Blackmailing Vengeance (Re-edited) by Lilith04

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Fantasm | Authoritarian, Blackmail, Hardcore, Male, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Spanking, Teen Female, Violence, Written by women, Young

This is a story re-edited, better worked and contains several differences compared to the original already posted.


This is a rape story. If this kind of content offends you in any way, please, stop reading.

I'm not in favor of rape of any form and this is just a fictional story of sexual violence.

If you have no problem with that, please, vote and comment as you wish. Thanks.

(Special thanks to my friend Rutger5 for helping me with the english stuff =*)


Blackmailing Vengeance

I always knew how I wanted my life to be. I wanted an easy life. Marry some rich guy who would fulfill my wishes and do whatever I wanted for the rest of my life. It would be really simple to obtain, looking as good as I knew I did. People used to compare me with Candice Swanepoel all the time, one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels and I really do look like her: a tall blue-eyed blonde with a tight body, we even share the same 34B bra-size - and I have those given by nature, not silicone - as I'm not that skinny and not that tall, but taller than half the girls at school, I was 5'7", a lot of it being due to my long shapely and toned legs.

Being always in touch with high-society people, thanks to my mother's connections - she is kinda famous as an attorney - I shouldn't have problems making a life. But it is never that easy, is it?

My mother died from cancer a couple months after I turned eighteen, that left me sharing her possessions with her second husband, Alan, the douche, as I used to call him.

He had his own company and I couldn't understand why he was accepting his share of my mom's inheritance. He was obliging me to share the house my mother built with him, even knowing that I didn't need his support. I never did! Even with my mother being such a dictator I was completely independent at age thirteen and he knew that, all I needed was money. Soon after he started spoiling me in every way possible and I was pretty sure what his intentions were. So, I was rushing to find that fucking rich husband. But it is never that bad, is it?

One day, when I was coming home after school, I just came across a drunken Alan fallen by the pool. Passed out with a bottle of bourbon in a hand and an open cellphone in the other. I called him a dozen times but he didn't wake up. So an idea came to mind and I couldn't help myself from doing it.

"So, that's it you bastard!" I growled and pushed him into the pool.

Turned out he just stood underwater. Initially I freaked out, but seconds later I saw it as a really great chance of getting rid of him. He was not getting a chance to get even near me and I could inherit all my mother's possessions, as it should be... And his too. Maybe I didn't need a rich husband after all. So as soon as I saw no more bubbles coming from him I was sure he was dead. That was the end of Alan, the douche.

It worked like a charm. In a couple months I was living like a queen, alone in my own house with all that money. In a matter of three more months I would graduate from school and leave the country. Maybe live in Europe with no manipulative overprotective mother to give me orders and no douchebag to share my money, it should be great for me. But it is never that easy, is it?

At the end of the third month I answered the door. Alex, Alan's brother, came to visit me unannounced. I remembered him from my mother's and Alan's funeral. He was the one in a notorious black uniform of the army, some kind of retired special forces. A really big and frightening bald guy who asked me to sit at my own table for "a little chat", he said. We sat and he began talking with that freaking hoarse voice.

"So, Rebecca, I'm here to have a really serious conversation with you" he said.

"I'm all ears" I was really uncomfortable in his presence, always giving me weird glances. He was obviously taller, bulkier and had a somewhat rigid but more handsome face than Alan's.

"I have something to show you. I don't want you to feel weird or something, but I have to show you" and as I nodded he took his mobile, pressed a few buttons and put it on the table.

Soon the speakers started to clearly play Alan's voice.

"Brother... My big older brother... I love you, you know? I'm all alone right now. Becky hates me and wants to go live her life and I'm gonna let her... I'm all alone, bro... why Camille had to die? Why?..." Alan said with that obviously drunk voice. I started shivering and feeling really emotional. I had killed that guy, that sad lonely guy.

"Don't start crying yet, there's more" Alex said completely impassive.

But Alan wasn't talking anymore. The phone went dead for about three minutes, then I could hear my own voice calling him. I was in shock. Tears were still rolling down my face while my eyes were fixed on the man in front of me, while I heard my own voice thunder "So, that's it you bastard!" and then the sound of his body hitting the water. Even the low gasping sound I made while straining to throw him in the water was recorded. A billion things were passing through my head when he began talking again.

"I think that's undeniable proof that you, Miss, killed my brother" he said still looking at me as cold and still as he was at the beginning.

"What are you going to do?" I asked.

"I'm not going to hand you over to the police, if that is what you're asking" he replied, then stood up, still looking at me with those sharp green eyes. "That's completely up to you".

"What do you mean? Will you let me decide if I'm going to jail or not?" I asked, feeling like a giant ice stone was growing in my stomach as I felt I knew the answer to my question, I just didn't want to believe it.

"Pretty much it. I'll keep coming here, trying to convince you to turn yourself in. I love to test the wills of others. If your’s is great enough I'll let you go free, but not until I get really tired of you" he said approaching me.

I kept staring at him scared as hell when he spoke with an explicative tone "Get up, bend over, touch that little table with your hands and stay that way until I tell you to" he said pointing to the lower table next to the flat screen.

I just stood in shock. It couldn't be happening. It couldn't.

"That's your answer? Rebecca, am I supposed to take this recording to the police?" Alex said, shaking the cellphone in the air. "At first it'll not be that bad, as you're underage and all... But soon you'll turn eighteen and I'll access all my contacts at the police and army to be sure you have nightmares while asleep. Nightmares that will not compare to the atrocities of your real life."

All my body trembled and soon, even before he finished talking, I was already crying in despair. So I awkwardly stood up and walked to the table then fearfully leaned forward until the palms of my hands touched the small table. I was wearing a light and short yellow lacy dress, that was little by little exposing my back to him. I could feel it happening, the fabric sliding up through my panties.

Alex came walking behind me with long and slow steps then stood still during a moment, which felt like an eternity to me. He was observing me, probably delighting in the view of my shivering body completely bending to touch that foot high table. The moment was broken with the feeling of his rough hand reaching and massaging my right butt cheek.

My immediate reaction was trying to take it off me, but soon as I took my hand off the table he yelled at me "Stand still and put your hand back there!"

I shivered hard and almost lost my balance, but I obeyed and immediately put my hand back. Then he exhaled loudly and I felt his rough hands traveling over my toned legs, caressing my inner thighs while I gasped and cried trying to hold myself still.

Tears were rolling down and dripping from the edge of my nose as, staring at the ground, I figured that I was helpless. He would rape me and I couldn't prevent it.

My crying became uncontrollable, covering the table with tears, but my constraint, my fear, my suffering meant nothing to him. In no time he was stroking my tight firm ass and his fingers were fiddling over my panties, reaching my fresh pussy. I gasped in anguish when I felt him pulling the edge of my underwear aside. I could only imagine his expression in those long seconds, as he hesitated when first saw the rosaceous line of my petals, hidden by those soft white mounds of skin, slightly covered by golden pubic hair.

I trembled at the sound of unzipping trousers.

"No... Please, not that..." I mumbled, more to myself than for him. I knew I had to let him do it.

Alex aggressively grabbed my waist, keeping me still, then I felt his cock being pressed hard between my dry pussy lips.

"Awgh!" I groaned as I felt something big being forced into my unprepared entrance and fear surpassed any motive I would have to let him hurt me like that. So I started begging "Please! Oh, please don't do that! I'm sorry! I'm really sorry" I whimpered trying to look at him.

One fierce thrust sent him two or three inches inside of me. I screamed.

I was kinda new to sex as I’d had just four times in my entire life, thanks to those catholic schools and my over-controlling mother. So when he invaded me like that, my dry skin gripping his invading member, it felt like I was being torn apart.

"Aaaaaaaaawwwwwwghhhhh!!!" he kept thrusting fiercely, trying to break my resistance. I bent and kneeled, unconsciously struggling and he rewarded me with burning slaps hitting my back and my ass, then he straightened me and thrust again. The man tried four times before getting into my tiny slit, then roughly moved in and out for two times, like I was a piece of meat, like his only intent was to hurt me, and he accomplished this, as the friction and the sudden stretching set my insides on fire.

Long and high-pitched screams succeeded those two thrusts, followed by a gasp of relief when I felt him taking it out.

I heard him spit, probably on his hand. With one hand he lifted my crotch again while the other guided the now moist head of his dick to my punished entrance and I felt that stinging pain again, stretching me up with a single thrust. This time I could feel it fully enter me and he kept fucking, that huge thing digging into me during various minutes.

It was a lot bigger than any of the guys I've ever had sex with. The tender flesh of my pussy was being stretched and pressed against his invading member, while he moved in and out so rough, so hard, that I felt I was about to turn inside out. My whole body swinging back and forth at his aggressive rhythm, while his vile hands kept my back still for him to ravage freely.

Then he stopped, remaining inside of me, grabbed my hips firmly and pushed me toward the big dinner table while I continued to plead:

"Argh... No-please... Stop pleaaase! P-Pleeeeease!" I tried desperately to make him hear me, try to beg for mercy, but it was useless, and as soon as he bent me over the table he resumed his motion, pounding his waist so strong against my buttocks that it forced my crying and groaning to follow his rhythm. Soon I felt like my body was betraying me, or trying to ease its torture, because my pussy was getting gradually wet and the wetter I got, the deeper he could sink into me. I shrieked and scratched my nails on the table as I could feel his penis hitting against the entrance to my womb. Pummeling against my cervix, causing agonizing pain, making me cry in despair.

Then his rhythm increased until I thought he was really going to rip me apart. He let go of my waist and his arms surrounded me. One of his hands grabbed my neck, while the other mauled my poor breasts over my clothes. I could feel his warm breath in my left ear and his hot sweat dripping on my neck.

"Ooooooooouch! Aaaarghh! No-No-NO!" I cried as he bent over me, crushing me on the table, our weight making my belly scrape at the table's edge, scratching me more every time he banged me against it.

So while I was gasping for air, coughing and feeling my throat aching, agonizing in that feeling of my insides so full, so hurt, that I barely felt him trembling and exploding inside of me in three last gushing thrusts. Although I couldn't help feeling his acid ooze touching my sore skin while flooding my insides.

Alex pulled my limp and trembling body up by my neck and his still hard member popped out of me, making lots of cum pour from my vandalized slit and it flowed down my legs. I sighed and whimpered in relief, as I fooled myself into thinking that it was done, that I had paid for my sin and I was free... Until he whispered in my ear...

"I expected to find a whore here, not some kind of twisted princess with an almost untouched, tight and gorgeous body. I'll come here every single day until I grow completely tired of you. But don't expect any mercy from me, this was just the beginning and in no time you will wish you were in jail, believe me."


Rating: 87%, Read 49535 times, Posted Mar 09, 2012

Fantasm | Authoritarian, Blackmail, Hardcore, Male, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Spanking, Teen Female, Violence, Written by women, Young


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