My Sisters and I by Psychocock

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Fantasm | Incest, Male, Teen Female

My name is Andrew, I live at home with my parents and younger sister. I have three younger sisters but in this story I will only mention encounters with two of them. I am 21 and my younger of the two is Rebekah who is 17 and the older is Sarah at 19. Both are about 5’ 9” slim with long brunette hair. Sarah has approx 34B cups and Rebekah 34A. While smaller they still turn me on when prancing around the house with next to nothing on. About 6-7 years ago I did some messing around with Rebekah and almost went all the way. Before we got caught we got as far as putting the tip of my penis inside of her but I could never see it as she required that the lights be off. But we got caught before we could continue and we stopped playing our games. But recently something happened that was the absolute best night of my life.

Late one night I was up looking through some incest porn and masturbating with a used condom for easy clean up. Without a lock on my door I have to try to be vigilant to be sure someone doesn’t walk in on me. I had been jerking off for about 30 minutes and even had tabs of my sisters Facebook’s open which turned me on even more. All of a sudden Rebekah walks into my room abruptly and I had no time to close any of the tabs or to put my junk away. Immediately she’s intrigued and the following ensued.

“Are you doing what I think you’re doing?” Rebekah asked

“Kinda hard to pretend I’m not but what does it look like I’m doing?” I responded

“From the looks of it your still attracted to me your masturbating to pictures on my Facebook page” She said

“Well our games when we were younger got cut short so now I just imagine what it would have been like to go all the way” I said

She responded, “Are you using a condom to masturbate?”

“Yes its lubed up inside and makes for easy clean up.” I said

“Do you have a fresh condom around here?” She asked.

I responded, “Yes I have several why?”

“If you really want to you don’t have to imagine what it would have been like any more.” She replied.

After saying this she slowly began removing her shirt I became hard again instantly at seeing her small perky breasts. I caressed her breasts while she removed her pants and peeled her panties off. She laid down on my bed with her legs dangling down off the side and said:

“Well don’t just stand there hand me a fresh condom”

I handed her a new package and she tore it open pulling the condom out. She pulled the used condom off my penis and poured some of the left over cum on her breasts. She then grabbed hold of my penis with one hand and pulled it closer and then the other hand rolled the condom down the length of my penis. Without any foreplay she lead the head of my penis to her opening and guided me to her entrance. After we had the tip in she said:

“Please be gentle I’m still a virgin since we never got past this part before.”

I responded, “I’ll treat you like a queen for letting me do this.”

“Alright now push in and try to get the full length in with one push.”

I pushed and pushed and finally my penis popped her virginity and I quickly slid into the hilt.

“This feels so much better than just the tip. Your amazingly tight.” I said

She replied, “Thank you now just sit like this for a bit let me adjust to your penis.”

“Not a problem Rebekah” I quickly replied

We sat there for 10 minutes motionless. I fondled her breasts and looked into her eyes lovingly. She then said it was okay to continue and then the fun truly began. I pulled out and pushed back in and began to truly fuck my sister we fucked for about 15 minutes when all of a sudden something happened that almost made my heart stop. Without any warning my other sister Sarah walks in on me fucking Rebekah.

“Andrew what are you doing that’s Rebekah your not supposed to be doing that!” Sarah exclaimed.

Rebekah quickly said, “Sarah relax you prude its not entirely his fault I walked in on him masturbating. We had experimented before and he was masturbating to pictures of us. And beside we are using a condom.”

“What do you mean pictures of us?” Sarah questioned

“Check the tabs on his computer Sarah and you will see” Rebekah replied.

I slowly pulled out and pushed back in Rebekah a few more times while Rebekah was talking to Sarah and while Sarah went over to my computer and saw the tabs of both of them in tight dresses opened next to the incest porn.

“Ok Rebekah but doesn’t it feel weird having your own brother inside of you?” Sarah asked.

“No it feels amazing. Nothing I’ve ever felt can compare to this.” Rebekah replied.

Sarah looked puzzled and confused that’s when I chimed into the conversation this whole time still slowly fucking Rebekah underneath me.

“Sarah it almost seems that your jealous that you’ve never felt what its like before.” I said

Sarah Replied, “Well yea, I’m still a virgin and my younger sister got to feel this before I did. It kinda bothers me.”

“Sarah its still late you could try if you want I’m sure Andrew would love to fuck you too, right big bro?”Rebekah said.

“Well of course, Sarah if you want to try I have more condoms I could just finish with Rebekah and then you could take a turn.” I said

“Okay I’ll do it but please take your time finishing with Rebekah I’ll start getting ready.” Sarah replied.

So I went back to fucking Rebekah at a normal speed and just loved watching her breasts bouncing up and down below me. I really got hard now as in the background I saw Sarah undressing I almost came instantly when I saw her full firm breasts free from her bra. She peeled her panties off and I saw her shaven vagina for the first time and got harder. I then reached to the drawer by the bed for another condom when Sarah stopped me and said:

“You won’t be needing that for me Andrew. For my first time I want it done right no condoms.”

I ejaculated inside Rebekah at the very instant those words hit my ears. It was the largest orgasm I had ever had and even Rebekah underneath me felt my spasms rush through her.

“What? You mean you don’t want me to wear a condom?” I asked Sarah

“No I don’t, I want you to fuck me without a condom and I want you to cum inside of my vagina I want my first time to be something I can remember.” Sarah replied

“Well Sarah I don’t want to be able to remember the first time we fucked because you got pregnant so can I please use a condom?” I asked

“No need Andrew I’ve been on the pill for nearly a year now to regulate my periods. I’m protected so you don’t have to worry about that.” Sarah replied.

“Alright Sarah no condom but if your lying and you end up pregnant its not on me.”

“Not a problem Andrew. I’m not lying though so stop worrying.” Sarah said

With that I pulled my penis out of Rebekah and removed the condom. I went to throw the condom away but Rebekah stopped me saying:

“Let me play with your cum from the condom while you are fucking Sarah.”

I handed the used condom to Rebekah and she began dumping my cum all over her breasts. It was quite a sight and I got hard again instantly. Sarah sat on my bed but not the same way Rebekah did so that I could get between her legs instead she asked:

“Andrew would you mind if I was on top I would rather just feel like I was in control of my first time.”

“Absolutely Sarah not a problem” I replied

I laid down and Sarah came over top of me I fondled her breasts a few times to stay hard and then she sat down below my penis on my legs facing me. She lifted herself up and grabbed hold of my penis. She directed it into her lips and slowly lowered herself down an inch or two. The head of my penis popped inside and she lowered herself some more. Slowly inch by inch my penis disappeared until finally she was resting on my once again. She let out a sigh of relief and said:

“Alright Andrew play with my breasts for a few minutes I need to get used to this.”

“Not a problem take as much time as you need Sarah” I replied

I fondled her breast for about 10 minutes as she just sat and adjusted to the new fullness she felt. Slowly she began grinding on my penis and then after another 5 minutes she was slowly lifting herself up and then back down. She rode me for about 15 minutes before speaking again. But when she did she said:

“Wow Rebekah I can see why you didn’t mind this it feels so good.”

“Yes but Sarah you have to remember you have the advantage of being on the pill I think it would feel better if I didn’t need him to wear the condom.” Rebekah replied.

Sarah then said, “Nothing saying you can’t fuck him again once you are put on the pill to see what it feels like.”

“Yea I think I’ll do that” Rebekah replied.

With that being said that Rebekah was going to fuck me again when she was on the pill I bucked my hips up deep into Sarah and began spurting shot after shot of hot sperm into her vagina. When she felt this she slammed down onto my thrust and burst into her own orgasm. It felt like I was cumming inside of her for 10 minutes but when it finally subsided she just fell forward onto me. My penis still inside of her she had passed out. I then rolled her onto her back and began fucking her again she didn’t wake up for another 15 minutes in which time I had deposited another load of cum into her vagina. When she woke she was in sheer shock.

Sarah said, “Wow Andrew that was amazing. Thank you so much for that we will definitely do that again.”

“Yea Andrew definitely going to do this again sometime whether the three of us are here or not.” Rebekah said.

“Not a problem girls I’m available anytime you want but for now its 4:30AM you guys better get back to bed before mom or dad get up and catch all of us.”

In unison as they walked out the door “Thanks again Andrew.”

Rating: 88%, Read 29785 times, Posted Jun 11, 2014

Fantasm | Incest, Male, Teen Female


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