YACHT TRIP BY SEA WITH MOM Part 1 by Sleep+Walker

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Mom’s small business did very good this year, and she won the national lottery of 2.5 million dollars. She paid off our home loan and still had money left for weeks’ vacation in Europe. However, she decided a few days later that it would be wise if she invests some in a life time dream. A Yacht, since we will have plenty fun time with it for year after year, and we can sell it later if she don’t like it.

She has a friend down in Mexico that got her family a new Yacht so her old Yacht available for us at a very discount price of 600,000 dollars, if she were interested, Needless to say Mom jumped right in to the opportunity, but I think she knew her friend’s husband bought them a new longer Yacht. So when she had the money, she had no turning back. There was one catch, we had to pick up that Yacht in Mexico. Mom asked me. “How about you and I fly to Mexico on your spring break, I will not be so lonely and then we sail our Yacht back to California?" She added. “We would have plenty opportunity to try out the Yacht and we can get fresh air for two weeks?” I thought for few seconds then replied. “Ok Mom! I did have plane for spring break. But, that is no match for a long Yacht sail".

We flew down from Long Beach LA to Gen Jose Ma Yanez Mexico on the Friday afternoon 4 hours’ after I got out of school for our Spring Break, We took a taxi from the airport to the jetty where the Yacht was kept. It was a Sunsail484 4 Cabin Catamaran, and what a beauty. We spent the night in our new second-hand Yacht. I was sleeping on the Yacht deck and Mom was sleeping in the main cabin. She got up early that morning to go shopping and pick up enough supply for us, two weeks at sea need a lot of stuff. I went with to help but Mom had a shopping list with the basics and we need to add just the snacks and stuff. She paid and arrange with the manager of the store to deliver the stuff at around 4PM to the Yacht. We had a drink at a local restaurant, Mom told me that she need to get some things to wear. Mom bought some clothes and gave me some money to get me tees and shorts to wear on our trip. I decided some lose baggy shorts that dry quick and is very light. After a while we met for lunch.

That night we packed all the things in the right place for the trip, at around 6:30 everything was in order, enough food for 5 people, fresh water, snacks and beer. Even some gas for the twin 40HP motor and the emergency generator that was on board. After we ate Mom told me that we have to go over the manual to use the Yacht at sea, plan our journey and plot our course. We will sail from Guaymas and our first sleepover will be at La Ventona then to Puerto Cortes around Cabo San Lucas, then the stretch to Bahia Tortugas and our last sleep before home will be Ensenada. With the help of Mom we plot everything. Mom was not keen on the auto-pilot in the night in the day was fine then she could see where she’s going. I was used to sail around Long beach on our 21ft catamaran. This one was much bigger than the one we have at home that Dad bought 4 years prior to his death in a car accident 18 months ago. I got my skipper licence for the Yacht when I was only 12 years old, Mom had a licence as well.

We left port around 5:30AM just as the Sun came up, it took about an hour that I got a real good handle of the Yacht and it felt good to handle the 48 feet Yacht on my own. I told Mom. “We are at sea now so all sailor must obey order from the Captain or he or she will be toss over ship!". Mom saluted. "Yes Captain!” We laughed then head out to deep blue water. Mom gave me a cup of coffee and a nice bun wit cold meat and salad on. We ate together enjoying the wind, sea and the sun. Talking about what nice trips we will have with this beauty with sleeping place for 12 persons, it was a real bargain that Mom got from her friend.

We sailed for about 3 hours and Mom said she’s going to change in to something mush cooler for it is getting hotter now there was a chill wind this morning when we left. Mom had her tracksuit on that she use for her exercising, I had my new baggy short and tee with my windbreaker on. I gave her my windbreaker and ask if she will put it in my cabin please. Mom came out with a neon green two piece swimsuit. Mom was 38 years old and looked like 30, she look like my Mom but I notice a lot of men will look her trough. She had a body that was in a good shape and her blond hair to her shoulders and was about 5ft10 and 130lb, her boobs when I looked at her bra in the washing bin was a 36D. Yes … Yes I looked at my Mom’s underwear, haven’t you? Me, I was 16 turning 17 in 3 months’ time, active in sport, play rugby and long distance road running. I’m 6ft1 and 175lb, more mussels than fat. The school do have a gym were a go every second day.

I had my sunglasses on the ones I use for my running. It shows mirror reflection of what I’m looking at or that’s what everybody thinks. Everything went smooth and I think I’m the king of the Ocean. Mom told me that I must throw Anchor for the heat is so match that she want to cool off in the sea, after I draped the sail and drop the Anchor, I took my tee and trough it down so I can join her. The water was cool but soon our bodies adjust to the water. I swam to Mom to dunk her in the water, we wrestle a wile playfully and I grabbed Mom from behind embrace my arms around her, she ducked away and my hands moved over her breasts. She swam to the Yacht to get in and I followed, her bikini hugged her body like a second skin as I tried to make out whether they were see-thru or not. As Mom climb up the steps I had a good view of her behind, the swimsuit was slightly transparent and I saw a clean shaved pussy right in front of me. I felt a movement in my shorts that was very pleasant but I don’t need it right now. As Mom dried of after a bottle of clean water rinsing herself of the salt water, I gave her a kiss on the head.“Love you Mom”, I said Mom said yea… yea… and you tried to drown me in there, I love you two son” I laugh and moved over to lift the Anchor and raise the sails so we can be on our way. Thinking of the view I had made me getting a boner. Mom was down and made us something to eat. While we ate there was a weather warning from the radio, luckily the storm was more south east from us and it was not any concern to us. We sailed till it was about 7pm and Mom told me to Anchor and lockup. The Yacht had a GPS on board and the software gave a beeping sound if any one came in area of 1.5miles from the Yacht, so we was save to sleep and settle down.

Mom went in and took a shower while I got everything in order, I made my way to the cabin that I was assigned to, and I got ready to hit the shower, when Mom called out that she was finished and I can get the shower now, and not use a lot of water. I showered and want to beat my meat but remember Moms words about the water, I knew this is going to be a problem because I beat off twice a day and it was now two days that I did nothing. Thinking I will do it tonight in my cabin while Mom is sleeping. When I back in my cabin I see that the door do not close 100% and it got stuck just about 1in before closing. I got dressed and went to the lounge. Mom popped some pizzas in the oven and was just ready to serve us a hot pizza out on the deep sea. “Wow what a Mom I have here, spoiling me, I think we can stay here the whole 4 weeks getting treated like this.” I said hugging Mom from behind and kissing her on the back of her head. “I do it only for the one I love Captain” Mom joked. We ate and I ask Mom what is her plan of action for the night? There is no other things to do only some movies my friend told me that they left on the television.

We sat in the lounge and looked at some movies they stored on a hard drive with their television, some of the movies was a real old stuff and some was good, but still old. As Mom moved through the movies she gave me the controls and went to get us something to drink. I went on and selected a file marked Lemon Popsicle there was some movies that was old but started with old songs Mom shouted that we can listen to that music, she love the old songs of the early 60. Mom came in with a beer for both of us. “I think the Captain of the ship can have a beer after the long day” she said with a smile. I took the beer with a smile and she sat next to me and move closer. Let’s look at one it sound funny.

It was one of that teen movies that boys want to get laid and some nice tits was showed, old but really a good comedy. “Do you like the girls with their small boobs?” Mom asked out of the blue. “Mom…” “Don’t be shy you can talk to me I’m your Mom and I want to know what my boys preference’s.” ... “Not really sure Mom… remember I’m still young and I haven’t touch any small or big so I don’t know how it feels.” Was my best answer that I can think off? Mom look at me with a smile and ask. “Don’t tell me you never touched any a boob in your live?” ... “Not that I know off or willingly have a touched any boobs.” And I blushed, feeling the blood flowing to my face. There was a bulged in my pants and I knew Mom was able to see it. Mom finish her beer and ask if I want another. I knew that my head was spinning a little but said it will be fine. Mom got up and fetch us another beer, I stood up and went to the toilet to adjust my cock so it will lay flat and less obvious. When I returned Mom looked at me and smiled. When I sat down next to her, she hand me the beer and ask me. “You had Jenny and Lorain as girlfriends. You want to tell me you never touched any of their boobs? Did you kiss, not just kissing but French kissing?” I took a sip of the beer and try not to sound stupid. “No Mom they would not let me Jenny was just a friend and Lorain was not into kissing that’s why I dump her.” Mom took her free hand under my chin and moved my head to face her looked me in the eyes. “You want to tell me you never kissed… like French kissed, never ever?” I looked Mom in the eyes and she knew I was not kidding “No Mom I don’t just go around to kiss or touch any girl I see, I always think of that girl, like Mom. I don’t want any guy to kiss or touch you in an improper way.” Mom smiled. “Ahh that is so sweet, so you don’t want anyone to touch me, but if I want that person to touch me, will you get angry?” I put my hand on her leg. “I think your MY Mom and your big enough to do what you want. But if any guy take advantage I will be there to protect you Mom.” Mom bend over and kissed me on the mouth. It’s not that unusual for her to kiss me on the lips. Mom moved away and said. “It’s time for us to hit the sack we have a long day tomorrow” I stood up and look the beer bottle’s to the bin, as I turned around Mom was there looking at me and say “Son…. Goodnight just remember I love you more than words can say.” “I love you to Mom very much sleep tight.” I hold Mom in my arms kissing her on the mouth, with guts that I don’t know where it came from I opened my lips a little and closing on her bottom lip sort of pinching her lip with mine. Mom had that shocking look in her eyes, don’t know what happened. I walk to my cabin the right opposed of Mom’s cabin. As I close my door the way it close Mom was still standing there looking at me. Lucky my cabin was near the toilet and basin. The water is water through the anti-salt system so it do not take our clean water to waste. I washed my face and my hands, brush my teeth and took my short of ready for bed waiting till it is safe that I can work my now rock hard wood. I look some toilet paper to clean me off when I cume. I got in bed and switch of the light. Lying in bed stroking my cock thinking of my Mom, the image that I had from her getting out of the water earlier today. I took my cock in my hand and rubbed the pre cum over my swollen head and started to work my hand up and down. It didn’t take long for me to rich the point of totally lost by pleasure. As I cum focusing my cock to the toilet paper to shoot my load, I thought I heard a movement at my door. When I looked I could not see anything. I went to the loo flushed the paper away and washed my cock and hands. As I laid in bed I heard that Mom was still up and busy.

The next morning I woke up by the smell of bacon and a strong hard on. I stood up washed and got dressed, pressed my cock so it laid up to the side. Ready to do my manly work as the captain. I went in the lounge and I see the Yacht is moving. “Mom the Yacht is moving” I shouted. “Morning to you to sleepy head. I lift the anchor and set the Auto-pilot to take as on our course.” I went out to see that the sun have moved up quit some and ask Mom what is the time. Mom told me it is 8:25 and that she was up from 5:45 and we are sailing for more than 2 hours. I looked at the computer screen and GPS to see if the Yacht was still on course. Everything looked fine. And I notice that it was overcast. Mom called and told me to help her with the coffee and place it on the table outside, where she put the breakfast. Now I saw Mom was dressed in short, tee and sneakers. “You have to put your sneakers on there might be some rain and it will help when the deck is wet.” I sat the coffee down Look at Mom with a smile. “Good morning Mom, have Mom slept well? Sure will do Mom,” Mom smiled and ask if I want anything else. “Yes please Mom…” Mom looked at me and before she can say anything I stood behind her and kissed her on the cheek. “Thank you son.” We ate in silent for about 10min. and there came a radio warning about a storm that was in the area. I took the coordinates and lock it in to see where the storm was. Lucky it was more to the south of where we were. We moved past the coast of Cabo San Lucas and after about an hour we will be moving away from the storm. Mom sat back and looked at the scene trough the binoculars that past us we were about 5 sea mile away from the beach. Every now and then I saw her looking at me.

“I slept like a baby, how was your evening Mom?” Mom looked at me and smile “Very well I was up a lot but the sleep I got in was enough. You looked so peaceful this morning that I couldn’t get it over me to wake you.” I smiled. “Thanks Mom you’re the best, I had a good dream.” Mom looked at me and say. “I saw… and you can tell me about the dream.” Mom looked away when I ask her. “What did you see Mom.” and I remember my hard on this morning, thinking I want to change my dream to see what will happen. “I can’t tell you my dreams Mom, which is very personal.” Mom put the binoculars down and tap next to her for me to sit next to her. “You can tell me I won’t laugh at you.” I sat next to her looking at her face, all smiles and waiting in anticipation. “I was dreaming of you, Mom.” I said with a sly smile on my face, knowing that this was a lei, I can’t remember my dream I had. “Now you make me very exciting to hear what you dreamed about.” Mom moved to the side turning to face me, putting her hand on my leg and with the look of a school girl going out with the hunk of the school she kept nagging me to tell. “I can only tell… if you tell me your… wildest dream.” Before Mom could think what I ask her she agree to tell me. “No Mom I said I will tell if you tell me your wildest dream so you’re first.” Mom looked down and she said. “That is unfair yours are still new in your mind, so you can start.” I felt sorry for her and decided that I will have to think quickly to make my dream a reality. “It started that we was on some resort beach walking and there was no one on the beach only us walking hand in hand and the surrounding was like so real and we turned to each other still holding hands, I took my fingers and took the hair out of your face, knowing that I said that I love you Mom and we kissed but not like Mom and son, more like two newlyweds, and it was so real it look like in the movies, it was so real when I woke up I had the feeling of been in love.”

“So sweet, was that all?” Mom ask with, it look like tears in her eyes. “That is now your turn Mom.” Mom moved a little more looking straight in front of her. “I think you must get something for us to drink before I start.” Mom said. I stood up and got us the milky-drink like milkshake, Strawberry for Mom and chocolate for me. As I sat down next to her the radio started to get busy, some coastal guard that was right behind us telling us to be calm and everybody to go on deck. Mom stood up and wave to the guard ship to show only two persons on the Yacht. I went to switch the Auto-pilot of and bank the sails. And want to drop anchor, I was stopped by the Guard in charge saying. “Don’t drop anchor we will keep you still with our boat. They came closer to the star port. And two guards jump on our yacht they showed us there papers to aboard any vessel in the Isla Maria Madre waters. Mom agree and the officer came on board, sending the two to surge the Yacht, and to look at the anchor. He ask Mom for the papers of the Yacht and permission to be in International waters as well as a valid skipper license. Mom went in and came back out within 2 min, meanwhile the officer ask me where are we heading. I told him Mom bought the Yacht and we collect it from Guaymas and we are heading to Long Beach where we stay. All the time there was about 5 Guards with machineguns pointed to the Yacht. The officer gave Mom the papers back and the two that surge the Yacht came out and say every thin was in order. The officer said that the coast is clear and we can continue with our trip, He told us to move further away from the coast line because that is the root drug lords take and the other coast guards will stop as, and we must have a good trip.

Rating: 83%, Read 18094 times, Posted Nov 21, 2017

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