A Holiday at the Inn by 1txwriter

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Fiction | Cheating, Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Oral Sex

Hello readers. This is my first story post on XNXX and I hope that someone out there actually likes it. There is already a second and a third part rattling around in my head but before I write them I'd like to have some feedback on part one.

A word of caution to the readers who love the hard core stuff. This may not be the best read for you. I tend to have a little more setup and character development than some people want.



A Holiday at the Inn

Jake returns to the small county inn to see a new guest checking in with the inn keeper. The guest’s attention is on the hostess as they discuss details. While Jake quietly hangs his coat up he sees a young lady standing across the room by the stairs. She has already noticed Jake and seems to be watching him carefully. Their eyes meet and without hesitation she turns on her charm. Her hand sweeps the long chestnut hair from the creamy skin of her face and smiles. As he smiles back Jake realizes that he can't look away. The stranger enjoys his stare and casually draws her fingers down the front of her thin cotton sun dress. Her ripe shapes are easily recognized through the floral fabric. Again Jake struggles to look away, but can’t. Her finger begins to twist the bottom of the dress at her hip. The flowers pull tighter around her hips and more of her thigh is revealed.

The voice of the hostess reminds Jake that other people are present. He also realizes that the sexy stranger is probably checking in with the man at the counter. The beautiful woman doesn’t seem to care if anyone notices her actions but Jake peels his eyes from her temptations to verify that the man at the desk still engaged in details with the hostess.

Jake casually moves toward the stairs as his attention returns to the woman. Her eyes follow his movements anticipating his approach. Jake disregards his better judgment and takes a line to pass intentionally close. With her dress still twisted around her finger, the seductress slowly pulls upward. Lace bordered satin panties peek out from below her hem. Jake restrains his excitement letting only a slight smile show on his face. The seductress draws the tip of her tongue between her parted lips.

Jake pauses in front the woman and his deep dry voice offers a simple “Hello.” As if she is suddenly shy, the woman tilts her head and smirks without a response. In contrast, the rest of her body continues to tease. Her finger pulls farther up on the hem of her dress. He looks down to see the deep “V” of her panties stretched to cover her petite mound. Slightly stunned he looks up in time to see her tongue glide slowly between her lips again. Resisting the urge to touch, Jake says “Looks like you could use a special friend.” The woman smiles nodding slowly as she releases her dress. A pouty look then transforms her face as she whispers “will you be my special friend?” Jake nods silently. From the counter behind Jake, a man’s voice thanks the hostess. Jake heeds this cue and casually makes his way up the stairs hoping that the woman won’t notice his knees trembling with excitement.

Inside his room Jake spends several minutes replaying the events in his mind. He wishes he had touched the beautiful woman somewhere. Anywhere! Moments later his daydreams are interrupted as the couple makes their way up. It’s apparent they will be staying in the only other room at the top of the stairs. Their voices sound frustrated. Jake wonders if it has anything to do with the earlier events. He hears the door close and his mind returns to daydreams of her body. Under his breath he scolds himself, “You should have touched her!”

Eventually Jake decides to read his book to help his mind from contemplating the missed opportunity. He opens the windows to enjoy the cool breeze. He only reads a few chapters before his eyelids become heavy. Thoughts of the seductress slip back into his mind as he drifts off to sleep.

Sounds of the door closing across the hall nudge Jake from his nap. Heavy footsteps down the stairs follow. He wonders how long he slept as he rubs his eyes and searches for the page in his book. A soft knock comes from his door. Without any response from Jake, the door slowly opens. He watches as the floral sun dress of his daydreams eases inside. Jake’s pulse quickens but he tries to keep a calm facade. He greets the stranger with a deep questioning “hello?” She doesn’t respond. Instead she quietly turns to close and latch the door. She then softly announces that her boyfriend has run into town for an errand. She asks “Will you help me?”

Before Jake responds, the woman moves towards him. Her fingers slip the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders. The dress drops to the floor and her beautiful naked body is revealed. The sight of her creamy skin and her well shaped figure inspires growth inside Jake’s pants.

Jake takes in the view as she moves to his side. She leans over and her lips gently touch his. He breathes in her sweet scent as they kiss. It’s a simple soft kiss but it breaks the ice. Her hand reaches for Jake’s and pulls it to her breast. The smooth soft curves are heavenly to his tough worn fingers. She directs him to her crisp nipple as the passion grows in their kisses. As his fingers softly twist her erect nipple, the book falls to the floor with a thump. She giggles and then shifts her attention to unbuttoning his shirt. He tries to rein in his excitement as she drifts downward to kiss his chest.

Sounds of a car door closing and an engine starting float with the cool breeze through the open windows. Goose bumps rise from her delicate skin. She goes to close the window and pauses to watch her boyfriend drive away. Jake stands as she latches the windows and draws the shear drapes. The seductress directs Jake to the bed as her hands command his shoulders to lay back. His obedience is rewarded with more kisses. She whispers into his ear “Do you like nasty?” as his hands slide over her hips. Without an answer she climbs farther up his body. She positions her well trimmed mound over his face and watches his eyes for approval.

Jake stretches his neck upward lifting his lips to her waiting flower. Feeling his gentle kisses, she closes her eyes. His kisses open to become little suckles. His tongue begins to slip slowly between her steamy folds. The tip of his tongue finds her clit and his efforts focus on dancing forward and backward on it. As her body flexes with sensations Jake’s hands tighten their grasp on her hips. Sparks grow inside her. His actions change and with a slow and teasing pace he begins to slip inside her. Eager for more she tries to sit farther down. His hands hold tightly refusing to allow her any motion. Little sounds start to escape from her mouth spurring Jake to continue.

“Fuck me!” she demands. Jake slowly extends farther upward into her craving body. “Oh please” she begs as her hands try to force his hands to release her. Jake is far too strong for her to break free and his tongue continues the steady teasing pace in and out of her. She knows he has more to offer and she is lusting for it. She reaches for Jake’s head and pulls upward. “Fuck it now” she urges. “Fuck my slutty cunt Mr. Nasty!” Jake likes hearing her and gives her a little more. She responds with little pants as her sensations build. Finally his hands lower her body father down onto his face allowing his tongue to press farther upward. “Oh yes” she moans with his hair still clinched in her fingers. Jake presses even deeper up into her throbbing body. An orgasm begins to build as Jake begins to mix in an occasional suck between his insertions. Her body releases her scent and Jake’s is compelled to continue with more conviction. He moans deeply below her with his own ecstasy as she cries “Oh yes!” on top of him. His assault on her pussy is firm, deliberate and deep.

Her body flexes in his hands as she nears a climax. Her breaths become short and little squeals escape with each exhale. Jake is proud to be making this happens and he keeps his focus on her pleasure. The explosion inside her body drives her to continue reacting. Her body thrusts forward and back as she grinds her mound onto his face. He stretches hard to press all of his muscle upward. She pushes downward uncontrollably while pulling up on his head. He is amazed at her aggressiveness but he knows it’s the adrenaline driving her. He feels more of her juices flow as she cries with her passions. He sucks every bit of her as she orgasms on his face.

Exhausted from the convulsions she lifts herself up and off of Jake. She takes several deep breaths to collect herself before leaning down to Jake’s face. She kisses him with gratitude. He relaxes to enjoy the moment proud of his accomplishment. She kisses a few more times before licking some of her own essence off of his face. “Oh my god” she exclaims, “I needed that!”

Jake realizes that she wants to repay his efforts as she slides her body down his. He helps her pull the rest of his clothes off before she lies back down. With round innocent eyes she looks back up at Jake as she takes hold of his thick hard shaft. Her smile opens slowly to let her tongue out. His tip glistens with eager lubricants and she carefully licks him clean. Jake’s mind races as she positions herself over his erection. Her lips pucker and Jake feels her warm breath on his tip. Anticipation has him throbbing. She presses down with her puckered lips until the tip of his cock is pressed into her mouth. She pauses and sucks on it. Alternating between gentle tongue swirls and hard sucks she is surprised when she coaxes him to grow another half inch. Her hand directs his shaft as she adjusts to slide her lips down one side.

She stares up at Jake watching his reactions. He realizes that she is going to tease him like he teased her, figures fair is fair, and relaxes to enjoy her efforts. After a few moments of teasing Jake reaches for her shoulder to caress her. The tease moves back over the top of his stiff cock and Jake’s hand shifts. His firm direction presses her mouth down. She parts her lips to accept him into her warm mouth. She enjoys his control and eagerly sucks in response.

Within minutes her skilled efforts have Jake’s body preparing to explode. He directs the woman to stop and pulls her up to his face. She is reluctant but obeys. Their bodies press together for a long deep kiss. Jake admits he was about to cum for her and she smiles with happy pride. She enjoys the embrace and whispers “I need to ride you first.” They kiss again and she adds “but you can’t cum inside, he will know.”

She reaches down to his penis and slowly strokes as she moves her body over it. With an arched back she slowly slides down to impale herself. The heat of her lusting body welcomes Jake inside. “OOhhh yesSS!” she sighs reaching the bottom. Jake watches as sunlight highlights her curves. She lifts up and forward slowly, pauses at the top, and slowly presses back down. Her breaths are deep and Jake feels her body contracting around him.

Jake notices that her crisp nipples beg to be touched and reaches for them. Her hands guide him to grasp firmly as she presses forward. Using his arms as leverage, she lifts up again. At the top of her stroke she slides back and down. The motion grinds his cock firmly against her clit as it drives back into her . A slow and deep rhythm develops. She whispers again “don’t cum inside.” Jake agrees with a nod and she grinds on.

Several strokes later she releases his hands and arches her back as she continues to ride up and down. Jake rolls her nipples between his fingers. She arches farther back stretching her breasts. “Ohhh yes” she responds. Her strokes adjust to pull and push her body against his grip during the penetrations.

With both of them nearing orgasms the rhythm speeds up. She leans down to his mouth and licks at his lips. Jake reaches behind to grasp her firm cheeks. Her licks become little nibbles on his lips. His hands feel her ass flexing with each motion. He spreads her cheeks and she tells him to fuck her. Her tongue strokes into his mouth guiding his tongue to let her suck it. As his finger finds the pucker of her ass she sucks his tongue up into her mouth. He presses his finger but her body resists. She sucks his tongue more firmly. Again he presses and again she sucks even harder. It becomes clear she is guiding his finger with her mouth. He reaches down to moisten his finger with the juices of her pussy. She holds her position to give him access. As his finger returns to her waiting ring, she returns to his mouth. Her lips suck his tongue softly up into her mouth. She increases the suction and he presses. The tip of his finger slips in and she sucks even harder. He presses deeper and she moans back into the fucking rhythm.

Steady and firm strokes drive his rigid cock into her and with her mouth at his ear Jake hears more squeals and moans. They add to his excitement. “You are nasty” she whispers. He kisses her neck and presses farther inside. A surprised “Ohhhhh!!” escapes the woman’s mouth. She grinds on making sure Jake has access to her rectum.

Muscles inside her body squeeze Jake’s cock and his finger as her orgasm flows. Her body twitches and writhes and she loses control. The little squeals become long moans and it brings Jake nearer to his climax. He remembers her instruction and warns her “I’m gonna cum!” His hands release her but she doesn’t respond. Again he warns her, “You need to stop, I’m going to cum!”

She leans up, looks into his eyes, and begins a new pattern. Her body lifts up and plunges down onto his throbbing dick. He watches unsure of what what to do. Her fingernails dig into his chest and he knows he is about to blow. Suddenly through strained breaths she tells him to “fuck her!" His body is ready to explode but he holds it in and asks “Inside?” She seems oblivious to his warning for several strokes. Finally she announces “I want to feel you!” as she slams down again. His is body rifles creamy lust deep into her. She squeals with the sensations and stops her motions. His second shot fires off taking her breath away. She is suddenly aware of the situation and pulls up but her lust won’t let her pull of his exploding cock. She feels his cock stretch again as the third round ejects just inside her lips.

Jake watches as she stops with eyes closed and mouth open. Her body slowly lowers down and Jake shoots off another round. Her body flexes with pleasure and regret. She bites her lip and closes her eyes tight. Her body clenches his shaft and she strokes up pulling even more semen out of him.

She lowers her body down onto his and gently places her head on his shoulder. They both exhale in relief. After a few moments Jake kisses her. She kisses him back. Then, as if she were startled, the woman sits up. With a careful whisper she asks “can you help me?” Jake smiles up at her realizing that there is a touch of nervousness in her voice. She pauses for a moment, then adds “He can’t find out!”

Another small silence before she moves again at which point her hands reach for Jake’s. She interlocks their fingers and brings them to either side of his head. She leans down and kisses him several times. She then whispers to Jake’s ear “I need Mr. Nasty." Her tone is calm and sweet but Jake still senses her uncertainty. She doesn't wait for a response. Instead she uses her hands to keep Jake’s pinned. They both know it’s an act. He is more than strong enough to move her if he wants but she continues. She maneuvers her knees to take the job of pinning his arms. This places her throbbing cum filled cunt over his face. As he realizes her intentions, Jake understands her nervousness. She looks for any sign of rejection in his eyes but finds none. Jake thinks about her situation realizes what is at stake.

One hand reaches for his hair as the other slides down her tummy to her clit. She spreads her sticky lips and lowers herself onto his waiting mouth. She is very nervous and unsure of herself but she continues. Jake slowly licks up to touch her. She watches intently as he begins. The creamy white cum leaves her folds to his tongue and she is instantly reminded how magical he is with it. He closes his eyes thinking it might help her relax.

Again his tongue has her feeling very good and the sense of power replaces her nervousness. It also adds to her excitement. His tongue slips between her tainted folds and she shivers with the sensations. “Oh yessss” she coos down to him in approval. She watches carefully as he licks seeing his cream drip out of her. His tongue misses that bit. Without thinking her fingers gather the sticky cum and place it on his tongue. A chill runs up her spine as the thrill takes over. She gathers more sperm from the edges and continues to feed it to her lover.

It doesn't take long for Jake to clean her folds and he has her on the way to another orgasm. She is still thrilled to be having him clean her and she is very aware of the load up inside her. She slides two fingers up and inside. This pushes some of his lust out of her. She watches it disappear into his mouth. she tells him "Oh that is good Mr. Nasty!" as spreads her fingers. "Yes lick me clean!" With her pussy spread open, gravity delivers more of his payload. He reaches up and stretches into her. She bears down to force everything out. His tongue presses into her spot and sends her into an orgasm. He fucks her with several deep strokes. She cries with the crashing orgasm and presses her cunt firmly onto his face. "yes get it out, get it all out you nasty man!" She struggles for a breath before adding "suck it all out!"

Being under her control has Jake turned on and ready to fuck again. The seductress winds down from her orgasm and climbs back down his body. She is excited and announces "that was incredible, and that was a first." Jake smiles and she kisses him. As she does she feels his erection press against her. "Uuhhhh?" she moves over to inspect it. Jake smiles again and she moves to suck him.

Through the closed windows the muddled sound of a car door is heard. She stops and prances to the window. Jake is rather let down but understands her distraction. She gasps at the window and prances to get her dress. After she throws it over her head she hops to Jake for one last kiss. She smiles back as she fumbles her way through the door.

Jake barely moves as his mind plays through the events again. He wonders what else might be in store with this guest so close by?

Rating: 93%, Read 35637 times, Posted Dec 03, 2011

Fiction | Cheating, Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Oral Sex


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