Actress & Me ( Part 9 The Conclusion) by Red+Tempest

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In 2006 Shaun graduated from high school, and he attended college at UCLA. Shaun has been working with TJ, and the production company through his high school years, and in the summer months when school was not in session. Those 2 are starting to make a good team.

TJ got married in 2003, and in 2005 his wife gave birth to twins, a boy and girl. Shannon and I love our 2 grandchildren very dearly.

The girls have just started high school and then are planning to continue on to college.

That is kind of a quick family update.

Our 20th anniversary is coming up on June 27, 2007. We decided on a vacation to our estate in Hawaii. For our anniversary we were going to a special luau in our honor. We had a great time enjoying the luau, and a number of our good friends were in attendance. They got Shannon up on stage to help preform, she is a very good singer and dancer. They tried to get me up on stage, but that did not happen.

We got back to the estate, and we took a walk on the beach, kissing and feeling each other up, just like a couple of horny teenage kids. When we got back to the house, she went up to the bedroom, while I locked up the house, and went to the bathroom.

When I entered the bedroom, Shannon had some candles lite, and was laying on the bed naked playing with her pussy. I stripped my clothes off and got on the bed and crawled up to her. I wanted a birds eye view of her stroking her pussy.

“Do you like the show?” She asked as she smiled at me with lust filled eyes.

I just nodded both heads yes.

She would finger fuck her pussy, and then take her fingers lubricated with her juices and rub her star hole. She did that a couple of times, till she had her anal hole wet from her liquids, and stuck her finger into her star hole up to her first knuckle. She worked on both holes till she brought herself to an orgasm.

Meanwhile I am sitting there watching the show with a cock that is so hard, that it stretched the skin on my sack so tight, that it cut off the blood flow to my nuts. In other words I was starting to hurt down there, and I needed some relief.

“Come baby fill both of my holes.” She cooed still locked in her orgasm.

This is the first time she has ever offered me her star hole, we have never had anal sex.

She flipped over on her hands and knees with her ass in the air in front of me. I could see her bare pussy lips swollen in lust hanging down, and open, inviting me to enter. I took my cock and rubbed my cock head over her lips. Her juices were flowing freely, and coated my cock head.

I teased her pussy with my cock, by only sticking my helmet head into her just a little bit, and working it around inside of her. Finally she lunged down on my cock, impaling herself fully. She moved her hips back and forth, fucking herself on my cock, as I started to pound my cock into her, matching her thrusts.

“O baby are you ready for me to fuck your anal hole?” I asked as I was gasping for air.

“Yes, please be gentle with me on my first time.” She said inviting me to proceed.

I pulled my well coated cock out of her pussy and gently rubbed it around her star hole. As I pushed in she seem to tighten up on me.

“Just relax” I told her as I pushed a little harder

Finally she relaxed enough for the head of my cock to enter her hot furnace hole. Soon I was fully embedded inside of her anal hole. I paused to let her get adjusted to my invasion.

“Are you ok?” I asked her, hold on to her ass with my hands.

“Yes but it feels funny, go slowly till I get used to it.” She replied with a strained voice.

I start to fuck her ass with long slow strokes. Soon I start to pick up some speed. She moved her hand down to her pussy and starts to play with it and rub her clit. I pick up more speed, and I softly start to spank her ass. She raises herself up on her hands and she is matching my jabs with her thrusts. I am fucking her hard and fast now with my hands spanking her ass hard enough for me to see my hand prints on her cheeks.

“O MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDD,” She screams as she flops down on the bed quivering from a massive orgasm.

I am kneeling there with my cock flopping around from being expelled from her anal suddenly.

I roll her over and straddle her chest, as I start to fuck her tits.

She opens her eyes and watches me fuck her tits. “Yea baby fuck my tits, cum all over them and on my face, I want to see you cum.” She purrs to me as she keeps up the dirty talk.

Pretty quick I am ready, and I flood her face with my cum. Rope after rope of cum hits her nose, mouth, chin, till I start to run out and it dribbles down her neck to her tits. I didn’t think I had that much cum in me.

I move up to her face with my cock and rub it over her mouth, till she opens up and starts to lick and suck my cock clean. I pull my cock out and start to wipe my cum off her face with my fingers and put them into her mouth to be cleaned off.

After a few minutes to recover, we get up and take a shower to clean up. We both got back into bed a little bit sore from our wild sexual encounter. We wished each other happy anniversary, and we fall asleep with her in my arms.

I woke up about 6 am, and Shannon is still sleeping in my arms. I move her a little bit, so I can get up and take a piss. I get back in bed and fall right back asleep, dreaming of sex and a blow job. The dam dream almost seems real. I open my eyes and I see her down there sucking on my cock with her beautiful ass up by my face.

I slide her over top of me into the 69 position, and I start to lick her soaking wet pussy. I stick my fingers into her wet pussy and get them coated with her juices. As I lick, I take my well coated fingers and start to rub her anal hole, slowly inserting my finger up to the first knuckle, like I watched her do last night.

As I worked her 2 holes, I could feel my nuts start the eruption process. They were beginning to boil with cum, and I could feel it enter my volcano shaft.

“Oh honey I am about ready to blow,” I said between licks.

She started to suck harder and take me deeper, when all of a sudden she locked her legs against my face and her orgasm fills my mouth over and over with her honey juices. As I drank her fluids, I blasted a load deep into her throat, and she milked me dry. We both collapsed laying there for few minutes to recuperate from our orgasm’s.

She then crawled up to me and cuddled into my arms, and we dozed off back to asleep.

I surprised her a couple days later, when all the kids joined us for a weeks vacation, over the 4 of July. It was great to have the whole family there with us, for us to enjoy. It seems that time passes us quickly when it pertains to the family. After a week with the kids, we all head back home.

In 2007 we released the sequel, called Welcome Back Mr. President. Most sequel never seem to do as good as the original. We got most of the original cast back together, and starting shooting in 2006, and finished up in 2007. I was looking at a release date of November 1, 2007. The film wasn’t as expensive as the first original. I again worked with MGM on this movie. Shannon and I worked on the same 30% commission after net gross. I handle all the production with our company, and worked with MGM on the rest of the behind the scenes work.

It cost 90 million to make, and gross receipts were just over 500 million. Still not a bad payday. Between both movies we made over 400 million. We did not win any awards with this film.

The movie business was changing fast and furious with the use of computers, as shown by Avatar in 2009. I went into partnership with Bethesda Studio, buying the film rights to their Fallout series for 5% of the net gross profits.

I spent 6 months writing the script and casting for actors. I wanted someone unknown to play The Lone Wanderer. We settled on Robbie Amell. By the time I got everything put together, and ready for filming, it was January of 2010. I learned a lot from Cameron, and use some of his technology. The movie was ready for release over the Thanksgiving holiday’s of 2010.

The Lone Wanderer and Dogmeat were a smash hit in Fallout The Wastelands. Kids flocked to it over the next month. Robbie did a great job as the Lone Wander. All though we did not win any Academy Awards, we were nominated for 7 awards.

It did not smash any of Avatar’s records, but came second to a lot of them. The movie cost just under 200 million to make, and final net gross was just under 2 billion. I was in for 20% of the net gross, making me just under 400 million.

New Vegas was released in October of 2010, and even though Bethesda Studio said it was not a sequel to Fallout 3, we treated it as a sequel, to get the Lone Wander and Dogmeat back in the film.

We started filming in the spring of 2011, and released the move Fallout New Vegas over the Christmas Vacation in 2011. The same cast was back for the sequel, and the movie was another big hit. The cost were the same and we net gross was just over 1.5 billion.

I did pretty good with those two movies. Even though it is a lot of work to write the script, direct the movie, and be the producer. The financial rewards are worth it.

About this time I had finished up with the book. Dam it was over a thousand pages long. It was time to find a publisher and get it reduced down to readable form. I got a hold of Random House, and they sent out some people to go over the draft manuscript with Shannon and myself.

Being a writer I could follow what they were suggesting as improvements on the book, and where I had to much filler material. They took the draft back with them to New York, to be reviewed. A couple of months later Shannon and I flew to New York and signed a deal with Random to publish our book.

The book was schedule to be published in April of 2012, but after I reviewed the final draft, I was not 100 percent happy with it, and I did some rewrites in different chapters. Finally I all came together and was to be published in June sometime.

Just before the release date, we got a call from Oprah Winfrey show, they wanted to do a special show on us, to coincide with the book release. I did not have much to say about this, as Shannon jumped all over it and said that we would be there. The show was to be taped in New York City, and the show was to be shown on NBC television as a prime time special, and not on Oprah’s TV network.

The day of the special was schedule to be taped, the book had not been released yet, but it had been published and was in print. I left Shannon at NBC studio, and I went down to Random House’s warehouse to procure some books for the audience and Oprah.

The show started and they introduced Oprah to a rousing applause. Her introduction of us went something like this.

“I would like to have you all welcome my 2 special guest. They are a couple of Hollywood’s biggest icon’s. She has 3 Academy Awards to her many credits, and he is a Academy Award winning director-writer-producer, with one Academy Award for best actor. They have 4 huge smashing movies in the last 5 years, Welcome & Welcome Back Mr. President, and the 2 Fallout movies. They also have written a new book called We Did It Our Way. Would you please give a big NEW YORK welcome to Shannon Summers Wright, and Herrmann Thomas Wright.” She yells at the end.

Shannon walks out on stage without me, as I have not arrived yet. She whispers in Oprah’s ear, telling her what I am doing. Oprah’s nodded’s her head, and continues on without missing a beat.

“Shannon tells me that Tom will be here shortly, he is out trying to obtain a special gift for all the people in the audience.” She informs them.

She goes on to interview Shannon on her career, and the family. Finally she tells the audience that Shannon was kind enough to give them a tour of our home at the farm. She proceeds to show the short film of our home as she and Shannon narrate the various places in our home. At the end of the film clip, I showed up with a copy of the book for Oprah. She introduced me to the audience. She just loves to call me Herrmann, and drag out my name.

The book is not about the stars of Hollywood and the secrets of their lives. It is a book about our lives and the accomplishments that have occurred in our lives. In some places it is rather sexual graphic.

Oprah directed the discussion on the book through our lives, as both Shannon and I filled in the missing blanks.

We both told the audience on how we first met at the Sands Hotel, and how she surprised me over the fourth of July with her visit. Then I visited her over Thanksgiving, and she returned the visit over Christmas. How we packed my things up and I headed out west with her.

We describe in a little more depth our first big fight, the one she talked about when she won her first Academy Award. And how our life took off after winning all the awards for Winner Takes All. We told them how we handle our new found success, and the pressures it took on our time. We talked about building Windy Acres our farm, and the remodeling that we have done to it so far.

We discussed our family life, and how difficult it is to be famous parents trying to raise children.

Oprah then asked me,”can you describe the ordeal that you went through with Shannon on the birth of the girls?”

I had to relive that extremely difficult experience over again. It is something that is never out of my mind.

“The waiting was the worst, both Sarah(Shannon sister) and I just sat there without anyone around to ask any questions about what was happening. We waited 5 hours before the doctor came into the waiting room.” I told Oprah.

“If I knew where the operating room was, I think that I just might have barged in there to see what was going on.” I said with a slight smile on my face.

“Thankfully everything turned out ok in the end, I go into more details about this in the book.” I informed the audience..

“What about the sex scene in Welcome Mr. President, did you have sexual intercourse with Shannon?” Oprah asked me with an evil smile on her lips.

“I will answer that question at the end of the show,” I told her with a half chuckle.

She then turned over to the audience for 20 minutes of questions and answer session.

She then introduced our children to the audience, unbeknownst to us. The kids fill everyone in on what it is like to have us as parents. I was quite proud of them all on how they answer the questions put forth to them.

And of course Oprah had to ask TJ on how it was to be filming your parents having sex on the set.

He look over to me for help on this question.

“Oprah would you please open the book I gave you, to page 450 and read the part that I have outline in yellow for you please?” I asked her.

She turns to the page and lets out a scream, “O MY GOD, I can’t believe it.” She shouts out loud.

She goes on for a few minutes, and then she says, “I won’t reveal what is said in the book, but it is pretty sexual explicit.”

She then turns to TJ and says, “now that it is out in the open can you answer my previous question on how it was like filming that scene with your mom and dad having sex?”

“You have to realize that not only am I their son, but the whole crew is there and we are filming our bosses have sex. Everyone was extremely nervous about the situation. There is a lot of nudity, especially of mom, going on during the filming. We never do see the penetration, but you could hear them doing it. Dad had 4 cameras filming the scene so he could edit it later. That is why the movie did not have hardly any nudity in it during that scene.” He paused to catch his breath.

“As kids most of us all have at one time or another barged into our parents room when they were having sex, and thought nothing of it. This this was different. Don’t ask why, it is hard to explain. Standing there watch your mom and dad doing it in front of cameras was very erotic. Our crew has done plenty of scene’s where there was sexual encounters done by actors and actress. But I don’t think we watch it done when the actors were married to each other in real life, and put so much love into the scene.” He paused again for a sip of water and continued.

“There was a certain amount of electricity in the air, as they made love to each other. Being man and wife, their love for each other seem to flow right through the scene, making the sexual part that much more real.” He paused again to collect his thoughts.

“When they were done with the scene, my guess it seemed to take 10-15 minutes to film it all, the whole crew was standing there with their mouths hanging open, for the pure shock of how real it was. It was funny, mom and dad are done with the scene, and dad is looking around, and no one is doing anything but standing there like a bunch of dummy’s with our mouths open, and he yells cut, and will someone please brings us our robes.” TJ reported to the audience.

“He then look at me and asked well what did I think. I just gulped and said man was that ever HOT.” TJ gave a nervous laugh.

Shannon was sitting next to me with her face beet red from TJ explanation of that scene.

The 2 hours seem to fly by us fast, and soon it was time to end the show.

“We had one last surprise for all those in the audience.” Oprah announces. “Tom has made it possible for all of you to receive a copy of their book.” She also informs them. “And And And both Shannon and Tom will stick around and sign anyone’s book for them.” She shouts.

“Good night and thank you for being here, and thanks to my special guests Shannon, Tom and family also.” Oprah says as she finishes the show.

We were there till past midnight signing books, also the show did extremely well in the ratings.

NBC was very happy with the show, and we won our time slot, and was in the top ten for the year.


Time continues forward, like for the rest of the human population, we gracefully grew older. The kids took over our companies, the boys had the production company, and the girls had the distribution company. They were doing a great job.

The book did real well for us, as it was on the best sellers list for a long time. The proceeds from the book went to the various charities including the Actors Fund of America.

They say that old actors never retire, they just fade from sight. I guess that is what happen to us. When we both cleared the age of 65, we retired from acting and sold the farm in Hollywood, and retired to our estate in Hawaii. But all through our lives we did it our way.

Rating: 92%, Read 20530 times, Posted Nov 18, 2012

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Romance, Spanking, Wife


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