BBC Over College: The Condos 1 by John+Black

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Fantasy | Interracial

It was the spring of 1998. I was a student at Bellmore University in Nashville, a promising interior design major. I always wanted to be a decorator as early as I could remember. Now here I was, 21-years-old and in college on my way to living out my dreams. I had just finished my junior year and was looking forward to going home for the summer but a few days before I was to leave, I was summoned to the Dean’s office to clear up a discrepancy with my senior year dorm payments. “I’m sorry Miss. Garvey, but you just didn’t get your dorm fees in on time! You are three days late on your payments. This is unacceptable!”, Dean Halper sternly said to me.

Cold and unfeeling, Edna Halper, the female dean of my alma-mater stood and spoke in scolding fashion. She was an old crone, looking a lot older than her years and really oozed with up-tight conservatism. She was about fifty-something, possibly mid-fifties, dressed in a dark blue business skirt and jacket set, with her shoulder-length light-grey hair almost white pinned back and swirled behind her head into an old-fashioned bun. The plain dark skirt that she wore ended just below her knees, covering most of her slightly varicose-veined legs that were covered the rest of the way by greyish-white support hose. Her black patent-leather shoes were high-heeled but the utilitarian type, suited mostly for walking than for fashion. On the bridge of her nose she wore those old lady reading glasses that women of her age wore secured in place by a long golden chain fastened to the gold necklace around her neck. As always, she looked very intimidating.

“But Dean Halper, I didn’t have the money then. I only just got my Father’s check in the mail the yesterday.” I said. “you’ve got to believe me!” It was true. For some reason, I hadn’t received my Father’s check until it was way too late. I flicked my eyelashes in hopes of gaining a little bit of sympathy, but to her credit the old lady didn’t budge from her scolding tone. “That’s just not my problem Miss. Garvey. You’ve been at this university for three whole years now, and you know very well that we expect and always expect prompt payments. Why, even if I wanted to bend the rules and allow you to stay, which I do not, I wouldn’t have a place to put you now anyway. You are too late and there simply just isn’t any more vacancies for the new year.”, said the old witch as she wagged her boney finger at me only inches from my much younger and prettier face.

And what a pretty young face it was. My full name is Carole Jean Garvey, and I stand a tall 5’7” but was only a paper thin 113 lbs., which back then made me kind of waifish in appearance. Living in the dorm was something that I grew to rather enjoy over the first three years of college. I had a lot of friends and didn’t want to leave those comforts of my life. Standing there dressed in a cute looking lavender colored summer dress, my emotions overcame me, and I began to cry. I was now out a place to live and didn’t know what I was going to do. Dean Halper stood firm with her arms folded and a scowl on her face glaring at me as I bawled in front of her uncontrollably. Finally, she offered a little bit of sympathy.

“Now, now Miss. Garvey, there is no use in crying. These things happen, but there is a valuable lesson to be learned here. One that you should take with you from this day forward. As a young adult you must learn about the importance of promptness. The world is a very cold and unfair place and you must prepare yourself to accept its consequences when you make an error. You must also learn to honor your commitments, no matter how uncomfortable that they may be. Now, please remove yourself, and your belongings from your dorm room by the end of the week.” I continued to cry uncontrollably into my hands. “But Dean Halper, I don’t know where I’m going to live next year. How could you be so cruel? Where am I supposed to go?”

I was laying it on thick sensing that I had warmed her a bit, but I was wrong. The old crone just shook her head at me, put her wrinkled and pointy nose in the air and coldly turned around in silence and left the office. I could hear her heavy heels clicking loudly down the hallway floor like a well-choreographed tap dance. I continued to cry because I really didn’t know what I was going to do. Where WAS I going to live? This was a terrible thing to happen and right before my final year. I knew that I couldn’t call my parents. My Father would hit the roof if he found out how incompetent I was. Even though it wasn’t my fault my parents would still blame me. They were that strict.

I grew up in a perpetually god-fearing family in rural Ohio that was socially behind the reasonings of time. My Father was a minister and he would be livid at this unfortunate news and would verbally scold me just like he always had when I would do something wrong as a young girl. It didn’t matter how miniscule the infraction, I was always subjected to long sermons from his lips, and it would be ten times worse if he were to learn of this terrible error. My mother wouldn’t save me either. Dutiful and sub-servient, my mother wouldn’t dream of crossing or questioning my Father’s scolding, no matter how wrong he was. Never mind that in this instance I was virtually and categorially innocent.

It’s not my fault that the mailman hadn’t delivered the funds for my dorm fees in promptness. I didn’t control the post office. Why didn’t my parents send the money earlier so it would get here in plenty of time? No, I definitively could not call home and reveal this problem to my parents. I had to figure this all out for myself. After returning to me dorm room and spending the next few hours in silence with tears in my eyes thinking about my conundrum, I eventually decided to go to bed. I didn’t sleep very well during that night though. To compound things, I was all alone because my dormmate Teri had already departed and gone home to Memphis for the summer. Maybe that was a good thing though, because it helped me think a little clearer just being there alone and afraid.

The next morning, I woke up, dressed, and went down to the street to get a newspaper from the machine in front of the school. I sat in the lobby on one of the couches looking through the classifieds trying to find someplace to live. No luck. There were very few vacancies and nothing even close to my price range, which was basically the check from my parents. It was then that I looked up from the newspaper and saw a yellow colored ad tacked to the cork board across the lobby. It read ‘CONDO ROOMMATE NEEDED’ in big red bold letters. Funny that I hadn’t seen that advertisement before. I had walked by that cork board daily and had to turn towards the elevator with it in my face all the time. I think those big red letters would have surely flashed at me at least once before. There’s no way that it was there before today. In fact, I don’t think I had seen it on the way outside to get the newspaper either, but I was distraught so who really knows. ‘It must be brand new’, I thought. And if it’s new then there’s a great chance that the vacancy hadn’t been filled yet. I jumped to my feet and sprinted across the lobby like a gazelle.

After looking carefully around for anyone that would scold me, I took the paper from the pin board and read it completely right there: ‘CONDO ROOMMATE NEEDED’ 2-bedroom condo with all utilities paid - one-year lease, payment upfront – no security deposits – five roommates - call Lynn Caldwell of Longview Condominiums at 555-1862 between the hours of 9am and 1pm to schedule a visit for a meeting. All inquiries subjected to an evaluation for proper acceptance. All lease terms are binding and subject to litigation on defaults. Convenient bus terminals close by. First come first serve.

Could this be true? The little white, red, and black inked ad was a godsend. I again scanned the lobby for witnesses then quickly folded the paper and put it in my pocket and ran upstairs to my dorm room like a thief in the night. I called the number and after a brief back and forth conversation, I scheduled an appointment for a meeting for later that very afternoon. Happy with my good fortune, I smiled broadly as I cleaned my dorm to the best of my abilities. I then changed my dress to something a little more conservative. Didn’t want these people to think I was a slut. I made a pot of coffee and then waited for my meeting with Miss. Caldwell.

A little before 3pm there was a knock at my dorm room door. When I opened it, a beautifully tanned brunette wearing a tight white sweater and short white skirt outfit in very high black heels was standing there smiling at me. She introduced herself as Lynn Caldwell, representative for Longview Condos & Associates. She was a little older than me (25-years-old) but a lot younger than I had expected her to be. She was an alumnus from the same college that I was. A promising young lawyer, svelte and radiant and while shorter than me she was a bit thicker in size, her legs and arms and midsection all thicker, and she had sizable round bosoms. I smiled and welcomed her into my dorm room, and we sat down. After some pleasantries we sat and talked over the possibilities of my moving into their condos.

“Well Carole, you seem to meet the appearance qualifications that we are looking for. You see, Longview Condos is very exclusive, and we don’t let just ‘anyone’ reside within our community. Only a certain type of student is acceptable.” I smiled, “Gee, I’m glad I made the cut then. Boy, if I didn’t find your advertisement, I’m not sure where I was going to live in my senior year.” I was giddy. It was the first time in my life that I had done anything for myself without the help of my parents. My pride was exuding out from my pores in beams of sunshine. Those beams were quickly darkened by Miss. Caldwell’s next words which reined my excitement in a bit.

“Take it easy Miss. Garvey, you haven’t completely secured anything yet. I think now would be a good time to go over some things, and what is required of you as a new partner in our six-party group. First off, you will be responsible for your own meals and laundry, and because you are replacing Amy, our last roommate, there will be a list of housework duties that you are expected to accomplish daily that she used to do.” “You mean like dishes and dusting and stuff?” “Yes. And of course, there are other requirements that will be on your list and are non-negotiable. Things that you may or may not like but albeit will be required to do. The condo park has a total of 24 units. As time goes on, some of your time might entail duties within the other units too. We are a tight knit group, and we expect those who join our group to go along with the rules that we have put into place. It’s more of a community than you would expect it to be.”

Noticing Lynn’s stern tone, I stopped smiling and made myself more serious. “Well, that’s understandable. If I get this opportunity, I hope that I can help out in any way manageable.” She laughed, “Manageable? Cute. Miss. Garvey once you sign this lease things are no longer ‘manageable’, they are like I’ve said before, non-negotiable. I don’t want to scare you. It really is a nice place to live. And the people are top notch. But all of that is possible because we keep to the condo rules. Now excuse me a few minutes while I set this all up. You might take these moments to decide on whether you really want to live with us within our strict environment.”

Lynn reached into her purse and pulled out a packet of papers that looked to be about 10 pages long. As she did so, I stole a long look at her nicely tanned legs. There wasn’t a flaw on them at all. Not one blemish or pimple or stray unshaved hair or anything. In fact, the only thing she had was a little black tattoo about the size of a quarter on the outside of her right ankle of a black spade like in a deck of cards with a large white Q in the center of it. It was bright like it was brand new and it was beautifully drawn. I sat wondering what it meant if there even was a meaning to it. Boldly, I asked.

“I like your tattoo. It’s very pretty. What does it mean?” Lynn smiled, “Thank you. It means I’m part of a certain club.” “Really? What does the Q stand for?” Lynn got serious. “It stands for Queen. The club is called the Queen of Spades. It’s just a little society that the girls of the Condos belong to together in. It’s kind of like a condo fraternity. If things pan out maybe we can put you up for membership.” I still hadn’t a clue what it was all about. It didn’t register to me, or make any sense really. I mean, who cared about anyone who lived in the same building as me? I understood the need to get along with my roommates but everyone else in the complex wasn’t worth my time. Oh, so I thought. I answered with fake joy like membership was a privilege that I needed to have even though I didn’t understand it. “Wow, that would be so cool! I’ve never been in a fraternity.”

I wasn’t totally sure what all my house duties were going to be either, but I knew that this was my only chance at a nice place to stay for my senior college year. Who cared if they needed me to participate in condo activities? I’d done housework before; it was not a big deal. I could also conform and lump it for the time I was living there on anything else that they required me to do. Just ‘put on a smile and fake it’ like my Mother always taught me. Lynn finished flipping through the packet then set up the pages that would be needing my signatures on them. “Now, the lease is for one full year. It’s to cover the summer as well. I know that you’re a senior and would like to leave after you graduate but because of condo procedures and guidelines, I cannot prepare a lease that is shorter than twelve months. Sorry, that’s just how long the these leases are drawn up for and they cannot be changed. Is that okay?”

I nodded my approval. “Yes. I need a place to stay for my senior year and this is the only alternative that I can find without notifying my parents.” She shuffled a few papers and promptly set them up in front of me. “Cool beans. I’ll need you to sign here, here, and……oh yeah…. most assuredly over here.” I eagerly took the pen and then signed on all the lines required. Then I endorsed my Father’s check and handed it to Lynn as well. “Okay Carole, welcome aboard. You can move in as early as Aug 25th but not until after 10am on that day.” We shook hands and then Lynn left. I watched her walk down the hallway and noticed that her body really was tight and beautiful especially from behind. When she was gone, in jubilation I started to pack up all my things. I had two months at home, and I wanted to be ready to go quickly without having to see Dean Halper ever again. I was on a bus an hour later.

That was all in May. I spent the next two months at home in Ohio with my parents and they never were the wiser of my senior year living arrangements. Neither of them ever visited me at school anyway, so I really didn’t have to worry about them finding out. I spent my time off with friends and family and never gave college another thought until August. During that first week of August, my Father gave me some spending money to be used for when I got back to my ‘dorm’. I left Ohio on the 23rd and traveled by bus back down to Tennessee and found a cheap hotel room for a couple of nights. On the morning of the 25th, I showered and dressed myself fast. I put on a pair of tight black yoga pants and a white t-shirt and some white sneakers. The thong underwear that I wore underneath split my ass cheeks apart dutifully and the yoga pants hugged and accentuated it all making it look incredible. I was out of the hotel with my two big suitcases by 9:30am. I hailed a taxi to the address Lynn had given me that would be my home for the next school year, and a bit beyond.

The ride was about twenty-five minutes long. As the taxi turned into the parking lot of the condos, I was shocked at how run down it looked. The streets weren’t the cleanest I’ve seen either but at this point who cared. It was a place to live. The neighborhood looked bad too, like the seedy part of a town that you wouldn’t normally visit unless you had to. It felt like I was in the middle of a ghetto of sorts. Maybe I was. The taxi driver, a middle-aged black man with a heavy beard, helped me with my bags to the front door. He had a big broad smile with a grin from ear to ear on his face. “Are you gonna to stay in our fine neighborhood for a while?” It was a weird question. A little creepy coming from a taxi driver that I had just met. I smiled back and answered him anyway. “A least for a year while I finish my schooling.” The man laughed visibly pleased with my answer, then looked up and down my body studying me from head to toe which was creepier than his question. I grew very leery of him, and I watched him return to his vehicle but before he got in, he looked at me again and said, “Sure gonna be nice when I gets my chance.”

It was an odd thing to say and I didn’t know what it meant. I stood there and watched him drive away puzzled by his words. After a few seconds I just sighed and shrugged and turned and rang the bell of the unit. In about ten seconds Lynn answered the door and my mouth dropped open with what I first saw. Lynn was standing there completely naked, devoid of any clothing what-so-ever. Her big rounded 36C’s stuck out bare and beautifully from her chest and their hard, pink, pencil-eraser-sized nipples pointed slightly outward to the sides of her body. Her vagina was completely bare of any hair and her skin was perfectly tanned all over with not one sign of any tan-lines. I was jolted seeing her full naked body to say the least. I stood there shocked.

“Oh, hi Carole! I forgot you were moving in today. Come on in! Rake sweetie, El-C, could you both be dears and get Carole’s bags please.” Within seconds two very large black men appeared at the door, and they too were also completely naked. I shuddered and my eyes got big as they walked by me in the doorway to get my suitcases. I stared transfixed as their large black penises swung like heavy flesh pendulums between their rock-hard muscular thighs. Both smiled at me as they passed me and picked up my bags then brought them quickly into the house. I stood there speechless with my mouth open. Immediately my head filled with unanswered questions. What in the hell was going on here and why was everybody nude? Who were these black guys? My mouth still agape, Lynn pulled me by my arm into the condo and closed the door behind us both. She then led me into the living room where I saw two other large naked black men who were lounging around on the couch. “Boys, this is our new roommate, Carole.”

Wait…roommates??? Both men stood and smiled broadly in my direction. Their skin was two different black shades, one more brown than black and the other man’s skin was as dark as coal. “Carole, this is Davarius, and Trevor.” I didn’t speak because I was still in shock that no one had a stitch of clothing on. I half consciously shook both of their hands but rudely couldn’t look them in their eyes because my gaze was fixed in the direction of their large black cocks that hung majestically in front of their well-built bodies. Knowing full well where I was blatantly staring, the three of them smiled broadly with Cheshire cat grins on their faces. These cocks were bigger than any other penis that I had ever seen in my lifetime. I’ve seen men’s penises before, but nothing that I ever saw was as big as these ones. It was like I had entered through a time portal and ended up in a freaky over the top interracial porno movie on the other side. Those rumors that I had always heard about black men were most definitely all true. I was completely sold in that regard. The evidence before me was the valid verification.

Awkwardly I stood there between Davarius and Trevor in the living room in front of the couch. I felt very tiny and completely out of place. The only person in the room that had any clothing on. It was like that dream where you find yourself embarrassingly naked in front of a bunch of people, only this was real, and it was backwards from that terrible nightmare. Imagine, being embarrassed because you are the only one that is not exposed? That’s how I felt. I couldn’t take my eyes off their crotches though. These men were freaks. Each black hammer was majestic and long and each had its own characteristics. Suddenly, the other two men returned from putting my bags in the bedroom. Being a good hostess, Lynn continued with her introductions. “And this of course is Rake, which is short for Rakeem, and this here is Ellis, but we all call him El-C.”

There I was, surrounded by five naked people, four completely nude black men shaking their hands as they welcomed me into their home, a place that I was about to start living in. It was an odd sight indeed. Everyone was so relaxed and secure in their bare skin. What was I getting myself into here? I finally snapped out of my shocked state long enough to request a private talk with Lynn. “Excuse me, can I speak to you alone somewhere for a minute?” Lynn paused a moment to smile in the direction of the men, then turned back and agreed. “Okay Sweetie. We can go in the kitchen.” It was weird seeing Lynn like this. She was all business in my dorm room just the day before, but now she was the picture of joy and giddiness. Something was most definitely off here to say the least, I mean hello??? Everyone was friggin’ naked! The two of us walked towards the kitchen door and as we did, we passed by the hulking Davarius who reached out and playfully slapped Lynn on the left ass cheek as she passed by which made her giggle and smile. “Stop it Big-D! Be nice.” she scolded. The slap left a large red handprint on her tiny, tanned ass, a mark that I got to inspect closely as I followed behind her closely into the kitchen.

We took a seat opposite each other at the round wooden table and I tried to form the words of my first question. Finally, I just let them fall awkwardly from my mouth. “Umm, how come…. I mean, everybody isn’t wearing…...Lynn, why is everyone naked?” She didn’t readily answer. She just smiled at me and reached into her purse which was conveniently right there on the vacant chair between us. She then handed me a large manila folder that had a stack of papers in it. “I suggest you take this and read it Hun. It’s your lease and it’s accompanied with a list of roommate requirements that I told you about. I know that this is all a shock but you did sign up for it all. I hope you aren’t thinking of breaking your lease? That would be legal suicide. You’ve got some major realizations to come to terms with, so I’ll leave you alone to accept them. Read carefully and make your next moves wisely.” Lynn gave me a long stern look then got up and left me alone in the kitchen.

With interest, I opened the folder. Inside was the full lease and a separate piece of paper titled ‘Roommate Duties List’. The lease itself read like a Greek bible and I couldn’t make heads or tails of any of it. It was all legal jargon and double speak. I finally gave up and put that aside. I then started reading the list. At the top there was a small paragraph stating that things listed below were binding and that any refusals would be a severe breach of contract. I read through the numbered list. Numbers one through six were household duties like laundry and cleaning and such, and shower schedules and other things shared between the roommates like television time. Then there it was at the bottom of the page, number seven. ‘As stated in section five paragraph two of your lease, while living in the condos, all clothing is forbidden at all times. All tenants are to be constantly and completely nude unless they are in the middle of getting ready to leave the premises.’

My mouth flew open again. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. How could this be? Was this some sort of weird nudist cult? The last line on the paper read ‘part one of four pages.’ I flipped through the remainder of the folder looking for the rest of the list but there weren’t any other pages. I looked through the stapled lease packet again and found section five. From what I could understand, which wasn’t much, it basically stated that wearing clothes was prohibited within the confines of the condo. It went on to explain how the only exceptions were thirty minutes before and after arriving or exiting the condo were the only acceptable clothing times. It said that violators to this rule were brought before the rest of the tenants of the other condos in the condo park and that a vote was then cast on whether to evict and prosecute the offending party. “Wow! This is crazy.” I thought. Prosecute? What like sue?

Just then, I was startled to see El-C walk into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator behind me. I turned and watched him bend down to one of the lower shelves and when he did his ass cheeks spread open and gave me a close-up view of his dark hairy asshole. I marveled at the sight of the back of his big balls hanging there like two big black hairy plums between his legs. I didn’t know that testicles could be that big. My eyes widened at the sight of them and when El-C stood up with two beers and turned around I quickly turned my gaze away and then back down at my paperwork hoping that he didn’t catch me looking. I was embarrassed, and just knew that he had seen me peeking, which of course he did, I mean how could he not? He didn’t let me know that he had caught me though. Instead, he walked up behind me and over my shoulder sternly gave me a warning of the clothing rules.

“Carole, you only have about ten minutes left of clothing grace. Please strip down and join us all in the living room. It’ll be okay, you’ll get used to it all in due time. It’s not a big deal. By the way, welcome to our home.” I then jumped as he took his left thumb and pressed it nail first against the bottom of my ass crack and slowly but sternly moved it upward against the material of my yoga pants in a tracing motion completely up to the top of my ass. I felt both violated and turned on at the same time. He smiled again and then left with the beers clinking together in his hands and his cock swinging back and forth in front of him slapping against his thighs like an errant plump sausage. ‘What the fuck?’ I thought to myself. The move was something that no one ever had done to me before. It set off a plethora of emotions through my body starting with disgust and anger which was eventually overpowered by how turned on and horny it made me feel.

My heart started to race. I had to get naked too. I looked at the clock, eight minutes and counting. I thought about what would happen if I didn’t comply with these strange condo rules. How I would be in breach of my agreement. How they would eventually and most assuredly sue me, and most importantly, how my parents would then find out everything. Oh God, my parents…. I could never ever let them find out about any of this. I really painted myself into a corner here. My instincts and judgement were clouded by raw fear. I was going to have to strip my clothes off. I looked up at the clock above the stove again. Six minutes left. Reluctantly, I pushed my sneakers off, then started to remove my yoga pants and t-shirt. I then pulled my bra and thong panties off and fold everything neatly in a pile on the table. Two minutes later, I was standing in the kitchen stark naked with my arm across my breasts in shame.

The central air conditioning blew cool across my naked skin. I stood there rifling all my options through my mind and in an instant came to the realization that I had to just go with it. I kept telling myself that it was just a place to live and being naked wasn’t a big deal, even if it was in front of men that I didn’t know. The shames of this day would subside the longer I lived here. That’s how far my rationale had gotten to. I was that afraid of breaking any of this to my family or for any of it to get out. It took the remaining time for me to build up the gumption to enter back out into the living room. Finally, I swallowed my pride and just did it. Once I entered, with both of my arms covering my exposed body parts, I walked into another shock that loosened my lower jaw open and widened my eyes again.

Right there in the middle of the living room floor, Lynn was down on all fours between Davarius and Rake, and she was having sex with both of them. Rake had his hand on the back of Lynn’s head, and he was pumping his now fully erect big black meaty cock in and out of her mouth. Feverishly, Lynn was stroking the remaining length of it with her right hand impossibly trying to swallow the entire thing. The sucking noises coming from her mouth sounded aggressive, like she was trying to drink something thick through a straw. At the other end of her tight white body, Big-D was feeding his rather large and wide cock into Lynn’s tight white vagina from behind. What an apt nickname it was for this hulking giant too because his penis was huge, and it looked like it was drilling a big hole into her with each thrust. The width of his cock looked about the same size as one of Lynn’s legs as it invaded her in and out like a machine. The other two men were watching on from the couch and were stroking their own penises with lustful looks on their faces. I stood there watching it all for a few moments before finally someone realized that I was standing there.

“Carole? Welcome! Why don’t you take a seat right here between me and Trevor?” said El-C. I nodded but kept my gaze on Big-D’s tool as it drilled deeper into Lynn’s shaved pussy. I then carefully walking by the show on the floor and scurried to the couch and sat down between the two masturbating black men. They both immediately pushed themselves closer to me and I felt the heat from their bodies as they pressed against either side of my thighs and shoulders. I felt uneasy and a bit frightened. El-C realized this, and he put his hand on my right thigh and began gently rubbing it. “It’s alright baby. We’re all family here.”

On the floor in front of us, Lynn was being impaled hard by Big-D’s cock taking about a good eight inches of his ten-inch black dagger deep inside on each thrust. Rake, easily the man with the longest cock in the room (Big D’s was wider but Rake’s was longer), was stuffing as much of his twelve-inches deep into Lynn’s throat as he could, gagging the young woman and making her eyes leak tears and mascara down the sides of her pretty face. I stared transfixed at the contrast of their skin tones. Seeing a man that dark penetrate a woman that white was very mesmerizing to me. In and out Big-D’s cock went into Lynn’s vagina and closer and closer he got his balls to her as he plowed her deeper and deeper on each thrust. I started feeling a stir between my own legs as I watched on with concentrated interest. Between watching the show before me and El-C’s hand still slowly rubbing my inner thigh, I was starting to get worked up myself. I was so distracted and hypnotized that I didn’t realize that Trevor was playing with and pinching my right nipple between his thumb and index finger.

“Fuck! I’m gonna nut right now!” yelled Big-D. “Here it comes Ho! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Yeah bitch! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!” Big-D pulled his glazed and moistened black monster out of Lynn completely and shot a long spurt of cum across her body hitting the back of her head and staining her hair. He then used her tailbone to dry hump the rest of it out and painted her back with rope after rope of hot sticky semen. The amount of cum he jerked out onto Lynn’s back looked like it could fill an 8-ounce dixie cup. I didn’t know a man could ejaculate that much semen. Big-D swished his length across Lynn’s ass and crack from side to side rubbing his semen into her skin like he was applying lotion to her. This lasted a good two to three minutes, all of which was done in silence from the rest of us in the room.

The men then started to jockey around. Rake took his turn between Lynn’s legs positioning her sticky torso by her hips to the correct comfortably height then he deftly entered his long schlong as far as it would go into her spasming wet pussy. Trevor got up and replaced him in Lynn’s mouth and they commenced with the fucking. A spent Big-D sat down beside me in Trevor’s spot on the couch. I looked down and stared at Big-D’s glistened cock as he heaved in slight exhaustion. I could smell Lynn’s juices emitting a pungent odor from it. “Damn that pussy was tight! Hey girl, why don’t you do me a favor and clean this mess up for me?” I looked up at him befuddled and then suddenly, he grabbed my head like a basketball and pulled it down into his crotch. “Go ‘head girl! Lick it clean.” It was so quick that I didn’t have any resistance in my neck from it all, not that I could’ve resisted with his strength, the man was a behemoth. My face was now inches from a black man’s cock, someplace it had never been.

The sounds of the room were ringing out and about and my heart started beating a little faster. Those sounds were of course coming from the other side of the room, sounds of slapping flesh and throat gagging which became more pronounce in my ears with my eyes now removed from the scene. “It ain’t gonna lick itself! Comon girl, it’s in da rules.” Was it in the rules? I thought. Was this all a part of living here? I studied his cock for a few more seconds, marveling at the sheer size of it. It twitched in his lap and heaved up and down due to his heavy breathing. I suddenly had the urge to taste it, almost like I was having a craving for it even though I’d never had it before. My mouth started to water and instinctively I parted my lips and that’s when Big-D pushed my head downward stretching my hungry lips over the head of it. It was like popping a large plum into my mouth.

I was now blowing a black man. If my minister Father could see me now, he’d be screaming in biblical tongues. My Mother? My poor Mother would most definitely have had a stroke at the sight of her little girl orally satisfying a black man. I suckled on it the best that I could, trying to get a bobbing rhythm going but it filled every little nook and cranny of my mouth and the task was very hard to accomplish. It was like I had a large, oversized wad of gum in the center of my mouth and couldn’t get my teeth free to chew it correctly. The texture of it though was velvety and soft against my tongue. I then felt the pressure of Big-D’s hand pushing my head downward with force again. This asshole’s cock head was lodge between my over-stretched lips, and he was trying to push my head down over it even more. Finally, and impossibly, he worked about four inches in and when it jammed against the back of my throat, that’s when I started gagging. The taste of pussy and cock together wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it was quite pleasant tasting. As my mouth was being stuffed with cock, I felt El-C lift my right leg up over his shoulder and place it behind his head. Within seconds I felt his hot breath blowing against my inner thighs making my flesh crawl in ecstasy. When his tongue finally licked against my wet pussy lips a lightning bolt of electricity shot through my entire body and I tensed up and my jaw involuntarily clenched tighter around Big-D’s cock. “That’s it, baby! Suck my shit! I knew this white bitch was nasty!”

El-C worked his tongue expertly across my vaginal threshold and flicked and darted at my clitoris bringing me quickly to the heights of orgasm like a rollercoaster climbing its biggest hill. I pulled my mouth off Big-D and squeezed his cock like a stick shift in my left hand and let out a big wail. “Ohhhhhh! Oh my god! Oh fuck!” El-C held my legs apart tighter and continued probing and licking driving me insane. A minute later, I couldn’t hold on anymore and I started to convulse and then came harder than I ever did, all over El-C’s face. He tightened his grip on my leg and hips and held me in place as my body shook and drooled its juices all over him. At the other end Big D stuffed his cock back into my mouth and was now trying to penetrate my throat. He pulled my head hard and his cock broke into my esophagus making my eyes tear up and my mascara stain the sides of my cheeks. El-C continued to lick through all of this. On the floor Rake busted a nut hard and deep inside of Lynn, flooding her womb with his sticky white goo.

When he finished and pulled out, Lynn was turned onto her back and Trevor stuck her legs on his shoulders and then drove all nine of his inches to the hilt. He then power-fucked Lynn for two minutes straight before he too filled her box with cum. On the couch I was losing my mind in ecstasy and choking to death at the same time. Big D then pulled completely from my mouth and shot his hot load directly into my face. I just lied there frozen with my face in his lap gasping for air as he painted my eyes and nose with his cum. He had dropped a bucket full all over Lynn’s back not too long ago, how could he possibly have this much left in him? When he finished, I sat up and tried to wipe the cum from my eyes with my hands.

That’s when I felt my legs being pulled into the air. I couldn’t see who it was because my eyes were still full of semen. Whomever it was his hands were very strong as they pulled my legs up by my ankles like they were twigs. In all the sudden movement I lost my sense of balance and stability as my torso shrank down into the couch with my lower half being raised up. The man put his cock against my pussy and stroked the head of it against my vagina lips and rubbed against my clit. Finally, I was able to see who it was, it was Trevor. His cock head entered me, and I felt the immediate pressure as it probed my little hole and made it wider. I was losing my mind and gave it all away with vocal exclamations of both terror and pleasure. “My god! You’re too big! Oh fuck! I can’t…...I can’t take it all! Fuck! Oh fuuuuuuuck! It’s big! It’s too big!”

Trevor pushed in deeper scraping my vagina walls as he opened me up wider than I’d ever been. The stinging pain began to subside, and it was replaced by a flood of pleasure and electricity. I came almost immediately drenching his bulbous black pestle as it grinded deeper into me. Trevor picked me up effortlessly and reposition me on the couch without removing his cock and sat down with me in his lap. El-C put his eight and a half inches in my face, and I was double teamed in my pussy and throat for the next few minutes as I sucked and hopped on black cock in jubilation. I came a second time, and when I finished shuddering and shaking, Trevor lifted me off him and was replaced on the couch by Big-D. I climbed up into Big-D’s lap and carefully positioned his behemoth-sized cock between my legs and against my cunt hole. Bid-D’s cock was not only huge at ten inches long, it was also very wide and meaty with a circumference of close to six inches around.

My eyes rolled back into my head as I impaled myself down slowly on Big-D’s black monster feeding it into my already fucked open pussy hole. My legs started to tremble and there was a numbness forming in my toes as I crammed Big-D in further on each descension down. After a good six minutes, I had gotten close to seven and a half of him into me and started to build up a rhythm as my body bobbed up and down over his giant cock like a bobber. Big-D then took over control by putting his hands on my waist and manually bouncing me up and down. This went on for a good twelve minutes in which I lost control of my faculties and senses two times and came violently making noises like I was possessed. Big-D then hooked his arms under my legs and stood up from the couch with me still over his cock and fucked me for another three minutes holding me up and plowing me up five feet in the air. I held onto his neck and shoulders for dear life as his cock pistoned in and out of me with the speed of a turbine.

During all of this I was unaware that Lynn was being triple teamed by the three others on the floor in all her holes. I was so concentrated on Big-D’s pounding that I hadn’t heard or seen anything else that was going on in the room. Lynn systematically drained the other three men of buckets of sperm in which they had painted her tiny white body with both inside and out. After being fucked those three minutes up in the air in a standing position, Big-D then put me back down on the couch and boned me missionary for another five minutes before filling my womb with a big batch of hot sticky cum. When he finally pulled out, I lie there motionless on the couch in a deep trance watching Lynn continue to be triple teamed on the floor. My pussy was oozing cum onto the couch like an uncapped tube of ointment.

The men started to disappear one by one from the living room. The only other contact that I had was with El-C who after cumming in Lynn’s ass, he brought his cock over to have me lick it clean, which I did without moving from the couch or getting up from my position. Finally, Lynn and I were left alone for the first time since I had arrived. She grabbed a towel from a corner chair and started to wipe down her body the best that she could. She then took a seat next to my head on the couch and sat with folded legs. Her tattoo-ed ankle was right there in front of my face to see. “So, Carole, do you think that you’re going to like living here?” I sat up and looked her over before answering her question with my own question. “Does this go on every day?”

“Well, on most days. I’ve found that black men are constantly sexed up, a lot more than white guys are. They seem to never be completely satisfied, and they bounce back quickly after cumming. Which is something that I’ve grown to love.” She said. “How long have you been here?” I asked. “About three years. I finished the first four years of my schooling and decided to take additional classes but unfortunately, couldn’t retain my dorm room. Dean Halper directed me here and…well…. I’ve been here since.” Wow, I thought to myself, she lost her dorm room just like I had. That was the first time that I talked to Lynn about Dean Halper. It was that short and I didn’t pick up on at the time what I now know of today.

Basically, short and sweet, the old bitch set me up. It wasn’t personal, it was just something that she did. She even had done it to Lynn three years earlier. And she had done it to so many other young women from my college over the years before me and after me. She also made herself a small fortune in the process. In a nutshell, what she did is she helped to get handpicked white females signed to the same type of binding condo lease that I signed, and she was paid $1200 for each girl that she got to do so. First, she would get the targeted girl disqualified from her dorm room in some way. Then she would take steps to nudge the girl towards the condos making it seem like it was the only vacancy in town. It was all elaborate, fake outrage and fake newspapers and such. A real genius operation.

Whomever it was/is who owns the condos, he apparently has the same set-up around the country at some of the other small-town lower level universities. The men pay a hefty sum to live at the condos as well with the promise of procuring sex with beautiful young white women. It’s a very lucrative system. I even found out that most of the women were chosen after they were scoped out at one of the school’s assemblies during secret reconnaissance missions. In my Junior year I had attended such an assembly with one of my friends, I can’t remember the subject. I was then ‘recruited’, and my name was given to Dean Halper. Most of the women who found themselves at the condos first exhibited trepidation, but fear of legal actions and shame of what may be found out made them acquiesce then submit to its charms and pleasures.

This is what had happened to me, but it was all just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. This is only the beginning of my story. In the days and months that followed, my sexual activities broadened to include such things as anal parties, multi-men gangbangs, strip club dancing, pornography, street walking, and lesbianism all done exclusively with black partners. I was so addicted to it all and kept so busy that after four months living at the condos, I quit college to make more time for all of my new and addictive pleasures. I found out that the year before I got there, Lynn had quit going to school too. We became very close and worked a lot of parties together over the next five years before she was abruptly moved to another condo park somewhere on the west coast. She even took me to get my Queen of Spades tattoo making me a full-fledged member of the black cock sluts club.

When Lynn finally left, I was sent to Bellmore, my alma mater, to broker another roommate to take her place. I had to recruit a young 20-year-old blonde from South Carolina named Cassie Mae. A tried and true real-life little farmer’s daughter. Lynn showed me the whole routine before she left. First, I had to go to the Dean’s office and believe it or not, five years later Dean Halper was still there. She was a little older and greyer, and sitting at her desk soaking her feet in a bucket of Epsom salts. It was the first time that our eyes had gazed upon each other since she tricked me out of my dorm room and set me up. Guess what the bitch had tattoo-ed on her right ankle? Yup, twenty years before she had recruited me, she herself was in the Queen of Spades, a charter member of this particular chapter. So, when my ride is finally over, I’ve got THAT going for me.

The End

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