Doctor's Incestuous Family Chapter 4: Mommy Rides Her Son by mypenname3000

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Doctor's Incestuous Family

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Four: Mommy Rides Her Son

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Dr. Bernice Wilson

The pregnancy test box fell back into the wastebasket from my numb fingers. I trembled, shocked. My baby girl might be pregnant. My baby girl was having sex and thought she might be pregnant. She was only eighteen. I know girls were so sexually active these days, but she had always seemed so innocent. I was too young to be a grandmother.

This couldn't be happening.

I stumbled out of the upstairs bathroom, trying to picture my innocent Jennifer having sex with a boy. She dressed so conservatively in her long skirts and cute tights, her brown hair held back by a pink hair band. She wasn't the type of girl that would be having sex at such a young age.

And unprotected sex.

I was a gynecologist and an obstetrician. I had explained it all to her, how her reproductive cycle worked, the best protection methods to use. I should have insisted she went on birth control, I just didn't want to believe that she was ready for sex. I know, she was eighteen. They developed so fast. It made me feel so old. I wasn't old. I was still beautiful. I still had a fit body.

I still had desires.

Flashes of James, my nineteen-year-old son, dashed through my mind, memories of seeing him shirtless, his body toned, athletic, rippling with developing muscles. The incestuous lust, triggered by my pregnant patient Cheryl Elliston, fired through my body.

No, I was way too young to be a grandmother.

I stumbled down the stairs, moving in a daze. Noise came from the dining room. I vaguely remembered dropping off Chinese takeout on the table for dinner when I walked in from my day at the office. It was Friday. I didn't feel like cooking anything. James and Jenny laughed, sounding like brother and sister. So innocent.

One was having sex and the other I wanted to fuck.

What was happening to our family?

I don't know why I ended up in the laundry room. It had to be done, but normally I would wait until after dinner. But there I was, my family's clothing presorted, ready for the weekend wash. I just had to do something, anything, normal right now. Everything was insane. My little girl couldn't be pregnant.

But what if she was? How would I talk to her? I would have to confront her, get her to talk. She must be so scared.

My hand reached into her underwear pile, pulling out the first thing I grabbed. It was a red thong. Such a daring cut. I shuddered. I should have seen the warning signs. Her underwear had been so daring since she turned eighteen. She was buying thongs and other skimpy underwear, and bras with lace and ribbons, things that were meant to be shown to a lover and...

My eyes widened. The crotch of her thong held the unmistakable traces of cum. I breathed it in, that tang of salt and a spicy, feminine musk. It was fresh. These were the panties she must have worn today.

She had sex at school or after school and...

I groaned in realization, feeling like such an idiot. Two weeks ago, I came home early from work, dazed by the idea that Cheryl Elliston might have been knocked up by her twenty-year-old son Clint instead of her obvious lie about a one-night stand while on vacation in Mexico. I thought I smelled pussy—this pussy—in the living room and found a wet spot on the couch.

It wasn't a drink spilled by one of my careless children.

And then I found Jenny in the downstairs bathroom. Showering. No one showered down there. She sounded a little off, too, when I talked to her through the door. Was she washing off after her and her...boyfriend? She never even mentioned having one. Had I just missed him dashing out the back door? And James was home, upstairs. Did he even know about what his little sister was doing?


I jumped, letting out a startled shriek, clenching my daughter's thong tight to my chest as I whorled. I felt the fresh cum press on my skin as I turned around and stared at my son, James. He was tall, his hair brown and short, his face handsome with a boyish charm. A hot flush shot through me.

Jenny was being fucked by a young man like James.

Images of riding James, flashes from my masturbatory fantasy this morning, shot through me. I imagined riding his cock, ushering him into the pleasures a woman could give him. He didn't date, either. I could teach him, educate him...

What was wrong with me?

“You okay, Mom?” he asked.

“Fine,” I panted.

“Food's getting cold. I think laundry can wait.”

“Right,” I said, trembling. He was so sexy. So handsome. I wanted to fuck him so badly. This was all Cheryl Elliston's fault. Why did she and her deviant family have to be my patients? I bet Clint was fucking all of them. His sisters, his mother, definitely his cousins, and his aunt. It was so wrong. So taboo.

My pussy clenched so hard. I had to get laid. It had been so long. Several years.

“Well?” James asked, shaking his head. “You seem out of it.”

“Just a weird day at work,” I said, throwing my daughter's soiled thong into the washer machine. “Let's eat.”


James Wilson

I ran my hands up and down my sister's waist as I sat on her bed. Her room was farthest from Mom's. I grinned, loving the sight of her brown bush already wet with her excitement. Her round breasts jiggled, pink nipples hard. Without her hair band, her brown hair fell around her face, swaying as she wiggled her hips, soft R&B music crooning through the room.

“When do we tell Mom?” she asked as I gripped her hips, my cock throbbing.

“Do you really want to talk about that now?” I asked, loving the feel of her beneath my fingers.

Her eyes flicked down to my crotch and my hard cock thrusting up against my stomach. “Mom was so weird during dinner. She kept looking at me.”

“And me,” I shrugged. “She's just being a spaz. Why, do you think she suspects?”

Jenny bit her lip.

“We've been real careful. You disposed of the pregnancy test, right?”

“At school,” she nodded.

“And we've been quiet.” I grinned at her. “That's so hard when I'm in you, but we do it. She has no idea, okay? You're just feeling jumpy because of our secret.”

Then I leaned in, kissing her flat stomach. Our little baby was in there, so tiny right now. It made me so hard knowing I bred my little sister. My cock throbbed. I kissed her again, moving lower, nuzzling, smelling her spicy excitement.

“Maybe,” she sighed as I reached her soft, brown bush, nuzzling through her silky hairs. My hands reached behind her, squeezing her ass, pulling her tight against me. “I guess you're right.”

“I always am,” I said, pressing my lips lower, feeling her heat, tasting the first hints of her spicy musk.

“You still vape. That's not right.”

“It's so right,” I groaned. “I'd tell you to try it, but you're pregnant. Nicotine's bad for the baby.”

She shivered at those words, a happy moan escaping her lips. Her fingers dug into my hair as I pressed my face between her thighs and felt the warm wetness of her pussy lips. That hot silk my dick craved day and night.

My sister's cunt.

Every time I thought that, savoring that incestuous delight, my cock twitched. My tongue ran through her folds, tasting her forbidden juices while her breasts jiggled over my head. She sighed, fingers tightening as my tongue probed through her folds, exploring her, tasting her, teasing her.

Her hips undulated. Her hot pussy ground on my face. She shivered, gasping as I brushed her hard clit. I circled the nub, knowing how much she liked it. My fingers dug into her butt, my excitement mounting as her juices trickled down my face.

I loved eating her pussy. She was so loving after cumming.

My fingers slid into her butt-crack. It was warm between them. I caressed her silky skin, sliding down to her asshole. She gasped as I circled it, staring down at me with her blue eyes. They twinkled with excitement as my finger teased it.

Then I penetrated her asshole.

“James,” she sighed, her sphincter clenching on my finger as I wiggled it deeper and deeper into her hot bowels. At the same moment, I thrust my tongue into her pussy, pressing into her depths and swirling around her hot silk. “Oh, yes, James.”

Her breathing quickened, and those delicious breasts jiggled over my head. My free hand, not fingering her asshole, slid around her side and up her body. I grasped her right breast, squeezing it, her nipple so hard. She shivered as I brushed her nub.

I loved the sounds she made.

I fingered her asshole, pumping in and out while my tongue swirled through her silk. I teased her, loved her, savoring every juicy delight her eighteen-year-old body had to offer. My dick throbbed as I devoured her pregnant snatch, eager to be in her, to squirt more cum in her.

My tongue slid out of her depths to brush her clit. I swirled and then sucked on it, my lips nibbling. That made her buck hard, her asshole clenching on my probing finger. Her groan was long and low and slow. I squeezed her breast, loving how soft yet firm it was, that wonderful contradiction.

How would Mom's larger breasts feel in my hands?

“Oh, yes, James,” she moaned. “Oh, you're such an amazing big brother. Just awesome.”

“Going to cum?” I asked her then took a flick at her clit.

“So hard,” she moaned, her fingers pulling at my hair. She shivered as my tongue battered her clit, flicking over and over. “Oh, god, big brother!”

I loved it when she called me big brother as she came.

Her juices flooded my hungry mouth. That spicy delight. I drank them down while her asshole spasmed on my finger. She bucked, her right tit jiggling in my grip, her left bouncing unconstrained. Brown hair danced about her beautiful, youthful face as she clenched her jaw to keep from screaming out her orgasm.

She shivered and shuddered and writhed through her orgasm. I tongued her pussy, jamming into her depths. I savored her spasming flesh around my tongue, my dick throbbing in such envy. Her spicy musk filled my every inhalation. I savored her aroma, her taste, her. I loved her.

“Big brother,” she groaned, her fingers relaxing in my hair. “Oh, you're so wonderful. Love you.”

“Love you, too,” I groaned.

She leaned down, pushing back on my shoulders with her hands so she could kiss me. My finger popped from her ass as her hot lips met mine. Her tongue flashed out, tasting herself on my lips. That made me throb more. I groaned into the kiss, squeezing her right breast and thumbing her nipple.

Her right hand trailed down from my left shoulder, brushing across my chest. Her fingers traced fire as they moved lower and lower. She grasped my dick, making me shudder. My eyes widened. I groaned into her mouth as she stroked my cock.

Then she straddled me, pushing me backward with her left hand, her right guiding me between her thighs. I laid back on her bed, grinning at her as she brought my dick to her wet pussy. She rubbed it on her folds, her silky pubic hair and hot labia rubbing on the sensitive crown.

“Mmm, now I'm going to make you cum just as hard,” she purred.

“You just want to feel my dick in you. Such a naughty little sister.”

She giggled, beaming at me. “I am. And it's all your fault.”

“You're the one that wanted to seduce me.”

“You're fault,” she groaned as she sank her pussy so slowly down my cock. “You made me into...a pervert!”

Her voice was so throaty as she engulfed me. I shuddered, savoring the hot silk of her wet pussy sliding farther and farther down my shaft. She wiggled her hips, shuddering as she took more and more of my dick into her depths. I grunted when she bottomed out, my dick buried in incestuous heaven.

“Damn,” I panted, my hands stroking her sides, feeling the silk of my skin as she clenched her pussy upon my dick. “I'll take credit for this.”

“Such a bad big brother,” she purred, leaning forward, her fingernails scratching at my chest. “Turning your little sister into your slut.”

“My pregnant slut,” I grinned. “I have to keep that horny, pregnant pussy of yours satisfied.”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned and rose up my cock.

The pleasure spasmed through my body. I groaned, my back arching as she reached the pinnacle. Then my little sister slid back down, engulfing me in her hot silk again. The friction was incredible. Pleasure rippled through my body as she rose up again, her breast jiggling, her hips wiggling. She stirred my cock through her pussy.

“Where did you learn that?” I groaned as she reached the pinnacle and slid back down.

“Alicia Elliston gave me a few pointers at lunch after we fucked in the library,” she groaned. “She knew we were fucking back there. She was one of the girls at the table. But she won't tell.”

“Well, she is fucking her older brother,” I groaned, shuddering at the wonderful way Jenny's pussy clenched as she slid back down. “Thank her. This is awesome.”

Jenny beamed at me, her hips moving faster and faster, her hips twirling more, her pussy clenching and relaxing. It made her already tight pussy heaven. I shivered in delight, my hands tightening on her hips. I let her move how she wanted, just enjoying the feel of her beneath my hands as she rode me. When she bottomed out, she twirled again, grinding her clit through my pubic hair, shuddering in pleasure.

And then she rose up my dick, leaving it glistening with her excitement. She came down harder after doing her twirl and twist. I groaned, my back arching, my balls boiling. It was incredible. She churned the cum in my balls. She went faster and faster, her pussy juices becoming frothy, leaving streaks on my dicks.

She moaned as she rode me, leaning over, her hands resting on my chest. Her breasts jiggled, nipples so inviting. I moved my hands to her tits, pinching her nipples. She gasped, blue eyes widening, such a shudder rippling through her. She rode me faster, her brown hair swaying about her face.

“Yes, yes, yes, big brother,” she moaned. “Oh, this feels amazing for me, too. You have such an amazing cock.”

“You have such an amazing cunt, little sister,” I groaned, unable to think of anything else to say. It was so hard to concentrate on anything but the wet heat sliding up and down my dick. “Fucking ride me!”

“Yee-haw,” she said, a huge grin on her lips. “Gonna ride my bronco so hard.”

“Such a goofball,” I groaned, twisting her nipples.

She squealed in delight, her pussy clenching down so hard on my dick as she slammed down my shaft. I groaned, my balls aching. I couldn't hold out for long. Not in the hot heat of my sister's pussy. Her bedsprings creaked as she rode me so hard, so fast, bucking on me, beaming at me as the pleasure crossed her face.

And then it happened. She slammed down my cock. My balls couldn't take it any longer. The pressure exploded out of me. Hot cum spurted into my sister's incestuous depths. I groaned, bucking up and bouncing her on my cock as I flooded her pussy.

“Big brother!” she squealed in delight, feeling my cum flood her. “Oh, yes. Oh, that's amazing!”

She slammed down my spurting cock. My balls unloaded as her pussy convulsed, her back arched, her breasts jiggling as I twisted her nipples. Her left nipple pulled from my fingers as she heaved and convulsed, cumming just as hard.

“Milk my cock,” I panted, her pussy massaging my flesh. The final spurt of my cum flooded her.

I groaned as she collapsed on my chest, her breasts pressing against me, her lips raining hot kisses across my face. I shuddered as she panted, squirming, her pussy still cumming on my softening cock. She writhed a final time on me and then let out a pleased groan.

“Such an amazing big brother,” she groaned. “Every girl needs a big brother to love her.”

“Yeah,” I groaned, my hands sliding down, squeezing her ass. “Every guy needs a horny sister.”

She giggled.

We kissed and cuddled for another ten or so minutes before she rolled off of me, satiated and sleepy. My cum puddled out of her, making a wet spot on her bed. She didn't seem to mind as she played with my seed leaking out of her pussy. I groaned, wishing I could stay, but Mom might wonder why I was in her room so late.

I pulled on my boxers and a pair of shorts. I didn't bother wearing a shirt for my late-night visit. I grinned as I stepped out of Jenny's room and right into my mother's path.

“Mom!” I gasped, stopping short of bumping into her. She was coming from downstairs, her bleached-blonde hair a tousled mess, her face still beautiful even stripped of her makeup, far more natural and mature. Her breasts strained her purple robe, only half-tied, her cleavage jiggling before me.

My dick twitched.

“What are you doing in Jenny's room so late?” she asked, biting her lip.

My stomach twisted. “She was having a computer problem. I just had to fix it for her. She wouldn't leave me alone until I did it.”

“Oh, okay,” she said, her eyes flicking down my body. I was so aware I was only wearing shorts, my dick growing hard as I tried not to ogle my mom's cleavage. She shook her head and hastily said, “Good night, honey.” Then she hurried around me, walking as fast as possible without it being a run. She opened her bedroom door at the end of the hall and vanished through it, closing it hard.

I blinked at that. “What's up with her?”

Frowning, I headed to my bedroom, stripping out of my shorts, wearing only a pair of dark-blue boxers. My cock was still wet with Jenny's juices, but I didn't go wash up. It felt nice on me. I had just fucked my little sister again.

I smiled at that as I reclined on my bed, staring at my ceiling in the dark. I was one lucky big brother.


Dr. Bernice Wilson

Sleep refused to come. It was being a real stubborn asshole about it. I was so frustrated. I wanted to sleep. I had a long day, but seeing James shirtless, staring at that youthful, muscular body and his swelling hardon made me so wet. He was so strong, so handsome, so in need of a woman showing him how to be a man. He didn't have his father around to do that. My asshole ex had run off with his secretary and had a new family he doted on. He hardly saw James or Jenny.

So James needed his mother to educate him.

Those thoughts were such poison. I knew they were wrong, but I couldn't get them out of my head. I just wanted to sleep, to forget them. But I couldn't. And masturbating twice with my dildo, cumming as I imagined fucking my son, didn't help. I was still awake.

I glanced at the clock.

3:23 AM.

I groaned. This was so annoying. I just wanted these lusts out of my body. I just needed satisfaction. I needed my son's cock in me so badly. I was desperate. Tears beaded my eyes. I grabbed my pillow, covered my face with it, and screamed into it. The lusts were so strong, so commanding. They demanded my surrender.

And I was so tired of fighting them.

“This is so wrong,” I muttered as I rolled out of bed in my thin nightgown, my nipples hard against the satin material. I pulled it off, baring my naked body. I had stopped sleeping in panties, my pussy soaking them. “You're going to go to jail. Incest is wrong. And he's only nineteen.”

I headed to my bedroom door, juices dribbling down my thighs. I had never been so wet in my life.

“He's going to freak out. I'm his mother. He'll be traumatized by this.”

I opened the door.

“I'll scar him for life. Just so I can satiate myself.”

I walked down the hallway.

“I'm such a terrible mother.”

I reached his doorway.

“Don't do this, Bernice. Just walk away. Go back to bed. Don't give in.”

I opened his door.

He lay sleeping on his bed, lying on his back. His blankets had slipped down. In the soft light bleeding through his half-closed blinds, I could see his muscular chest. It rose and fell swiftly as he slept. My eyes flicked down his body to his crotch hidden by his blanket. I licked my lips.

“Last chance,” I whispered to myself.

But I was too weak. I knew it was wrong, but I headed in anyways. I closed the door slowly behind me, twisting the handle before it reached the door jam, ensuring there was no sound. I trembled as I crossed his carpeted floor, not making a sound. I was such a bad mommy.

I reached his bed, staring down at his sleeping face. This was the son I carried in my womb for nine months. I brought him into the world. I held him, nursed him, raised him. And he had grown up into such a handsome man. A stud. Just what an older, horny woman needed in her life.

“I'm so going to jail and hell,” I muttered as I grabbed the blanket.

My entire body trembled, my stomach twisting, my pussy dripping, as I pulled back the blankets. Slowly, I revealed more and more of his body. His rippling abs with a line of hair running down them. A soft down that grew thicker at the waistband of his boxers. His denser patch of darker pubic hair just peeking out. His cock tented his boxers, half-hard. Then I stared at his thick, strong thighs.

My pussy clenched in desire. I rubbed my thighs together, pressing on my aching clit. I was such a bad mother. I mounted his bed, moving so slowly, studying him. He kept sleeping. He could sleep through anything.

Even a blowjob?

I licked my lips, my breasts dangling before me as I straddled his legs. My wet pussy rubbed on his knee as my fingers stroked his dark-blue boxers. I knew all of his underwear. I had been washing them all his life. And this pair had a flap in the front. I reached into it, trembling. This was it. After this, I would have molested my nineteen-year-old son, I would have committed incest.

I could stop this.

No, I couldn't. I was lying to myself. I could never stop this. I needed this. No matter how wrong it was, how much it might damage my son, I had to satiate my desires. I was such a bad mother.

His cock was warm in my hands. That soft yet firm feel. I pulled him out. He was sticky, a spicy musk filling my nose along with his salty skin. The scent was familiar. My eyebrows furrowed. It reminded me of Jenny.

The idea of James fucking his sister was laughable. He barely tolerated his sister. He hated how she was always tattling on him and following him around. He called her a brat. Whomever had knocked up Jenny, it wasn't my son.

I was the only deviant pervert in the family.

I trembled, holding his cock as I leaned over. My breasts pressed into his thighs right below his boxers. My nipples throbbed as my tongue licked up his shaft. Maybe the flavor was from the lotion he was using to jack-off. I had found a lotion bottle in his room before, hidden under the bed, along with a box of Kleenexes.

I had just ignored them. He was a young man.

My tongue climbed higher and higher, reaching the spongy tip of his cock. I swirled it, feeling it harden beneath my stimulation. I loved the way he throbbed, the blood flowing into his cock, getting him nice and hard for my pussy.

I shuddered as I sucked my son's cock. I made this dick in me. I raised it. And now I would enjoy all the fruits of my labor.

My tongue swirled around his dick. I hadn't given a blowjob in so long, but I remembered how to please a man. I sucked so hard, my cheeks hollowing as his dick grew harder and longer. He swelled in my stroking hand as I pleased him.

He groaned in his sleep. My heart raced so badly. Part of me wanted to dart away before he woke up.

But my pussy wouldn't let me.

I stared up at him, watching him as he groaned. His dreams must be so wild right now as I sucked harder. His cock was hard and turgid, at its full erection now. I bobbed on him, liking the spicy flavor of his lotion and the salt of his precum. I wiggled my hips, rubbing my naked breasts on his thighs. Juices trickled out of me.

I was so eager to fuck my son.

He groaned, eyes fluttering. “Jenny,” he muttered as he came awake. “Oh, that's nice.”

My heart raced faster and faster. Why did he say his sister—

“Mom!” he gasped.

My lusts and fear both surged at his outburst, my stomach clenched as my pussy burned. My son stared at me, banishing any concern from my thoughts save what I had to do. I had to calm him. I had to seduce him. I had to let him know that his mommy loved him so very much.


James Wilson

My heart raced as my mom—my fucking mother—popped her lips off my cock. I was so confused, shaking off sleep. Was I still dreaming? I had to be dreaming. My mom was sucking my cock. It had to be a dream. What if it was just Jenny actually doing it, and I was still too groggy to think clearly? But, no, that was Mom's face staring at me, framed by her bleached-blonde hair. Her naked, heavy tits swayed beneath her as she rose, her hand stroking my dick, thumb caressing the tip.

And this felt far too real.

“It's okay,” she said. “Don't be afraid. Mommy just needs you so badly, honey.”

“You need me?” My voice was so dry.

She moved up my body. I felt her hot pussy and silky pubic hair sliding on my right leg as she moved up. And those huge, lush tits bounced and jiggled before her. She kept stroking my dick, cooing as she straddled me.

“Mommy needs to show her big, strong son what sex is like,” she moaned. “I have to teach you.”

“Jesus, Mom,” I groaned, my eyes so wide as her pussy lips brushed the tip of my cock.

My mom's pussy. The cunt that birthed me. And it was touching my cock. It was so hot and wet and juicy. This had to be a dream. But it felt so real. I groaned as she rubbed herself against me, her big tits bouncing.

“So just relax and let Mommy teach you,” she purred. “She'll teach you everything you need to know about sex.”

“Holy shit,” I groaned. This couldn't be happening. My mom's pussy was rubbing on my dick and now... “Holy shit!”

Her pussy slid down my cock. It was achingly wonderful. The pussy that birthed me slowly, inch-by-inch, swallowed my cock. I groaned, my balls throbbing with a load of cum. This was so hot. This was so wrong. Even more wrong than fucking my sister.

Why was this happening? It was hot enough having my little sister to fuck. But now my mom? Jesus, I was turning into Clint.

A huge grin spread on my face. I was turning into Clint.

“Damn, Mom,” I groaned as her incestuous cunt engulfed every inch of my dick. “Oh, damn, your pussy is so hot and juicy.”

“And your cock is sooooo big and hard,” groaned Mom. “Oh, Mommy needed to teach you this so badly.”

Hearing her call herself Mommy made my dick throb. I loved it. My hands shot up and seized her breasts. I squeezed those big, pillowy mounds. They were so much heavier and softer than Jenny's. My fingers sank into them while my thumbs brushed her fat nipples, twice as big as my little sister's. Mom groaned, her pussy clenching so hard on me.

And she was so tight. Not Jenny tight, but still amazing. And she really knew how to squeeze her pussy. This was a mature cunt, one that knew how to fuck. I groaned as she slid up my shaft, her back arching, moaning so wantonly.

“Mommy needs to teach you everything,” she panted, her hips wiggling, swirling like Jenny's did.

And then she slammed down me.

“Yes!” I groaned. “Teach me, Mommy.” God, that was so hot to say. “Teach me everything.”

“Mommy will.” Her fingernails scratched at my chest. Her hair swayed about her face. Such passion burned in her face. “Mommy will teach you everything.”

I groaned as she rode me, my bedsprings creaking. I was almost the luckiest guy in the world. If I had more sisters, more cousins, and a hot aunt, I would be the luckiest guy in the world. But that had to be Clint. So I was number two. I had a hot mom and a hot little sister all horny for my cock.

I kneaded my mother's pillowy breasts as my cock ached and throbbed in her pussy. She slid up and down my dick, twirling her hips, stirring up my cock. I groaned, shuddering beneath her, loving it. She was so hot and sexy. Her pussy clenched on my dick, making me ache and throb. My back arched as my balls churned.

The friction was incredible. It was such a hot thrill to be in her pussy. My mother's pussy. I wanted to scream out at the top of my lungs. But Jenny was sleeping in the next room. How would she react to learning I was fucking another girl?

Would she be mad? Jealous? We were lovers. Was I cheating on my sister with our mother?

“Oh, yes, Mommy loves her big, strong son's huge cock,” Mom moaned, riding me so hard, bouncing up and down my dick. “It's such a big dick. Oh, yes. Mmm, Mommy raised such a strong son.”

“You did, Mom,” I groaned, twisting her nipples.

She gasped. “Oh, such a bad boy for playing with Mommy's nipples. Oh, yes. That's so nice. Keep doing that. Mommy will cum so hard on your dick.”

“What a bad mother,” I groaned, “wanting to cum on her son's big cock.”

“Such a bad Mommy,” she moaned, her pussy growing hotter. She rode me harder and faster, her fingernails scratching hard at my chest.

The flare of pain only added to the excitement as she painted burning lines down my chest. I groaned, my hips bucking upward, thrusting my cock into her depths as she slammed down me. I squeezed her nipples, loving her atop me.

But I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to ram my cock so hard into my mother's depths. So I grabbed her hips in my hands and rolled her over. She gasped as I mounted her, her big breasts pillowing against her. I stared down into my mother's dark eyes, drawing back my cock and thrusting in hard.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned. “Fuck Mommy's naughty cunt with that big cock. She's such a bad Mommy. She needs it.”

“Such a bad mommy,” I groaned, staring down at her.

And then I kissed her. Her arms and thighs wrapped tight about my body as our lips met in a hot, incestuous kiss. My mother's tits rubbed on my chest, so soft and yet her nipples so hard. My bed creaked louder as I fucked her. My heavy balls slapped into her taint.

They were so full of my cum.

Mom moaned into the kiss, clutching me with such a desperate passion. Her pussy was so hot about my cock. It practically boiled. She humped against me, using her thighs as leverage. I shuddered every time I buried into her hot flesh, enjoying the friction.

It was incredible.

My mother knew how to fuck. She moaned and writhed, fingernails scratching at my back. Her thighs clenched hard about my hips as she kissed me harder, our tongues dueling. She tasted so wonderful. She felt so wonderful.

“Yes,” she moaned, breaking the kiss as her body heaved beneath me. “Yes, yes, yes! Such an amazing son!”

And then she came.

I drove my cock in and out of her spasming depths. My mother's cunt writhed about my dick, hungry for my cum. Maybe I could breed her, too. I could flood her depths, fill her to the brim with my incestuous seed, and have another woman in my life pregnant with my child.

“Yes,” I groaned. “You want my cum!”

“Mommy does,” she moaned.

“You want to be bred by me. You want your own son to knock you up!”

“Yes!” she hissed, her pussy spasming even harder about my dick, milking me, driving me wild. I groaned, plunging over and over into her depths. Her body heaved beneath me. “Breed your bad, wicked Mommy! Pump me full of all your cum!”

That was all it took. Hearing those words sent a shudder through me. I slammed hard into my mom's depths. My cock buried to the hilt in her hot flesh. She spasmed about me, milking my dick, eager for the cum spurting into her depths.

Rapture shot through me with every blast. It slammed into my mind. Ecstasy consumed me as I flooded my mother's cunt. It was so hot. So wrong. So taboo. I hoped I bred her. I hoped I knocked her up. I wanted to see her and Jenny with their bellies round. Mother and daughter looking so sexy.

“Oh, yes, James,” she moaned, bucking beneath me. “Flood Mommy's cunt. Such a stud! Mommy raised such a stud.”

“Yes,” I groaned and then collapsed on her, breathing heavily, her breasts so soft beneath me. “Damn, Mom.”

“Uh-huh,” she groaned and then shuddered. “And don't worry about actually breeding me. I use the implant.”


“Nexplanon,” she said. “It's great. Last for three years.” She touched her arm. “I have a little rod in there.”

“Oh,” I said, trying to hide my disappointment.

“What type of porn are you watching?” she asked as I rolled off of her. “I know boys your that. But it was exciting, the breeding talk. But we can't have children.”


“And you're too young to be a father.” She gave me a critical look. “If you are having sex, I hope you're using a condom. It's okay going without one with me, but with girls your age...”

“Geez, Mom,” I groaned, suddenly so embarrassed.

“And you're sister can't find out about...this,” Mom continued. She shivered. “I don't want to stop, but we have to keep it a secret.”

“Yeah,” I groaned. How would mom react if she learned I had knocked up Jenny? “A secret.”

“Good.” She gave me a hot kiss. “Mmm, you are a stud. I'll see you in the morning. Sleep tight.”

“Yeah, Mom.”

I shook my head as she rose. She switched from “Bad Mommy” to mother so fast. It was weird. And hot. God, she was hot. My head fell back on my pillow. Both the women in my life. This was crazy.


Jenny Wilson

I woke up with the urge for cum. Maybe my pregnancy cravings were already kicking in.

Or I was just a horny little sister that loved sucking her big brother's cock.

I giggled at that thought as I opened my bedroom door. It was after seven, the entire family sleeping in on Saturday. I had to hurry. Mom wasn't the type of person to sleep in early even on the weekend. And James's bedroom was adjacent to hers.

Though that just made it even more exciting.

I crept down the hall in my nightgown and panties full of his cum from last night. It was so naughty sleeping with that sticky mess. Though I was eager to take a shower and get cleaned up now. But that could wait.

I opened the door, smiling at the sight of him sleeping, the covers kicked off. The room smelled musty. Had he been jerking off thinking of me? Or maybe it was just myself I smelled. I did smell more than a little raunchy.

I shivered, loving that.

I padded across the room, a squirmy excitement in me. I crept onto his bed, straddling his legs, and reached into his boxers. He had a slit in his fly. I found his cock, still sticky with my pussy juices. I shivered, loving to taste myself. I pulled his half-hard cock out and leaned down, licking at his shaft.

I tasted...different. Sweeter than normal.

I shrugged and lapped again. It had to be my pussy. Who else could he have fucked? Mom? That almost made me laugh out loud. And I still tasted good, if different. I wiggled my hips, my tongue sliding up his cock and brushing the tip. I loved how his crown pulsed as he hardened, throbbing, swelling. Precum beading the tip. I licked it up and savored the flavor.

I stared up at his chest, red scratches standing out against his paper flesh. I grinned, flexing my fingers. I must have really clawed him up while riding him last night.

I felt so naughty as I engulfed his cock with my hungry mouth and sucked so hard. My pussy grew hot. I loved sucking his dick. It was so much fun. I played with his hairy balls, feeling the cum in them—the cum that had bred me. My juicy, pregnant snatch clenched as I sucked so hard on his dick.

“Mom,” he groaned as he came awake. He blinked his eyes then grinned, “Jenny.”

“Mom?” I asked, popping my lips off his dick. “Why'd you blurt that out?”

He froze. “Um, just a weird dream I was having.”

“You were dreaming it was Mom sucking your cock? Our mom?”

“Yeah,” he said.

I rolled my eyes. “You're such a horny big brother. Good thing Mom would never do this or I'd be jealous.” I sucked on his cock. It was all mine. Although, Alicia had told me how awesome sharing her older brother with her sisters and other women was.

Shivering, thoughts of threesomes dancing in my head, I sucked on his cock with my hot, wet mouth. He groaned, his back arching. His hands clenched at the sheets. He shuddered, his eyes rolling back into his head as I sucked and bobbed and worshiped his cock. He tasted so good in my mouth. That sweet taste was delicious.

I bobbed faster and faster, fondling his balls, watching his body squirm and writhe. My tongue swirled. I sealed my lips, giving such a tight suction. And that made him groan. Alicia told me about deep-throating, but I don't think I was ready for that.


I would one day.

For now, I just concentrated on loving my big brother, on giving him all the pleasure I could. I sucked so hard, my mouth moving up and down. Saliva ran down my chin. It was so hot. I made such naughty sounds.

“Jenny,” he groaned, his hand gripping my brown hair, holding my head.

That made me feel so loved.

“Damn, Jenny. Damn, I have the best little sister in the world. I love you so much.”

Flutters ran through my body from my hot pussy. My free hand shoved between my thighs and rubbed the sticky crotch of my panties, massaging my flesh. I was on fire. I shuddered, stroking myself, teasing, my orgasm building so fast.

It was so hot giving the man I loved, my brother, pleasure. It made me so happy. I pressed the wet fabric of my panties into my hot, pregnant folds as I sucked and loved him. He groaned, shuddering. His eyes rolled back into his head.

“Fuck,” exploded from his mouth. “Oh, damn, Jenny. I'm going to cum.”

That was the point. I sucked so hard, feeling his balls tightened. I rubbed at my hard clit through my panties, stroking the sticky material against my throbbing nub. Harder and faster, my mouth bobbing furiously on his dick.

And then that wonderful moment happened. His cum spurted into my mouth.

Hot, salty jizz splashed against the back of my throat. I swallowed it with greedy gulps, shuddering as I massaged my clit. His cum warmed down to my belly. The first protein of the day. I groaned, such naughty thoughts bursting through my mind.

And came.

I moaned about his spurting dick as the pleasure rippled out of my pussy. It washed through my body. I heaved, gulping it all down. The salty delight coated my throat. I loved it. My mind drank in the pleasure as I swallowed the last drops of my big brother's seed.

“Thanks, Jenny,” he panted. “Damn, I love waking up like that.”

I grinned and popped my mouth off his dick. “I have to take a shower. You can join me.”

Before he could answer, I scampered off the bed, my nightgown falling off my hips. I darted for the bedroom door and opened it, stepping into the hall. And almost ran into my mother, wrapped up in a loose robe.

“What were you doing in your brother's room?” Mom asked.

I shuddered, still tasting his cum in my mouth. “Um... I was...”

“Snooping?” She asked, arching an eyebrow. “Trying to find something to get him in trouble?”

I flushed and nodded my head. It was easier agreeing to that than making up my own lie.

Mom gave me a hard look. “We need to talk.”

My stomach twisted into ice. “About tattling on him?”

“No, about this?” She grabbed my arm and yanked me to the bathroom. It was on the opposite side of the hallway a few feet closer to Mom's bedroom door from Clint's. She opened it and pulled me inside. Then she bent down in the wastebasket and grabbed—

“Oh, no,” I groaned, spotting the pregnancy test box. How could I be so stupid? I disposed of the incriminating test at school and forgot all about the box it came in.

“Oh, no indeed,” Mom said. “Are you pregnant?”

To be continued...

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