the girls next door pt1 by Navy+Ace+15

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It was a warm summer day when John finished mowing the yard. He was about to go inside and clean up when the moving truck pulled up to the house next door. it was followed by a black Tahoe that pulled into the drive. John stood there sipping water watching as men jumped out and began moving stuff into the house. John wasn't really all that interested. He was one of only a few 18 year olds in the neighborhood having just graduated high school. He had grown up here and it had always been an older neighborhood.

He watched as an older military type of man and a very hot redhead got out of the car and walked in. He could tell the man was definitely military by how he was walking and talking to the redhead that could only be his wife. He was easily 6'4" and ripped and looed to be about 37. He was most likely assigned to the army base about 15 miles away. The red head was gorgeous for being around 30. She was 5’9" probably about 130lbs with what John suspected was probably 34DD tits and a gorgeous ass. As they disappeared inside two more girls got out and started inside. They both looked to be in there teens. One was a red head just like her mom with another gorgeous ass with a G-string sticking out of her very short tight cheerleader shorts and C cup breasts she was pretty fit looking at about 120lbs. The second girl had black hair and probably weighed on 5 or 10 pounds more than her sister. She also had c cup breasts and a nice though slightly wider ass.

The girls disappeared into the house and John decided he had better go get cleaned up. He got out and got dressed and was trying to decide what to do when he heard a knock on the door. He went down stairs and opened it to find his new neighbors standing there. The man was very menacing up close. He reached out his hand for a shake which John took. He introduced himself as Sgt. Major Tom Kirby. He then proceeded t o introduce his wife Rebecca and his daughters Rachel and Emily. Rachel was the sexy redhead and Emily the brunette. John introduced himself and explained that his parents were out of town and traveled a lot making sales for the company they worked for. After the formalities the Kirby's turned to leave. As they were walking away Rachel turned and winked at John before bending over to pretend like she was scratching her ankle. John closed the door as Rachel caught back up to her family.

John went and sat on the couch and flipped on the TV still thinking about Rachel. John wasn't a virgin but he wasn't the type women tended to go for, He was a bit geeky, not like glasses and pocket protector type just smart. He was also a little overweight and a bit of n introvert with only a small group of friends. He continued watching tv wondering if she was teasing him or if he only imagined the wink.

It was about 11pm when John figured he would go to bed. Just as he turned the tv off he heard another knock but this one on his back door. He walked back and turned on the light. Rachel was standing there and she motioned for him to turn the light off so he did before he opened the door and let her in.

"Hey Rachel, what's up"

"Hey John sorry its so late I had to wait for my parents to go to bed there super strict"

"Its ok" John said

"So are your parents still gone?" She asked.

"yea there gone for the rest of the week"

"That's good" Rachel said, " Do you think I can stay here for the night me and my parents got into a huge fight and I just wanna get away. They think cause my sister and I are still 17 for another month that were not adults, but we will both be in college in August so we deserve our freedom."

"yea its cool with me Rachel we got a spare room you can use" John said.

"Oh thank you so much" Rachel cried as she gave him a hug.

He took her upstairs and showed her the bathroom and guest room and told her to make herself at home. She thanked him and turned towards the bed she made a point of shaking her ass which she was very proud of nowing that he was watching. she turned around and stretched pulling her shirt up and pushing her chest out towards John.

"Well good night sweetie I'm exhausted from the move I'll see you in the morning" Rachel said.

"Good night Rachel" he said she watched him walk to the door and close it.

Rachel waited a little bit than got up and knocked on his door.

"Come in" John said.

Rachel entered and said " John I just cant sleep by myself in a strange house do you think i can stay in here with you?"

"Yea sure" John said, he turned on the lamp and she came over to the bed and layed down

They layed there talking about this and that for a few minutes when she decided it was time to make her move. He was laying on his back and they were both on top of the covers. she moved pretending to take a closer look at something near the end of the bed. she made a point of wiggling her ass and knew her g string was hanging out. As she pretended to return to her spot she made sure she moved enough to sit back right on his crouch

"Oh whoops" she said. " i guess I need to watch where I'm going"

With that she turned around stratling him and pretended to slip so her boobs fell right in his face. She felt the bulge in his shorts and knew her plan was working so she climbed off to begin phase two.

She decided to stop being suble. She took her hand and shoved it down his shorts and grabbed his dick.

"So thats what was poking me. Guess your happy to see me huh" she said laughing.

"Yea I am" John said a little embarrassed.

Rachel began pumping it saying "wow its so big and thick John I gotta see it"

With that she grabbed his shorts and began pulling them down as john lifted his ass to let her. once she had his shorts off she went back to jerking him off again. She than moved closer to him and began kissing him. it didnt take long before there tongues were invading each others mouths. John's hands went to her shirt and began pulling it off. They broke there kiss as her shirt came off and John was mesmeized by her large perky tits. Rachel's nipples were hard. She had nice pink nipples about the size of a pencil eraser and small light aeoria's.

John took her nipples in his mouth and begaan rubbing and pinching her other one. Rachel immediatly began to moan. She had never felt the sensation that was running through her body. The men she typically fucked were usually rough but John was a softer more stimulating touch. "Oh GOD" she said " That feels amazing"

John decided for the first time that day that it was his turn to take control. He moved his right hand from her breast and began rubbing her pussy through her shorts. It didnt take long before Rachel was moaning more and telling him how wet she was. John stopped sucking her nipple and rubbing her pussy and pulled her shorts and g-string off. John took a second to admire her perfect, shaved pussy. Then he went to work eating her pussy. Her pussy was the best he ever tasted. Within minutes she was pulling her his head into her and grinding her pussy on his face. “Oh I’m so close to cumming" Rachel yelled. Two minutes later she came right into his mouth. John licked it up savoring every drop.

"Oh god baby that was amazing" Rachel said” Now it’s my turn I want your big dick in my mouth".

She laid him back on the bed and started licking his dick all over paying special attention to the sensitive area on the underside just behind the head. It was pure bliss for John. After licking his dick all over she guided it into her mouth and began sliding it all the way to the back of her throat before sliding it back til just the tip was left in. It didn’t take too long before John felt the familiar pressure building in his balls.

“Rachel I’m about to cum” John said. She gave him a smile and just started sucking harder and faster til cum exploded into her mouth. Rachel made sure she sucked and swallowed every drop of cum before releasing his dick.

Rachel laid on johns chest and let her hand play with is dick and balls. After a few minutes of rest John was rock hard again by this beautiful creature. She wasted no time in climbing on top of him and sliding his dick into her tight pussy. She rode him for several minutes moaning and screaming as his dick seemed to have just the right natural curve to hit her g-spot every time. Within 5 minutes she was cumming. It was the strongest orgasm she had ever had. With Johns confidence building by the minute he lifted her off of him and guided her into the doggy style position. His dick quickly penetrating her tight soaking wet pussy again. He alternated slow even strokes with fast hard ones for another 15 minutes giving her two more orgasms before he was ready to come. When he finally was ready she told him she was on the pill and to fill her pussy with cum. That was all it took for him to dump his biggest load ever into her. After his dick softened and came out of her they both laid back down and fell asleep.

The next day John awoke to the sound of his alarm. He had to work that day it was nothing glamorous just a little part time job at a movie theater he had all through high school. He was promoted to assistant manager when he turned 18. He went in and opened up the theater. It was slow all afternoon as it always was on Friday afternoons. The night shift was when things really picked up and unfortunately. One of the girls who typically ran the snack section had called out so he was forced to do her job as well as his own.

It was a little after 8 p.m. when John saw them walk in. It was his new neighbors. What really shocked him was that both Emily and Rachel had dates they were making out with right in front of their parents. They walked over and upon recognizing John said hello. John put his game face on and smiled and said hey back. He looked at Rachel and caught just the slightest smirk on her face. He gave them there popcorn and sodas and they went off to their movie leaving John confused and pissed. He had clearly been used.

Rating: 82%, Read 11558 times, Posted Oct 03, 2013

Fiction | Blowjob, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male


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