book of fortune part three by kingd1991

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Fiction | At work, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Discipline, Male, Mature, Mind Control, Old Female, School, Spanking

Part three

Brad walk to his classroom after getting off of the bus. No one noticed when he walked to his seat thirty minutes late for class. He tried to pay attention but he could barely think about anything but the bus ride and the fun he had with Amanda. He started to think about when she would come back to him. He hoped it would be soon but he knew he could entertain himself while he waited.

He knew he wouldn’t have time that class period to have any fun but he was already looking at girls he knew would be in his next class. None were really that attractive and he had no desire to fuck any of them. However, he knew he had Ms. Crawford for math next and he would not mind subtracting her clothes and dividing her legs. When he decided that his teacher would be his next target he took out his little miracle book, “In next period’s math class everyone will fall asleep, then Ms. Crawford will have the sudden desire to fuck me wild. She will not stop until both of us are completely satisfied in our desires. When it is all done she will get dressed and everyone will wake up, not remembering or noticing anything out of the ordinary.” He shut the book and stared at the clock. He waited for it to turn and the moment he heard the bell ring he shot up out of his chair and speed to the next classroom.

He sat in his normal seat in the back of the room but knew he wouldn’t be sitting there for long. He watched the other students take their seats and Ms. Crawford started to write something on the board. Brad couldn’t understand it, why was the book not working now when it was working earlier? He thought that he had used up the power of the book or that it could not do what he asked. Then the bell rang all the students slumped over in a deep sleep.

Ms. Crawford stopped writing mid word. She slowly put the piece of chalk down and turned around. Her eyes met Brads and he saw a fire in those eyes he had never seen before. In a tone that was forced to be as stable and normal as possible, “Brad, could you please come to the board.” Usually this would mean a student was acting up and had to do a bunch of incredibly hard math problems in front of the entire class. However, he knew that he was going up for a completely different reason. When he reached the board he smiled and asked, “Is there something I can help you with Ms. Crawford?”

“Please call me June. And yes there is something I could use your help with.” With that she licked her lips. “I have a very bad itch and I desperately need you scratch it for me. If you do I will scratch your itch.”

He liked talking dirty. “June you haven’t told me where it is you want me to scratch.” She took one of his hands and slowly pressed it against her crotch, “It itches so bad here,” she whispered into his ear. “Well, I suppose I can scratch that for you, but you also didn’t tell me where I itch.” Then she started rubbing his crotch, feeling the lump in his pants get bigger. He knew this would not be like any lay he had had before.

He started rubbing her crotch while she rubbed his. Feeling her skirt getting wet just made his dick harder. She knew that he could not hold out for much longer. “I can feel a lot of pressure building up down there, maybe I should relieve it.” He couldn’t believe what his teacher was saying, “Yes please June, relieve the pressure it is too much to handle.” That was all the encouragement she needed. She went down on her knees and started undoing his pants. She continued to rub his cock through the fabric. “Is this better or do I need to relieve more pressure?”

“More, for gods sake more.”

That’s just what she did. She slowly pulled down his underwear revealing his garnet love pole. With a purr and a wink she opened her mouth and shoved his dick in her mouth. Brad could tell she was an expert at giving head. She glided his cock deep into her throat so that her nose was buried in his thin pubic hair. After holding her position for a few seconds she pulled back. Take his dick completely out of her mouth and into her experienced hands. She jerked him harder then Brad had ever jerked off in his life. Between the intense pumping he was getting and the sultry, lustful star he was getting from Ms. Crawford he thought he would blow his load any second.

Ms. Crawford could sense his orgasm coming and didn’t want the fun to stop too soon. “Oh, no, you’re not going to cum that easy. I want this to last as long as possible.” With that she let go of his throbbing prick and got off of her knees. Brad was so frustrated that she didn’t let him cum, but he agreed, he wanted to do so much more than just a hand job with his teacher. He kissed her passionately on the lips. Pulling her close so his cock could feel the wetness of her skirt. While they were entwined in this embrace Brad let his hands roam around the older woman’s body. He was pleased to discover that her ass was firm and tight. He pulled her skirt up so he feels her bare flesh. It felt even better than when he grouped her through her skirt. And finding that she was wearing a thong just made his dick get even harder. Being taken by the moment he decides to give her bare ass a hard spank. He doesn’t know why, but the idea of swatting her tight as just gets his blood boiling. He raises his right hand and brings it down with a disappointingly soft clap. Ms. Crawford breaks the tongue fucking to look at brad. At first he thought she would be upset at him for hitting her, but the look in her eyes said something else. She grabbed the back of his head and brought him in for a deep kiss before she through him off. She turned around, put her hands on her desk and raised her ass up in the air.

“Come on baby, if you want to spank me this is really the best way to do it.” Confused he replied with a look of shock and curiosity.

“Don’t stand there like a statue. I liked it when you spanked me. Spank me again. Spank me hard.”

“Are you serious?”

She was getting annoyed at have to beg, but she just smiled at Brad and in the sexiest voice either of them had ever heard she whispered to him, “I’ve been a very very naughty girl, and I need you to punish me.” At this point Brad could not contain himself, but he liked to play along with his teacher so he wanted to have a bit of fun. “Really? How naughty have you been?” he ran his hands over her lifted ass enjoying the sense of power he had. “Oh so naughty.”

“What did you do to deserve this punishment?”

“I gave a hand job to a student and put his massive dick in my mouth. Did I mention he is a minor? That should be good enough to get me a few good whacks.”

In a mock disciplinary tone, “That is very bad, but I still don’t think you deserve to be rewarded. After all it is not like you let this student fuck you.” She spread her legs wide as she said, “not yet.” His hands slide from her ass to rubbing her pussy through her thong. A low moan came from the excited woman. “Well, in that case I suppose a whore like you deserves to get your ass beaten.” With out another warning he gave a hard spank to her ass. Caught off guard she jumped and gave a little scream. He grabbed her by the hips, “oh no, you can’t get a way that easy, you asked for it now you’re going to get it.” He let blow after blow go across he ass as she continued to moan uncontrollably. She would shout, “Give it to me harder,” “Turn that ass red,” and “Fuck you are so good at this.”

Brad was happy the class was unconscious, because between what he was doing and what his teacher was saying, they would have been drawing some attention.

After he turned her ass beat red he decided to get a little enjoyment back.

He leaned down so that his face was just above his teacher’s and his body lay on top of hers so that his dick was pressed against her panties, which were by this point completely saturated. “Now do you remember why I gave you that spanking?” she turned her head and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. Then she grabbed his hands that were on the desk and moved them to her rather small breasts. Even through her shirt he could tell they were small, but he didn’t care. He rubbed them feeling her nipples harden and peak out through the cloth. He unbuttoned her shirt and moved his hands under her bras so he could feel her breasts. He pinched and played with the nipples. She on the other hand put her hands to work on a different part of her body. She took her panties off and reached back to find his cock. She let it fill her hand, enjoying just how hard his young cock was. She rubbed it up and down her cunt enjoying the incredible sensation it was giving her. Brad also enjoyed the feeling but could not contain himself any longer.

While she was rubbing his cock against her pussy, he held on to her shoulders and rammed his cock all the way into her well-lubricated cunt. She gave a little scream, but when he started to pull in and out her scream turned to moans. “Do you like fucking your teacher with that big hard cock?”

He replied with a smack on her ass as he kept ramming her pussy. She moaned again and moved her hips in time with his. He knew that her tight wet cunt would make him cum soon so he picked up his pace. He was going as fast and hard as he could. He was fucking her so hard that her desk was moving forward. Just before he felt his balls explode she screamed, “oh fuck yes, I want to feel your hot cum deep inside me. Don’t stop till you fill me to the brink.”

That was all he needed to hear. His balls let loose a load like one he had never seen before. Even though this was his second fuck of the day it was by far the most fulfilling. Shot after shot had filled his teacher’s cunt and they both panted and moaned as both their orgasms subsided.

He just lay there with his softening cock still in her pussy. After a while he got dressed and so did she. He returned to his seat and then everyone in class woke up. No one noticed that Ms. Crawford looked like she had just ran a marathon or the fact that her desk was crooked and a full inch pushed back. Ms. Crawford just went back to teaching the lesson as if nothing had happened. Brad just sat and recomposed himself as he set plans for that night.

Rating: 94%, Read 101514 times, Posted Feb 28, 2010

Fiction | At work, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Discipline, Male, Mature, Mind Control, Old Female, School, Spanking


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