How I Got What I Deserved by Haywood72

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I found it I found it to be extremely arousing and addictive, and I began to read about several men who had actually experience it. I quickly found myself being drawn into it, and before I knew it I could no longer contain my enthusiasm for it.

Then one day I thought about sharing Jill with another man. It was something I had thought I would never consider, but as time went on my desire to see her with another man only grew. I felt waves of jealousy along with excitement, and I began to get off more and more thinking about it. I knew deep down I could never go through with sharing Jill, but that didn't stop me from contacting potential men for her.

Jill is still a very sexy woman for being in her late forties. She is 5'5 and just over 140 pounds. Her tits are nice size and extremely firm, while her ass is perfectly curved. Her body was made for sex, and I knew there wouldn't be a man alive who wouldn't want her.

One of those men was Alex. Alex was a good looking twenty two year old who had a huge desire to be with an older woman like my wife Jill. We began to chat with one another about Jill, and about our own desires. I couldn't believe how aroused it made me as I shared my deepest desires with him. It had been the third time that we had chatted when Alex brought up the idea of wanting to see a few pics of Jill. He wanted to see her lovely body naked and exposed, and after careful thought I decided to send him a few provocative pics of her. I sent him two shots of her dressed in her bra and panties. One from the front side, while the other was from the back side as she bent slightly over. She looked hot in both pics and I knew it would turn young Alex on.

A few days later Alex began to tell me the things he wanted to do with my wife Jill. They were direct and right to the point, and I felt a wave of jealousy come over me like none ever before. I couldn't believe how turned on I had gotten that night as Alex shared his every dirty detail with me. I quickly found myself wanting more from him, and I began to feel what it was like to be a cuckold.

He told me how he had wanted to fuck my wife Jill hard with his big thick cock in front of me, and then have me clean her pussy afterwards. This was all knew to me, and I couldn't believe how aroused I had gotten at the thought of doing what he wanted. I got off twice that night a several more times over the next week or so. I had never been this aroused ever before in my life.

I continued to stay in touch with Alex over the next few weeks. It was getting extremely intense between us, and he wanted to fuck Jill even more than before. I tried to calm him down by telling him that I could never let another man have her, but he was having none of it.

Then one night I told Alex it might be best if we stop chatting with one another. He was getting more involved than I had ever thought, and I began to worry that he couldn't judge the difference of fantasy from reality. He was none too happy with my decision to cut off ties with him, and he accused me of just using him for my own excitement. In a way he was right, and I did use him in a way for my own sexual enjoyment. It was now time for each of us to move on, and I stop all communication with him.

Alex contacted me a few more times over the next few weeks. I did my best to ignore him, and shortly after that I didn't hear any more from him over the next month. I had thought he had finally moved on, or at least I had hoped he had found another couple to get together with. Then one night I arrived home a bit early from work. I had just got in the door when I suddenly heard the doorbell. I thought it was just some sales guy until I open the door to discover it was Alex.

"Alex what are you doing here? How did you know where I lived?" I asked nervously.

"I got my ways on finding out," Alex replied as he made his way into my home.

"What do you want? I thought I made it clear that we both need to move on," I said to him as he stood in the hallway of my home.

"You know what I want! I want to fuck Jill in front of you like you always had wanted. Is she home?" he asked.

"She will be shortly, and she knows nothing of us chatting together. She will never let you fuck her!" I said to him.

I had hoped that would be enough for him to leave, but that wasn't the case. Alex was a bigger guy than myself, and he stood over six foot and was somewhere around two hundred pounds or so. He had broad shoulders along with a small waist. He was on the muscular side, and his body was extremely firm. I was extremely intimidated by him and a few seconds later he said, "Show me your bedroom cuck!"

"Why?" I nervously asked.

"Show it to me now!" Alex demanded.

I led Alex upstairs to our master bedroom. Once inside the bedroom I heard Alex blurt out, "Take off your clothes cuck!"

"Why?" I once again asked.

"Just do it!" Alex sternly said.

I began to undress in front of him until I had gotten down to just my boxers. I stood there nervously wondering what he had in mind, and then he said, "Take it all off!"

I slowly slid my boxers down to the floor in front of him as he walked over and grabbed the chair from my desk. He began to taunt me on how small my cock was, and how much my wife was going to enjoy his big cock. He then made me sit down onto the desk chair only a foot from my bed.

I instantly felt my arms being pulled back behind me as Alex grabbed the straps from our robes that hung on the door. He then tied my arms back behind me and then secured my ankles to the legs of the chair. I was unable to move now, and I began to plead with him how sorry I was for leading him on.

"Please Alex! Let's talk this out! We can work this out!" I said to him.

"There is nothing you can do anymore! I am going to fuck Jill hard in front of you! Are you ready to see your lovely wife fucked by another man's cock other than yours? She won't be the same woman when I am done with her, Alex sternly said.

"Please Alex! Please!" I once again responded back.

"You are getting on my nerves!" Alex said as he walked over and open up one of the chest drawers.

He then pulled out a pair of my wife's panties and forced them into my mouth leaving me unable to communicate with him at all. I now sat there tied up and mumbling into my wife's panties as Alex got up and left the room.

A short time later I heard my wife Jill arrive home from work. Alex was downstairs waiting for her when I heard a commotion between the two of them. Alex tried to explain to her how I had used him, and how he was going to get even with me. A few minutes later Alex led Jill up into our bedroom. She instantly noticed that I was tied up next to the bed and asked, "What is going on? What did you do?"

Alex then told her, "I am going to fuck you in front of your husband!"

I began to move my head from side to side showing my disapproval as Jill stood there in her white buttoned up shirt and gray trousers. She then said to Alex, "You are going to do what?"

"You heard me! Get up on that bed!" Alex said sternly to her.

"Are you crazy?" Jill replied.

Alex then grabbed my wife Jill and pinned her down onto the bed in front of me. Jill quickly began to scramble underneath him until Alex got control over her a few seconds later. He held tightly onto both of her wrists with one hand, while his other hand began to unbuttoned her white shirt. He then grabbed her bra and lifted high over top of her breasts freeing each of them. His hands began to consume my wife tits as he grabbed each of them in a rough manner. He then turned toward me and said, "Damn, your wife's tits are fucking awesome!"

He ran his hand over each of her tits for the next few minutes as my wife tried to free herself from under him. Alex then slid his hand down to the top of my wife's pants. He quickly unbuckled them, and began to force them down her legs. In a matter of seconds Jill's pants were now down around her ankles. He then kicked them off her, and then grabbed onto her panties.

I then watched in horror as he forced my wife's panties down around her ankles in front of me. He was now in total control, and he grabbed onto his own pants and yanked them down over top of her his tight ass. His semi erect cock was now out in the open and I sat there knowing there was nothing I could do to stop him from fucking my wife.

A few seconds later Jill's body began to squirm hard about the bed. She now felt Alex's thick cock up against her expose pussy. Jill did everything humanly possible to keep his cock from entering her exposed pussy, but it was no use. I could hardly watch, and I looked away as I heard Jill cry out in front of me. Alex had forced the head of his thick cock in between the lips of my wife's pussy. He began to fuck her hard seconds later as Jill's cries began to increase with intensity. This would be the first time that Jill had ever experience another man's cock besides my own.

Alex now pinned Jill's arms high above her head as her cries now grew with more intensity. Several minutes had nearly passed, and Jill was on the verge of cumming. Young Alex moaned out, "You want to cum all over my cock baby?"

"Oh god no! Please no!" Jill began to cry out.

I tried once again to get free, but I wasn't able to free myself. A few seconds later Jill's head began to thrash from side to side. She no longer could control herself and a few minutes later she screamed out into a very powerful and intense orgasm right before my own eyes. Her body shook hard for a good minute as young Alex continued to ram his big thick cock deeply into her.

A short time later Alex got up off of Jill. He then made her get onto all fours as he made sure to position Jill's face right towards me. Jill had her gorgeous ass high in the air, while she rested her upper body down onto her forearms. She stared directly down toward the sheets as Alex moved in behind her ass.

"You want to get fucked from behind baby?" Alex then rammed his big cock deeply into her from behind.

He fucked her hard from behind as my wife's body jerked hard from every thrust of his cock. A few minutes later Alex grabbed the back of Jill's hair. He pulled her head up off the sheets, and I could see her every facial expression as she cried out in front of me. She was now close to cumming once again, and Alex said to her, "Tell me to fuck you!"

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" Jill cried out gently.

"Louder!" Alex said.

This time Jill cried out with more intensity, "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"That's it baby! You like my big cock don't you?"

I had never heard Jill even mention that word in all of my years with her, and now she used it like she was some kind of slut as Alex rammed every inch of his thick cock deep into her from behind. Several minutes later Jill was once again on the edge of another orgasm. She held tightly onto the sheets and she once again began to scream out, "Fuck me! Harder! Harder!"

Alex now began to pound her hard with his cock. A few seconds later Jill screamed out into another earth shattering orgasm in front of me. I couldn't believe how excited my cock was as pre cum now oozed from the tip of it.

Several minutes had passed, and Jill's face was now plastered against the sheets. Her arms were extended outward and she held tightly onto a blanket that was on the bed. I was still helpless as young Alex moaned out, "Oh fuck baby! I am going to fucking cum all over your gorgeous ass!"

A few minutes later he pushed my wife's body off his thick cock as it fell harmlessly down onto the bed. He stood straight up on the bed, and then squatted down over top of her exhausted body. With my wife's legs stretched wide apart, and her adorable ass on display Alex pointed his thick member down towards it. He gave his cock several hard strokes, and just seconds later his cock began to erupt. I watched as he grunted out loudly and shot several hard streams of cum all over Jill's beautiful ass. He now covered Jill's ass in cum as he looked over towards me and said, "Did you like that cuck? Your cock is rock hard! I bet you had been waiting a long time to see your beautiful wife fucked hard in front of you!"

I felt a wave of jealousy come over me at that moment as Alex got up off the bed. He reached down and grabbed my wife's panties that were laying on the floor right next to me. He began to wipe his cum from my wife's ass with them. A few seconds later he walked over towards me with her cum covered panties in his hand. He pulled my wife's panties from my mouth and immediately forced her cum covered panties back into my mouth. I could taste his cum from my wife's panties, and he forced them deeply into my mouth.

He now wanted to fuck Jill once again. He rolled her limp body over and straddled his thick cock over top of her face. He grab the back of her head and forced his cock deep into her mouth as she began to suck hard on his throbbing member. I watched on from only a foot or so away as my cock began to throb even harder now.

A short time later he pulled his hard cock from Jill's mouth. He moved his body down her body in between her legs. He wrapped his arms tightly around each of her thighs and once again rammed his big cock back into her. Jill began to cry out immediately, and several minutes later she once again screamed out into another powerful orgasm in front of me.

A few minutes later Alex pulled Jill on top of him. Her tits now rested against his strong chest, while his hands cradled her lovely ass. He rammed every inch of his thick cock hard up inside her as Jill cried out once again in pleasure. She had never experienced anything like this ever before, and young Alex fucked her like she was some kind of slut. She was now loving every minute of it and her cries filled the room.

Ten minutes later Alex rolled Jill off the top of him. He quickly maneuvered himself on top of her and said, "I am going to cum inside you!"

I tried to object for the hundredth time, but Alex ignored me as I tasted even more of his cum. I watched from behind the two of them. I could see Alex's tight ass inhale and exhale as he rammed every inch of his cock deep inside her. A few minutes later I heard him moaned out, "Take it! Take it baby! You are going to fucking make me cum!"

Seconds later I could see Alex's ass suddenly tightened up. He began to cum hard inside my wife Jill as she cried out once again into another scintillating orgasm. A few minutes later Alex rolled off the top of her. He got up off the bed and quickly began to untie me. My cock was still extremely hard, and pre cum now slithering down the sides of it. Once totally untied Alex said to me, "Get on the bed and lick my seed from your wife's pussy!"

I tried to reason with him, but it was basically no use. He forced my head down in between my wife's legs as his cum began to trickle from her just fucked pussy. I felt my throbbing cock against the sheets and I began to grind myself against them. My cock was on the verge of erupting, and just seconds later I felt it explode. I now felt my mouth being forced down against my wife's swollen pussy. I began to aggressively suck on my wife's pussy as my cock erupted all over the covers underneath me. I heard Alex laugh out, "Are you cumming cuck!"

I felt embarrassed and humiliated, and a minute or so later he released my head from in between my wife's legs. His cum now covered my mouth and chin, while my own cum covered the sheets. He said to me, "You like that didn't you cuck! I bet you won't ever tease any other men!"

I laid there on the bed next to my exhausted wife. Her pussy was still swollen and gaped wide open. Alex's cum still oozed from it as he got dressed and left a short time later. I knew I made a big mistake by using him for my own sexual satisfaction. I guess in the end I got what I deserved!to be extremely arousing and addictive, and I began to read about several men who had actually experience it. I quickly found myself being drawn into it, and before I knew it I could no longer contain my enthusiasm for it.

Rating: 80%, Read 16831 times, Posted Dec 06, 2019

Fantasy | Cuckold, Hardcore, Wife


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