I’ve Got Everything That They’ve Got by fbailey

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female, Male

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I’ve Got Everything That They’ve Got

In our neighborhood we look out for one another and the children. On many occasions I have mowed a neighbor’s lawn, shoveled a sidewalk, or raked up their leaves. On the other hand they have invited my daughter and I to dinner or taken her for the night when I have had to work.

Our dead end street had been developed about seventeen years ago. We were mostly young married couples and soon we were having babies.

I always wondered if there was something in our drinking water because only girl babies were being born. That was followed by the seven-year itch where we all got divorced…leaving me the only man in our neighborhood.

It was kind of nice having six attractive women around with our combined total of nine daughters.

I lived on the very end and had the biggest lot against the woods. Over the years I had put in a good size swimming pool, a pretty big hot tub, and about two miles of walking trails out through the woods. There was a basketball hoop on my garage and a big wooden playground like you see in city parks.

Unknowingly I had lured everyone to my yard. My wife couldn’t take the competition from the other six beautiful women after their divorces, so she divorced me. The children would come and go to and from school, to and from the other parent’s houses, and to and from each other’s houses.

Then when puberty set in they all got my attention…and how!

All of a sudden there were nine teenage girls running around showing off their new bodies…shamelessly. They were all thirteen to sixteen years old with my daughter Julie being fifteen.

Incredibly they really didn’t have any shame. It never entered their heads that anything had changed. One day they were running around in their pajamas and the next day they were running around in their nighties. They went from one-piece bathing suits to bikinis. They went from little girls with baby fat to young desirable women with curves…and breasts…and asses…nice breasts…and great asses.

Then one rather hot summer day as I was playing lifeguard to a bunch of bathing beauties soaking up the sun’s rays, Debbie said, “I’ve got everything that they’ve got.”

Absentmindedly I asked, “What?”

Debbie giggled and said, “All I said was that I had everything that they have and you won’t go to jail for it.”

I looked at her and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Debbie leaned in closer and said, “You can’t take your eyes off from our daughters. Look at them. Well, actually you have been. They are just lying there with their tops untied, their breasts half exposed, and their bikini bottoms tucked into their ass cracks as far as they can get them. I bet if you would let them that they would sunbathe nude.”

I understood all of that and smiled before saying, “Really?”

Debbie asked, “You wouldn’t mind seeing a bunch of topless or nude girls and women back here would you? Your privacy fence would keep others from watching and you are the only male in this neighborhood.”

I could see the look in her eyes. They were glowing.

I said, “No! I wouldn’t mind.”

Debbie got up and walked over to my daughter and her two daughters. She tapped them on the shoulders to get their attention. They popped an earplug out so that they could listen to her. She told them that they could sunbathe nude around my pool, from then on if they wanted too. They just looked at her until Debbie untied her bikini top and removed it in front of them.

My daughter Julie asked, “Can we really, Daddy?”

I nodded my head in agreement and she just lifted her shoulders up and pulled her top out from underneath her. The other two girls did the same.

Then Debbie stepped out of her bikini bottom and watched as the girls shimmied out of their bottoms.

Of course Debbie had been facing me the whole time. She said, “Now roll over and make it official.”

Julie looked at me and grinned as she rolled onto her back. Her pussy was shaved bald, as I had suspected. Debbie’s daughters followed suite and roller over too. Their pussies were also bald. Then I looked at Debbie’s pussy. She had a heart shaped patch of fur on her love mound with the rest shaved clean.

Debbie walked back to me, turned her chair completely around so that it faced me, and said, “This way you can just look straight at me. I’ll even open my legs up. If you see anything you like, just let me know. I am available.”

True to her word she pulled her feet up, raised her knees, and then spread them wide. Her beautiful pinkish pussy lips opened up and her inner lips glistened.

She tossed me a tube of sunscreen and said, “Maybe you should get the parts that we missed earlier…the good parts…that were covered before…the parts that have never seen the sun before. Start with your daughter and then end with me. Remember…I am available.”

My daughter had heard the last conversation and was smiling as I approached her. I rubbed her nice breasts with the lotion and felt her nipples harden under my palms. She opened her legs and lifted her butt up off from her towel. I cupped her baby smooth pussy and covered it with lotion before she rolled over and let me do her ass.

Abby was fifteen, like my daughter. She seemed to enjoy my hands more. She kept pressing her pussy up into my hand for more attention. So I gave it to her. I slipped a slimy finger into her already slimy slit and tickled her clit for a few seconds. That was all that she needed before she had her orgasm.

Beth was the youngest at thirteen. Her breasts were smaller but firmer. Her nipples were harder and her pussy was hotter. I fingered her clit to an orgasm too.

Of course my daughter noticed that she had been left out and made a comment. Needless to say I had to give my little girl her climax too. I knew that we had just crossed some invisible line that from then on it could only get worse.

Back at Debbie, she fondled my cock and balls as I put sun block on her breasts, pussy, and ass.

Then she said, “Now that you have checked…do I have everything that they have?”

I slipped two fingers deeply into her warm pussy and said, “You certainly do.”

Debbie took my hand, told the girls that we would be back in a while, and walked me into the house. Of course her hand was in my trunks and wrapped around my cock at the time.

She took me into my bedroom and removed my swim trunks before mounting me. Debbie was the sexiest woman that I had ever met. In fact, she was the reason that my wife got so jealous that she left me…even though I had never cheated on her.

I lay there enjoying having Debbie on top of me. I could not remember being that hard ever. I could not remember the last time that I had had sex, other than masturbating, that is. I could not imagine how wonderful she felt. Her pussy was tight and it was wrapped around my cock. She was doing all of the work but I was breathing heavier and shaking. It was like a wonderful dream had just come true. I was inside of Debbie and she was all mine. Her breasts were a perfect 34-B with dark nipples and areolas that were small as a quarter. I loved the way her areolas crinkled when her nipples got excited. Then I felt the cum coming up from my balls, along the tube in my cock, and then being spit out into this beautiful woman. Then I felt her pussy muscles milking my cock to get the very last drop.

She slumped down onto my chest and kissed me. Then she said, “Thank you. I needed that.”

I laughed and said, “It is I that should be thanking you. Not only for the best sex that I have ever had but for changing my life forever.”

She looked at me. She was confused.

I added, “Well, from now on I get to make love to you and watch our three girls run around naked.”

Debbie giggled and said, “I may have created a monster here. You my dear man will have six women to make love too and nine little teenage bodies to admire in the nude. You are right, your life has changed…for the better…I hope.”

I asked, “What if I don’t want the other women. I am a one woman kind of guy.”

Debbie giggled again and said, “I know. Your wife kept trying to get you to have a threesome with me but you kept resisting. She was bisexual but turned completely lesbian near the end. Having me in bed with her was her only way out but when you resisted she found another way. She moved in with three other lesbians.”

I said, “You mean that if I had threesomes with you that I would still be married?”

She smiled and said, “Yes! Most likely.”

I asked, “And to keep you I have to have sex with the other five women too?”

Debbie said, “No! But I know that they want to have sex with you and I don’t mind. We can do threesomes or you can do them alone. Your choice.”

We kept making love as soon as I could get hard again. Finally, Julie knocked on my door, opened it up a crack, and asked, “Can I order a pizza? We are starved.”

I looked at my alarm clock. I could not believe that it was six o’clock already. I said, “Yes! Get two. I want a meat lovers special.”

Julie giggled and sad, “You are in bed with one.”

The door closed and Debbie said, “I love your meat. Who do you think helped me set this up today?”

I asked, “Do I still get to see the other mothers and daughters naked?”

Debbie laughed and said, “Have her order three more pizzas and I’ll prove it to you.”

Well the pizzas got ordered, Debbie made a few calls, and my backyard was full of naked female bodies. I stayed partially dressed to pay the delivery guy. He got a rather large tip but he didn’t understand why.

The End

I’ve Got Everything That They’ve Got


Rating: 94%, Read 48604 times, Posted Mar 11, 2014

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female, Male


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