In The Beginning Chapters 17, 18, 19, 20 by davebccanada

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Chapter 17

A Trophy For Alma Mater

So that is how Mike Claymore got his Class 1A drivers license two weeks before the end of his basic training course in the Navy. And that is why that Monday morning he is on his way to Halifax with the five ton Old Thor and a heavy equipment float to pick up an artillery piece that has been donated to the school.

Old Thor is a WWII tractor built by Crane Carrier and known as a M915 by the military. He rolls out of the base early and is into Halifax by noon on the dock. He has lunch then goes to find this big gun.

He is looking for a cold war anti-aircraft gun, a 3 inch fifty caliber semi automatic deck gun that has been donated by the USN to the RCN. The Navy decided to display it at the school at Cornwallis.

Orders are to pick it up at Fleet Maintenance yard at Cape Scott so he proceeds to that location. They are expecting him and inform him it will be secured on his float by 0800 Tuesday. Mike is free for the rest of the day so he calls a cab.

Mike asks the cabby, "What's there to see here in Halifax?"

"What do you want to do? Touristy stuff like the citadel or booze and girls?"

"It's a little early for booze, I think."

"Hey, you're navy, aren't you?"

Mike chuckles, "Okay, do you have any historic booze palaces?"

"Hey, I sure do. Big Walt's in Dartmouth. Have you ever been there?"

"Nope, not me. What makes them so special?"

"Big Walt's has been there forever, started as a bootlegger back in the day with dance hall and smoky dancehall girls, if you know what I mean."

"Sorry, I'm just a country hick. What are smoky dancehall girls?"

"Black girls to dance with or to give you that lap dance or to take to the back for whatever you arrange. It's a dark old hall at the back so all kinds of things happen."

"I gather we are headed that way now?"

"But of course." he smiles enigmatically.

"Okay, drive on. What would they do at this hour in a dance hall?"

He just gets that mysterious smile again. "Wait and see." They pass CFB Halifax Dockyard Annex and the power plant arriving in the Tuft's Cove area then swing into a graveled entryway. Up over a bluff they park in front of what looks like an old WWII warehouse. It doesn't appear to have been painted since then either.

Mike looks it over, "You've got to be kidding." There's a wide cement porch on the front with nearly twenty steps up to it in cement as well and a double lead pipe railing down the center. There's a small flickering neon sign in a window that says beer.

There must be a dozen muscle cars parked in various conditions around the step in a hap-hazard fashion. Mike is sure a couple of them don't even work. "Is this place safe?"

Just then a black couple in their twenties come out the door followed by a skinny white teen who approaches them to talk. The kid has a beer in his hand and Mike is sure he is not of legal age. The kid reaches out and paws the lady while her friend threatens him with a raised fist. Mike grumbles, "It's a little early for that kind of action, isn't it?"

"Well, do you want me to wait?"

Mike laughs, "I haven't decided to go in yet."

"Tell you what, give me a twenty and we are square then I will wait five minutes. If you don't come out I skid addle. Fair enough?"

"Give me your name and number and we got a deal." He gives Mike his business card putting his own name on it and suggesting Mike ask for him. Mike nods agreement and gets out of the cab. "Five minutes, eh?" He closes the door.

He approaches the couple and teen on the steps stepping around them and puts his hand on the door. Uncertainly he gives it a tug then realizes it opens inward so pushes it. Before he steps inside he looks back to his cabby and finds him chatting with the black female and the teen. The black man is gone, around back he figures.

He turns and tries to peer inside but it is a blur of shadows although soft music issues from the gloom. He steps inside letting the door close behind him. As his eyes become accustomed to the dark he notices there is a wide bar to his left and tables straight ahead of him. To his right is a huge dance floor with nearly invisible tables beyond it.

Over head fans turn in a smoke filled haze hardly stirring the air and there appears to be near fifteen people seated or standing with at least two couples dancing a slow sensuous dance on the floor.

Mike turns towards the bar and almost trips over a hulking black man seated at a table. He stands and Mike thinks this must be Big Walt. "Can I help you?" his voice rumbles in his chest. "Your first time here?"

"Yes, just checking the place out. My cabbie recommended it as a historic site." he grins.

His voice rumbles again, "It is that. Big Walt started this dance hall right after the second world war and it has been going ever since."

Mike chuckles, "I thought maybe you were Big Walt."

"Oh no, he passed twenty odd years ago. I'm his little brother, Ike. Welcome to Big Walt's. Enjoy yourself but stay out of trouble or you have me to deal with." He gestures for Mike to move on.

Mike moves to the bar and a buxom black bar maid asks his pleasure. "Give me a Molson's Export ale, I guess." He thinks again, "Do you have draft?" then reconsiders, "Never mind, I'll go with the Export."

She slides it along the bar to him opening it as she let's go. "You're new here. I'm Billie and I'm free in about half an hour." She gives him a big smile. Mike nods good naturedly as he puts bills on the bar. He turns to watch the dance floor.

Three couples are up dancing now and he notices one couple far over in the dark beyond the dancers. Mike strains his eyes to see them and he thinks she is giving him a lap dance but in a moment he is sure he is wrong. He glances back to Billie and she asks, "Do you like to dance?"

Mike nods and looks back across the floor. "Maybe you prefer that, do you?" Her voice is near his ear and he feels his neck getting red. He turns to her and drinks his beer. He's wondering if his cab has left yet. "We can do what you like, honey child."

Mike clears his throat, "Billie, I don't think they are dancing... or even lap dancing." He stares into the dark.

She whispers in a husky voice, "I know, they're just having fun. Don't you like to have fun?" She blows softly in his ear, "Keisha is an awful exhibitionist, isn't she?"

"I never saw anyone do... at least not in public I never saw... it's so open over there. Everyone can see them."

"I think you like to watch," her voice is hypnotic. "I'll be available soon, we can go over there to sit."

"What? No, I have to get back to work soon. I have a truck and they are loading it at the base on the dock."

She sighs, "Oh, I scared you. I'm sorry, honey." She brings him another beer. "It's my treat. Please stay."

Mike relaxes and says he will for a while. He thanks her for the beer but he can't resist stealing a glance back across the floor. Keisha is now bouncing up and down in the guys lap with her tits bouncing in rhythm now free of her loose top.

Billie speaks low close to his ear from behind, "She'll get him off pretty soon. He never lasts long when she rides him that hard. Oh, I think he just lost it! Whoa, that was spectacular! Didn't you love that?"

Mike agrees in a hoarse voice, "Spectacular!" The soft love songs continue and the dancers seem to not notice. He glances back and sees the lovers now sitting across the table from each other. One of the dancing couples are taking a seat across in the dark near them.

The one called Keisha gets up and crosses to the other couple's table. She chats for a moment and then sits down with them. Mike notices the couple are young and white.

Keisha gets up and comes towards the bar. She speaks to Billie, "A Pink Lady and a Sidecar, Billie."

"Okay, this is Mike. He's driving a truck, I think for the Navy." She looks at Mike, "Right?" He nods. "And Mike, this is our bar tender, Keisha Mann." Keisha goes behind the bar and fixes the two drinks. Mike watches Billie take the drinks and head around the dance floor.

"So I guess you are new here, Mike?"

"Yes," he clears his throat, "I am... new... new here."

She smiles mischievously, "You were watching me, weren't you?"

"Uh, how could I not?" He nervously rolls his bottle between his hands before taking another drink from it.

"Did you like it?" she leans across the bar to him and he sees her exquisite breasts fully exposed to him in her open top.

Mike swallows quickly, "It was spectacular."

"Are you coming?" It's Billie behind him so he gets up and follows her to a table. "By the way, I don't do that on a first date but if you want it I can speak to Keisha for you."

"No, not me. How does she get away with that? Isn't it illegal?"

"She's old enough and she never solicits. The dance hall has nothing to do with it, they just turn a blind eye and provide a place for the girls to meet men. Most of the girls don't charge for it, just a friendly drink or two. The place makes a profit on the bar and the juke box.

"But the public nudity and..." He shakes his head.

"No one complains, I guess," she grins, "Would you?"

"Not likely, I'd be more inclined to hang out here."

She runs her hand up his arm, "I knew you liked us, Mike. You were just shy at first. Will you dance with me?"

The music is soft and slow so they weld to each other and wend their way around the floor. Suddenly a group of six black girls and two guys arrive blinding Mike momentarily as the door is opened. He says, "I forgot it is still day outside. It feels like night in here."

Billie's head drops back on his chest as she cuddles her form to his on the floor again. She seems so defenseless and small to him but she feels exciting against his pelvis and he wonders if she is doing that on purpose. He steers her back to their table.

By now one of the couples from the new group have taken a table beside them and as Mike sits down he realizes the female is stroking the male at that table. Another female from the group joins them with a tray of beers as the first female ducks her head in her male friend's lap.

Mike looks at Billie and she grins indicating she has seen. He looks back again and sees the female's head bobbing up and down below the level of the table while the other female chats at the man seated across from her.

Mike feels very uncomfortable and shifts to get up but Billie reaches to touch his hand. She whispers, "Wait." She watches them and when the man looks her way she shakes her head. He immediately pulls the woman in his lap upright and they move to another table.

Mike grins, "How did you do that?"

"He's my brother."

"Oh. but I do have to leave soon." He smiles, "I may come back, Billie. I'm not totally turned off by your place."

"I hope not, I love the way you dance." Mike nods towards the dance floor and soon they are moving as one. After the dance is over he slides out the side door looking for his cab. Of course it has gone so Mike returns to the bar.

"Keisha, can you call me a cab. I have a number here if you can ask for Toni to come, I would appreciate it."

"Oh sure, I know Toni. It was him that brought you here, wasn't it?" Mike nods and she makes the call. "He's on his way. Should be about ten minutes. Want another brew?"

"No, I better not."

"Are you going to come back, Mike? I'd like to see more of you. You have eye appeal." she smiles.

"I don't think you suffer any shortage of admirers, Keisha, but I am taken. Hook, line and sinker taken, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, lucky girl. I hope she appreciates you."

"I think she does. And I think that's my cab. Take care now, pretty lady."

"Oh, I love you. Bye!"

Mike jumps in with Toni and they head back to town. "I guess you better drop me back at the Fleet Maintenance yard, Toni. That place was quite the experience. Thanks for the tip."

"There are a lot of nice kids hang out there. Of course you have to put up with the riffraff but I guess that's the same everywhere."

"Yeah, it has a nice atmosphere."

"I sort of thought you might like it. You have that connoisseur quality about you."

"Oh sure, doesn't every navy truck driver?" They laugh together as he pulls in the yard. Mike pays the cab then goes over to the truck and checks how it is coming. He sees blocking that has been nailed and screwed into the deck to anchor the gun.

Some hands are working on it so he stops to ask, "How is it coming? Will you get her loaded tonight?"

"It's pretty close now. They are bringing the gun over with a crane so we will see how it fits. You have around four tons of gun there so it has to be set in place correctly. No problem, we have all night to get it right."

"I was hoping I might pull out with it tonight."

"No way! It's over-width so you can't take it on the road in Nova Scotia until after 0800 and only till 1600 tomorrow evening. The Province says you can run till dark but the navy says 1600."

Mike scratches his head, "I guess I better look up a bunk for the night."

"See the Duty Officer. He'll get you a room in barracks. We'll have her secure and wired for lights come 0800. Don't worry." He watches behind Mike so he turns around to see a crane slowly moving into the open with the huge gun and mount all in one piece.

Mike just shakes his head and steps back to make way. The huge crane straddles his trailer float and carefully lowers the gun into place. Many hands around the gun wave arms signaling the progress and it goes well, Mike leaves to find the DO and get a bunk.

They fix him up with a bunk and he gets a good night's sleep so that he is finished breakfast before 0800. He has already checked the blocking, chain tighteners, signage, and lighting as well as air pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, tires and brake settings.

He's ready to roll but he has to have a pilot car across the bridge to Dartmouth. From there on he is okay with his wide load signs and flashing lights. He checks his paperwork in the office and meets with his pilot car operator. "I guess anytime you are ready we can get under way."

The acquisitions manager nervously hovers, "Our engineers will meet you down there today. If you have any problems call us immediately, we will dispatch help promptly where ever you are."

"I have it sir, I will handle it like a crate of eggs."

"Are you making fun of me, young man?"

"Not at all, sir. I understand your concern and will do my level best."

"Well good, see to it. Good day, young man."

Mike climbs up into Old Thor, checks his mirrors, checks his instruments and selects the lowest gear. He toots the air horn and lets the clutch out feeling the great weight shift forward, a quick shift of gears and it rolls faster at a walking speed. He shifts again and it moves to a fast walking speed. One more shift and he lets it idle while he checks pilot car position and carefully checks each mirror.

He proceeds towards the exit of the yards on Provo Wallis Street and the turn onto Valour Way. Then a two block run to merge into traffic on Barrington Street running back towards the bridge. Now they are above the harbor and Mike follows the pilot car onto the approach to the bridge. He's rolling about thirty mph now and everything sounds and looks okay.

They round the turn and they are on the bridge heading for Dartmouth. It's a slow climb to the apex but a careful controlled braking down the far side to the landfall and out to Wyse Road. In the wide pedestrian way the pilot car waves goodbye and Mike is on his own. He swings onto Wyse and follows it around to Windmill Road, the highway to the valley.

Less than a mile takes him under the bridge he has just crossed and he winds his way through Dartmouth towards the hills beyond. It's a constant rise so he grinds along about thirty mph keeping the revs cool with the demands for power on each upgrade.

By careful calculation he catches most lights green and has to stop seldom. He sees the sea on his left as he climbs watching for a spot he can pull over and check his load. Then he spots the Moosehead Brewery and is immediately cheered up. He swings in the wide drive and parks by one side of the huge parking lot.

He checks his watch and is surprised to see he has been on the road for an hour and a half already and he is still not out of the Dartmouth area. Going over the load he tightens a chain tightener here and a turn buckle there but overall it all seems to be in order. He retightens a loose tarp strap then climbs back up into his cab.

He watches for a break in traffic then starts shifting across the parking lot and rolls out onto the highway at close to thirty mph. He manages to get her up to forty two mph before he reaches Bedford but from there it's ten miles of upgrade again and another hour goes by.

The next twenty five miles to Windsor takes him till nearly 1200 and he is still ten miles from the valley. At 1240 he spots Wolfville and knows he is on the down leg through the valley.

He once again checks his load and is pleased. He sees he has lost a small gray tarp on the rear but that's all. So quickly he is back on the road again and wheels by Kentville at 52 mph. It is 1330.

He is making good time now but he knows he can't make it by 1600. He thinks he will call in at Middleton and see what they want him to do. He could take it in if they send him out a pilot car. Otherwise he is running illegal after 1600.

It is after 1515 when he calls in from the restaurant in Middleton. "What do you want me to do?"

"Sit tight, I'll call you back."

He winks at Charlene and orders another coffee. "So your dad is an aero engine mechanic, is he. Does your mother stay to home or does she work out?"

"She has a career. She's a secretary to the civilian manager of the airport."

"And is it her you got this beautiful red hair from?"

"Her and my grandpa. He had flaming red hair. He sure was a sight," she laughs in a quiet manner.

He loses himself watching her wait on another customer. She comes back to him and jogs his elbow. "Wake up!" Then she starts, "You sailors are always wondering the same thing. I know what you're thinking. Is she red all over? Admit it. That's what you had in mind, wasn't it?"

"I'd wager you are," he grins.

"Well I guess you'd win because I am," she turns red, "well I am!"

"So what do you do for excitement around here?"

"Dances and drinking, I guess. We do have some good dirt track car races locally."

"Do you like car races?"

"Yeah, and I'd love to take part in the annual car rally. I think that would be so wild."

"They hold a local car rally, do they. I wonder how they fund raise for that. I'd like to see such an event take place at Cornwallis." He muses over the idea. The phone rings and Charlene answers it.

"It's for you, Mike."

"Sounds like you have made friends there, Mike. Okay, we are sending out a pilot car that will meet you. Go as far as you can before 1600. Take care, lad."

Mike looks at his watch. It's 1540 so he has twenty minutes. "So long, little darling" He heads for the truck and is roaring through the gears before he passes out of sight. He pushes it and is almost to Bridgetown by 1600. He runs on into town and parks at 1605.

Five minutes later a pilot car flashes his lights at him and they are on their way. It's about ten miles to the base.

Mike parks the truck in the motor pool and signs in at 1700 hours. Cliff comes over to meet him.

"You brought that baby in from Halifax?"

"I sure did. Well, me and Old Thor. That is one hell of a hauler and she handles like a dream."

"I don't think I ever heard anyone say that before. Most drivers bitch like hell over him."

"If you listen to her purr you can't go wrong, Cliff. You just have to listen to her."

"Well, go grab you some grub. They'll let you in. I called them."

"Thanks, Cliff, I owe you."

Mike goes to the mess hall and chats with the Duty Officer as he eats. It's micro waved but it tastes good.

He leaves looking for Jackie. People are about and he thinks she is likely with Jack and Bev or maybe with Mary Anne if she is on base. He checks the gym and the swimming pool, goes by the postal office and winds up by the female barracks. When a wave comes to enter the building he asks if she will get Jackie for him. She agrees so he waits.

"Well, the wanderer returns. How was Halifax? How come you get all these excursions into town?" She demands information in an irritating way. Mike is not pleased. He has been anticipating a pleasant welcome home.

"Jackie, I am so happy to see you. I missed you the last couple days." He attempts to kiss her but she waves him away.

"Did you bring me anything? Why have they always got you driving that monster truck now? What is going on, Mike?"

"Hey, aren't you glad to see me back? I got back as quick as I could. Wait till you see the big gun I brought back for display here at the base. It's a deck gun from a yankee warship."

"I thought you were going to be a pilot, not a truck driver" She sulks and appears ready to go back inside.

"Let's go for a walk. It's a nice evening."

She acts reluctant but does comply slowly. They wander towards the parade square and their favorite park bench. "I've been thinking more about my opportunities as a navy truck driver instead of a pilot. For one thing, I am now qualified to fill the position of truck driver."

"I thought the idea of controlling all that power in one of those jet planes was what you wanted."

"There's a lot of power in Old Thor there, believe me."

"What about your opportunities when you leave the service or if you leave the service?

"There's more chances to get work as a truck driver anywhere."

"I wanted you to be an officer so we could date," she wines.

"Do you think you would have a problem dating a truck driver if it was me?"

"Well, if we were both in the service it wouldn't be allowed." She's pretty certain of that but Mike knows from experience with Virginia how effective that rule is. He doesn't argue with her.

"Why is this such a big problem now?"

"The Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston started accepting women last year and I have applied to them for a career in law. I'm expecting to be accepted, Mike. I thought you would be applying for flight training and we would be officers together."

"I still have that option open to me. I haven't made application yet for flight training but I still could. I just haven't jumped into it."

She snuggles up to him, "Well, I'm glad you haven't ruled flight training out yet. Let's go find a place we can be alone." Against his own better judgment he slips her up to his room and they slide into bed together. They will have to get her out early since it's a week day.

Chapter 18

The Lots Are Cast

When Mike finishes breakfast with Jackie, Jack and Bev they all head for the classroom. Chatter is about the gun Mike brought in from Halifax and Jack is dying to see it. "How will they unload that baby?"

Mike shrugs, "A portable crane I expect. I guess they have the area up front by the flag pole all set up for it." They enter the classroom and continue their discussion.

"Mike Claymore?" It's the instructor asking.

"Here sir," he responds

"They need you down at the motor pool this morning. You're excused class so please head down there.."

"Yes sir." He speaks to the others, "They must be going to unload that gun this morning. See you guys later." He heads for the motor pool.

He arrives to a complete surprise. In front of the large vehicle doors is a 1945 conventional Hayes in Navy blue He looks it over as he heads inside. "What do you think of it?" Cliff greets him by the pedestrian door.

"Looks good. Did we just acquire it?" He walks back to look it over. "By the way, do you know why they want me down here this morning? I see you are here."

"I really can't say but I might hint and suggest it might have something to do with this truck." He smiles and Mike is really confused.

"I guess I better check in. See you later." Mike heads on inside the offices. At the counter he asks, "Is somebody looking for me this morning, Marge?"

"Hang on Mike." She checks with others in the office. She points upstairs, "Boss is looking for you." She shrugs.

Mike goes upstairs and checks with the secretary. She tells him to have a seat. In about ten minutes the Chief Petty Officer Jeane LaPierre pokes his head out and waves, "Come in Mike."

Mike enters the office to find Cliff there with the CPO2. Now he's really curious. "You wished to see me, sir?"

"Yes, have a seat and we will be right with you." Mike does so and notes they are consulting a map. He hears, "The American option would be closest but it would have to be bonded cargo with a bonded agent. We don't have that option yet, the way I see it is 416 & 401 and that makes it about 33oo kilometers. Five to seven days tops, right?" Cliff nods showing agreement.

The CPO2 turns to Mike. "We have another gun to be delivered, Mike. HQ is delighted in how well you did the job with that one yesterday so they have suggested we send you to deliver this one. It's going to the Parliament grounds in Ottawa. Do you feel up to a run to Ottawa?"

"Wow! Yes, sir!"

"We don't think Old Thor can handle a trip that far so we got that Hayes that's parked downstairs from Greenwood. Our people have checked it out, or I should say they are checking her out now but we are sure she is up to the job. Just a formality since Greenwood says she is up to date."

"When do they want it done, sir?"

"They'd like you to be in Halifax tomorrow morning so we'll try to get you out of here by noon. My understanding is they have it loaded on a low bed today so it should be all ready for you to hook onto it. You will be dropping the trailer in Ottawa and bobtailing down to Kingston." He checks the map.

"Just west of Kingston, Millhaven actually and you will hook up to a trailer of explosives there, munitions actually, and bring them back to Fleet Maintenance in Halifax. You would be wise to take a read of the directory concerning the shipment of armaments and ammunition. They'll give you a copy when you hookup because you have to sign out on the load." He looks at Cliff then goes on.

"I don't know if I am supposed to tell you this but it's between us so here goes. You haven't applied for career training after basic yet so if you handle this assignment as well as we think you will, you will be offered a job as a Navy Driver, HD class. Think it over and don't mess up. Your free to go and you can borrow one of our copies of the explosives handling manual on your way out. See my secretary."

"Thank you, sir. I'll do my best." He spends the rest of the morning getting packed and reading the explosives handling manual. He is dreading seeing Jackie at noon but knows he has to tell her he will be gone for almost a week. This is the one damper on his enthusiasm over the run. He feels it could be a breaker for her and doesn't like to think about that.

Jackie has the first word when they meet for lunch. "Where's that big gun? I don't see anything out front yet. Can't you get it up, Michael?" She laughs and the others smile tolerantly.

"As it turn out, that is not what they wanted to see me about."

"So what took all morning then?" She looks down her nose at him.

"Well, part of it was taken up by packing. They want me to deliver another deck gun to Ottawa."

"And you accepted that offer, didn't you! I can tell you're excited about something so that means you are going. When?"

"After lunch I head for Halifax and from there I take it to Ottawa and then I have a load to bring back from Ontario."

She stops and looks at him as if stricken, then wines, "When will you be back?"

"If I can hook on to the load coming back before the weekend I should be back next Monday. Otherwise it could be a week."

Jackie turn away and walks towards her barracks. Bev runs after her, "Where are you going?"

"Leave me alone!" she cries dropping her head and stomping on.

Mike calls, "Please, won't you come and eat with me before I have to go?" She goes on and Bev looks after her. She doesn't know what to do so she follows her.

Mike sighs, "Oh well, let's go have lunch, Jack. Unless, of course, you want to wait for Bev."

"Oh hell, go get us a place in the lineup, Mike. I'll wait here a bit for them. By the way, I think it's great you are getting a chance like that."

"Thanks, Jack." He goes on into the mess hall and gets in line. He nods to friends but tells them nothing. He is not that close to others as he is with Jack, Jackie and Bev unless maybe Mary Anne but she has other interests these days and he doesn't see her.

Before he gets to the head of the line Jack and Bev come to join him. Bev murmurs, "She's in her room crying. She told me to get out. She was really nasty about it. I don't know why she's that way with me. I've always tried to be her friend."

Mike knows why but says nothing. He knows she is jealous of Bev's large breasts but even she won't acknowledge it. It is her one asset she is not happy with since she has told Mike she wants to get augmentation surgery. He has always found her adequate so doesn't understand her.

Jack says, "She's just upset because Mike is going so soon to the end of our basic course. She's afraid to lose him if she has to ship out and he is not back. I expect we will get our placement orders soon."

They pick up their food and take a table by the windows. Mike is the first to spot her. "There she is. Don't say anything about her actions, guys. Just let her eat and set the pace."

She joins the end of the lineup but it is short now so before long she is joining them. She sits next to Mike. "I'm sorry I flew off the handle, Mike."

"It's okay. I know I upset you, love. I didn't know how else to tell you."

"It's not you, it's me. I'm scared to move on and I'm scared I won't see you any more. You have been my kind protector on this course and I have come to rely on you. I got my own surprise this morning." She hands him a letter.

He glances at it. "You've been accepted at the military college! Wow, you got it! They only started accepting female applicants last year and they want you! That's really neat. I'm excited for you. So you're going to be a lawyer!"

Jack and Bev congratulate her and chatter is all about Jackie for now. Mike has to accept that their relationship is ended by that letter but he puts that aside in his mind. After all they still have another week or two.

After lunch Mike picks up his navy issue gym bag with clothes and toiletries in it and his briefcase then proceeds to the motor pool. Chatting with Cliff he stows his gear in the Hayes. Cliff runs through the shifting of the twin sticks with him so he can find all fifteen gears. They are mapped on the knobs on them anyway but it is good to make sure you have it with a new truck.

Cliff says, "You are all fueled up both saddle tanks. You have your Government fuel card and the air was drained last night so I closed the valve for you this morning. I think you are about ready to go. Any last minute questions?"

"I got a feeling I owe you a lot for this opportunity, Cliff. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Just go out there and prove me right. Take care, now." Cliff rubs the bronze bear emblem with his coverall sleeve as he leaves him.

Mike cranks up the 370 Cummins and lets her settle into a smooth purr. He gets down and does a last walk about then seats himself on the broad bench and selects a gear. He toots the air horn and moves smoothly across the yard shifting many times before he reaches the gate. By the fence he sees Jack and Bev waving so he toots on the air horn again as he hits the highway for Halifax.

He settles back and smiles as he quickly shifts feeling the raw power unleashed when he touches the accelerator. Without a trailer to hold her back she almost jumps when he touches the foot pedal. He quickly brings her up to highway speed and settles back in the seat to check his instruments. He chuckles as he realizes he is quite a bit over the speed limit. He eases up thinking it wouldn't do to get a speeding ticket already.

When he reaches Middleton he has to stop for coffee and an all around check up. He is making really good time. He goes for coffee. "Well hello there, little darling," he drawls to Charlene as he comes in.

"I thought that was you but that's a different truck, isn't it?"

"Yep, got me a new horse," he grins, "Have you got me some java?"

"I sure do. Grab a seat, partner." she laughs as she goes to bring him some. She pours, "So where are you off to, today?"

"Halifax, for starters and then up to Ottawa in Ontario."

"Wow, that's a long way. How long will you be gone?"

"It's about a two day run up and the same back so less than a week on the road. If all goes well I should be back next Tuesday."

"You must love to drive. Do you ever take anyone with you? It must be lonely on the road, I mean." She suddenly starts to blush, "I didn't mean me. I was only saying..." She runs into the kitchen. She comes out in a while to wait on another customer. She watches Mike out of the corner of her eye and smiles shyly.

She hesitates by him, "Would you take me?" Mike can't believe he heard her say that. He almost chokes on his coffee. He thinks, 'Damn she's cute and a red head to boot. Damn!'

"I'm afraid the government has regulations about that. No riders is the policy."

She rolls her eyes, "And you never break the rules?"

"Is that a question?" She nods, "I try not to."

"I was only joking, Mike." she runs off to the kitchen again. Mike indulges himself with images of a naked red headed Charlene thrashing about with him on the Hayes bench seat. He can see in his mind her tangle of moist dew laden red pubic hairs and wet plump dusky red lips glistening in anticipation. He reprimands himself thinking 'I must go.'

"See you when I get back. Money is here on the counter." he turns to leave.

"I'll watch for you."

Mike walks around the rig checking that everything is secure, tires look good, he climbs up into the cab. He toots the air horn as he pulls away down the highway.

It's Hwy. 101 all the way into Dartmouth and then the bridge to Halifax and the dockyard. He makes it into the yard just before 1700 and notes the duplicate antiaircraft gun on a low bed trailer waiting for him. This time it is two guns in a twin mount but relatively the same set up on the decking.

He's met by a dockhand and they walk around it. Mike asks, "No over width signs on this one. How come?"

"For one thing your trailer is wider this time and for another, they repositioned it slightly so it is canted at a different angle on the bed which makes it's profile narrower. You'll likely find it handles better this way; solider and better balance." he goes on, "You will also notice they tilted the mounting at the front so the barrels are lower at the rear. Should give you better clearance, and you do have the low bed. That helps."

"I see they used that same tarp configuration at the rear. Can they change that? I lost that tarp on the way to Cornwallis last time. The wind gets under it too easy."

"I'll have the night shift check that. Good point."

"Okay, I'm going to check with the DO for supper and a bed. See you later."

"Why don't you take that pickup and go get a bite. Better than the mess hall, I should think."

"Do I have to sign it out?"

"No, I know where it is. Make sure you have it back in the morning, that's all." He goes with Mike into an office and hands him a set of keys.

Mike looks it over and jumps in. It starts easy so he leaves the yard and thinks, 'I wonder if they serve supper out there.' He drives out to Big Walt's.

When he comes in he can see there is no one he knows. He moves to the bar and asks, "Do you have meals?"

A cute blond black girl says, "What would you like? The menus above the bar, honey."

Mike looks in the dim light and says, "Give me a moment, please."

She snorts, "Please already, of course I will, honey." She moves off down the bar and gives a drink to another black girl there who is long and skinny. Before this one leaves the bar she gives Mike a long hard look over.

"I'll try Big Walt's Burger. What all's in it?"

"You'll love it. Why not, Big Walt loves it."

"Uh I thought his brother, Ike, told me he passed."

She laughs, "He don't have no brother but I bet he will get a kick out of that one." Mike chuckles with her. "You know you look like a good sport, I'm Janea Mathews or Janea M. is what I get since we have two Janeas. So you been here before, have you? I don't think I ever saw you before."

"Just in once the other day when Keisha was on the bar. Toni brought me here. Said it was an historic site."

"Toni, the cab driver. I know him. Well good for him."

"I'm Mike Claymore. I drive truck for the navy so I am waiting for a load in the morning. I just got in from Cornwallis."

"The skinny one with the mint green nails on the floor tonight is Bunny. She won't give out any other details. She's the mysterious type." She pushes a slider aside and removes his burger from a pass through. "Mm, that looks good. I might have one of them, myself. Good choice, Mike." She sets it in front of him.

"I'll have a draft with it, thanks." She draws it and puts it by his burger. Mike has swung around drawn by the music and recognizes it as the one he danced with Billie to. "Nice music to dance by," he comments.

"Do you like to dance, Mike?" He nods in the affirmative. "Most of the girls that hang out here love to dance. You could become a very popular guy around here."

He smiles, "I know Billie loves to dance to that one."

"My my, you do get around." She clucks her tongue at him. Mike digs into the large two patty loaded sandwich and enjoys the unique flavors.

"That is one terrific burger! What's the secret?"

"I cannot tell," she grins, "The secret's in the special sauce." She has to run and get some drinks for Bunny but she returns shortly. Mike is swung around watching the dancers when she returns so she says, "If you want to dance any of the girls out there would be glad to accommodate you, Mike. Even Bunny would do that."

"So what about you?"

"Are you serious? I can get Bunny to cover for me any time." Mike nods towards the floor and gets up. Janea signals Bunny and she heads around the bar, "Hold the fort, sista, I'm going to kick up my heels."

Janea is fairly tall with long curling tresses down almost to her breasts and she wears a loose top without a bra. She has pert medium size breasts that stand up well and move with her as she swivels her hips to dance with him. He feels the nipples brush him while they dance and it causes an immediate response in his lower region.

Janea feels it, too but she simply clings closer to him urging him to hold her closer. He whispers, "I'm sorry, you are so desirable to me I seem to be out of control. It might be your perfume."

She smiles sweetly, "I'm not wearing any but if it's any comfort to you, I am in the same boat. I'm so wet I think I am going to have to go to the bathroom." She hangs on to him, "But not right now. Later!" She steers him to the darkest area near the back tables and clings closer as they rub against each other.

Mike looks around to see if anyone else is nearby and sees a couple by the wall in shadow obviously fucking. She has her back to him and is bouncing up and down on her partner in his chair. Mike can see his large organ glisten in a distant light as she raises up then disappear as she goes down on him. "Whew! That's too much," he gasps.

She looks around and grins, "Let's grab a table." She steers him to one not far from the fornicating couple. He slumps into the seat and she kneels quickly in front of him caressing the outline of his solid cock. She slides his zipper down and releases his engorged organ smiling up at him.

He thinks that red head got him started today and he never should have come out here tonight. He places his hand on her head and says, "Wait." She shakes her head slowly questioning why. "I have a commitment to another. I can't do this. I'm sorry I came here to tempt you tonight." he mutters, "Please forgive me."

"I don't think you are half as sorry as I am. I could go for you big time, Mike" She struggles to help him cover himself. He finishes the job and asks her if she would like to dance him to the exit. He notices the other couple and now she has turned around and is bouncing up and down on him facing Mike.

It doesn't bother Mike now he has made up his mind. He steers Janea around the floor enjoying the light twisting motion of her waist under his hands. He glances back and sees they are still going steady in the shadows. They approach the exit and Mike bids her a good night.

She whispers, "Now I have to go to the bathroom for sure, you bugger. Please come back again, Mike."

Mike leaves and heads back into Halifax and the barracks. He seeks out the DO and gets a bunk for the night. That night in his head he fucks Jackie but she is black and so luscious. After his hot masturbation he sleeps like a lamb.

His small alarm clock gives a beep beep beep and he bounces out of bed. Quickly he dresses and packs then goes for breakfast to the mess hall. He checks in with the DO and leaves to start his truck. He takes the keys for the pickup into the office and has the Hayes rumbling by the time the crew arrive. At 0745 he backs up to the trailer and waves to stand clear. He toots the air horn and drives it back under the fifth wheel to sink it solidly into the pin.

Satisfied he gets down to check things out. He hooks up airlines and wiring, then climbs back behind the wheel to take off the air brake, rock her to make sure she is free then reapply the air brake with a clash. He gets down and walks around the load. He sees they have changed the back tarp to cross tie it so no air can get under it.

He thinks that looks better but he will still watch it. He goes into the office to sign out with the load. He's out at 0810 hours and blows the air horn as he pulls out of the yard.

He wants to make Edmundston, New Brunswick before shutting down tonight. That's about half way to Ottawa. He figures about ten hours driving and an hour break. These things run through his mind as he crosses the bridge to Dartmouth. He thinks one hour to Truro, Nova Scotia.

The Hayes has a lot more power than Old Thor so he quickly gets up to highway speed and runs about eight kilometers over it. The highway is clear and the traffic light as he flies along the highway across Nova Scotia heading for the tip of the Bay of Fundy and Truro.

He makes the town at 0902 and aims for Amherst by 1000. As he speeds along watching his mirrors and instruments he wishes he has a radio with him. The scenery is lovely but the sound of music would sooth his soul. He vows to get a portable if he keeps driving. After all that would work in his own truck and also the service truck. He pulls unexpectedly into Amherst, Nova Scotia and checks his time. 0950 so he stops to check his load.

He's back on the road at 1005 with fresh coffee in hand. By 1300 he is ready to eat and suddenly realizes the country looks familiar. He can't believe it. The highway is covered by a hazy smoke and the smell of wood burning. He's across the St. John River from Sheffield where they fought the forest fire. He laughs as he drives along.

In another five miles he passes the Fredericton International Airport and drives on into Fredericton for a bite of lunch. He pulls in at the Irving Big Stop Restaurant and truck stop.

He goes inside and grabs a seat not far from the door. A cute dark brown haired gal with a British accent waits on him "What can I get yeh, love?"

"Wow! I love that accent. Where do you hale from?"

She smiles with big dimples, "England, of course."

"How long have you been here?"

"I came over when I was sixteen, two years ago." she winks, "any other stats ye need?"

"Well, yeah, your favorite sexual fantasy."

She snaps right back, "Being tied up and spanked."

"Oh my God, and I am just passing through."

"Where are thou heading?"

"Ottawa and Kingston then back to Halifax."

She smiles, "Ye'll be coming back this way then." She bites her lower lip. "Would ye fancy some company?"

"Whew! Not this trip, I have a deadline but I sure would like a rain check."

"I tell thou what, if thou give me y'r name I will give thou my rain cheque. Now what dae thou want? I recommend the chef's special. It's smashing today, I had it."

"Sounds good and I'm Mike Claymore, Canadian Navy driver from Halifax and I love to turn smart alecks over my knee and spank their bare bottoms.

"I'm Rosie Ann Richards and I won't tell yeh my favourite thingamijig to dae. I'll write it on this bill with my dog and bone number." She writes on the back of a customer copy her name, phone number and 'I love suctioning floop.' "One chef's special coming up."

Chef's special turns out to be roast beef and it is good. It comes with Yorkshire pudding, gravy, mashed spuds and asparagus. Rosie Ann complains she didn't get asparagus. All too soon Mike has to go. He waves as he rolls out and she waves in the window.

Mike ponders on what has been happening. He's not too sure he is all that handsome but for some reason he has phenomenal luck with the fairer sex. Maybe it's because he loves to flirt or that he treats sex lightly and with humor or maybe it's dumb luck. He just seems to have it. Maybe he attracts women of equal prowess to his own or is attracted to them.

It's 1420 so he has been on the road about six hours. He is full and fresh again so he figures he is good for another six but he plans to stop at Edmundston for the night and that should only take him about five. He starts running due north along the Maine border.

He passes Woodstock, New Brunswick still rolling easy. At Grand Falls he checks the load and has to retie the rear tarp. One chain tightener has to be tightened. Everything else checks out. He's getting tired but it is only about forty miles to Edmundston. It's 1640 and he won't make it by 1700 but not long after. At least he will be half way there.

He has just switched fuel tanks so he might fill up in Edmundston. At least he will be close to the Quebec border and larger cities with fuel and better highways with four lanes. He can't help but think again of the English filly and her uppity ways. She would be a wild one.

He is watching his load when he sees movement. He watches closer and sees it again. He thinks, 'That damn back tarp again.' He slows and brings it to a halt on the wide shoulder. He stretches when he gets down and does some deep bends to loosen his shoulders up. Then he goes back to reattach the tarp ends.

He mutters, "At least I didn't lose it." He walks around the load and climbs back up to move on. At 1730 he pulls into The Pirate (Truck Stop Edmundston). Feeling weary he checks on fuel, fills his main tank and finally goes to have a bit to eat. A thin older woman waits on him and says she is Gladys.

Mike gets a toasted western because it's light. He asks about rooms but she says they only have bedding to rent for sleeping in the cab. "At least it's clean."

"Okay, I'll take it."

He watches a cute young thing in a booth but later notices the interaction between her and the waitress. It's her daughter waiting for her to get off work.

There is one other blonde waitress about twenty five but too old for Mike's taste. He thinks about her, 'She is experienced.' but still is not sure. She comes by to go to the bathroom so Mike says, "Hi."

"Mais hi," she smiles.


"Non, just an little."

"Okay." She goes on to the bathroom and smiles on her way back later. Mike gets up to pay his bill and collect his bedding. He arranges to have someone bang on his truck to wake him at 0630 then goes to the truck.

He opens his air bleeder valve and shuts everything down. He wonders what Jackie is doing tonight but soon he is sleeping soundly.

Chapter 19

On To Ottawa

Mike stretches and comes awake suddenly. He looks at his watch and it's 0620. He throws back the cover and pulls on his pants, looks in his bag for shaving gear, soap, toothpaste, etc. and opens the truck door as a mechanic comes to the truck to wake him.

He says, "Good morning, I'm up."

"Oui, bonjour mon ami." He departs towards the restaurant. Mike follows with the folded bedding and his toiletries in hand. He turns the bedding in at the till and gets a key for the showers. Soon he is feeling hale and hardy as he returns to the truck to finish dressing and start it rumbling.

"0645 and breakfast," he mumbles as he enters the cafe.

A five foot five inch dark brown 19 year pixie with laughing brown eyes greets him, "Bonjour, que disirez-vous?"

"Good morning, I don't speak French. Sorry."

"I'll ask you in English then, what would you like?" Her snappy eyes crinkle as she finishes, "for breakfast, that is."

"First some coffee, perhaps some scrambled eggs..."


"How is the cook with scrambled?"

She smiles, "He's very good, in fact he makes a Trucker's Scramble to die for. Smoky bacon, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and his secret sauce in hash browns in a bowl. It's delicious and filling. I love it."

"I think you talked me into it. I'll take it. Now what do I call you? I'm Mike."

Beaming she replies, "I'm Dana."

"It sounds like your favorite thing is to eat."

"Not my favorite but my number 2 favorite is pool."

"And your number 1 is?"

Her dimples stand out, "That is my secret. Now I get your breakfast." Mike loves how her eyes sparkle. Watching her he judges she has about an A bust size. For her just right. He'd love to see her on a pool table.

Mike downs his breakfast anxious to be on the road. She brings his bill and he sees she has signed it Dana Skevington. He notes that name in his memories and moves on.

Checking everything over and satisfied all is okay he pulls out to the highway at 0750. In ten miles he crosses the Quebec border rolling towards the St. Lawrence River. Just over forty miles to the river and Riviere-du-loup. Then he will follow the St. Lawrence River down to Montreal.

He passes Quebec City on the far shore of the river at 1100 and although he has made one stop to check his load is making good time. He makes Drummondville by noon but pushes on to Saint-Hyasinthe by 1230. He's not far from his childhood stomping grounds here and he feels it in the air.

He eats quickly and gets back on the road to Ottawa. He has been following Hwy 20 but changes to 417 north of Montreal. He's rolling up the Ottawa valley passed Hawkesbury, Casselman and eventually the outskirts of Ottawa itself.

He watches for Innes Road and exits following it west to Bantree Street. One block north and he turns onto Newmarket street and watches for Liverpool Court on his right. He's taking it easy now as it is quite congested here. Ahead he sees a temporary large tent set up in an open area with DND vehicles and a couple navy vehicles.

A fellow with a yellow hardhat waves at him. Mike waves back turning to pull in. The fellow waves both hands frantically as if pushing him back. Mike stops quickly.

Hard hat runs up to the cab. "I need it backed in. If you drive in you won't be able to get out because of that soft area back there. It's been soft since the last heavy rainfall."

"Right." Mike is glad he stopped. He carefully backs the way he started in then pulls close passed the drive to get an angle for the rear axles. With great care he slowly backs into the field. He straightens it out and stops. He is quite proud he didn't have to take more than one try at it.

He gets out the paperwork and asks who is signing for the load. One man shakes his head and another turns away. The original yellow hardhat fellow says, "The boss was supposed to be here after lunch but no one has seen him." Mike is glad he didn't unhook from the load yet.

"Well, someone has to sign for this gun or it goes back!" Many of the men grin when he says that. "Oh hell, I guess we have to wait. What have you got in the tent? Refreshments?"

"Not a lot but I do think we can find a pop or two. Come on in and rest your bones." Mike follows him to the tent.

Within a half hour the site manager arrives and is willing to sign for the large gun. He explains they are erecting it in just a few days on Parliament Hill. He goes through a bunch of paper with Mike making sure it is all there and he signs that off as witness. Mike's satisfied. He places blocking and drops the trailer for them. Now he's free to head for Millhaven.

Without a load he can skip gears and the tractor skims along the freeway. Outside Ottawa he leaves 417 for 416 south to the 401 by the St. Lawrence River just passed Spencerville. He thinks he will stop around Spencerville since it is getting late.

He pulls into Angello's Truck Stop in Spencerville at 2045 and is beat. He wearily goes to the restaurant for coffee and a late bite. He can make it in to Millhaven early tomorrow (Saturday), hook onto that load and be back in Halifax sometime Monday.

Angello's is a Restaurant with an Esso gas bar and lots of parking so Mike has pulled in near the back door of the restaurant. He settles into a seat and watches for a waitress. There are three of them standing whispering by the kitchen door so he patiently waits for them to notice him. When that doesn't happen he walks over to where they are.

"Good evening, ladies. Are you open?"

"Oh yes, grab a seat anywhere."

"I did but no one showed up to wait on me."

"Where were you sitting?" Mike points, "Oh, that's why. Shelley is using the powder room. She'll be right out." Mike nods and waits.

One of the girls whispers to the others, "I bet she's playing with herself again."

Another one giggles, "You can tell by the smell." They all giggle over that.

The third whispers, "She's going to get fired if the boss catches her doing it again."

One of the others, "It's not her masturbating the boss dislikes, she knows she's been sleeping with her husband. I heard her telling the cook. She's some pissed off."

Mike slips back to his seat. He wants to see this wild one now. He waits smiling. She suddenly arrives out of breath and asks, "Have you got a menu? No, I see you don't. I'll get you one." She runs off. She has short black hair, is about twenty one and 5'5" in height. She is small breasted but trim so she looks athletic.

"I brought coffee, you look the coffee type, is that alright?"

He shrugs, "Yeah, suits me. I'll have coffee if you're pouring." he winks, "I'm Mike."

"Well hi Mike, I'm Cocco with two c's and I'm your waitress tonight. Would you like me to give you some time to study the menu?"

"I would like some time but only if you will sit across from me while I study it. After all the place is not busy and there are lots of waitresses to cover."

She looks around and sinks into the seat across from him. "We are not supposed to do this but I don't see the boss."

"I don't think the boss will mind if you're leaving her husband alone and picking on me." he grins.

"Oh, who are you?" She goes to get up.

"Come on, stay here. I just overheard some gossip when I came in. I'm just a navy truck driver looking for some late supper and some company. Is that so bad? What would you recommend, Cocco with two c's?"

She sits again puzzling over what he has said. "Do you know who was talking about me?"

"No, it was one of the three over there. She said you were likely playing with yourself in the can. Not too nice pals, eh?"

"They are hard to work with and so vindictive. Thank you for telling me. I would work somewhere else if I could find a job. I heard the baby beef liver is good but it's not my style so I can't say."

"I'll give it a try. I do like liver. So were you?"

"Were I what? Oh shit no! How dare you?"

"Hey, I was just going to tell you how to hide it better. I knew you were because it creates a powerful odor. You must wash your hands and your pussy, if you can, to lessen the smell. Then the other girls won't know."

She looks down at the table in a shamed manner and Mike reaches over to take her hand, "Don't be down, it's natural to take care of your needs the best way you can. It doesn't mean you are bad or weird or anything. It's normal but learn to hide it better so they don't tease you."

She slides from the seat and goes to place his order. Mike is not sure if she will come back but he felt he had to help her. When his supper comes it is another girl that brings it. He asks about Cocco and she says she went home. Mike is disappointed but understands how embarrassing it must have been for her. He leaves a decent tip in the event she might get it.

He goes out to his tractor and opens the bleeder valve on his air tank to let it drain. Amidst the hissing he hears the door open and there is Cocco watching him. "What are you doing?" She puts her hands over her ears. "What is that?"

As the hissing air lessens he climbs up to push her over and close the door. "I am getting ready to grab some z's here so I am bleeding off the liquid from my air tanks. It builds up while I am driving."

In the dark she watches him, "How far have you driven today?"

"Edmundston, New Brunswick to Ottawa and then down here but I came from Halifax to start."

"That's a long way. So why did you tell me that in the restaurant?"

"I'm sorry if I embarrassed you but I heard what they were saying and I thought someone should let you know."

"Not many people would have told me." She looks towards him hard in the dark. "I think you would be a good friend."

He bows his head slightly, "I would like to be your friend. Do you live nearby?"

"Yes, I can walk home. That's where they think I've gone. Could you really smell that I was... you know?"

"Yes, but it is greatly reduced now. I am quite sensitive to smell but many ladies are my equal. It's a sensitivity that seldom shows up in men, I am told."

"I get so frustrated and I just need to do something. That's how it started with her husband. He was there when I needed relief so bad and I fell for it. I don't mean it was all his fault or even all my fault. We were victims of circumstance."

So you didn't get fired or anything like that tonight?"

"No, but I might. She doesn't like me and I did leave without permission."

"They're not closed yet. You could go back in and finish your shift. You just need an excuse for your absence."

"Don't you want me to stay?"

"I do. I am enjoying the conversation with you immensely but if you can save your job, I think that's more important."

"You think I'm a slut, don't you? That's why you want me to go back."

He moves closer to her, "No, I do not." He gently kisses her full on her lips in the dark. "Would I do that if I thought you a slut?"

"I guess not. I'll go back and tell them something. Thanks for being so kind, Mike. I'll always remember you."

"I'll see you again some day, Cocco with two c's."

Mike sleeps good this night. He has delivered his load and found a few new friends. Tomorrow the adventure will go on. He wraps his pea jacket around his shoulders and hunkers down.

He wakes with the sun in his eyes and checks his watch. It's 0700 so he stretches, starts the Hayes and clambers down to close the air valve. He gets back up inside and watches his instruments as the rumble of the diesel smoothens out.

Back inside for washroom, breakfast (bacon & eggs) and some Pepsi to go he hits the road by 0800. It's onto the 401 now and freeway all the way. 0820 he is to Kingston and another ten minutes to Millhaven. He swings to the right at the lake and follows Bath Road passed the Millhaven Institution and a few miles further along is Valcartier Inc. ammunitions plant and grounds. 0855 he parks by the office. He walks inside.

"Good morning, bonjour. Can I help you?" It's a middle aged lady smartly dressed.

"I have a load to pick up for Halifax Fleet Maintenance. Do you have any idea how I find it?"

"I'll get the man up here that knows exactly where it is." She sits down behind a low counter and picks up a phone. Mike feels like he is being watched but he can't see anyone when he looks around. It makes him uncomfortable.

She asks, "Is something wrong, sir?"

"No, no, I was just looking around. Do you have a pop machine?"

"Not here but down in the plant there are machines. I'm sure there's one on the docks."

"The docks. I bet that's where my load is."

"A lead hand is coming up to take care of you, sir. Sir, you can't just wander around here. Sir! Come back in here!"

He walks to his truck and knows someone is watching him. He waits by the truck. In a moment a man comes running to a vehicle gate in the fence. "Are you from the navy?"

"Yep, that's me."

"Let's see your id. Here through the portal. Just put it on the portal counter. Give me your fucking ID! Wake up, seabee, or you'll never haul anything out of this plant again."

"You can see it right there. I hang on to it."

"Never mind, take your fucking truck off the property now. I'm calling the police."

"Call them if you want but I have the paperwork for this load and it won't be my ass in the sling."

"Let's see the paperwork then."

"No fucking way! Accept my ID and open the gate. Then you get your copy of the paperwork."

The woman from the office comes to the door and calls, "Let him in. I checked with DND. He's in from Ottawa."

The man opens the gate with a surly expression on his face. Mike knows he better not turn his back on this guy. He steps up on Mike's running board and say, "Around the building and along the loading dock."

He snarls, "Have you got that paperwork. It should have the trailer number on it." One handed he opens his briefcase and pulls out a large envelope. He flips it open and pulls out a copy of the orders. He passes it to the dock worker.

"Okay, that should be it out from the docks there in the outgoing lineup." Mike swings along the lineup and he watches for the trailer. "That's it" he points. Mike swings in to drop him and swings around to back up to the pin.

Mike backs to it and stops. He gets down to check the height so there is no unnecessary jarring of the load when he hooks up to it. The dock hand grudgingly nods approval as Mike lifts the load a little with the hand crank.

He then backs under the load and gently triggers the latch solidly. He tries to pull ahead but the trailer brakes hold the trailer. It doesn't move as Mike eases off and then steps down to hook up airlines and electrical cables. Back in the cab he flips on signal lights and jumps down to check trailer signal lights then the dock hand helps him by turning the other signal light on for him. He also touches the air brakes. Mike comes back around and is satisfied.

He checks the seals on the trailer that they match the seal numbers on the paperwork. Everything looks good. He asks the dock hand, "Everything looks good to me. What do you think? This is my first load with munitions."

"Your pretty thorough and pig headed. I like that. I'm Kenneth Daniels and I think you got it. Here, I'll sign your weigh bills and that other paperwork."

He proceeds to do that and Mike says, "Your security is top notch in my opinion, I'm Mike Claymore. I expect I will be back many times."

Mike signs his copies and marks 1030 hours on them. As he pulls out and looks back at the side of the trailer while he's turning he smiles at the logo painted on the side. It says McCormick Biscuits and has a fancy picture. Not bad camouflage he thinks.

This trailer tracks well and pulls easy but it is heavily loaded so the pace is moderate. On the freeway he wheels along easy but in heavy traffic he has to take care. If anyone knows hazardous goods signs they know he doesn't have a load of biscuits anyway.

Two hours and he pulls in at Spencerville's Angello's Truck Stop. It's 1230 and he is hungry. When he sits in a booth a waitress quickly pushes a menu in his face. "Mike, you came back!"

'Well, I'll be. If it isn't Cocco with two c's. Nice to see you, too."

"Mike, It's Cocco Bertrand. Didn't I tell you? I bet I didn't."

"I see you are still working here. What happened last night?"

"No one mentioned I was gone, I guess. I haven't heard anything, yet. Pork Chops are the special with pork gravy, your choice potato and spring vegetables. Includes Apple Brown Betty for desert. It's not a bad deal, it's a buck off menu price for the chops and the desert is free."

"It sounds good, I'll have it. Oh, and coffee."

"Right away, Mike."

She's back with his coffee quickly and lingers to chat but has to run when new customers come in. Then she brings his order and brings more coffee. Mike has immaculate service. He's impressed so he makes sure to leave a good tip.

1330 and he is back on the 401 heading east for Montreal. In three hours he will be close to his childhood home but he is calculating if there is a safe place he can park the truck for the day and the only safe place he can think of is Nancy's place. He can watch it from there and spend Sunday with them.

He decides that is the best way to go. Most trucks are off the highways on Sundays anyway. By 1600 he is fighting traffic in Pointe Claire and working his way through Montreal. At 1740 he crosses the bridge at Boucherville. He heads on out to Hochelega and his former home. He goes around the block and parks in front of Nancy's house.

Caitlin comes bouncing across the lawn, "I knew it was you! I saw you go around the block." Mike catches her up in his arms to hug her.

Nancy comes out on the porch and shakes her head, "Look what the cat dragged in, Silver Heels. Come on in here."

He comes up on the porch and tells her he has to check over his load. He is having second thoughts about bringing this load into this area. He walks all around the load checking carefully and hesitates to bleed off the air tanks.

Instead he goes up to the porch and explains to Nancy. "Sis, I don't have a load of biscuits on that truck. It's a load of munitions for the Navy dock yards in Halifax. I wanted to see you all but I have grave misgivings about exposing the load to this area. I think I have to go."

"You do what you have to do, Mike. It's good to see you healthy but if you don't think it is safe here you better do as you feel necessary."

"Caitlin, I am sorry to stop and then go but I am afraid I have to. I am very nervous here." He tries to relax for a coffee but cannot and leaves within half an hour. By 1830 he is heading for Quebec City.

By 2100 he is pulling off for the night in Levis across from Quebec City and he parks in a Zellers parking lot. He locks up and walks to a nearby cafe in the mall. Keeping an eye on the truck from where he is sitting he has a late supper.

Tonight he is very weary and is sure his bench seat is going to feel pretty good. Parked in an open spot he feels secure but decides to leave the diesel running for the night with clearance lights on. He locks up and wraps himself in his jacket putting his bag under his head.

Early Sunday morning Mike wakes at 0600. He dashes to the cafe but it's not open. He ducks into the mall and finds a public washroom. He also sees a McDonalds in Zellers and it is open 24 hours. He dashes there for breakfast.

He is smarter today. While in Zellers he picks up a thermos and also a portable radio. With coffee in hand and music in the air he pulls out for the east. On his left is the mighty St. Lawrence River and for the next two hours it stays there but eventually at Riviere-du-loup he must swing south for Edmundston and perhaps Dana.

He taps the wheel in time to the music. Within twenty minutes after turning south he runs into rain. It rapidly gets worse and soon Mike is slowing on the grades. He passes a tractor trailer off the road in the ditch but there are emergency vehicles there so he goes slow and passes by.

There's not many trucks on the road and even the car traffic is light. The rain beats against the pane and the wipers fly back and forth in time to the fading music. Mike pushes on watching his load and his instruments. When he passes into New Brunswick he knows he is only ten miles from his stop for lunch.

At 1130 he pulls into Edmundston and The Pirate (Truck Stop Edmundston). Once again he fuels up his main tank before getting a bite.

Inside he finds Dana waiting on another customer. He watches her and goes to a table in her area. She comes bouncing over. "I see you're back. How was Ontario?"

"I left it the way I found it. So have you been playing any pool since I left?"

"You remembered! I'm surprised. I must have created a lasting impression on you."

"Oh you did. Yes you did. What's today's special?"

"How about me on toast?" she flashes that pixie grin and Mike is thrilled down his spine. "Okay, we have corned beef and cabbage dinner if you are so inclined. It's 25% off."

"I'll take the former first and then the latter later."

"Oh, you can't have both. It's one or the other."

"My stomach wins out, bring me the corned beef."

She clucks her mouth and goes to place his order.

Mike turns in his seat to watch the rain and thinks it seems to be clearer down in the south. Since that's the direction he is headed it gives him confidence it will be over soon. So he takes his time eating and also chatting with Dana when she's not busy. When he hits the road again it is nearly 1400 so he doubts he will make it passed Fredericton if the rain continues.

With the rain is a driving headwind so it does not concern him as far as upset but it is hard to maintain any speed. Every little rise in the road causes Mike to have to shift gears and the rises are much more frequent here than they were on the freeway in Quebec and Ontario.

As on the outward bound trip he is now running along the Maine border only heading south this time. There are no radio stations he can pick up in the daytime so the radio is turned off. He is itemizing in his mind the type of radio he wants. He adds a tape player to it as well as the previously thought up cigarette lighter adapter.

He also gives some thought to a console cup holder. It would make it a lot easier to pour and to hold his coffee as he drives or shifts. Shifting two sticks is impossible while holding a cup of coffee. He thinks, 'Now if I had a partner to hold the coffee,' and he grins thinking of Dana.

He regularly checks his side mirrors for traffic and load conditions the same as his routine check of his instruments on the dash. His hearing is vigilantly tuned to the diesel engine, any irregular sounds and purr of the wheels on the ground. His mind wanders to the stop he almost made back in Montreal.

His home in Hochelega has been a hotbed of rebellious actions in the past and might again any time. While it was his home he knows the danger of any foolish actions such as parking a load of explosives in the community. He was a fool to stop and he knows it.

He thanks his ancestors that they reasoned with him and won the victory of making his see reason. He knows Nancy agrees with him. He's not so sure Caitlin will understand. Of course when Grace hears he was there and didn't stop to see her she will be devastated. He wishes he had not stopped.

It's after 1700 and the rain is relentless. He should be in to Fredericton within an hour since he is now bearing east again and has been for a while. He passes a sign that he interprets in his mind to read 25 miles to Fredericton. Of course it's in metric, not miles. Mike prefers miles.

He tries the radio and picks up the local station and CBC Maritimes from Truro. The local one has music so he leaves it there. In about twenty minutes he see the Irving oil company sign glowing in the rain and swings into Irving Big Stop Restaurant and Truck stop. He rolls around behind other trucks parked in the yard and comes to rest at the end of the lineup. He turns off the radio and opens the door to climb down and stretch his shoulders. He locks the door then heads for the restaurant. He notices the outdoor clock says 5:55 local time.

He enters the restaurant looking for that cute English wench, Rosie Ann. He's disappointed because he doesn't see her so he takes a seat and waits for service. An attractive 34 year old brunette comes to his table, "Would you like a menu?" She has a throaty voice weaving low tones. Mike nods. She asks, "What would you like to drink?"

"Iced tea but I'll want coffee after my meal."

She smiles, "I'll remember that."

"I'm Mike, if that helps you remember."

"Okay Mike, I'm Lucy. I'll be right back."

He mulls her over in his mind. She's older, at least 30, but she's trim and with a sexy smile. He wouldn't kick her out of bed for her age. He grins.

"You seem happy tonight. Here's your iced tea, Mike."

"Actually I am not all that happy. I was hoping to find a friend of mine working tonight. She's an English girl with a broad English accent. I teased her on my way through the other day."

"You mean Rosie Ann?"

"Yes, that's her. I guess she's not working tonight."

"No, but she's here. She just came in a few minutes ago. Shall I tell her you are here?"

"Oh yes, please do." She goes and Mike is apprehensive as he waits. He wonders if she will actually come over when she does. She jogs his elbow to move him over and sits next to him putting her drink on the table.

"Mike, I was just thinking of ye and Lucy told me ye were here looking for me. Isn't that summat?"

"It sure is." He is thinking what was it she liked and what was said last time he saw her. Oh yeah, spanking and she liked to suction a guys cock. Whew, he turns red. "So you aren't working tonight."

"Aye, isn't that jolly. I can pay attention to yeh and no distractions. We can dae whatever yeh want." Her brown eyes tease under her cute brown bangs.

"Well, first I need some supper. After all, I may have to spank you," he winks.

"Oh, thou'll need ye energy for that," she giggles.

Mike orders roast beef and poutine. Rosie Ann says she has eaten but she orders strawberry shortcake to join him. Mike skips desert but drinks his coffee.

"So ye are on y'r way back to Halifax, are ye?"

"Yep, I plan to sleep in the truck tonight and hit the road in the morning. I hope this storm is blown out by then."

"Dae ye hae a sleeper? Is that what ye call it?"

"Yep, that's the right name and nope, I don't have one but I do have a very comfortable bench seat. It's somewhat like your sofa at home but roomier when you roll it back. Would you like to see it?"

She grins and her eyes light up, "I thought ye would never ask. Let's go."

On the way out she tells him she lives in town in a small apartment. She is looking for a roommate to share expenses. Her family lives in Petitcodiac near Moncton but she couldn't find work there.

Mike notices the rain is easing up and there is just a mistiness in the air as they traverse the parking lot.

He unlocks the truck and boosts her up. She wiggles her butt for him as she climbs in on hands and knees. He gets a good look at her bare butt with a trace of narrow panty and some soft black tangled down. His cock springs to attention.

She swings her feet around to sit in the seat. "This is roomy. I'm surprised."

Mike slides in beside her but leaves the door open so the overhead light stays on. He reaches down by his side of the seat and releases the seat latch allowing him to push the seat back about eight inches.

"Oh!" She almost upsets as her feet come up in the air then she catches her balance. "Blimey, that's a lot better. It's a uncle ned now." She grins across at him.

Mike says, "Such evil thoughts will get you a spanking if you're not careful." He closes the door shutting off the light.

She leans over close to him, "Will ye spank me now?" She adds, "Please."

Mike moves his hip against hers and circles her waist with his arm to pull her over his knees. He raises her short skirt and lays his hand on her ass. She whispers, "Thou hae to take em orf." His hand slides under the stretchy material and he moves them down on her hips loosening them over her sex.

She raises herself waiting for him to pull them down so he does slowly and then rests his hand on her ass again as she relaxes. In the shadows he sees her panties around her knees and her anus tightly drawn. In deeper shadow her hairy shrouded lips slightly pucker waiting his touch. His raging erection must be pressing up into her belly.

He raises his hand and she holds her breath. He thinks of the squad when he calls Ah ten and they wait for it. He drops the hand hard and fast. Smack! It stings his hand so he can imagine how it feels on her bare bottom but she gasps, "Again!"

Smack! "Again." Smack! "Oh ye, again!" Smack! "Ye!" Smack! Smack! His hand is swollen and red to match her ass and she whimpers, "Thanks, bubtion. That was so smashing. Let's see what I can dae for ye." and she unzips his fly. She unleashes his throbbing cock and squirms to lick up the full length of it. She wiggles her ass and whispers huskily, "Play with me, bubtion." Then she resumes her licking.

Mike grins and says, "I thought you said 'suctioning' a man's cock?" He lightly runs his fingers down between her wet pussy lips.

"I haven't gotten that far yet," she peeks up at him and winks. She ducks away down to lick his balls and suck on his sack.

He reaches over her to play with her pussy and wishes they could squirm around more for a true 69 but she seems reluctant to do that. He inserts a finger working it in and out of her then two.

She mouths his shaft sucking on it while working her way to the top then slips her lips over the head to suck and play some more. Then her lips start to take him in slowly then more and more until he can feel her lips against his pelvis. She chokes and eases back but he can see her laughing eyes twinkle as she sucks deeply and continues to suck as she slips and works her way up on him.

He works his fingers in her playing with her clit and seeking her G spot. Finally he slips a thumb in her anus while working with her cunt and wiggles everything. He is sure she is sucking him dry but so far he has not cum.

She swallows him again and works her mouth as she rises to suck harder and harder on his cock. Near the top she wraps her tongue around the head and works it then sucks the head hard and feels the shaft expanding. She grins and sucks some more waiting for the outpouring juice.

Mike feels it, too and attempts to shift her so she can get off him fast if she wants but all he has time to do is gasp, "Cumming! Oh God!" She sucks and swallows and sucks and swallows. She happily laps his organ as it squirts again then contently wraps her lips around it and sucks lightly with a smile on her face.

Mike rubs her labial lips lightly as she relaxes. She raises her head and asks, "Are ye happy now?"

"I certainly am, but what about you. All you got was abused tonight. If we wait a bit I am sure I can do more for you."

"I'm content, Mike. ye fulfilled my fantasy and I gave ye pleasure in return. It's dooze for now. Maybe we will get together again one day. ta." She pulls her panties up and gets ready to leave.

Mike gets down with her and watches her leave in a small English sports car. They wave to each other and are unaware that older eyes are watching them from the restaurant. Lucy Dutch wonders what it would be like to ride that young steed that took Rosie Ann to his truck.

Mike sleeps well this night.

Chapter 20

Home again

Always an early riser, Mike is up with the truck rumbling and belching black smoke by 0600. He goes for breakfast and is on the highway by 0650. By 0800 he is passing Moncton and 0900 puts him in Truro, Nova Scotia. He's an hour from Halifax and making good time.

At 1030 he places the bills on the desk in the office of Fleet Maintenance and turns the consignment of the cargo over to Naval Supply.

"Well done, LS Claymore. I don't see any further work for you at this time so it would appear you are to return to your unit at Cornwallis. The Hayes tractor you are driving is assigned to that location as well so you best take it there. That is all."

Mike takes his leave and is on the road home shortly after 1100 on Monday of the last week of his basic navy course. So at 1330 he stops in Middleton at the restaurant.

"I'm back."

"I see you are. How is the new truck running?"

"It ran well. I just got back from Ottawa."

"You do take long runs. What would you like? Want a menu?"

"Yep, I haven't had any lunch yet. I was holding off until I could eat with you. You know you are my favorite redhead."

"Oh, you tell all the redheads that." She goes for his menu.

"Have you decided to go out with me, yet?"

"Oh Mike, don't you ever give up? My dad would kill me if I went out with a serviceman."

"You know I like to tease." He winks at her. "You can bring me a cheeseburger and fries, please. Oh, and a coke."

He eats his lunch and heads towards the base. He rolls into the motor pool at 1530 and puts the truck to rest by the fence. Inside Cliff welcomes him back with a hearty handshake. "Great to see you back so soon. How did it go?"

"I love that big Hayes, she purrs right along and handles like a dream. If I get to drive her often I'll name her. What's been happening here?"

"Not a lot. George went down to Yarmouth Saturday and hasn't been back. Wife is worried about him but not me. I figure he's on a bender with old buddies."

"Well, I hope he's alright. I better go check in and get some supper. It won't be long before the course is out for the day."

"Catch you later, Mike"

He let's them know he is back in the office and then heads for the mess hall by way of the classrooms. He notes the rooms are empty so he checks the gym and last looks up the parade square but no class. So he heads for his room to put away his gym bag of luggage and his briefcase.

When he reaches the mess hall he sees Jack and Bev. He waves and they wave back. He gets his food and joins them. Bev is bubbling over to tell him something so he asks, "Okay Beverley, what's new?"

Smiling all over her face she holds out her hand flashing an engagement ring. "Guess."

"Well, congratulations to both of you. I'm so happy for you. When did he pop the question?"

She giggles, "When I told him I was pregnant!"

"I guess congratulations is in style for that, too. What are you wishing for, Jack? A boy?"

"A healthy baby, that's all."

"So where's my gal tonight?"

Jack looks troubled. "I think she might be avoiding you, buddy."

"Why? How come?"

Jack tries to say, "I think she better explain that."

But Bev speaks up, "She's messing with a pilot from Greenwood. He gave her a car. It was his but he got a new one. At least that is how she explains it."

"I see. I hope she has a good time with him." He suddenly doesn't feel hungry so excuses himself and goes to dump his tray. He returns to the barracks.

He thinks it over and realizes she might have been seeing someone else before this week. Things have been cooling between them and they have bickered a bit. He has found other interests the same as her, if he is honest. Perhaps it's best to end it now. He unpacks and does some laundry.

In the morning she is not at breakfast but when they go to the classroom she shows up late. She looks away whenever Mike tries to catch her attention. After first hour she demands, "So you are back! When did you get back?"

"Honey, don't make a fight with me. I know about your friend at Greenwood and I'm not upset. We are parting the end of this week so let's part as friends. I still care deeply for you and don't want you to suffer any harm."

"Oh Mike, I was so lonely when you went away without me."

"I know and we both knew we were going different ways when we leave here anyway."

"Yes, that's true."

So they chat until reconvened in class. In the afternoon it is parade time and the drill is merciless. It has to be done correctly and in sync for the passing out parade on Friday morning.

Tuesday is wrapping up courses and more drill. Tuesday night Jackie takes Mike to the parking lot and shows him her 1961 Nash Metropolitan Convertible in pink and white. She is so proud of it and expects to drive it to the Military College next week. She takes off heading for Greenwood and Mike waves to her.

He goes back to the barracks and writes a letter to Grace apologizing for not looking her up while he was in town. He tries to explain to her why but he is not sure she will understand any more than Caitlin did. He tells her he is moving after this week but is not sure where. He hasn't been assigned yet.

He takes the letter down to post it and walks to the motor pool. He stands beside the Hayes still parked where he left it. He runs his hands over the fender and the door, taps the gas tank drum and checks to make sure the air pressure valve is open. Now he feels lonely so he goes back to the gate and signs himself out.

He climbs into Tryst and starts her up. He listens to her hum and feels cheered. He puts her in gear and heads out the gate towards Digby. He runs into town and drives around before settling on hitting a restaurant. He goes in and sits at the counter. It's a quiet night with only one customer in a booth so when the young skinny blonde waitress asks he says coffee.

She sets it in front of him and he puts his hand on hers, "Cream, please." He smiles and she smiles back at him. She gets some cream and leans against a ledge behind her.

"So what are you doing out on a week night? Your at the base, aren't you? Or are you married?"

"Yep, I'm at the base and Nope, not married. You?"

"Oh sure. With all the eligible bachelors around here, why not. No, not married or anything."

"Not anything? I can't believe that as cute as you are." He whistles softly.

She turns coy and puts on airs, "I could be dating the football champ but Marilee beat my time. Marilee, the perfect, Marilee, the bitch but other than that I get by."

"I bet you do. There must be lots of town boys got their eye on you. I would if I was living locally."

She smiles at him and seems to be measuring him up. "What do you do at the base?"

"I'm on the basic course. I just joined the navy. I'm from Montreal."

Her eyes get big, "Montreal, wow and you're stuck down here. What's it like in Montreal?"

"Well, for one thing there's a lot of French people there. In some areas there are no English speaking people."

She walks to the front windows, "Is that your truck?" He nods. "It's pink!" she looks closer, "Is it really pink or is it just the light?"

"It's pink. Do you like it?"

"I do like it. I'll be right back." She runs out the door to look at it closer. She comes back in, "I think that's so neat!"

"Do you want a ride in it?"

"Maybe. When?"

"Well, after work. When do you get off? By the way, I'm Mike Claymore."

"I don't know, can I trust you? I'm Elana Cruise."

"I hope you can. I haven't bitten anyone yet but..."

"Oh you, you're teasing me. Okay, if you want to wait I will be off in about an hour."

"I'll be glad to wait. Are you still in school?"

"Yeah, but I'm finished this year. I'm eighteen so it is time I got out of there. How old are you?"

"Hey, I'm eighteen. How about that?"

She brings the coffee pot and fills his cup again then goes to the old gentleman in the booth. "More coffee for you, Joe?" She pours his cup full. He says something low to her and she waves her hand. "It's okay, he's a gentleman."

She comes back and says, "Joe worries about me working here nights all alone but I do have the cook in the kitchen if he's awake."

They chat until the owner comes in and wakes the cook, chases Joe out and advises Elana to be careful then lets her go with Mike as he locks the place up for the night.

Mike opens her door for her and then goes around to hop in. She slides across the seat to sit by him as he starts Tryst up. "Where shall we go? I expect your parents expect you home."

"Mom is alone and likely sleeping. We live alone and she usually can't stay up till I come in. She has to work tomorrow. Let's go out to the ferry landing."

"You'll have to show me the way. I doubt if I have been there." They are moving on the street and Mike shifts gears pulling the shift between her legs.

"Oh!" she says. "What was that?"

"I had to shift gears. Have you never been in a standard transmission type vehicle before?"

"I don't think so. It felt funny... and sort of good, if you know what I mean."

"Oh, you're not a virgin?"

"Well gosh, no. Not in this day and age. I been doing that for a year now."

"Are you sure you are eighteen?"

"Just keep following Shore Road. It's not far now." Mike looks around and realizes they are outside of town. His headlights pick out the narrow road as they travel along. Elana calls out, "There it is up ahead. Don't go right down to the landing, pull in here by that grove. He pulls in and the dirt track trails around to a bank overlooking the water and the dock.

"Do you like it? This is the local lover's lane." She leans against him and extends her lips puckered up for him. Mike slides one arm around her narrow waist and pulls her closer to kiss her ardently. "Whew! I guess you like it." she giggles.

She places her hands on his chest to kiss him again and wriggles closer almost in his lap. She is the passionate kisser this time and they squirm to press themselves closer. Mike opens his mouth and her tongue flashes into it seeking his tongue to play with. He counters parrying her tongue with his in her mouth.

They squirm some more, Mike reaches down to slide the seat back from the wheel and they end up laying on the seat crushed together. Mike fondles her small breast as the kisses continue and she reaches around to undo her bra. It comes loose in Mike's hand so he pulls it free to caress her breasts freely. She's now busy trying to get his belt and pants undone but she rubs him hard in frustration. He undoes it for her and her hand flashes into his shorts.

Her lips kiss him all over his face as she reaches in for his hard cock and strokes it frantically. His hands are each on a breast kneading and playing with the nipples. He moves his far hand to her crotch feeling under her uniform skirt. She is soaking wet and slippery between her legs. Her hand flashes down to pull her skirt up over her head.

Wiggling around she tosses it on the floor and pulls his hand tighter into her crotch. Her breath is rasping in her throat as she urges him to move on top of her. Mike follows her urgings and is soon sprawled between her legs. He presses the head of his erection between the outer and inner lips of her cunt but hesitates.

She rasps, "I really need that, Mike. You don't know how much I need that. Ever since you came in and sat down on that stool I've been dripping wet. Fuck me good and don't worry, I'm on the pill!"

She mashes her lips to his and pushes her tongue in his mouth as she starts bucking under him up and down. Mike responds by driving into her over and over as their mouths interplay. It's hot and heavy romping in Tryst tonight and the springs start squeaking with them.

Mike is hunched up between her legs with his right foot on the floor and she is lying under the steering wheel. By raising his head he can see the lights and the ferry dock below but for right now he is busy sucking on a breast as he rams hard into her. She is holding his head and swaying her body striving to rise and meet his every thrust. They are both breathing hard and grunting.

She tries to wrap her legs around him moaning all the while deep in her throat. She frantically kisses the top of his head as he seems to push on her stomach inside her. He struggles to get in farther with each thrust. She cries out, "More, oh more!" His balls slap against her rhythmically in time with the squeaks of the springs under them.

He raises his head and looks at the dock, "Turn over." She tries to untangle herself and manages to turn and hump her ass in the air. He enters her hard and fast from behind reaching over her body to play with her teats. He rams her hard and fast until she cries out, "Oh Mike, I'm cumming!" He rides her through her orgasm keeping her cumming longer then turns her allowing himself to slide down behind her.

Still inside her he lifts her top leg and waits for her orgasm to subside then starts to move once more. Holding her around her waist he pushes up into her mercilessly while reaching down to finger her clit with his other hand. His hard dick rubs on her G spot each time he plunges up into her and it isn't long before he feels her cumming again.

His groans mix with her cries as he feels himself bulging and ready to fill her with his seed. She squeals as he drives hard to erupt inside her. Open mouthed they pant as he erupts again and again in her. He holds her close and gasps, "How do you feel now?"

"Oh Mike, I feel like heaven all over." She pants, "I hope you will come and date me again." She struggles to get her breath, "I know it wasn't right to do what we did so soon after we just met..." gasp, "but there was something about you. You seemed lonely."

"Elana, I have to be honest with you. At the end of this week I will be graduating and I will be assigned a place to work in the navy. It's very doubtful if it will be here." he pants, "I think it will be Halifax or it could be on the west coast. Where ever Canada has ships or navy bases."

She looks forlorn, "So I might not ever see you again?"

"I'd love to stay and get to know you, girl. But the navy has other plans for me."

"Oh Mike. please kiss me. Don't leave me yet." He kisses her softly but she feverishly forces her tongue into his mouth to search for his. Her lips work on his tasting him as thoroughly as she can. He feels his cock starting to stir in her and slowly moves it inside her.

She pulls away from him laying him back so she can throw a leg over him and pull herself up to straddle his hips. She laughs as she impales herself on his growing erection and starts to bounce up and down bouncing her breasts before her. She seems so happy as she settles to gyrate her hips forward and back feeling him inside her.

Mike pushes up to meet her each time and tries to catch her bouncing bounty to tease the nipples. He gives up to seize her hips in both hands and let her ride. He contents himself to watch her gyrations in the soft moonlight. He can feel the flowing juices running over his pelvis and dripping from his balls. For a skinny little thing she is quite a dynamo and she proves it by taking another load from him before she gives in.

Mike drops her at home and promises if he can he will see her again before he leaves. He knows that might never happen and so does she but they leave it like that. He kisses her good night.

Going back to the base he asks in his mind if that was revenge sex against Jackie or was that just healthy youth defying time and traditions. Whatever it was, he is happy it happened because he feels he has made a new friend and he is satisfied sexually. He signs himself back in to the base. He has noticed Jackie's car is not back but it doesn't concern him.

Wednesday transfers are posted on the board in the classroom. Jackie is off to the college in Kingston, Jack is stationed to HMCS Iroquois docked in Halifax, Beverly is stationed to CFB Stadacona to attend nursing school and Mike is offered a position as a Navy Driver 4 with CN Fleet Maintenance at Cape Scott.

Mike is happy to see that. He claps Jack on the back and says, "That works good for you guys, you are both stationed to Halifax. I mean the Iroquois is docked in Halifax and Bev is stationed to Stadacona in Halifax so you can live together when you are not at sea. You might even get PMQs (Permanent Married Quarters) at Stad. When are you tying the knot?"

"Friday after the passing out ceremony. We wanted you and Jackie to go with us but I guess that's out now. That's too bad because you were likely both there when she conceived that first night in Tryst. Unless it happened on the train and that was you guys fault as well." He grins. "She was supposed to be on the pill but she just started them before the train so I guess we beat the pill taking effect."

"I don't have any problem escorting Jackie if she wants to do it. What does she say?"

"Bev's going to ask her. She hinted at it and Jackie got snarky last week. Do you think she was running around with that pilot back then?" Mike nods. Jack continues, "We thought the same but didn't want to worry you if we were wrong."

"She's a free spirit and I don't hold it against her. We will be parted by the job now anyway."

"Yeah, I suppose. You were a well matched pair though." he shrugs.

"There's lots of fish in the sea... and that applies for both of us. I wish her well." He thinks of Elana and grins.

Bev and Jackie come over to join them. Jackie says, "I see you are going to Halifax too, Mike? Best of luck to you."

"Well thank you, love. When are you leaving for Kingston?"

"I think Friday after our parade. I want to get in there early so I have the weekend to seek an apartment. A friend says he has one lined up for me but I have to check it and make sure it will do."

"Do you have time Friday to go with me to see Jack and Bev married?"

"Oh Mike, I can't. I have other commitments. I'm so sorry, guys." she's looking at Bev.

"That's okay, we'll make do without you. You just be careful on that long trip to Ontario and keep yourself well." Bev and Jack nod in assent.

Mike asks Bev, "Where are you going for the ceremony?"

"In to Digby to the Justice of the Peace. A small civil ceremony. I'll ask one of the girls in the barracks to witness with you, Mike. I'll get someone." Mike is wondering if Elana might be free Friday night after the wedding. He hopes she might be working that night. He feels a stirring in his loins.

He excuses himself and goes down to the motor pool to see Cliff. He waves at Mike and says, "I see you got the job in Halifax. So you're a 4 now and within a month you will be a pay grade 3. It's about a year after that to level 2. It goes fast and top level isn't a bad wage in this day and age. Keep your nose clean and you'll make it."

"I'm going to miss you guys and even that old Hayes out there."

"They didn't tell you yet? The Hayes goes with you. It's your baby in Halifax. They need it down there and we don't. We have Old Thor." he grins. "It's too much truck for this outpost of the Navy. That Hayes needs to be doing heavy work on the road, not sitting around here." He adds, "And nobody wants to drive that old twin stick anyway."

Mike is elated. He can load the power wagon on a trailer and tow it down to Halifax, if he has to. He is planning it already in his mind. He'll have to take it down this week end.

"How would you suggest I transport my power wagon, Cliff? A trailer?"

"It probably would be best. You could tow it as long as you have it out of gear and in rear wheel drive only but it would be safer on a trailer. Mind you, the Hayes could handle towing it easy and could even brake for both easy. It'd have to be a solid tow bar and remote wired for lights. I guess either way could work. Do you have a trailer?"

"Nope, do you have a tow bar?" he grins.

"Tell you what, if you decide to tow I'll come in Saturday and help you hook it up. We'll find something for a tow bar if we have to manufacture it ourselves."

"You'd do that? Wow, thanks Cliff. That might be the only way I can do it. I'll look for a trailer but I don't really expect to find one."

Mike hangs around for a while but has to go at lunch time for dinner. He joins the others but it is a quiet group today. Everyone has their own thoughts. Mike mentions he will have his truck to take to Halifax and the others are happy for him but Bev and Jackie talk about babies while Mike and Jack eat in silence.

After lunch they have a full rehearsal parade on the square and that ties them up all day. After all the big wigs from HQ will be there tomorrow. It will have to be perfect.

Mike grabs a Digby Courier to see if he can spot any trailers in the ads. The only thing he sees is a well used tow bar for sale. It is going cheap so he figures it must be in poor shape but thinks he will take a look at it. He leaves supper and goes to the barracks to call about the ad. A woman answers and says her husband still has it.

He goes out to Tryst and heads into town. On a back street he finds the address and sees the bar lying in the yard. It is basically a T shape with a ball type connector on the long bar and bumper clamps on the cross bars. It looks awfully short but might do. He goes in to ask about it.

A woman answers the door. "I don't know. It's my husband's and he is drunk again, where ever he is. You'll have to see him."

Mike asks, "Where does he hang out?"

"Where ever there's a bitch in heat!" she slams the door. Mike shakes his head and goes back to the truck only to hear the door slam again as he is getting in. He looks back and she is running to catch him. "I called him and he said ten bucks if you got cash. You can give it to me." She holds out her hand.

Mike knows the ad said 25 dollars so he doubts she called anyone. She just plans to get the money and to hell with him. He says, "Have you got a receipt?"

"I'll give you one if you got paper and a pencil." Mike gets it out and a ten dollar bill. She scribbles ten dollars for a tow bar and signs it. Mike asks her to date it and she does. He backs up to it and loads it up. It's longer and heavier than he thought. He leaves before the owner gets home.

Back at the base he takes the truck down the road to the vehicle gate at the motor pool and parks there watching for Cliff. He doesn't see him so he parks to one side and goes to the front gate to enter the base.

He walks down to the motor pool and finds Cliff. "I got me a tow bar but I'm not sure if it will do the job. Would you take a look at it?"

"Sure, where is it?"

"Outside the vehicle gate. I got it in the power wagon."

They both walk out to look it over. Cliff says, "It will need a different hook up on the end but we can weld a loop on it. We could extend it a bit when we do that." He studies it, "I'm not sure I would want to depend on those light clamps for a vehicle as heavy as your power wagon. Maybe we can beef them up a bit." He adds, "The safety chains are gone. Likely rusted away but we can weld new chain on there. Yep, I think it could do and if we paint it you will have it for future use."

"Wow. you make it sound so easy."

"Let's unload it and run it inside. I'll play with it and see what I can do with it." So that is what they do. Cliff takes him to the Hayes and shows him the towing hook on the rear frame.

"You need a loop to put over the hook. It snaps closed and it can't come off until you release it but you still need the safety chains to be legal. They snap into these holes in the frame." They head away from the truck and Cliff says, "I think we have a loop for a tow bar in the recycle pile. I'll look for it."

They play with the tow bar until late in the night and Mike has to go get some rest for tomorrow's ceremonies. He leaves Cliff working on it and goes to his barracks.

He sleeps well and in the morning remembers he left Tryst down by the vehicle gate. He hopes it is okay because he is busy but finally decides to go check. He finds the truck and moves it to the parking lot then hurries to join the others for breakfast.

"Are you all ready to leave this joint?" he kids.

Bev quietly says, "I'm going to miss it."

Jackie cheers and says, "I'm glad to blow the joint, I'm with you, Mike."

Jack says, "Yeah, I don't think I'll miss it much. Except it was a good place to make new friends. I'll give it that."

"We could all meet back here in five years for a reunion." Mike chuckles.

Jackie scoffs, "I doubt it."

Mike comments, "Yeah, so do I, I guess." They eat in silence and leave early. They are in full uniform this morning and are ready for the parade. They form up on the parade square and look sharp. Bruce is sharp in his parade uniform and brings them to attention to march them out to the bleachers and podium that has been set up over night.

"Now no fidgeting in the ranks and look sharp. We can be proud today, we have become seamen worthy of the name." He calls, "Parade! Parade, right turn." and then "By the left, quick march!" They are off to march around the square ending up in a march by and salute of the podium and then coming around to halt in front of the podium.

They are addressed by the commander of the college and then a Regional HQ officer from Halifax and then a politician from DND and Ottawa. They are congratulated for completing the course, welcomed to the Navy and the responsibility they have to the nation and advised to work hard, seize every opportunity to advance and be proud of the service the represent.

By this time they are almost ready to faint so they are pleased to be on the march again. Bruce brings them back to the assembly area and passes out diplomas to all of them telling them to take off when he gives each one out. Mike waits for Jack and Bev. Bev is last so Mike says, "How are you guys getting down to Halifax, Jack?"

"I guess we'll take the train on Saturday or Sunday. We haven't checked it out much yet. I guess the marriage has been forefront on our minds. Bev doesn't want to leave it long so our youngster won't feel we only married because of it.. uh, him or her."

"Were you talking of marriage anyway?"

"Yes, we were but not right away. We weren't certain we could be together unless she quit the service. It looks okay now though."

"Yes, I'm glad it has worked out for you." Bev comes to join them so they head for lunch. It's a cold late lunch because of the ceremony so they rush through it and get ready to go into Digby.

Another wave joins them named Marilyn so she sits up front with Mike on the trip into town. Jack has the license so they proceed directly to the Justice of the Peace. They stand before his desk while he stands between it and the flag to administer the oaths. Jack kisses Bev and they are wed.

Marilyn and Mike sign as witnesses and they congratulate the couple with wine at a restaurant where Mike keeps checking out the waitress. It's Elana, of course. He winks at her and when they are relatively alone he whispers, "Can I pick you up later?"

"Oh yes, please." she smiles all over her face.

Mike toasts the Groom and Marylyn toasts the bride and they all have the special of the day, brown rice and chicken with mushrooms and spices casserole. It's actually quite good so Mike picks up the tab and takes them back to the base.

Mike walks down to the motor pool and finds Cliff. He calls, "Well, I'm a free man. It seems I passed basic and am no longer welcome here." He laughs. "How did you make out with that tow bar?"

"Come on over and take a look at it. By the way, here are your keys for the Hayes." He hands them to him. "It's all fueled up and ready to go. I parked it outside the gate. The tow bar is with it." he grins, "You left your radio in it, you know. Get yourself a good truck radio and antenna if you are keeping this baby long." Mike nods.

He studies the towing bar. It looks brand new and he shakes his head. "You really did a nice job on that. I wouldn't recognize it as the same bar. What do I owe you for that?"

"Don't insult me. It's mostly scrap anyway. Notice I lengthened it some but it will still fit flat in your power wagon box. Remember to put everything out of gear when you use it and release your emergency brake. That truck could pull it with the brakes on."

"Cliff, I don't know how I can ever thank you. If you get down to Halifax look me up. I'll take you for a drink. Hell, I'll take you for more than one."

"Now do you think you can hook it up tomorrow or do you want to bring the wagon around and hook it up now?"

"Oh, I got a date tonight. Otherwise that would have been a good idea. Why don't I hook it up tomorrow and stop at your place so you can check I have it right?"

"All right, that will work great. See you tomorrow then. I have to get back to work here."

Mike thanks him again and leaves. He goes in the barracks and changes into jeans and a T shirt then takes it off to replace it with a nice open throated pull over with a pattern. It looks dressier and Elana deserves some attention. He checks his watch and notes the sun has gone down. He heads for the parking lot.

It's Friday night so the restaurant is jumping with servicemen and local teens. Mike takes a seat and watches Elana work rushing around. She spots him and lights up.

Unbidden she brings him coffee and cream as she rushes off again. People rush in and many rush out and eventually it quiets down to half a dozen. Mike checks his watch and Elana is watching the clock. She whispers near him, "Time goes so slow when you want it to go fast."

Mike nods agreement. Her long blonde hair cascades down to her ass when she lets it down but she has it wrapped up around her head so he watches her smiling green eyes as she impatiently awaits closing time. Her hair is more of a bronze gold than a true blonde and he knows that because it is the same color all over. He smiles thinking about that.

He had had to turn on the dash lights for her to find her panties the other night so he knows the true color of her hair. He colors slightly thinking about it. He glances at Elana and she blushes. He thinks she is thinking about the other night, too. He winks.

Finally the owner comes in and whispers to her. She smiles broadly and pulls off her apron tossing it in the kitchen door. She comes running to Mike. "He said I can go because someone is waiting for me. Isn't he just the nicest boss?" Her smile is radiant.

They leave the restaurant and she climbs in his door tonight to slide over and let him in behind her. When he is seated she cups his chin turning him for a kiss. It is sweet and last a long time. They savor the taste and smell of each other as they kiss.

Mike starts Tryst with a twist of her tail (or key, if you like) and she purrs waiting for his command. "Where would you like to go tonight?"

"Any place as long as you are there. Are you still leaving this weekend?" Mike nods. "I wish I could go with you. I'd love to wake to your touch each morning. You are so gentle and kind, I've seen that already."

"How be I take you to my lover's lane?"

"Oh yes, please do." She claps her hands in delight. "That's what I want. You seem to know it without me saying. I crave your touch all over me. I started flowing again tonight when you came in. I think you have enchanted me." She pulls his hand under her skirt, "See what I mean."

Her panties are soaking wet and slippery like oil. He puts Tryst in gear and they move out along the street. He turns towards the base and shifts gears sliding his hand between her legs as he shifts. She smiles and watches him. "Is it far?"

"Out near the base. It's a farmer's lane through his woods to his fields but he doesn't use it at night."

"Won't he see us?"

"Nope, I turn off the lights as soon as we go off the road. I know the way in the dark from there."

"You do have a lover out here!" She is pretty upset.

"I had one but she threw me over for a pilot from CFB Greenwood near Middleton."

She nods, "It was her who got you to paint the truck pink, wasn't it?" Mike nods "Why wasn't you enough for her? I would never want anyone else if you were my boyfriend."

"I drive a truck for the Navy so I wasn't home a lot and she got bored sitting around waiting for me to come back."

"It was recent, wasn't it? I knew you looked lost the other night. You felt so lonely it affected me."

"Do I still feel like that to you?"

She thinks and exclaims, "No, is that because your friends got married today?"

"It could be that but I think it's because I know you are there for me. I treasure you as a new friend and I hope you feel that way too. We won't have time to really build anything since I have to go tomorrow to Halifax, but we have tonight to cherish each other. It's what we have so it's what we got."

They pass the base and Mike points out some of the buildings for her but very quickly he has to kill the lights and slide into the laneway. She says, "It is close to the base. I can still see the lights back there."

But as she says that they go out of sight hidden by the trees and by moonlight Mike slows to a halt. Not an artificial light is visible, just the stars and the moon. She stares around and whispers, "Can anyone hear us here? We were really noisy the other night."

"I don't think so. We are quite a ways from the road."

She snuggles against his side allowing him to slide his arm around her. She asks, "Can we use the back seat tonight? It will give us more room, won't it?"

"We sure can if you want. It will give us more room but I can slide this front seat back if you want."

"I guess if you slide it ahead it will give us even more room in the back." she grins.

Mike opens the door and pulls the front seat ahead till it squeezes him behind the wheel. He steps out and she follows squeezing by the wheel. He opens the rear door for her and looks around to see where she is. She is squatting nearby and he hears water running. He chuckles and waits for her watching her pull up her panties.

"You might as well leave them off," he chuckles again.

She wiggles her hips and they drop to her ankles. She steps out of them whispering, "You could be a gentleman and pick them up for me." Mike scoops them up and slips them in his pocket. He helps her up into the back seat.

She flings her arms around and says, "Wow, now that is roomy! How many girls have you had in this truck, Mike?"

"Personally only one other than you but we did share it with the couple who got married today."

"What was she like? You're girl friend, I mean."

"She was from Winnipeg in Manitoba and she felt insecure with herself. By that I mean she was a redhead who bleached her hair out to platinum blonde. She took the saying that blondes have more fun literally. She thought it made her more popular."

"Wow, she was really mixed up."

"She wasn't that bad, just a bit unsure of herself. She was very hot sexually and always craving more. She was the one who talked me into painting the wagon pink. She was persuasive."

"Did you know her long?"

"No, I met her on the train down here from Montreal just over two months ago. We matched up on the train. She was with the guy that got married today."

"And he is still your friend? That is strange, you took his woman but you remained friends. How did you do that?"

"I never thought of it that way, but you're right. I don't know how, I just know we were all friends."

"How come she didn't go to the wedding today? That was no platinum blonde with you."

"No, that was a friend of the bride. Jackie was otherwise occupied."

"She went to her pilot." It's a flat statement and he nods.

She runs her finger down his chest, "She was crazy to leave you. You are my dream man come true. My knight in shining armor."

"You know I find you very attractive and can't understand why you are not buried with suitors. You must date often."

"I guess I do but they all want one thing whether I do or not. I get tired of fighting them. That's why I went on the pill so young. I was raped a few times till I learned how to outfox them."

"You were raped?"

"Not really but they just wouldn't stop when I said to. I almost stopped dating because of it. I always seemed to lose control when the going got hot. Maybe it was just hormones, theirs and mine..." she grins.

She goes on, "I got pregnant once but lost it in the first trimester. Thank the good lord I did. My ma has enough problems on her plate with just me." She leans her head against his chest. "Life can be such a bitch... and then along comes you and proves there are some decent guys still out there."

Mike pulls her closer and holds her in the moonlight. She blows gently through his top on his tittie heating it up. He smiles and kisses her forehead tilting her face back to run his lips gently over her eyelids then rubs noses with her. He kisses her upper lip then her bottom lip then slips his tongue between her lips.

She giggles softly and sucks on his tongue. She hums softly deep in her chest as she sucks his tongue then suddenly kisses him hard and demanding. She thrashes around vesting herself of her clothes and then helps him get naked with her. Clinging to him she kisses his lips and climbs on top of him at the same time.

She stretches her legs both sides of his hips and lowers herself until she feels him with her nether lips. She slips over and around his head in a wild dance until she finds just the right angle and drops on him squealing, "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!"

Mike arches his body to push up into her farther and she bounces on his arched body. He grips her waist to steady her and she leans over him to kiss him more. Lips and tongues entwined they strain against each other in an ancient dance of pleasure.

She straightens up and works her hips on him pumping them back and forth so as to feel his rod rub her clit and stimulate her more. She squeals softly and hums with her movements bouncing her pert breasts so they look like they are floating in the air. Her hands stretch out in front of her helping her to balance as she thrashes harder.

Mike holds her hips to keep her anchored down. She stretches back and places her hands behind her head as she pumps back and forth on him and rocks herself faster. Mike watches her bouncing tits and laughs aloud, "You are incredible!"

She rocks forward and regards him, "Of course I am!" She winks and works her hips some more but slower. Mike roles a bit and she tumbles beside him. He spoons to her back and lets her get her breath back.

"You're quite good at that. Does it always make you cum?"

She struggles to breath, "Yes, always!" she pants, "Always!"

He holds her close and plays with her nipples as she cools down. "Do your ruthless boy friends get you off?"

"Not often. They are too stupid. They just want to blow their load and go home. She roles over to face him. "You take your time and I think you try to let the lady cum first. You're a gentleman."

He ducks to lick a nipple and whispers, "You are very observant. I like you."

"Enough to come visit once in a while?" She holds her breath.

"I can't promise. I won't promise if I can't be sure. It's how I am."

"It's enough I have told you how I feel." she pulls his arm, "Come invade me some more."

So he does and this time he mounts her and pounds into her until he releases repeated injections of semen filling her to over flowing. She gasps in orgasmic pleasure with him and they both lay connected until they can breath easier.

He helps her dress after they wipe each other with his shorts. She tries to help him as well. He moves them to the front seat and they leave their lover's lane behind. He drives her home where they kiss long and tender.

Mindful of his long trip on the morrow he leaves her and heads home to the base. Now he feels sorry he is leaving her behind but his life seems to be a succession of goodbyes.

He returns to the barracks for one more night.

Saturday morning he showers, dresses and packs everything. He has a large box filled with his duffle bag and odds & ends he has collected including Elana's panties. He places his briefcase in the box but it falls out. He carries it all to the downstairs porch and goes to get Tryst. He signs out one last time and drives Tryst to the gate. They wave him through to collect his luggage so he drives to the barracks. Everything goes in the back seat on the floor.

He drives back to the gate and they wave him out so he drives around to the motor pool entrance and parks by the Hayes. He attaches the tow-bar to the front bumper of Tryst attaching the hooks that fit back into the springs first before tightening the clamps on the bumper. He swings it upright to drive ahead close to the back of the Hayes then gets out to drop the loop on the hook and pull it down through the clip.

It snaps in place and then he hooks the safety chains to the holes in the frame and pulls the wiring harness loose from the bar. He plugs it into the truck and then plugs the other end into an adapter they have put under the truck hood.

It all looks good so Mike makes one last check inside Tryst to make sure the brake is released and it is out of gear. He steps up on the tow-bar and bounces then steps down. It's solid. He locks Tryst last and climbs up into the Hayes.

He cranks her over and she responds with rattling, barking and belching black smoke but soon smooths out. He checks instruments and lights, gets down to check lights on the power wagon and puts it in gear. Smoothly he releases the clutch, shifts and clutches, shifts and clutches his way to the highway. Noting traffic he pulls out heading north.

He will stop at Cliff's and stop in Middleton for a bite with Charlene then move on into his future in Halifax.

Be sure to catch Mike's next erotic adventure entitled Mike's Navy.

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