Kerry by Gail+Holmes

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Gail Holmes

“You just have to try harder, if your father finds that you’re slipping behind he’ll go ballistic, you know how much he’s paying out at the moment, and if he thinks it’s being wasted!”

Kerry looked up from the table, she knew her mother meant well.

“It’s the noise mother, I just can’t seem to take it all in, its so distracting, everyone seems to be talking at the same time!” she informed her mother.

“Something has to be done, you must listen more, disregard the noise around you! For God’s sake, you are nearly nineteen, you only have a couple of weeks now, if you do not meet the criteria you are really going to be in trouble aren’t you. Then what will your father say?”

What Kerry really needed was a 1 to 1 tutoring, nevertheless she knew her father could not meet the outlay for this, and whats more, she would not ask, her mother was right, he would go ballistic. She felt so guilty, she almost had it, but for the interruptions in class, her concentration couldn’t hold against it.

However, the trouble was her hearing, but how could she let it known the she was to some extent hard of hearing? She sat at the front of the class as it was, Christ she was only eighteen. What would her friends say, they’d all start shouting, or even laughing, what if she had to wear a hearing aid, she’d lose out on so much.

“Mother… please I don’t intend to let either of you down, I will persevere, I promise!” Kerry just wondered how she would keep her promise.

“How’s my little girl then? Still buried in paper work? I’m going to be proud of you!” Her father smiled as he walked into the lounge. “It all looks all gobbledegook to me! I really don’t understand what to make of it all these days, more like rocket science!” He laughed looking over her shoulder. “Still if it gets you there that’s the main thing isn’t it mother? Well worth it in the end I suppose.”

Kerry looked up across the table to her mother, for forty she still had her beauty, hazel eyes, high cheek bones, although she wore her hair shorter now, she was still a stunner, possibly this is where Kerry got her looks from.

“We’ll work it out,” Her mother informed her as her father left the room. “There are ways and means; you’ll see!” She winked down at Kerry, as she left for the kitchen.

It was late by the time Kerry finally fell asleep, her mind raced, if she could get Mr Knight to give her extra lessons, she knew she could make it. Nevertheless, as soon as class was over he was gone, it wasn’t as if he’d a wife to get home to, he’d lived on his own for years, his home was not that far from Kerry, just two streets away. He was a good man; Kerry would have put him in his late 50’s. She could but ask, what had she to lose? Although there again what could she offer him, money was out of the question, and she couldn’t expect him to coach her for nothing.

The class was as noisy as ever the next day, but as Kerry had promised her mother she tried to persevere, she’d decided before she fell asleep the previous night that she would approach Mr Knight, just to see if anything could be done as to her studies. When the morning break bell rang, she sat at her desk waiting for the room to empty.

“Not going on your break then Kerry?” Knight looked up from his desk over his glasses.

“Thought I’d like to have a word with you if I may Sir!” Kerry replied.

“What’s on you’re mind then?” Knight inquired still viewing her over his glasses.

Kerry looked towards the door; as to make sure that no one was in earshot before she stood and walked up to the desk beside him.

“I’m falling well behind with my studies…” Kerry hesitated for moments. “I wondered if you could help?”

“In what way may I ask?” Knight replied removing his glasses and putting them onto the desk in front of him.

“Extra studies perhaps Sir!” Kerry smiled gingerly.

“Who’d pay for this extra work then?” Knight implied, swinging around to face her in his chair.

“I have no money Sir, I know my father can’t afford to pay any more. Perhaps I could do something?”

“What have you in mind… you know your capabilities!” Knight smiled.

“I don’t really know Sir; but I’m prepared to do anything, I really do need this scholarship, both my parents are depending on me!”

“Anything? You do realise the implications of that word young lady…I have noticed that you’re falling behind with your work, but it depends on just how far you’re prepared to go with this word ‘anything’!”

Knight looked her up and down; she was a beautiful young creature, attractive with a good figure, nice long auburn hair. He just wondered how far she would go.

“Think over this offer of ‘anything’ it intrigues me - come and see me at lunchtime, then we’ll talk some more, you never know we might be able to strike a bargain. You have me interested, but as I say it depends on how far you’re prepared to go, with ‘anything’!” Knight smiled up to her. “Think about it…see me at lunch time.”

Knight turned back to his desk and carried on working, but he watched as Kerry made for the doorway.

Kerry sat on the grass outside the University pulling her coke from her bag. She knew she had to come up with something to offer him, after all he hadn’t exactly turned her down, it was just his emphasis on the word “anything” that stuck in her mind.

“Daydreaming again?”

Kerry looked up sharply; the suddenness of the voice startled her.

“Hello Wendy, sorry I was miles away. You’re just the person who might be able to help me.”

Wendy lowered herself onto the grass beside Kerry, they had been friends for sometime now, although their studies differed, and they were in different classes.

“So what’s the problem then?” Wendy smiled.

“Well let me put it this way, if you had a friend and you wanted them to do something for you, you couldn’t pay them and you told them that you’d do anything for their help. They accepted, but threw emphasis on the word ‘anything’, why would they do that?”

Wendy grinned at Kerry’s question.

“Was it a male or female?” She smiled.

“Male… why, does it make a difference then?”

“Too true… if it’s a male you may depend that he’s after getting into you knickers!”

“Really… no!”

“I’m afraid so… as sure a God made little green apples, you can depend on that. Do I know him?”

“No… he’s just a friend!” Kerry lied.

“Well if you think it’s worth it, go for it! After all its not costing you anything is it. Anyway we have to get back to class, let me know if it works out for you!”


All through the next lesson, Kerry couldn’t take her eyes off Knight; he often looked her way and passed a smile. Kerry was sure that Wendy was right, but how could she say that to him, supposing she was wrong, he might throw her out of the class, then where would she be? She never had a boyfriend let alone sex! She had thought about it… but then what girl doesn’t at sometime or another. Kerry looked up to the clock, it was fast approaching midday, and she knew that very soon she would have to confront him again, if only she could have had more time to talk to Wendy!

In her mind it was as Wendy had said, she’d get what she wanted, and in the end it would cost her nothing, she’d get her tuition and no one would be any the wiser.

The bell went; Kerry sat and waited until the classroom was clear, the room went silent.

“Well have you made up your mind yet?” Knight smiled across to her. “Come over here, let’s hear what you have to say then!”

Kerry stood and walked over to the desk once more, Knight swung round in his chair as she approach.

“’Anything’, Do you mean that?” He grinned.

“Yes Sir… have you anything in mind that you’d be wanting? I mean that I could offer you?” Kerry cringed inside as she spoke.

“Well by anything I hope you mean ‘anything’?”

“I do Sir! You have but to ask!” Kerry knew this way she herself would not have to mention the words.

“So sex isn’t out of the question then?”

It was a couple of moments before Kerry got over the shock of his words. Thankfully with Wendy’s warning, she was somewhat prepared for his reply.

“No… if that’s what’s needed Sir!”

“Tomorrow afternoon then!”

“Saturday Sir?”

“Not convenient?”

“I didn’t mean that Sir!

“At my house… say three o’clock?”

“I’ll be there Sir!”

“Bring two condoms with you; and on the dot mind!”

“Two condoms Sir?”

“Two… one for before we start your lessons, the other for after. You do this each time you come to me.”

“I’ll have them Sir, will that be all?”

“That’s all” Knight smiled. “And don’t be late!”

Kerry was about to turn and walk away, when Knight caught her skirt. “Wait one moment; turn round!”

As Kerry turned to face him, she felt a hand going up between her legs, for a moment she froze, as no male had ventured to her private parts. His warm hand stroked her pussy through her panties, then his fingers started to tug gently at the band at the side. One finger eased underneath stroking her soft hair until it found her pussy lips. Slowly Knight effortlessly pushed it up inside her. Kerry reached across to the desk to steady herself as he worked it gradually in and out of her.

“Nice!” Knight smiled up to her.

Kerry had to take a breath before she could answer. “Yes… Mr Knight, but what if someone should comes in?” Kerry was enjoying it, but she was somewhat worried about the situation.

“By the feel of you you’re new to this aren’t you?” Knight inquired.

“I’m afraid so.” Kerry responded, flicking her skirt back down, noticing how Knight was gazing at her.

“You don’t have to worry; it’s my pleasure. Now don’t forget three o’clock sharp, and don’t forget the condoms, no condoms no lesson!”

Kerry had to steady herself as she walked to the door, feeling slightly dizzy, she knew that her panties would have to be readjusted as Knight had left them half way across her pussy and it felt very uncomfortable. His finger was quite enjoyable, despite the fact she’d been informed that the first time it always hurt. Kerry was thrilled that a deal had been struck, she could see forward now.

“You look quite pleased with yourself this evening Kerry” Her mother smiled as she sat at the dinning table.

“Not really, I’m going round to see Wendy tomorrow, she has some books that she thinks might help me. You don’t mind do you?” Kerry didn’t like lies, and bit her lip as she spoke.

“Of course not dear. I’m out in the morning anyway, but I would appreciate it if you stayed in until I get back as I’m waiting for a parcel and I don’t want to miss it.” Her mother replied knowing that there was no parcel but it would keep Kerry indoors until she returned.

“That’s fine Mother, I said that I’d be there at quarter to three!” Kerry replied making sure that her mother would be back in time

Knight was quite surprised as he opened the door.

“Why… Mrs Blake; this is a surprise what can I do for you?” He was worried somewhat, wondering if Kerry had informed her mother of what happened in University.

“Could I come in Mr Knight…I need an act of kindness from you.”

“By all means Mrs Blake, do come in. I was just about to make a cup of tea I’m sure you’d like one, then we can have a chat to see if I can help you!”

“Thank you that would be nice.”

“Come sit you down, I will only be a few moments.” Knight took her into his lounge and offered her a chair.

What could she want, thought Knight? Surely, Kerry had not told her of their deal. He was convinced that she would have been to see him before now if she had.

“There now, nice cup of tea, help yourself to sugar. Now what can I do for you?” Knight put the cup on a coffee table in front of her as he himself sat in an armchair opposite.

“I really don’t know how to put this to you in so many words.”

“Try me, I’m quite harmless!” Knight smiled, with a lump in his throat.

Maureen Blake put two sugar cubes into her cup and started to stir it slowly.

“Well you’ve been living on your own now for some years… without a woman around so to speak” She looked around the room as she spoke, noticing that it did lack a woman’s touch

“I don’t need a cleaner, I manage quite well on my own.” Knight smiled.

“It’s not that… please forgive me… I will get straight to the point! It’s Kerry, she’s getting so far behind with her work, its distressing her a great deal. I wonder if you could coach her… I mean here perhaps at home. The problem is that we have no spare monies, my husband and I are putting all our money into her education, there’s little left for anything else!”

“What are you saying Mrs Blake… you want me to coach her for free in my own time?”

“Not at all… this is not why I have come… as I explained we have no money. Kerry means the world to us. She’s set her heart on getting this scholarship, it means so much to her. I would like to offer myself to you.” Maureen lifted her cup up to her mouth waiting his reply.

“Yourself… as in your body?” Knight smiled not believing his own hearing, she was an attractive woman for sure.

“Mr Knight; I didn’t mean to put it so bluntly, but yes, that is what I mean. You must have feelings for a woman every now and again, I would consider it a great favour if we could come to some agreement on the matter. But please, Kerry must not know that I have been to see you, she knows the predicament that we are in with money, and perhaps you could approach her yourself, as if you are helping her?”

“Well that sounds like an proposition that I can’t refuse Mrs Blake, but when do you mean to start this new agreement?” Knight viewed her body as he did Kerry’s, she was a good-looking woman, why should he turn her down? By the look of things, she wanted it.

“If you’ll agree to it, now if it suits you…I’m only thinking of Kerry you understand, I’d like to get her on the road to success, so to speak.”

“I’m sure you are!” Knight replied, knowing that she was dying to be fucked, daughter or no daughter!

“So you agree then… I mean you’ll speak to Kerry!”

“I will for sure… tell me how often will I get this favour?” Knight mused.

“For every lesson; just ring me to say she’s been. But one thing I must ask of you?”

“What might that be Mrs Blake?”

“Tell Kerry not to mention her lessons at home to her father or myself, I’d like it to be just between her and yourself!”

“That’s fine by me, no one but Kerry and myself know about it, is what you’re saying?”

“Thank you Mr Knight… I am grateful to you, I hope I can fulfil your pleasures”

“Under the circumstances I think we could drop the Mr and Mrs don’t you?” Knight smiled. “Just plain Bob will do!”

“Maureen!” She replied with a grin.

“Then we’ll make a start if that’s what you want. You’ll have to excuse me if it’s quick… I’m sure you understand, it’s been some time!” Knight lied

Maureen reached out to take his hand as he stood. “I’ll be gentle, I promise” She smiled, following him to the stairs.

Once in the bedroom Maureen sat on the bed and coaxed him towards her. Not that he needed any coaxing, Knight slowly edged to the bedside, she instantly went for his belt, and after releasing it, his trousers and pants we’re down to his ankles.

Knight was not that well blessed, but she took his cock into her hand.

“My he is a beauty isn’t he?” Maureen remarked knowing it was less than half the size of Tom her husbands. “Lets see if we can revive some old desires for him!”

Maureen took his cock up to her mouth immediately. Knight placed his hands onto his hips leaning his body out to her.

“God I can’t remember the last time I had this done… it feels so good!” As far as Knight could remember it was two days. He looked up at the clock, he knew this would have to be quick, he wanted his energy for her daughter at three o’clock. Under the circumstances, he wouldn’t bother with any foreplay, she thought that he’d not had it for years, and with her he could be rough. But with the young ones he had to take his time. His cock was soon up, she had done a first class job, but he wanted her out of the house, next time perhaps a little longer.

Knight sat down onto the bed easing her back, his hand went straight up under her skirt, and he was not surprised to find that no panties blocked his way, two fingers went effortlessly straight up her eager pussy. He knew she’d not complain should he fuck her straight away, pulling his fingers out he spread her legs, climbing between them, aiming his solid cock straight into her pussy. Maureen gasped as he forced it up her, hoping that he’d have guessed it was big for her, he fucked her hard, she’d long dreamt of an aggressive fuck. Although he’d a undersized cock it was making itself felt, she gripped him hard with her pussy, squealing at his every thrust. Knight was really enjoying it, it had been years since he’d been able to fuck this violently. She didn’t protest, in fact she was lifting to his forceful plunges, and thankfully she wasn’t as sloppy as he’d expected with the effortlessness that his fingers went up her. His seed was building but it was more the thought of fucking her young daughter that afternoon that brought it on.

“God I’m cumming… I’m cumming… d’you want me to pull it out!”

“God no… let me have it, it will give me something to remember you by this afternoon!” Maureen gripped his waist as he fucked harder.

It felt good, this was the first time in months that he’d been able release himself into a pussy without a condom, he’d three girls that honoured his favours, Kerry would be the fourth. He was never short of a good tight fuck, but it was more than he dare do to come inside any of them. Nevertheless, Kerry would be his very first virgin, and she was a little beauty and he’d lusted after her for months, in fact some of his other girls that he’d creamed, he was thinking of her at the time. He did speculate what her mother would have thought if she’d realised that he’d be fucking her daughter in a matter of hours.

“I’m so… so sorry Maureen, it’s been so long,” Knight stated as he withdrew his cock.

“I appreciate that Bob, but don’t worry now, as long as you keep your word, remember I’m only at the end of the phone. That was very enjoyable, I only wish Tom had you’re oomph! I haven’t been fucked like that for years, I love it rough, and I have that little extra to remind me later. I’ll let it go when Kerry goes to see her friend and I’ll think of you!”

With this, Maureen swung her legs off the bed and stood before him.

“I must go I have to cook dinner before she goes out. You won’t let me down now will you?”

“You can count on me, I’ll see her on Monday.”

It was not five minutes after Maureen had left that the phone rang.

“Hello… Knight here!”

“Sorry if I’m disturbing you. It’s Blake here, Tom Blake, Kerry’s father!”

God what in hell could he want; this is all too much thought Knight.

“What can I do for you Mr Blake?”

“Well it’s Kerry really; I did wonder if you could give her some extra tuition, say an hour or two a week from your home perhaps, her assessment as you know is very soon now. If I dropped you 20 quid a week could you make it possible?”

Knight wavered for a moment not wanting to sound to eager.

“With the end of term coming up… I am somewhat pushed for time at the moment.” He implied.

“I would be very grateful, as you say it’s only for a short time!” Blake’s voice had a pleading tone to it now. “I could manage £30 if you could find the time!”

“I’ll see if I can fit it in.” Knight replied with a smile on his face.

“One thing… Mr Knight; I would appreciate neither Kerry nor her mother knowing of this. Say you are doing it off your own back, just to help her.”

“Consider it done, I’ll be seeing her on Monday.”


Knight couldn’t believe his own luck, he’d spent months lusting after Kerry, now she’d agreed to be fucked by him… her mother wants him to fuck her, for her… and now her bloody father’s going to pay him to fuck her. None of them knowing of the others involvement, only Kerry, who is going to get well and truly fucked with the outcome of it all.

Knight leisurely climbed the stairs to the bathroom; he just had to take a shower, Maureen had made him very hot and sweaty, and the last thing he wanted was for her to savour her mother’s pussy on his cock, he had planned for her to suck his cock.

At three on the dot the anticipated knock came on the front door, Knight was more than prepared for her.

“Come on in… spot on time! I hope you’re at all times this punctual, I never want you a minute early or a minute late always remember that, its most crucial for you studies, now come into the lounge, God, you look lovely I’ve only ever seen you in your University outfit, you look stunning. Sit yourself down. What excuse have you made for being out?”

“My parents think I’m at my friend Wendy’s, but I may need your help with that!”

“In what way can I help?”

“Well, I told them she was going to provide me one of the study books, they’ll think it funny that I don’t go home with one!”

“Consider it sorted, I’ll furnish you with a book, that will be appropriate. Now did you get what I asked you to?”

“These are what you wanted aren’t they?” Kerry reached into her bag, offering the two condoms to him, “As I have never brought them before I don’t know too much about them Sir.

“They’ll do fine, well if we have to get you’re lesson in, we’d better get started hadn’t we… upstairs first I think!” Knight let Kerry take lead when they got to the stairs only to look up her short skirt. There was a stir in his cock as he followed her, he was more than ready, but he knew that he’d have to take care, this was going to be an experience for both of them.

He opened the door to his special bedroom, he’d done all his fucking in here, including Kerry’s mother. It was lushly furnished, Kerry walked in and was dumbfounded by its finery everything in its place and a place for everything, with a four-poster bed to boot.

“Come over to the bed and sit yourself down.” Knight placed his hand on her shoulder as they walked. “Now you’re not troubled are you?” He asked as Kerry sat on the edge of the bed.

“If it’s anything like yesterday; I quite liked that!” Kerry smiled up to him, watching as he removed his jacket moving in front of her.

Knight sat down beside her and smiled.

As he eased her back onto the bed Kerry was rather taken back at the way Knight feasted his eyes on her as she lay beside him. He’d spread her auburn hair across the pillows each side of her face then cupped her firm breast in his hand, manipulating it gently with his fingers. Her legs were securely pulled together

“You have beautiful breasts!” He whispered in her ear.

Kerry put her hand onto his as he fondled her breast this was a new sensation to her, gradually he moved round to her lips, again being very gentle, she returned his kiss. His hand went to the buttons on her blouse undoing them one by one until full access to her breasts could be had, fortunately for him the clasp was at the front, skilfully he undid it between two fingers, then tugged it lightly. Kerry lifted herself slightly allowing him to remove it from her. His hand found her breast once more as she eased herself back down onto the bed, she found it warm as he caressed her, she reaching up placing her hand around his neck, pulling him harder onto her lips.

For moments they lay kissing whist his hand went from one breast to the other. Knights cock was starting to solidify, he knew he’d have to proceed; the last thing he required was a premature ejaculation. He sat up and looked down at her breasts - they were as he’d sensed beautifully rounded and stood out firmly as she lay below him. Leisurely he lent forward licking her breasts in an unhurried but positive technique, whist his hand moved down under her skirt, placing it over her pussy. Kerry gradually eased her legs apart allowing him freedom, his fingers manipulated through the soft cotton, feeling her slightly raised pussy though the delicate material. Knight sat up moving to the bottom of the bed as he did so, taking the waistband of her panties gently easing them over her hips then down her legs, placing them to the side. Kerry opened her legs as he moved in between, not too sure of his intentions.

Knight had waited months for this moment! He went down on her, pushing his tongue deep into her pussy, then dragging it sluggishly across her clitoris. Her taste was good, leisurely he sucked and licked, then up came his finger, slowly guiding it into her pussy. Kerry was feeling faint once more. Her whole body seemed to be pushing down towards her pussy. Never had she experienced feelings like this, she’d often heard her mother at night moaning softly, this must have been what had been happening to her.

Knight finally lifted his head and looked up to Kerry, “Your turn now!” he smiled, sliding off the bed, starting to remove his clothing. Kerry watched gingerly, never having seen a fully grown man naked, and when completely nude he turned to her and moved alongside her face. Kerry viewed the large organ; well to her it gave the impression of being massive.

“Take it into you’re mouth, you’ll love it!” He implied.

Kerry knew that she had to do it,after all, he had done it to her! She leaned across to the edge of the bed and took his cock in her hand lifting it to her mouth. Knight’s body went rigid when he felt her lips close over the helmet. Reaching down once more he placed his finger back inside her then lifted his fingers up to his nose, she smelt so good, this was going to be well worth the wait! Kerry swallowed heavily as she felt it slither in, to her surprise he’d started a fucking motion with his cock in her mouth, keeping in time with that of his finger, it was as much as she could do to catch her breath.

She had to take a breather, easing her head back off his cock, her young body was not used to this sort of treatment, however she was enjoying it.

“It feels good Sir!” she said looking up with a smile.

“I think you’re just about ready for the real thing young lady. I will let you put the condom on for me as it’s your first time.” Knight lent across the bed picking up one of the condoms, handing it to her. “Just take it out of the packet and roll it over the top!”

Kerry took it from him, slowly opening the pack, taking the soft condom out. Knight was still fingering her, but had speeded up slightly.

Lifting her hips easing herself toward the middle of the bed. “That feels good Sir!” She informed him, sensing the swiftness of his now very slippery finger.

“Done it in one!” He smiled, “Just place it back into your mouth make sure his nice and moist, then you can have it where we both want it!”

Kerry lifted his cock back into her mouth making sure that she moistened its whole length.

“He’s ready now!” Knight withdrew his cock, moving himself down the bed between her legs, Kerry had to spread them wider to allow him room, then laid back as he knelt between them, guiding his cock towards her pussy.

Knight rolled his cock around the entrance collecting her surplus juice, and then leaned on it slightly, just enough to get the feel of her tautness. Lifting her legs, he eased them forward in front of him.

“It’s going to hurt isn’t it Sir!” Kerry enquired gripping the bedding.

“Only for a second… once in you’ll enjoy it, I can assure you of that!”

He smiled down at her.

Knight remembered that to be cruel was to be kind. It should be done with a sharp push. Should he take it slowly, it would tear making it even more painful to her. He started rocking himself, allowing his helmet just inside her pussy lips until he felt her hymen. Kerry was not worried now, getting used to the feeling of his cock in the entrance of her pussy, her own juices had started to flow. His own actions were frustrating him, if he wanted to fuck her, he knew he had to do it now or never. If he did not, some other lucky bastard would, he took a deep breath and thrust forward sharply, Kerry gave out a loud whimper.

“God… Sir!” Kerry wheezed. “I don’t think I’m really ready for this, it is truly hurting me, I think I would like to stop now!”

Knight ignored her protest, nevertheless the feeling of her maidenhead tearing as he pushed his cock through it felt first-rate. He allowed it to slither up her, finding that, unlike her mother, she wasn’t limitless. He held himself motionless inside her, sensing the gripping sensation of her new pussy around his shaft, it gave him the feeling that his cock was somewhat huge

“It’s all over now, now you can enjoy it!” He eased her legs back down, edging himself up her body kissing her gently on the lips. “You’re a very brave girl!” He started moving his cock as he spoke. Kerry gripped his hips with her knees, making sure that he could give her no more pain by restricting any sudden movement.

“It’s alright, it’s gone… now you’re a woman!”

Gradually she eased the pressure on her knees allowing him sovereignty, he started to fuck her very slowly bringing his cock back to the entrance each time before pushing it back into her. He was surprised that she could take so much of him, so leisurely he enhanced his tempo. Kerry was starting to enjoy him, lifting every now and again to meet his thrusts, her body working in harmony with his own. Things we’re happening to her body her dizziness came and went, then it was time for her first orgasm, her perk little nipples standing proud as her body went rigid. She moaned loudly as Knight fucked her tenderly through it.

“God that feels good!” Kerry smiled up to him, gently squeezing his wrists in her hands as she spoke

“It certainly does!” Knight could only compare her mothers pussy that morning. Kerry’s virgin pussy was different, it gripped the full length of his shaft naturally, her mothers was just plain pussy muscles, and there’s a vast difference between the two. He was becoming tired, after the session with her mother, he needed a rest, but did not want to relinquish the feel of her young pussy’s hold on his cock.

“I think its time for you to change position, then you yourself can take control, come on over to the edge of the bed onto your knees!” Knight withdrew from her as he spoke, moving off the bed. He noticed that her pussy lips we’re now slightly puffed, but with no flaps, her juices glistened on her soft skin.

Kerry spun herself around, crawling to the edge repositioning herself, kneeling with her legs spread in front of him.

“Little nearer the edge…. that is fine” Knight moved up behind her holding her by the buttocks. “Just a little lower!”

Kerry spread her knees lowering her body, she felt Knights cock butt up against her pussy once more, then arching her back as she felt it enter. Knight held her hips, drawing them towards him.

“Now you take him at your pleasure!” Knight eased her hips in a backward and forward motion, allowing her the idea of his meaning. Kerry lifted herself onto her hands as she started to mimic his movements, at first slowly then gathering momentum. Knight placed his hands onto his hips, leaning backwards watching as his cock vanished then reappeared, traces of blood were noticeable on the condom from her virginity. She was an excellent fuck, all a man could ask. Placing his hand on his cock he gripped the foreskin drawing it back, allowing himself more sensitivity at the helmet end. Kerry noticed that there was more drag in her feelings with the foreskin held back, she started to moan loudly.

Knight was conscious of the feeling. it would not be too long now, thankfully! Her mother had drained a serving of his seed earlier, so there was little chance of him doing any damage to the condom, by overfills. Knight leaned forward over her clutching her petite breasts, holding her steady.

“Now it’s my turn young lady!”

Kerry wasn’t to sure of his meaning and held herself still, it was then that she felt the puffiness deep inside her pussy as his bollocks empted, filling the end of the condom. Knight moaned as his sperm pumped along his shaft. He felt good, holding her tightly with his cock deep inside her pussy until the last drop had departed.

Kerry turned as Knight withdrew noticing the thick creamy substance in the end off the condom.

“That felt really pleasurable Sir! But will it hurt like that each time at the very start?”

“Heavens no… that’s it now. All pleasure every time from now on! Right we’d better see about your first lesson; or we’ll be getting nowhere!”

Knight slowly drew the condom from his now drooping cock. He had enjoyed her, but he could not tell her this, he had to keep up the seniority part of the deal as he had with the others. He knew that he would have to drop the other three girls, with his new found security with Kerry, because of the deal he’d made with her parents. Why should he duck and dive with the other girls in getting them into the house, he’s got the blessings of Kerry’s parents. Anyway, he would have to get her in more or he would never catch up on her education. The more she was there the more he could fuck her.

“I’d better get dressed then!” Kerry smiled.

“All but your panties, mustn’t get them mucked up must we? Anyway they’ll have to come off again later!”

“How d’you mean mucked up?” Kerry replied buttoning her blouse.

“You were a virgin… there’s bound to be traces of blood, what would mother say if she saw that. I’ll give you some tissue to put in them before you go home!”

Knight spent two hours with her studies, he couldn’t believe how well she was doing with direct teaching, at this rate he’d soon have her back on form.

“That will do for today, you’ve done well!”

“Time to go home then. You won’t forget my book will you Mr Knight?” Kerry implied lifting, herself from her chair.

“It’s back upstairs for you young lady; I’m not working for nothing I’ll have you know, remember our agreement?”

“Why of course… I’m sorry Sir; I hadn’t forgotten, it’s just that I thought I’d taken up much of your valuable time as it is!”

“My time is my own young lady. Now up to the bedroom, there’s no need to undress this time, you have no panties on so we can get straight down to it!” Knight knew this time he could be more generous with her, with no virginity to worry about.

Kerry smiled at his abruptness, but she knew she needed his help and as the price she was paying was nothing, as Wendy had informed her, plus she found it quite pleasurable. Kerry moved away from the table and headed for the stairs in front of him.

Knight hesitated at the base of the stairs, only to get a refreshed look knowing that now she was panty-less. It was a pretty sight, her long legs reached right to the top, and with no panties it was more than worth the scrutiny. Kerry lowered herself gently down on the bed as she entered the room, smoothing the covers with her hand to cover her awkwardness not knowing precisely as to what her own movements should be in this situation; Knight sat on the bed beside her; and started to remove his trousers.

“Would you like me to undress Sir?” Kerry asked, lifting her hands to her blouse, thinking that she should be doing something.

“You’re fine for the moment, just lie yourself back.” He smiled towards her.

Knight edged along beside her as she lay back along the bed, sitting for moments viewing the slender form below him, lifting her skirt up onto her tummy exposing her pussy.

“You’ve a very impressive pussy young lady!” Kerry felt his hand move in between her legs as he spoke.

“Thank you Sir” Kerry opened her legs slightly permitting him to cup her pussy with his hand. “That feels nice!”

Knight leaned down kissing her tenderly on the lips; whist easing two fingers soothingly into her pussy, it was still moist. Kerry reached up placing her hands around his neck, as she felt her body awaken once more. Friends had told her about the pleasures they themselves had encountered with masturbation, using hairbrushes etc, she had tried it once but found it uncomfortable, not realising it was her virginity that was the hindrance. She could not foresee that the pleasures would match those of Knight’s fingers. His kissing seemed to enhance her feeling as if there was some connection with her pussy, it was most pleasurable. Knight lifted from her, moving in between her legs, then leisurely removed his fingers, immediately she felt his cock pressing at her pussy entrance.

Knight knew he was working against his own rules, but he wanted her in the raw, as he leaned on his cock it slid effortlessly into her, the feeling was intense and he hated condoms anyway. He held his cock deep within her for seconds, leaning over kissing her once more as he started to pump his cock leisurely in and out of her. Kerry lifted her hands under his arms and around his back, pulling him down, and then spreading her legs allowing him full penetration.

“God… I never believed it could feel like this!” She stammered as their lips parted, completely forgetting the Sir.

Without the condom, the feeling was more intense, she did wonder as to his intentions at the end, but at present, she could only enjoy his manhood. His cock felt tantalising, awakening her inner body senses as he increase his pace, it was like a fire bursting within, warming her young body from top to toe, she thrashed beneath him squealing with pleasure. Her young innocent pussy gripped his cock with its newness, she was his, he had broken her in. He wanted to keep her, prolong her lessons, anything, but keep her he had to. His seed was building, he would have loved to fill her young pussy, but this was not possible, a chance he could not afford to take.

“I’m cumming! God I am cumming… Open your mouth quickly!” He blurted out sharply.

The suddenness of his out cry startled Kerry, but before she realised what was happening he had heaved out of her and scrambled up the bed placing his cock towards her mouth.

“Open your mouth!” Knight cried out.

Kerry opened her mouth just in time! His hot spunk blasted to the rear of her throat, practically chocking her. Knight held her head firmly between his hands, not allowing her to withdraw from his cock until his bollocks were completely drained. Still holding her firmly he unhurriedly withdrew his cock, come trickled from the corners of her mouth as they finally separated. Kerry looked up at him, her eyes were watering. Leaning across the bed to collect a tissue, wiping her mouth, he kissed her firmly on the lips.

“That was sensational Kerry, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did?”

Kerry was still trying to recuperate from the shock of what had just happened, this was something she hadn’t anticipated, she wasn’t too sure whether to question the motive for his action, not being acquainted with sexual pleasures in the past. It wasn’t that unpleasant, he’d just taken her by surprise.

“Enjoyed it immensely… Sir” Kerry finally informed him, to his pleasure.

“Would you like to go the bathroom before you leave?”

Kerry did feel somewhat sticky after her ordeal, even though she had wished it had not ended, quite so… well unexpectedly.


“You look radiant, all go well with Wendy?” Maureen asked as Kerry walked in the back door.

Kerry’s first thoughts were that her mother could distinguish that she had had sex or even lost her virginity - she reddened immediately.

“You all right Kerry one minute you look on top of the world now you’re burning up!” Her father inquired, standing from his chair walking over towards her.

“Fine… I’m fine, just a little out of puff with the walk” Kerry smiled placing the book onto the table.

“My, this is some book!” Her father picked it up and view the spine. “Geometry for the 21st Century” He opened the book viewing it’s contents.

1. When the first 1999 positive odd primes are multiplied together, what is the units' digit of the product?

2. When x=10, the expression has the value 4. What are all four integers x

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