sexy blonde gets fucked up by destroyher

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Fantasm | Cruelty, Hardcore, Humiliation, Interracial, Non-consensual sex, Prostitution, Rape, Violence

this story is of complete debachery of a vuloptious upper class 25 yr old blonde bombshell the things that are going to happen in this story r not for the weak hearted.

below is the link to a picture of the women that is being debauched in this story. enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in an area like beverly hills heather felt safe from the world with all the security afforded to her by her husband the likes of camras and alarm system she loved it there she lived in a gated comunity with a comunity watch. her husband was a vice president of a company she was a stay at home wife you know the works she loved to sit in the sun in her g string bikini wich showed every nch of her 5'6" curvacious body with her head of blonde hair and 34 c tits that her husband has bought her she was prim and proper noone can ever get there hand on her or close enough to ever talk to her she was always hiding in the security of her castle like home she did not like to leave the house for fear that something terrible may happen to her.

so she just stayed at home but one day she thought to her self maybe ill go to the store and over come my fear of the outside world today it would be a thought she regreted her entire life but well get to the soon

so she opend the garge door cranked up her bmw and took off down the rd headed to the expensive shops and what not but heather never listens to anyone let alone the news she does what she wants and this is what landed her in ill.......24 hrs earlier new broadcast post 6 convicts escaped from the state pennitentray only hrs before thje broad cast they are extremley dangrous some of there crimes include rape of children rape of women murder and many other sadistic charges including beating a very young girl to death

that criome always runs threw there mind when they invaded that home and all was asleep they kidnapped the lil girl and made her do such perverse things such as smelling there penises on her nose and sitting on her doll feature like face and spitting in her mouth not to mention when they got really tired of the minor stuff they started to work the little bitch over good one of the thugs decided the hell with this lil tramp im going to fuck her up good so he put on his ring wich was big and bulky it had a stone in it and he decided he was gonna teach this lil bitch a world of hurt with out warning to the young peace of fuck meat child he took the finger his ring was on and shoved it so far in the childs un devoloped vagina twisting and turning it around untill her vagina was pouring out blood then he proceed to knock her teeth out as al 6 of them one by one ripped this lil bitch to shreds she was un recongnizable when the cops found her shredded skin of her vagina everywere finger broke face glazed in torrents of piss and cumn.yes that crime always huanted the country needless to say they had to have a closed casket burial for the young girl turned cum dump punching bag...bringing us to today ...all 6 have bee found guilty for that crime sentence to 3 life sentences bak to bakl till one day they decided enough was enough they broke out and they wanted pussy but they didint just want any pussy and they were not in the mood for lil girl pussie they wanted high class pussy they wanted to humiliate and degrade a women who has never seen such abuse and roughness yes they were about to destroy soemones life and body and face for good.....and they were going to have no mercy.........nope instead heather did not put on the news she opted for dance music as she headed to the victoria secrets departm,ent store in beverly hills.

at the same time of her arriving the 6 thugs were rolling right behind her car as she went to park they almost missed her btu when they seen her get out the car they knew what they wanted they wanted to make heather feel like a 1 doller whore and they wanted to disfgure her pretty face and vuloptious tits and ass thay nothing was gonna stop them so they waited and stalked there prey...they were all mean nasty black men tall and muscler tattoos and gang insignias they all were ugly and most of all they all wanted to take there black rage out poor buxom blonde white heather so they waited thug number one tells the rest of the thugs danm homies i cant wait to we get her were we want her first thing i wanna do is bust in her pretty nose that im sure her hubby paid alot of money for thug number two said not me homie what i wanna do is knock out her pearly white perfect teeth one by one and then my homeies im going to shove each tooth in her perfected delicate pussie when we r all done fucking her to peices they all cheered and got excited then the third homie said well me i have diffrent plans me im going to break her fingers one by one while some of you are fucking her then im going to proceed to punch her in the face untill hey eyes are permintly shut hopefully causing perminent damge to her delicate and 100% flawless face...and this went on for 2 hrs from the rest of the thugs as heather mindlessy shoped for what she didint know was going to be the outfit for tonight debauchery not only did she not know this but some of the items she was looking at was well in the 800 doller range very delicate satin peices that she thought would be used on a speacial night romantic night she might just as well have given these expensive satin sexy things to a vicous dog because for what the thugs had in mind these items would be destroyed threw out the night along with any other expenisve thing that was in that house oh yes these thugs wanted to damage her and all her property as heather 2 hrs later finally reaches the check out her purchaes came to about 10 grand total they had to carefully bag each peice per her instructions not to get it dirty or wrinkiled ....finally the thugs saw her coming out and get into her bmw wich that two would be destroyed by the end of the night in the most harshes way it was after all her wedding gift from they see her coming out and not to look to alarming they stayed silent as she wlked to her car places her items in the back seat and got in and drove off they stayed a good distant behind but close enough not to loose her they had plans for her and nothing was getting in the the leader of the pack thought out loud and said he homies we gots to snag her quick and get her in the house they didnt care bout alrms or camras theywere convicte felons so what if they get caught and this is one thing heather never dreamt of people like these nasty nigger thugs not caring bout prison......she pulled up to her garge they waited for her door to open and they looked around out of all days there wasnt a person in sight to save her from being invaded like she was about to be she took a step out of the car and walked in the direction of the entrance to her 10.2 million doller home wich by the end of the night well look like a 1 doller crack house when they r done with it she had no clue what her precous home was about to endure..........they quickly got out of the car ran up behind her took her keys out her hand and unlocked the door she was scared very scared she pulled up in the drive way she had disarmed her home by smartphone hence the alrm was not going to go off ...she was in big trouble and so was every expensive thing she owned

first thing thug number one did who was the leader was find her answering machine and play the messages low and behold they have a winner hubby was not due home untill 2 weeks from that date he was on a buisness venture leaving his trophey wife vunrable to raging coks and fist....the thugs cut the bullshit thug number 1 told her u scream we kill u painfully u be quiet and be a good cum rag we kill u instantly ur choice white whore she cried and cried couldnt say nothing thug numer two got so mad at her crying he raised his fist to her face but then the leader said nto yet let me marvel in her bueaty and our trimph thug number three couldnt resist any longer he had to trash something so he told thug one well if we cant fuck her up yet im gonna start fucking up her house her eyes were filled with terror on what thug number three had instore for her 10./2 million doller home and the first thing he did was see a very expensive vase and sai that looks mighty irreplacble and she said it is with one swift motion fo his foot he smashed it to smithrines and spit on her perion rug the other thugs made her watch his next action they started stiking there fingers in her mouth they wasted no time they wanted her to suffer and suffer she did but this is only the beguining as she was watching thug number three go all aorund her very expemnsive living room he broke the 100"inch lcd flat screen brand new telvision she just purchadsed only two days ago and he smashed it to peices then pissed on it and saidf this what i think of all your belonging u white cunt .....thug number4 had enough of the kiddy treatment he told thug number one listen homie i know u the head honcgho but we needs to start fucking her up

thug number one gave him a look in he told thug number four do ru thing player

thug number four was wild eyed and look very out of controll he spit in her pretty face and kicked her in her stomach so hard she fell to the floor he was not done with her yet he then proced to drop all his waight on her breaking two ribs she was in hestrics thug number three saw all this going down eh said oh no leave some for me he made her stand up with two broken riobs and proced to smack her in her face then thug number 5 had enough of holding bak and told the other fellows to stand bak

when they did the vicous blow that struck her on the side of the cheek was amazing her cheek bone shtterd and they all laughed.....and as promise thug number one wavied back his fist and smashed her 3 thousand doller nose god she knew she was not going to make it .......then she relized it was only the bgeining




after her 3 thousand doller nose was shattered the thugs high fived each other and thug number one said this a greats tart to a very good ending they cheered and hollerd obscinitys at the blonde buxom beauty degrading names she has never heard before but they enjoyed degrading her like a worthless low class whore calling he names like fuck pig cum dump all the mean while spitting in her face then thug number 1 said ok slut breaks over

he grabbed her by her luxorius maine and stood her up then just for kicks and giggles thug number 4 decided now would be a good time then any to punch her in her mouth so he did

knocking out her two front teeth. thug number one thought it be best to pick up her teeth from the floor and hang on to them for the finale dazed and groggy from her on going beating she cant seem to understand why this is happining to her all she knows is her 10.2 mill doller home is being turned into a dump as she looked around she noticed the thugs were spray paining the walls and punching holes in them as well as one thug decided he was going to slice up her 7 thousand doller sofa and he did just that then with an evil grin on his face he decided to take her by the head and put her face into the sofa then kick her in her not to much longer perfect pussie .....

Rating: 29%, Read 29332 times, Posted Apr 18, 2015

Fantasm | Cruelty, Hardcore, Humiliation, Interracial, Non-consensual sex, Prostitution, Rape, Violence


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