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True Story | Asian, First Time, Male, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Virginity

It was winter break and Madison had nothing to do, so she decided to check her wouldyouhitthis profile.

"Oh! a new message!" exclaimed madison, looking at her 'wouldyouhitthis' profile. A person by the name of Ryan has messaged her.

"Hmmm, he looks hot!" She thought.

The message has said: "Oh I was looking around and came across your page. I must say, you're very pretty. would you like to chat sometime?"

She replied back yes, and gave him her screen name. About 2 minutes later, someone had aimed her.

DeliciousAsian: hi

tattooyoursoulx: hey

DeliciousAsian: this is ryan from wyth

tattooyoursoulx: oh, hii(: hey, how old are you?

DeliciousAsian: 22. You?

tattooyoursoulx: 15.. loll

DeliciousAsian: wow quite a difference. Are you ok with talking to a 22 year old guy?

tattooyoursoulx: yeah, lol are you ok with talking to a minor? Haha

DeliciousAsian: haha, nope. So wsup?

tattooyoursoulx: nothing, really. just watching tv. you?

DeliciousAsian: I'm watching "the office"

tattooyoursoulx: ooo coolio!

tattooyoursoulx: hmm I'm bored... nothing to do..!

tattooyoursoulx: so what is your fave part on a girl? just wondering

DeliciousAsian: the booty. Haha

Tattooyoursoulx: wow that was fast. Didn't even need to think about it.

DeliciousAsian: lol nope, I'm old enough to decide on things like that. So what do you like on a guy?

tattooyoursoulx: hmmmm.. The smile, body, arms. Hahaah

DeliciousAsian: wow haha. So am I up to your standards?

tattooyoursoulx: of course! Am I?

DeliciousAsian: yepp!

tattooyoursoulx: haha I'm glad to hear.

They kept talking for 4 hours about school, cooking, and about anything comes in their minds. Ryan gave her his number before he had to go.

tattooyoursoulx: ooo, ok. byeee! I might text you tomorrow(:

DeliciousAsian: oh, ok! I'll be waiting for it then. Bye.

The next day, Ryan was studying when he heard his phone chimed.

*new message*

Ryan checked his phone and Madison had texted him. He saved her number into his cell and called her when he was done studying.

"Hey, Mads!"

"Hey Ryan! Whatcha doin?"

"Ohhh I'm on a break from my studying. You?"

"I'm eating. Haha."

"Haha, nice. Ok I'll call you later, I have to get back to studying. Nice talking to you!"

"Yeah nice talking to you too! Bye!"


For the next 2 days, they flirted and finally, Ryan wanted to meet Madison.

"So can we meet up tomorrow?" He asked.

"Yeah, at my house.. Outisde though" she replied.

"Ok, seeya tomorrow!"

When he stopped by her house, he called her telling her he's here. She went outside looking for him when she saw a really hot guy walking towards her. "Ryan looks way better in real life than in his pictures!" she thought. He has a toned body and is about 6'1. He has plugs which are so attractive. He was a hot asian! She was asian too, but boy was he fine! He was wearing a fitted solid teal color ralph lauren polo with some really nice looking jeans and really pretty vans shoes. She was wearing a hollister shirt with skinny jeans and flats. She thought she looked decent, so she liked it.

"Oh my god she is so hot! Her boobs are practically jumping out! And those jeans bring out her ass! Wow, she's so beautiful..." He thought to himself.

"Hi Maddie!" he said.

"Hi Ryan."

"You look really pretty today."

"Well thanks! You look really handsome yourself! Nice car. Its pretty."

"Haha yeah its new. My old one was pretty disgusting, I once found a dead rat in it."

"Ewww! What the fuck?!"

"Yeah I know.. That was when I knew I needed a new car. Haha"

"Haha, thank god!"

"Um. If its not too soon, can I give you a kiss on the cheek?"

"Okkk." She said shyly but secretly jumping for joy.

"Your cheek is really soft." He told her.


She leaned in to kiss him back but her lipgloss got on his cheek and they both started laughing.

"Wow, your lips are sticky!" he said starting to laughed.

"Haha, shuddup, you know you loved it." she shot back.

"Yes I did."

They talked for another 5 minutes when she had to go before her parents come home.

"Hey Mads, can I see you tonight? Because I'm gonna be driving to san fransico tomorrow with my family to visit a sick aunt and I can't see you for two days."

"Sure! Meet me here at 2 then."

Later on that night, she was sneaking out to meet him. When she finally got out, she saw him in his car. She went up to the passenger window and knocked for him to come outside.

"You don't wanna stay in the car? Its so cold out here." He asked.

"Nooope, I can warm you up" she answered sweetly.

"So I got a question to ask you.."


"Will you be my girlfriend?"

"I thought you would never ask."

Then he leaned in to kiss her, and his lips feels so warm against hers. She quickly kissed him back with lust. Then he stuck his tongue in her mouth and she did the same with hers. They tongue wrestle for another 5 minutes and he put his hands on her boobs. Caressing them, squeezing them. She groaned out of pleasure. She bit her lip which means she was turned on. She kissed him again with more lust and passion this time. She ran her hands up and down his toned body and rested her hands on his butt. She started sucking on his neck and moving to his ears. Gently nibbling and sucking on it made him moan slightly. He slowly put one hand on her belt and loosen it a little. Just enough for his hand to fit in. He asked her if she wanted this and she nodded yes. He stuck a finger on the top where the clit is, and felt that her pussy is soaking wet. He explored her, every inch and every part. He started to rub her clit and sucking on her neck. She moaned and rubbed her own boobs with her other hand. He saw what she was doing and it got him rock hard. He started rubbing faster in a circular motion then up and down motion on her clit and she was in esctacy now. She moaned and groaned until she climaxed. He felt her pussy juice and rubbed his finger on it. He took out his hand and sucked the whole thing until it was dry. It was 3 when they were finished and he had to go because he needed sleep for driving tomorrow. They said their goodbyes' and parted for the weekend.

Two days has passed and Ryan came home. He immediately called Madison to talk to her. They both planned to meet again that night. This time, she got in the car.

When she got in, he surprised her with a bear that was wearing a red shirt like he was. Very surprised, Madison giggled.

"Awww! thanks babe!"

"Its the least I can do. I missed you a lot." "I missed you too!"

They kissed for a few seconds which felt like hours. They started making out when she placed her hand right on top of his cock which made his cock jump.

"You wanna suck it?"

"Mmhmm.." She groaned.

"Well go ahead!"

She then opened his pants, and grabbed his cock. She put her mouth on it, gently. Then started bobbing. She tried putting the whole thing down her throat and succeeded. She deepthroated him and sucked like there was no tomorrow. She bobbed up and down and sucking on it hard. He grabbed her hair and started pulling on it, making her go faster. The faster she sucked, the more he wanted to fuck her. He was about to cum, and he told her so. But she didn't stop sucking, until he couldn't hold it in anymore and came. The hot gooey substance splashed all over her mouth. She was slurping it back and forth and finally swallowed it. They then kissed again, and he tasted himself on her lips.

"How about we go all the way? I bought condoms" He asked.

"Oh yah, I'm so horny and wet for you.."

She led him inside her house into her room. He then layed her down on her bed and started taking off her clothes slowly. He took off her bra and finally saw those magnificent breasts clearly. He started sucking on one of the nipples and she was moaning. She grabbed his head forcing him to suck harder. He stopped suddenly to tease her. He undressed the rest of her and pulled off her panties. He grazed his fingers on her slit and she lightly moaned. He came up to her again and started sucking on her nipples. While doing that, he stuck his hand down to her pussy and rubbed her clit. She was in heaven! She squirmed and moaned. He then stuck 2 fingers in her. It hurted her so he took out one. "Fuck she's fucking tight!" he thought.

He started finger fucking her and still sucking on her nipples.

"Oh yeah baby. Finger fuck me. Ahhh. Oh my god, faster.. Oooooooo! Oh my goddddd! Arggggh! Oh fuck, fuckkk fuccck!" she screamed.

"Shhhh!! Your parents would hear us!"

She couldn't take it anymore. She took out his finger and said: "fuck me. Fuck me now."

With that, he took out a condom and put it on. She laid on her back and he was on top of her. She grabbed his cock and rubbed it on her pussy and inserted it in. They both groaned. He was stretching out her vaginal walls. She was so fucking tight that it felt like her pussy was like a wall and he was trying to break it. He stuck it in farther and broke her hymen. He kept thrusting in and out. Soon, pain turned into pleasure. He fucked her fast and hard. He sucked on her neck and she digged her nails on his back when he did. Nail marks where left and he thought it was a turn on. He got hornier and fucked her harder.

"Yeah you like having my dick in you? Huh? Thrusting in and out? Huh? Me fucking you hard and stretching you out? You like me rubbing your pussy and finger fucking you?"

"Ohhh yes!! Fuuck! I'm your little cock slut! I love that you're fucking me hard and stretching me out! Ohh fuck!"

Then he turned her over and fucked her, doggystyle. He took one of his free hands and started to rub her clit while fucking her. This sent her over the edge.

"Oh! Oh! Keep going! I'm cumming! Ohhh! Fuck me babe! Ohh fuck my virgin pussy! Ohh its tight isn't it, its been waiting for you to fuck it for so long. Ohh fuckkkkk me! I'm cumming!" she yelled. "oh babe I'm cumming too!" he exclaimed. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! MMMMMMMMM!" Both of them screamed.

"Oh my god that was wonderful." she said.

"Mmhmm, we should do that again."

"Oh for sure!"

"Ok, lets get some sleep now." He said.

He kissed her on her forehead. They both got dressed and was in the spooning condition. Within minutes. they both fell asleep in each others' arms.

the end.

Rating: 62%, Read 18231 times, Posted Apr 21, 2007

True Story | Asian, First Time, Male, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Virginity


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