Late Night Garage Romance by JackBull1900

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Oh my God she was gorgeous. She had smooth, gorgeous skin that felt like silk. She was about 5'7'' with beautiful caramel colored legs leading up to her tight ass. That girl had an ass that would catch the eye of any matured male. Every time she took a step it was meant to show someone. Her hips would move along with her beautiful strides that really brought out that God given gift of an hourglass shape that she had. She was the type of girl that I'd drool over. That I'd desire. That I'd have to have.

You see, i played football when i was only 7. That very year i met the kid that would turn out to be the best friend that I'd hang out with every weekend. But you see, that kinda came to a halt when i hit that period in my life where my body began to change physically, emotionally, and most of all, sexually. His half-sister, that sweet, innocent, perky girl that had that girl-next-door look changed in my eyes as well. Because she was half black, half white, she was gifted with the best "asset" of the African American culture. That amazing ass.

I had just turned 16 and was ALWAYS horny. The problem was, i was always afraid of getting a girl knocked-up or catching something, so i never took my relationships to a distance. Of course, I'd have certain intimate (but not yet sexual) relationships with girls, but never took it to those lengths that i so desperately desired. Every time i would hang out with my friend, his sister, Courtney would show up. And every time that I'd see her, she only got sexier. It got to the point where I'd jerk off thinking about her sweet, luscious ass.

One weekend my friend invited me over for our occasional guys time. You know, the usual chill out, watch a movie, play video games, eat food and act crazy all night. However, because his 19 year old sister was a family girl, she still didn't move out. And my God was i welcomed! I walked in the screen door amazed by the body that was in front of me.

She was wearing Extremely short shorts that couldn't even cover that Phat ass if hers. About an inch of her cheeks hung out from those sexy daisy dukes of hers, which obviously kept hostage of my eyes for a VERY long time. In addition to that, she was wearing an orange tank top that showed off her newly-pierced belly button. The top of which couldn't keep a hold of those 38DD tits of hers. (an inch hung out from the top of her tank top)

I tried to ignore her most of that night, fearing that I'd have to rip the clothes off her body and take her in front of her family. So, i just decided to keep my distance. Sooner or later, I had decided to take a break from the X-Box and watch some TV. And of course, right as i had sat down, Courtney showed up. I was sitting on the coach with my hand resting on the arm of the furniture and my legs partially spread. She gave me a wave and an innocent smile and proceeded to walk towards me.

My friend had 3 sister, two of which were in their own rooms while he was in his, Therefor,it was only me and Courtney in the living room. I had tried to avoid as much eye contact as possible with her, but had soon ended when she started a conversation with me. After half an hour, I'd changed the subject more personal, asking her if she had still had her virginity. Obviously, being the family girl that she'd been, she did.

However, when i began talking about other relationships that i had (that's some other stories), she had come closer to me. Which soon ended up with her sitting on the arm of the couch, pinning my arm in between her soft, yet firm ass and the fabric of the furniture. She gave me what was at first an innocent look, soon turned into one of seduction. Facing me, she pushed her inner thigh up against my crotch and let her leg hang in between mine. The conversation REALLY turned intimate when I had told her about the pussy that i had eaten and the tits that i had sucked. During this time, she began rotating her hips on my hand, moving her ass back and forth on top of my arm. I soon felt what was a liquid meeting my hand (she hadn't let me move my hand from underneath her ass yet). She looked into my eyes with those light-brown hazel eyes of hers and developed a naughty little smirk on her face. She knew she was wet.

But soon after, she casually got up and went to her bedroom, not speaking to me again that night. I had agreed to sleep in the living room that night and after laying down, i was soon asleep.

I woke up and looked at my cell phone that had been resting on my hip throughout my slumber. It was 3 o'clock in the morning. I had decided to get up and walk into the kitchen for a drink of water. As i let the cool Agua (I'm latino) trickle down my throat, i looked up to a sight that i will NEVER forget. There was Courtney in a lace white bra, only covering half of her gorgeous tits, and whit panties that were covered in hearts. She walked past me and looked over her shoulder while winking at me right as she exited the door that separated the kitchen from the garage. Instinctively, i followed her through the door only having one thought on my mind...lust.

There was a washing-machine and dryer right outside of that door that she pretended she was tending to. The Dryer had ended the cycle and she bent over to unload it. Now behind her, i was hypnotized by the delicious, tanned, round ass in my face. The top of her ass crack was showing through the very small panties she was wearing and i immediately got a hard on. The only reaction i had was to grab a hold of those mouth-watering ass cheeks while pinning the hard bulge of my jeans in between her ass. She wasn't startled at all, in fact, she seemed to have expected it. At that very moment, she looked back at me and licked her lips, making me the horniest I've ever been in my life. I had to have that sweet ass of hers. I NEEDED it.

Courtney turned around and faced me, wrapping her arms around my neck while i wrapped mine around her very wide hips. She practically attacked my lips, thrusting her tongue down my throat while i rubbed her barely-covered butt. We kissed for about ten minutes, passionately having our tongues dancing aggressively with one another. Then i gave her a playful slap on the ass and she backed away from me, separating our lips with a long strand of saliva. All i needed was those seductive eyes again and my confidence set in. I grabbed her waist as she wrapped her legs around mine and i threw her on top of the washing-machine. Her legs were hanging over the washing-machine, while i firmly grasped her panties from the waist line. With one swift movement of my hand, i ripped her underwear right off of her. "Oh" was all she could say as my eyes contacted with hers, telling her i needed her pussy.

I used my forearms to open up her legs and took a long stare into her awaiting pussy. Her lips and clit were swollen with desire. But what really got my attention was how moist and wet she was, juices flowing from the inside of her. She put her hands through my hair while saying, " I want you to taste me. Fuck me with that sexy tongue of yours". That's all i needed and i moved in. First, i kissed the inside of her legs which soon became the inside of her thighs, already catching the sexy aroma of her cunt, making my thongue hang out from my mouth. Using the very tip of my tongue, i circled around her pubic area and thighs, giving her sweet kisses but not yet touching her ever so waiting pussy. Then she grunted which told me to stop teasing her and please her. I slowly licked the crease of her cunt, tasting the sweetness of that pussy that before then, I could only dream about. She gave out a soft purr. I then opened up her pussy lips with my thumbs and licked the inside of her with my tongue. I licked up and down and around, toying with her clit while rubbing her thighs. Then i wrapped my lips around her swollen C spot, twirling it around with my tongue. I sucked and slurred on her clitoris being continuously motivated by her moans and scratches down my back and soft screetches. It was only a matter of minutes before she let tightened up all her muscles while climaxing. and guess what?! SHE WAS A SQUIRTER! Oh my God it was the sexiest shit i've ever seen. She just blushed and had no other option but to relax because of her loss of energy.

She slowly slid off the machine and felt the bulge in my jeans. She then kissed me and dropped to her knees. With her teeth, she unzipped my pants while running her fingers down my legs. Obviously, she was determined like i was and she pulled off my jeans with one yank which finally released my raging hard on that was concealed for what seemed like forever. My cock was so hard that it nearly slapped her on the chin when she pulled my pants from my waist. Now, I'm extremely proud of my cock because my whole family line of men WAS NOT small. My dick is only a millimeter shy of 10 inches and about 8 inches in diameter, the pride and joy of my body. She was mesmerized by my size. Hypnotized, even.

Courtney licked her hand from palm to finger tips and wrapped it around my cock. Moving up and down on my shaft, she came closer to my dick, afraid to take it on fully. "Damn Jack, where the fuck did u get this from? oh my god!" That was the last words she said before putting the tip of her tongue on the head of my cock. She whirled it around my head and kissed it often, still stroking my shaft and sending electricity through my body due to her touch. She wrapped her lips around the head and took in around 3 inches. Now she began to stroke it faster and harder which brought me to my next instinct. I grabbed her hair with a firm grip and shoved 4 more inches down her throat, jabbing the back of her windpipe with my monster cock. She gagged and her eyes watered but she refused to back away. It seemed like her nodded, so that was my sign and i buried my dick inside of her throat causing her to choke so i let go. She slipped most of it out but kept in the head, stroking my dick with her mouth as she played with my balls.

She rotated her head and took all of it in every now and then. She worked that fucking cock like a pro, switching from massaging my balls and stroking my big dick. I always kept my hands on her tits and rubbed her nipples through her bra. Not only that, but she never lost eye contact with me, letting me meet her hazel eyes every time she took my cock in and out. The eyes alone set me off and without any warning i busted a huge load into her mouth. I came so energetically, she backed off after my first shot, having my second, third, fourth, and fifth shots on her face and tits. She licked the cum that was on her tits clean off and took the sperm off her face with her fingers and licked that off too. " That was fucking amazing jack. Can i get some more?" She wanted me just as bad as i wanted her and that caused me to truly lose it.

I threw her up against the wall. I softly bit on the top of each of her breasts as i pulled the cups from over her amazing titties and wrapped my mouth around her nipples. I nibbled and sucked at them and pulled and tugged on them viciously. It was like an obsession with her body and i wanted all of it. I made those titties mine. I unlatched her bra and played with them for a little longer, only making them more sore and hard then what there were. She moaned and screamed curse words while i took complete advantage if her breasts. I squeezed them and pushed them together and finally i was done waiting. I needed her.

I pushed her up against that same dryer with her ass in the air. I teased her with my tongue just a little more right before teasing her with my cock. The head of my dick just ribbed against her soaking cunt as she shook with ecstasy. I wasted no time with her and took a firm grasp of her giant hips. I slipped in the head and she screamed. " Oh my Fucking God!! Hold on baby. PLEASE be gentle my love. please" I saw tears roll down her cheeks which reminded me that she was a virgin. "Don't cry mi amor, i'll take it easy. Just relax babe."

I got in 3 inches. Then 4. Then 5. only putting in about an inch inside of her sexy cunt every minute. Every time i moved she squealed in pain but utter excitement. Finally she gave me the green light. " I want you to feel good baby. Just push that giant cock inside of me. NOW" So i did. I took it out of her and positioned it just right. Then i rammed my full 10 inches into her in which she screamed in terror. but she loved it. Now whenever i moved she moaned, and purred. Her pussy felt like it was pulling me in. It was so fucking tight and that made me just pound her desirable cunt. Every time i pushed in my monster cock my balls slapped her pussy almost as hard as my thighs smashed her juicy ass. She could only scream and moan and shriek. I had taken her. She was mine.

Every two minutes or so, her pussy would put my dick in a stranglehold and her muscles would tighten as she shot her juices to the soaking concrete floor. Finally i grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her while i pounded her moist pussy harder then ever. Now she was SCREAMING " YES YES YES yes yes YES" switching between loud and soft as i smashed her cunt. I pulled her up a bit so i was able to get a good grip on her giant titties. Now i would pull on her nipples while i banged her hard, whispering dirty words in her ear in spanish.

On her 5th orgasm she softly said," I want your hot cum inside of me baby". So i again got a good grip on her hair and smashed her dripping cunt. I would grunt every time my cock met her uterus and her ass made huge ripples. The dryer would shake and hit against the wall making a small hole into a bigger one. Electricity filled my balls as i got faster and deeper into her, getting me closer and closer. " OH MY GOD Courtney I'm gona cum!!" I screamed into her ear with my teeth grinding. "Shoot that fucking thick milk into me! I want It!!!" That's all i needed and BAM! I unloaded a huge shot into her. 6 or 7 squirts filled up her tired pussy and my dick wore down as well.

I collapsed and she collapsed on top of me, just laying there. We kissed and cuddled all night, soon falling asleep in that sweaty garage-turned-sauna.

Luckily we woke up before everyone else at around noon and got cleaned up and dressed before they would suspect something. She asked me if i wanted to see her lick up the dry cum from the ground. But i told her that may not be a good idea. LOL

Rating: 79%, Read 15608 times, Posted Apr 01, 2012

True Story |


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