Mrs. Brown's Bra by Storyboy937

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Fiction | Authoritarian, Domination, Erotica, Female, Masturbation, Voyeurism

Mrs. Brown's Bra

I first ran into Mrs. Brown several years ago, before she was Mrs. Brown, when I was sent to her house to do the yearly maintenance on her furnace.  She has been a loyal customer of the company I work for as an HVAC technician for a long time. And she and her husband stuck with us after they got married and moved into their new house.

I'm younger than her and when I first met her, I was married, so despite my strong attraction to her, I never tried to make a move on her even when she was single.  She's short, with long brown hair, a great ass, nice-sized boobs and a beautiful face.  I fell for her at first sight the first time she opened her door for me.  I've had a crush on her ever since and this is a story about how that got me into trouble.

At her condo, the furnace was in the attic which was reached from the garage, so I never actually went into the living space when she lived there.  I didn't get to see much of her, which only added to my infatuation.  For a long time, a couple of years at least, when my wife and I made love, I'd fantasize that it was Sarah I was fucking.  My wife and I didn't have much of a sex life, so I did a lot of masturbating, and it was Sarah I thought of every time.

When I picked up a work order for a home on the south side of town for a "Dan Brown" one morning, I had no clue that I was headed to Sarah's new home or that she had gotten married.  When she answered my knock on the door, I was really surprised, it took me a second to process what was happening.  I kind of stuttered and stammered for a minute, "Hi ... Uh ... Is this the, uh, Brown's residence?" I asked.  She laughed a bit and said "Yes, you have the right place.". She explained that she had gotten married recently and they had decided to stick with our company for their furnace maintenance.  I was glad about that, but kind of crushed that my Sarah was married.  

Coincidentally, I wasn't anymore.  My wife had left me about six months before. I wasn't dating yet and my sex life consisted of a whole lot of jerking off and fantasizing, often of Sarah.

So she let me in and led me into the basement to the furnace.  On the way, she showed me how to get out to the garage and asked me to come in and out through there.  The door to the garage was in the laundry room and there was a big pile of laundry sitting on a bench by the washer.  Once she had shown me the furnace, she told me she was getting ready to go out and that I should let myself out and leave the paperwork on the kitchen counter when I was done if she was already gone.  Then she left me alone with the furnace and I got busy with the diagnostics.  A few minutes later, I heard water running upstairs, it sounded like a shower.  After about 5 minutes it was still running and I was convinced Sarah was in the shower.  Sarah naked, a few feet above me ... It was hard (pun intended) to concentrate only work.  I briefly considered trying to sneak upstairs and peek, but in the end I decided losing my job and possibly going to jail after just having lost my wife would not be worth it.  So with an effort, I brought my thoughts back to work.  After a bit the water stopped running.  I heard her moving around upstairs for a while, then it got quiet.  I assumed she had left.  I was nearly finished myself, there were no problems with the furnace or ac, so I wrote up the invoice and tore off their copy.  I packed up my tools and walked up to the kitchen and laid the invoice on the counter.  The house was completely quiet as I walked through the laundry room towards the garage.  I noticed a white bra laying on top of the pile of laundry.  Without thinking, I reached out with my right hand as I passed, grabbed it and stuffed it in my pocket.  If I had been satisfied with that and just gone on out, I would probably have gotten away with it, but after I pulled the bra off the pile, I saw a pair of tan panties and I hesitated for a moment. Should I or shouldn't I?  I stood frozen with my hand out, shaking slightly, debating internally the merits of becoming a panty stealer.  I thought of those panties wrapped around Sarah's sweet ass and made my decision - I reached out and grabbed them and stuffed them in my pocket with the bra, then hurried out the door to my truck.

I was shocked to see that her car was still in the garage.  "Uh oh", I thought to myself as I walked out of the garage and put my tools in my truck.  I was just about to climb in the driver's door when the door from the laundry room opened and Sarah appeared.  "Excuse me!" she yelled, in an agitated voice.  "Come back in here right now!". It wasn't a request, it was an order.

I was scared to death but tried not to show it.  "Is there a problem Mrs. Brown?" I asked in my most professional voice.  "Yes, there's a big problem, please come here!" she replied.

I took a deep breath and walked back into the house.  I tried to push past her into the kitchen, muttering something about the furnace, completely flustered and knowing that I was busted.  "Stop right there", she ordered.  I complied, standing way too close to the pile of laundry for my comfort.

"What happened to my bra?" she asked icily.  "Your bra?" I replied, still trying to get out of this mess, "Ma'am, why would I know anything about your bra?"

"You know damned good and well what I'm talking about" she hissed.  "You have about 5 seconds to tell me what's going on before I call your boss", she lifted her left hand to show me her cell phone.

At this point, I knew I was going to have a real bad day, so I figured, why not just get it over with? So I reached into my pocket and pulled out the bra.  I tried to hand it to her, she just glared at me.  "I'm sorry" I said, looking at the floor. "You're going to have to do a lot better than that" she sneered.  "There's something else in your pocket, what is it?". I pulled out the tan panties. "You son of a bitch", she exclaimed.  

We stood in silence for what seemed like minutes.  Finally she asked, "Just what were you going to do with them?". Like an idiot, I answered "Nothing", sheepishly.  She lifted her cell phone as if to make a call, "You'll have to do better than that", she said.

I sighed and told her the truth, that my wife had left me and that all I had been doing for the past 6 months was masturbating.  I also told her that I had had a crush on her for years.  I asked her to forgive me and just take back the bra and panties and I'd make sure my company never scheduled me to work on her furnace again.  She shook her head, "No, it's not going to be that easy for you, I'm sorry."

Silence again, then she said, "Lay them on the bench." I did.  "Not like that, lay them out with the cups facing down and the panties beside the bra with the inside of the crotch facing up."  I complied.  "Now take out your cock and show me what you would have done with them if you had gotten away with stealing them."

Holy shit, I thought, this woman is nuts!  I stammered a bit and she shoved her phone in my face, "Do as I say, or I'm calling", she ordered.  Slowly, I reached down and unzipped my pants.  She moved back a step and folded her arms across her chest, staring at my crotch.  I pulled out my cock and began stroking it.  "Don't look at me", she hissed, "look at my underwear.  Tell me what you're thinking as you jerk off on my underwear."

I closed my eyes and kept stroking, my cock was hard now.  I began telling her that I had been fantasizing about fucking her for a long time, that I loved her face, her ass, her tits, that I had often imagined what it would feel like for her to suck my cock. She asked me questions about how I liked to fuck, the anger was gone from her voice now.  We talked back and forth about sex while I stroked my dick, harder and faster now.  She lifted her phone and pointed the camera at me and took a picture, then another and another.  The talking had stopped and I was breathing fast.  "Cum for me, cum on my bra" she whispered, pointing the camera  close at my cock, it was obvious now she was making a video. Realizing that pushed me over the edge, I yelled as I came.  It was a massive load, I covered the upturned crotch of her panties and much of the left cup of the bra, so much that there was a small puddle of sperm in the bottom of it.  She touched the screen of her cell phone and put it in the pocket of her shorts.  She grabbed a shirt off the pile of laundry and handed it to me.  "Here, wipe your hand and cock on my sleep shirt." I did and handed it back her her.  She held it in her left hand and with her right, pulled another pair of panties off the pile.  To my surprise, she handed them to me. "Here, take these.  I want them back but not until they're completely covered in your cum." I stared at her in disbelief, but grabbed the panties from her. "Thank you" I muttered clumsily.  "Now go!" she ordered, "and behave yourself", she added.

I jerked off into her panties every night.  They were totally covered when one morning I got a call from our dispatcher telling me there was a problem at the Brown's and I was scheduled to go out there at 1 to diagnose the issue.  I knew Sarah wanted her panties back, so between two of my morning stops, I swung by my apartment and stuffed the panties in my pocket.  I was aroused all day long, but scared to death at the same time.  What did she have in store for me today?

I got to her house a bit early and rang the doorbell.  The first thing she said when she opened the door was "You're early", she said it with a sly smile.  "Can you blame me?" I responded.  She motioned me in.  She was wearing a sleep shirt and not much else, it looked like the one I cleaned my cock on, but I wasn't sure.  "Follow me", she said, and I did.  She led me out to the laundry room, then stopped and faced me.  "You have something for me", she said softly. I pulled the panties out of my pocket and handed them to her.  She took them and tuned them over and over in her hands, inspecting them. "Thank you", she said.  "You're welcome" I answered.

She held up her cell phone, the video of me masturbating on her underwear was playing.  "I'm in control" she said firmly, "do you understand?" How else could I answer but "yes"?

She pulled off the sleep shirt and laid down on the bench. "Do you recognize this bra?" she asked me.  "I think it's the one I came on two weeks ago", I answered.  "Yes it is and these are the panties too.  They haven't been washed.  I think they need more of your sperm on them, don't you?". Again, there was really only one way I could answer.  "Why don't you pull out your cock and get started?" she whispered.  

She handed me a small bottle of KY lotion. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick, then spread some lotion on the palm of my right hand and began jerking off over her.  She was staring at my cock and rubbing herself with her hands, she looked so fucking hot, I knew I would cum in minutes, even though I would try to make it last.  She reached inside her panties and began rubbing her pussy.  "Tell me what you're thinking about", she asked.  I told her I was thinking about covering her in my cum, she moaned softly and continued stroking her pussy.  "I can't wait", she said, "give it to me, give me your big, hot load, all over me."

We continued to talk to each other, as we both got hotter and hotter.  We were rubbing ourselves hard and fast, I could feel my orgasm building and I told her so.  She began to encourage me to cum for her, I could tell she was about to cum too.  Finally, my cock exploded a stream of sperm that landed on her tits, then another on her stomach and finally one last smaller one on her panties.  She began to rub it all over herself with her left hand while she continued to furiously rub her slit.  "Oh my god!" she moaned and rolled her head back as she came.  I continued to milk the last of the load out of my cock and drip it on her.

After recovering a bit, she picked up her sleep shirt and put it back on.  She handed me a towel to clean up with.  She stood up from the  bench.  "I'm sure you need to get back to work", she said with a smile. "But before you go, I have something for you.". We walked toward the front door, both a little unsteady.  There was a small box laying on a table by the door. She picked it up and handed it to me.  "This is for you, to help get you through those lonely nights.  Don't open it until later, although you probably have an idea what it is.". She touched my shoulder as I walked through the door,"Thank you", she said softly.

I waited until I had driven off a bit to open the box.  I wasn't too surprised when I opened it to find a bra and a pair of panties.  There was also a small photo of her, naked.  On the back it was signed simply, "Love, Mrs. Brown"

More to come.

Rating: 91%, Read 49120 times, Posted Jun 03, 2011

Fiction | Authoritarian, Domination, Erotica, Female, Masturbation, Voyeurism


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