The fun continues by 38ddboobs

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Diary | Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Fisting, Group Sex, Pissing, Water Sports, Written by women

Last night had turned out better than ever, with more guys and a extra dog to keep us all happy, when I moved in bed, the sheets were stuck to me, the cum had dried, sticking me to them, so I quietly got up, and headed for the shower. The warm water felt great, my body was a bit sore from the extra fun we had but my pussy and butt were still tingling with excitement too, it was then a hand slipped between my legs and found my wet spot.

Looking back, I saw Les, his hard cock close to my butt as he kissed my neck, so leaning forward, I let him open my pussy for the day, his cock slide in easy as the water had lubed him and wet the dry cum sticking to my body, soon he was balls deep and going hard.

I knew he liked water sports, so soon I pulled forward and knelt down sucking his cock and waving it close to my face, he knew. I saw him twitch, his cock bounced up and his pee ran free, I aimed it over my face, then gripped him tight, stopping his flow, turning, I slid his cock in my pussy, then released him, a high pressure squirt raced up inside me, flooding my hole with warm pee, soon his slowed and began fucking me again, we both pushed onto one another as hard as possible, the noise of his balls slapping my arse must have woken the others, as soon the shower was full of guys.

I eased Les out of my pussy and knelt down again, cocks all around began to pee over me, washing the last of the cum from my body, after a quick wash off I told them to wait until I had done some preparations and would join them soon.

Walking into the play room, the guys didn't take long to start using my body as they wanted, every hole filled with cock, as they enjoyed their morning fuck, Grant was sleeping in, so I had them all to myself, and it wasn't long before they flooded me with hot cum, then two of them dp my arse, as another took control and face fucked me, after they had all cum I told Les to grab one of the dogs and I moved over to the bench.

Les brought Jake in, his cock began to grow as he saw me laying on the bench, I wanted him to fuck me from the front, soon he began to lick my pussy lips from top to bottom, my fist good orgasm hit home as he drove his tongue in deep, then just as quick he jumped up, his cock fully hard found my pussy wet and open, in 2 or 3 pushes he slammed his cock right in, he was horny, fucking me flat out, licking my face while his cock worked its magic in my hole.

Then his knot began to grow, Jake pushed in harder, but I wanted him to fuck me longer, so I held his knot and stopped it going in, he continued to slam into me, his cock hitting my uterus, after several good orgasms, I let his knot go, with a few good thrusts, he pushed it in, it swelled up, sealing my pussy, then as we both growled, he shot his hot doggy cum deep inside.

we both enjoyed the feeling of his cum, flowing freely inside me, he swung around, held firm, his tail now wagging over me, his knot made sure I stayed his bitch, a few guys shot their load into my mouth, as Jake and I stayed attached, then with a good pull and a loud plop, he got free.

No sooner had he moved away than my pussy was filled with a cock, soon, the warmth of his cum joined Jakes, then Dfor walked over, his nose sniffing my cummy body, he too, licked me into several good orgasm, then I turned over, he soon, took the hint, his cock plunged deep inside my arse first go.

Dfor fucked me hard and fast, as I enjoyed his cock, I saw Grant, he was laying on the frame, Patch close behind, I guessed Grant had already taken a cock or two, or he was feeling especially horny taking on a horse for his first fuck for the day, but quickly his butt was filled with cock, Patch trusting into him with renewed energy.

Patch was going well, Les giving him a sniff of the mare's scent to stir him on, every time he did Grant let out a loud moan, then went into a anal orgasm, I went back to enjoying Dfor's cock in me, my orgasms coming on quicker as he built up speed, soon his knot filled my arse and Dfor let out a growl as his cum joined the rest inside my well fucked hole.

Dfor was content to linger, waiting for his knot to soften, while he did I again watched Grant, Patch was now shooting his cum deep in his arse, both squirming around as their orgasm surged though them. Then as often Patch pulled back, his cock swinging around as more cum shot out, covering Grants body and Les.

Then as Dfor pulled out, I walked over, kissing Grant and sharing the cum, licking at his hungry hole I took a good mouth full of Patch’s cum, then shared it with him.

Les asked if I was ready, undoing Grant and taking his place told him I was, as Flame was walked over, I took a good sniff of the poppers and held on.

I think Flame must have smelt the mare's scent before his cock went in me, as with one hard push he reared up, his cock, bending as it pushed against my body, then Les quickly aimed it into my lubed butt, with ease, more than half went right in, the flared head of his cock, forcing its way deep inside my bowels, screams shot out of my mouth as his onslaught continued, orgasm after orgasm raced though me, as Les feed him the scent, now every inch of his huge cock was in me, and still I wanted more.

Flame used me as his own, I was out of control, my butt on fire as his huge cock plundered my bowls, then although it was about 10 minutes it seemed longer, he let go, I was just about blow of the frame as his cock flooded me the pressure inside was great, his cock must have sealed itself inside my anus, holding all the cum in me.

Then a shot of pain went though me, his cock, pulling against my inside as he jerked backwards hard, again the flared head of his cock seemed larger than before, then a sudden emptiness, his cock fell out cum shot over us all, my body relaxed as another orgasm subsided.

Grant and Les held me as I tried to stand, my energy completely gone, Flame's cum running down my legs, Grant went down licking my bottom, and taking Flame's cum, as Les bent me over to suck his cock, then Grant swiftly fisted me, his arm going in, taking over from Flame's assault on me caused me to drop, as another orgasm hit home.

I know Les blew his load in my mouth, then after that things got blurred, as guy after guy used me, and I took on Patch and Jake again, before having to rest and regain my senses.

Grant had been keeping busy; he told me later he had taken on both dogs and horses after I fell asleep in the afternoon, and that all the guys had fun with him too, so with full holes and happy hearts. We headed off home for some well earnt sleep.

Rating: 76%, Read 23156 times, Posted Nov 03, 2014

Diary | Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Fisting, Group Sex, Pissing, Water Sports, Written by women


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