Kathy White Trash Whore (Part 9) by jon47m

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Kathy and Jeff didn’t want to sleep.

They lay in bed naked, holding each other; a hand on each others buttocks pulling them close.

“I love you so much Kathy”

“I love you too.”

“I never realised you were so open about sex.”

“I think I’ve got a few things to learn about you too Jeff”

“Oh Kathy, I am so sorry; I hope you will forgive me; I feel so guilty for cheating on you.”

Kathy opened her mouth and kissed him, pushing her tongue between his lips to find his. They could both still taste the sperm in each others mouths.

“Jeff, what’s done is done and I think we have got something really special to look forward to now. There is no need at all for you to feel guilty or apologize for anything. In fact, I think it is me that is the one that should say sorry. You don’t know where John recognised me from yet.”

“Kathy, I love you more now than I ever have done before and no matter what you have done in the past and no matter what you want to do in the future, I will support you one hundred percent, regardless of what it is that you want; all I want to do for the rest of my life is please you.”

“Jeff, you don’t understand, I have been far worse than you can imagine; I have done things that nobody could ever forgive me for; bad things that you should hate me for.”

“I could never hate you Kathy; nothing you can say or do would ever make me hate you; not after tonight; not after what we enjoyed tonight. You did enjoy it didn’t you Kath?”

“Fuck yes, I enjoyed it; I enjoyed it more than you can imagine.

John does have a nice cock, doesn’t he?”

“Oh yes Kathy, oh yes he does have a beautiful cock, and I loved the way you sucked it and the way you let me suck it, and the way you let me put it into you and………”

“……..Oh fuck Jeff…”

She kissed him again; they kissed each other more passionately than they had since they were a young teenaged courting couple.

Kathy could feel his cock pushing hard against her abdomen and a longing in her vagina.

She reached down to take his hardness in her hand and slip it inside her.

“I’m sorry it’s so small Kathy”

She smacked his bum.

“If you keep apologising to me Jeff, I’m going to take the belt off your trousers and give you a sound spanking”


“Shut up you silly thing.”

“I don’t mind if you spank me, you can whip….”

“Jeff, for fucks sake shut up, you are being really silly now.”

“Sorry………… but I don’t mind if you do……..if you want to..”

“Jeff, can you feel your cock inside me?”


“And does it feel good?”

“Oh yes Kathy, it feels so so good, really really good.”

“And it feels good to me too Jeff. When you are inside me, we are making love. It is US, together, an expression of our love for each other. When anybody else is inside me, it is lust, it is a purely sexual thing that is so enjoyable, but can never be the same as when we make love. It is like masturbation with friends. It means little more to me than when I get myself off with my fingers or my toys.”

“Have you had anybody else apart from John; I mean, you said when anybody else is inside you, have you had anybody else inside you?”

Jeff started to move inside Kathy’s soaking cunt, he had overheard her telling John about some big black guy called Lenny, and the anticipation of what Kathy may be about to tell him raised his excitement to a higher level.

“I will have to tell you everything now Jeff, but I am still afraid you will be angry.”

“I won’t sweetie”

She smacked his bum.

“I won’t my love, I promise I won’t.”

Kathy had to pause before she could speak; Jeff’s honesty and the thought of what she was about to tell him, and the rubbing of his cock against her clitoris had brought on a powerful orgasm that forced her to claw at his bum cheeks and pull him into her and nibble and suck on his lower lip.

Slowly, it subsided, she breathed heavily, and then began.

“For quite some time now I have been chatting with people on the internet, talking about sex;

All kinds of sex, really weird stuff, things that most people wouldn’t even dream about.”

“Nothing wrong with that Kath, I watch porn and masturbate too; it’s really safe sex…”

“Yes Jeff, but there’s a lot more. I got to fantasize about doing some of it, I wanted to do it with someone; the more I talked about it, the more I wanted it.

It became an intense desire; a thirst that had to be quenched; I became addicted to it.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?

“I couldn’t;

I couldn’t tell you because I was frightened what you might say, or what you might do. I couldn’t tell you because I was sure that you would leave me if I did. I couldn’t tell you that I was a slut!”

“Oh my darling, you are not a slut, you could never be a slut.”

“You see Jeff, that’s exactly what I mean, when I was online I was a complete slut, I was a filthy cock loving whore; a dirty cum dump……”

Kathy had to pause again; Jeff had increased his movement inside her and she was cumming.

“Fuck me Jeff, give me your spunk.”

“Oh yes Kathy, oh fuck YESSSSSSSSS”

They came together, his spunk mixing with her copious cunt juice.

It was at least two minute before either of them had the breath to talk again.

“Jeff, I met someone from the internet.”

“So that makes us even. I have been meeting with John occasionally for over two years.”

“I’d say we are nowhere near even Jeff, we are not even close….. Oh God there is so much I have to say.”

“You don’t have to Kathy, I don’t mind………… but if you want to tell me… I think it may give me a huge thrill.”

“I think we have both just experienced a huge thrill Jeff………… does it really turn you on?”

“Since tonight Kathy, the thought of you having sex with someone else is a massive turn on for me.”

Kathy thought for a little while and then decided to change her tack.

She snuggled tight against him and whispered in his ear.

“He was a big black guy with an enormous prick; he took me to his house to be a slut with him and his friends, that’s when I bumped into John outside the toilets.”

“Oh Fuck Kathy; you were the toilet girl?”

“Toilet girl?”

“Yes, John told me about a girl he saw when he left the toilets, a real slutty looking whore by all accounts. He said he could see your tits through your top and your skirt was so short he saw your cunt through your tights. We even considered going back there to find you”

“Oh God Jeff, I would have died from shock if you had.”

“I suppose you got dressed up like that for Lenny?”

“Yes Jeff……………..um………..How did you know his name?”

“Ah………I…………..er……..overheard you telling John earlier.

Jeff already knew the answer to his next question, but he knew that hearing it from Kathy would make it all the more exciting, so he asked anyway.

“Was his cock really big……I mean……you said huge………..how many friends were there………?”

“It was at least ten inches long and quite thick and there were five of them………..at first…”

“Fucking hell Kath, that is so fucking horny, you said at first; did more turn up later?”

“It was an orgy baby, and I was the star attraction; in the finish there were twenty four guys and three other girls.”

“Jesus honey, were they all black with big cocks?”

“Baby they were all colours but most had pretty big dicks. Leon’s was enormous.”

“Oh wow Kath that must have been one hell of a party…………um………. were there any bi guys there?”

“I didn’t see any guy on guy stuff, but I’m sure some of them were up for it.”

Oh Kathy, I wish you had told me………………. I would have loved for you to have come back home to me with their cum inside you……………………… I suppose they did come inside you?”

“They came in me and on me Jeff……..they even peed on me.”

Oh my God, that is so fucking hot.”

Kathy was surprised at Jeff’s reaction but thought of that time a few days ago, when he had watched her take a pee in the bathroom.

“Don’t tell me you are into pissing now Jeff?........................ you always used to shut the door when I was having a wee.”

“It’s a newly discovered thing Kathy, I…well………uh…..I didn’t ever give it a thought until recently.”

“You mean that you and John have done it?”

“And Chris”


“Yes Chris; we had a threesome with him that Saturday night you were out……..the same night you were getting your big black cocks!”

Kathy held him even tighter and swirled her tongue inside his mouth letting her saliva dribble as she kissed him.

“I don’t suppose you need a pee now do you Jeff?....................................... I could go myself and I would love to do it with you?”

“In the bathroom?”

“Or here on the bed if we get some towels.”

“I’ll go get a couple.”

When Jeff got back, Kathy was standing with one foot up on the bed, fingering herself.

He laid the towels out on the bed and then lay down on his back, asking her to get on top of him.

“Do you like me to be in control Jeff?”

“Oh fuck yes Kathy, you are the boss, I will do anything you want………………………… Anything.”

Kathy could fully understand the way he felt;

She felt exactly the same way herself and knew how good it could feel to be used, so she decided to try and roleplay a little, and give him some of what she would have wanted herself.

She climbed on top of him with her hands thrown back behind her to steady herself on the headboard and squatted over his face.

“Be a good boy and clean me out with your tongue.”

“Oh Kathy you are so lovely.”

“I am not Kathy, I am your mistress, but I will allow you to address me as Miss!”

“Oh Miss, I will be such a good boy for you, I will clean you with my tongue Mistress.”

She lowered her arsehole onto his mouth and squirmed with delight as his tongue penetrated her rectum.

“There’s a good boy, make sure you clean as deep as you can.”

“Miss, your beautiful arsehole will be as clean as can be, I will use my tongue to clean it for you whenever you wish.”

“Then push it deeper……………….you naughty little boy………………I want it really clean!”

“Oh I will Miss……….I will…………I am yours to do as you wish…………I will make you the cleanest Miss ever.”

“You will clean me after I pee, and you will drink from me when I am peeing.”

“Yes Mistress”

“I will require the attention of your tongue at all times!”

“Yes Miss, I will be there for you.”

“And no matter what time of day or night…………I can call upon you for your service?”

“Oh yes Mistress……………..any time……………anywhere………….whatever you need……….I will be there for you.”

“Does that include the times when you are lying on your back in the middle of the night snoring loud enough to wake the dead?

Kathy couldn’t help herself, she burst out into a fit of giggles and momentarily lost control of her bladder, forcing a small trickle of piss out over Jeff’s chin.


Kathy’s giggles were uncontrollable.

“Je eh efff plee ee ee zzzzzz I can’t do this”

“Fuck Kathy, I was really enjoying that?”

“Nnn nn no, it’s just………….. I just can’t do it…………………, I can’t be your mistress Jeff……………… we’ll have to do it another way.”

“But you still want to have some peeing fun don’t you Kathy?”

“Oh yes Jeff, I still really want to have some peeing fun, but it just doesn’t seem right doing it like this…………I can never, ever, be your mistress………I love you too much………………… and now that we are starting to share our desires and fantasies with each other………………………………………

We should be able to enjoy them……………… without taking on any kind of pre-fabricated, and totally out of character role…………………………………. we should be able to tell each other all of our thoughts and enjoy pleasing each other.”

“Piss on me now Kathy, please, piss in my mouth.”

Kathy leaned forward and took Jeff’s semi-hard cock into her mouth as she pushed her sodden fanny against his lips.

The tip of Jeff’s nose was inside her arsehole as his mouth started to fill with her urine. He swallowed, thinking how much better it tasted drinking from her than what he had tasted when he licked Chris’ face.

It was special…………. very special………….. it was especially for him from the woman he loved.

Kathy kept her flow to a gentle trickle, she wanted to enjoy it as much as possible, and she wanted to savour her first taste of Jeff’s precious water at the same time.

She sucked at him, she gently squeezed his balls, and then she pushed down on his abdomen.

At last her mouth started to fill.

She wished that he could piss all over her, and cover her from head to toe with his warm shower, but she knew she had to enjoy all she could drink and was sure that there would be many more times they could enjoy themselves like this.

Briefly she stemmed her flow; fortunately Jeff stopped too.

“Save a mouthful to share when we finish my darling.”

“Squeeze me when you are ready for your last spurt, and I will do the same.”

They resumed filling each others mouths, swallowing greedily on their new found elixir.

Kathy squeezed Jeff’s butt first and felt a stronger spray in her mouth just before he squeezed hers.

They both waited anxiously for the final push.

Their mouths filled simultaneously, they both struggled to hold it all, and when Kathy turned around to share their mouthfuls, both of their faces were wet from what they had spilled.

It was not as perfect as they had planned;

Their lips touched and they opened their mouths, but some was spilt, they did however, manage to use their tongues to mix both vintages together before they swallowed.

“Mistress………….that was so wonderful…..”

“Oh Fuck Jeff, stop pissing about and get your cock inside me.”

Whether it was down to the little blue pill he had taken, or the exhilarating experience he had just had………….Jeff’s cock was just hard enough for him to slip into her as they lay, side by side, on the bed; and although they did go through the motions of fucking, neither of them came, and with Jeff’s cock still inside her, they both gradually fell asleep.

Jeff was first to awaken;

Kathy was still lying on her side facing him, her arm now stretched over his stomach.

Her face was a picture of content as Jeff watched her sleeping and began to contemplate the previous nights events.

He was determined that he would do everything within his power to make her happy as she had made him the happiest man in the world. He relished the thought of how she had enjoyed John’s cock and how he had thrilled at the sight of it entering her and wished that he could have been a guest at the orgy with Lenny and his friends.

His thoughts were giving him an erection, but he was also in need of a pee, so he quietly slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom.

On his return Kathy had rolled over onto her back and pushed the cover off her. Her eyes were still closed but her hand was between her legs, gently massaging herself.

He stood at the end of the bed with his, now rigid, cock in his hand and watched.

Kathy stretched open her legs and hooked two fingers inside her cunt, and then opened her eyes.

“Good morning, you’re up early.”

Jeff looked down at his cock and laughed.

“Yes, I suppose I am.”

Kathy removed her fingers and sucked them, giving Jeff a tantalizing view of her pink wetness, and then held out her arms.

He climbed on to the bed and slid up her body, his cock fitting easily into her well lubricated hole.

“Good morning my darling mistress, I hope you slept well.”

Jeff’s pubic hair rubbed against her smooth mound as they kissed.

“Do you think Lenny will be having another party soon Kath, I’d really love to come with you, even if it’s only to watch?”

“I’m sure it won’t be too long before I get another invite, and I’m also pretty certain that you can come too if you want.”

“Oh Kath, I don’t think you realise just how much I would love it; Just the thought of you living out your fantasies with other guys makes me want to cum.”

“Oh Jeff, don’t cum just yet, your cock feels so good rubbing on my clit.”

“I’ll try hard not too, but you make me so excited and it’s really hard for me to last very long.”

“Get my vibrator out of my bottom drawer for me Jeff.”

Jeff’s cock pushed harder into her as he reached down to open the drawer and get her vibrator. He knew exactly where to find it as he had used it on himself on several occasions.

He passed it to her and she straight away took it into her mouth and sucked on it, covering it with her spittle.

Jeff started to fuck her harder as she turned it on and teased his arsehole with it before running it over his balls and resting its vibrating tip against her own back passage.

Slowly, she pushed it into her.

“Can you feel it Jeff……………..can you feel it buzzing inside me?”

Jeff confirmed that he could.

“Oh Jesus, Kath…………..its really buzzing on my cock and I won’t be able to hold out much longer.”

Kathy withdrew it, and Jeff pushed into her, panting in her ear.

She held it against his anus for a few seconds, working it around his hole before shoving it, violently, into his arse;

Jeff almost screamed as the buzzing phallus filled him.

Kathy hoped that she would be able to feel some of the vibrations through his cock, but she couldn’t.

She pulled it out of his arse and brought it once more to her mouth to suck on and then tried to fit it into her cunt alongside Jeff’s cock.

Jeff obligingly pulled out and allowed her to stuff it inside her, sitting on his haunches and watching her frig herself.

Kathy turned over onto all fours, the vibrator still deep inside her.

“Up my arse Jeff……………spunk my arse for me babe.”

Jeff delighted in the command and complied instantly; His sweet slut of a wife was having an orgasm from the ten inch vibrator that filled her cunt, but she still so generously allowed him to unload the filthy muck from his pathetically small cock into her beautiful arse.

Her poop hole gripped tightly around his prick as he humped her as hard as he could. It felt as though her bottom was sucking at him, drawing him in, desperate for his sperm.

The harder he fucked her, the more she tightened her grip, until he could stand it no longer and released his seed into her bowels.

Kathy knew Jeff too well, and was fully aware that he would blow his load as soon as he got up her bum, but she was happy that his cum was safe inside her and that he would now allow her to take his cock in her mouth and taste her arse juice on it.

“I want to suck you.”

Jeff dutifully let his softening cock plop out of her back passage and shuffled along the bed, on his knees to offer it to her mouth.

She relished the taste; Jeff imagined performing the same duty on the cocks that he hoped would use her in the future.

Kathy pulled the vibe out of her twat and switched it off, then put her hand over her arsehole, trying to hold his cum inside her.

She could feel a pressure building that would soon expel it from her.

“Suck your cum out of my arse Jeff, I want us to share it.”

Kathy had to release his prick from her mouth so that he could bend over far enough to get his lips around her anus.

He sucked.

The pressure built, and she delivered.

Jeff wished the sperm had come from somebody else.

Kathy just wanted to eat it.

She pumped it into his mouth and he stayed with his mouth pressed firmly over her bum until she asked for a kiss.

They played with the spunk in each others mouths.

Jeff had, as was normal for him, lost his sexual desire, but sharing his seed with his fantastically sexy wife filled him with enormous pleasure and contentment. He was happy just to know that she was enjoying the service he gave, and would let him share in all of her needs.

Kathy relished the arse juice flavoured cum; and using her fingers, brought herself to another climax, satisfied that the recent development in their relationship offered boundless possibilities for her insatiable, sexual gratification, and her devoted husband was now an extremely willing participant in her fantasies.

Rating: 82%, Read 65969 times, Posted Jun 25, 2011

Fantasy | Anal, Ass to mouth, Cuckold, Cum Swallowing, Oral Sex, Pissing, Toys, Water Sports, Wife


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