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It was a usual Friday night out with my friend Dave. We casually had a few drinks in our local before hitting the town. Once in town we bumped into a hen party, unbeknown to Dave I had arranged to meet Jane who was part of the girls hen night. Jane was a beautiful 26yr old blond haired girl with a fantastic pair of 36c tits, which matched her shapely, curvy figure to suit her 5ft 8ins height.

I introduced Dave to Jane has my new girlfriend. This pleased Jane because we had only dated 3 times in 2 weeks. Jane was holding my hand, she whispered in my ear and kissed me on the cheek.

Dave said, "Tom you never told me you had a girlfriend." I replied, "I was not sure to call Jane my girlfriend because we've only had a couple of dates."

Jane chirped in and said, "Yes, me and Tom have a lot in common and I enjoy being with him."

As we were getting to know each other one of the girls from the hen grabbed Jane's hand and dragged her onto the dance floor. Dave and I proceeded to go to the bar and order some drinks.

Dave said, "Tom how the hell did you pull that beauty. Where did you meet her?" I told Dave, "We met at the gym, she has recently joined and become a member. Jane goes regularly to the classes to keep herself trim."

"Wow" replied Dave, "are all the girls as fit as Jane".

I laughed and said you get a genuine mixture of old, young, fat, slim bid tits small tits. Someone for everyone i suppose".

Jane returned with her friend from the dance floor. She introduced, "This is my friend Carla, she's just got back from a weeks holiday in Ibiza. The lucky bitch, i could do with a holiday like that". Dave and I laughed we thought it was funny.

Carla asked, "Will you be joining us down the night club later?" Carla was standing on one foot, her right foot was rubbing against her left calf. She flicked her straight black hair gently to the side, and began twirling it in her right hand.

Dave said, "Maybe". whilst staring at her gobsmacked. I pushed Dave's chin up to close his drooling mouth. He was slavering at the jaw. I was also mesmorized by her beauty. She was the same height as Jane but a little slimmer with a flat stomach. Her tiny black dress covered her sexy ass and lifted her braless tits. The back of the dress only came up to her waistline. The girl was obviously showing off her tan to match her brown eyes, the girl had Italian parents and did not need too much sun.

Jane asked, "Do you want to come clubbing with us?" Before Dave could answer i said, "No, we can't tonight." Dave was fuming! to say the least.

Jane said, "Don't forget about tomorrow morning, come round and help me move some furniture."

I replied, "I will be round at about 9.30am. Have a good night tonight",

Jane responded by kissing me full on the lips, opening my mouth and twisting tongues.

Carla grabbed Jane my the arm and said, "Come on we better get going and catch the rest of the girls up before we lose them."

Dave a I went to a couple of more bars before making our way home. Dave told me about Jane's ex. Apparently the guy is a full on body builder, and a bit of a prick. Mick her ex is now going out with a butch girl who helps him with his weights.

Saturday Morning.

I arrived at Jane's house on time and rang the door bell. After about 5 minutes Jane answered the door. Her long wavy blond hair looked sexy resting on her nice breasts. She wore a white T shirt, her nipples were protruding and pink shorts which sowed part of her ass cheeks.

Jane said, "Hi handsome." She gave me a cuddle and a long smouldering kiss, locking our tongues. This was the longest kiss we had together.

I ran my hands down the sides of her curvy waist. I rubbed, grabbed and pinched her sexy ass. Jane pulled the back of neck with her left hand and she pulled me closer with her right hand. My cock was now fully erect and I was rubbing it against her crotch. I broke the kiss and moved my hands inside her T shirt, gently pushing her fantastic breasts and twisting her erect nipples. Jane was moaning with pleasure and her hands had slipped into my jeans grabbing my arse.

I kicked the door closed with my foot and manoeuvred her against the hallway wall. I tried to push my right hand down her pink shorts but they were too tight. I undid a couple of the buttons and managed to get as far as her pubic bush. My mouth was kissing and sucking on her tits and nipples. This felt great, she was moaning louder I thought she was going to melt.

Jane gently pushed me away and said, "steady cheeky, we can.t carry on because Carla is upstairs and i don't want her to see us like this."

Jane kissed me and said, "Do you want a coffee."

I replied, "Yes all this teasing as made me thirsty."

Jane said, "Don't be like that, i wasn't teasing."

We both laughed and went into the kitchen.

"So were is this furniture you want moving?"

"It is a couple of chairs and table, i want to move them in the kitchen. Mick will be collecting them next week."

"Do you have the key for the garage?"

"It is upstairs on my dressing table, but don't wake Carla if she is still sleeping".

I replied, "What? you and Carla slept together."

"Hey cheeky! it is a girly think, we already arranged it a couple of weeks before the hen night.

I slapped her arse before making my way up to her bedroom.

I quietly walked into the bedroom. Carla was asleep her arse was not covered by the bed sheet and on closer inspection i could her vagina in full view. My cock was fully erect again. I wanted to go up to her and lick both her arse and vagina at the same time. That girl is drop dead gorgeous i thought.

I went over to the dresser. Carla sat up startled saying, "What are you doing in hear?"

I said, "Jane said it was ok for me to come in and get the key for her garage."

Carla sat up in bed but the bed sheet did not follow her and her glorious tits were in full view. They were tanned she had been sunbathing topless. They did not sag but stood up to attention.

Carla raised her right arm high in the her and began to yawn. Her left hand grabbed the bed sheet and she covered her tits.

Carla said, "Can you make me a coffee i will be down in a minute."

I looked down on the bedroom floor. I could see Jane's sexy black panties with a pink bow, her bra the same colour and a black thong in a pile all together next to the bed. I wondered if they had a bit of girly play. I looked a round for a dildo or sex toy but could not see one.

After we finished moving the furniture the three of us sat in the front room a little exhausted. I noticed both Jane and Carla were still tipsy from their Friday night out. Jane said they did not get in until 5.30am.

Jane began to probe Carla about her holiday it sounded like she had a bit of a fling or holiday romance, and she was trying to keep it a secret.

Carla was blushing and said, "Yes the holiday was good and we had a lot of great nights out. What did i tell you last night. I can't remember.

Jane began teasing Carla saying, "you mentioned the two guys you and your friend Sarah met."

Carla said, "I will tell you later when we are alone."

"Oh! don't mind Tom he won't repeat anything."

I said, "I don't mind, carry on. I would have been surprised if you had not met anyone."

Carla was only 19 years old and i thought she was very mature for her age. She said, "I am not telling you my secrets if you guys don't tell me yours."

Jane jumped up of the chair and said, "yippee we should play truth or dare."

"I thought you only played at night and with a few shots." I am 32 years old and the girl gave me a sympathetic look.

Carla said, "Ok who goes first?"

Jane replied, "We will draw straws and the longest goes first."

Carla was first, Jane second and luckily me last.

Jane said to Carla, "Tell me about your holiday romance and have you ever had a lesbian fling?"

Carla replied, "Fuck off you bitch! What did i tell you last night?"

Jane could not stop laughing. I thing Carla was too drunk last night and must have said a lot.

Carla blushed over her tanned cheeks. She looked sexy being caught out. Carla figited whilst sat on the chair. She raised her feet off the floor and brought them up to her gorgeous tits. She was wearing the little black number from last night, and by the look, she was not wearing her thong. I was sat next to her and Jane was sat on the floor in front of us.

"Ok ok I will tell you about my holiday."

"Sarah and I met two guys a couple of days before we were going home. On the first night we played a drinking game and Sarah and I had to with tongues for one minute."

"During the kiss we touched each others tits and squeezed each others arses."

Jane said, "Did you enjoy it."

"Yes it felt good and the end of the kiss, Sarah had my tits out and was sucking on my nipples."

I said, "What did the two guys say."

"Not much, but there cock were rock hard. Sarah turned to one of the guys and kissed him whilst putting her hand down his shorts and played with his cock."

Jane was now excited and she got up off the floor and sat next to me on the chair. I put my arm on her waist and began rubbing the side of her right tit.

Carla was twisting her hair with her left hand, her right hand was strolling her leg just above the hem line on her dress.

"What happened next!" said Jane, enjoying my right hand caressing her right breast."

Carla said, "We left the guys and went back to the hotel room. When we got back to our room Sarah's hands were all over me. She had my tits out and her hand up my dress pulling my panties down."

Carla took a breath, my cock was rock hard. Jane was becoming quite horny gripping my leg with one hand and her other hand lifted her T shirt high so i could touch and play with her nipples.

Carla said, "We were both drunk and Sarah jumped into bed with me. She tried to push her fingers up into my vagina but i would not let her. She was kissing my nipples and playing with my tits."

"Was it good did you like it?" asked Jane.

Carla said, "It was wonderful, i was kissing her nipples and playing with her tits. Then Sarah got out of the bed and returned with a big bottle f shampoo."

Jane laughed and said, "The dildo shaped one, every girl should have one so I have been told." Jane's hand was now touching my erect cock through my jeans. I tried to get may hand down her pink shorts but they were still too tight. I asked her to undo a couple of buttons.

I quietly moved my left hand onto Carla's leg, she placed her hand on top of mine and slowly helped glide it under her dress. I gently stroked her inner thigh on her right leg. Her legs were too close together for me to glide up to her pussy.

Jane asked, "What did Sarah do with the shampoo bottle."

Carla said, "To cut a long story short, i rammed it up her vagina until she came. Sarah said it was one of her best orgasms ever. She wanted me to experience the dildo but I would not let her. However, once she came down to earth I let lick my vagina."

"How did it feel, I've never had a girl experience." asked Jane.

Carla replied, "It was fantastic, although i did not say that to Sarah. It was the first time I have experienced a girl."

"Will you be experimenting again with Sarah." asked Jane.

Carla blushed and said, "No i do not plan too! but you never know. Now Jane it is your turn! What is your secret?"

Jane blushed, she was twisting her long wavy blond hair in with her right hand. I removed my hand from Jane's tits and arse. I also removed my left hand from Carla's hot thigh.

"Now Jane!" I said out loud. "Carla has stuck to her bargain, tell us one of your secrets?"

Carla said, "Tell us about this sex tape you made with Mick!" Jane was red as a beetroot.

"Hey I told you never to mention that." Jane was annoyed at Carla for talking about it. Carla giggled and laughed leaving Jane seeming.

This story is to be continued !!

Rating: 45%, Read 6755 times, Posted Aug 05, 2015

Fantasy | Blowjob, Female, Girl, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male


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