Helping out around the house by GeekBoy28

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Fiction | Female, Male, Voyeurism

I've never posted anything I've written before, but there is a first time for

everything. Like with sex, your first time is usually a little clumsy and

awkward, but you still seem to enjoy it, and if you're lucky, the others enjoy

it too.

Let me start with a little background for you. I’m a big guy, 6 feet tall and about 290 pounds. My wife is only 5’4” and chubby at over 200 pounds herself. She has a great set of 38DD tits that I can’t get enough of. The way they swing when we fuck doggy style drives me crazy. My wife’s mother is about 5’3” and quite a bit smaller at about 160 pounds and as far as I can tell she probably has B cup tits. Ever since her mother learned that my wife and I were fucking before we got married, she was jealous and was always trying to “accidentally” see me naked. I didn’t actually try to prevent her, and you might say I even tried to help her without being blatant.

Now on to the situation that happened several years ago. My wife was diagnosed with a condition which meant she would need a hysterectomy. Her mother offered to come to our house and stay for a while to be there when she had the surgery and to help out around the house after the surgery with some of the things my wife couldn’t do. She arrived a couple days before the surgery was scheduled and settled in to the guest room next to the master bedroom.

One thing about my wife that I really enjoy is that she likes to fuck first thing in the morning, and me, being a fairly typical guy, I like to fuck whenever I can, so that works out well for us. My wife has learned to be a bit of a screamer, and she gets embarrassed when someone else hears us, so that means we generally don’t have sex when we have visitors.

The day before her surgery, I convince my wife that we should fuck one more time because after her surgery, we weren’t sure how long it would be before we would be able to have sex again. She was a little reluctant with her mother in the next room, but with a little coaxing, and some proper teasing, she finally agreed.

I pulled out all the stops to make sure that she enjoyed this fucking since it would be the last either of us would get for a while. I started by sucking on her nipples while fingering her pussy. I learned many years before we got married that this was one of the fastest ways to loosen her up. Next I progressed to eating her out while pinching her nipples. This got her so excited she was begging me to just fuck her. I moved up and started to ease my cock into her pussy. I’m not huge, at about 7-7.5” long fully hard, but I am fairly big around at about 1.75” in diameter. After I get it all the way in, I start to slowly pump in her pussy, then I suddenly pull it all the way out and go back to eating her pussy out.

She clamps her legs around my head and practically screams, “STOP TEASING AND JUST FUCK MY PUSSY!!!” I stop licking her pussy and start sliding my cock in again, this time she is humping up to get me in faster. It doesn’t take long for both of us to orgasm together and I collapse onto the bed beside her.

She playfully slaps me and tells me that was for teasing her like that, as he gets up to go to the bathroom and get a shower. While my wife was in the shower, I heard her mother leave the guest room and go into the hall bathroom and start her shower. Remembering that her mother was always a bit jealous of us, I wondered just how much she heard of our fucking (knowing she had to have heard at least some of it). After we had all showered and gotten a bit of breakfast, I drove the ladies around so her mom could take my wife shopping before her surgery. After a long day shopping, we had dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants and called it a night.

The the surgery was scheduled for Friday (tomorrow) and we had to be at the hospital by 9:00am. We stayed with my wife as long as we could until they took her for surgery. A few hours later the doctor came out and told us there had been a few minor complications, but everything was fine, she would just need a little more time to recover. He told us that she was in the post-op recovery now, and she would be moved into her room in a few hours, so we should go get something to eat while we waited. He mom hugged me close as we walked to the hospital cafeteria to find something for our lunch. While we ate, her mom seemed nervous, and didn’t talk much, but I figured she was just as concerned about my wife (her daughter) as I was. When they finally brought my wife to her hospital room, she was still quite groggy and drugged up. She recognized us and even managed to give us both small hugs and kisses. We stayed until about 8:00pm when the nurses made us leave so my wife could get some rest and recover. When we walked out to our car it was still 98 degrees and probably about 90% humidity. The car was even hotter having been closed up in the sun all day. We both had sweat rolling off us until the AC finally started to cool things down. When we finally got back to the house I realized that the AC was still running full blast and I was starting to get goose bumps, and I got a quick glimpse of a rock hard nipple showing through my mother-in-law’s shirt. We parked and just the short walk from the car to the house had us both covered in sweat again. My MIL quickly disappeared to her room while I managed to get us a light dinner to eat. She returned a few minutes later wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants. We sat to eat the sandwiches I had made and she seemed to be nervous again. I asked her if she was OK, and she said she was just worried about her daughter after the surgery.

The next day was Saturday, the first full day after her surgery. We spent the day sitting in the hospital room with her and late in the afternoon. When her mom went to use the bathroom, my wife asked me to get he mom out of there as she was driving her crazy and making her feel worse, so I told her I would see what I could do. About 7:30pm that evening, my wife finally convinced her mom that my wife needed to get some sleep and I practically dragged her out of the hospital. It was another extremely hot day, except this time I managed to convince my MIL to stop for dinner on the way home. We chit-chatted some about my work and other little things. It was probably 10:00pm before we finally got home. Once again, she disappeared and changed into the sweatpants and T-shirt, but tonight the shirt seemed a little tighter and thinner. We sat on the sofa and watched a little TV to help unwind. I couldn’t help but notice her nipple poking against her shirt again, except this time, it wasn’t so cold in the room.

I flipped thought some channels to see what was on, accidentally hitting a porn channel and fumbling with the remote to try to get that image off the screen. I apologized to my MIL for that and she surprised me by saying that it was OK, she knew I was a guy and that I would need a lot of that for a while until her daughter recovered enough to meet my needs again. Next she proceeded to say that she had heard us the morning a few days ago and that my wife & I must have a “fulfilling” sex life. I could see her cheeks flushing a but and her nipples hardening as she spoke. A little embarrassed myself, I apologized for making so much noise the other day and said that my wife & I actually really enjoyed sex and that we had arrived at a few rules in our house. Whenever she wanted sex, I gladly provided her with whatever she asked for. In exchange, she set aside Sundays for “my time” in which whatever I wanted she would try her best to do. She only had a few things she refused to do and that I had to stop doing something if she told me to. Other than that, I could do practically whatever I wanted with her body on Sunday. After that we were both a little embarrassed and decided it was time for bed.

After our little incident in the living room, I had some trouble getting to sleep, so I turned on the ceiling fan and stripped off my clothes laying on top the covers and thinking of fucking my wife and how her mother was acting.

In the morning I started to wake up hearing noises. I was hearing my MIL walking from her guest room to the hall bathroom and back several times, but it sounded like she was pausing mid stride as she did so. I laid there still slowly waking up and felt the cool breeze from the ceiling fan on my hard cock and balls and I remembered having trouble getting to sleep the previous night. I opened my eyes and saw my bedroom door about half open and I heard my MIL again heading from the bathroom to her guest bedroom. Once again she paused and looked through the open door. I quickly realized that she was looking at my cock as she hadn’t even noticed my eyes were open when she looked in. I decided to “play along” so as she moved about in the guest beed room, I quickly got out of bed and stood next to the door like I was using it to balance myself so that when she walked out of the guest bedroom door she would be face to face with me, except I was standing there fully nude and with a hard on.

When she walked out of the door, she wasn’t expecting me, so she was a bit surprised. He eyes instantly glued to my hard cock, as I mumbled “good morning, did you sleep well?” her hands moved to her mouth in an exaggerated gasp allowing her robe to open a little in the front, but her eyes still remained glued to my cock. I stepped up to her and asked her if she got a good look and if she liked what she saw. She started to turn bright red as I told her that I knew she had been looking in at me on the bed and if I had left the door open or if she had opened it.

Next I said that since she was there to help with things her daughter couldn’t do around the house because of the surgery, that I could think of a few things depending upon how serious she was with her offer. She moved her hands down pulling the front of her robe open exposing her nude body to me asking if that answered my questions.

I slid the robe off her shoulders and sucked a nipple into my mouth while my hand instinctively reached for her pussy. She quivered a little as I gently sucked and rubbed. I lifted my head and asked her if she would like me to show her what I had done with her daughter the other morning when she overheard us (and masturbated herself while listening to us fuck)?

I pulled her into the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. I resumed sucking her nipple and caressing her pussy feeling her get wetter and wetter as I gently stroked her occasionally rubbing her clit sending a jolt through her body when I did. As I moved down to start licking her pussy, she seemed a little embarrassed when she asked what I was doing. I told her that I was going to do to her what I did to her daughter the other day. She said she had never had a guy perform oral sex on her before and she was nervous. I told her that her daughter and I had never experienced it before we started with each other and that we both really enjoyed it now. She reluctantly opened her legs and let me begin. I leaned in and inhaled her musky aroma deeply making my cock get a little harder just before I started to lick. I started off with some long slow, gentle licks before I moved to doing a brief tongue fucking session, followed by some clit sucking. She was biting her lip and trying to hold it all inside when I told her that it would feel even better if she stopped fighting it and just let it all out. Let herself go, moan, cry, scream whatever she felt, let it happen. She slowly opened up and started to moan a bit. Then she got a bit louder, and gradually even louder. Before she knew it she was screaming at the top of her lungs as she squirted her cum in my mouth. As she collapsed on the bed I slid up next to her and se saw my wet shiny face and apologized for peeing on me. I laughed a little and told her she didn’t know just how much she and her daughter were alike. I then explained that she hadn’t peed, she squirted, which told me that she had a strong orgasm which she enjoyed. She turned away as her face turned bright red. I told her not to worry, the first time her daughter had squirted in my mouth she thought the same thing, but I told her that this was definitely not pee, as it was much sweeter, and thicker. I said that the first few times I had tried licking her daughter that I had no idea what I was doing and I was surprised that we both continued allowing me to find out what pleased her enough to make her squirt for me. I explained that most of the time, she gets so horny that she needs my cock burred deep in her cunt that if she squirts, it’s all over my cock, not my face.

I asked her is she was ready to continue “helping out” yet, and she said “YOU MEAN THERE’S MORE???” I chucked and said that it was Sunday morning and that I hadn’t cum yet, so of course there was more. She eagerly flung her legs wide open and said, “LET’s GET ON WITH THIS THEN!”

I moved between her legs and rubbed my cock head over her slick pussy lips, then started to slide it up and down the full length of her wet pussy. She gasped and arched her back a little, so I moved my cock head to the opening of her pussy and slowly and as gently as possible started to push it in. I got a couple inches in and started to pull it back out when her eyes flew open. Yup, I dropped my face back to her pussy and started to lick some more. I only licked a little before I repositioned my cock back to the entrance to her pussy. This time, I slid in a little deeper than I had been before, and worked my way all the way in as slowly as we both would allow. Once I was all the way in she started to rock her hips and said that now she sees why her daughter loves to fuck my cock. My cock’s not too long, but it is thick and makes her feel so full and touches the parts of her she didn’t realize she had. I start to slowly pump my cock in and out of her pussy and realize just how much like her daughters it really feels.

Next I slide my hand between us and start to massage her clit with my thumb as my cock is gently gliding in and out of her pussy. She starts to moan and thrash as she goes into another orgasm. After she calms down a bit, I slide out and lay beside her a little more. She slowly recovers and I begin to suck her nipple again, but this time I don’t touch her pussy, and she starts to lift her hips while I suck her nipple. I reposition myself again and slowly slide all the way into her. This time we gently rock as I’m slowly fucking her, and she is rejoicing in the feeling of my cock deep in her pussy. I start to pick up my pace a little and she feels my cock start to swell. She stares directly into my eyes and says, “That’s it. Give me your full load! I NEED it deep in my pussy! GIVE IT TO ME NOW!” and I unload spurt after spurt of my cum deep in her pussy and she quivers a little in another, much smaller, orgasm while I cum deep in her. We stay coupled as my cock begins to shrink, then I pull out and drop my face back to her pussy. I start sucking and licking her pussy for all I’m worth. She starts to buck on my face and rocks through another powerful orgasm. At which point, I then slide up beside her and we cuddle for a few minutes before she gently kisses me and licks a little of the mixture of our cum off my face.

She lets out a heavy sigh and says that now she is really jealous of her daughter if she gets fucked like that regularly. I chuckle and tell her that we aren’t normally like that, but we do sometimes get there.

We take a quick shower together and get dressed to go see my wife in the hospital again. If things go well, she’ll get to come home today. We spend the day at the hospital with my wife again but this time her mother seems a bit more quiet and that helps my wife relax more. Late in the afternoon, the doctor stops by and says that he’s afraid that my wife needs to spend another night in the hospital but that she will be able to go home on Monday. Thant evening as we head out, my MIL perks up a bit and asks “Do you think you’ll be needing some more help with things around the house this evening?”

I smile and grab a handful of her ass as we walk to the car...

Rating: 95%, Read 54188 times, Posted May 22, 2013

Fiction | Female, Male, Voyeurism


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