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PART - 25


I was alone, in the evening, doing some household chores leisurely at home waiting for my hubby. The time was about 5.00 in the evening. We had plans to go for shopping and a late night dinner in a restaurant. I had almost finished everything and proceeded to the bathroom for a refreshing bath. Had a nice bath and dabbed perfume to entice my hubby, expecting to have a quickie before going out (he usually falls into the trap). I pulled out a transparent nightgown and changed into it.

I heard the doorbell. When I peeped through the peephole, I saw my neighbor’s secretary, Neeta, a 19-year-old, beautiful sexy girl, standing there. I knew that my neighbor Tanu is having lesbian sex relationship with this girl. As mentioned in my last story, Tanu is sexually unsatisfied married lady because her husband does not last enough to satisfy her so she has developed lesbian sex relationship with this girl Neeta who is the secretary of her husband. I opened the door to let her in. She is a pretty, buxom girl, with sharp features and curves. She was holding a small air bag on her shoulder. She is a very sexy girl and I was expecting some sort of such an encounter with her, I let her in and asked what she wanted.

Entering in, immediately she let out a hissing sound and inhaled heavily the perfume lingering in the air and said with a wink, "Wow! -- You look so gorgeous in this nightgown. Is your husband in? Have I disturbed you both? If I had, I'm sorry.

I said "Not at all. I am alone and I know you, you are Neeta, you must have come to meet Tanu."

"Yes! But she is not at home. I just called her. She told that she is out. She also told that either I collect her flat's key from here or I can wait for her in your home. Is it alright for you if I wait for her in your house?" She said.

As a usual practice, we keep our spare keys of house in each other's flat for any emergency.

"No problem at all for me. You can wait for her here. We have planned to go out shopping and for dinner. I am dressing up for the event.”

She looked a bit uncomfortable. I told her that still there is plenty of time in returning of my husband from his office and she can relax till then and after wards she can go to Tanu's flat taking her flat's key from me, and I asked her if she would like to have some coffee as I planned to have a cup then, she said she would join me for a cup of nice hot coffee. She kept her airbag near the sofa on receiving positive reply from me. I went to the kitchen to make coffee, more than that to hide my embarrassment because of her praise she followed to me to the kitchen without stopping even for a while praising me about my looks, my walking style, the way my hips sway when I walk, the firmness of my butts, etc taking the cups of coffee, we proceeded to the living room and sat down on the couch.

She was wearing a short skirt and a loose top which revealed that she was not wearing anything underneath her low cut tops. Her tits were well formed and the nipples, sharp and thick, are quite visible through her tops. Sipping the coffee, I asked if she needs something to eat.

"No, coffee is enough. I had my lunch little late in the office" She replied and the telephone rang. I knew it was from my hubby. I picked up the receiver and I immediately blushed because it was from my hubby. He immediately kissed me over the telephone and first apologized for not keeping up the appointment and told me that as he had to meet a client from abroad who had just turned in and because of the meeting which may extend for about more than three hours, he said that we could go for shopping the next evening. I sounded too disappointed but told him that's alright with me and returned the kiss and replaced the receiver on the cradle.

When I returned to the couch, Neeta seemed to be very happy. She told that she happened to overhear the conversation (only the replies given by me) and since the appointment has been canceled and now she can feel that she is not making a mess of our program by her presence. I told her since my hubby is expected around 9.00 p.m. and it will not be a problem for me having you here with me and I gave a positive response.

I left the couch to reach the wardrobe to change into a jeans and a t-shirt, she asked me to remain in the nightgown and said with an evil grin that she wanted to see me in that attire. She told me that I need not feel embarrassed and again told in a husky tone that my hubby is quite lucky to feast on such a lady.

Wow! When she stooped down, I got a clear view of her bouncing tits with the pointed nips and the titillating cleavage. The valley and the mountains did excite me and an urge to touch them started erupting and my heartbeat and pulse rate went rapid. I have decided to play a lesbian game with her and I have started to feel heat of sex.

I have purposely dropped my handkerchief on the floor and I bent down to floor to pick it up. I got a nice view of her nice legs and well shaped thighs and to my shock, she wore no panties, and her bushy pussy was clearly visible. I was lost in some deep dense forest. I knew that she has come to Tanu for a lesbian game and she is ready for it. I was thinking to join both of them in lesbian act when I saw both of them deep in to lesbian activities few days ago. Now, for my good fortune, she herself comes to my house and I have a full chance to enjoy with her. I have decided to open her secret so that it will be easy for both of us to become lesbian partners.

The previous lesbian encounters that I had in Goa with my childhood friend Angelina and my husband's girlfriend Anju, flashed in my memory and I wanted to experience it again with this lovely sexy girl.

I told her that I have seen Tanu with her a few days ago at Tanu's house when the main door remained open by mistake. She was shocked to hear this. I told her to relax and I am not going to disclose this to any one, not even to Tanu. I have seen her becoming normal by hearing this.

Then I felt that we are opened up enough to discuss the sex. I did not want that opportunity to slip from my hands as she is so cute and sexy. She was too seems to be comfortable with me. So we started chatting openly on sex.

In short, she informed me that Manjeet Singh (Tanu's husband) is her distanced relative and she works as his assistant in his automobile parts shop. She lives in outer part of Delhi. She also informed me that she is not a virgin now. She lost her virginity to Tanu's husband, Manjeet Singh, half a year ago. I surprised to hear this because I knew that Manjeet Singh is not capable to satisfy a female. It is surprising for me that the man who cannot satisfy his own wife is fucking a teen aged girl outside of home. I asked her whether she gets sexual satisfaction from Tanu's husband. She told that he is weak in sex and he finishes very early, but he is her employer and he also gives her extra money for sex so she does not mind it much. He used to fuck her in his cabin couch once or twice in a week. He used to fuck her without removing full cloths. Generally he removes her lower cloths with panty and his pant with underwear. He always fucks her in a hurry and she always remains in between on her way to satisfaction. She gets her sexual satisfaction with Tanu in lesbian sex. Tanu also gets full sexual satisfaction with her. She also informed me that Tanu does not know about her sexual relationship with her husband.

Oh my god! Two sexually unsatisfied females by one person are satisfying themselves in lesbian sex and one of them does not know that her partner is also being fucked by her own husband. She informed me that whenever Tanu's husband goes out for business trip, he asks her to stay with Tanu till his return so that she does not remain alone in home. Both the females used to sleep on the same bed and lesbian sex was started between them in one night when both hugged each other in their sleep. Now, she is very happy with Tanu and Tanu is also very happy with her. She also asked me whether I had lesbian sex ever. I told her the truth that I too had lesbian sex. She was very happy to hear this from my mouth. Her eyes became brighter. Perhaps, she also wanted to have lesbian sex with me. "Good!" I thought in my mind. It made my mission easier.

To my utter surprise, she came close to me and started caressing my cheeks and neck tracing her fingers to my lips. I did not try to stop any further advances from her side, she told me that she had been waiting for such a nice opportunity for quite long since she saw me first time and only then she had been showered by the Almighty a blessing so that she could gain an access with my inner self went on blabbering sweet nothings about my physical specialties. Oh my god! I told to myself, the same fire of having lesbian sex with each others is burning in her also. I lost my self-control and extended my hands to her to hold; she came very close and gently pecked a kiss on my cheeks and traced her tender fingers on my sweet lips. I did not resist much and I was also in a fire of passion. I responded to her gentle kiss on my lips and returned the kiss. She thanked me for being so nice and hugged me close to her.

She held me too close and was hugging me with more strength. Her hands were moving freely behind my back tracing their way from the nape to the hips traveling all over my back. She whispered in my ears to be nice to her and love her long pending dreams to come true. I was becoming melt in sex heat. I too, having become so hot and horny, started caressing her cheeks and shoulders... my hands started roaming here and there all over her body feeling the curves and mounds. Neeta told me that she had been waiting all along to have such an 'encounter' with me, from the day 1 she saw me, and only that day her wish was fulfilled. So, like me, she also wanted to have lesbian sex with me. Good! We started passionately kissing each other on the lips, cheeks, neck, bosom………………………

She suggested that we should get rid of our clothes and we did. She came forward to remove the nightie from my sexy body I removed her top and short skirt from her bra/panty less sexy hot body. We both were stark naked and our eyes feasting on other's body. Generally, when I and my hubby have sex, invariably, I would be the aggressive one and my hubby used to relax a lot being a passive lover. But, with Neeta, I let her to be the active one and I remained very much passive. She laid me on the bed and let her tongue travel from my neck to my bosom leaving a trail of saliva. I wanted her to kiss me and to taste her sweet mouth... I pulled her above me and kissed her vigorously on her mouth, pushing my tongue deep in her mouth, licking and biting her lips savoring her sweet lips she pushed her tongue into mine, entangling and kissed me hard on my mouth. I somehow gathered enough courage and let my hands freely wander all over her body, sliding down her back to clutch her butts feeling the soft, warm fleshy mounds, caressing her thighs, all the while kissing and licking her lips and whole face while she was caressing my fleshy breasts and pinching my pointed nips. Our hips ground against each other trying to smash the other and occasionally, the clits came into contact, making our pussies wet and slippery. I pushed her down and straddled her; started kissing her breasts took one nipple at a time, started munching and biting her hands. Her hand was between my thighs and rested on my pussy caressing my clean strip (I and my hubby always liked it that way) rolling my clit between two fingers and sending electric sparks fly all over my body.

I start hissing, moaning and making all sounds unable to control any further, I take a full turn, licking all over the body from neck, to breasts, stomach, wetting the navel pit with my tongue, leaving a trail of saliva, to her snatch while my pussy is just right above her mouth. Neeta pulled me down to her mouth, grinding my hips on her face, while I let my tongue slip over the length of her beautiful cunt in best 69 position. Her pussy lips were vibrating. Her hole became so wet, the fluids just started flowing. Both the heads were bobbing up and down on their respective feasts, feasting on the overflowing fluids, occasionally stopping to catch breath and to let out ecstatic moans all the while the hands caressing each other's limbs, butts, what not I was in a frenzy of lust and passion Cumming in gushes sending out streams of sweet creamy cum. Neeta's face was covered with my sweet cum. Neeta too came in like a well flowing river giving me more than what I wanted to drink.

We both had a strong and wonderful orgasm climax. As both of ours wish was becoming true, we were lay on the couch hugging each other enjoying pleasure of orgasm. I wanted to play more and more with her beautiful and sexy body.

I dipped my index finger in to her leaking juices from her pussy and guided the fluid towards her ass hole. Her ass hole becomes wet with her pussy juices. Now it was easy for me to insert point of my middle finger in to her tight ass hole. She jumped in air when I pushed my finger a little in to her tight ass hole. She told me that it is a wonderful feeling for her as no one, neither Tanu nor her husband have made her ass hole as a part of sex. She also did the same with my ass hole what I did to her. It was little easy for her to put her finger in to my ass hole as my ass hole was bigger than her because of my regular ass fucking by my husband. Somehow I moved half of finger in to her ass hole and she was able to put her full finger in to mine. I told her to keep her ass hole relaxed for smooth movement of finger in to it. She followed and I moved my finger further in her ass hole and was able to fuck her silky ass well by moving my finger in and out of her tight ass hole. She was also moving her finger in and out of my lovely and smooth ass hole. I was feeling like a child's thin cock was moving in my ass hole when she was fucking my ass with her finger. I put my thumb in between her pussy lips while finger fucking her ass with my middle finger. Than it was very easy for me to rub her clit with my thumb at the same time with movement of my middle finger in to her ass. She started moaning in pleasure and did the same with me. Now, we were fucking each other's ass with our fingers and were also rubbing each other's clits at the same time. Both of our pussies were started to releasing more juices out.

Another orgasm started developing in both of us and automatically speeds of our hands/fingers/thumbs have increased on each other's ass and pussy. Soon, we both exploded in pleasure of another enjoyable orgasm.

We lay side by side having exhausted from the fun we had. I could not see her face... She was so jubilant and slowly winked at me, letting out a satisfying smile. I too smiled at her.

She told me that it was wonderful to have my finger in her ass. She did not know before that an ass can give such a pleasure.

She asked me about the experience and whether I liked it. I told her that I did. She asked my permission to let her use the loo. I too wanted to urinate. She invited me to the loo for some water sports which I readily accepted, we went to the bathroom, urinated together, had a little fun there. We then washed ourselves with soap and freshened with dabbing some perfume on our sexy bodies.

Hugging tightly and holding each other, we moved in to the bedroom once again for some more play which I initiated. Her tongue in my cunt was not enough for me. I went to the fridge and removed a fresh, green, long cucumber (it was almost one foot long and 3" inches thick..) washed and wiped it clean brought it to her and told her that we would fuck each other with the help of the cucumber and we did inserting one end into her, the other end was in my snatch, deep enough our clits came into contact we started humping and pumping all the while brushing our tits and lips kissing on the lips, caressing the nips, butts, fingering the navel, massaging the firm butts, inserting one finger in the bunghole, finger fucking the ass again, exploring all sorts of fantasies and we CAME again violently. We slowly got up and had another round of coffee (of course, without dressing up ourselves) kissed each other's lips having some coffee in the mouth, transferring the contents to the other and played with the tits. We rubbed our nipples with each others nipples too which made our nipples hard and stiff again.

I told Neeta that it's high time to get dressed and get ready to receive my hubby as the time was nearing 8.45 p.m. I went to the living room to retrieve my nightie and she followed me for the same.

She herself told me that she wishes to play more and more with my sexy body and wants me to play with her body soon in coming days. I nodded and told her that she is most welcome to have lesbian sex with me any time when she gets a chance. She also told me not to disclose our secret to Tanu, at least till the right time comes for the same when we all three will taste each other in lesbian game between us.

She just finished with wearing her skirt and t-shirt when we heard the door bell. I peeped out of the door eye. I was shocked to see Tanu. I opened the door to let Tanu in. Immediately on entering the room, she thanked me and told that she was so sorry. She had to go hospital to see one of her relative. She again thanked me for allowing Neeta to stay in my house till that time of night. She told me that Neeta will stay in the night with her as her husband is out on tour. I immediately imagined the storm of the lesbian sex in Tanu's house in the night. I looked up to Neeta, she was smiling and then they both left for Tanu's house while Neeta was holding her air bag in her hand.

I had closed the door and called my husband on his mobile who informed me that he is already on the way and reaching home within five minutes. It was the time to play another and a real sex game with my husband because I knew that he will do it immediately on entering in the house. And, to be very frank, I too wanted to have the same because I was ready for a wonderful fuck by my husband after playing lesbian game with Neeta.


Rating: 81%, Read 9175 times, Posted Sep 15, 2016

True Story | Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, Girl, Lesbian, Written by women


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