New inhabited planet found by PO469

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New inhabited planet found

Captain Josh Denobah and the crew of the Earth United Forces starship Donovan Jones were on the second year of a mission to expand the knowledge of the galaxy when they arrived at the planet Drago. Drago was the fourth planet in a nine planet solar system. It had been found when communications from point to point on the planet were intercepted by the crew of the Donovan Jones. The ship dropped out of warp drive and positioned itself just outside the outermost planet. They spent an Earth week studying the nine planets before making first contact.

Three of the planets had life but only Drago had sentient intelligent live. It turned out that it was a fairly advanced but that they did not yet have interplanetary travel capability and there was no indication that they were working to develop it. Drago was the ninety seventh planet other than Earth that EUF explorations had found. Only three of the others had developed space travel capabilities.

Drago was about half water and half ground. The ground was mostly hilly but not mountainous. All ground was heavily covered with vegetation including trees that were over two hundred feet tall. There were many small villages but only a few larger cities. Buildings in the cities were not over three stories tall. You could see that there were abandoned roads between the population centers that were being taken back over by nature. This was because travel was now air born.

The inhabitants were humanoid but fairly different from Earth humans. The males averaged about five feet tall and the females about four-six. They were slim and their arms reached down to around their knees. Their heads were larger in relation to their bodies than were those of humans. Their skin was mottled with the color being a range from light tan to olive. Their eyes were large but their ears and noses were quite small. The males were totally hairless and the females had short curly hair on the head, down the center of the chest to the pubic area. This was easy to tell as most of the time they went totally naked.

The females had four very small breasts. On Earth they would be called A-cup. The mound between her legs was much larger and puffier than that of a human but shaped about the same. The males penises only protruded about one inch and they had no visible testicles as they were internal. The captian and selected crew had been on the planet for four days. The people were very friendly and much time was spent learning about each other. The humans were only the second species to visit this planet.

It was learned that the only time the Dragoens wore any clothes was when it was cold and they would wear a coat for warmth. The only one that wore anything most of the time was the ruler of the country that the crew was visiting. He wore the royal cape to show his status. There were five countries but so far the contact was only with this one.

On the fifth day, Captian Denobah and his female first mate June Carter were invited to attend a ceremony at the palace. As it turned out, the ruler was allowed to have as many wives (he now had seven) as he wished and only had to select a girl form the community and tell her that she was going to be married to him. If he eventually got sick of any wife he could just gift her to someone else that he wanted to acknowledge. It was an honor to be given one of the rulers wives. The newly selected wife was expected to be a virgin. If it turned out that she was not, she would be put to death. This was the only practice they had that the humans considered barbaric.

Blandra had only reached the age of being considered an adult a few months ago when she caught the ruler’s eye and was told that she was going to be taken as one of his wives. Blandra knew that there was one problem. She had been bedded by several boys and was far from being a virgin. She thought about running away and going to another country but then she came up with a plan.

The taking of a new wife required consummation of the union and doing it in view of the royal court so that there would be no doubt that it was done. If the girl did not scream in pain at first penetration when her hymen was ripped apart and leave blood on the royal cock when it was withdrawn, the girl was determined not to be a virgin and was put to death. The day she was to be taken to the palace, Blandra put her plan into effect. Screaming in pain was easy to fake but the blood was another problem. Shortly before the royal guards came to get her, Blandra poked her finger with a pin and squeezed some blood into a tube. Then she emptied the tube into her vagina. She smiled.

Blandra was led to the royal bed. Men and women of the royal court as well as Josh and June were gathered to watch the ceremony. Blandra was placed on her back with her hands and feet tied to each corner. Then the ruler came into the room and still wearing his royal cape got on the bed. He moved next to the girl’s head where she proceeded to lick the protruding inch of the ruler’s penis. It quickly grew and was soon six inches in size but quite slim.

He quickly positioned himself between her legs, slid himself between her puffy outer lips and lined his cockhead up at the opening to her fuck tunnel. With one hard swift shove, the ruled buried himself full depth inside Blandra. She screamed in faked pain. Step one completed. The ruler then pulled out and he and everyone looked at his prick. There were streaks of blood running along the length of it. The people crowding around the bed cheered. They were officially married and Blandra knew that she would not be put to death. Her plan had worked.

The guards then cut her bonds and the ruler then reinserted himself in his new wife’s cunt and fucked her hard and fast for several minutes as the court watched. Soon after he started, Blandra started having orgasms. As was normal for Dragoan women her orgasms came close together and each time she came it was harder and louder. She loved the way he pounded her cunt. She loved being fucked.

Finally the ruler reached his climax. He roared as his cock expelled a large dose of sperm into his new wife’s tight cunt. As expected there was more than her body could hold and some leaked out around his shaft and formed a large bright green wet spot on the royal bed. Again the crowd cheered.

Then the mood changed. The men and women that had been watching quickly stripped off their clothing and a heated orgy started. Some paired off with each other but several others gathered around Josh and June. When they realized what was happening and with the encouragement of those gathered close to them, Josh and June stripped out of their uniforms.

The men were fixed on the D-cup size of June’s breasts and the fact that she only had two. All three of them took turns reaching out and fondling them. She noticed that even in this sexually heated situation, the men’s penises only stood out one inch. She was quickly informed that the only way that they would come the rest of the way out would be when she licked them. June dropped to her knees. At five foot seven, she still had to bend down for her mouth to be at the level of the men’s cocks. June kissed the end of each one and licked. Very quickly she had three hard six inch cocks in front of her face.

June then went from man to man, sucking each one’s cock deep into her mouth. This had never been done and the men babbled to each other. They were very excited by this new sexual stimulation. Each one grabbed her head and rapidly fucked her face.

In the meantime three Dragoan women were gathered around the EUF captain. They were surprised that his cock already stood out and was hard before they even licked him. Their eyes were wide as the stared at his thick eight inches. “Do you ladies like sucking cock?” When he understood that it was something that had never been done in their society, Josh instructed them in how to give a proper blowjob. The women followed his instructions with enthusiasm. They took turns stretching their lips around his prick and bobbing up and down on it. Josh was delighted to find that Dragoan women did not have gag reflexes when each of them without a problem deepthroated him till their small noses were firmly pressed against his pubic bone.

Finally one of them succeeded in making him cum. “Hold it in your mouth. Don’t swallow it.” His instructions were followed. “Now kiss your friends and share my cum with them. After sharing open mouth kisses, Josh told them to swallow. Licking their lips, the women smiled at the captain and told him how much they had enjoyed the new experience and how much they were looking forward to showing it to others.

The royal ruler and his newest wife were sitting on the royal bed and watching the ongoing orgy. Blandra had been closely watching the women sucking Josh's cock and seeing how much enjoyment each of them was having. She bent over and gave her husband a lick to get his manhood back out. When it emerged, she swallowed it in one motion and then bobbed up and down on it making him moan in pleasure until he again erupted, blasting a load of his royal seed down her throat. He looked at his man servant who was standing quietly next to the bed in case his royalness needed anything, “I am going to have to make sure that all of my wives do this wonderful new thing for me.”

For probably two hours the orgy continued. Everyone except Blandra frequently switched partners. The ruler’s wives were never fucked by anyone but him until he gave them away. Every man and woman wanted to have some sexual time with the aliens. Josh and June were worn out but managed to spend time with everyone there. Josh had his cock in either the cunt or throat of every woman. He found that their cunts were very tight but shallow and he frequently bottomed out as he slammed his prick deep into them. June either sucked the cock of, or was fucked by every man at the ceremony except the royal ruler.

After the activities had ended and most had left. One woman walked up to the captain and asked him what it was like to fuck in the weightlessness of zero gravity space in his ship. Josh picked her up and kissed her, “Maybe we should find out.”


Rating: 91%, Read 25239 times, Posted Aug 21, 2015

Science-Fiction | Alien, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Male, Old Male, Oral Sex


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