Left Over's by ~~!!+KaosAngel+!!~~

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Fantasm | Cannibalism, Snuff, Written by women

Left Over's

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Written: January 30 2008

A story By: KaosAngel

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"Dad I don't want to be roasted on a spit like mom was" Jessica said at the kitchen table sitting across from her father and two brothers, "You gets no choice Jessie, you’re a girl and tagged as meat, you will roast and soon I hopes" her younger brother Steven said with a glint in his eyes and apparent hunger, after having tasted his mothers flesh the week before he was hungry for more and no other girl in all of Dolcett would satisfy this hunger.

Her father took a long look at her and then at his two sons, one the youngest practically drooling for her meat the other older son sitting much like his father just thinking, of what no one could be sure, "I agree with Jessie dad, she should not be forced to submit to be murdered on a steel pole to feed a bunch of crazy men, that was moms thing and I say if Jessie don’t want to die then we should not force her" Jason her older brother said shocking everyone at the table including Jessica who just smiled at him.

Her father Ben took another long look at Jessica and then crumpled up the envelope that contained Jessica's meat conversion notice and tossed it across the room into the garbage can, "Ok everyone here’s what we are going to do, pack anything you cant live without and meet me in the driveway in half an hour" Ben said as he stood up, "Why only half an hour dad?" Steven said looking to his father, "The notice said the meat wagon was to pick her up at 9pm its now 8pm we need to be gone before they get here and find her missing" Ben said and went up to his room to pack while the two of them and Jessica left to do the same.

Half an hour later Ben came down the stairs with two suitcases in his hands and found his two sons and Jessica waiting for him at the foot of the stairs, "Jessica here take this" Ben said handing his naked daughter a throw over sundress, "What’s this for" was her reponce, "while driving around the city you have to stay nude but as soon as we leave the Dolcett city limits you need to put that on to cover yourself the rest of the world is not like here, we will be stopped for indecent exposure of your body" Ben said as he opened the trunk of the car and threw in the bags, "If we are stopped and a police officer outside of Dolcett finds that meat tag between your legs we will all be arrested and you will be on your way back here to be processed" He added.

"But if the rest of the world is different why would they bring me back to die?" Jessica asked puzzled, "Because even outside of Dolcett your not considered human anymore, you’re a piece of meat to be cooked and considered property of Dolcett California, mayor Perro has some deal worked out with the law outside of the city to retrieve runaways before they get too far out of reach of his power" He said as they all took their seats in the car and Ben started to drive away.

As they were driving though town to reach the border of Dolcett, they passed by the meat wagon on its way to pick Jessica up, "Well it wont be long now before they relies you’re a runaway and come after us" Ben said just as they crossed the border leaving the town, "Get that sundress on and try to act like a normal girl not a piece of meat" He added, "That will be hard for her dad, the meat-girl training school conditioned her to always act as meat awaiting a spit" Jason said looking into her eye's.

"No Jason it didn't work on me, i’ve never felt like I had to have a spit in me" Jessica said trying to assure her older brother that she would never feel that need, "If you say so sis but I know that school, my girlfriend said she never felt the need either, we all know what happened to her" Jason said and then started to stare out the window at the trees and scenery zipping passed them at sixty miles per hour.

The car was picking up speed by the second sixty five then seventy then seventy five, Ben wanted to get as far away from Dolcett as he could as fast as he could, “Dad you better start slowing down there is a patrol station up ahead and we don't want to get stopped" Jason said Ben taking a look at the speedometer not realizing he had been going that fast and started to slow down from seventy five to a modest fifty five, but it was already too late, the red and blue lights of the police car in the mirror told him so.

"Ok everyone be quite don't say a word, that includes you Jessica if this guy finds out who you are we are all dead" Ben said as he came to a complete stop and rolled down the window for the officer as he came up to the window with his left hand resting on his gun in the holster his other hand shining a flash light into Bens eye’s, "evening sir, do you know how fast you were going?" the cop asked, "No sir im afraid my speedometer is acting up and doesn’t give a proper reading" Ben lied perfectly he thought.

The cop took a moment to study Ben's face to gage if he was truthful, "Well sir you were running a seventy five in a fifty five zone, ill need to see your licence and registration" the cop said holding out the left hand he no longer held to his gun, "FUCK, if he sees my licence he's gonna know" Ben thought, Jason could see his fathers thoughts and too realized what his father already knew, Steven and Jessica being younger had not a clue.

Ben reached over to the glove box deliberately stretching over Jason in the passenger seat causing his shirt to rise up allowing Jason to see the small hand gun he had placed in his belt at his side before they left the house, Jason quietly took the gun while his father retrieved the documents and handed them off to the cop.

The police officer took the papers handed to him and began to read them by flash light, "Says here that you’re a resident of Dolcett" The cop said shining the flash light in Bens eye's and then flashing it to the back seat to show Jessica sitting there next to Steven, "Is she...?" the man said, "No no no, she is just my niece San Francisco we are on our way to visit my sister and to take her home" Ben said once again thinking he had the perfect lie, But the cop refused to buy.

Looking to the girl in the back, "Im sorry miss but you will have to get out of the car" the cop said opening the door, "What for?" Ben replied, "I need to check between her legs" the cop said motioning to Jessica again to get out of the car, "I can assure you sir she is not tagged meat, if that is what you think" Ben said as him and Jason started to get out of the car from their doors, "Please stay in the car sir's" the cop said his hand instinctively returning to his gun holster.

"Ok you win" Ben said, "Get out of the car sweety, do what the man says" He added, Jessica started to look scared but did as her father instructed and opened her door to get out of the car, now standing in front of the cop in only a thin sundress, "Lift the dress ma'am I need to know for sure" the cop said, Jessica looked to her father who only shook his head in a yes motion, no one even Ben noticed that Jason was no longer sitting next to him in the car.

"Lift the dress ma'am" the cop said again, Jessica began to lift her dress up over her hips and just as the cop caught the slightest glint of gold from the tag pierced though her clit there was a loud, "BANG" and the cop fell backwards clutching at his chest, Ben quickly got out of the car, Jessica too stunned to do anything but stand there still holding her dress up slightly.

Ben reach over the cop and took his wallet, badge, and loaded gun jumping back into the car to see Jason sitting back at his side holding a smoking gun, he blew at the barrel and spun it around in his hand, "Thems good shooten heh pop's" Jason said as he placed the gun in the glove box, "Stop talking like that, this ain't one of them westerns you always watch, this is real your sister's life, all of our lives no are in danger" Ben said as he drove off again leaving the gasping cop in the road to die.

They continued to drive only stopping for short breaks at gas station's and kept going until they reached New York all the way on the other side of the country, far from Mayor Pedro's reach, "I think we will be safe here" Ben said as they pulled into the driveway of an old house, "What is this place dad" Jason asked as Ben started to unload the trunk of the car, "This is my old home before I met your mother and we moved to Dolcett, I kept this place exactly for this reason" Ben said as they walked to the front door, unlocked it and stepped inside.

"So you were always planning to leave Dolcett?" Steven asked, "Yes I wanted it to always be an option, if your mother hadn't insisted on being spit roasted, I had hoped we could all leave together and live a normal life here away from all of that, im so glad that you didn't inherit your mothers desire to ride the spit Jessie, even with all the conditioning they put you thought" Ben said as Jason, Steven and Jessica started to roam around looking at the house they just walked into.

"As the weeks went by everything seemed to be fine, Been and Jason both got jobs at the local butcher shop as meat cutters, Ben called it a fitting job considering where they came from, but in this case they were carving up cows, pigs and chickens, not young girls like Jessica, Steven and Jessica being younger then Jason were enrolled in the local high school.

"Gah I can never get use to this" Jessica said to Steven one morning as they left for school, "What sis?" Steven asked as they walked away from the house, "Clothes, I never wore them until we left Dolcett, I don't like the way they feel on my skin" Jessica said as she started to shake her ass a little Because the skirt she was wearing was inching her butt, this interested Steven greatly as they continued walking to school.

When school was over Jessica and Steven met up again for the walk home, "Jessica I want to invite you to come with me tonight to my friends house, their having a party and invited me, said I could bring you if you wanna go" He said, "Sure I would love to go to a party" Jessica replied, "Cool be ready in an hour we will go over right away" Steven said as they walked into the house and went to their rooms.

The hour went by and they left for the party, "DING,DONG" was heard inside the house when Steven rang the door to his friends house, "Welcome bbbuuudddyyy" the guy inside said as Jessica and Steven walked inside to see three guys inside all eating snacks and drinking beer, "Jessie this is Brian my friend from school" Steven said, "And that’s Mark, Gene, and Jerry over there" he added, "Is this her?" Brian whispered to Steven, "Yes, now lets party a little before the show" Steven whispered back as they all went to join the others in the room.

The party went on for about two hours as if it were a normal party until, "Steven man when we gonna get that show you promised?" Brian said looking to Jessica, "Steven what does he mean?" Jessica asked with a little fear in her voice, "Well Jessie you see I told the guys here about where we came from" Steven said sitting next to Jessica on the couch, "YOU DID WHAT?!!" she yelled at him, "You heard me, and they want to see it!" Steven replied, "See WHAT Steven?" Jessica asked, "Your tag" he replied calmly, "Screw you all" Jessica said as she started to walk to the door, "Im out of here" she added, the whole time the other guys were chanting, "SHOW IT, SHOW IT, SHOW IT".

"SPIT-SHINE" Steven yelled as he got up from the couch, Jessica stopped at the door hand halted in mid air almost touching the handle to the front door, "WOW, what happened to her" Brian asked, "She looks mesmerized" Jerry said as he moved a little closer, "Nah man that’s called Zombiefied, I seen it in movies" Mark said also moving closer, "no she's been brain washed" Gene said joining the other two guys who moved closer, "Your all right in some form, they call it meat-conditioning in Dolcett, since the time she was very young she was conditioned to be meat, not only to die willingly but to also help in the preparation of her own death" Steven said in the tone of a man teaching a class.

"WOW so she will just stand there?" Brian asked, "Until a command is given, Yes" Steven replied, "Make her do something man" Jerry said once again moving a little closer to Steven and the others, "Turn meat" Steven said and Jessica turned to face him, "Come to me meat" he added and she walked to the middle of the room, "WOW that shit is awesome, Man I wish I lived in Dolcett" Gene said, "Remove your clothes meat" Steven said and Jessica started to remove her clothes starting with her shirt and then her skirt.

Jessica is now standing in front of the five of them in just a black bra and pantie set, "Make her take them undies off I wanna see that tag" Gene said, "Remove the rest Meat" Steven said and Jessica then removed her bra releasing her nicely shaped breasts and then moved her hands to her hips and grabbed the strings of her panties and started to pull them down off her hips when she finally stood there naked the five of them could see the gold tag dangling from her clit between her legs, "WOW" they all said in unison.

Brian moved in very close and knelt down at Jessica's feet, taking her tag in his left hand moved it up slightly, "It says Jessica Kast, Prime A+ Meat, Property of Dolcett, Cooking Method: Spit-Roast ONLY" Brian said, "Ya that’s the tag that lets the meat agency in Dolcett know how much meat they have and when they can process them" Steven said, "If your dad is hiding you guys why didn't he remove the tag?" Mark asked, "The reason for that is written on the tag" Brian said, still holding the tag in his hand, "The bottom line in fine print says, This tag is equipped with a tracking device tampering will alert the Dolcett Meat Agency and result in the immediate processing of this meat and criminal charges to all males involved" he read.

"Yep if we remove it the Meat Agency will know where we are" Steven said, "Well if there is a tracking device in the tag why haven’t they found you yet?" Gene asked, "Well dad says its Because no meat has ever run away before they didn’t think it was necessary to have it activate in that way" Steven said, "Well are we gonna make her stand there all day or are we gonna fuck her?" Jerry asked, "Ohh sorry guys, on your back meat" Steven said and Jessica laid down on the floor and spread her legs, "Have fun guys" Steven added as he sat on the couch to watch the four of them line up and Brian was first.

Brian pushed his cock in to her all the way im one thrust, "WOW she's super wet and tight" Brian said as he fucks her, "That Because of all the chemical creams they make girl spread on there pussy to get them ready to spit, there’s one to make her very wet so she wont need much lubrication for when they push the spit through her, then there’s one to make her pussy extremely tight, not only to make it feel good for us but it helps to keep her from moving too much when they spit them" Steven said again as if he was teaching a class.

Gene looked over to Steven, "What do you mean when you said 'push the spit through them'" he asked, "I mean just that, her tag says she is to be a spit roast, what they do is they either strap the girl down tight and place the tip of a very sharp steal pole into her pussy and push it all the way thought, or they lock them into a machine that does it all automatricly, then they move the spits over to a fire pit where they rotate to cook the meat" Steven said looking up at Gene who now had stars in his eye's.

"Man your description of Dolcett is cool, I wish we could do that!" Brian said as he came inside Jessica and moved to let Jerry have a turn, "Do what? spit roast a girl or be a spit roast?" Steven asked looking at them with a grin, "No man, I don't want to end up on a spit, besides I don’t even have a pussy for the spit" Brian said, "Well you have an asshole and we got plenty of lubricant" Steven said with a laugh, "NO NO don't even think about it, you aint roasting me" Brian said covering his ass with his hands, "Don't worry, only girls are meat, they don’t slaughter guys, your safe" Steven said with another laugh, and Jerry finished himself off in Jessica’s pussy and moved aside for Gene.

"What you guys are doing right now is called Tenderizing the meat" Steven said, "What’s that mean" asked Mark, "Exactly what your doing, when you tenderize the meat it just means that they fuck the girl as much as possible just before they spit her, I’ve helped tenderize many girls in Dolcett even my mom" Steven replied.

"So then if we were following the Dolcett way right now, after Mark and you have your turn in her, we would take her out back shove a sharp metal pole though her and roast her on an open fire until she is dead and cocked?" asked Brian, "Yes that is exactly right" Steven replied, "Cool then lets do it!" Brian said jumping up from the couch, "Its not that simple we need a long metal pole and a frame to support it, not to mention a big enough fire pit and charcoal to fill it" Steven said shaking his head, "We got all that stuff out side man" Brian replied.

Steven followed Brian outside to the backyard where he indeed saw a fire pit big enough to roast a whole girl, the "Y" shaped brackets on both sides and an eight foot spit resting on it, "What’s all this for?, I thought they only roasted girls in Dolcett" Steven asked surprised, "My dad spit roasts pigs every Sunday" Brian said as they walked over to inspect the equipment, "this is all prime stuff man, looks like your dad has done some shopping in Dolcett" Steven said as he touched his finger to the sharp point of the spit, "This stuff would be perfect, to roast my sister" Steven said.

"Ok so then when their done ten-doo-ris-e-ing her, how do we kill her?" Brian asked, "Ohh no we don't kill her" Steven replied, "But I thought we just decided to roast her?" Brian asked puzzled, "We did but the meat is Spit-Roasted alive" Steven said and he lit a match and threw it into the pit and in seconds it blazed to life, looking to Brian he saw the shock on his face, "WHAT?, how can that be?, wouldn't that be very painful for her to be alive when we spit her?" Brian asked shocked, “Very painful she will scream out in pain and probably beg for her life” Steven said moving away from the pit, "My dad doesn’t even spit the pigs alive he slits their throats and gives them a fast death first" Brian replied, "Yes but to do a girl alive gives her meat the best flavor, they been doing it that way in Dolcett for along time" Steven replied, “I can’t wait to this the bitch squirm” Brian said with a grin.

Brian and Steven went back into the house to find that Jessica was now being fucked by Mark who had just finished and pulled his cum covered cock out of Jessica's pussy, "Well he is right everything we need to roast her is out side, so if you guys are done im gonna wake her from the trance so we can get her on the spit" Steven said, "Go ahead man, unless you want to get a fuck or two in first" Mark said as he pulled his pants up, "Nah I’ve had that pussy to many times it don’t interest me anymore" Steven said as he walked over to Jessica, "On your feet meat" he said and Jessica stood up straight, "SPIT-SHINE" he said again and Jessica woke to see him standing in front of her.

"Its no use trying to stop me im going home" Jessica said as she started to feel a breeze, "WHAT? WHERE? Steven w-w-where are my clothes?" Jessica stuttered realizing what must have happened, "You were just tenderized by my friends and now were taking you to the backyard for a good old fashioned Dolcett BBQ just like back home" Steven said as he looked into her eye, "But how did you get my clothes off" she asked and looking down she could see the white ooze dripping from her pussy so she knew right away it was cum and that Steven so far has told her the truth.

"I used the command word that was conditioned into you from the day you started at meat-girl school, to get you to remove your own clothes" Steven said, "But I resisted their conditioning tactics, that’s not possible" Jessica said now starting to cry, "Well Jessica I guess you were wrong because all I have to do to get you to do what I want is to say two little words and your will is mine" He replied, "You see the words I used are normally only meant for an emergency or for really difficult meat, they are only told to the men in the meats family, as a means of control if she becomes uncontrollable" Steven said to his friends as Jessica dropped to her knees crying, "How can you do this to me, im your sister" Jessica said.

"I don't give a shit about you, your forgetting I help tenderize our own mother" he said, "But she wanted to die on the spit, I don't" Jessica said thought the tears rolling down her cheeks, "You will, in about five minutes or ill just use those words again and make you" he said placing his hand under her chin and forcing her eyes up to meet his, "Now you have a choice walk out to the back yard under your own power and try to enjoy this experience as you were trained, or make me use those words again to make you comply" He said looking into her eye's.

At this point Jessica knew she could not resist if she didn't do what he wanted he would make her anyway, what ever happened now going home was not an option, she was gonna die either way in just a few minutes, "Ok you win, ill be good" she said meekly, "Good" Steven said, "Get me some rope" he said to Brian who ran and got it quickly, "Now in Dolcett we tie the meats hands behind its back to keep them still while roasting" he said to the others, "Stand up Jessie" he asked nicely she just looked at him, "Please Steven don't do this" She begged, "Stand or else" he replied, and she stood up, "Turn around and place your hands behind your back, you said mom looked pretty when she had her hands tied, now it's your turn" Steven replied as he tightly bound Jessica's hands behind her back.

As they crossed through the living room and out the back door to the back yard Jessica's eye's went black as she saw the blazing fire pit, "PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!!" Jessica screamed but made no attempt to break free of her bonds as they approached a large picnic table, "You know what to do Jessie" Steven said sternly, Jessica was very afraid but did what she knew Steven wanted her to do, she moved as close to the table as she could until the table touched her thighs and then bent her back forward placing her stomach and breasts flat and waited for the pain she knew would be the last thing she would ever know.

With Jessica cooperating Steven released the end of the rope that bound her hands and moved over to the fire pit taking the spit into his hands, "Can I do it Steven?, please?" Brian asked, "You don’t know how, I’ve been trained to spit her properly, we want her to stay alive as long as possible, If she dies to early everything is ruined" Steven replied, “If you like what you see maybe we can do your sister next week” Steven added as he walked over to Jessica and placed the tip of the very sharp spit into her pussy causing her to jerk from fear and cold.

Jessica knew now that begging for her life was falling on her brothers deaf ears so she stopped trying and readied herself for the faithful last thrust that would signal the end was near, She didn’t have to wait long as Steven pushed the spit into her first three inches then six then nine, until the point was resting on her cervix, "Ok Jessie any last words?" Steven asked her, "If I asked to be released and allowed to live would you let me?" she asked crying, "What a kidder you are Jess you know your not going anywhere so do you have something to say, or not?" He replied.

"Only that I hope you all choke on my meat and meet me in hell" Jessica said and then closed her eye's and took a deep breath as Steven forced the spit through her cervic causing her to scream out in extreme pain, "AAAAHAHHHHHHH-EEEEEEEEE" was all she could get out as the spit pushed though her passed her stomach and in to her ribcage, all the other guys could only stand their in awe as Steven did the thing they have dreamed of doing to a girl all their lives.

Steven kept pushing the spit further into Jessica's body and she lay their screaming, "PLEASE STOP!!" she yelled, "Now Jessie you know what happens if I stop, your done for you will still die now weather you roast or not so lets just get through this" He said, "No pun intended" he added with a laugh and a wink to the other guys as he forced the spit the rest of the way through her and she was forced to hold her head up and her neck straight as the spit entered her throat and she started to gag on it, looking into her mouth on the last push the other guys could see the sharp spit and blood tricking down her already red lips, "THIS IS AWESOME" Jerry yelled.

The spit exited her mouth and continued about two feet ahead until it came into Jessica's view, "OH FUCK ITS DONE IM REALLY FUNKED" she thought to herself as she felt the anal stabilizer placed on the end of the spit pushed forward and thrust up her ass, "MUHRHHH-EEEE" she screamed around the spit, "Is she really spited" Gene said moving over to stand behind her looking at the spit between her pussy lips, placing his hand on the spit he followed it until he was touching her pussy he then placed a finger inside her pussy with the spit and placed his thumb on her clit and began to finger fuck her until she had and orgasim.

"HOLY SHIT, the bitch came on my hand" Jerry said as he held up his hand covered in her juice, "That’s part of the conditioning she may say she doesn’t want it but the desire is there anyway" Steven said, "She taste good, can't wait to eat her meat" Gene replied and then continued to lick her juice off his fingers.

The other guys were at the other end of the spit placing their fingers down Jessica’s throat around the spit causing her to have more difficulty breathing and gasping for air, "This is more fun then when dad does the pigs, their always dead before this point" Brian said and then looked to Steven, "Pun intended" he added laughing hard they all helped to lift Jessica from the table up into the air, "OH NO THIS IS IT THE FIRE" Jessica thought as they walked her over to the pit and placed her onto the fire to cook and then Steven attached one end of the spit to a motorized turning system that would keep her rotating to cook evenly.

Right away Jessica realized the fire was not too hot not yet anyway so she decided to take Stevens advice and enjoy the last fuck she will ever have and began to hump herself on the spit trying to get it to rub her clit to cum once more before the end of her life, "Look man she is fucking herself on the spit, she really does want it" Mark said, "NO I DON'T" Jessica tried to scream but no one could hear her thoughts, after about an hour rotating on the spit she had cum again several times, her pussy juice dripped from her crotch and hit the charcoal in the pit causing it to sizzle and pop signaling the time to move the spit support frame lower to really get her cooking, witch Steven and Brian did.

With the spit now lower she really started to feel the heat and had much harder time breathing, after only about twenty minutes Steven walked over and looked into her eye's for the last time he could see that she would not last much longer he mouthed the words, "I love you sis" and walked away, "NO you don't" was the last thing that went thought her mind as she died right there on the spit, "She’s dead" Brian called over to Steven, "Throw some more charcoal on the fire its time to get it much hotter if we ever wanna have dinner" Steven said and then went inside.

At about two AM several hours after Jessica had died, Steven walked into his house, holding a brown paper bag, as he walked passed the living room the light came on and he heard a voice, "Your late, you were supposed to be home by 11:00" His father Ben said, "I know dad but the party ran late" he replied, "Where is your sister" Ben asked but Steven did not answer he just started to walk up the stairs and Ben followed, "What is in that bag?" Ben asked, As Steven shut the door to his room he replied "Left Over's".


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Fantasm | Cannibalism, Snuff, Written by women


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