanting to please sir. Once more the camera’s flashed, all the way through her ordeal she had seen and heard her audience, the filth that had come from their mouth’s calling her slut, whore, bitch slave, egging her on to open her cunt wider shake her big tits wanking and masturbating to her shame, whatever else she new now she was nothing but an animal to be abused has whoever wanted too give them their wish.

The black men moved her once more to the floor, one stood astride her face his massive shiny black cock dangling inches from her mouth. Ruth’s tongue reached out trying to lick it, this was what she needed, she heard a voice in her head, no she was shouting and everyone was laughing…….fuck me fuck me pleeeeease…...for the next hour every hole was filled time and again, her audience was treated to a perverted sexual extravaganza. Two at a time three at a time and once all four niggers fucked her two cocks stuffed up her cunt and two forcing her mouth to the most grotesque positions leaving her gasping for air nose pouring mucus as she tried to breath. On her knee’s with a big black dick up her arse while in front of her the men alternated, she was kept busy eating there smooth black balls or rimming out their shitters forcing her tongue as deep as possible, while one hand was snaked between their legs wanking at there hot cocks. All the time men would approach emptying their ball sacks all over Ruth, and Ruth she loved it begging for more cock whenever her mouth was empty.

After what seemed like 5 minutes but was in fact had been more than two hours, everyone moved to one side, Ruth didn’t know how many men had spunked on her or in her, she was covered in it in her hair on her face all her body covered in hot sweat and cold cum, she could barely open her eyes lids stuck together with the slimy sticky cock juice her clothes what was left of them hung from her body ripped and torn nasty red welts adorned her body, knee’s skinless from being fucked doggy.

She felt so relaxed as they sat her on large blanket, sleep at last she felt so exhausted. Then she sensed movement all round her, master was there looking down at her. You filthy whore you can’t sleep in that fucking state, we’ll have to clean her boys he leered down at her as he started to piss in her face, drink it slut her mouth opened wide. One at a time the men emptied their bladders all over her strong jets aimed in her mouth, at her cunt and arsehole, Mignon and another women joined in legs gaping wide over her face letting go their hot stream. The air was full of the acrid smell of fresh pee, it took twenty minutes before the final drop fell on her body. One by one people moved away, finally Ruth was left lying sleeping in a piss soaked blanket. One of the women or should I say girl, was left looking down at this filthy sight. All afternoon and evening she had watched the women being used like a filthy fuck toy, it had brought her so much pleasure watching seeing her beaten fucked and pissed on…….her own mother who never gave of any sexual notes either to her or her father during the passed twenty years was a complete perverted sexual whore…...thinking no one was watching Lena stretched her cunt lips wide and began to piss all over her sleeping mother.

Four hours later Ruth was being awakened from a deep sleep, she didn’t know how she had got there she had been undressed, bathed and allowed to sleep in a soft king size bed. She didn’t want to move but voices were demanding….get up your lazy whore your fucking needed again, don’t keep the master waiting…..she stood between two nigger’s while they coated her body in baby oil paying great attention to her tit’s and arse cheeks, she adorned a pair of super high black stiletto heels, quickly she daubed herself in heavy make-up. Finally her chain was flicked round her neck tightened to restrict her breathing. She walked between the two men back to the large room she had been in earlier.

There seemed to be a lot larger audience than earlier up to a hundred people, both men and women. Chairs had been set out for them in the large circle like a large theatre, in the centre stood the master, fully dressed in all black he stood next to a leather covered long bench the legs adorned with heavy chains two legs seemed longer than the others tilting the bench away from her. Ruth new immediately the bench was for her, if she’d known what was about to happen to her she’d have run a mile. The two niggers working to orders lay Ruth across the bench, without any resistance, her wrists and ankles were locked into place. The shape and slope of the bench forced her legs wide and arse firmly into the air. Her massive tits were comfortably hanging to either side of the cushioning, her well oiled body gleamed under the low lights.

Ruth lay quietly not knowing what to expect, but feeling her cunt beginning to dampen, this had not gone unnoticed by many in the audience so close were they, one women laughed god she looks slack her cunt is swollen already…….it was then that the mood changed trying to turn as people looked towards the door, she saw a dog being led into the arena by Mignon………..NO NO you can’t….I can’t neverrrr…..the master grabbed a large lump of her hair pulling her face round until she was facing him. You fucking listen to me bitch, we have a big audience they came here to watch a dog slut get fucked, your a slut so you’ll get fucked….yes…...but please...he yanked her hair hard….yes master she whispered, pain in her voice tears in her eyes. This was something he looked forward to with every new conquest, and for thirty years he had always been disappointed. It was thirty years ago he had found the old films a lot of old films, long after his mother a father were dead, he had found a projector capable of playing them in an old bric-a-brac shop. Since that day only two people had seen them, himself and a film specialist in Germany who had transferred then to disc and enhanced them to there current first class condition. The films? Well…. taking them in date order, they showed mild sex scenes between his mother and father slowly getting more pornographic and finally leading to the last fifteen…..where shows were taking place in this very room and in the stable courtyard, shows were his mother was fucked by dogs, donkeys, horses and a farmyard pig. After the initial shock Robert had come to love the films, his mothers sexuality, how she loved the animals showing no inhibitions either with the animals or with her audience. His mother was lost in her lust and a true animal fuck slut, willingly sucking dog or horse cock, laughing openly while getting sprayed with animal cum or piss, taking them in her mouth cunt or arsehole followed by any man or women who wanted her…..there was nothing she didn’t do with her lust filled abandonment all the time giving a running commentary to her audience. This was not all the film’s had raised memories of his youth, his mother and father having sex, mother bouncing on his engorged cock, massive tits swaying and bouncing. Robert smiled to himself knowing where his sexual perversions were founded. For thirty years Roberts search for another women to love animals like his mother, had never been totally successful, his wife tried but failed not really enjoying it has he had hoped and now never showed that same excitement and interest, Mary had been the nearest fucking to the point of dog gang-bangs, but always stopping short of lust filled compliance. And now here he was, how many women, how many attempts, and already the latest was protesting with tears in her eyes. Could he ever find the women who would love his dogs, and please them has he wanted.

Ruth felt real dread deep in her tummy how could anyone want to see a dog fuck a human, she had heard of it but didn’t realise it could really happen and…… happen to her, even worse the master and all these people wanted to watch it happen. She could see there faces the lust from both men and women, she could see them women fondling men in there seats, sucking them men pulling at their own cocks she realised the mini stage she was on was revolving very slowly like the restaurant at the top of a building giving good viewing to all the on lookers…….then she felt it god such a hard slap across her ass cheeks…...Mignon’s voice!! Sabre here….the dog was wandering away inquisitive about the audience…..smack!!...here boy. Sabre came behind Ruth has Mignon brought her hand down for a third time, and straight away got the scent of her sexuality his wet snout touched her naked ass cheeks taking in her aroma. Ruth tried to pull away but her restraints held her firm.

There were gasps from both Ruth and those watching has the Labrador snaked out his tongue and took the first lick of his new lover’s cunt, Ruth would have hit the ceiling but for her restraint’s. Sabre didn’t care any further than the taste on his tongue and he wanted more, and after 30 seconds so did Ruth. The tongue was like a rasp licking round her fast swelling lips, over her clit time and again, she felt hands...she assumed Mignon….stretching her ass cheeks, then the tongue was licking there opening her rectum pushing in, then snaking into her gaping twat. Ruth loved it god she was having several mini orgasms, screaming out in pleasure not even seeing her audience any more, god no man could ever lick her cunt as good as this this….fuck it was going so deep, further than some cocks.

Then as quick as it had started the tongue was gone, Ruth felt empty she tried to push back to get more relief. Then once more the heavy smack, it was a signal …...she felt a heavy weight on her back, dog legs pulling round her waist….. Robert wanted his women to enjoy this perverted sex act so much all his dogs were fitted with soft leather shoes….. wet squirts of dog fluid started to land on her upper thighs and ass as Sabre banged against her trying to get his fast growing red dick into the folds of her cunt, Mignon came to both their aids taking hold of that hot rod and guiding it to the magic entrance, Sabre didn’t need any further help or encouragement he started to pound away at his new bitch. Ruth was alert now she could feel the hot breath across her left cheek , dog dribble running down her neck…..and his cock…..everyone else new too…..fuck…... he’s fucking me so fast so big, he’s getting bigger filling me AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH so good cummming again he’s squirting up me god don’t want this to stop. Ruth was loving it the feel of the hot poker opening her wider with each forward push, the feel of his warm fur all along her back, the big heavy lump hitting her swollen fat clit. Ruth didn’t know then that the thing hitting her clit was his dog knot, swelling all the time but being prevented from entering her pussy by the two black men holding Sabre back on Roberts orders. Ruth felt Sabre begin to grow even more she new he was going to cum and did she enjoy it being flooded spurt after spurt of red hot dog spunk shooting right into her belly, she loved it….yet another orgasm, how many she had lost count. Then she felt Sabre moving away she tried hard to grip his shaft but he’d bred her and for Sabre that was enough.

Ruth felt totally empty, she was gasping with her tongue hanging out sucking in air, sweat dripped down her neck her tits were dripping wet nipples hard long and firm. Robert was at her ear, you want more don’t you you fucking slut….yes master…..tell everyone whore we want you to beg for it, your a dog slut now so you’ll tell them. She whispered at first, but master grabbing and squeezing one of her nipples….you fucking better start begging dog bitch. Oh she begged she told them her deepest thought's and Oh how she begged, every word was from the heart, she had loved that fat dog cock and wanted to be a dog slut once again.

Has she spoke Mignon led a big black Labrador towards the rotating stage, the audience was now split between those eager to watch Ruth’s second episode and those who were now embroiled in there own sexual needs. If anyone had took notice they’d have seen one older women was naked less than 10 feet from Ruth, 2 cocks forced up her cunt sucking greedily on a third, another women on her knee’s tits hanging low was surrounded by five men feeding her hard dick and hot spunk. Lot’s of others watching everything unfold masturbating at different levels, one younger women stood to one side one hand firmly up her tiny skirt playing with a very moist minge, and the other continuously taking picture’s and short video’s of the women in the centre of the room. She felt so excited seeing Ruth’s demise and constantly thinking and planning her further demise.

Rapier the second dog approached his dog cock already growing he had soon got the scent of Ruth’s sex and was salivating ready to breed his bitch, and after a quick sniff he leapt onto the dog slut’s back, unlike the dog before him his hardening cock instantly found it’s target. Forcing in the first three inches then pulling back two inches before ramming home right to his growing knot. Then it was full speed ahead, grabbing her waist he started to piston at a fantastic speed knocking the breath from Ruth’s body. She was in sex heaven 9” inches of fat red dog cock pulsing in her eager cunt, stretching her and soaking her insides with dog fluid. She was his bitch for breeding, open wide and willing. All to soon Ruth felt some disappointment, Rapier was hardening ready to let go his seed, she wanted more much more. And now far from being humiliated Ruth was smiling in her lust, almost laughing for her audience those close enough would have heard her begging for more dog cock telling the world she was a dog whore get me another dog cock ready to stuff up my cunt. Robert for his part felt more than elation this was what he had yearned for all these years, her lust was amazing and he new soon she’d be ready for the ultimate breeding….just one more dog would fuck her, Rufus, then she’d be ready for Bruno…..Bruno would be the first...but not the last to knot this filthy whore he had uncovered, she was almost ready.

Meanwhile Ruth was feeling the full force of Rapier, cock at it’s super best, his watery juice flooding her pussy bringing her to another orgasm screams of pleasure leaving her lips as his fat dog cock erupted jet after jet filling her, escaping round his red monster dripping to the floor, Rapier had soon as he was finished wandered away curling up on the floor licking his cock and balls clean. His dog juices pouring from Ruth’s gaping hole was not waisted to cheers a couple from the front row were busy licking up every last drop, the women even cleaning the sticky mess from the floor when her hubby pushed her head down with a filthy grin for whoever was looking.

Ruth could feel the tongues and hear the filthiest comment...slack whore had all that cock up her….when they going to knot the dirty slut...did you see her tits bouncing fucking hell she’s one hot dog bitch, she fucking loves it.

Then Ruth saw right in front of her, the next dog ….Rufus….she didn’t know but he was an Irish wolf hound stood proud on large flanks. He came to her licking her face, a massive long tongue snaking into her mouth kissing her…..and yes exciting her...her tongue entwined with his, he lick her face some more tasting the sweat he licked round her neck and dangling tits, everyone could see her nipples expand more than an inch as Rufus used his rough tongue. Ruth could see his manhood quite thin right then but long 8-9 inches and growing. Then he was moving out of sight Ruth new she would soon be filled again, she got that strange sensation deep in her tummy….she almost stopped breathing with the anticipation.

She did not have long to wait, the black men attached his double chain...as with the first two dog’s to prevent the knot entering….then they lifted his front legs and directed his slimy dog dick toward Ruth waiting love hole. That’s when Rufus took over his strong front legs gripping her round the waist pulling himself into his bitches body...he was almost full size already forcing the cunt lips wide almost turning her inside out as he started his frantic fucking action….once more Ruth was lost in her lust dog dick filling her once more, her clit swollen and raw has it had been for the last hour. She felt like a rag doll below Rufus so hard was he pounding her, all watching could see her state, her eyes behind her mask were simply full of lust. A man appeared his cock in his hand, he pushed it under Ruth’s nose and she had no inhibitions her mouth opening wide to take his meat between her lips the strange things we think Ruth was wondering what dog cock would taste like mmmm. Ruth looked into the strangers eyes and then started to eat him while enjoying the cocking she was getting, once more she felt her belly being filled with Rufus’s red hot cum he seemed to go on forever, in fact it was more than ten minutes he was just cumming and cumming trying hard against the chains to get his knot home, to breed his bitch properly. It had all been to much for the stranger in her mouth, shooting spunk everywhere all over her face stinging her eyes, he even had the gall to wipe his dick on her hair before returning to his seat with a great grin on his face.

Rufus long since finished and led from the room to be replaced by Bruno, a big black Rottweiler Roberts favourite dog five years old and well trained at fucking women. And Robert new this dog would dominate Ruth and would never be prevented from feeding her his knot.

He circled Ruth, no licking no kissing, he seemed to be reading her finding out her needs her weak spot. Ruth was saying something, please master release me I don’t need bonds I want to take this one without chains. It took the black men only moments to release Ruth and remove the bench from the stage, the big dog was not happy with this interruption, but Ruth was quickly on her knees head on the floor her arse held high. The audience was on the edge of their seats, they heard her plea up boy fuck your bitch come on you filthy bastard fuck my dirty cunt. Bruno couldn’t understand a word but he new it was encouragement, he took it just has that and lifted his massive frame across Ruth’s back, he was already hard shooting translucent liquid all over her back and arsehole pushing hard time and time again before he found what he wanted, Grabbing Ruth round her waist firmly the big dog pushed hard…….. Robert had many times tried to measure Bruno, and never really got it right he knew he was over 11” in reality with his knot Bruno was close to 14” long and fatter than 5”…… Has he pushed three things happened, Bruno’s head shot forward disturbing the mask from Ruth’s face, the dog was so big and heavy he nearly knocked Ruth flat on her face, and the third thing 8” inches of red greasy dog cock entered her willing cunt. It was only a few seconds but seemed like an eternity, Ruth regained her equilibrium but not her mask, Bruno pushed further his knot starting to grow hitting her clit and her mind was screaming fucking hell…...he’s massive Ruth thought god how big, her mind said no to the knot her body yes… then he pushed again his knot was in all the way in, opening her further than she had ever been opened before. Ruth was tied, the knot growing if it was visible everyone would see it was bigger than a jaffa orange and still growing. She felt like she was being split in two by this monster dog dick and loving it.

Ruth didn’t realise what she was doing or what was happening round her. Her screams of pleasure could be heard throughout the house gasping for air, begging for more dog dick, telling her audience how good it was….fucking so fast...filling me with dog cum so hot …..fuck me more, harder and harder she screamed. Her orgasms were strong and often 5,6,7 her head rocked her eyes rolled in her head full of filthy lust. Those people round her taking it all in, she felt squirt after squirt of dog cum flooding her body, until today she had never known what full was. Bruno had stopped fucking her but still filled her womb squirting but not has regular now. Ruth used her muscles to squeeze more from him, then she felt rather than saw Bruno cock one leg awkwardly over the other so they were arse to arse, she thrilled at the pulling on his knot feeling another orgasm building, for the next twenty minutes Bruno pulled and tugged trying to extricate himself from this human cunt hole. Ruth was trying hard to hold him in, her cunt muscles gripping hard. The master was at her ear, your like dog dick don’t you whore….yeeeees….your my dog slut now up your filthy arse next time bitch….yes anything...want to suck one, taste his hot cum in my throat. Horses too and pigs master whispered….anything if it is has good as this.

Then she felt completely empty, Bruno had uncoupled, the audience who were still watching were amazed at the size of the cock and knot Ruth had taken and the dog cum that poured from her soppy slack cunt.

Three people in particular had got so much from Ruth’s dog fucking, Ruth herself had got so much pleasure from the experience in such a short time she had gone from bored wife to complete slut and recalling her masters words she would have many more experiences. She lay now in a large king size bed still covered in and full of dog cum the smell of sex was so strong making her feel so horny again, she moved her head and her lips happily started suckling on her masters massive cock.

Robert lay there, Ruth sucking his cock yet again...she was insatiable...and he loved it. This was going to be the first time since he married that he would spend the night with another women. For the last hour they had talked about animal sex, something Ruth had never heard of and know she was showing real excitement with the thought's of being watched with all kinds of animal. Robert’s mind was racing with plans for Ruth for the coming weeks.

The third person was Ruth’s daughter Lena was thrilled at seeing her mother’s true exhibition of lust, made better, knowing that now has she had picture’s and short video’s of the story unfolding and having lost her mask, her mother’s face being on full show. Lena herself was on a sexual high, she had got dozens of pictures, from the moment when her mother was first brought to the room beaten raped pissed on. Lena delighted in the later one’s her mother experiencing multiple dog cock, the final few with Bruno’s knot stretching her mothers cunt to the full she had got has close as she dared to get the best shots. Lena had some nasty plans has to how she was going to use the pictures.

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