Seeking a Modeling Career in the U.S. by horny+fox

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I received a call from a Mexican contact in Mexico City telling me about a beautiful young Mexican woman wanting to pursue a modeling and acting career. Her family lives in the slums of Mexico City always needing money. I agreed to pay her father a large sum of money and move the family out of the slums. I sent my private plane to Mexico City to pick up Eiza and bring her to LA. Eiza is 24, single, 5' 8" from Mexico City, Mexico. Arriving at my LA penthouse, She poses for me, all smiles and curves, she wears high heels, stockings, garter belt, thong and a bra. She is excited to make a good impression. She thinks it is a lingerie shoot and doesn't realize that I have plans for more. I snap away and encourage her. " That's a good girl, you look fantastic." She giggles, with both excitement and nervous and trying to act the part she thinks she should play. " You like?" I know she is nervous and trying to " get it right," even if she isn't sure what that means exactly. She needs approval and praise and I give her a strong lead so she knows what I want her to do and use the momentum of the shoot to get past her shyness. I know she wants to do this and I can make it possible for her.

Then I tell her, " Do you understand this situation?" She stares intently at the floor, unable to speak. " I asked you a question."

She bites her lip and remains silent. My hand darts out to grab her chin, forcing her to look into my cold eyes. " Y-yes." I asked with my tongue. " I don't think you do. See, your family have a problem. A problem that they didn't have money to pay for. So when I learned about the problem, we came to an agreement." She tried to look away again, but my rough fingers dig into her cheeks.

" That agreement is you, doll. Your family gave me you, and I payed their debt. But if you don't do exactly as I tell you, I will say that I didn't get what I paid for and I will send you back and your family will suffer the consequences? So I would recommend that you answer me when I talk to you. Now, do you understand?"

" Y-yes." I release her chin. " Wonderful. In that case, I think I'm ready for you." " Ready for me?" I chuckle. " Oh, you nieve and innocent thing. What do you think I brought you here for?" Eiza's eyes widen. " Ah, so you do understand. Now then, let's begin."

I turn and walked down the front hall, away from the doorway we had been standing, obviously expecting her to follow. After a moment of hesitation, she did. I led her into a large living room, where I sat on an expensive looking couch. I sat looking completely at ease, with my knees falling away from each other and one arm on the back cushions of the couch. I patted my thigh, " Come sit on me, sweetheart." She hesitated, terrified, but had no choice in the matter. She walked delicately across the carpet, her bare feet sinking into the thick carpet. I lean back as she perches lightly on the tip of my knee. " Now, now," I scolded her. " That isn't a very comfortable position for either of us now, is it?"

My hands wrapped around her small waist and she let out a sigh as I pull into the center of my lap, her tightly closed legs between my open ones. I chuckle and roll my hips slightly, adjusting myself. She inhales sharply as she feels my hard cock move beneath her. I kiss the back of her neck as my hands slip from her hips up her stomach to grope her breasts. She feels me harden against her as I continue to knead her tits, pushing them together then pulling them apart. I bounce them in my palms, then squished them flat, earning a gasp from her. I suddenly push her off of my lap and onto the carpet. She cries out softly as her knees slammed into the carpet. I grab her long blonde hair twisting her head around until she is eye level with my cock straining against the material of my faded blue jeans. " Suck me sweetheart." She froze, muscles tense. She glanced, shocked, at my face. My eyes were dark.

" I said to suck me." She blinks fiercely. Twisting her body to face me, she pull her knees up under her reaching towards my zipper with shaking hands. With a soft hiss, she pulls down the zipper on my jeans, freeing my cock to spring forth. She shudders as she stares at the hard length before her. " Are you a virgin, sweetheart?" She swallows, then nods. I smile. " Just do exactly as I say, and you'll do fine. Now, stroke it." She reaches forward slowly, dreading the task in front of her. She wraps a soft hand against the leathery, veined base and knot, using her other hand to gently stroke up and down the long thick length with her fingertips. She inhales sharply as it jumps in her hand, continuing the treatment. I lean my head back into the couch cushions, groaning softly. " Rub my balls with your other hand," I ordered, my voice suddenly lower. She complied, still stroking it lightly, and massaging my testicles with slender fingers, gently lifting and squeezing. He groan again, louder this time, and she smiles slightly, relieved that she is performing properly.

" Now take me in your mouth." She closes her eyes taking a deep breath. Then, opening them a slit, she guides the pulsing cock into her small mouth. She swirls her tongue around its tip, flicking the hole lightly and continuing the stroking and kneading of its shaft and balls. She bobs her head up and down, taking the tip and a bit of its length and she sucks, breathing instinctively though her nose, her exhales tickling my cock. My fingers tangled themselves in her hair forcing her mouth down further onto my cock. She gags, reaching a hand up to push against my stomach as my hips thrust up into her mouth. Her hand wraps half way around my thick shaft, trying to pump it as my cock slides further into her mouth. She begins to choke on it but I refuse to let up my fierce pace. I stood, suddenly, forcing her to stretch her back to reach me. Both my hands wrapped around the back of her head to pull her to me as I fuck her mouth. She removes her hand from me as I thrust further and further, bracing herself against my pelvis as my balls slap into her chin.

I let my head fall back as my balls contracted releasing myself in her mouth. She gags as the bitter fluid fills her, letting it dribble out of her mouth as more came than she can hold. " Swallow it." She flinches as my fingers trace the path from her chin to the corner of her mouth and obediently begins to swallow the cum. I sigh in pleasure at the sensation, finally loosening my grip on her hair and letting her pull her mouth away from my cock. " That was good," I said, gently stroking her hair. " But I am not satisfied yet." I stood her up, then sat back on the couch. " Strip." She glares at me. I arched an eyebrow. Drawing a shaky breath, she reaches up with her hands and begins to unbutton her blouse. " Slower." I ordered. " I want to enjoy this, not just get it over with. She slows, unbuttoning each button carefully, until all are open. " Stop." I stood up. " Don't move."

I walk around her, until I stood pressed against her back. I clutch the edges of her shirt, then pull it roughly off of her. She gasps a little, as I pull her arms tight behind her in the process. Then, she stood in her thin tank top before me. I reach around from behind her, pressing my rough hands against her flat stomach, grinding against her ass. She feels that I'm hard again, shuddering slightly. I feel the motion and laugh softly. I slip my hands up her body until they cup her breasts. " They're a little small, I like small breasts." I said. She grits her teeth. I move my mouth closer to her ear, until my breath tickles her. " Put you arms over you head," I whisper softly. She did as I commanded, feeling the tank ride up on her stomach as she moved. She arches her back slightly as my hand slides over her hips, stimulating her, and she feels my warm hard cock jabbing her back's bare skin. I'm growing harder again, she realizes with a mix of disgust and excitement in the pit of her stomach.

I grip the hem of the tank, pulling it harshly over her head. She now stood before me, naked from the waist up except for a bra. I kiss the sweet spot at the base of her neck roughly, causing her to gasp softly. A low chuckle came from me, as I place a hand on her shoulder, turning her to face me. " Let me see what I earned from this bargain." I step back, running my eyes over her torso, my tongue flicking out to moisten my lips as I stared at her breasts. I step towards her again, putting one hand on the small of her back, the other at her nape, pulling her close to kiss her roughly on the lips. I grind my crotch against her stomach, slipping my hand up to the clasp of her bra. She tries to pull away, but the hand on her neck holds her firm. She gasps into my mouth as her bra fell, unclasped, to the floor.

My tongue took advantage of this to thrust inside of her mouth. I lick along her lips and inside of her mouth as I deepen the kiss. My hand slides from her back to her breast, it's small, firm form fitting easily into my grip. As I kiss her, I roll her nipple in between my thumb and forefinger, causing her to moan into me. I broke off the kiss, staring at her naked chest. I continue to stimulate one breast with my fingers, as I lower my mouth to the other. My other hand slips from the back of her neck to between her shoulder blades, where I pull her in tight to me. I suck at her breast, then nip it gently. The action causes her to moan, and she wraps her arms tightly around my back. I laugh. " Now there is the response I wanted." I bit her more aggressively, making her cry out as I pinch and pull on her other nipple. My tongue circles the light brown tip, stimulating her senses as I graze her with my teeth. After a few minutes, I raise my head planting another kiss on her mouth. I slip my hand inside the waist of her jeans and begin to rub her pussy through the gauzy material of her panties.

" Good God, you're soaked," I whisper in her ear. She is to caught up in the pleasure of my rubbing gives her to reply. She moves her hips with my hand, trying to direct me to her clit to intensify her pleasure. " Not yet, sweetheart. Be patient." I unbuttoned her jeans. Step out." I shove them off of her hips until they fall in a lump at her feet. She pulls her bare feet out, timidly. My hand shoves into her shoulder, pushing her back against the wall. I press myself against her, sucking the base of her neck as I stroke her slit through her panties. She tilts her head to the side, granting me greater access to her neck, which I suck harder as my hand slides into her panties and my middle finger pokes curiously at her cunt. My single finger slips easily into the tight hole, lubricated by the juices flowing freely between her legs. She gasps as she feels me enter her, closing her legs instinctively. I raise my mouth from her neck and nip her ear lightly, her soft blonde hair tickling my nose.

" Open your legs, sweetheart." With her eyes half closed from the sensation of my breath on her throat, she opens her legs slightly. I grab her thighs with both hands pulling them apart roughly. My left hand slips around to knead the soft flesh of her ass while my right returns its attention to the warm pussy in front of me. I thrust two fingers deep into the hole, bringing a pained gasp to her lips. The two fingers rubbing up and down smoothly while my thumb toys with her clit. My fingers feel blindly along the smooth walls inside her pussy, my nails scraping her slightly. Her hips begin to move with my fingers, trying to force them deeper and faster. I let her, adding a third finger, stretching her in a way she has never imagined or felt before. I smile as I watch her face contort from the pain then from the pleasure. A ragged scream fills the room as I slap my palm against her clit. She lets her head fall back as she shudders violently, orgasming for the first time from the rough treatment.

I chuckle as she slumps into me, one hand dangling freely, the other on my chest. She is breathing heavily, horrified by what her body has just done for me. I remove my fingers from her cunt, slipping them into my mouth to taste her pussy juices. " You're delicious," I murmur. She trembles against me, her frame small against my large body. " Take off my shirt," I ordered after she calms down. She didn't fight me, but had a distraught expression on her face, eyes shiny with tears. She swallows hard, determined not to cry. Her tiny hands grip the bottom hem of my shirt, and in one fluid motion she pulls it up over my head. She drops it to the floor as I pull her back against my chest. My hands reach down to her ass, my eyes staring greedily at the smooth white skin before me. I step back, my hand on my belt. My cock hung out from its treatment earlier, hard and erect against my abdomen.

" Turn around and put both of your hands on the wall." She glances up at my face timidly, I ignore her, unfastening my belt. She turns around and did as I said, flinching when she hears my jeans hit the floor. I'm not wearing underwear, and we are now completely naked. I place my hands on her hips, forcing her to arch her back as I pull her ass up and towards me. I grab my shaft with one hand, rubbing its tip up and down the slick canal between her legs. She moans arching her back further, guiding me to where she is wet and ready. I groan as I slowly slide my cock inside her. She gasps as she feels the tip penetrating her, twice as thick as my fingers had been. " G-God..." She breathes, my cock slowly stretching and filling her. I pause halfway in, tightening my grip on her hips. I pull back, leaving only the tip in, then lean over her, my chest flat on her back. I kiss the nape of her neck slowly, then thrust myself balls deep into her.

She screams as I rip her hymen continuing to thrust long and deep into her. I grunted, pulling her hips up to meet me as she braces her arms against wall, gritting her teeth and tensing her muscles. " OMG...It is to big...Take it out...Please...Please...No More....Stop." She cries, blinding pain as my cock ravages her tight tunnel , forcing it's way deeper inside her. I'm standing behind her, thrusting in and out faster, my balls slapping her thighs as my intense pace carries her to the edge. " Ezia. Just like that." I hiss, slipping a hand around her hips to toy with her clit. As soon as she feels me on her button she broke. Crying out in pleasure, her entire body shudderin and the only thing holding her up is the wall and me. I came as the final quivers are racking her body, drawing her orgasm out longer. Warm liquid shooting up her canal, mixture of cum tinged with blood oozing out around my cock still firmly buried inside her. Bathing in the afterglow, we sank to the floor, my body covering hers, my cock buried deep inside.

Her breathing is fast and shallow, her eyes half open, cheeks flushed. I prop myself up on one elbow, smiling in satisfaction at the back of her head. I lean forward softly kissing her cheek. " Thank you," I murmured in her ear. " That was wonderful." She is still to stunned to reply, only managing to nod her head slightly. I hold her in my arms, still on the floor, still growing soft inside her, until she returns to her senses. The shower and wine helped to warm her up, so she is able to sleep in her nighttime attire - a t-shirt and panties. She pulls an extra blanket out of the closet and climbed under it, along with the comforter that is already on the bed. It isn't long before she is fast asleep. She woke up in the middle of the night. She shivers, her nipples hardening into little daggers. Leaning against the doorway, I watch Ezia; standing by the bed, bending over to retrieve a tossed and forgotten pillow from the floor. The light revealing her petite figure clad only in my shirt which is twice her size. Legs long and lean, I smile remembering their feel against my lips and hands. Watching her now, I bask in her sensuality, her taste still fresh upon my lips and chin.

I walk up behind her. Ezia gasps, in surprise as I press my body against her. There is no mistaking my need to have her and she slowly moves against me in response. It is apparent the feeling is mutual. I take pleasure in sliding my hands under the hem of the shirt, moaning as her hands reach up and clasps behind my head, drawing it closer to her neck. Her back arches as my lips linger, my beard rough against her soft skin. Sliding my hand between her legs, I run a finger along the slit of her pussy, her desire making the lips wet, slick. I feel her clit harden under my touch and slowly mash it back and forth making her moan. I caress her firm abdomen with my free hand, fingers splayed, my thumb tracing tiny circles along the skin. Cupping her breast, I pinch her nipple hearing her whimper. Her hands come around to cup my ass, pushing me into her.

" You like the way that feels?" I whisper into her neck. " Yes." Ezia moans, grinding against me. " I want you to fuck my ass again," her voice husky with passion, lust. My breath catches in my caresses pause for a moment as the vision of her naked body races through my mind. In that moment, she moves away from me. I watch as she crawls onto the bed ... as the shirt hitches up past her hips revealing her beautiful ass to my view ... as she turns onto her back...watching as she slowly unbuttons the shirt .... as the material parts. Unable to wait, I bend down kissing along her inner thighs, her fingers going through my hair holding me steadfast. As she lifts her pelvis to me, I kiss her gently, smelling her aroma, enjoying her moans, her whimpers of pleasure. The musk of our desire filling the room as the sweat from our bodies shows our passion.

I relish in the sensation of running my hands over her, her supple thighs, along her stomach...resting my palm on her pelvis. Sitting on my heels, the light shines from the lamp, alighting upon her beauty on her back before me, her hands cupping and squeezing her breasts, her legs wrapped around my hips as I slide deep into her ass, her back arching, reaching. Ezia exhalation causes me to hesitate...but she pleads with me to go deeper. Through whispered shouts she begs " Slide it in! Push your cock deep in my ass! Pleeeaasssee..." Her heels on my back enforcing herr moans. The sight of me sliding between her perfect cheeks is overwhelming. The fingers of one of her hands drifts lower, rubbing her clit as she clinches her cheeks ...milking my cock, sucking me in. I push two fingers inside her opening, curling upward, alternating my thrusts...fingers rubbing...cock probing.

Her breath quickening as her juices flow...rivulets pool in the crease of the melding of her pelvis and thighs...lubricating my shaft as I thrust fully in now...holding. Enraptured by the sensation of being fully enveloped by her ass again, her muscles clenching, feeling her spasm fully around my shaft, my thrusting fingers pulsate inside of her pussy. Her two fingers rubbing furious circles over her clit as her bucking hips grind up and down my torso, riding my cock. Barely able to mouth the words, her eyes rolled back in her head, she pants " Fuck me...please fuck me hard...cum with me...cum in my ass," She moans. I cannot easily release the incredible sensations. I want to retain the feelings, the sounds, the rapture of her gyrations awhile longer, so I tell her " Not yet. Let it build, Ezia. Rub your clit, feel me in your tight ass. Wait until I cum with you."

Throwing her head back, her bottom lip held between her teeth, " No, I can't," She sighs. But I know she can...and will. Ezia is loving it, me denying her orgasm. Together we build, faster and fiery. A bead of sweat falls from my chin, landing on her sweet pussy. So hot, I can almost see it sizzle on her skin. Switching hands, I savor the feeling of my other fingers pushing aside her pussy lips...soft, succulent moistness awaiting my up thrust. Curling my fingers, I seek to find that G spot that leaves her thrusting and bucking on my hand. Bringing her juices to my lips, I taste her again, savoring her sweetness and innocence. Strands of her nectar still lingering, I lower the other finger to her mouth...and groan as she engulfs me, licking herself from me, devouring my finger as she has my cock. Her mouth pumps my finger in rhythm to her ass pumping my hard desire...further exciting me, enticing me to cum. Her thighs glisten with perspiration, squeezing my waist, her pussy pulsating on my fingers, her eyes part and capture mine....begging. No longer able to mouth the words, she whimpers for release...

Her ass is so tight, her lust now so wanton, her passion now so arousing...I thrust faster, deeper...taking her again...her ankles locked behind me, her heels pulling me...demanding me...fucking her ass hard. Unable to control myself any longer, I take her again; devouring her, groaning with each stroke, completely captivated by how incredible she feels, tastes, and sounds. My hips rock back and forth to her breath now ragged and desire now unleashed as I grab her hips, pulling her onto me...her shrieks of ecstasy exuberant, joyful in the knowledge that soon...soon she will cum...together we will cum. Ezia's head tosses back and side to strewn about...the pillows and sheets wet with our lust...her hand torn between grasping the sheets and squeezing her nipples...her other hand a blur on her clit..." Yes....Yes, Ezia!" I gasp..." Your ass feels sooo good!" as I thrust in and out...hunger, thirst, insatiable desire to be with her...inside of her...meld with beast unleashed again...I roar as I sink deep..." Now!!"

Her scream reverberates from the walls as she cums...her hips thrusting hard upward and onto me...her head arching back, the only contact she has with the sheets..her mouth open...her body quivering over and over again...her ass cheeks milking me completely of my cum as I hold myself fully buried inside of head thrown back, my cock spasming deeper as I fill her with my cum. Still in the throes of ecstasy, we collapse in each other's arms. Kissing her, I taste her juices on her lips and tongue. Still breathing rapidly, her nipples press into my chest. Lost in the moment, neither of us willing to part.

Rating: 50%, Read 7827 times, Posted Nov 14, 2014

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